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Chapter 1618: Wonder

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Chi Yang truly knew that he was wrong. However, regarding the matter of absorbing the energy in the jade, he explained, “I didn’t want to absorb the energy. Firstly, I thought that the energy should be given to those who buy your products. Secondly, I thought that my body had already recovered, so there

was no need to absorb more. I didn’t expect you to be so angry, nor did I think about your feelings. I’m sorry.”

“When customers buy jade, they don’t know that the jade has energy in it. Even if the energy can nourish them, they only buy it for aesthetics. Firstly, when the jade is first cut, the energy in it has already disappeared. Secondly, they’re only buying the jade as a statement pieces. Meanwhile, after you

absorb the jade’s energy, your body will heal and you’ll grow stronger. In the future, when you go out on missions, I won’t be so worried. That’s why I want you to absorb the energy. At most… you’ll just feel guilty. I can sell those jades at a discount. Although the energy inside is gone, the jade’s crystal had

not been damaged, so once I discount it, people will definitely be willing to buy it.”

Chi Yang lowered his head and kissed Nuannuan again. His voice was hoa.r.s.e as he said, “Alright. I’ll do whatever you say. I’m all yours. I won’t stop you anymore. If I do that, will you still be angry at me?”

Nuannuan thought for a moment and finally shook her head.

How could she bear to be angry at him? Was he not making things difficult for her?

Seeing that his wife was no longer angry, Chi Yang picked her up and cuddled her in his arms for a while before saying, “Then I’ll go and absorb some more of the jade’s energy, okay?”

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll lose money?” Nuannuan nestled in Chi Yang’s embrace and looked up at him.

Chi Yang could not help but laugh aloud. “I’m not afraid. I’ll make up for all the losses you’ve suffered, as long as you’re not angry with me.”

Nuannuan was finally amused by Chi Yang’s behavior.

“Then let’s go. I’ll take you to absorb all the energy from the emeralds in there.”

Chi Yang, “…”

Although he also had the Shengyang Group, a top-notch corporation, he still felt a little guilty absorbing so much energy from good jade in one go.

With this absorption rate, even if it was a small amount, it would cost his wife at least hundreds of millions of yuan.

Fortunately, no one else could see the absorbed energy, not even Nuannuan with her X-ray vision. Only he could see it. If not for that, this would be a huge loss for his wife.

Chi Yang was brought to the storeroom by Nuannuan. Then, without any heartache, she moved all the big and good quality jades in front of him so he could absorb all their energy.

Facing the warmth from his caring wife, Chi Yang was toucehd and overwhelmed by his emotions.

Feeling the energy freely flowing into him, he closed his eyes and adjusted his breathing.

Now, he could almost feel the movement of his supernatural cells, and he could also mobilize them.

Basically, every time his supernatural cells circulated in his body, he felt his meridians grow stronger. Coupled with the rich energy in the jade, Chi Yang felt like his meridians were wrapped in warmth.

Nuannuan looked at Big Brother Chi Yang in surprise.

Although she could not see the energy in the jade, she could see that the supernatural cells in his body seemed to be pus.h.i.+ng something around.

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 1615 – Chi Yang Used Force

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Chapter 1615: Chi Yang Used Force

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He had done something wrong. He did not realize what yet himself, but he dared ask her to be reasonable. She was not going to talk anymore!

She flung Chi Yang’s hand away and rushed out.



As Nuannuan ran out, Chi Yang followed.

The manager was about to talk to Selina when he saw his chairman running away barefoot.

“Boss, what’s the matter?”

As soon as Selina opened the door, her brother-in-law rushed over with her boss over his back. He glanced at Selina and said

‘s okay, Selina. You can entertain yourself.”

“Put me down!”

Nuannuan felt like she was being slung over someone’s back like a sack. She was extremely angry and slapped Chi Yang’s back with all her might.

However, he just slapped her b.u.t.t and shouted, “Stop fooling around!”

This was the first time Chi Yang had seriously shouted at her. The little girl on his shoulder, who had been just as p.r.i.c.kly as a hedgehog a moment ago, suddenly stopped.

