Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day Chapter 617 – Applying to Be a Boyfriend

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Chapter 617: Applying to Be a Boyfriend

Translator: Atlas Studios | Editor: Atlas Studios

It was the end of summer, in a small country in Continent Fat the edge of the

equator. The weather was so hot that an egg could be cooked immediately on

the ground.

“Dog man, you torture me the moment you wake up.” An Rao held the frozen

milk in her hand and hurried into the ward.

That day, Bo Xiaoli was unconscious and slept for ten hours before walking up.

In the end, the first thing he said when he woke up was that he wanted to eat.

An Rao went to ask the doctor. The doctor said that it was okay, so An Rao

wanted to buy something delicious for him.

Who would have thought that Bo Xiao would not eat what was bought outside?

He looked at An Rao confidently. “I want to eat what you make.”

Bo Xiao frowned when An Rao rejected him. “It hurts.” An Rao immediately

went to the kitchen to make a bowl of porridge for Bo Xiao.

He did not ask An Rao to cook for him today. Out of the blue, he wanted to

drink frozen milk.

Seeing that Bo Xiao was about to raise his arm and cry out in pain, An Rao took

the lead. “Stop, Ill buy it for you. Okay?”

After the war, there was rarely any milk in many places, let alone frozen milk

An Rao ran for more than an hour before she found a milk shop with an ice


Thinking that the temperature was high and that the cold air had dissipated,

An Rao quickened her pace and entered the ward. When she pushed open the

door, she saw Bo Xiao sitting on the bed like a master playing a single-player

game on his phone.

An Rao pursed her lips. Dog man

“You’re here? You’ve been looking for it for a long time, haven’t you?” Bo Xiao

looked up when he heard the door open. “You’ve worked hard.

“No, it’s quite easy to find. I just had something on and went out for a while.”

Bo Xiao’s serious tone made An Rao feel a little embarra.s.sed.

The corners of Bo Xiao’s lips curled up, but he did not continue.

An Rao walked over and handed him the milk “Drink it. It’s still cold. The

doctor said that you can have some rice for lunch. What do you want to eat”

“My hand hurts. I can’t open it. Help me open the bottle cap.” Bo Xiao did not

answer An Rao but gestured for her to open the milk bottle in his hand.

“An Rao walked to the bed and reached out to take the milk bottle from Bo

Xiao. Bo Xiao grabbed her wrist and pressed her against the bed.

An Rao struggled for a while, but realized that she could not break free at all.

Bo Xiao, who could not even open the bottle cap just now, was like a mountain

and could not be shaken at all.

“What are you doing?!” An Rao glared at Bo Xiao. It was unknown if her eyes

were more angry or embarra.s.sed.

“Let me ask you a question.” Bo Xiao grabbed An Rao’s hand that was trying to

break free. The bottle beside him clinked on the metal frame.

“Ask what? Let go of me first.” At that moment, being suppressed by Bo Xiao in

an absolute manner, An Rao finally understood what kind of iron-blooded

strength was hidden behind Bo Xiao’s ostentatious appearance.

An Rao struggled for a while. Suddenly, her face flushed red. “Hooligan!! Get


“I told you to stop moving” Bo Xiao was uncomfortable from An Rao’s

struggles and pinched her hand even more forcefully. “Let me ask you, why did

you come to Continent F?”

“Tm here for a vacation.” Meeting Bo Xiao’s burning gaze, An Rao avoided his

gaze uncomfortably.

“Travel to a place where there’s a war?” Bo Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly.

His eyes were filled with ‘Continue pretending. Let’s see how long you can

pretend for

“Why do you care? Speaking of which, I’m your savior!! Is this how you treat

your benefactor? Get upl” Sensing the increasingly obvious abnormality in Bo

Xiao’s body, An Rao’s face flushed red.

“Let me ask you one last time. What are you doing in Continent F?* Bo Xiao

stared intently at An Rao, causing her to tremble in fear.

IAn Ra0 was about to die of anger from Bo Xiao. Didn’t he know why I was

here?l He insisted on asking and insisted on hearing me say it myself. What

was wrong with him?”I came for a dog man, okay?!

An Rao almost shouted the second half of her sentence. Only after she finished

speaking did she realize what she had said. However, she was suppressed by Bo

Xiao and could not dodge even if she wanted to.

“Miss An Rao.” Unexpectedly, Bo Xiao did not laugh at her but looked at her

with a gentle smile.

