Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 694: Sleepy, cant hold on (2)

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Chapter 694: Sleepy, cant hold on (2)

“In your current state, you shouldn’t drink more water.” Lin Chujiu said but realized that Xuanyuan Zhi couldn’t hear it at all. She couldn’t help but laugh: “I’m used to where there are a bunch of people in the operating room, but suddenly I’m alone, it makes me feel lonely.” There wasn’t even a single person she can share her achievements with.

Lin Chujiu turned around, put down the water gla.s.s on the table, and started dispensing medicine to Xuanyuan Zhi.

Xuanyuan Zhi opened his eyes again, but this time he could only see Lin Chujiu’s busy back.

What on earth is Lin Chujiu doing? Does she want to kill me?

Xuanyuan Zhi stared at Lin Chujiu’s figure full of doubts. He couldn’t help but have many questions in his mind.

He had no strength. He didn’t know what trick she did. He couldn’t move his entire body, but his mind was still clear. Seeing how busy Lin Chujiu was, it didn’t seem like she was going to kill him.

It can be said that he was now like a fish to be slaughtered. Lin Chujiu wants his life, so there was no need to struggle. But if Lin Chujiu didn’t want his life, why trap him?

After thinking about it for a long time, Xuanyuan Zhi couldn’t think of an answer. His last memory before waking up was the back of his head hitting the iron block, and then he fell into a coma and lost consciousness.

Occasionally a few pictures flashed in his mind, but he doesn’t know whether it was reality or a dream.

Because he couldn’t understand, Xuanyuan Zhi stopped thinking about it. Counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir. He can’t do anything in his current situation. He can watch what Lin Chujiu was doing.

To prevent people from finding out that he was awake, Xuanyuan Zhi closed his eyes again and pretended to be in a coma. But in fact, he was aware of everything that was happening in the outside world at this moment.

Lin Chujiu prepared the medicine Xuanyuan Zhi needed and removed all the outer packaging before she went to the door to open it.

When the door was opened, a ray of light stabbed Lin Chujiu’s eyes and forced her to close her eyes. Lin Chujiu quickly raised her hand to block it.

It turned out that the sun has already set high.

Lin Chujiu, who was standing in the backlight, was surrounded by a circle of light dust. She was standing at the door in white clothes which made her look like an immortal shrouded with holy light.

Outside the door, the jinwuwei soldier and Liu Bai were stunned for a moment, then stepped forward and asked: “w.a.n.gfei, is the eldest prince all right?”

“w.a.n.gfei, are you alright?” Liu Bai asked another question.

Lin Chujiu didn’t answer immediately but waited until she adapted to the light outside, and then said: “The eldest prince is fine, he will wake up in two hours at the latest. Let two little medicine boys take care of him closely. If there is an emergency, find me immediately.”

“The eldest prince is alright? It’s great. I knew that w.a.n.gfei can do it. w.a.n.gfei is a living immortal fairy.” The jinwuwei soldier has been trying to get closer to Xiao Tianyao but was moody and indifferent. But now, he can’t hold back, he was very happy that he yelled.

Even Liu Bai breathed a long sigh of relief, but before Liu Bai could be happy, he realized that Lin Chujiu’s situation was not right.

“w.a.n.gfei, are you alright?” Liu Bai had been paying attention to Lin Chujiu’s situation, so he asked nervously when he saw Lin Chujiu staggering.

“I…” Lin Chujiu opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she couldn’t. She stretched out her hand to hold on to something, but she felt like stepping on a pile of cotton. Her hands couldn’t feel anything where she could borrow strength, and her legs became useless.

She didn’t feel tired during the operation, but after the operation, Lin Chujiu felt exhausted.