Carrying his wife, Chi Yang turned around and walked back toward his villa. He slammed the door shut.

The manager’s mouth was wide open as he looked at Selina in disbelief.

“Miss Selina, the chairman…” He wanted to ask if the chairman was going to be bullied, but after some thought, he realized that the chairman was KE’s Queen. Who could do anything to her?

However, when he saw the chairman being carried away by a big bad wolf like a little white rabbit, he could not help but worry for her.

It was the first time Selina had seen her boss so angry at her brother-in-law. After all, she had always doted on him.

Brother-in-law had been really fierce just now.

She really wanted to see how his brother-in-law would punish Boss.

Selina looked away and said, “Don’t worry about things you shouldn’t be worrying about. Instead of worrying about Boss here, you should worry about why you’re still a bachelor in your forties.”

After that, Selina closed the door and continued playing her game.

The manager, who had just been insulted, was speechless.

If not for working for KE and then for Imperial Phoenix, would he still be a bachelor in his forties?

“Let go of me! You’re so annoying! Let go of me!”

Nuannuan kicked and hit Chi Yang’s back, but she did not use much of her strength. She was just angry.

Chi Yang was furious. He carried Nuannuan upstairs and threw her on the bed before pressing her down.

“Who are you calling annoying?!”

“You!” Nuannuan replied, not showing any weakness.

Chi Yang was a little sad. “How am I annoying? Just because I’m thinking about you by telling you not to waste your jade?”

“Is it a waste to use it on you? Is it a waste then? Is it?!”

Nuannuan couldn’t take it anymore and shouted back at her Big Brother Chi Yang.

Although he had been yelled at, Chi Yang’s heart was filled with warmth at her words.

Putting away his domineering att.i.tude, Chi Yang bent down and kissed Nuannuan.


‘The response was a warm hum.

Chi Yang kissed her again.

The response was still a hmph from Nuannuan.

Chi Yang kissed her a third time. This time, he did not let go of the squishy little person in his arms. Instead, he stretched his arms out to touch her mouth and sucked on her sweet and delicate lips..

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 1617 – Sorry, I Was Wrong

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Chapter 1617: Sorry, I Was Wrong

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“Not only does absorbing the energy of those jades heal you, but it also doesn’t affect the quality of the jades. Even if after you absorb their energy, the jades will be sucked dry and turned into gla.s.s, I’m still willing to use them in exchange for your health. Forget the few jades in the storeroom—even if I

have to raid the entire Phoenix Pavilion, or even the entire Imperial Phoenix Group to heal you, I won’t hesitate to do so. Seeing you injured, puts me in so much.”

Nuannuan pointed at her own heart. She had watched as Big Brother Chi Yang broke all his meridians to avenge her and prevent any suspicion landing on her regarding Wei Du’s death. Her heart ached so much she could barely breathe.

Even so, she had not stopped him and had allowed him to do whatever he wanted to do. She knew that although Brother Chi Yang acted dignified in front of her, he was a possessive and controlling person deep down. If she stopped him from doing such things, although he would not say anything on the

surface, he would take it to heart.

Thus, she endured it. She would rather die from heartache than stop him.

Chi Yang quietly listened to Nuannuan’s words. When he recalled how he had watched her walk on the ground despite her injured foot, every step she took made his heart and stomach hurt, he instantly understood where Nuannuan’s anger was coming from.

He was shocked that Nuannuan loved him so deeply and selflessly. It made him reflect on his actions.

He thought that he loved Nuannuan, but he did not expect that his selfish love had already hurt her.

‘The woman in front of him had treated his illness and selflessly taken care of his family. When she heard that he was in danger in Mustapha, she had rushed there overnight to help him and his comrades escape danger. In Naboo, his comrades had gotten badly injured. All he had to do was send her

brother back, and she immediately knew his intentions. After that, she ordered all the hospitals under her command to treat his comrades for free. She clearly felt sorry for him, but she still obediently let him carry her and board the plane. She clearly felt sorry for him, yet she watched him do it without

stopping him

This woman’s love for him seemed to have surpa.s.sed his love for her.

In front of her, his love seemed extremely small and selfish.