What?” An Rao subconsciously asked.

Don’t you like soldiers?” The corners of Bo Xiao’s lips curled up. “Major

General Bo Xiao of the Third Army / District in China has applied to be your


After speaking, seeing An Rao stunned, Bo Xíao added, “Tll protect you the way

I protect the country.

Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day Chapter 618 – Displaying Affection

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Chapter 618: Displaying Affection

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

An Rao was stunned by Bo Xiao’s words. She suddenly recalled that night, Bo Xiao had clearly just escaped from the center of the explosion, but he had resolutely turned around to stop the information from leaking.

In the dim light, Bo Xiao’s firm figure left a deep impression in An Rao’s heart.

How did Bo Xiao protect the country? With his life.

And now, he said that he would protect her like he would protect the country.

In an instant, An Rao’s heart beat like a drum.

“You…” An Rao did not know what to say. Her palms were sweating nervously.

“If you agree, just blink. If you don’t agree, just keep your eyes open for two minutes, okay?” Bo Xiao narrowed his fox-like eyes, which were filled with l.u.s.t.

“Two minutes. I’m not a goldfish.” An Rao glared at Bo Xiao, but An Rao was already good-looking, Even if she glared, she looked seductive.

“Then you agree.” Bo Xiao had a gentle smile on his face. “I saw you blink.”

An Rao was about to retort when Bo Xiao lowered his head slightly and approached her. His gaze flickered. “My little girlfriend.”

His magnetic voice seemed to carry a string of electricity, making An Rao confused.


Oh no, An Rao thought. I suddenly feel that Bo Xiao is so charming. What should I do? This dog man really knows how to flirt.

Seeing that An Rao was stunned and did not speak, a smile appeared in Bo Xiao’s eyes. “My little girlfriend, can I kiss you now?”

“No.” Just as An Rao finished speaking, Bo Xiao had already lowered his head and seized the sweetness he had yearned for a long time.

A minute later, Bo Xiao stepped back helplessly. “Stupid, don’t you know how to breathe?”

An Rao was already stunned when she received a confession one second ago and kissed the next. She only new that Bo Xiao smelled good. Everything else was a blur in her mind, so how could she think of breathing?

“Why are you such a dog? I already said you can’t, why are you still kissing me?” An Rao panted.

“Twas just asking symbolically. I didn’t plan to listen to you.” Bo Xiao’s lips curled up, and he lowered his head to touch An Rao’s face.

“As expected of a woman who likes to play with integrity. You dare to run to Continent F alone. Do you think you’re playing games? You’re really not afraid of death.”

“Continue talking. Who did I do it for?” An Rao was indignant. If not for Bo Xiao, she would be watching the drama on her soft bed with a facial mask on. Why would she be here?

“I know.” Bo Xiao kissed An Rao again and again, making her face itch. “When do you want to get married? I’ll prepare.”


“Bo Xiao, are you crazy? Why marry?” An Rao was shocked by Bo Xiao’s train of thought.

“There’s no need for now. Two years, three years, five years. Tell me when you want to get married. I’ll prepare slowly.”

Bo Xiao looked like a playboy, but once he decided on someone, he was already prepared for life.

‘An Rao had never met someone like Bo Xiao. He was so aggressive that she could not retreat, but she could not deny that he gave her a strong sense of security.

“Why are you saying this now? You have to give me time.” An Rao really did not know how to deal with Bo Xiao.

“Okay.” Bo Xiao narrowed his fox-like eyes. “Future Madam Bo, can you rest with me for a while?”

Before An Rao could reply, Bo Xiao turned around and hugged her before covering the two of them with a thin blanket.

“…” An Rao gritted her teeth. Why did this man ask so gentlemanly just to pretend to be a B? When did he wait for me to answer?

She thought that she would not be able to sleep, but she leaned into Bo Xiao’s arms and fell asleep quickly.

‘When An Rao’s breathing gradually calmed, Bo Xiao, who had his eyes closed, opened them and looked at her quietly for a while.

“You’re so stupid.” A smile appeared in Bo Xiao’s eyes. You didn’t know how dangerous Continent F was and dared to barge in foolishly.

However, she had relied on this silly drive and fairness to attract his interest.

Then, on Continent F, she barged into his heart.

It was afternoon in China. The temperature outside was very high, and the poisonous sunlight shone on the trees.