Her body was still in a bad condition. The craniotomy was not only high-intensive laborious but also physically demanding. She seems to have a little energy… …

Lin Chujiu’s eyes turned dark, her body swayed, and she fell… …

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Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 696: Wangye, scoundrel (2)

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Chapter 696: w.a.n.gye, scoundrel (2)

“Benw.a.n.g will give you another stick of incense time. If you can’t come out with the diagnosis, you better get out of here.” Xiao Tianyao asked people to get out. Of course, it was not just as simple as getting out. Doctor s.h.i.+ really wanted to get out of here. He has no intention to stay in the army. Now, he just wanted to do another job.

“Yes, yes. Yes.” Doctor s.h.i.+ was about to cry, but thinking of their prince’s instruction, Doctor s.h.i.+ had to force himself to calm down.

People were quite incredible. If they were not forced, they will never know how much potential they have. Doctor s.h.i.+ had been spending a long time before, but he still couldn’t give a diagnosis. But now that Xiao Tianyao threatened, he calmed down.

In less than a stick of incense, Doctor s.h.i.+ found the problem and stuttered: “w.a.n.gfei is weak, tired, and exhausted, so she fainted. There is nothing wrong, she, she’ll be alright, after sleeping, sleeping, sleeping for a day.”

“Are you sure?” Lin Chujiu just fell asleep, not feeling unwell?

Two days ago, she was so weak that she couldn’t even walk a step. Why she was just exhausted now?

Was this old man really a doctor, or some spy pretending to be one?

“This old, doctor, is sure. w.a.n.gfei is tired. She doesn’t need medicine. She will wake up tomorrow morning at the latest.” Speaking of this, Doctor s.h.i.+ felt a little guilty.

Their princess fainted from exhaustion. This must be had something to do with him. He was the one who couldn’t cure the eldest prince, so he asked their princess to ask for help.

“Mmm.” After confirming that Lin Chujiu was fine, the cold air around Xiao Tianyao’s body dropped by half in an instant: “You can go out now.” His words became much gentler. Doctor s.h.i.+ felt it.

“Thank you, w.a.n.gye.” Doctor s.h.i.+ ran out like a madman in fear that if he slowed down a step, he would fall into the hands of man-eating beasts.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t even lift his eyelids. When he was angry, everyone around him would act like this. Doctor s.h.i.+ was no exception.

Knowing that Lin Chujiu was just tired, Xiao Tianyao carefully took off Lin Chujiu’s coat and wiped her face and hands with a clean handkerchief.

In fear of waking up Lin Chujiu, Xiao Tianyao did it very carefully. Although he was a little clumsy, every movement was very gentle. Not to mention, Lin Chujiu was unconscious, even if she woke up, she probably wouldn’t feel much.

After helping Lin Chujiu clean up, Xiao Tianyao also wiped his face by the way, but he didn’t dislike that it was a veil that Lin Chujiu used.

After throwing the dirty handkerchief into the copper basin, Xiao Tianyao walked back to the bed, took off his jacket, and prepared to sleep with Lin Chujiu. But seeing Lin Chujiu’s chapped lips, Xiao Tianyao stopped and poured a gla.s.s of water, ready to feed it to Lin Chujiu, but after searching around, he couldn’t find a spoon.

How will he feed her without a spoon?

Xiao Tianyao held water and stood in front of Lin Chujiu’s bed. Although there was no emotion on his face, there was a trace of panic and confusion in his eyes, as if he was at a loss.

Xiao Tianyao was not good at serving others. In his perception, a spoon was needed to feed water, and there was no way to feed water without a spoon.

But Lin Chujiu’s lips were dry to the point of cracking. It would be bad if she will not drink water.

Should he go out and get a spoon?

Should he let the subordinates bring the spoon in?

Should he let those two village women come in to feed Lin Chujiu?

Xiao w.a.n.g’s brain, which was worth thousands of gold, instantly surfaced a variety of solutions, but all of them were pushed out by Xiao w.a.n.g one by one.

Not good!


No need!

The above plan doesn’t work, so how should she feed her?

