Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 692 – Su Yi Died in a Car Crash

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Chapter 692: Su Yi Died in a Car Crash


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On the bed across the room, the s.p.a.ced-out Li Jingran let out a scream as she jolted up. Li Jingran glanced at Su Yi and Su Muyan with eyes before burying her face in her palms to weep in regret and fear. She uttered in a trembling voice, “I’m sorry, Yuan Heng. I did you wrong. Stop coming after me, please, stop it.”

Su Yi gave her a look of disgust and turned to Su Muyan. “Come with me.”

Nodding his head, Su Muyan could not be bothered to stay here and listen to her squawks. G.o.d knows what she was screaming about. Why could she not go ahead and die already?

Su Yi and Su Muyan were getting out of the elevator to the lobby when they noticed a crowd at the entrance. There were also people, some he recognized while others he did not, waiting in the lobby. Following his appearance, these people came at him like a hungry pack of wolves.

“Su Yi, when do you plan on paying our wages?”

“Su Yi, when are you going to pay our subcontract work?”

“Su Yi! Pay up or suffer the consequences!”

These people were here to collect money. After some due diligence, they found out that Su Yi was staying in this hotel. They informed everyone involved and gathered here to demand money.

“I’ll pay you back. Shen Xi’s my daughter. She’s Cloud Seven and Cai Ni. She has money. Besides, she’s about to marry into the Fu family, the richest family in the world. I’m talking about the Fu family that Fu Qingli and Fu Qingye are in.” Turning as pale as a sheet, Su Yi looked at every angry faze. While shouting out loud, Su Yi gazed around for a route of escape.

However, the crowd was not going to believe a word he said anymore as they had one thing on their mind – they wanted to eat him alive. Surrounding Su Yi, one of them cried loudly before pulling a punch straight to his face.

The crowd then ganged up on Su Yi, beating and kicking him. Su Yi felt his hair pulled, his clothes stripped, and his body taking a beating. Unable to tell how many people were laying their hands on him, Su Yi instinctively shoved the people away to scuffle out of the place.

It was not known how much time had pa.s.sed or how much of a beating he endured. Su Yi had trouble making out the angry criticisms and accusations as his head was buzzing. With the last ounce of strength he had, he put up a struggle and scampered out of the hotel to the bright daylight.

Su Yi ran as far as his legs could carry him. As soon as he found Shen Xi and got the money, everything would no longer be a problem.

These unappreciative b*stards! His daughter had fallen in with the Fu family. Money was no issue once she married into the Fu family. In due course, he would kill every single one of his attackers in return for the humiliation he faced today.

Su Muyan made a quick getaway the moment the crowd flocked in on them. It was likely he was able to slip away because the debt collectors did not notice him. Hiding behind the fountain at the hotel entrance, Su Muyan was relieved to see Su Yi getting out. However, the crowd was also on his tail.

With debt collectors in hot pursuit, Su Yi fled so fast that his pursuers were left behind.

Staring at Su Yi’s receding figure, Su Muyan went along while locating an opportunity to rescue him. By then, Su Yi had made his way to the middle of the road.

At the corner of an intersection, a big truck came racing at high speed. Su Yi was light on his feet as well. Wham! With the man and vehicle colliding, Su Yi flew off from the impact.

Su Muyan’s pupils dilated while watching Su Yi’s body flung in the air before hitting the ground with a loud thud. For a moment, he froze in shock as his blood ran cold.

Su Yi’s debt collectors stopped in their tracks as the scene unfolded. After exchanging glances, some decided to approach for a closer look while the majority scattered away from the scene in distress.

News of Su Yi dying in a car crash was published online two minutes after the accident. While the source could not be identified, the crash site was horrifying. The videos and pictures of the accident were quickly censored as it was too b.l.o.o.d.y of a scene.

Yuan Yu was still hanging around when Shen Xi read the news. Su Yi’s road accident made headlines in the local news rather than the entertainment section.

After fixating on his phone for a long time, Yuan Yu sighed deeply as though feeling relieved. With downcast eyes, he murmured, “I guess what goes around comes around.”

He had imagined thousands of ways Su Yi would die, but it never crossed his mind that he would be run over by a truck. Now Yuan Yu understood the meaning behind justice may be late but never absent.

“Yeah.” Shen Xi responded. She calmly looked out the window in a daze.

With things progressing to this point, it was time to tie up loose ends.

“It must be horrifying.” Yuan Yu’s mournful eyes were s.h.i.+fty as if to make out something in the air. “Xixi, my mom died in a drearier circ.u.mstance than he did.”

As a young child, Yuan Yu observed the b.l.o.o.d.y pulp, refusing to believe that it was his mother.

The scene was a thorn that had been killing him inside. He would wake up in pain every time he dreamed about it. Su Yi deserved what happened to him. Yuan Yu wondered if Su Yi experienced his mother’s pain before his death. Did Su Yi repent to his mother for his crimes before he died?

Shen Xi remained silent.

Outside the window, a withered leaf drifted along with the north wind, falling with the snow. The snow was plentiful this winter.

Su Yi’s death made waves among the community, but it became insignificant in comparison as the nation was celebrating Fu Qingye having found his sister. Those who had been praying for the Su family’s death did not take much interest in the news. They merely expressed that Su Yi got what was coming, and that was it.

Su Ruowan sat by the window in a hotel in the capital, grasping on her phone while looking at the floating snowflakes outside the window. Her eyes reflected tremendous hatred and bitterness. Struck by a thought, she let out a weird chuckle.

She rejected the statement that Shen Xi was the Fu family’s daughter. How could she believe that? It was all a ploy to trick those idiotic netizens.

Shen Xi was verified to be Li Jingran’s daughter through a DNA test!

How did Shen Xi, the b*tch, fool the Fu family to lie and falsify doc.u.ments to defend her?

Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 670 – The Great Daughter the Family Raised

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Chapter 670: The Great Daughter the Family Raised

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Lin Chan was going to pretend she saw nothing. Li Jingran and Su Yi’s sins were finally brought to light. Su Ruowan, as their daughter, should be held accountable too.

However, Lin Chan overheard something she should not have this morning. Su Ruowan called Ms. Cai Ni her sister and begged her to save their mutual parents. This confirmed Lin Chan’s suspicion to be true.

Ms. Cai Ni was Li Jingran and Su Yi’s daughter. If that were the case, Lin Chan found it amusing that instead of a gifted, beautiful, highly capable lady, some senseless idiots would rather recognize Su Ruowan as their daughter.

Furrowing his brows, Hu Zheng rang Su Ruowan up. This time, the call was answered by a weak voice that said she was on her way.

Hu Zheng told her to hurry over before hanging up.

Su Ruowan gazed at the terminated call as she got up from the cold floor. Anger and resentment crept to every inch of her body and the thought of Shen Xi’s taunting face only fueled her impulse to rip Shen Xi apart.

She awakened to find herself next to the trash can. The nerve of the G.o.dd*mn lapdog named Kun Lun did this to her. Su Ruowan was not going to let the matter slide.

