My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1723 – Simply Couldn’t Watch

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Chapter 1723: Simply Couldn’t Watch

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“Hey! What if someone just so happens to advance a level during battle?”

“Hm, advancing a level! Then that really is too incredible.” Young Sir Ding said with a smile, “But since it is a compet.i.tion, you of course have to continue competing to decide the outcome.”

So? The person advancing was out of luck and deserved to get attacked by their opponent!

If there weren’t any protective measures, the person who finally was able to advance a level might get ganged up on or even worse, get interrupted and experience vital energy deviation.

Wasn’t the danger too great!

Young Sir Ding blinked his eyes guilelessly. “Who would advance a level in the middle of a compet.i.tion? No matter what, there is a buffer period during level advancement.”

In other words, even if you felt like you were going to advance, you could hold it off until the end of the battle. Then you could go find a quiet place to advance!

“Not necessarily,” Qiao Mu grunted.

If you really were going to advance after drinking the spiritual tea, you simply couldn’t hold it off!

Just like with Qi Xuanxuan last time, didn’t she have to immediately sit down and meditate when she felt like she was about to advance?

“Qiaoqiao, if you’ve given all your defensive weapons to us, how about you?” Qi Xuanxuan asked worriedly.

“still have a lot.” Qiao Mu pulled out another seven to eight for them to see without caring about their contorted expressions.


Previously, Senior Giant Ape had given her a heap of “trash” as tribute. Ah, that wasn’t right. It was “trash” that Senior Xuanji had swindled out of ten or so generations of disciples. There were more than a hundred if they were just talking about defensive rings. There were truly too many and she had no

use for them.

Even though she disdained her own eggsh.e.l.l defensive weapon, it really couldn’t be denied that the defensive ring Mo Lian forged was of much higher rank than these “tras.h.!.+”

Her trash-collecting teammates silently put away these defensive rings and calmly placed the waterskins into their inner worlds. Afterwards, they sat down around Qiao Mu.

Duanmu Qing, Qi Xuanxuan, and the little fatty naturally sat beside Qiao Mu.

Ma Ta looked at them pitifully like an abandoned puppy and unwillingly sat down with his teammates in the row behind Qiao Mu and her group.

The two groups started discussing how to coordinate their attacks when battling later.

Young Sir Ding said with a smile, “When it is your turn later, the stone crystal display will show your names.”

My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1718 – Qiaogiao Wants Points

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Chapter 1718: Qiaogiao Wants Points

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The two ladies at the sign-up desk nodded when they saw their calm and collected att.i.tude and said, “The tournament uses a point system to determine ranking.”

“Each victory counts as one point, each defeat deducts one point, and a draw gives no points.”

“Are these rules clear?” One of the ladies confirmed with Qiao Mu and company.

“What??” Ma Ta practically jumped out of the group. “Only one point?”

Did those freakin’ mentors have the appet.i.te of a lion, requiring the entire team to acc.u.mulate an average of 1000 points?

The f*ck was this. Even if they could win every single battle, they had to undergo at least 1000 of them!!

Fighting 1000 battles in 30 days meant that they would need to fight an average of 33 battles every day?

Were humans capable of doing what the mentors had dished up?

Everyone looked at each other in dismay with foul expressions.

In contrast, Qiao Mu expressionlessly looked at the lady at the sign-up desk while still maintaining her stoic face. “Is there a way to quickly acc.u.mulate points?”

“Yes!” That lady gave Qiao Mu a very definite answer.

Afterwards, she explained excitedly, “You can enter the team compet.i.tions! If you win in the team compet.i.tions, your points will double.”

“Even doubling will only give two points!!” The little fatty snapped.

What the f*ck!!

Even if they could double their points and win every single battle, they had to frickin’ fight in 20 battles each day. Why didn’t they just go die instead?

Qiao Mu involuntarily twitched her mouth when she saw her companions’ agitated moods. She coughed lightly and asked the dumbfounded lady, “Is there a faster way?!”

“Yes!” The lady nodded affirmatively again. “If you are all extremely confident in your abilities, then you can fight to become the king of the arena. If you can defend your t.i.tle, you will obtain one point from the first challenge, two points each from the second, third, and fourth challenge. From the fourth

to tenth challenges, you can obtain five points from each as your reward!”

