Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 683 – Ms. Cai Ni!

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Chapter 683: Ms. Cai Ni!

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With no skills to match, Su Muyan depended on hyping and ghostwriters to earn the t.i.tle of the musically gifted. He was known to be wild in his private life, and soon there would be people rallying to testify against him for s.e.xual a.s.sault. Even if he did not end up behind bars, his life could only be spent lurking in the darkness. Calling him Public Enemy No. 1 was flattering him.

As for Su Yi, he was out of business and had nothing to his name. If he knew better, he would kneel before Yuan Heng and Grandpa Heng’s grave and offer his life as penance.

Su Ruowan was delusional to think she could rely on Cloud Seven and the TV series to get on with her life. She sure had everything figured out. Well, too bad Shen Xi was going to shatter her dreams and deprive her of everything. Even if Shen Xi saw it in her heart to forgive Su Ruowan, the Su family would not.

There was a knock on the door to the dressing room.

Kun Lun walked in and approached Li Yuan, lowering his head to whisper in Li Yuan’s ear.

Shen Xi had a great hearing. Although no one could hear the conversation, she picked up on it. She voiced out when Li Yuan gazed over. “Let them in. Don’t worry about them.”

Su Yi and Su Muxuan were on their way to the press conference to catch Su Ruowan. Fearing revenge from the Su family, Su Ruowan had been in hiding for the past two days.

Since Shen Xi had intel on Su Ruowan’s whereabouts, she could give the address to the Su family. However, Shen Xi had been waiting to see the day Su Ruowan fall apart, and it was going to happen in the press conference today.

Su Ruowan’s expression must be interesting when all her plans and self-righteousness were to crumble at the sight of Shen Xi later.

“Sure, Ms. Shen,” Kun Lun respectably replied.

Shen Xi then added. “Give them a little gift when they arrive later. Get the police to ambush and arrest Su Muxuan on the spot.”

She had intended to expose Su Muxuan’s murder cases after the press conference. Now it seemed the reveal at the press conference presented itself as the perfect occasion.

“Of course.” Kun Lun excused himself to make relevant arrangements.

Apart from Ruan Sisi who had an inkling of the situation, the remaining two a.s.sistants had no idea what Shen Xi was talking about.

However, these two a.s.sistants were hand-picked by Ruan Sisi and could be trusted. Ruan Sisi had confidence they would keep their mouths closed instead of blabbering away.

As time drew close to the press conference, the excitement began to stir within the crowd.

Su Ruowan, who had disappeared for two days, wore a mask and as she sat together with the cast. She nervously waited for the conference to begin.

More than anyone there, she was breaking out in cold sweat. To her, the press conference was like a court verdict on her fate.

Su Ruowan tried to convince herself to have faith in Screenwriter Cloud Seven to not forsake her in a bid to give in to the public. However, she knew there was no point in hoping as nothing was certain until Screenwriter Cloud Seven had given a clear-cut answer.

Screenwriter Cloud Seven was finally going to announce his decision to the public today. Su Ruowan had to witness it with her own eyes and listen with her own ears. Despite knowing that her appearance here posed a risk to be discovered by the Su family, she came anyway.

Sitting nearby, Lin Chan was having a discussion with Hu Zheng, the director, in a hushed voice when Su Ruowan took strides over. It took Lin Chan by surprise. She bet everyone else did not think Su Ruowan would come as well.

After all that had happened two days ago, Lin Chan heard Su Mus.h.i.+ was resuscitated, and now he was in a coma under observation in the intensive care unit. There was no telling whether he would be out of the woods.

The Su family was not going to let the matter slide after what Su Ruowan did to Su Mus.h.i.+. In the past two days, Su Yi and Su Muxuan had dropped by the set multiple times to look for Su Ruowan. Su Ruowan was bold to show her face here.