Half an hour later, Su Ruowan had just arrived on the set when Hu Zheng called her aside to the break room and handed the phone to her. “A call from Screenwriter Cloud Seven for you.”

Every muscle in Su Ruowan’s body was tense as fear and worry took over her mind. Trying to get a grip of herself, she took the call. “Mr. Cloud Seven, I am Su Ruowan.”

On the other end of the line, a clear young man’s voice was heard. “Ms. Su, I’m Cloud Seven. I have something to tell you. Many fans have sent me a pet.i.tion for you to leave the set or else they’ll boycott all my TV series.”

Su Ruowan turned ashen in the face and her voice was trembling. “Mr. Cloud Seven, surely the children shouldn’t bear the crimes of the parents. I know my parents are at fault, but I love my role.”

“The netizens said that the same blood runs in the Su family. You have Li Jingran and Su Yi’s blood running through your veins, so you’re no different than them. They mentioned that, like them, you had it in you to plagiarize.” Shen Xi was on the call while resting on Li Yuan lap.

“No, I don’t, Mr. Cloud Seven. About the plagiarism, Su Muyan said he wanted to give me a hand.” Su Ruowan knew that this was her last chance to hold onto. Otherwise, that was it for her.

“Su Muyan made you plagiarize?” Shen Xi’s tone carried elements of shock, but her face bore a contemptuous grin.

Look at the great daughter the Su family raised. They were going to love the way Su Ruowan was repaying them for bringing her up – betrayal. It was the best kind of thanks they could get. Did the Su family not tend to do the same?

“I… I… I shouldn’t have brought it up. I’m sorry, Mr. Cloud Seven. Just pretend you didn’t hear that.” Su Ruowan sounded anxious amid whimpers.

“You’d need to set yourself apart from the Su family, Li Jingran, and Su Yi, so I can explain to the fans. However, I’d have no choice but to replace you if you can’t prove anything.” Sitting up, Shen Xi adopted a grave and solemn tone.

The Su family would probably go through the roof the moment they saw Su Ruowan’s true colors. Shen Xi recorded the phone call and planned to send the recording to Su Yi and Li Jingran the day she was to blow her cover.

“Mr. Cloud Seven, I’m, in fact, not Li Jingran and Su Yi’s birth daughter.” Su Ruowan went for it. She was ready to burn bridges and cut ties with the Su family.

All problems should be solved so long as the Su family’s blood did not run through her veins. She was different from the Su family. She was not the daughter of the Su family!

“You best clear the air,” Shen Xi said.

“Will you still replace me if I clarify that fact?” Su Ruowan believed she had nothing to lose, but she needed a definite answer.

Shen Xi paused before uttering, “If it is as you say it is, I will defend the rights of my actors. If I cared what everyone else thinks, I wouldn’t have insisted on hiring you as the supporting actress.”

What was in Su Ruowan’s head? Of course, Shen Xi was going to replace her. Su Ruowan was amusingly naïve to live in her delusional dream.

Silence befell Su Ruowan for a moment until she finally made up her mind. “Screenwriter Cloud Seven, I won’t let you down.”

The Su family was useless to her now since they could not provide any help. She was only boarding a sinking s.h.i.+p if she hung on to them. Su Ruowan did not want to be a failure and the laughing stock. She wanted to make it by every means necessary.

Shen Xi ended the call.

With a frown, Li Yuan looked at the girl. “What does she plan to do?”

Shen Xi smiled cunningly as she weighed the phone in her hand. “What else? She’s about to clarify her relations.h.i.+p with the Su family, saying she’s not the daughter of the Su family and doesn’t share the Su family’s tainted blood.”

Li Yuan burst into laughter. “Is she brain-dead?”

Shen Xi hugged him amid chuckles. “She never had a brain. It’s all a dog fight now. Besides, she has no other way out and she’s not ready to go down with the Su family.”

Li Yuan gently caressed her face. “The Su family’s still giving you a hard time. Do you want me to go ahead and take care of it?”

Shaking her head, Shen Xi responded with a smile, “They might be giving me h.e.l.l, but I’m not part of their family.”

She could flash her status as the young lady of the Fu family if Su Yi were to drag her into the mess. The look on his face was bound to be intriguing.

Shen Xi intended to finish him off at first so that Su Yi would have no chance to emotionally and publicly blackmail her in the name of blood ties. Nevertheless, there was no need for that now since she had a trump card.

The trump card was enough to send the devastated Su Yi and Li Jingran right back to h.e.l.l.

“Sure.” Li Yuan tenderly curled his lips before catching a glimpse of the text message sent by Fang Chu. The court enforcers and police had entered Su’s residence to seize their a.s.sets.

The video gave a view of the Su family in their full glory. Su Yi, especially, went hysterical like a rabid dog.

Li Yuan picked up the phone and gave it to Shen Xi.

Shen Xi tapped on the video for a quick look before tossing the phone with a smile. She remarked, “They’re doomed for destruction for the unjust they’ve done.”

The funny thing was Li Jingran and Su Yi failed to do any soul-searching and were still playing the victim to this day. They got what was coming for them.

“That reminds me. I have a little something here.. Do you want to post it together or keep it for later?” Li Yuan tapped on a file in his phone and showed it to her.

Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 678 – I’ll Kill You!

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Chapter 678: I’ll Kill You!

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The Su family shunned, outcasted, and drove Shen Xi away to protect Su Ruowan and her feelings. Yet, this was what they got in return. Su Ruowan was a heartless and ungrateful b*tch.

Su Ruowan panicked when she saw the brewing insanity and resentment in Su Mus.h.i.+’s eyes. She knew that Su Mus.h.i.+ had completely lost it.

She tried to put up a fight, alas it was too late. She had trouble finding her breath as the suffocation was blurring her vision.

Su Ruowan struggled hard, yet she could not break free. With death drawing close, she widened her eyes and looked Su Mus.h.i.+ dead in the eye.

Su Mus.h.i.+ bellowed like a wild animal, laughing menacingly and crazily. He locked her in a death stare while mumbling, “I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!”

Pa.s.sing security personnel were in for a shock when they witnessed the scene. Someone ran up to them while another called for help. It took quite an effort to hold the delirious Su Mus.h.i.+ down.

Following the incident, the police soon arrived.

Having been restrained, Su Mus.h.i.+ fought to shake them off as he gave Su Ruowan a dirty look as she gradually regained consciousness. He looked like he wanted to eat her up alive.

Su Ruowan sat on the ground against a tree to take the edge off. She seemed to have hit her head during the struggle as blood spilled all over her face. Looking at the incoming police, she s.h.i.+vered in fear and wailed. “Officers, please help me. He’s trying to kill me. Lock him up and don’t let him out to hurt anyone anymore.”

A good-for-nothing like Su Mus.h.i.+ had the nerve to attack her and tried to kill her. The thought of what happened earlier drew her desire to destroy him.

Like a cornered vicious beat, Su Mus.h.i.+ squared up to Su Ruowan. With an ominous expression, he guffawed psychotically at her words. “Su Ruowan, you wicked b*tch! Was your conscience fed to the dogs? You’ll rot in h.e.l.l! I’ll come back as a ghost and haunt you! Just you wait!”

