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Chapter 566-4: The Living and the Dead Part 4

Translator: Nat

「Now then.」

I spread apart Neisha’s legs with a smile and bring my face close to her body.

(What are you-?)

「I was thinking of pleasuring you with my mouth.」

It may sound strange, but I’m quite accustomed to having s.e.x with ghosts because of Casie.

Although I can always insert myself into the girls’ amorphous forms without foreplay, that won’t solve the problem in their hearts.

Thorough caressing is what will also open up their hearts.

However when Neisha hears what I’m about to do, she closes her legs and quickly climbs up the bed.

(How shameless! I won’t accept you doing that. Please proceed normally.)

More than being embarra.s.sed, Neisha is angry.

「Mu, is that so?」

I thought using the mouth was a normal thing to do, but I don’t want to lose everything by upsetting her so I’ll stop.

Instead, I grab Neisha’s shoulder and pull her in for a kiss.


It was a tender kiss.

To arouse her, I hold her other shoulder and slip my tongue inside her mouth, but the moment I do so, she sticks a hand out and pushes my chest.

(What are you doing!? Putting your tongue in my mouth is too indecent!)

A simple kiss is indecent?

With no other choice, I go no further than pressing our lips together as I topple her, and use my hand to fondle her b.r.e.a.s.t.s in a fairly conservative manner.

(Uu……ah……that’s naughty……I’m embarra.s.sed……)

Neisha separates from my lips and clutches my head, urging me to kiss her nape and shoulder.

However when my kisses travel from her neck to her chest, she stops me again.

I try lowering my hand to her crotch, but she also stops me there.

(There is a certain level of dignity that needs to be maintained when it comes to s.e.x. No matter how much I let you touch my body, I will not let you treat me like a wh.o.r.e.)

「So sucking b.r.e.a.s.t.s and using tongue in kisses is not allowed, huh……」

(Those are acts of a wh.o.r.e.)

In that case, I can only do light touching before shoving it in.

Thankfully, ghosts won’t get hurt from insufficient preparation, but this leaves me feeling a little irked.

「Do all royalty do it this way?」

(Of course. It is the same for n.o.ble children. If any licking of the groin is done, sleeping together will be denied starting the next day.)

I have a few children of n.o.bles around me, yet they don’t reject me despite being embarra.s.sed.

(I was also told by the first queen, who retired at the time of my marriage, that I should be diligent in procreation but I should not forget to be graceful.)

「Aah, I see.」

I forgot that these girls died with regret in the inner palace and became vengeful spirits.

In other words, they lived in a different age.

Goldonia’s royalty should have lasted for a few dozen generations.

Since she mentioned the first queen, Neisha must have lived a long time ago.

「So you’re saying I can’t do this?」

I turn Neisha’s body around, get her on all fours and grab her hips.

(Gyaaa! If you do it in this position, I’ll turn into a vengeful ghost again!)

I knew it.

(It’s obvious! The etiquette is first to let the woman lie down, then get on top of her. Then you cover yourself with the sheets. And then please either hold hands with the woman or caress her cheek. Open my legs slightly.)

I follow her instructions like a virgin being guided during his first time and take off my underwear.

(Then all you do next is slowly put it inside……kyaaa!!)

I did as Neisha asked, but she still screamed.

(What’s that huge thing!? I can’t believe the reigning king is an orc!)

Next, I hear multiple female voices in my mind.

It isn’t just Neisha, the other ghosts in the room are all clamoring.

(Hiiieee, so thick! It’s as thick as my arm!)

(And look how long it is! It’s three times as long as the one the knight I cheated with had!)

(He’s a monster. Eh? Is he a monster?)

(Wow! Oh no, my body is fading……it’s disappearing, it’s gone!?)

(I saw it up close. The blood vessels are going ‘thump thump’.)

From an outsider’s perspective, it may seem like a terrifying scene where vengeful ghosts are flying around me, but all I can see are a bunch of fl.u.s.tered girls scurrying back and forth.

「Mmm, it’s too noisy. If you’re going to go wild, I want you out.」

(((I’m sorry. I want to see what happens next.)))

The ruckus settles down and the wisps once again gather at the side of the bed.

That meekness is uncharacteristic of vengeful ghosts. I’ll likely have an easy time with the rest if I can soothe Neisha, the most hostile one.

「Alright, then let’s do it with grace.」

I spread Neisha’s legs further apart than she taught me.