Hu Zheng was not surprised by Su Ruowan’s appearance. Since the downfall of the Su family, Su Ruowan had proven herself to be cold-blooded and more than met the eyes. Her course of actions thereafter validated that point. If nothing else, she had great psychological endurance.

She was here to ascertain whether Screenwriter Cloud Seven would pick or ditch her. However, no one would know what the decision was until the very last minute.

The host of the event came onto the stage and shared a brief introduction, thanking everybody for coming. He then said with a smile, “And now, we’d like to invite Screenwriter Cloud Seven to the stage.”

Everyone was fixated on the stage. There was a table in the middle of the stage with a name tent card on top – Cloud Seven.

It meant that the director, investor, and cast would not be speaking at the press conference. Only Cloud Seven himself would be answering everyone’s questions.

Balling her fists, Su Ruowan stared at the backstage where Cloud Seven would appear from while holding her breath.

Hu Zheng gave Su Ruowan a sympathetic look. He was probably the only person in the entire hall that knew Screenwriter Cloud Seven was Ms. Cai Ni, who was also Shen Xi.

Lin Chan, like everyone else, had all eyes on the stage with antic.i.p.ation and expectation. She was about to see Screenwriter Cloud Seven in person.

A figure emerged from the left side of the stage. The crowd first caught a glimpse of the person in business attire commanding the room with an aloof mien.

She had such a radiant and overpowering presence that her face was not the first focus. Once they had a closer look at her ice-queen face, their breaths were taken away.


It was a strong and charismatic beauty that held people back from defiling. She was like a queen attending to her people that mortals could only look up in awe without daring to conjure any thoughts of disrespect.

For a moment, it fired everyone with great enthusiasm. Be it the reporters, cast, or the production crew who stuck around, everyone was whispering about her astounding looks.

“Ms. Cai Ni!”

Someone in the crowd gasped, having recognized the woman. It was one of the production crew who had seen Ms. Cai Ni at work. However, Ms. Cai Ni was a sight to behold even at the time without any makeup on.

Ms. Cai Ni with a painted face displayed a more elegant and glamorous side to her.

“Why is Ms. Cai Ni here?”

With one person pointing that out, the realization hit everybody in the face. They completely lost themselves in the woman’s beauty and brilliant presence.

“Was Ms. Cai Ni invited to the press conference too? Does she know Screenwriter Cloud Seven?”

Although puzzled, some people had a hunch, but they did not have the nerve to put two and two together as these two profiles were such brilliant existences.

Ordinary people with any one of these profiles would make them a genius.. If these two individuals were the same person, that would be sick and probably only existed in a world of fantasy.

Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 689 – FuQingli: @SuYi Not Everyone’s Your Daughter

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Chapter 689: FuQingli: @SuYi Not Everyone’s Your Daughter

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shen Xi quickly picked on the weird look on the girls’ faces. Finding it odd, she glanced at them. “What’s wrong, girls?”

Yan Xiaoxiao looked at Jiang Xuanxuan.

Clenching her phone, Jiang Xuanxuan approached Shen Xi and handed the phone over after much hesitation. “Xixi, why don’t you take a look?”

The post was trending and made headlines in a matter of seconds. Xixi was going to find out sooner or later even if they held their tongue. They might as well let it out now.

Yan Xiaoxiao drew close but clung to Jiang Xuanxuan’s arm without a word.

Although Su Yi and Li Jingran were ruined and had earned themselves a bad name, they were still making a last-ditch effort to drag Xixi into the mess. It was plain to see that they never saw Shen Xi as their biological daughter. It was no wonder they never acknowledged Xixi as part of the family.

Did they not spoil and dote on Su Ruowan? Su Ruowan posted on Weibo to dissociate herself from them two days ago. Su Yi and Li Jingran brought it upon themselves.

Shen Xi remained quiet as she scrolled through the comments. With intrigue, she zoomed in on the DNA test result. It never crossed her mind that the Su family still kept the piece of paper.