Everybody wished for nothing more than to smack her dead. Couldn’t she read the mood?

Wow wow wow. Wow my *ss!

“Starting from the 11th challenge, you will get ten more points every time you defend your t.i.tle! You will get an extra 20 points if you defeat all your challengers for that day. There’ll be tons of points as long as you dare to fight and dare to defend your t.i.tle. Even acc.u.mulating 100 points in one day is


Qiao Mu deliberated for a bit. She looked up and asked the lady, “Can the eight of us sign up for the team compet.i.tion?”

The lady at the sign-up desk shook her head vigorously. “You can’t. There can be no more than five people in each team.”

“Then we had better sign up as two groups.” Qiao Mu said nonchalantly as she tossed aside Ma Ta’s group and pattered over to Duanmu Qing, the little fatty, and Qi Xuanxuan. “Let’s sign up for the team compet.i.tion.”

“Okay.” The three of them nodded.

“Let’s first fight two battles and then see.” Qiao Mu a.n.a.lyzed, “At that time, I’ll go challenge the t.i.tle of king of the arena. Besides the normal team compet.i.tion, we will be able to earn more points. That way, we will probably be able to acc.u.mulate 1000 points in half a month and squeeze into the top 50.”

“Ha ha.” The other lady at the sign-up desk couldn’t help but sn.i.g.g.e.r, “Do you think it’s that easy to defend the t.i.tle of king of the arena?”

So many people had fought for their lives to defend the t.i.tle, yet they had gotten tossed down from the stage after getting ganged up on. This wasn’t something to joke about.

‘When Young Sir Ding saw what was going on, he hastily said, “Qiaoqiao, so you want points! That’s easy, I…”


My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1719 – Preparations

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Chapter 1719: Preparations

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Young Sir Ding instantly became aggrieved and asked Qiao Mu pitifully, “You know what I wanted to say?”

“You want to help me cheat and give me a thousand points.” Qiao Mu glared at Ding Yun gruffly.

Did this guy have a pig brain?

If they could cheat, would she still be here talking nonsense with them?

Did she need him to offer this bit of points as a favor? She would have long put a knife to his neck and forced him to give her the points. Humph!

Just now, Senior Brother Lu had warned them not to be tricked by the mentors’ absence. Who knew whether or not they were hiding in those crowded audience seats to watch their battles and calculate their points.

If they dared to cheat, ha ha. Those mentors would definitely reduce all their credits to zero!

They would have to continue battling in this underground battle arena

So depressing!

Qiao Mu sighed and then turned to the lady in charge of the sign-up process. “Sign us up.”

Compared to the frustration Qiao Mu and her group felt, Ma Ta felt even more frustrated!

He really wanted to tell Qiaogiao earlier to include him in her team. After all, this battle arena’s team compet.i.tion allowed teams to have five people!


Ha ha!

Senior Brother Lu and them were staring at him as if saying, should he dare speak such irresponsible words, they would kill him on the spot and bury him in a hole somewhere!

Sigh, he had no choice but to submit to this despotic power.

But as a teammate, even though he was present in Senior Brother Lu’s team, his heart was in Qiao Mu and Duanmu Qing’s team!

Hua Tao patted Ma Ta’s shoulder and gave him a sinister smile. “Little Ta, don’t you get crooked ideas. You have to know that the mentors wrote in their letter that each group must have more than 1000 points on average and rank in the top 50.”

“This goes to show that the mentors had originally intended for us to separate into groups. Ha ha, if you dare let our four-person group become a three-person one, do you think that the mentors wouldn’t dare cancel our scores at that time?”

Ma Ta gave a shudder. The mentors would certainly dare cancel.

Afterwards, the ladies at the sign-up desk took out a simple contract for them to sign.

The contract was not complicated. It was a life-and-death contract stating that the signer was taking part in this tournament of their own volition. Their life or death had nothing to do with Qianluo Underground Battle Arena.

This was to cast off any relations to the underground battle arena.

After all, the compet.i.tors that were going to die in this battle arena tournament were definitely not just going to be just one or two.