In the speeding car, Xia Wanyuan was eating a chocolate-flavored ice cream in the front pa.s.senger seat while Jun s.h.i.+ling drove beside her.

Xia Wanyuan finished a chocolate vanilla stick and glanced at Jun s.h.i.+ling. After a while, she looked at Jun s.h.i.+ling again.

Jun s.h.i.+ling helplessly slowed the car and turned around. “What’s wrong?”

“Give me another one, CEO Jun.” The weather was hot, and Xia Wanyuan was craving ice cream.

“We’re going to eat in a while. Uncle Qin said that we can eat when we get there.” Jun s.h.i.+ling ignored the antic.i.p.ation in Xia Wanyuan’s eyes. She had already eaten one today and he was determined not to give in.

Xia Wanyuan tried to act coquettishly, but Jun s.h.i.+ling was abnormally firm today.

“Petty.” Xia Wanyuan tilted her head to the right and ignored Jun s.h.i.+ling.

Jun s.h.i.+ling tried to speak to Xia Wanyuan, but she ignored him.

In the end, Jun s.h.i.+ling smiled helplessly and took out a small gla.s.s of fruit juice from the fridge behind. “This won’t happen again.”

“Okay, the last hundred million times.”

Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day Chapter 614 – CEO Jun and Princess Together on the Hot

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Chapter 614: CEO Jun and Princess Together on the Hot


Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“I love my wife very much.” Jun s.h.i.+ling lowered his raised hand, his eyes filled

with gentleness. “Listeníng to Professor Xia’s lecture has benefited me greatly.

I want to hear what poem Professor Xia will use to evaluate my wife and me?”

When Jun s.h.i.+ling said this, everyone’s doubts disappeared and turned into


Some time ago, Jun s.h.i.+ling’s earth-shattering Weibo confession had caused a

huge commotion. Now, seeing Jun s.h.i.+ling’s expression, everyone secretly

thought that Jun s.h.i.+ling really loved his wife.

“Unlike others, Xia Wanyuan was filled with speechlessness. She felt that

Jun s.h.i.+ling had come to listen to her cla.s.s on purpose.

However, Xia Wanyuan was only stunned for a second. In front of so many

cameras, there was nothing strange on her face.

“As the rumors say, CEO Jun is indeed very loving with your wife.”

“Of course.” Jun s.h.i.+ling smiled and nodded.

Then this one,” Xia Wanyuan said as she wrote two lines of poems on the

blackboard with a piece of chalk. “May I be like the Star Lord and the moon,

s.h.i.+ning brightly at night. May CEO Jun and Madam Jun be like the stars and the

moon, loving each other for a long time.”

Jun s.h.i.+ling could tell that Xia Wanyuan had written off the chalk because she

had used too much strength. He could not help but want to laugh. He pretended

to cough twice and covered the smile on his face with his hand.

“I’m not very familiar with this poem. Professor Xia, can you tell me the

meaning behind it?” Jun s.h.i.+ling continued to probe from the cliff.

“Okay.” Xia Wanyuan picked up the chalk that she had already put down and

began to tell the story of the poem again.

However, Xia Wanyuan’s hand that was holding the chalk made a mark on it.

He was someone who would not be stumped even if he discussed poetry with

me at home for three days and three nights. Who would believe that he was not

familiar with “The Distant Chariot”?

Everyone in the cla.s.sroom: We believe him. After all, Jun s.h.i.+ling won’t discuss

poetry with us at home

After Xia Wanyuan finished “The Distant Chariot”, the bell rang. Xia Wanyuan

left the cla.s.sroom after cla.s.s.

Not long after, Jun s.h.i.+ling, who had walked out of the cla.s.sroom accompanied

by the leaders, received a Wechat message.

“Sleep in the living room tonight and watch the stars and moon slowly.”

Jun s.h.i.+ling smiled and sent an emoticon of a cat touching one’s head, but what

he received was a reply that ignored him.

Alright, Fm so amused

“ Yang” Jun s.h.i.+ling suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong? The surrounding leaders’ hearts skipped a beat. Could it be

that he didn’t like the cla.s.s just now? That shouldn’t be. Didn’t he smile quite

happily just now?

“After listening to Professor Xia’s lecture, I feel that Qing University is indeed

worthy of its name as the pillar of support for the domestic literary arts.