She thought Su Yi could hold out for a few more days, at least until her stipulated time frame with Fu Qingli was over before making the statement on Weibo. Shen Xi overestimated Su Yi. He was already restless in two days.

Pei Xu gave her a call in the morning, saying that Su Yi demanded that she call him by one o’clock today. Otherwise, he was not to be blamed for what was to come.

Su Yi sure dropped a bombsh.e.l.l this time. Shen Xi’s family ties had been the center of controversy in the last few days, but Su Yi denied she was one of his own. The story was going nowhere without proof. It was not like the netizens could stand behind a baseless claim.

Yet now, Su Yi attached a DNA test result on Weibo, proving Shen Xi’s relations.h.i.+p with them. Even if the public was in disbelief, they could no longer take Shen Xi’s side with the solid evidence put out there.

A specialist body came forth and verified the DNA test result’s authenticity as someone tagged the DNA certification inst.i.tute who did the test then. As an impartial organization, they gave an affirmative response that the DNA test result was real.

For a moment, sensation stirred beyond the internet community, surpa.s.sing that of Su Yi and Li Jingran’s scandal. The public put Shen Xi on blast, demanding that she come out with the truth.

Yan Xiaoxiao and Jiang Xuanxuan held their breaths.

In the end, Yan Xiaoxiao mustered the courage and cautiously asked Shen Xi, “Xixi, is what Su Yi said on Weibo true?”

Shen Xi kept mum, not knowing what to say to them. Now was not the time to come clean, so she would let Su Yi enjoy the moment, but it would not be for long.

“Don’t worry, Xixi. No matter what, we have your back.” Putting on a straight face, Jiang Xuanxuan gave her word. Seeing that Shen Xi was silent, she added. “We know you have your reasons. Do you want to clear the air?”

The Su family threw mud at her just because she was connected to them by blood. It was going too far and inhumane of them. If they even cared for her in the slightest, they would never put Xixi in such a position.

Yan Xiaoxiao bobbed her head. With her eyeb.a.l.l.s nearly popping out of her sockets when she refreshed the page, she stuttered in a fl.u.s.ter, “Xixi, Xixi! Refresh your page. Come on, refresh. Look what took over the trending list.”

A minute ago, the internet was going crazy over Su Yi’s confirmation that Shen Xi was his daughter.

The next minute, another Weibo post made a grand entrance.

Weibo handler – FuQingli.


The name was legend. Anyone who was a fan of Fu Qingye the Movie Star would know that this person was the head and powerful figure of the Fu household, and Fu Qingye’s eldest brother.

Since Jiang Xuanxuan’s phone was with Shen Xi, she had to share Yan Xiaoxiao’s phone screen. Fu Qingli’s name threw her off, but soon, she shrieked in shock. “Fu Qingli?! That Fu Qingli?! Qingye’s eldest brother, Fu Qingli?!”

Following Yan Xiaoxiao’s suggestion, Shen Xi refreshed the trending list and found a name standing out in the top spot – Fu Qingli.

[FuQingli: @SuYi Not everyone’s your daughter. @ShenXi Let me introduce to all that this is my sister.]

Beneath the post were two DNA tests, confirming the biological father and mother.

Jiang Xuanxuan and Yan Xiaoxiao were dumbstruck.

Shen Xi was in a daze. Why did Fu Qingli let the cat out of the bag? Did he not say to wait for a week? It had only been four days, yet here he was, blabbing it out. How were they supposed to catch the perpetrator now?

The news sent many on a whirlwind of emotions. The information was so great they could not register it in their minds. Clicking on Fu Qingli’s account on Weibo, his profile was shown front and center as the CEO of Fu Corporation.

The Weibo account was just registered, and this was his first post.

Everyone was wondering if Fu Corporation was referring to the internationally renowned and fabulously wealthy Fu family? Was it the Fu family to whom Fu Qingye the Movie Star belonged?

The netizens who came across the post were not the only ones whose jaws dropped.

Meanwhile, at the Fu residence.