The Su family made the mistake of raising this hard-hearted b*tch. Ironically, they loved her and spoiled her like a princess.

Su Mus.h.i.+ was filled with regrets, wis.h.i.+ng he could turn back time. He should have smothered her to death before she grew up so she never had the chance to do evil and betray them.

The policemen looked at the pair. It was hard to tell what the man looked like as his face was bleeding from fingernail scratches. The woman was also covered in blood from b.u.mping her head. They cuffed Su Mus.h.i.+ who had the intent to cause injury to prevent another distraught episode.

The relevant production crew members rushed over as well. Hu Zheng, the director, had a feeling something might happen but never thought it would escalate so quickly. Su Ruowan, nearly dying in the hands of Su Mus.h.i.+, was answering the police’s questions.

The police lamented after learning the pair’s ident.i.ty from Hu Zheng. The Su family’s scandal was such a big deal that the news spread to those who paid no attention to the entertainment industry. The whole family was bad news, and here they were, going at each other’s throats.

“You two should come to the police station. We’ll deal with the matter there.” The police officers gazed at the pair.

Su Ruowan shook her tear- and blood-stained face. “I’m not going. I’m the victim and he’s the killer. You should arrest him and lock him up.”

Su Mus.h.i.+ had settled down by then. Once the initial agitation and anger wilted, all that was left was bitter resentment. His mind had run countless scenarios of finis.h.i.+ng Su Ruowan. He turned to the policemen and said, “Mr. Officer, she’s my sister. This is our family affair. We’ll handle it ourselves.”

He knew for a fact that Su Ruowan wanted him dead. To get him locked up was not the end goal. She had more tricks up her sleeve waiting for him.

Thus, he had to figure out a way to kill her before she struck.

“I’m not.” Su Ruowan denied. “I’m not related to their family whatsoever. Mr. Officer, I want to sue him for attempted murder. You have to stand up for me. He has lost his mind. He’ll kill me.”

“Officer, sir, she’s my sister. I love her the most and would never harm her. Why would I kill or hurt her? Don’t listen to one side of the story. We merely got into a small fight.” Su Mus.h.i.+ was not going to give Su Ruowan any more chances. His voice bore a strange glum as he turned to smile at her.

Su Ruowan was freaked out by the eerie smile. He looked like the devil crawling out from h.e.l.l bearing a chilling grudge and resentment. She knew she had to resolve the matter immediately.

As long as Su Mus.h.i.+ and the Su family were alive on earth, she would have to look over her shoulder every second. By whatever means, she had to take care of the Su family once and for all before she could have peace of mind.

It was his word against hers and vice versa. Since there were no witnesses and the place was a blind spot from the surveillance, the police were unable to determine who was at fault. In the end, they took the pair to the police station.

Standing at the outer edge of the crowd, Shen Xi curled her lips and waved as Su Ruowan got into the police car.

Su Ruowan was left dumbstruck. Through the window, she could see the smug look on Shen Xi’s face. The latter was taunting and mocking her. She knew it.

Standing by Shen Xi was the handsome man that was said to be her boyfriend. With the man’s emotionless gaze falling on Su Ruowan, she was overtaken by shuddering fear.

For a moment, all the hatred and jealousy rushed through her veins and straight to her head. It felt as though her head was about to explode.

Shen Xi, that b*tch, was still on the set. Who was she to ridicule her? Did Shen Xi think the Su family would spare her for leaving them alone?

It was just a matter of time before Shen Xi had them coming to her. Su Ruowan expected the Su family to bite onto Shen Xi like a rabid dog. It was best if they fought to the bitter end which could result in mutual destruction.

Su Ruowan could then emerge as Shen Xi’s sister to claim her everything – her a.s.sets and man would be hers to keep.

Shen Xi did not deserve that fine man, nor was she worthy to wait on him. Only Su Ruowan would make the best partner to a man like that.. Su Ruowan would definitely get her man.

Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 680 – The B*tch’s Out to Get Her

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Chapter 680: The B*tch’s Out to Get Her

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Be it the Su family’s biological son Su Mus.h.i.+ or adopted daughter Su Ruowan, they were ruthless animals all the same.

Even a dog would wag its tail at its master. What was the point of raising Su Ruowan? She would only mercilessly bite the hand that fed her when it came to the crunch.

Watching the heinous crime unfold before their eyes, some of the timid onlookers in the corridor covered their mouths as they gasped sharply and looked away.

Those who were brave got a load of Su Mus.h.i.+ being carried away and Su Ruowan s.h.i.+vering under a blanket against the wall. Feeling a mix of emotions, they felt a creepy sensation under their skin.

The siblings had turned against each other. Su Mus.h.i.+ tried to kill Su Ruowan after his failed attempt in the morning. Still, he was not successful and was shot instead. It was not known whether he was dead or alive.

Su Mus.h.i.+ might be bad news, but Su Ruowan was one to look out for too. Otherwise, a vulnerable girl like her would be defenseless against Su Mus.h.i.+.

Taking a glance at Shen Xi, Lin Chan nodded at her but was unable to squeeze in a smile. She never imagined that filming a TV series would invite so much trouble.

Jesus. Li Jingran and Su Yi were monsters while the daughter they raised was an antisocial psychopath. Su Ruowan and Su Mus.h.i.+ were both maniacs.

Thank goodness the siblings only laid hands on each other instead of society. Otherwise, countless lives may be lost if Su Mus.h.i.+ held the gun at the production team.

Shen Xi gave a friendly nod back before closing the door to her room.

Kun Lun already sent the information and photos of the crime to his men. His men took a bit of time to organize the intel and post online. The headlines that came out of nowhere dethroned Su Yi and Li Jingran’s scandal as the top trending spot for a change.

The netizens were back to keyboard warrior mode. They thought the doors were closing for Li Jingran and Su Yi’s skeletons in the closet, but the fact was, it was only the beginning. The news only got better with one scoop after another. The climatic narratives were in line with a cliché TV series of the rich and famous.

In the presidential suite, Li Yuan laid out the supper delivered by Kun Lun on the table. Gazing at the girl who was nestled on the sofa and scrolling through the news on her phone, he softly uttered, “Have something to eat and look at it later.”

She had been sleeping until now since he did not want to wake her from her sweet dreams. Shen Xi must be hungry after sleeping through dinner.

“Oh.” Shen Xi perked her nose for a sniff. She looked at him and mewed, “Brother, let’s switch hotels. Su Mus.h.i.+ ruined the hotel’s fengshui.”

Most importantly, the Su family’s foul blood spread a disgusting stank in the air. It made her sick to her stomach. It was best to leave the place the soonest.

“Sure.” Li Yuan glanced at the food on the table and frowned. A clear chilling glint flashed past his eyes. They could not eat the good food as it was polluted now. He approached the girl. “Let’s go out for a meal and book a hotel after that.”

“The caravan’s good enough.” Shen Xi grinned from ear to ear. It was an easy choice.