Chinese literature is worth more people learning and excavating. I will add

another two billion to the special education donation this year.” Jun s.h.i.+ling

even specially emphasized that Xia Wanyuan’s cla.s.s had given him this

impulse to donate.

“That’s great. The next generation of students is lucky to have a senior like

you.” Upon hearing the additional two billion dollars, Yang was so

happy that he could not close his mouth.

The other school leaders and professors around them were also overjoyed. The

teachers’ research funds could be increased again.

How many research projects could this increase?! The researchers’ bonuses

could also be increased. Yang felt that Xia Wanyuan was really a lucky


The demonstration lesson that Xia Wanyuan taught was released on the official

platform for free after the entire recording.

As usual, everyone found Xia Wanyuan’s on the official website of Qing

University. They clicked on them.

Why did this young student’s side profile look so much like Jun s.h.i.+ling’s??

Only when the introduction appeared in the video did everyone dare to confirm

that it was really Jun s.h.i.+ling.

Jun s.h.i.+ling was actually listening to Xia Wanyuan’s lecture. This magical

chemical reaction instantly became trending

The scenes of Xia Wanyuan’s and Jun s.h.i.+ling’s poems were intercepted

and recorded.

(To be honest, I’m attracted to Xia Wanyuan. IfI had sucha powerful teacher,

why would I worry about not being able to attend Qing University?]

[What do you mean by quoting the scriptures? I’ve really seen how to be rich. I

finally know why she’s a professor at Qjng University.]

The thought of going to Qjng University and listening to Xia Wanyuan’s

lecture on the spot makes me feel like my phone doesn’t smell good anymore.

Bye, everyone. I’m going to study. I’m coming to Qing University. ]

[ Don’t you think CEO Jun is very flirtatious? He’s asking for poems for himself

and his wife or something. Oh my G.o.d, what a doting smile. ]

( To me, who has an especially strong sense of immersion, the moment I saw

Jun s.h.i.+ling’s smile, I was already prepared to have Jun s.h.i.+ling and my child


When the management of Star Creation Entertainment saw that the big boss

and his artistes had gone on the newS together, they immediately rolled up

their sleeves and gathered the Intermet Water Army, afraid that the netizens

would move Jun s.h.i.+ling and Xia Wanyuan in another direction.

Even the management of Star Creation Entertainment was prepared to take

advantage of the chaos to criticize the inexplicable “Sovereign Summer CP


The Internet Water Army had been hired, but the managenment was called to

the Jun Corporation headquarters for a single meeting.

After leaving Lin Jing’s office, the management was still a little confused.

What did he mean by not needing to care about the CP blowing up??

What did he mean by appropriately stopping public opinion and not completely

stopping it?

Did I miss out on something important? Doesn’t CEO Jun have a very loving

wife? How can he allowa CP conversation to exist?

Special a.s.sistant Lin Jing was Jun s.h.i.+ling’s messenger, so his meaning

represented Jun s.h.i.+ling

He walked out of the corporation headquarters in a daze. The manager was

about to start the car when an idea flashed across his mind.

An incredible thought struck his mind.

The manager stepped on the accelerator excitedly, startling the traffic

policeman in front of him.


The manager hurriedly stopped the car. No, this shocking secret was too scary.

I had to slow down.

“May I be like the Star Lord as the moon, the light of the night s.h.i.+ning

brightly:” It occupied the trending list. The number of views of Xia Wanyuan’s increased more than ten thousand times that day.

The tall trees attracted the wind. Xia Wanyuan had become a professor at such

a young age and had even stolen the limelight online. Naturally, some people

were jealous.

Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day Chapter 620 – Sister, Save Me

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Chapter 620: Sister, Save Me

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor:Atlas Studios

Before Jun s.h.i.+ling and Xia Wanyuan could get out of the car, a noisy person walked out.

Xia Wanyuan raised an eyebrow when she saw who it was. It was someone familiar.

Jun s.h.i.+ling and Xia Wanyuan only got out of the car after Wei Yu and Wei Yang drove away.

“Uncle Qin.” Jun s.h.i.+ling pulled Xia Wanyuan’s hand and entered the courtyard.

“Hey! You’re here!” Qin Kai’s eyes darted between the two of them and he laughed heartily. “CEO Jun, your relations.h.i.+p with Madam Jun is getting better.”

Jun s.h.i.+ling smiled and did not retort.