Looking at Lin Chujiu’s chapped lips, Xiao Tianyao’s thin lips moved lightly, and a smile flashed in his eyes.

He has a better way!

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Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 695: Stupid, not happy (1)

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Chapter 695: Stupid, not happy (1)

Without warning, Lin Chujiu fell headfirst!

“w.a.n.gfei!” The jinwuwei soldier was taken aback and rushed forward to hug Lin Chujiu, but someone was one step faster than him.

“w.a.n.gfei, are you alright?” The person that hugged Lin Chujiu was Liu Bai. If it wasn’t for Liu Bai’s quick reaction, Lin Chujiu would fall to the ground.

“w.a.n.gfei has pa.s.sed out.” The jinwuwei soldier came closer. Lin Chujiu didn’t respond after calling several times, so he boldly guessed.

“Go and call the doctor, I’ll take w.a.n.gfei to the tent.” Liu Bai picked up Lin Chujiu and walked toward the main tent.

“Liu…” The jinwuwei soldier wanted to tell Liu Bai to find a stretcher, otherwise, their prince will be angry when he sees him holding their princess, but… …

Liu Bai’s speed was too fast, the jinwuwei soldier haven’t said a word, and Liu Bai disappeared with Lin Chujiu in his arms.

“Well, a dead man doesn’t die. Young Master Liu, I have tried my best.” The jinwuwei soldier sighed and turned to find Doctor s.h.i.+.

Aside from Imperial Doctor Zhu in the army, Doctor s.h.i.+’s medical skills were better. Well, only a little better than the rest of the military doctors. No one can compare with Imperial DoctorZhu.

Liu Bai hugged Lin Chujiu and ran forward. He was only worried about Lin Chujiu’s safety at the moment. He didn’t think about anything else at all, so when he was stopped by the jinwuwei soldiers outside the main tent, Liu Bai directly turned a blind eye to the people: “Get out of the way, w.a.n.gfei fainted.”

“Liu…” The jinwuwei soldier, who was guarding outside, could only watch Liu Bai rush in with Lin Chujiu in his arms. He tried to remind Liu Bai that their prince was inside, but he had no chance to say it.

How could the movement outside the tent escape Xiao Tianyao’s ears? Liu Bai found out as soon as Xiao Tianyao approached. When Liu Bai said those words, Xiao Tianyao rushed out like a gust of wind and lifted his feet… …

*Boom* Liu Bai was kicked in his abdomen and fly backward. Lin Chujiu, who was in his hand, was thrown out by him due to inertia, Liu Bai was shocked, “w.a.n.g…”

As soon as he shouted a word, he saw Xiao Tianyao catch Lin Chujiu, Liu Bai breathed a sigh of relief, and then he fall straight to the ground with a loud noise. Even the jinwuwei soldier on the side screamed for him.

However, Liu Bai seemed to be unaffected. He got up from the ground, and staggered to Xiao Tianyao: “w.a.n.gye, is w.a.n.gfei alright?”

“Hmph…” Xiao Tianyao glared at Liu Bai coldly, then turned around and walked into the camp with Lin Chujiu in his arms.

“Your Highness?” Liu Bai stood there dumbfounded.

Their prince seemed to be unhappy. Could it be that there was something wrong with the batch of black iron ores?

Liu Bai was worried, so regardless of his injuries, he quickly followed in, but the jinwuwei soldier stopped him before he took two steps: “Young Master Liu Bai, please stay.” If they don’t stop him, they could only wait to be cleaned up.

“Did something happen, w.a.n.gye seems to be in a bad mood?” After all, it was Xiao Tianyao’s tent, Liu Bai didn’t dare to break in and asked tentatively.

“After Lord Liubai left, no one came to look for w.a.n.gye. w.a.n.gye was in a bad mood, perhaps it was related to the fainting of the princess.” The jinwuwei soldier thought carefully before replying.