They were in the only five-star hotel in the city. The other accommodations were chained motels. Knowing the hygienic conditions and amenities of these motels, they might as well stay in the caravan.

The crowd in the hallway dispersed as soon as Su Mus.h.i.+ was lifted away in a stretcher. Su Ruowan was the only one left there sliding to the ground and crying without a word.

Kneeling by Su Ruowan, a middle-aged policewoman talked to her to ease her nerves. Nevertheless, the policewoman had more doubts than sympathy for Su Ruowan.

The Su family’s dirty linen rocked the community to its core. The policewoman surmised that Su Ruowan’s post to disa.s.sociate herself from the Su family made Su Mus.h.i.+ see red. He came to confront her, but with the talk going south, he wanted to take revenge by killing her in a fit of rage. It all made sense.

However, the person who ended up unconscious from a gunshot wound was not Su Ruowan but Su Mus.h.i.+. She wondered how a delicate girl like Su Ruowan was able to reverse the situation and kill Su Mus.h.i.+ in return.

Su Ruowan was crying out loud when her eyes suddenly s.h.i.+fted to the end of the corridor.

The policewoman followed her gaze and noticed a couple drawing close.

The girl was bundled up, revealing only her eyes and nose. Her face was not visible, but judging by her bearing, it was clear she was a beautiful woman. The girl clung sweetly to the man’s arm.

The man was more than good-looking and had a refined mien to him. He wore a long black trench coat paired with a red scarf while carrying a suitcase in one hand. With downcast eyes, he talked to the girl with an affectionate smile across his lips.

“Shen Xi.” Out of the blue, Su Ruowan stood up and shouted as though she had gone mad. She charged toward Shen Xi and gave her the evil eye. She yelled, “Did you do this? You got Su Mus.h.i.+ out to kill me!”

Without giving Su Ruowan the time of day, Shen Xi pulled Li Yuan to walk along.

“It was you. It must be you.” Hot with emotions, Su Ruowan screeched hysterically.

Cooperation was no longer in the cards. Su Ruowan was dying to slice Shen Xi apart and feed her to the dogs.

Su Ruowan dwelled in her thoughts for a long time before figuring out the meaning behind the look Shen Xi gave her when she got into the police car this morning. Shen Xi must have put a stick in the wheels and somehow got the Su family to come after her.

“Please keep an eye on her.” With callous eyes, Li Yuan’s tone carried an unquestionable command. He stared at the two special police officers who were restraining Su Ruowan.

“I know it was you. Why did you do this to me?” Su Ruowan exclaimed rashly while fighting to break free from the police. By the looks of her eyes and actions, she wanted to eat Shen Xi up alive. “You got away with it. Are you happy now?”

Su Ruowan believed it had been a trap Shen Xi had set up since the start for her to fall into.

She betrayed the Su family. There was no turning back the moment she fired the gun at Su Mus.h.i.+. It was her against the world.

Yet now, there was nothing more Su Ruowan could do. She watched as Shen Xi got into the elevator and disappeared out of sight as the doors closed.

“Shen Xi!” Su Ruowan growled frantically. Gaining strength from sheer will, she shook off the police and charged toward the elevator. She struggled to pry open the elevator doors.

Shen Xi. The b*tch was out to get her. It was clear that Shen Xi had Su Mus.h.i.+ come over to kill her. It must be Shen Xi. Su Ruowan felt it in her gut.

She wanted to kill Shen Xi!

Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 694 – I Don’t Know! Get Lost!!!

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Chapter 694: I Don’t Know! Get Lost!!!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Yes.” Shen Xi gave a good nod while a broken reflection s.h.i.+mmered in her eyes. She had a catch in her throat and her eyes were watery.

Fu Qingli watched the father and daughter with envy in his eyes. However, he soon suppressed the emotion. With Shen Zhangqing looking over, Fu Qingli politely bowed and greeted him. “h.e.l.lo, Mr. Shen. I am Fu Qingli.”

This was Shen Zhangqing’s first time meeting Fu Qingli. He was a good-looking, das.h.i.+ng, and sharp young man. Shen Zhangqing nodded. “h.e.l.lo, h.e.l.lo. You must be Xixi’s eldest brother.”

Shen Zhangqing had seen two younger sons of the Fu family – Fu Qingye and Fu Qingxuan. These three brothers had quite varied characters, albeit blessed with charming looks.

He was thankful, happy, and content that his daughter had such a family.

Shen Zhangqing had been questioning the injustice in the world. His darling daughter was outstanding, kind, and adorable to be the daughter of the Su family. He had secretly hoped Xixi was Madam Fu’s biological daughter ever since he witnessed the latter’s spitting image to Li Jingran.

Now that the truth was out that his daughter was indeed the Fu family’s daughter, Shen Zhangqing had nothing more to ask of life.

Fu Qingli glanced at Shen Xi before uttering in smiles. “Yes.”

“We can’t stay here. Xixi said that it’ll take your parents three to four hours to get here. Her mom is also on the flight. I’ll have to reach the airport by nine o’clock later. Since it’s getting late, let’s have dinner.” Shen Zhangqing looked at them. “What do you think?”

Having been meaning to leave, Shen Xi raised her hands in agreement.

Fu Qingli gave a nod. “We’ll go with your suggestion.”

Yu Yuanxi said, “Dad, Lil’ Ye will soon arrive at the airport in one hour. I need to get to the airport to pick her up.”

Shen Xi raised her hand. “I want to go too!”

She had no idea how she should act in Fu Qingli’s company. It was awkward and somewhat uncomfortable since she did not know what to say to him.

Shen Zhangqing was about to suggest taking them there when Fu Qingli came to mind. Letting out an embarra.s.sed smile at Fu Qingli, Shen Zhangqing cleared his throat and glared at Shen Xi. “You kids.”

It was not very nice for her to leave her brother behind. Shen Xi should spend some time with her long-lost brother.

Fu Qingli thoughtfully grinned at Shen Zhangqing before turning to Shen Xi. “I’ll drive you guys there. Mr. Shen, please wait for us. Why don’t you take the time to rest? You must be tired from the flight.”

It put Shen Xi on the spot. Oh, gawd. Oh, gawd. Oh, gawd. It was quite unexpected for Fu Qingli to blurt so many words in one go. She had never heard Fu Qingli speak so politely.

She thought he was an arrogant tyrant that would never get off his high horse. Who would have thought he would say something decent for a change?

Shen Xi was about to turn down the offer.

Yu Yuanxi jumped in with a smile. “Thank you, Mr. Fu.”

Fu Qingli gave Yu Yuanxi a grateful look, knowing that the latter spoke for him. Yu Yuanxi was a smart and kind-hearted young man. Fu Qingli curled his lips. “No need to be polite. You can call me ‘Big Brother’ like Xixi.”

Yu Yuanxi paused for a moment before muttering, “Big Brother.”

Shen Xi thought to herself, ‘When did I ever call you that?’ She looked daggers at Yu Yuanxi and pinched his hand in secret. That was for going against her! Why did he let Fu Qingli tag along?

She was unconvinced that Yu Yuanxi had no clue that her going to pick Song Wenye was to avoid Fu Qingli.