Not long after the two of them sat down, Qin Kai began to serve the food. The gentle breeze brought the water of the lotus pond to her face. Xia Wanyuan’s appet.i.te was aroused by the fish Qin Kai had made, and she buried her head in the delicacies.

On the way to Beijing, Wei Yu and Wei Yang were indignant.

He had heard that the fish made in the lotus pond was especially delicious.

They had specially driven a two-hour car to “Lotus Pond Moon Color” today, but the boss said that they had already been booked.

No matter how much they increased the price, the boss did not give in at all. In the end, they had to go back hungry.

“Brother, I’m starving.” Wei Yu pouted and complained.

“Tm also hungry. What lousy lotus pond is this?” Wei Yang was angry at the thought of Qin Kai’s impervious att.i.tude just now.

“Brother, do you feel that Wei Zimu seems to have become like before again recently?” Wei Yu leaned against the window and suddenly thought of something.

At the mention of Wei Zimu, Wei Yang frowned. “I heard from CEO Liu that Grandma has the intention of handing the Wei family to Wei Zimu. And that Xia Wanyuan might very well share our a.s.sets.”

“What?! Why?!” Wei Yu raised his voice.

“Be quiet. I’m still driving,” Wei Yang frowned. “I’m not sure about this yet. We have to go back and investigate.”

“Then hurry up!” Wei Yu urged. Now, she did not mention the “lotus pond moon” fish.

She was filled with thoughts of sharing the Wei family’s a.s.sets with others, and it was the people she hated the most.

After returning to the courtyard, Wei Yu and Wei Yang rushed to look for the Old Madam. They happened to into Wei Zimu, who was about to go out.

Wei Yu felt that Wei Zimu had become gentle and easy to bully again in the past few days. She immediately became braver and stopped Wei Zimu. “Where are you going?”

“Grandma said to let me inspect the land in the south of the city,” Wei Zimu replied gently.

The land in the south of the city?! Wei Yu and Wei Yang looked at each other. That was the Wei family’s biggest project this year. Grandma actually asked Wei Zimu to do it.

Seeing that the two of them were silent, Wei Zimu turned to leave.

Wei Yang gestured with his eyes, and the guards behind the door immediately rushed out and captured Wei Zimu.

“Wei Zimu, when you come back later, tell me what you did today, okay?” Wei Yang tapped Wei Zimu’s chest and said fiercely.

Wei Zimu pursed his lips and did not speak. Even though he was grabbed, he still could not hide his charm.

“Did you hear that?!” Seeing that Wei Zimu was so gentle, Wei Yang’s temper rose even more. He kicked Wei Zimu’s leg directly, and Wei Zimu grunted.

“Brother, the butler is walking over.” Wei Yu tugged at Wei Yang’s sleeve.

Only then did Wei Yang signal the others to let go of Wei Zimu.

“You’re just a dog raised by the Wei family. Remember your ident.i.ty,” Wei Yang warmed Wei Zimu. Then, he tidied his collar and walked to the door.

After the people dispersed, Wei Zimu bent down and brushed away the footprint that Wei Yang had kicked off his pants.

The phone rang. Wei Zimu pressed the answer b.u.t.ton.

In the middle of a pile of s.h.i.+ning metal instruments, a man in a white gown raised the corners of his eyes hidden behind his “Brother, you’re being bullied.”

“It’s none of your business.” Wei Zimu’s tone was much colder than when he faced Wei Yang just now.

“Brother, why must you always go against me for these ants?” The man’s cold voice came from the phone with a bone-chilling coldness.

“Til hang up if there’s nothing else.” Wei Zimu frowned and hung up the phone. To his surprise, the other party did not continue to call.

Xia Wanyuan was eating leisurely when she suddenly received An Rao’s call.

“What’s wrong?” She took a bite of the fish that Jun s.h.i.+ling had brought to her mouth. It was fresh and plump.

“Sister! Save me! Bo Xiao is too much!”

Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day Chapter 619 – The Princess Confesss Her Origins

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Chapter 619: The Princess Confesss Her Origins

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Lotus Pond Moon Color” was far in the suburbs and they took a long time to get there.

Xia Wanyuan sipped the cold and sweet fruit juice bit by bit and leaned against the window to look at the cotton candy-like clouds outside.

Jun s.h.i.+ling was focused on driving when he suddenly said, “Baby.”