Can he tell Liu Bai that their prince was in a bad mood, most likely because their prince saw him running around the barracks with their princess in his arms as if he was hugging his wife?

Young Master Liu Bai, when you brought w.a.n.gfei over, didn’t you think that she was w.a.n.gye’s wife?

He can carry their princess over on a stretcher, or let their princess lie down on the ground and find their prince. Why did he carry her by himself?

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Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 695: Stupid, not happy (2)

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Chapter 695: Stupid, not happy (2)

Doesn’t he know that there was a difference between men and women?

The jinwuwei soldier had so many words in his stomach that he wanted to vomit, but when he saw the confused look on Liu Bai’s face as if he didn’t know why their prince was angry, he couldn’t say a word.

Up to now, Liu Bai hasn’t figured out that it was he who made their prince unhappy. What else could he do?

“Young Master Liu Bai, you are injured, why don’t you go to see the doctor first? w.a.n.gye is here, w.a.n.gfei will be fine.” Seeing Liu Bai standing motionless, the jinwuwei soldier kindly persuaded, in fear that their prince would be angry if he saw him.

“Well, I’ll go first.” Liu Bai was silent for a moment, then nodded his head solemnly.

With their prince here, their princess will be fine, it was useless for him to stay here.

“Young Master Liu Bai, walk slowly.” The jinwuwei soldier sent Liu Bai away with a cheerful look, wis.h.i.+ng he could play two firecrackers to celebrate.

Liu Bai was gone, so when their prince came out without seeing anyone, he should be in a better mood, right?

As everyone knows, when their prince was in a bad mood, the unlucky fellows will be them, who serve closely.

Not long after Liu Bai left, Doctor s.h.i.+ was dragged over by the jinwuwei soldier.

Yes, it was dragged.

Doctor s.h.i.+ was about the same age as Imperial Doctor Zhu, but he was not as energetic as him. He usually walks slowly, how can he keep up with the speed of the jinwuwei soldier? The jinwuwei soldier thought he was walking too slowly and was afraid of delaying Lin Chujiu’s illness, so he directly held his arm and dragged the person over halfway.

“The doctor is here, the doctor is here.” The jinwuwei soldier didn’t dare to catch his breath and dragged Doctor s.h.i.+ to the door of the tent before letting go. As soon as he let go, Doctor s.h.i.+, who lost his support, fell to the ground.

“Doctor s.h.i.+, are you alright?” The jinwuwei soldier was startled and hurriedly pulled him up.

“I, I…” Doctor s.h.i.+ was so tired that he was panting heavily. He wanted to say that he was fine, but he couldn’t say anything.

“Doctor s.h.i.+, don’t worry, speak slowly if you have something to say, you won’t get into trouble.” The jinwuwei soldier was startled and quickly comforted Doctor s.h.i.+. After a while, Doctor s.h.i.+ calmed down. But as soon as he calm down, he pointed his finger at the jinwuwei soldier and cursed: “You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, you are in a hurry to reincarnate.” If he was tall enough, he wanted to slap this man on his head.

A group of pigs, he was so old but dragged him like that. If something went wrong along the way, then won’t he give him trouble?

“Isn’t it because we were worried about w.a.n.gfei? Doctor s.h.i.+, are you alright?” When Doctor s.h.i.+ lost his temper, several guards were also afraid.

In the army, you can’t offend the doctors. Otherwise, if you go to him when you get sick or injured, you will die miserably.

It was not that the military doctor doesn’t give treatment, or shows them a face, but gives them the most bitter medicine, and then pokes their wounds, which can kill people.

“I know you are in a hurry, but if something bad happens to me on the road, who will go to see w.a.n.gfei?” Doctor s.h.i.+ took a breath and said the two jinwuwei soldiers. The two knew they were wrong, so they didn’t dare to fight back, and let Doctor s.h.i.+ scold them.

After staying in the army for a long time, let alone a doctor, even a weak scholar will become violent.