Shen Zhangqing was ready to take the kids to try out a nearby restaurant that he went to before. Nevertheless, it seemed that that had to wait. “In that case, let’s eat at home. I’ll call for delivery.”

“Dad, mom and the rest are arriving about the same time. How about we get a quick bite so we can have a proper dinner when they’re here,” Shen Xi suggested.

“Sounds like a plan. Get something to eat along the way,” Shen Zhangqing urged.

With that out of the way, Shen Zhangqing headed home. The house needed some tidying up since it was left unoccupied for more than ten days. However, the Su family was still a concern.

Su Yi had died in a car crash and the eldest son Su Muxuan was in jail for murder, while the youngest son was in a coma. Hopefully, the second son Su Muyan would not find his way to the Shens’ home.

The remaining members of the Su family might still be at large, but the Shen family should not be kept from their own home. It was not like they could keep hiding forever.

Shen Xi and Yu Yuanxi, together with Fu Qingli set out to the airport to pick Song Wenye up.

Fu Qingli’s car was parked outside the dormitory. Xu Xu the a.s.sistant was waiting inside the vehicle.

It was dark outside as the heavy snowfall took over the land. Smiling at Fu Qingli, Yu Yuanxi opened the car door and climbed into the front pa.s.senger’s seat. Xixi kept a tough exterior but was a softie inside, so incessant pestering worked best on her. Still, by the looks of Fu Qingli’s character, he probably would not adopt that tactic.

Xixi had a problem with Fu Qingli. Unless he took the initiative, their relations.h.i.+p would not make a breakthrough. Shen Xi could never be expected to make the first move.

Burying her head in her phone, Shen Xi sent a text message to Yu Yuanxi. [Shen Xi: You did that on purpose.]

Yu Yuanxi replied to her with a stroking-head emoji.

Shen Xi, “…”

In the backseat, Shen Xi sat on the left end while Fu Qingli sat at the most right.

Leaning against the seat, Shen Xi closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Fu Qingli took a glance at her and the gap between them. He scooted a little over but decided to keep his back straight instead. Fu Qingli sent a message to Fu Qingye. [Fu Qingli: What’s her favorite food?]

Fu Qingye was quick to reply. [Fu Qingye: She likes everything delicious.]

Grinding his teeth, Fu Qingli could break the mobile screen with the force of his fingers. [Fu Qingli: Can you be any clearer!]

It was a deliberate payback on Fu Qingye’s side!

[Fu Qingye: I said she likes everything delicious.]

Fu Qingli reflected on his thoughts for a moment before deciding against blacklisting Fu Qingye. However, he ditched Fu Qingye for Fu Qingxuan. [Fu Qingli: What does our sister like to eat?”

[Fu Qingxuan: Everything.]

Fu Qingli turned blue in the face. Were they ganging up on him?

[Fu Qingli: Be specific!]

[Fu Qingxuan: She’ll eat whatever. She eats yummy and rejects the yucky.]

Fu Qingli was about to blow up.

[Fu Qingli: You two sure are just swell.]

Fu Qingxuan returned his text message with a question mark. Following the long absence of a response, he curled his lips in delight and gave Fu Handing the heads-up “Dad, ignore Qingli if he sends you a text later.”


He was angry!

The nerve of Qingli to hide the fact that he found their sister!

Fu Handing answered, “Your mom and I have turned off our phones.”

Fu Qingxuan guessed it right. Hitting a snag with his brothers, Fu Qingli tried his hand with Fu Handing, but even that came back empty. He swallowed his fury and asked for help from his aunt, Fu Junqiu. Fu Qingli worded his text cautiously in case of another snappy retort. [Fu Qingli: Aunt Junqiu, what do girls usually like to eat?]

[Fu Junqiu: I don’t know! Get lost!!!]

Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 673 – This Is the Good Daughter You Raised!

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Chapter 673: This Is the Good Daughter You Raised!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Yi had already known that Su Ruowan was bad news. Ever since she crawled into his bed, Su Yi knew that she was nothing like the innocent and kind façade she put up. His biological daughter, Shen Xi, was driven away through Su Ruowan’s elaborate schemes.

However, he could not believe that she would twist the knife. Was she kicking them aside because the Su family was no longer of use to her?

Su Ruowan’s actions took the Su brothers by surprise. Beyond shocked, they exchanged glances and saw the burning anger in each other’s eyes.

So this was the true face of the sister they so dotingly raised. She was a repulsive and disgusting b*tch. Su Ruowan had chosen to betray them and stab them in the back while they were struggling.

Su Ruowan’s Weibo post was a bigger blow to them than the bankruptcy. The Su family was dying to question Su Ruowan right in her face for doing so.

“Say something, honey. Say something!” With tears rolling down her face, Li Jingran gazed at him in devastation and spoke in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

Wanwan stayed up all night, speaking to Li Jingran on the phone about the situation at home. How could she cast them aside at a time like this?

“This is the good daughter you raised.” Clenching his teeth, Su Yi grimacingly looked at Li Jingran. “This is the good daughter you raised. You chased away our own daughter for her and this is the grat.i.tude you’re being repaid with.”

Hot with emotions, Su Yi grew furious and hysterical that he screamed at the top of his lungs. His eyes turned bloodshot. If Su Ruowan was in front of him right now, he would rip her apart with his bare hands.

“Honey.” Li Jingran cried her heart out as grief ate her up inside. Soon, she pa.s.sed out.

Reacting indifferent to his mom falling unconscious, Su Mus.h.i.+ whipped out his phone and called Su Ruowan. Nevertheless, he could not get through to her. Anger took over as he smashed and broke his phone. Su Mus.h.i.+ then turned to Su Yi. “Dad, I’ll go and meet her.”

How could Su Ruowan do such a thing? He needed to find her and get to the bottom of why she did what she did. Why was she doing this? What did they ever do to her?

“We have a more pressing matter at hand. Let’s get to Shen Xi first.” Su Yi kept a level head. He had his guard up against Su Ruowan since the bed-climbing incident, so he was not blindsided by her doing like the rest of them.

They had to reset their priorities and their prime concern right now was not to seek Su Ruowan for revenge but to save the Su family. As long as Su Yi was around, he would not allow the Su family to fall into financial ruins by every means necessary.

Revenge was a dish best served cold. He would be going after Su Ruowan the moment the Su family got back on their feet. The b*tch was asking for it by stirring the pot at such a crucial time, so she best watched her back for what was coming.

Su Mus.h.i.+ nodded. With ruthlessness written all over his face, he balled his fists. He simply could not wrap his head around Su Ruowan’s actions. What good would it do her? Was she not afraid of public criticism?

The Su family raised her with love and her behavior was nothing short of ungrateful. Like them, things would not go well for her.

Su Ruowan’s reveal of her being egged on to plagiarize and not the birth daughter of the Su family stirred a sensation within s…o…b..z. The public could not get enough of one bombsh.e.l.l after another. The media was having a field day.

The Su family was much talked about in all major websites and forums as the public put them on blast, calling for them to get out of s…o…b..z and die for their sins.