The battle arena made arrangements beforehand in case the family members of compet.i.tors who died came to make trouble.

Qiao Mu and them camly signed the life-and-death contract. Afterwards, they were led to the standby area.

Besides the people who were battling in the arena, the other compet.i.tors were resting in designated areas.

The compet.i.tors’ area could accommodate about a thousand people. When Qiao Mu and them went over, there were already many fully armed people sitting there.

Qiao Mu’s party of eight immediately attracted many people’s attention when they walked into the compet.i.tors’ area under Ding Yun’ss lead.

‘When they saw that the leader was a little cold beauty around 14 or 15 years old, they were surprised. Afterwards, two ruffians started jeering, “Yo, even a little la.s.s still wet behind the ears dares to come challenge our battle arena? Tut tut, look at these slim limbs and waist. Tut tut, they’re not even as

thick as my thigh.”

Instantly, Qiao Mu’s icy gaze shot like daggers toward that burly man who was jeering at her.

She then raised her arm, and something similar to a washboard appeared in her hand

My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1720 – A Washboard for the Crown Prince?

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Chapter 1720: A Washboard for the Crown Prince?

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Ding Yun saw it clearly from the side, and the corner of his eye jerked.

This… this really was a washboard!

Since Qiaogiao was carrying a washboard with her, it must be to readily punish Crown Prince Mo to kneel on it!

‘When he thought of this, Young Sir Ding revealed a smile.

He deserved it. That stinkin’ man should kneel on it until he dies as punishment!

That guy actually caught him unawares and s.n.a.t.c.hed away Qiaogiao. He was absolutely shameless! So outrageous.

This washboard of Qiao Mu’s was actually one of the giant ape’s tributes.

Oh, it wasn’t. It was an item from the pile of lousy toys that the giant ape had collected in the Xuanji secret realm.

Don’t look down on this washboard. It was indeed a spiritual weapon!

It’s just that its appearance looked like a washboard!

Actually, Qiao Mu felt that this spiritual weapon engineer had probably wanted to forge this washboard into something like a ferule. But later on it got a bit too wide and couldn’t be changed back. That’s why its appearance was a bit catastrophic

suddenly, as quick as a flash of lightning, Qiao Mu brandished this washboard and charged toward that man who was jeering at her.

She soundly whacked the back of his head without leaving any room for objection.

Everyone heard a loud smack, after which that man dumbfoundedly fell to the ground with a thump.

They watched as the little lady charged over like a fighting bull and whacked the washboard on his head again until his eyes rolled back and he pa.s.sed out.

‘The last reaction he had was most likely: Where did this savage woman come from? He was only teasing her!

“You’re the one with slim arms and legs.” After taking the man down, Qiao Mu eyed the other two men nearby. “What? You’re not convinced?”

“Uhm, cough. Cough cough.” Those two men nearly choked on their own saliva, and they quickly waved their hands in denial.

Afterwards, they slipped away like a wisp of smoke.

Even though the other compet.i.tors thought the little lady’s behavior was a bit comical, they were secretly astonished by this scene.

After all, this little lady had smacked a level-10 body cultivator unconscious with just something that looked like a washboard.

Her nimble actions were truly astounding.

The people in this compet.i.tors’ area might become their opponents later on.

Many people were silently scrutinizing and making comparisons. They realized that if they were in that burly man’s shoes, they might not be able to dodge the little lady’s two seemingly ordinary whacks on the head

“Cough, cough.” At this time, Qi Xuanxuan cleared her throat in all seriousness. She then led Qiao Mu back over toward an empty seat on the side.

There were currently two middle-aged men bathed in blood fighting in the center of the battle arena.

‘There was a sign with “arena king” hanging in front of one of the middle-aged men’s chest. This was probably the king of the arena.

Qiao Mu squinted her eyes and looked down at her own chest. If she freakin’ had to hang this sign in front of her chest, she reckoned that Qi Xuanxuan and them would probably laugh at her for a whole year!

The king of the arena got chased down from the stage. He shouted himself hoa.r.s.e and beat the ground, but he couldn’t fight his fatigue and fell down heavily.