He thought that he was an upright person, so he had tried to use his principles to convince her, but he did not think for her at all.

No wonder she was so angry.

Chi Yang leaned down and tried to calm the girl in his arms by gently kissing her mouth.

This kiss lasted for at least fifteen minutes. Chi Yang only stopped when he felt that the person in his arms had completely melted into a puddle of water.

“Nuannuan, I’m sorry. It’s my fault.” Chi Yang stared at Nuannuan. The gir] in front of him was too beautiful, so beautiful it made his heart tremble.

“Tshouldn’t have only cared about my own feelings and not yours. I made you worry for me, feel sad for me, and feel heartache over me… I’ve been so bad to you. I’m so sorry.”

Nuannuan pouted. She wanted to rebuke him as he had gone too far.

However, she could not bring herself to say the words.

After all, her Big Brother Chi Yang was the best man in the world. She could not even bear to scold him, let alone when he looked so remorseful..

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 1606 – Will We Be Enemies?

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Chapter 1606: Will We Be Enemies?

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With that, Hu Li took the photos out of his bag. Afraid they would not believe him, he played another video of Dan De being executed in secret and shot to death.

“The president didn’t say anything just now because he felt that although this was Dan De’s fault, it was also caused by the lack of strict governance on our side. So, I hope that Lieutenant General Chi and Chairman Nangong will take our president’s sincerity into consideration and let this matter go.”

Then, he turned to Nangong Nuannuan and said, “Chairman Nangong, you’re a very opinionated woman. Please put in a good word for our president in front of Lieutenant General Chi. This is a win-win situation. It would be a pity if we missed out on this opportunity because of a misunderstanding last


Chi Yang inserted the video that Wei Du had just shown him into his laptop and sent his fingers flying across the laptop keyboard. Just as Wei Du was about to ask Chi Yang what he was doing, a video of s.h.i.+ Zhongcheng arriving in Naboo to discuss their mutually beneficial agreement suddenly appeared

on the screen. However, this time, s.h.i.+ Zhongcheng was not talking to Dan De, but Wei Du.

Having facesmacked by Chi Yang on the spot, Wei Du could no longer sit still. He got to his feet immediately.

After all, Chi Yang was not cooperating with them at all. If Chi Yang continued to undermine them this way, they would not be able to continue this cooperation.

“Chairman Nangong, I’m here today to apologize to you. I hope you can give me a word on whether you accept my apology or otherwise. Although Lieutenant General Chi has the right to speak, he’s just your fiancé. I want to hear your opinion.”

Nangong Nuannuan had been acting like an outsider from the beginning to the end. She only looked at Wei Du when she heard her name being called. Then, she raised the hand that was holding Chi Yang’s hand from under the table and waved it in front of Wei Du. She said something that would anger

him to death—

“[ listen to my man.”

Wei Du,”…”

“Nangong Nuannuan, you’re the chairman of Imperial Phoenix after all. Don’t forget that your Phoenix Pavilion is still in Naboo’s territory. Are you really going to disregard it?” Wei Du tried to persuade Nangong Nuannuan.

“President Wei Du, Phoenix Pavilion in Naboo might be very rich to you. However, to me, I have Phoenix Pavilion in Naboo, Mustapha, N Country… My Phoenix Pavilion’s biggest business is actually with F Continent. Besides Phoenix Pavilion, I have many other businesses. So if you think that a mere

Phoenix Pavilion in Naboo can threaten me, then you’re underestimating me and Imperial Phoenix. Also, my life is definitely worth more than all of Imperial Phoenix’s businesses combined.”

After saying that, Nangong Nuannuan waved her hand at Wei Du. “Take care, President Wei Du. Won’t be seeing you out!”

Wei Du’s eyes were bulging with anger.

Indeed, in terms of wealth, the wealth of Imperial Phoenix Group under Nangong Nuannuan’s name was several times more than that of the entire Naboo. She deserved alll the right to look down on these a.s.sets under Naboo’s name.


This also meant between him and Nangong Nuannuan, it was either one of them died or they could die together.

“Chairman Nangong, is there really no room for negotiation?” Wei Du stood in the meeting room and felt a cold wind blowing on his back.