The production crew of Lady Luck was stunned by Su Ruowan’s announcement. It was plain to see that Su Ruowan was turning her back on the Su family in a bid to disa.s.sociate herself from them.

Her post on Weibo might be short, but she removed herself completely from the Su family’s scandal. She was clearly demonstrating her ignorance toward Su Yi and Li Jingran’s evil deeds. As for the netizens’ claim about a family of the same blood having the same moral standing, she clarified that it was not the case with her since she was not the Su family’s biological daughter.

With fear in her eyes and chills running down her spine, Lin Chan looked at Su Ruowan as though she was a monster. Everyone in the entertainment business knew how much Li Jingran loved Su Ruowan. Li Jingran gave Su Ruowan nothing but the best and would bring her along to every event. Li Jingran showered Su Ruowan with love.

However, Su Ruowan bit the hand that fed her by delivering the fatal blow to the Su family while they were in crisis. It was a dirty move. Even Lin Chan, who was not a fan of Li Jingran and had been looking forward to her bad break, thought it was heartbreaking and began to pity Li Jingran. Although Li Jingran had it coming and deserved no sympathy, Su Ruowan was pure evil.

Lin Chan found it scary to be on the same set as Su Ruowan, afraid she might be stabbed in the back during an unsuspecting moment. If Su Ruowan could betray the family who raised her, what else was she not capable of?

Looking apprehensive, the other members of the production team did not want to talk to Su Ruowan. It was hard to like someone like her.

It never crossed Hu Zheng’s mind that Su Ruowan would do such a thing. The first thought he had was that Su Ruowan had gone mad. What good would it do to her for adding fuel to fire?

Hu Zheng finally understood when he saw the extreme netizens, who hated the Su family, showing Su Ruowan support for ditching the Su family.

Su Ruowan was turning the tide by cutting ties with the Su family. She paid internet s.h.i.+lls and boosted the post as she painted a principled, conscientious, and upstanding image of herself that would not stand by the Su family just because they were family. It was a good move.

At present, the public was brainwashed to think her betrayal was the Su family’s karma. The Su family did not deserve any pity and Su Ruowan did the right thing. Everyone should be impartial like her.

Taking a glance at Su Ruowan, Hu Zheng shuddered as a chilling sensation crawled under his skin. He wondered what was on Screenwriter Cloud Seven’s mind. Did she intend to keep Su Ruowan?

Others might not know about it, but he was aware that Screenwriter Cloud Seven was Ms. Cai Ni. Ms. Cai Ni did not care for Li Jingran. Many people in s…o…b..z were familiar with the incident where Li Jingran was knocked unconscious by rage on the red carpet.. He believed Screenwriter Cloud Seven would not let Su Ruowan stick around.

Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 687 – I Want to Tell Everyone Who She Is

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Chapter 687: I Want to Tell Everyone Who She Is

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As for Old Shen, he was busy with year-end city hopping. The Su family would struggle to get a hold of him since he was constantly on the move.

“Having fun, my *ss.” Jiang Yin wanted to throw up on Shen Xi’s face. Shen Xi’s situation had Jinping worried sick on end. Afraid that it might be a handful for Shen Xi, Jinping was not in the mood for a vacation. “Su Yi called me just now. He wants to meet you. How have you been managing the Su family these past few days?”

Jiang Yin knew that she and Jinping could provide no a.s.sistance being there, so leaving trouble behind was the best choice. The Li family had Shen Xi’s back after all. The Su family had to think twice before trying to mess with Shen Xi.

“I’m doing well here. You and Mom shouldn’t worry, don’t read the messed-up news.” Shen Xi grinned. “Everything will soon come to an end.”

Jiang Yin’s furrow deepened following Shen Xi’s relaxed tone. “The Su family is a bunch of greedy ghouls. They have gone mad. I’m sure they’ll drag you down into the mess.”

She had an inkling after the phone call with Su Yi. Su Yi had not exposed Shen Xi’s ident.i.ty merely because he wanted to suck her dry. Of course, they were brutes who would not let go of a goldmine like Shen Xi.

If Jiang Yin had a say, she would let Li Yuan step up to the plate and sort the Su family out once and for all rather than dance around with them. Nevertheless, Shen Xi probably did not have the heart since they were blood-related after all.

“I’ve set the stage for them. They got nothing on me.” Shen Xi smiled brightly while gazing at the sun out the window. She drew her hand over her forehead to s.h.i.+eld herself from the sunrays.

The same thought had crossed her mind prior to knowing where her roots were actually from. What was she going to do if the Su family pulled her into the crossfire? Yet now, this was no longer a concern.

“I guess nothing I say will change your mind. Be careful. Go to Li Yuan if you can’t fix it. Make use of him, for heaven’s sake. I don’t know why you insist on handling it on your own.” There was not a day that went by that Jiang Yin was not worried. How could she not? People got desperate when they were cornered. The Su family was likely going to drag her down with them in times of desperation.

“Got it.” Shen Xi lifted her head to gaze at the man coming her way. With smiley eyes, she opened her mouth to be fed a mouthful of cake. The sweet taste lingered in her mouth and went straight to the heart. “My flight is about to take off. I’ve to hang up. Have fun with my mom and don’t worry. No hurries to get back. Turn off your phone so Su Yi won’t bug you again.”

Jiang Yin replied and gave some advice before ending the call. Thinking back to Shen Xi’s words, she had a strange feeling that the girl might have some tricks up her sleeve as Shen Xi seemed fearless against the Su family’s blackmail.

After hanging up, Shen Xi reached out to ask for a spoon from Li Yuan. She wanted to enjoy the cake herself.

Refusing her request, Li Yuan grabbed the plate and fed the cake to her spoon by spoon.

The afternoon sunlight bounced off the window and cast a warm hue on them, painting an affectionate and sweet picture that was soothing to the soul.

While some were happy, others were feeling dreary.

Since contacting Jiang Yin, Su Yi had been waiting for Shen Xi to get in touch with him. Mus.h.i.+ was in the ICU, waiting for a cash flow to stay alive, while Su Muxuan needed a good lawyer to get him out of jail. In the worst-case scenario, he had to leave the country and never come back.

However, a day went by and then another. Su Yi anxiously stared at his phone, yet nothing from Shen Xi. It was as though she disappeared from the face of the earth. Try as Su Yi may, he could not reach Shen Xi.

The 100,000 yuan Shen Xi gave them was used up. Su Mus.h.i.+’s medical fees alone cost 18,000 yuan a night while their room charges were due today.

“Dad.” Su Muyan watched as Su Yi paced the room. With a grimacing look, he asked, “What are we going to do? Shen Xi, that brat, is leaving us in the cold. She would show her face by now if she cared for us.”

Su Yi clenched the phone in his hand. These past two days had been nerve-wracking. He would pick up the phone right away every time it rang, in fear he might miss the call from Shen Xi.

He waited and antic.i.p.ated, but the lifesaving call never came. As time went by, his hopes slowly diminished to nothing. Pulling himself together, Su Yi drew a deep breath. “Let’s wait a little longer.”