A.woman beside them sighed delicately and said, “Sigh, it really is a pity. He had already lasted until the tenth battle and could request for a break. Unfortunately, he was unable to defend his t.i.tle for this tenth challenge.”

Qiao Mu tured to look at that woman before tugging on Qi Xuanxuan’s sleeve..

My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1721 – A Resolute Rejection

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Chapter 1721: A Resolute Rejection

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Qi Xuanxuan quickly asked, “This miss, how long is the break after the tenth challenge?”

“Around one hour,” answered that woman. She nodded harmoniously at Qiao Mu and the others.

Qi Xuanxuan did not know if the other compet.i.tors were intimidated by Qiaoqiao’s show of strength earlier, but so far, no one had come to look for trouble.

But that was good. At least they could watch other people’s compet.i.tions in peace.

Qiao Mu turned to look at Young Sir Ding, who had remained rooted beside her. She creased her brows and asked, “Are you very free? Why haven’t you gone to take care of your own stuff.”

What was he doing by following her all this time?

Even if he followed her, she wasn’t going to give him candy!

Young Sir Ding said with a smile, “I’ve basically finished organizing the battle arena tournament, so this young sir will be very free every day after this. How about I watch the compet.i.tion together with Qiaoqiao?”

Qiao Mu gave a harrumph and turned her pet.i.te head aside, not saying anything.

Young Sir Ding could not help but sigh at her reaction. “Qiaogiao, I actually am not as detestable as you think!”

Yet Qiao Mu simply pursed her pet.i.te lips noncommittally. She ignored him and looked up at the large stone crystal display in the rear center of the arena.

Beside the stone crystal display was a table where the staff of the underground battle arena were busy drawing lots, displaying names, and recording points.

Every time they finished drawing lots, two staff members of the battle arena would publicize the names on the stone crystal display behind them.

As each battle concluded, their points would also be recorded under each person’s name.

In order to prevent mistakes, the battle arena had specially arranged for three to four auditors.

Young Sir Ding had put in quite a lot of effort to ensure the fairness of this time’s tournament.

‘When Qiao Mu turned to look at Ding Yun, she saw that he was grinning at her.

Young Sir Ding propped up his cheeks and was staring at her. He said with a grin, “Qiaogiao, can we make peace? Look, you stabbed me with a knife, but I didn’t go settle accounts with you. I pretended to be your mother, but could we write off our old scores? I also got my just desserts.”

What just desserts did you get? Qiao Mu did not believe him as she swept him a look. “You also pretended to be my Lian.”

She was very angry. She nearly got tricked by this guy.

She had no favorable impression of this person ever since he approached her in the guise of the snake beauty.

She felt that this man in front of her was too slick. She really got angry looking at him.

Young Sir Ding gave a perfectly guileless look and inquired, “Qiaogiao, just tell me any compensation you want.”

You think that paying indemnities to Qiaogiao will do the trick?

Qiao Mu swept him a glance and grunted, “I have money!”

“That’s right. Qiaoqiao is very rich.” Qi Xuanxuan nodded furiously, backing up her good sister.

Qiaogiao was the richest person she had ever seen. She was so loaded that she could crush you to death anytime with a pile of talismans and pills!

If Qiao Mu could hear what Qi Xuanxuan was thinking, she would definitely roll her eyes at the latter.

How was she loaded?

It’s just that she knew how to make pills and talismans. Compared to other people, mhm, she indeed had a few more ways of making money.

“What do you think of this Qianluo Battle Arena?” Young Sir Ding suddenly swept his finger around them.

Everybody was surprised.

“Qiaogiao, how about I give it to you?”

“Don’t want it.” Qiao Mu rejected it resolutely. Why would she accept another man’s favor for no reason?

They weren’t close!

My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1716 – You Are Ding Tingding

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Chapter 1716: You Are Ding Tingding

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The crowd parted like the tide.

A person wearing a deep purple coat traced in a gold design walked over

handsomely, his wide sleeves aflutter.

He was as exquisite as jade. He had long hair, and his bewitching eyes were


There was originally a distant smile on his handsome face, but his icy

expression froze when he met Qjao Mu’s eyes. He then instantly revealed a

radiant smile.