“Huh?” Xia Wanyuan swallowed a mouthful of fruit juice and turned to look at Jun s.h.i.+ling. “What’s wrong?”

As she spoke, she even smacked the corners of her lips. Jun s.h.i.+ling knew her tastes too well. She really could not let go of the sweet and fragrant fruit juice.

“Are you a demon?” Jun s.h.i.+ling’s tone was very normal, as if he was asking what day it was today.

Xia Wanyuan’s eyes widened slightly. “Why do you say that?”

“You’re not the original Xia Wanyuan.” Jun s.h.i.+ling’s grip on the steering wheel was as steady as a rock.

“Mm.” Xia Wanyuan nodded. She had no intention of hiding anything from Jun s.h.i.+ling. “But I’m not a demon. I’ma soul that came from a thousand years ago.”

“Mm, I understand.” Jun s.h.i.+ling nodded, as if what he had heard was not something shocking at all but a very ordinary matter.

Xia Wanyuan waited for a while, but Jun s.h.i.+ling didn’t continue asking her. She was a little curious. “Jun s.h.i.+ling, did you think that I was a demon the whole time? If I was a demon, what did you think would happen?”

“Tve thought about it.” The car drove steadily. Jun s.h.i.+ling looked ahead and was extremely serious. “If there’s any way to become a demon, I can try it. If not, I’ll give you the best when I’m alive.”

If he could become her kind, he would guard her by her side for generations. If not, he would give her endless love in his limited life.

From the first time Jun s.h.i.+ling saw Xia Wanyuan four months ago, he had sensed something strange. With his intelligence, he naturally could tell that the current Xia Wanyuan was completely different from the previous Xia Wanyuan, but her body and appearance were clearly the same as before.

Jun s.h.i.+ling guessed that Xia Wanyuan might be a demon. After all, he had never read those novels and had no concept of transmigration.

However, to him, what Xia Wanyuan was didn’t matter. He had been mentally prepared from the beginning. Now that he had finally heard the truth, Jun s.h.i.+ling heaved a sigh of relief.

Hearing Jun s.h.i.+ling’s words, Xia Wanyuan felt mixed emotions. She wondered what Jun s.h.i.+ling had been feeling when he interacted with her the whole time.

“Stop by the side,” Xia Wanyuan suddenly said.

Jun s.h.i.+ling stopped the car by the roadside and looked at Xia Wanyuan. “What’s wrong?”

Then, Xia Wanyuan pounced on him. Xia Wanyuan, who had always been pa.s.sive, took the initiative to raise Jun s.h.i.+ling’s chin this time, controlling the rhythm of everything.

Jun s.h.i.+ling sat where he was and did not move, letting Xia Wanyuan ravage his lips. Only when Xia Wanyuan wanted to retreat did Jun s.h.i.+ling take the initiative and pull her back.

A gentle breeze blew across the green leaves. Not far away, there was the sound of cicadas chirping.

In the car, Jun s.h.i.+ling stroked Xia Wanyuan’s chin and looked at her quietly.

“Tlike you a little more every day than the day before.” Xia Wanyuan’s eyes were sparkling.

“Coincidentally, me too.” Jun s.h.i.+ling tapped Xia Wanyuan’s lips. “It looks like I have to donate some money to the domestic historical world.”

“2” Xia Wanyuan looked at Jun s.h.i.+ling in confusion.

“To thank history for leaving you by my side.” Jun s.h.i.+ling stroked Xia Wanyuan’s hair. “No wonder you like to drink fruit juice. It’s so sweet.”

Seeing that Jun s.h.i.+ling was becoming indecent again, Xia Wanyuan glared at him and pushed Jun s.h.i.+ling away. “Drive. I’m hungry. I want to eat fish.”

“Okay, okay.” Jun s.h.i.+ling sat back and started the car again.

After solving the problem that had been hidden in his heart, Jun s.h.i.+ling seemed to be in a good mood.

Xia Wanyuan’s alb.u.m music flowed in the car.

Unknowingly, they arrived at the lotus pond.

In the past, when Jun s.h.i.+ling came, Qin Kai had always cleared the area to welcome him.

Today was a rather strange day. There were a few luxury cars parked outside.

Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day Chapter 616 – Deep in the Forest

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Chapter 616: Deep in the Forest

Translator: Atlas Studios | Editor: Atlas Studios

After all, they were people from the academic circle and did not have many

formalities at the table. Furthermore, no one dared to persuade Jun s.h.i.+lingto

drink. Everyone ate quietly.