“Dad.” Su Muyan could not take it anymore. The ordeal was driving him nuts. He might as well die at this rate. “Dad, who are you kidding? Shen Xi won’t help or save us. Muxuan and Mus.h.i.+ will die if you let the situation go on. We’re having a rough time, so she must feel our agony too. I’m going to post on Weibo now and tell everyone who she is.”

The last few days were like living in the depths of h.e.l.l. Su Muyan could not keep up with such a miserable life.

“Go to your high school group chat, and look for Pei Xu, Song Wenye, anybody. Arrange a meeting with her for one o’clock later. If she still refuses to get in touch with us, I’ll tell it all on Weibo.” Su Yi thought hard and long before coming to a decision.

They could not afford to drag the situation on. Shen Xi may have had time and patience to dawdle with them, but they did not have the luxury.

The reveal of Shen Xi’s ident.i.ty was his last resort. Shen Xi would likely end up like them and unable to remain in China the moment she was exposed.

Still, she had quite a number of a.s.sets to her name. If these a.s.sets were converted into cash, she would have enough to pay off his debts. With the debts cleared, Su Yi would have a chance to rebuild his empire.

Su Muyan found Pei Xu’s QQ account in the alumni’s group chat. To his delight, Pei Xu was online and replied to his private message, saying he would convey the message to Shen Xi.

Since then, Su Yi eagerly waited for Shen Xi’s call.

Su Muyan carefreely watched TV and munched on food while waiting for Shen Xi’s reply. He was convinced that Shen Xi would come looking for them and do whatever they wanted her to. She had no choice but to comply with their request.

Even if Su Mus.h.i.+ survived, he was to spend his life in a coma. It was hard for Su Muxuan to escape from behind bars judging by public opinion. The two biggest compet.i.tors in Su Muyan’s road to success eliminated themselves before he even made a move.. Standing to reap all the benefits, Su Muyan was living the life.

Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 672 – Su Ruowan Lays It All Out on Weibo

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Chapter 672: Su Ruowan Lays It All Out on Weibo

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The public was not aware that Ms. Cai Ni was the Su family’s daughter. Was the daughter not called Su Ruowan? However, the police and court enforcers were sad for Ms. Cai Ni to have such parents and family.

No one heard that Ms. Cai Ni was the Su family’s daughter when the said family was successful. Now that they were bankrupt and washed up, they were clinging to her like an annoying fly.

Su Yi knew nothing good would come out of making a bigger scene than it already was. Hence, he had to bite the bullet for now and take his family away. Still, Su Yi gave the police and court enforcers a warning look. “If you touch and break anything in the house, don’t say I didn’t warn you. We’ll be right back.”

Once he found Shen Xi and paid his dues, Su Yi would be coming for these blind mother*ckers for kicking him while he was down. These people must think they were all that to trample over him.

Following behind Su Yi, Su Mus.h.i.+ had a sketchy yet willful look on his face. “Dad, let’s go and look for Shen Xi now.”

Only by draining Shen Xi dry, could there then be hope to save the Su family.

“Mr. Su, hold on.” The court enforcer stopped them. “Please hand over any valuables on you.”

Su Yi turned black in the face. “That’s outrageous. Do I have to take off my clothes and give them to you too?”

“Please understand, Mr. Su. We’re only doing our job.” The court enforcer remained calm.

Sucking up all the raging fury, Su Yi slammed his wrist.w.a.tch on the table before shooting them the evil eye. “Just you wait. This will not be forgotten.”

Li Jingran and the Su brothers gave up all the expensive accessories on them with menacing expressions.

Everything inside the huge Su’s residence, valuable or not, was soon stuck with a seizing order. If the Su family did not pay up, these things were going to be publicly auctioned off.

Su Yi took the entire family to the garage only to find the cars were confiscated too. The two police officers, who stood watch, told the family to leave.

“Just you wait.” With a finger up their noses, Su Yi yelled at them and walked away. He would get his revenge on everyone who insulted him after he found Shen Xi and paid off the debt.

The family furiously tried to hail a cab at the entrance, but there was none in sight despite waiting for a long time.

This was a huge issue. People living in the villa compound drove their personal cars and taxis were not allowed inside. In the end, Su Mus.h.i.+ opened a ride-hailing app to book a ride.

Following the scandal, the Su family became a foul existence in the whole of China. Since anyone who had surfed the web would recognize them, they covered their faces with masks before getting into the cab.

Su Yi lectured the family in the car. “You better watch your att.i.tude when you talk to Shen Xi later. Just beg her to help us, get it?”

Shen Xi would never have left the Su family had they treated her right. If Shen Xi had stayed put in the family, the Su family would be able to pull through the predicament they were in now.

“Dad, what if she refuses to help us even if we beg her?” Su Mus.h.i.+ asked.

The vile brat, Shen Xi, did not have a heart, so there was no point in being nice to her. He believed the threat would work on Shen Xi.

“How would you know she’d refuse?” Su Yi gave them a dirty look. They were useless pieces of sh*t. Why were these good-for-nothings his? The only capable child he had was pushed aside by them.

Had Su Yi known Shen Xi would have such achievements, he would never have abandoned her for Su Ruowan.

“I’m just saying, what if.” Su Mus.h.i.+ had no confidence as he had the feeling that Shen Xi would not budge. They could only fight fire with fire when it came to Shen Xi.

“There are no what-ifs. Su Yi wickedly curled his lips. “She’s my daughter. It’s only right she pays for me. Even if we go to court, the law will take my side.”

Shen Xi should pay his debts. The money she earned and the a.s.sets under her name should be his.

Li Jingran listened to the conversation between the father and son while hanging her head low to hide the bitter hatred in her eyes. She clenched her fists but said nothing.

Her husband was right. Shen Xi should help them to return the money. Whether it was the present or the future, Shen Xi was the daughter of the Su family. There was no escaping from the ident.i.ty. This was her fate. The law would make her pay their debts. This was the price Shen Xi had to pay since Li Jingran birthed her and gave her life.

Meanwhile, a special message interrupted the broadcast playing on the radio. The host excitedly announced the latest buzz. “We bring to you an update on the entertainment news. Su Ruowan lays it all out on Weibo that she’s not the biological daughter of Su Yi and Li Jingran. Her plagiarizing stunt on National Idol was encouraged by others rather than her intent. She apologized to everyone who was hurt by this event and hoped the public would forgive her as her lack of will and beliefs had put her in this situation.”

Li Jingran’s dreaded complexion turned pale as though death had her by the throat. Letting out a whimper, she shook her head in despair. “No. Impossible. Wanwan would never say such a thing. It’s impossible.”

Color washed off Su Yi and the Su brothers’ faces as anger, shock, sorrow, and despair sat in. The host’s a.n.a.lysis and the feeling of betrayal were setting their hearts on fire and fueling their rage.

Su Ruowan was a traitor. How could she say such a thing? Was she trying to cut ties with the Su family because they were on a decline? Well, she wished.