She panics and resists, but I can’t understand her so I proceed with the insertion.

「It’s tight. I probably wouldn’t fit inside her real body. If I force it in, she’ll be torn apart.」

I grab Neisha’s knees and mercilessly thrust my hips forward.

(Urk, it’s ripping me!!)

「You’re fine.」

She shrieks as my tip enters her.

The feeling you experience that is somewhere between a liquid and a solid is unique to ghosts.

It’s not particularly strong stimulation but the smooth entry is a different kind of sensation.

With Neisha being translucent, it’s possible to see my d.i.c.k in her body, which also provides a different stimulation.

「Fumu, this is as far as I can go in her physical body, huh.」

My p.e.n.i.s stops moving after about one-third is inside her.

If I slept with the pet.i.te Neisha when she was alive, this would be the end of her hole.

「But now I can……」

I exhale sharply and push my hips up.

My d.i.c.k starts moving again, surpa.s.sing the end and going in all the way to the base.


Neisha grabs her head with both hands and arches her upper body backwards.

Her slender body draws a beautiful curve, the line from her stomach to her chin can be called a work of art.

Her modest b.r.e.a.s.t.s which don’t jiggle even with vigorous movements also seem to create a wonderful harmony with the overall picture.

The Goldonian royalty don’t know what they’re missing for throwing away such a woman.

Even if I hadn’t done it, somebody would have usurped at some point.

(Y-your thing has gone all the way there……)

Checking where my d.i.c.k has progressed, it has gone past her stomach and is almost reaching her throat.

It would be dangerous for a human, but pretty harmless for a ghost.

「Fufu, looks like you’re in serious trouble.」

I say as I put strength into my hips.

(Don’t wiggle it!)

I smile at the pretoesting Neisha and kiss her as I swing my hips.

I pull back greatly and thrust to her womb, then I pull back again and penetrate up to her chest.

Next I make small back and forth rubbing motions near her entrance before changing my angle and shoving my d.i.c.k in up to the root.

(Ah. Uuugh! N-not there……)

Neisha’s reactions are extremely innocent.

I guess it makes sense since all she’s ever experienced is a tame missionary position without any caressing or sucking b.r.e.a.s.t.s or any other positions.

「This is only the beginning.」

I pull off the sheets covering us.

(Wh- you can’t! It’s etiquette to hide the place where we are joined――hiiiiie!!)

Before she can finish, I move my hips several times faster.

Of course, I don’t just move back and forth, I don’t forget to turn my hips, vary the pace and alternate between strong and weak stimulation.

As my body slams against her translucent body, it makes this unique sound unlike the sound made by two physical bodies colliding.

(You’re making a vulgar sound! Lower your speed! I won’t allow such slapping sounds――nnaah!!)

I grab her writhing feet and open her legs wide.

She isn’t able to resist like before due to the relentless a.s.sault of pleasure.

「Fufufu, it’s no use struggling. Your body is see-through, meaning I can see all your weak points.」

I s.h.i.+ft my partially-visible rod slowly in her body, finding the areas where she squeezes especially hard and concentrate my attacks on those spots.

When her body springs up, I hold her down and press that spot against my tip.

(Could it be that……he has good technique?)

(It’s no surprise he’s good at handling women since he has such a large tool.)

(In fact, he knows how to handle female ghosts?)

(Uwah, he is used to ghosts? What a pervert, gross.)

Their comments do nothing to change my arousal.

My d.i.c.k enlarges further and my attacks on Neisha intensify.


Experiencing this way of s.e.x for the first time, Neisha could only lay helplessly with her hands limp. Her eyes darted around differently from when she was a vengeful ghost and even her tongue is starting to stick out of her mouth.

「Fufufu, vulgar s.e.x is great too, don’t you think? Shall we try positions other than missionary?」

My hand circles to Neisha’s back to pick her up, then I lay backwards.

This isn’t a special position, it’s cowgirl.


However, Neisha’s reaction was severe.

When she realizes her position on top of me, she yells out.

(This is a prost.i.tute’s position! What are you making me do!!?)

「Don’t say that, it feels good when the stimulation changes.」

I wrap a hand around Neisha’s waist and start rocking her hips up and down.

Mmm, when I move her up and down in this position, it makes my d.i.c.k travel up her body and to her throat.

That’s definitely grotesque, I’ll stick to moving back and forth.

(I don’t like th- so embarra.s.sing! It’s humiliating. You low-life! Savage!)