“President Wei Du, take care.” Chi Yang answered his question on Nangong Nuannuan’s behalf.

“Although we can’t be friends, I don’t wish for us to become enemies one day.. Chairman Nangong, will we… be enemies?”

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 1616 – Not Angry Anymore

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Chapter 1616: Not Angry Anymore

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Very quickly, because she could not resist his refres.h.i.+ng scent, she surrendered and obediently melted into his embrace.

“You’re not angry anymore?”

Nuannuan raised her head and looked into Chi Yang’s doting eyes. She clearly loved this man to his core, but the words that came out of his mouth still made her angry.

“still angry.”

Chi Yang felt a little helpless. He kissed her forehead dryly and asked dotingly, “Then you should at least tell me why you’re angry at me, right? I’ll only know where I was wrong if you tell me. Only then will I be able to correct myself and not make you angry again, right?”

Nuannuan looked at Chi Yang, After being angry for a long time, she said, “That day, you blocked two missiles for me. Did I say anything?”

Chi Yang shook his head. “No.”

“Did I say anything after you blocked the explosion for me?”

Chi Yang shook his head. “No.”

“After that, it was clear that I wanted to kill Wei Du, but you stopped me. You didn’t allow me to make a move and let me stay in Phoenix Pavilion. Did I say anything?”

Chi Yang still shook his head. “No.”

“I didn’t do anything you told me not to do. That’s because I knew you would definitely avenge me. You wouldn’t just stand by and watch me get bullied by another man.”

Chi Yang nodded. “I’m your man. Protecting you and not letting anyone bully you is my duty as your husband. This is what I should do. If I can’t even protect my own wife, I’m not fit to be a man.”

“That’s why I didn’t say anything when you told me not to take revenge on Wei Du. I didn’t stop you even though I knew you were injured. I know you. If I didn’t let you take revenge for me, you would blame yourself.”

Chi Yang bent down and kissed his wife again. He was very happy that Nuannuan understood him so well.

“Nuannuan, thank you for understanding.”

After all, not everyone could do such a thing.

“Because of that, I can only stand in places you can’t see and watch you mess with steel frames that weigh dozens of tons. I can only watch silently as the veins in your body are almost broken by earthquakes.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, do you know how sad I was when I saw you almost spit out a mouthful of blood before swallowing it down?”

Chi Yang looked at the girl in front of him, momentarily speechless.

“Do you know how sad I was when you curled up on the sofa in pain?”

“Chi Yang looked at the woman talking to him with a deep gaze. Tears flowed from the corners of his eyes, reaching his ears. He did not speak.

“T injured my leg that night. Even though you were seriously injured, | still let you hug me. Do you know why?”

“You told me you felt sorry for me. Every time I took a step, you felt sorry for me. I know that feeling is terrible, because when I saw that you were hurt, I felt so sorry for you too. So when I saw that you were hurt more than me, I let you hug me.”

“Tonly hurt my foot a little, yet you felt so sorry for me. But think about how badly you were hurt? How much do you think my heart was aching?”

“Tcouldn’t help you recover from your internal injuries and could only watch you suffer. I was very sad.. When I saw that the jade from Phoenix Pavilion could help you recover, do you know how happy I was?”

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 1614 – Be Reasonable

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Chapter 1614: Be Reasonable

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This was the first time since her rebirth that Nuannuan was truly angry with Chi Yang. Usually, she could not bear to part with him.

Selina glanced at her boss, who was running away in anger, and then at her brother-in-law, who was chasing after her. She decided to play along too.

With Miss Almighty leading the way, basically no one dared provoke her. If anyone dared to get in her way, Miss Almighty would definitely get back at them for it.

“Little Girl!”

Chi Yang called out to Nuannuan, but no one paid any attention to him. He quickly chased after her, grabbed her arm, and called her ‘little girl’ again. However, Nuannuan shook off his hand and continued to run out. She ran back to the villa and closed the door with a bang. Even when Chi Yang called her

‘little girl, no one cared.

As Chi Yang ran, he happened to run into Phoenix Pavilion’s manager. He instructed, “Open the door.”