Jun s.h.i.+ling occasionally reached out to stop the rotating table. Only after Xia

Wanyuan finished picking up the food did Jun s.h.i.+ling stop. Yang noticed this detail, but when he saw that the table was filled

with men, he knew that he would take more care of Xia Wanyuan, a female, if

she sat beside him alone. He suppressed his doubts.

Xia Wanyuan had recently become picky due to Jun s.h.i.+ling’s upbringing. In

addition, there were many people around, so Xia Wanyuan did not have much

of an appet.i.te. She only ate a few mouthfuls before putting them down.

Jun s.h.i.+ling glanced at it and put down his chopsticks. He looked at the other

leaders. “I won’t be attending the afternoon meeting. Ill get someone to com

to the school to discuss the donation later.”

The leaders naturally agreed. Jun s.h.i.+ling placed his right hand under the table

and gently patted Xia Wanyuan’s left hand. Then, Jun s.h.i.+ling stood up and

walked out of the dining room.

After Jun s.h.i.+ling left, the meal ended not long after. Xia Wanyuan followed Jun

s.h.i.+ling’s message and walked to the back door of the Qing University. Just as

she sat in, Jun s.h.i.+ling reached out to hug her.

However, Xia Wanyuan felt that Jun s.h.i.+ling had deliberately teased her today.

She was angry and dodged to the side, avoiding Jun s.h.i.+ling’s hand.

“Baby.” Jun s.h.i.+ling glanced at Xia Wanyuan resentfully.

CEO Jun, you’re so ostentatious.” Xia Wanyuan glanced at Jun s.h.i.+ling with a

faint smile. Her eyes were like hooks that tickled Jun s.h.i.+ling’s heart.

“You didn’t eat your fill in the afternoon, did you?” Jun s.h.i.+ling leaned towards

Xia Wanyuan. “Tll take you to eat fish. It’s the same place we went last time.”

Xia Wanyuan’s brows relaxed.

TIl bring you to row the boat after eating the fish, okay?* Jun s.h.i.+ling added.

Seeing that Xia Wanyuan’s eyes were no longer angry, Jun s.h.i.+ling reached out

and hugged her.

Under the endless blue sky was a continuous mountain range. In the lofty

mountains in the southwest of china that even the most advanced detectors in

the world could not penetrate, shed-like processing plants were working day

and night.

This was a controversial area of several countries and also a law. It was a

vacuum of justice.

Every day, countless professionals transported from all over the world entered

the shed to work until they died. Then, piles of corpses were transported into

the sea by the large s.h.i.+p like frozen cans.

What their blood had nourished was the most profitable belt in the world.

“King, our second batch of goods is selling very well in the ten countries in the

southeast. We’re about to invest in the fifth production line.” Jayce, who had a

scar on his head, was handing a tray to the man sitting on the seat.

The man in the seat stretched out a pair of smooth jade-like hands and fiddled

with the experimental product on the tray. There were no flaws on these hands.

They were completely different from the other people standing beside him,

who were used to using guns and spears and had calluses all over their hands

However, the way everyone looked at this elegant and handsome man was

filled with fear and horror. It was a tremble that came from the soul.

“What about China?” The man’s gentle voice sounded.

“We still can’t form a complete channel in China. They’re too strict.

Furthermore, our Poison Scorpion Laboratory has been damaged in Continent

F recently. It seems to be related to China’s cheetah a.s.sault team.” Jayce knelt

down in fear and reported. The Poison Scorpion Laboratory was built by King

single-handedly. Now that it had been damaged, he didn’t know how King

would punish him.

“Why are you kneeling? Get up.” The man seemed to be talking to himself.

“How many people are in China?

“There’s 1.5 billion so far.” Jayce didn’t dare to stand up.

“1.5 billion.” A strange light flashed across the man’s eyes. “A quarter of the


The people around him had never understood King’s sometimes muttering to

himself, and they did not dare to interrupt him. The last person who had

interrupted him was already feeding sharks in the Yama Trench, so they were


The man suddenly stood up. “Bring the clothes over and follow me to the side

to take a look.”


Not long after, a group of fierce mercenaries followed a gentle man in a white

long gown and gold-framed into the depths of the forest.

Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day Chapter 615 – Eating at the Same Table

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Chapter 615: Eating at the Same Table

Translator: Atlas Studios I Editor: Atlas Studios

As the highest education inst.i.tution in the country, the threshold for

professors at Qing University was quite high. Some people might not be able to

reach the edge of Qing University even if they worked hard their entire lives.

If it were other academician masters, those who had no fate with the Qjng

University could comfort themselves that they did not have enough experience

However, Xia Wanyuan was still a female celebrity in the entertainment

industry at a young age. Not only had she become a professor at Qing

University, but she had also stolen the limelight and become a demonstration

teacher at Qjing University. This was a height that some teachers could not

reach even after decades of hard work.

As for Xia Wanyuan, who was praised by the outside world for her profound

knowledge, many people scoffed. Those who could reach the level of a

professor were all rich. Xia Wanyuan could not convince the public with just

her knowledge.

Some people who were not from the art department could not understand what

was going on. To them, Xia Wanyuan was just good at marketing.

The university industry had always emphasized academic research. Xia

Wanyuan indeed did not have any major academic results that could convince

the public.

Gradually, some discordant voices sounded, but these voices were temporarily

drowned in the sea of people, slowly seeping into the surroundings

From the moment Xia Wanyuan stepped into Qing University, she knew that

she would definitely face these doubts in the future. However, she didn’t care

about these things now.

She was standing beside a group of leaders and talking to Jun s.h.i.+ling.

The Qing University also needed someone to show their face. As the current

professor of the Qing University, Xia Wanyuan was a young talent who had

been entrusted with the high hopes of a master of Chinese arts.

The most important thing was that Xia Wanyuan was good-looking. Initially,

in the news, Jun s.h.i.+ling’s looks could crush the good looks of the leaders of the

Qing University. With Xia Wanyuan, the Qing University was brought back to

its former glory.

Xia Wanyuan sat quietly by the side and listened to the leaders and Jun s.h.i.+ling


“The academic level of the Qing University has indeed improved greatly in

recent years.” Hearing the school leader’s introduction, Jun s.h.i.+ling nodded.

Then, he suddenly changed the topic and looked at Xia Wanyuan, who was

acting as a quiet mascot. “I have a mischievous son. He just listened to

Professor Xia’s lecture and thinks that he has gained a lot. I wonder if I can

bring the child over to listen to Professor Xia’s lecture in the future and let him

accept the influence of national studies.”

Under the enthusiastic attention of the leaders, Xia Wanyuan’s lips curled

“CEO Jun, I naturally welcome your praise.”

A hint of a smile appeared in Jun s.h.i.+ling’s eyes. He had always hidden his

emotions very well, and only those who were most familiar with him could

notice it.

Xia Wanyuan was the person who could notice this subtle difference.

There were cameras everywhere. Xia Wanyuan’s expression looked flawless,

but Jun s.h.i.+ling could feel that if there were no cameras now, Xia Wanyuan

would definitely kick him.

In the past years, Jun s.h.i.+ling had always left after showing his face. This year,

he had stayed for a long time.

Jun s.h.i.+ling was a walking money tree. The leaders would love for Jun s.h.i.+ling to

stay longer.

If he was interested in something, he could just wave his hand and make

another pile of donations. This was what the school leaders were most willing

to see.

“It’s getting late. CEO Jun, why don’t you have lunch at Qing University?

Although it’s not as good as the food outside, you can try and see if it still

tastes like back then.”

Okay, that’s what I was thinking”

It was a set of polite words said every year, a formal greeting done for show.

This year, Jun s.h.i.+ling actually agreed. The school hurriedly changed the plan

and created a private room in the teachers’ canteen.

Xia- face of the entrance – Wanyuan was still accompanying him.

Jun s.h.i.+ling was a distinguished guest and should be sitting at the top, but Jun

s.h.i.+ling looked at his seat. “Tve been a little cold recently. Ill sit here far from

the air-conditioner

The seat by the door was usually reserved for juniors with lower seniority. For

example, in front of the leaders, Xia Wanyuan could only sit by the door.

Before the school leaders could reject, Jun s.h.i.+ling sat beside Xia Wanyuan.

The leaders did not say anything else and called for the waiter to serve the


Jun s.h.i.+ling habitually wanted to help Xia Wanyuan with the chopsticks and

bowl, but he restrained himself after Xia Wanyuan kicked him lightly under the