They have no choice, after staying with such a group of soldiers every day, no matter how good their temper and self-cultivation were, they will be exhausted… …

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Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 696: Wangye, scoundrel (1)

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Chapter 696: w.a.n.gye, scoundrel (1)

While Doctor s.h.i.+ was outside the tent, he beat up the soldiers not only because he was angry, but also because they were ignorant and dragged him like an animal. What was more, he was nervous.

Doctor s.h.i.+ was the most ordinary doctor in the army. Because Imperial Doctor Zhu, a capable doctor was here, he usually only treats soldiers with simple injuries, or with cold and fever.

Before yesterday, Doctor s.h.i.+ had never treated anyone above the rank of vice admiral. Yesterday, it was the first time he had treated a member of the royal family. And this was also under Imperial Doctor Zhu’s guidance. He only needed to prepare the medicine.

But even if it was just like that, Doctor s.h.i.+ was also a little nervous. However, today, he was pulled over by the jinwuwei soldiers to treat their princess. Without the guidance of Imperial Doctor Zhu, Doctor s.h.i.+ was very nervous. Standing outside the tent, his legs trembled, and he didn’t dare to step inside.

To ease his anxiety, Doctor s.h.i.+ bullied the jinwuwei soldiers, hoping that this will give him the courage to face Prince Xiao and their princess, but he didn’t expect that… …

The noise of their fights was so loud that their prince could hear them.

Xiao Tianyao was never a person who would condone his subordinates. But when Doctor s.h.i.+ was beating and scolding the jinwuwei soldiers, Xiao Tianyao’s voice came out from the tent: “Ignoring military discipline, fighting in the army, punish… … with 30 boards!”

“… …”

As if time froze, both Doctor s.h.i.+ and the jinwuwei soldiers froze. After a while, the jinwuwei soldiers responded and knelt on one knee with a loud bang: “Yes, w.a.n.gye!”

There was no explanation, no complaint as if Xiao Tianyao didn’t order to beat them with a board, but just asked them to turn the soil over.

“I, do I also need to be punished with boards?” When Doctor s.h.i.+ saw the jinwuwei soldiers kneeling, he didn’t dare to remain to stand, he also knelt on his knees.

No one answered such a stupid question. Xiao Tianyao directly ordered: “Let the doctor come in.” What a joke, Lin Chujiu needed a doctor…

“Yes, yes, yes.” Doctor s.h.i.+’s legs were trembling, and he was so nervous that he couldn’t even speak, but he didn’t dare to think of a way to ease it and ran into the camp.

The jinwuwei soldiers’ hearts immediately balanced when they saw Doctor s.h.i.+’s appearance.

Although it was very painful to be beaten with thirty army boards, looking at the situation of Doctor s.h.i.+, it can be estimated that he would be even more pitiful than them.

Seeing that someone was worse than them, their hearts are balanced.

The jinwuwei soldiers calmly handed over Doctor s.h.i.+ to their colleagues, and then went to the penalty office to execute the penalty.

Doctor s.h.i.+ walked into the tent, his lips were still trembling, and he couldn’t speak clearly, let alone salute. Xiao Tianyao didn’t care about his rudeness, glanced coldly, pointed to Lin Chujiu lying on the bed, and said: “What’s wrong with w.a.n.gfei?”

*Plop* When his legs softened, Doctor s.h.i.+ knelt again, Xiao Tianyao frowned. Doctor s.h.i.+ just raised his head and saw this, so he was so frightened that he quickly got up and walked to the side of the bed, but his legs softened after taking two steps so he knelt again.

This time, Doctor s.h.i.+ didn’t get up, he continued kneeling while checking Lin Chujiu’s pulse.

Who knows if he was too nervous or not, but even after a long time pa.s.sed, Doctor s.h.i.+ hasn’t come to a conclusion about Lon Chujiu’s condition. Xiao Tianyao frowned when he saw that Doctor s.h.i.+ had been holding Lin Chujiu’s hand.