“Qjaoqiao!” That person swept his sleeves before quickly walking up to Qjao

Mu. He then beamed at her and said, “It’s such a surprise to meet you here. Say,

is this called meeting a thousand kilometers away if there is fate?”

Qjao Mu observed the man in front of her expressionlessly and backed away

imperceptibly, increasing the distance between them. “Who are you.”

“Qjaoqiao, I’l be heartbroken if you say that.” “The man gazed at her pitifuly as

if tears were about to spill from his eyes. He even pulled open his collar and

gestured, “Look, the mark you left here hasn’t worn away yet! How could you

just forget me like that? Im so heartbroken, Qiaoqiao. You trampled all over

my sincerity. It really hurts!”

QJao Mu’s icy gaze settled on a faint sword scar below his collarbone.

That was an injury caused by her hand.

“You are Ding’Tingding.” “This should be Ding “Tingding’s true appearance

She had already lost count of how many times he had switched his appearance

There was the snake beauty and the lad with the iron wok. He had also hurt her

mom in order to act as her mom so as to deceive her.

Would this kind of person actually have sincerity?

What freakin kind of sincerity could this prodigal who tirelessly frequented

the pleasure quarters have

So, do’t be joking!

Qiao Mu gazed at him coldly without a ripple or hint of warmth in her eyes, as

if she were looking at an icy corpse.

Qjaoqiao, how could you look at me like that.” The man clutched his chest in

affected grief. “It hurts so much. Qjaoqiao is actually looking at me like I am a

dead man. Do you want me to go die that much.”

IfI said I wished for it, would you go die?” Qjao Mu’s callous voice instantly

made everyone hold their breaths.

Cult Master IDing’s gaze settled on the little lady’s frosty face, and he was

unable to utter a sound.

Qjaoqiao, you’ve really forgotten, forgotten everything, right?” Cult Master

Ding sighed lightly, and the light radiating from his eyes slowly dulled, leaving

only a black darkness.

Qjao Mu couldn’t help but be startled, causing her to look at him with knitted


She naturally knew now that when she had been afflicted by the rapid

cultivation curse, she had interacted with him for one day? Two days?

She didn’t remember at all.

But did he have to look at her with such a sorrowful expression?

They originally weren’t too familiar with each other. What was the use of

pretending to be so close?

Cult Master Ding’s depressed mood came and left quickly, and his eyes

instantly glowed brightly again. That moment of dejection pa.s.sed by so quickly

that it was basically unnoticeable.

Qjao Mu naturally did not discover that Duanmu Qing was the only person who

noticed Cult Master Ding’s change in mood.

Duanmu Qing did not know why he felt that Qjaoqiao’s icy expression right

now was abnormally terrifying

That indifferent expression that read “you are clearly a stranger, so why

pretend to be familiar and pester me” made him feel so stifled.

“Qjaoqiao, have you also come to take part in the tournament?

“I can’t?” Qjao Mu cast him a cold look.

“You can, you can. Of course you can.

My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1715 – Casino? Battle Arena?

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Chapter 1715: Casino? Battle Arena?

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The waiter trembled as he took out eight jade cards and handed them over.

Meanwhile, the people at the nearby tables were stupefied.

What was going on? Someone really dared to make trouble at the entrance to the Qianluo Underground Battle Arena?

These pipsqueaks really had big guts. Did they not know how much influence Qianluo Underground Battle Arena had in the Shuntian Prefecture!

So what if they could get into the battle arena for free right now?

Once they were caught inside Qianluo Underground Battle Arena, wouldn’t they still have to obediently pay for those visitor cards? A hint of indignation flashed past the waiter’s eyes, but he still spoke respectfully, “Please follow me.”

Qiao Mu’s party of eight followed the waiter to the rear court of the tavern.

The waiter walled up to a dirt wall and pushed it open, revealing a narrow pa.s.sageway behind it.

“Please.” The waiter lowered his eyes, hiding the sn.i.g.g.e.r in his gaze.

So what if that girl had some tricks up her sleeve! He had already notified the battle arena’s manager. Once they entered, they would have their share of suffering

Qiao Mu of course wouldn’t miss the resentment in the waiter’s gaze.