‘The manager looked at Chi Yang in a daze before giving him an honest smile.

d.a.m.n, how dare he!

Seeing that this man only knew how to smile at him, Chi Yang was forced to patiently knock on the door. “Little Girl, open the door. We can talk things out.”

However, it was as if she could not hear him. She ignored him.

Chi Yang had no choice but to use his supernatural ability.

“Little Girl, you’re the chairman of a corporation. You should know how important the credibility of a brand is. Although you’re capable and can easily make back the money, these things are still rare resources, after all. The more you mine, the less there is left. Although I’m your fiancé, this corporation

yours and a few others. For the sake of your partners and your reputation, I shouldn’t waste resources, right?”

After saying that, Chi Yang realized that his little girl, who was usually as obedient as a kitten, was still unwilling to talk to him.

Chi Yang was not a talkative person, so he had nothing to say after he had said what he needed to say.

Seeing that his wife was still angry, he could only continue to sit beside her.

Nuannuan had thought that he would have some profound theories to discuss with her, but in the end, after saying so much, not a single word could move her. After that, Chi Yang said nothing more.

She waited for a long time. The longer she waited, the angrier she became. She was prepared to jump off the sofa and pack up to go back to Camino to complain to her grandfather and second uncle.

“What are you doing?”

Chi Yang grabbed his wife’s hand, having a bad feeling about this.

“Tm going home.”

“Nuannuan, let’s be reasonable, okay?”

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 1613 – Angry At Chi Yang

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Chapter 1613: Angry At Chi Yang

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EndlessFantasy Translation

“Tjust feel like you’re my lucky star. With you around, everything always gets solved.”

Those words made Nuannuan very happy. “Yes, yes, yes. Big Brother Chi Yang is also my lucky star. If it weren’t for you, I would’ve been blasted to death long ago.”

If not for him, his wife would have escaped a long time ago. There was no way those fools could have bombed his wife if she did.

Chi Yang did not say anything. Observing the smile on Nuannuan’s lips and her extremely good mood, Chi Yang could not bear to say such words and become a wet blanket.

It looked like he would have to get stronger to be able to reach his full potential as a man.

His wife was just like a cute Doraemon. She already had everything, making him a near-useless husband.

Chi Yang did not know that in Nuannuan’s heart, he was the greatest and best man in the world.

In her previous life, he had died a horrible death to save her. Today, even though he knew that he had suffered severe internal injuries and could not use his supernatural abilities, he had still used them to bring down a huge and heavy steel frame.

She was very happy that her things could be used by him. She wished to be able to immediately develop all her unexplored mines and send those jades to him, not to mention everything else that had already been mined.

“How could we do that?!” Chi Yang did not give it even a second thought before decisively declaring no.

“Why not?” Nuannuan did not understand.

“Jade is expensive and precious because they’re getting hyped up. Jade is also a precious mineral, but don’t forget its third purpose—good jade pendants carry spiritual energy and can nourish the human body. You can’t see the energy inside, but I can. Although those who wear jade can’t see the energy

flowing inside the jade, they can be nourished by it. Although these jade pendants still look the same as before, I have already absorbed their essence. Of your two pieces of jade, one was top-grade imperial jade, and the other top-grade G.o.ds-of-the-Three-Stars jade. Once I absorbed these two pieces of

jade, you would’ve suffered at least one billion in losses. Although you’re my wife, I can’t take advantage of you to such a great extent, right?”

In the end, Big Brother Chi Yang’s rationality and moral character had the upper hand. He revealed the fact that he was unwilling to absorb all the energy in the jade.

Hearing his words, Nuannuan was instantly unhappy and turned to leave.


Chi Yang called out, but Nuannuan ignored him..

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 1611 – Alright Now?

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Chapter 1611: Alright Now?

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However, Nuannuan trusted Chi Yang. She placed the jade stone in front of her eyes and observed it for a while, but still could not see anything.

She had already used her X-ray vision, and the jade had had very good penetration. It could be a.n.a.lyzed at a glance. “Big Brother Chi Yang, can you see something flowing inside the jade?”

Chi Yang nodded and reached out to touch the jade.