“Honey, it’s a fake. It can’t be true.” Li Jingran refused to believe that the sensible daughter she loved so much would say and do this to them. Li Jingran pulled Su Yi’s arm. “Honey, someone must be threatening her. She was coerced into saying that! Wanwan’s my daughter. She’s my daughter!”

She could not believe that Wanwan would strike a blow straight to her heart when the Su family was at its hardest. She was too well-behaved, sensible, and kind to do something like that.

Su Yi coldly scoffed. Gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, he hissed, “Su Ruowan!”

Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 688 – By Su Yi’s Admission, Shen Xi Is Li Jingran and His Daughter

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Chapter 688: By Su Yi’s Admission, Shen Xi Is Li Jingran and His Daughter

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

By the time Shen Xi cleared the Su family debt, Su Muyan would emerge as the Su family’s only heir. Even if the secret about Shen Xi was exposed, she could always write and sell another script under a different pen name. It was as easy as that.

Her styling and design talent should not be put to waste either. By changing her name, Shen Xi could still be the genius stylist she was and his money tree.

Time pa.s.sed quickly.

Su Yi waited for a call back from Shen Xi while Shen Xi, who had been absent for two weeks, returned to campus.

After her cover as Ms. Cai Ni and Screenwriter Cloud Seven were blown away two days ago at the press conference, Shen Xi became the big shot on campus. Receiving more attention than celebrities wherever she went, Shen Xi was recognized by every pa.s.ser-by.

Hence, she had to walk into school all suited up with a mask and No one was able to identify her as she made her way in.

Her roommate Yan Xiaoxiao and Jiang Xuanxuan had just gotten off from cla.s.s when Shen Xi arrived at the dormitory. The roommates were enjoying rice noodles and spicy hotpot while binge-watching a TV series as Shen Xi walked through the door. They were first stunned.

“Xixi?” Yan Xiaoxiao was the first to get a grip as she put down the noodles in her hands and stealthily bolted to close and lock the door.

Having gotten over the shock, Jiang Xuanxuan eagerly urged. “Hurry up. Don’t let anyone see you.”

Shen Xi smiled at them before placing two huge plastic bags plus two gifts on the table. “Have you been pestered a lot in the last two days?”

“It’s no biggie.” Yan Xiaoxiao may look like she found a confidante, but she held back from talking much since she did not want Shen Xi to worry. “Not many came. There are a few nosey girls, but that’s about it.”

“That’s how people are. The novelty will wear off soon enough.” Jiang Xuanxuan nodded with sincere eyes.

Nothing major had happened other than someone banging the door in the middle of the night. Everyone came to ask about Screenwriter Cloud Seven and Ms. Cai Ni while a handful asked if Xixi was the daughter of the Su family.

“Xuanxuan’s right, but you shouldn’t have come. You might want to lay low since you’re going viral everywhere.” Yan Xiaoxiao echoed the concern. As a certified foodie, Yan Xiaoxiao’s eyes went straight to the food with complete disregard for the gifts. “You bought us enough to last a month.”

Shen Xi raised her brow. “Enough for a month?”

Judging by these girls’ appet.i.te, they would finish everything in a week. A month? Ha!

“These must be K Town’s specialties.” With a sparkle in her eyes, Jiang Xuanxuan joined in scrabbling through the junk food. Xixi was Screenwriter Cloud Seven. Everybody knew that the production of Lady Luck was going on in K Town.

The pair gazed at the junk food and then the gifts. Shen Xi gave them each a jade bracelet. Although they did not know much about jades, they could tell that these bracelets were worth a lot of money.

“Xixi, we can’t accept this gift.” Yan Xiaoxiao simply could not accept such a valuable gift. The food was good enough.

“That’s right. I can be careless. What if I break it?” Jiang Xuanxuan bobbed her head in agreement. It was plain to see that the jade bracelet was expensive.

“Think of it as compensation for your emotional damage.” Shen Xi said with a smile, “Take it. The bracelet is unique to K Town. Don’t worry. I have money.”

Yan Xiaoxiao and Jiang Xuanxuan exchanged glances and took off to their own closets. After a good rummaging, they each carried a gift bag over.

“Xixi, this is a birthday gift we bought for you. We thought we’d see you back in school, but you were away.” Yan Xiaoxiao presented the gift to Shen Xi.

“Happy belated birthday.” Jiang Xuanxuan handed the present to her.

Sure, they could not afford an extravagant gift, but it was the thought that counted.

“Thank you.” Shen Xi took the gifts and expressed her grat.i.tude.

“Don’t be a stranger.” Yan Xiaoxiao then asked, “Have you eaten? Join us. Do you want to order a delivery? I could get food for you from the cafeteria too. What do you fancy?”

“I’ll order on the food app.” Shen Xi grabbed a chair and sat right next to them. She whipped out her phone and inquired, “Do you want to eat fried chicken?”

Yan Xiaoxiao and Jiang Xuanxuan nodded in unison. “Yes!”

Shen Xi tapped on the good food, knowing that the girls would clean the plate even if she could not.

Jiang Xuanxuan and Yan Xiaoxiao had questions bugging them, but they knew better than to ask. Of course, they were curious about Shen Xi’s relations.h.i.+p with Su Yi and Li Jingran.

They had no idea what was in other people’s minds, but having spent a lot of time with Shen Xi, it had not gone unnoticed that Shen Xi had an uncanny resemblance to Li Jingran. Besides, it was not hard to connect the dots as Su Ruowan had a strange relations.h.i.+p with Shen Xi.

The delivery took a while.

Yan Xiaoxiao was on her phone, scrolling through Weibo when something caught her eyes and froze her. She stared at her phone with widened eyes while her hands clenched tighter and tighter.

Sitting right beside her, Jiang Xuanxuan immediately took notice of her state. She drew close and smacked her. “Xiaoxiao, what’s up with you?”

“Um… Um… Um…” Yan Xiaoxiao appeared startled as she stumbled for words. With trembling hands, she pa.s.sed the phone to Jiang Xuanxuan. “Look at this.”

Without taking the phone, Jiang Xuanxuan took a glance at the t.i.tle in huge and bold letters. “By Su Yi’s admission, Shen Xi, also Screenwriter Cloud Seven and Ms. Cai Ni, is Li Jingran and his daughter.”

A picture was attached below with the caption. “DNA test result.”

The DNA test confirmed in black and white that Li Jingran was Shen Xi’s mother.

Jiang Xuanxuan’s mind was blown. Following the shock, her dilated pupils moved to the time. Su Yi used his personal Weibo account to post a minute ago.

Yan Xiaoxiao gazed at Jiang Xuanxuan, asking what they should do about it. By the corner of her eyes, she caught a glimpse of Shen Xi immersed in a game on the sofa. Should they tell her about it? Shen Xi would soon see the news.

In the past two days, she and Xuanxuan had done a lot of thinking and a.s.sumed many hypotheses. They had met Xixi’s parents and brother Yu Yuanxi who were nice people. If Xixi was the Su family’s daughter, it would mean that Mr. and Mrs. Shen were her adoptive parents.

This scenario of a love-hate relations.h.i.+p among the wealthy was a cliché drama plot.. Needless to say, Xixi definitely did not get along with the Su family.