Fu Handing lost his cool when he saw the post. With a solemn look on his face, he immediately dialed Fu Qingli’s number. His voice was shaking. “Fu Qingli, when did you find out?”

Even though Fu Qingli knew Xixi was their family’s baby, the b*stard withheld the information from them. What was he trying to do? Did he hate Xixi so much that he did not want the family to know and accept her back?

Sitting beside him, Shangguan Yanqiu was choked up in tears. She read Fu Qingli’s post through her blurry vision as tears fell on the phone screen.

Qingli… Crossed the line! How could he do this to her!

Fu Qingxuan was in the lab when he came across the post. Losing his grip, the phone fell flat on the floor in a loud thud.

Deep in a trance, he could not believe his eyes as he was fixated on his phone screen with one knee on the ground. His eyes quickly turned red as he burst into tears, forgetting where he was.

He gave his colleagues who were working in the laboratory a fright. They exchanged looks, at a loss of what to do. One of them went over to ask what had happened, but Fu Qingxuan picked up his phone and bolted out of the lab.

At the photoshoot for an international fas.h.i.+on magazine.

After reading the post, Jing Yu turned his eyes to Fu Qingye who was in the shoot. With ants in his pants, Jing Yu was in two minds whether to stop the shoot. Fu Qingye had just gotten himself into the zone, and everything was running smoothly. Fu Qingye would have to find that feeling again if he was interrupted now.

In the end, Jing Yu weighed the pros and cons before making up his mind.. Without hesitation, he called a time-out and rushed to Fu Qingye.

Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 677 – Su Mushi’s Coming

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Chapter 677: Su Mus.h.i.+’s Coming

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shen Xi paused in motion and asked, “Is Fu Qingli onto something?”

Li Yuan shook her head while his voice carried a chilling undertone. “We’re not making much progress so we’re switching leads.”

The mastermind was indeed once behind the disappearance of his fair lady and Mr. Jin Yu. Their execution was squeaky clean and left no trace. Otherwise, Fu Qingli, despite his incompetency, would have found something by now.

Nevertheless, he could deduce based on recent investigations that the perpetrator was coldblooded and would stop at nothing. His fair lady’s sudden appearance seemed to be unexpected in the perpetrator’s plans.

They wanted her dead back then but somehow, the culprit was unsuccessful, so his fair lady ran free. The recent event was the perpetrator’s doing again.

The mastermind must not have known much sooner than Fu Qingli did about Shen Xi. Hence, they were trying to get to Shen Xi before Fu Qingli found her. Dead men told no tales, after all.

Shen Xi said nothing as she fell into deep thought. The perpetrator must be deep undercover if Li Yuan and Fu Qingli could not get to them. To be able to prey on her and Uncle Jin Yu, she suspected that they must be lurking around the Fu family.

Li Yuan studied the girl’s solemn face and read her mind. “I think you’ve figured out who this person is. It has to be someone who can get close to you and Uncle Jin Yu, which means they’re someone close to the Fu family.”

The Fu family was a huge household. Although immediate family members were scarce, there were way too many extended members who were vying to get ahead and take power. It could be any one of them.

“Yes.” Shen Xi nodded. It was without a doubt.

Surely, if she and Li Yuan could think of it, Fu Qingli must have thought the same.

That mastermind had to be caught. It would become a bigger problem if the perpetrator was not arrested and went deeper into hiding.

While the pair were in conversation about whoever was behind it, the computer screen displayed the sudden chaos that befell the set. A woman was screaming.

Shen Xi looked over and saw Su Mus.h.i.+’s menacing and murderous expression as he said something to Su Ruowan. He approached Su Ruowan and pulled her away by the hair.

In tears, Su Ruowan pleaded for him to let go and begged the people around to save her from Su Mus.h.i.+. However, it only prompted Su Mus.h.i.+ to clamp tighter to her hair and drag her forward.

Sitting on the sidelines, the intrigued onlookers did not come forth to stop him.