But she didn’t care.

How dare a doorman of a measly battle arena cheat her? Who gave him the guts! Even though she wasn’t someone to mind those one hundred spirit coins, she was p.i.s.sed that someone wanted to cheat her of her money.

Didn’t he know to ask around whether it was that easy to cheat her, Darling Qiao, of her money?

Duanmu Qing and the others ducked down to pa.s.s through the narrow doorway. This pa.s.sageway to the underground battle arena only allowed one person to pa.s.s through, so the eight of them entered in a line, with the little fatty as the anchor.

Afterwards, many other people also entered. They were most likely the people sitting at the other tables in the tavern who had paid fees beforehand.

The eight people came to the end of the long pa.s.sageway and stepped onto a circular stage carved with a ferocious tiger. There was also a line of talismans, probably a small-scale matrix, set up around the stage.

“What kind of talisman matrix is this? Is it a transfer talisman matrix? Qi Xuanxuan asked Qiao Mu quietly.

“No.” Qian Mu shook her head indifferently. “It’s a protective talisman matrix.” “Oh,”Qi Xuanxuan responded.

They heard the cranking of a mechanism from the end of the pa.s.sageway.

All of a sudden, it felt as if their bodies were falling, causing Qi Xuanxuan to reflexively grab Qiao Mu’s pet.i.te hand. Qiao Mu grasped QjXuanxuan’s arm in return as she patted her soothingly to ease her nervousness.

The underground battle arena’s mechanism formation did have quite the exquisite configuration.

In a flash, the stage below their feet descended at a constant speed before coming to a full stop when it embedded itself into a jade stone stage.

Qi Xuanxuan heaved a sigh. When she looked up, she saw many of the battle arena’s bouncers swarming over to surround them.

When the people from the other tables in the tavern saw this, they hastily shouted, ‘We’re not together, not together.”

“Right, right. We paid the fee.”

As if faced with a formidable foe, those bouncers surrounded Qiao Mu and company with their weapons at the ready.

“What are you guys standing around here for?” An indifferent voice came from behind the group

“The young sir has come?” “Young Sir!”

“Young Sir!”

The battle arena’s bouncers all instantly turned around as they greeted the person behind them respectfully.

My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1724 – Test

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Chapter 1724: Test

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“An announcement will also be made at the same time. Just pay attention and listen. There isn’t anything to do right now, so you can first rest for a bit.”

Qiao Mu gazed at him indifferently. Her clear and bright eyes were clearly saying “why haven’t you gone yet.”

Young Sir Ding broke into laughter. He tilted his head and propped his chin on his hand, saying, “I’m not going. You haven’t said that you’ve forgiven me. I’ll leave if you say it.”

Forgive, my foot! Qiao Mu rolled her eyes at him.

She truly didn’t want to say anything more to this baffling person.

Young Sir Ding was probably already used to this little fellow’s lukewarm att.i.tude. He didn’t mind it and just smiled at her without saying anything else.

He didn’t speak and behaved himself while sitting beside her to watch the compet.i.tion. Even though Qiao Mu was a bit miffed, she didn’t try to shoo him away again.

The other party was the owner of this underground battle arena. What place couldn’t he stay at?

“Achoo.” Qiao Mu rubbed her nose before tilting her head in surprise.

She kept feeling like someone was talking about her behind her back these last couple of days!

Presently, the mentors were sitting furtively in the audience seats.

One of the mentors who had a square face and looked very forthright coughed lightly and asked in a low voice, “Are the requirements we set a bit too difficult?”

If they prohibited any support and their mystic beasts, they only had their weapons and fists left to use!

“Difficult? How is that possible!” The short mentor Zhou Danjin smiled craftily, “That possibility doesn’t exist! We have set these requirements according to the standards they can achieve as of now.”

Wei Xu nodded, concurring in his mind: Correct.

It was time to let that prideful little la.s.s suffer a setback. It was impossible for everything in this world to keep continuing smoothly!

After suffering in the arena, she’d know what it meant by there’s always someone better out there!

Zhou Danjin cracked a grin. “Just watch. We are doing this to ascertain the baseline and ceiling of the students’ martial arts ability. This will help in imparting them knowledge later on.”

