Power and Wealth Chapter 676: First Time

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Chapter 676: First Time

The next morning.

The rain had stopped, and the sun was out.

The air has a sweet scent of gra.s.s after the rain. Water droplets fell on the Cayenne’s roof from the leaves.

The birds chirping woke Dong Xuebing up. When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a cleavage, and he thought he was dreaming. He closed his to continue sleeping and hugged the warm body in front of him. Suddenly, he opened his eyes again and saw Geng Yuehua’s beautiful face. He immediately remembers he is sleeping in his car and had done it with Mayor Geng last night.

I was too ras.h.!.+

Dong Xuebing thought about Xie Huilan and Qu Yunxuan and immediately regretted it. I had made a mistake by sleeping with Mayor Geng.

This is not a small issue…. It’s….

Dong Xuebing’s mind was not functioning properly due to his fever, and he started to worry now. He had slept with a woman he was not supposed to. He knows he is not supposed to do that, but he still did it. He should bash his head into the wall. Why can’t he control himself?

d.a.m.n! I am in deep trouble.

Dong Xuebing was not worried during last night’s moment of impulse, but he starts to be nervous now.

Suddenly, Geng Yuehua’s eyelids move, and she opens her eyes.

Dong Xuebing awkwardly says. “Mayor Geng, you are awake.”

Geng Yuehua looks at Dong Xuebing sleepily. “…… Yes.”

“How are you feeling? Is your wound still painful?”

“I feel better now.”

“Me too. My tongue is not numb anymore.”

Geng Yuehua did not reply and looked at the naked Dong Xuebing, who was still hugging her. She looked at her bra and underwear hanging on the front seat backrest and slapped her forehead lightly. She ma.s.saged the center of her brows and closed her eyes without saying anything.

Huh…. This expression….

“Yesterday…. We….” Dong Xuebing doesn’t know what to say.

Geng Yuehua rubbed her temples and sighed.

Dong Xuebing blinked and did not release his hug. They had done it, and it’s too late to regret it now. He continued to hug Geng Yuehua and sniffed her hair and body. His hand reached to her b.u.t.t to give it a light squeeze.

Geng Yuehua remains still with her eyes closed for a few minutes.

Dong Xuebing kissed Geng Yuehua’s hair and gently stroked her hair to tidy it up.

“Cough…. Cough….”

Dong Xuebing’s action was interrupted by Geng Yuehua’s coughing.

“What happened? Did you catch a cold?”

Geng Yuehua covered her mouth and coughed a few times before speaking in a hoa.r.s.e voice. “Bring my clothes over.”


Dong Xuebing quickly got up and pa.s.sed her the pair of lacy red underwear. “It’s still damp.”

Geng Yuehua flicked her hair and sat up. The padding slid off, and her body was exposed to Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing is in a daze.

“Paper.” Geng Yuehua said.

“Huh? What paper?”

“Tissue paper.”

“Oh… oh… here.” Dong Xuebing puts down her clothes to get the box of tissue papers.

Geng Yuehua grabbed a few pieces and wiped her lower body. Suddenly, she gave Dong Xuebing a cold stare.

Dong Xuebing immediately understood and turned his head.

A while later, a bunch of tissue paper is thrown out of the window.

Dong Xuebing turns back and sees Geng Yuehua has put her bra on and is clipping it.

Dong Xuebing said. “Let me help you.”

“No need.” Geng Yuehua coldly replied. She fastened her bra and wore her underwear.

Dong Xuebing would have used a camera to record this scene if not afraid of Geng Yuehua strangling him to death. It’s so s.e.xy.

“My pants.” Geng Yuehua said.

“Ok…. I will get it.” Dong Xuebing reached forward to get her pants and blouse from the front seat. When he was about to pa.s.s them to Geng Yuehua, he stopped. “Eh? Your leg is still bleeding.”

There’s a small puddle of blood on the leather seat.

Dong Xuebing quickly says. “Let me see your wound. Hurry…. I need to check if it’s inflamed.”

Geng Yuehua blocked him. “Wear your clothes and mind your own business!”

“What are you saying?” Dong Xuebing replied. “Hurry up and let me see. I need to check if you are still bleeding. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, I need to send you to the hospital.”

Geng Yuehua angrily replies. “I asked you to mind your own business. Are you deaf?”

Dong Xuebing thought in his heart. Hmph! Fine…. Who asked you to be my Leader? I will not argue with you.

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing’s face changed, and he remembered something. He looks at the puddle of blood, and the color seems lighter. There’s some sticky liquid beside the blood, and he immediately looks down on his member. There are some faint bloodstains on it too. He got shocked. The blood is not from the wound.

Dong Xuebing asked in shock. “Mayor Geng…. You…. Was that your first time?”

Geng Yuehua’s face changed. “Are you done?”

“No… no…. I was just asking…. I…. don’t know….”

Dong Xuebing is telling the truth. He thought Geng Yuehua was open when it came to s.e.x, as she allowed him to do it with her, and it might not be a big deal to her. But that was her first time. If he knew that was her first time, he would never do that. At this very moment, he regretted his actions. What was she thinking? Why did she give him her first time so easily? He knows he is not worthy of her. There must be some unknown reasons which he is unaware.

Did she have a breakup and is looking for a replacement?

Did her fever last night cloud her mind and cause her to make the wrong decision?

Could it be she finally wants a man after holding in her desires for more than thirty years?

No one can understand what a woman is thinking, especially someone like Geng Yuehua.

Life is full of surprises and unexpected.

Dong Xuebing couldn’t think of any answers, and he knew Geng Yuehua would never tell him. He suddenly felt guilty.

Geng Yuehua has put on her pants and is about to wear her blouse.

Dong Xuebing looked at her and hugged her from her back. His hands touched her bra, and he said. “Your clothes are not dry.”

Geng Yuehua frowned. “Let go of me.”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Let me hug you for a while more.”

“Let go!”

Dong Xuebing smiles and lets go of her.

Geng Yuehua continues to put on her blouse. She b.u.t.tons her blouse quickly, and her red lacy bra disappears from sight.

Dong Xuebing looked at her and helped her straighten her collar and tidy her hair.

Geng Yuehua did not stop him and closed her eyes with one hand supporting her head. She will take deep breaths every once in a while and seems to be moody.

“I will go and try to make a phone call.” Dong Xuebing quickly got dressed and walked to a nearby tree. He leaned against it and lit a cigarette while making the phone call.

The signal is not strong enough for him to call out.

Dong Xuebing returns to the car and tells Geng Yuehua about it. He saw her not replying and asked. “You…. Do you have a boyfriend?”

Geng Yuehua glanced at him. “Do I need to tell you this?”

“Sigh…. I was trying to chat with you. Since you are not willing to talk about it…. never mind.”

Their relations.h.i.+p is the same as yesterday.

Dong Xuebing continued. “It’s almost 9 am. Nan Shan District should be worried as they have not heard from us since last night and those j.a.panese investors…. How about you wait in the car. I will try to stop a car on the main road or walk further to see if I can get stronger signals.”


“I will go now.”

Geng Yuehua took out a doc.u.ment from her back and started reading it. She said to Dong Xuebing, who was leaving. “Give Xiao Ma a call. Tell her to inform the Subdistrict Directors that the investors are arriving, and I will be there later.”

“I understand.”



Dong Xuebing glanced at Geng Yuehua’s body and thought about what happened last night before walking out of the forest to the main road. He thought to himself. They had already done that, but why is she still acting as nothing had happened? Their relations.h.i.+p still has not improved slightly.