Neisha shouts, slapping my cheeks left and right.

I try stopping my hand but her hips keep moving as she slaps me.

That means it feels good for her.

「Then I’ll do this next.」

I topple her body again, grab her legs and flip her around.

She’s in the doggy position.

(This is even worse than the prost.i.tute position! T-this is an animal position!)

I grab her slim waist and push myself deep.

She growls at me like a beast, but those growls soon turn into animal-like pants.

「It’s interesting to imitate animals.」

(How stupid, who do you think I……nnoh! Aaooh! Kyaan kyaan! Kyaaaain!!)

I run my tongue along her back as I pound her.

Neisha covers her face in embarra.s.sment from being in a position literally the same as how animals mate, but her sweet moans don’t stop.

She also ends up matching my thrusts partway through, yearning for more pleasure.

(Stop, this is too embarra.s.sing! I’ll die from embarra.s.sment!)

I don’t tell her she’s already dead and stop moving.

Neisha sighs in relief.

Her a.s.s is reluctantly moving somewhat, but I don’t point it out as she probably doesn’t realize it herself.

Besides, it’s not over yet.

「Up we go.」

I hold Neisha’s body from behind and stand up.

My d.i.c.k is still inserted and her legs are spread wide open as far as they can go.


Her scream finally became a real sound.

「I-I’ll curse you! I’ll haunt you!」

I listen to her non-threatening hex and shake Neisha’s body.

(So this kind of embarra.s.sing position exists.)

(No prost.i.tute or animal would go this far. How lewd.)

(Eh? Eh? This position isn’t that spe-……a-ahem. I mean, how embarra.s.sing~)

Neisha can probably also hear the other ghosts muttering in her mind.

「I’d rather dieeeeee! Let me diesel!!」

That’s a bit difficult.

After shaming the bashful Neisha who is hiding her face, the time has finally come.

My d.i.c.k begins to throb inside her soft body.

「Now then.」

I gently return Neisha to the bed, get on top of her, and put the sheets on top of us.

Her once opened legs are back to normal as I get back in the missionary position.


「To end, we’ll do it the way you desire. I’ll be taking your lips.」

Placing my hand on her cheek, I press my lips against hers while my other hand holds her hand.

「I love you.」

Neisha, who was already red and partially crying, completely bursts into tears.

「Not fair……not fair!!」

I release my s.e.m.e.n as I enjoy the feeling of the girl clinging to my neck.

My load splurts out loudly.

Glancing down, I see my c.o.c.k pulsing in her translucent body.

My d.i.c.k pulsates once every second and shoots out a third of a cup of s.e.m.e.n each time.

(Hot……so s.e.m.e.n is this hot.)

Neisha’s body trembles at every shot as she strokes my cheek.

「You are my woman now. Got it?」

(Yes. I belong to you, Your Majesty. Order me to do anything whenever you like.)

As I seal the agreement with a kiss, my d.i.c.k twitches and shoots out another load.

We stay connected for a long ten minutes.

During that time, my ejacaulation ends and we separate our bodies.

Then Neisha comments in surprise.

(Aah, how could this be? I never had a child when I was alive, but I can get pregnant when I’m a ghost?)

Her uterus is full of my seed.

But rather than having conceived a child……err, this is hard to say.

(It’s like a water balloon.)

Someone says it for me, but Neisha glares in the direction of the voice, scaring the ghost into a black wisp.

「Well then.」

Neisha leaves, rubbing her belly with eyes full of affection, while I invite the other wisps.

「You’re next. Will you tell me your story?」


The formless wisp instantly changes into the appearance of a mature lady in her thirties.

Grudges, regrets, tears toward unreasonable treatment.

I listen to everything and sympathize, getting angry together with them, then comforting them, and sometimes embracing them forcefully.

By the time the day breaks, all the black wisps have become their former appearances.

And then four thin rays of light fade away.

After I listened to them, there were about four girls who disintegrated into fragments of light and disappeared.

I gaze out of the window as the morning sun s.h.i.+nes in.

「It has already happened so there’s nothing that can be done, but the four beautiful women will be reborn. That’s great.」

I did a good job if I do say so myself.

It’s morning, but I still wanted to have fun, and just when I opened the closet door, the door of the room opened.

「Pardon me. I’m here for the……hiiie!」

Celia lets out a small shriek and looks at me with a stiff face.

Then she takes out a handkerchief and begins to weep. What did I do?