After waiting for another stick of incense, Xiao Tianyao’s patience was exhausted: “What the h.e.l.l is going on?” Is this really a doctor? Or a quack pretending to be a good doctor?

“w.a.n.gye, w.a.n.gfei is… …” Doctor s.h.i.+ became nervous and panicked again, and there was no way to diagnose the pulse.

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Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 697: He, will not go (1)

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Chapter 697: He, will not go (1)

To feed a comatose person with water, the quickest and most efficient way was not to find a spoon, but… … mouth to mouth!

It can also be said that pouring water with lips!

In short, it was a very intimate method of feeding water, which cannot be done by unrelated people. But Xiao Tianyao was not someone else. He was Lin Chujiu’s husband. As a husband, it was normal to use his lips to feed water for his wife.

Without any hesitation, Xiao Tianyao took a sip of water, put it in his mouth, then leaned over and kissed Lin Chujiu’s lips.

Well, it can’t be called kiss because Xiao Tianyao was seriously feeding Lin Chujiu water. Xiao Tianyao just touched Lin Chujiu’s lips, and then used his tongue to pry her lips open and pour the water into her mouth!

Out of selfishness, Xiao Tianyao didn’t hold much water in his mouthful, so the water didn’t overflow in Lin Chujiu’s mouth… …

When Xiao Tianyao’s lips left Lin Chujiu’s lips, a slender silver thread of saliva stretched with the lips of the two of them… …

A faint smile flashed in Xiao Tianyao’s eyes, he stretched out his hand and wiped the water stains off the corner of Lin Chujiu’s mouth with his fingertips.

Seeing Lin Chujiu’s red and tender lips, Xiao Tianyao was very satisfied. He took a sip of water again, lowered his head, and pa.s.sed it to Lin Chujiu in the same way.

However, this time, there was no slender silver thread of saliva drawn between the two of them.

This was normal. Xiao Tianyao was simply feeding Lin Chujiu water. He was not taking advantage of jer, so how come there will be so many silver threads of saliva.

One mouthful after another, Xiao Tianyao didn’t know how much water he fed to Lin Chujiu. Anyway, a gla.s.s of water had bottomed out, and Lin Chujiu’s lips were also red and swollen, looking so attractive. Xiao Tianyao’s Adam’s apple slid uncontrollably.

If it wasn’t for the fear of Lin Chujiu couldn’t sleep well after drinking too much water, Xiao Tianyao wanted to give Lin Chujiu another gla.s.s of water.

This way of feeding water was remarkable. He will discuss it with Lin Chujiu if this can be listed as one of the ways to drink water every day.

As for who to feed who, Xiao Tianyao thought how could such a generous man like him care about Lin Chujiu, a little girl? He can accept whether Lin Chujiu wanted to feed him or be fed by him.

After feeding the water, Xiao Tianyao finally rested at ease beside Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu was tired all day today, and she didn’t sleep all night last night.

Just as Lin Chujiu had guessed, Xiao Tianyao took advantage of the rainstorm last night. He took Mo Qingfeng, Liu Bai, and the elite troops in his hands to sneak into the mines of the mysterious iron ores. The black iron ores in the mine were emptied by them.

After the evacuation, Xiao Tianyao designed some other accidents to create the illusion of the mine collapsing. Of course, the few black armor guards guarding the mine were also trapped in the mine.

These several few black-armored guards were not injured. No matter how people checked, they could only find out that they were crushed to death or suffocated to death. People absolutely couldn’t find out that they died of external forces.

Of course, the premise was that the Central Empire will not dare to investigate this matter openly. As everyone knows, the ore mine was at the junction of the Eastern and Northern Countries. The Central Empire didn’t say a word to the eastern and northern countries. They simply dug up the mine in private.