—-Ms. Author’s section break—-

A towering beam of fire shot out from the 15th level of the Punishment Tower.

This horrifying cl.u.s.ter of pitch-black flames shot out and razed the 15th level of the tower flat.

At this time, let alone the talisman matrix, even the outer walls of the 15th level had been incinerated by this black fire until there was practically nothing left.

If one looked at the tower from the outside now, they would find it extremely odd.

This Punishment Tower that was drifting in an unknown dimension looked disastrous. Apart from the top two levels that were completely intact, every level from the 15th level down had cracked apart like they had gotten sacked.

‘Mo Lian pressed his thin lips together as he reached the pa.s.sageway to the 16th level. He just so happened to into Feng Chen, who had a queer expression on his face.

Feng Chen looked Crown Prince Mo over. “Yo, you changed your clothes.”

As he said this, he stared at the latter tauntingly. “What did you see in the third stage.”

“Ididn’t see anything,” Mo Lian replied expressionlessly.

“Impossible.” Feng Chen pursed his lips. “You don’t look like someone without any desire!”

This talisman matrix on the 15th level was testing one’s greed for wealth, power, and l.u.s.t.

That’s why a bunch of peerless beauties would definitely come out in this last stage of the talisman matrix.

“Look, you even changed your clothes. You must not have been able to control yourself just now..”

My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1725 – Threw Her Out

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Chapter 1725: Threw Her Out

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Feng Chen harrumphed and declared, “I’m definitely going to tell the little fellow this afterwards.”

Mo Lian’s expression turned even weirder at the mention of Qiaogiao.

“Wifey, wifey!” As the two were chatting, they heard a wild shriek that made both of them Imit their brows.

When they tured to take a look, even Feng Chen couldn’t maintain his calm, and he twitched his mouth.

Dao Wuji’s hair was disheveled, and he ran out stripped to the waist, only wearing a pair of briefs.

He first looked left and right, and then he slapped his thigh while wailing, “My wifey! Oh gosh, where are my beautiful wives? Why are they all gone!”

There was no need to guess. If Mo Lian didn’t destroy the talisman matrix on the 15th level in one fell swoop, this punk would probably still be intoxicated by those beauties, unable to extricate himself!

Mo Lian simply ignored him and turned to walk toward the 16th level.

Meanwhile, Feng Chen dogged him eagerly, “Did you see Qiaogiao? What did you do to Qiaogia

“Threw her out,” Mo Lian deadpanned.

“What??” Feng Chen looked dumbfoundedly at the lad who had turned his back to him.

“You said you threw Qiaogqiao out? How could you bear to do that!”

“It’s not the real Qiaoqiao, only an illusion to confuse people!” Mo Lian heedlessly declared.

“But, but you saw Qiaogiao, yet y-you… could bear to do that?” Feng Chen’s voice couldn’t help but turn quieter when he saw Mo Lian casting a death glare out of the corner of his eye.

“Then how did you clear the second stage? Who did you see!”

The second stage of the talisman matrix was testing one’s desire for power. This should be no difficulty at all for Crown Prince Mo.

Yet who knew that Crown Prince Mo would freeze up before saying with lowered eyes, “You might not believe it even if I say it.”

“Uh, say it then.”

Feng Chen was startled, but Crown Prince Mo just walked into the mechanism column located at the end of the pa.s.sageway to the 16th level.

Once they walked inside, that small mechanism column would crank the gears and move them to the upper level before coming to a stop.

They walked out of the mechanism column when the doors opened.

They then saw that the gatekeepers from the 10th level and above were all waiting for them at the entrance.

Dao Wuji walked up noisily and asked, “Why are you all here?”

The Luo Brothers swept him an obvious look of distaste at his state of undress. They declared with a scoff, “We’re of course waiting for Boss. Could it be we’re waiting for you!”

‘As gatekeepers, they could freely go to and from each of the Punishment Tower’s floors. They did not need to go through the 15th level’s matrix test.

That’s why the Luo Brothers and the others had been waiting at the entrance to the 16th level after seeing Mo Lian, Feng Chen, and Dao Wuji enter the matrix.