In an instant, a warm current flowed through Chi Yang’s fingers into his meridians. His meridians, which were almost broken due to overuse of his ability, miraculously began to heal upon receiving this warm current.

Nuannuan had activated her X-ray vision. Although she could not see the airflow in the jade that Big Brother Chi Yang had mentioned, she could see that

Big Brother Chi Yang’s damaged meridians were miraculously healing at a speed visible to even the naked eye.

Nuannuan opened her mouth wide and stared at Chi Yang in shock.

Chi Yang also looked at Nuannuan in surprise as he absorbed the energy.

Selina, on the other hand, could not see the airflow inside the jade nor could she see Chi Yang absorbing the energy. She only saw the two people in front of her looking extremely shocked and dumbfounded. “What’s wrong?” Selina could not help but ask.

However, neither paid her any attention.

Chi Yang could see that the energy from the jade stone had surged into his body with his touch. He could clearly feel that after absorbing the energy from the jade stone, his broken meridians no longer hurt as much. He believed that his body would definitely be fine even if he were to break a wall right now.

This was simply a miracle.

Although Nuannuan could not see the airflow within the jade, she could see that Chi Yang’s meridians, which had a recovery rate of 70%, had stopped healing “There’s.. no air current inside?” “Yes.” Chi Yang nodded.

She saw that Big Brother Chi Yang, who had been curled up on the sofa in pain just a monment ago, was now able to sit up calmly. The meridians in his body had been repaired to 70% of their full health. Nangong Nuannuan took the green imperial jade back and observed it in disbelief.

It was a top grade gla.s.s imperial jade. It still shone and looked as good as it had before. Nuannuan could not see a single difference. Even the crystal structure of jade had not been damaged at all.

This was really…

Strange. “Sis.. Is Bro-in-law alright now?

Seeing Selina in a daze, Chi Yang nodded at her.

Selina, “..” ** “Come, Big Brother Chi Yang, come with me to the workshop.”

Phoenix Pavilion’s workshop was where they cut the raw stones into jade stones. The raw stones in the workshop were all carefully selected by her, and they were all top-grade or first-grade or second-grade jade stones.

As a supplier of raw stones, it was impossible for Phoenix Pavilion to cut all the raw stones from her ovwn family’s jade mines. Although cutting jade was very profitable, stone mines were more profitable.

After every jade ore vein had been mined, she would ask the people of Phoenix

Pavilion to arrange all the magnificent jade inside the warehouse and let her choose between them.

She would claim 90% of the top-grade jade, 70% of the first-grade jade, 60% of the second-grade jade, and the remaining third-grade jade..

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 1609 – Chi Yang Was Injured

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Chapter 1609: Chi Yang Was Injured

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This seemingly divine act made everyone believe that since Wei Du had done so many bad things, this was simply the heavens punis.h.i.+ng him.

Why else would the frame have collapsed and killed him?

Naboo had been in chaos for a long time. Wei Du’s death allowed Pang Long to win their battle without even fighting him.

In the crowd, Chi Yang was wearing a cap to hide himself. He swallowed a mouthful of blood.

His internal injuries were really quite severe, and the frame had been welded very well. It had not been easy to make it collapse so suddenly. Doing this drained all the power in his body.

Who could have guessed that as he channeled his powers, he would nearly fall to his knees in pain?

His internal organs felt as if they were burning and the searing pain suffocated him.

Although it felt better than when his supernatural cells had been upgrading—as though he was constantly just a second away from death—this was unbearably painful too.

Chi Yang calmed himself down and prepared to leave.

However, the crowd was dense and chaotic. He did not know who knocked into him, but the impact combined with the pain made him stumble and almost fall as he struggled to stay on his feet.

There were many people around. If he fell, he might be trampled to death without his supernatural powers to protect him.

Fortunately, someone wrapped their arms around his waist then, holding up his sagging body.

Chi Yang turned his head and looked at the person supporting him. Although it was an unfamiliar face, he could tell from her scent that it was the person he trusted most, someone he saw as even more important than his own life.

Making use of her support, Chi Yang put most of his weight on her.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, don’t exert too much strength. You won’t fall with me holding you up. You can lean your weight on me.”