Up to now, the emperors of the two countries didn’t know about this, nor did they know that was a black iron ore mine here. If the two countries knew about this, even if they didn’t dare to challenge the Central Empire, they could use this to get some benefits from the Central Empire.

After all, the Central Empire was the first to make a mistake.

However, Xiao Tianyao felt that the Central Empire will not investigate this matter openly.

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Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 694: Sleepy, cant hold on (1)

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Chapter 694: Sleepy, cant hold on (1)

The operation was successful!


At this time, it was a little early to say that the operation was successful. After all, Lin Chujiu hadn’t debridement and sutured the wound.

However, after successfully removing the broken iron piece from Xuanyuan Zhi’s brain, it can be said that the operation has been completed by 90%, or even higher because Lin Chujiu not only did the most difficult part but also did it perfectly.

After taking out the broken iron piece, Lin Chujiu let out a long sigh of relief. It was the first time to perform craniotomy alone, and it was done so beautifully. Lin Chujiu was very satisfied and believed that she would be able to do better in the future.

After being busy for nearly two hours, her hands have been dealing with minor wounds. It was inevitable that Lin Chujiu’s arms will start to get numb, but she was in excellent condition now and her spirit was very high. She can persevere from this suffering.

Lin Chujiu dealt with the wound, restored the meninges, and skulls one by one. This was not too difficult, but she must be very careful. No one else could do this job aside from her.

Doctors who leave something like gauze, bandages, cotton b.a.l.l.s, or even scissors in a patient’s body will never go far.

After treating the wound, Lin Chujiu wrapped a layer of anti-collision bandage on Xuanyuanzhi’s head to prevent him from injuring his head again.

At this point, it can be said that the operation has been completed. As for whether there will be side effects or sequelae, this was not something that can be controlled now.

The blood bag and the infusion bottle, Lin Chujiu changed them once during the operation, and now there were still half of them, so they can be ignored for the time being.

Lin Chujiu used the medical system again to check Xuanyuan Zhi’s vital signs. After confirming that there was no abnormality, Lin Chujiu quickly put away the surgical equipment.

To do a craniotomy, you need to open the back of the skull. This process requires a chainsaw and an electric drill. Of course, not the chainsaws and drills that people see in ordinary times, but special medical equipment.

To turn on the drill and chainsaw, she needed a small generator. These were things that cannot be seen. Before the operation, Lin Chujiu couldn’t put them away. Now that the operation was over, Lin Chujiu put back the equipment immediately.

After packing all the equipment, Lin Chujiu injected Xuanyuan Zhi with an antidote to clean up the residual poison in his body.

Xuanyuan Zhi suffered from food poisoning. She doesn’t know if it was Imperial Doctor Zhu or Doctor s.h.i.+, but the effect of the antidote they gave to him was also very good.

After Lin Chujiu was done, there was not much left in the drip bottle, and the blood in the blood bag was empty. Lin Chujiu didn’t even have time to breathe and rushed over to pull the needle to Xuanyuan Zhi.

After pulling out the needle, Lin Chujiu cleaned the operating table again. Except for the blood-stained gauze, other things that would arouse suspicion were put thrown into the box and put back into the medical system.

To prevent Xuanyuan Zhi from waking up and suffering from severe pain because of the surgery, Lin Chujiu gave him pain killers, and then patiently adjusted the position for him.

Lin Chujiu didn’t know that Xuanyuan Zhi, who should have woken up two hours later, woke up when she injected the painkiller, but he was not fully awake yet at this time. His body was also very weak, so he spent a long time before he could barely open his eyes. He then vaguely saw Lin Chujiu who was busy walking back and forth under the candlelight.

Lin Chujiu?

Xuanyuan Zhi opened his lips, but he couldn’t make a sound, and he couldn’t keep his eyelids open.

Lin Chujiu turned around and saw Xuanyuanzhi’s chapped lips. She turned her head, picked up the water on the table, dipped the cotton swab in the water, and wiped it on Xuanyuan Zhi’s lips.