“Boss, are you fine? Did you get hurt in the matrix?” The Luo Brothers went up and asked concernedly.

Mo Lian shook his head. “I am fine.”

The Luo Brothers immediately declared with a smile, “No wonder he is our Boss. He cleared the 15th level’s matrix with such ease.”

“Humph.” The Little Despot stated coldly, “So what if he cleared a small matrix? What is there to congratulate. There are two even more difficult to clear levels waiting for you all.”

“At that time, humph. You’ll have to die if you can’t clear it.”

However, Mo Lian didn’t pay attention to that cranky kid as he gazed at the seven doors in front of him.

Besides the carved patterns being different on the doors, there wasn’t anything else out of the ordinary.

My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1727 – Bingo!

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Chapter 1727: Bingo!

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“There is only one super-leveled ancient sacred beast in the early mature period behind these seven doors,” the Little Despot informed with indifference.

Dao Wuji’s eyes immediately turned as round as saucers!

The f*ck? Do you know what the meaning was of an ancient sacred beast in the early mature period?

Let alone someone like him in the spiritual immortal realm, even ten venerable immortal realm experts would find it difficult.

“You aren’t joking right?”

‘The Little Despot shook his head with an expression that said “do you think I look like someone who would joke with you.”

He stated nonchalantly, “However, this sacred beast had never come back after sneaking out on its own many years ago.”

“The Punishment Tower has been unable to capture its scent, that’s why it has been wandering about outside for so many years. In short, there is actually one empty door among these seven doors.”

Dao Wuji’s eyes lit up. ‘Oh my gosh, really?”

There was really an empty door?

Dao Wuji hastily inspected the doors again but still decided to stand in front of that door with the large yellow striped cat after some hesitation.

Since it was a sacred beast that could sneak out, then it definitely wouldn’t be a plant.

Unless it was a sacred beast, it was basically impossible for a plant type to cultivate to the rank of a sacred beast!

It was already good if a plant type could achieve the attack power of a divine beast! It was impossible for it to reach the sacred level.

Dao Wuji observed the large yellow striped cat engraved on the door. From the surface, it looked rather tame, but was it in reality? What if it was a ferocious beast?

Moreover, the Little Despot had said just now that the beast inside might not be the one engraved on the door.

What if that Cerberus was despicably hiding behind this large yellow striped cat door and waiting for prey to deliver itself to its doorstep. Wouldn’t it be a huge loss for him?

No, what if it was reverse psychology.

As the saying went, luck favors the prepared.

He has decided…

Little Despot couldn’t stand it anymore when he saw that Dao Wuji was about to change doors again. He directly struck the three doors in front of him with three gusts of wind.

The doors in front of Mo Lian, Feng Chen, and Dao Wuji opened at the same time.

Instantly, a sucking force pulled each person inside.

The three people looked up ahead. Separated by each of their doors, their faces respectively showed calm, astonishment, and terror.

Dao Wuji heard a piercing squelch upon entering the door and nearly got sprayed with a green fluid.

He looked up gravely and saw a giant morning glory that reached the ceiling “looking” at him maliciously.

Allof a suddenly, its petals flared and sprayed out another shot of fluid with a squelch.

Dao Wuji dodged that green fluid, which subsequently hit the floor.

Afterwards, Dao Wuji clearly saw the floor corroding away, leaving behind a huge hole.

“What the f*ck!” He couldn’t help cursing.

That Little Despot really wasn’t a good person. He was so wicked!

That Little Despot had tossed him directly into this room. That door had clearly been engraved with a tame, large yellow striped cat, yet there was a giant morning glory waiting for him inside.

There truly were surprises everywhere in one’s life!

On the other hand, Feng Chen and Mo Lian were also a bit surprised.

Feng Chen had clearly chosen a thunder hawk, yet it was a large yellow striped kitty inside the room. It had shrunken in a corner, looking at him pitifully.

That large cat immediately s.h.i.+elded its head with its claws when it saw someone coming in. It burrowed in the corner, looking pitiful and aggrieved.

Feng Chen was stumped when he saw it, and he couldn’t help but twitch his mouth..