Li Yuan viewed the monitor and asked, “Do you want to go over?”

Shaking her head, Shen Xi observed the screen in contempt. After Su Ruowan was hauled out of view, she offhandedly said, “No.”

Su Mus.h.i.+ was not a nice guy. It was unlike Su Mus.h.i.+ to leave Su Ruowan alone after his beloved sister had forsaken them while the family was drowning in debt. He might just beat her to death. Shen Xi was going to let them tear into each other.

On set, the cast and staff members watched Su Mus.h.i.+ drag Su Ruowan away before exchanging glances and whispering among themselves.

It was their family affair. No one wanted to poke their nose and get themselves into the mess.

Su Ruowan was a heartless ingrate to disa.s.sociate herself from the Su family on the same day the family bankrupted. Anyone who was abandoned by those dearest to them during their hardest, let alone the Su family, would not be able to take the betrayal sitting down.

The Su family might be wicked, but they were still the family who raised Su Ruowan. Although Li Jingran and Su Yi let the whole world down, they always did right by her. It was scary to think Su Ruowan was ruthless by nature.

With Su Ruowan’s cries for help soon fading into the background, calm returned to the set.

Hu Zheng instructed the crew to get ready as though the earlier scene had never happened.

Su Mus.h.i.+ forcibly yanked Su Ruowan all the way out, turning a blind ear to her crying pleas. Once they reached a quiet place, he hurled her to the ground, but his hand still held tightly to her hair and was unafraid to rip her scalp off as he stared her down. “Su Ruowan, why are you doing this? When did we ever do you wrong?”

Su Ruowan stopped all the yelling. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she was forced to look up to him. She groaned in agony as the pain set in, albeit her head became clearer. She tried to find the words. “Mus.h.i.+, I only did it for the good of the family.”

Beyond livid, Su Mus.h.i.+ laughed and tugged her hair to make her stand up. Gazing at her blue and purple face, he growled through clenched teeth, “For the good of the family?”

She had not lost her silver tongue to talk her way out of it. Did she think he and the family would still believe her?

“I did it for our family.” Su Ruowan gave him a hurtful look while she ran scenarios of chopping Su Mus.h.i.+ to bits and cussed Shen Xi for her inability to destroy the Su family in her mind. Between wails, Su Ruowan explained, “I only did it to remain in s…o…b..z so I can pay off the family’s debt and repay Mom and Dad for raising me.

“Mus.h.i.+, I’m not ungrateful. Think about it. Who else can bring home the money if I’m tied with you? What will happen to you, Mom, Dad, Muxuan, and Muyan? We’d be done for.”

She recalled that fallen businesses would have their valuables seized by the courts. The bank accounts would be frozen while identification cards were sealed from any access. Travel would not be possible either.

Su Mus.h.i.+ was penniless, and his identification card was also frozen. How was he able to come all the way here?

“Do you think I would believe you?” Su Mus.h.i.+ yanked her hair with one hand and strangled her neck with the other. As madness and resentment ran rampant in his eyes, he choked her with all his might.

Su Ruowan appeared to have resigned to her fate as she closed her eyes and let him have his way. She could not resist because she needed Su Mus.h.i.+ to believe her. Otherwise, she was dead meat.

She trusted her acting should be able to fool a brainless nincomp.o.o.p like Su Mus.h.i.+. He would not try anything on her.

“B*tch! You’re a heartless b*tch! I was good to you! I really thought of you as my own sister!” Su Mus.h.i.+ hysterically yelled, acting out all his emotions.

He was hovering at the edge of insanity as he got her in a death grip with bloodshot eyes.. The only thing in his mind was the shuddering thrill from killing her and watching her struggle and cry.

Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 675 – If They Had to Die, So Be It

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Chapter 675: If They Had to Die, So Be It

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At the end of the day, the Su family should just go to h.e.l.l.

“Do you hear me? Hurry up, open the door and let us in.” Su Yi barked arrogantly as though he was the man of the house.