Xuanyuan Zhi was thirsty at this time. Although there was only a drop of water, Xuanyuan Zhi still sucked desperately, but Lin Chujiu only wet his lips and didn’t let him drink water.

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Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 697: He, will not go (2)

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Chapter 697: He, will not go (2)

It was very likely that they would not dig the mine again, and just investigate it privately.

This was not a groundless thought, Xiao Tianyao would come to such a conclusion because if it were him, he would not spend much effort investigating. Because the ore mine has been hollowed out. There was not much black iron ore left in it. However, even if he didn’t get much, it was enough for a few hundred people to fight with black armor on their whole bodies.

The Central Empire will never reveal that they privately dug black iron ores in the boundary of the two countries. So for a few pieces of black iron ores, it was not worth it to cause trouble.

Therefore, Xiao Tianyao took this batch of black iron without any pressure.

After holding Lin Chujiu, Xiao Tianyao closed his eyes and slept very peacefully.

This sleep, he slept directly until it was dark. Xiao Tianyao didn’t get up immediately after waking up, but half propped his head up and looked at Lin Chujiu’s quiet sleeping face.

Lin Chujiu was actually very beautiful.

It was not the kind of weak beauty people can see everywhere, but beauty with tenacity.

Her thick eyebrows, big eyes, and bright facial contour, don’t meet the current aesthetics, nor does it meet the requirements of what men longed for in women, but Xiao Tianyao found out, that the more he looked at it, the more he liked it.

He moved his fingertips lightly and rubbed Lin Chujiu’s cheeks. Xiao Tianyao’s eyes had a faint smile: “You, you are only quiet and well-behaved when you fall asleep.”

Xiao Tianyao’s fingertips paused in the corner of Lin Chujiu’s eyes. In Xiao Tianyao’s mind, Lin Chujiu’s stubborn and indifferent eyes flashed, and his eyes darkened: “It was fine before, why did you get so angry?”

Until now, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t understand why Lin Chujiu was so unfeeling. He left her alone and let her face the danger alone, but he said that in the future… he will not try to do so.

He said that it was not he didn’t care about her, nor doesn’t value her. He explained it, but this woman didn’t seem to listen.

He even promised her a condition, any condition will do. Even if Lin Chujiu wanted the moon in the sky, he would try his best to pick it up, but this woman asked for a divorce.

Divorce, after marrying him, she wanted to leave, Lin Chujiu was simply naive. Not to mention, he recognized Lin Chujiu as his wife. Even if he didn’t like Lin Chujiu, Lin Chujiu couldn’t leave him.

After marrying him, she naturally became his person. Even if he, Xiao Tianyao, doesn’t want her, he will not give her to others.

His things, his people, would rather be destroyed than be given to others.

“If you want to leave benw.a.n.g, you have only one choice, and that is—to die!” His fingertips that were pressing against Lin Chujiu’s eyebrows had the same strength as before, and his tone of speech didn’t change. However, such a calm statement sounded creepy.

Fortunately, Lin Chujiu hadn’t woken up yet and didn’t hear what Xiao Tianyao said, otherwise… …

Otherwise, she doesn’t seem to be able to do it.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t stay on the bed for too long. He quietly stared at Lin Chujiu’s sleeping face for a while, and then Xiao Tianyao got up.

Xiao Tianyao had never pushed aside important matters before. This kind of thing was not something he could do. In this unpredictable world, before a grand plan unfolded, he was not qualified to set aside important business!

After getting up, putting on his coat, and tidying up a little, Xiao Tianyao went out against the night wind.

Lin Chujiu wanted to go back to the capital, so he should prepare.

His woman came to the frontier alone to find him, how could he let her go back alone?

If Lin Chujiu goes back to the capital alone, he doesn’t know what those people in the capital with crooked eyes high above their heads will plan to do with Lin Chujiu… …

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