Nuannuan’s voice rang in Chi Yang’s ears. Chi Yang knew his wife was not as weak as she looked and that she was someone he could rely on. That day, she had even carried him bridal-style, like a princess.


He could not bear to obey her instructions.

Firstly, he was afraid of weighing her down too much. Secondly, the injury on her leg had not healed yet.

“I’s okay. I handle myself.”

There were many people around, so it was not appropriate for Nuannuan to draw attention to Chi Yang. She also did not want people to see his weakened appearance. She was afraid they would develop a bad impression of him, so she let him be.

The car had already been prepared. After Nuannuan helped Chi Yang to the outskirts of the square, she got them both into the car that she had arranged beforehand.

The car drove slowly, disappearing into the traffic.

No one knew that Wei Du’s death had actually been a murder.

In the car, she helped Chi Yang lie down. However, when Chi Yang saw that there was someone else in the car, he sat up straight.

When they returned to the headquarters of Phoenix Pavilion, Nuannuan brought Chi Yang back to her villa. As they entered, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Big Brother Chi Yang!”

Nuannuan cried out in shock, but she was helpless against Chi Yang’s severe internal injuries.

His injuries did not come from his organs or blood vessels, but his meridians.

His meridians, which had become very strong thanks to his supernatural cells, were no longer intact after stopping two missiles and a violent explosion.

They had initially been like steel bars, but they seemed to have taken a hit and become severely injured. It looked like they could easily be broken..

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 1612 – Desire for Survival

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Chapter 1612: Desire for Survival

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This was because she had used her X-ray vision on all the ore veins in the Phoenix Pavilion back then and knew that they were good ores before buying them. Therefore, even if she took away a lot of them and sold them herself, the quality of the remaining jade ores would still be much better than jade

from ordinary ore veins.

Therefore, every time a raw stone came from the Phoenix Pavilion, other jade merchants would fight to buy it.

Ordinary raw stones were valued at low prices all the way to high prices of more than 50,000 to 500,000 yuan per kilogram. As for the raw stones from her Phoenix Pavilion, due to the high quality of the jade, each kilogram of stone was priced from 30,000 to 100,000 bucks.

Therefore, although the price of raw stones could not be compared to jade stones, there were many raw stones. Selling them like this would definitely earn more than selling jade stones alone.

The place where Nangong Nuannuan had dragged Chi Yang was where the raw stones that she had specially selected were residing. When all these raw stones were cut out, all of them had jade inside, and they were all good jade.

Phoenix Pavilion had strict rules and regulations. The masters who were in charge of cutting the jade here were strictly supervised. After all, the jade selected by Phoenix Pavilion was all superior, and every single one of them would produce green jade. If this matter was made known to the public, there

would be many people jealous of Nangong Nuannuan.

That was why when Feng Shengxuan had been in charge of this area back then, he had gotten his jade master to sign a slavery contract. He sold himself to the Phoenix Pavilion for ten years during which he would receive generous remuneration but could not go home. For those who signed the contract,

their family would only receive the money and items they sent back. Once these masters revealed the secrets of the Phoenix Pavilion, even if it was just a rumor, their entire family would disappear.

Chi Yang did not seem interested.

Yes, his wife was very rich, but… these were all top-grade jade that were lucky finds. If he were to take away the most precious things in it, would that not put his wife at a disadvantage?

However, Nuannuan could not have cared less about such things. As long as Big Brother Chi Yang could recover, she would not bat an eye, even if she had to destroy the entire Imperial Phoenix Group, let alone a single jade.

The moment Chi Yang’s hand touched the jade, the energy inside started to flow into his body.

Nuannuan was overjoyed to see her Big Brother Chi Yang’s meridians recovering quickly.

Seeing Chi Yang’s hesitant look, Nuannuan asked, “Big Brother Chi Yang, what do you want to say?”

Initially, Chi Yang had wanted to say that Shengyang Group would buy them. If not, his wife would suffer a huge loss. However, after thinking about it, Chi Yang, who had a strong desire to live, swallowed his words to prevent landing himself in the punishment of kneeling on a washboard tonight.