“Try me and walk in the door. I’ll throw each one of you out.” Fang Chu finally broke the silence. His voice that bore a certain allure of gruffness rang in everyone’s ear like a death curse amid the howling night.

The murderous intent in the man’s voice sent chills down Su Yi’s spine. Shaking from head to toe, he tried to get a grip of himself as he convinced himself that Shen Xi’s people would not harm him since he was Shen Xi’s father. It was all a bluff. Su Yi remained lofty in att.i.tude. “Don’t you dare! My daughter, Shen Xi, will go after you if you lay a finger on me.”

Without a word, Fang Chu merely burst out laughing. His low guffaws echoed in the air with a chilling s.a.d.i.s.tic notion.

Su Muyan gazed at Su Yi with a savage, resolute, and fearful look on his face. “Dad, he has no qualms doing it. Why should we be kind when Shen Xi’s treating us like this? Worst comes to worst, we can all go down together if she still refuses to show up.”

The Su family was left with nothing. All their a.s.sets, reputation, career, and hope were gone. They had nothing to lose. If they had to die, so be it.

However, Shen Xi was a different story. She had a bright future ahead of her and adoptive parents whom she cared for, so she must be reluctant to forgo all of this. If they exposed her ident.i.ty, she would be forced to board the same sinking s.h.i.+p. They were going to take Shen Xi down with them.

“Shut up.” Su Yi was aware of that fact. He did not want to flash his trump card to threaten Shen Xi unless absolutely necessary.

Now was not the time. He needed to get to Shen Xi and discussed with her the pros and cons to sway her with reasoning and emotions. She would know the right choice to make if she was not stupid.

If she remained headstrong against his request and decided to ignore blood ties, he could then pull out his trump card.

“Dad, why are you still hesitating?” Frustrated, Su Muyan pointed at his leg. “Her men broke my leg and yet you still have expectations she’d do right by us. She won’t help us. I’d get on my knees and beg her if she does.”

Shen Xi and his so-called friends were all the same. His best buddies bailed on him, refusing to even loan them money for a hotel stay when the Su family was facing bankruptcy. Su Muyan had a good idea of how the world went around now.

Su Muyan was willing to give anything to revive the Su family to their former glory.

Su Muxuan took a few deep breaths to muster the courage before solemnly uttering, “Dad, Mom’s having a fever. It’s cold out here. I’m afraid she might not last any longer. Muyan’s leg is broken and needs treatment right away. We have to go with Muyan’s idea.”

Red streaks ran all over Su Yi’s eyes as a complex of emotions overwhelmed him. Glancing at his wife and sons at the door, he clenched his fists and made a decision. “You people in there, listen up! I know you can get in touch with Shen Xi. Tell her that if she doesn’t meet us and provide us with help, we’ll expose her true ident.i.ty to the media by morning.”

People would talk and rumors could be fatal. There were many keyboard warriors attacking their family online and Shen Xi, as their daughter, would not be spared of the same fate since she shared their bloodline. Shen Xi would end up like them – berated and boycotted.

If that were to happen, her life and career would be over. Then Shen Xi would be implicated and dragged down to h.e.l.l alongside them.

It was not known whether the people in the courtyard heard Su Yi as they did not give a response.

The bitter snowy night resumed its serenity with snowflakes fluttering down in the background.

Su Yi, who camped out in the neighborhood’s parking lot, arrived once more at Shen Xi’s home first thing in the morning. He was about to shout when footsteps trailed behind him. It was a tall man in a suit, holding a package in hand.

The man soon drew close and handed over a package. “Mr. Su. Ms. Shen asked me to give you this.”

Su Yi knew what it was at a glance. It was money. With the Su family bankrupting, the family had their bank accounts frozen. They could not use their cards or perform bank transfers. They could only use cash.

After taking the money, Su Yi was back to his bossy self. “When did she say she’ll meet me?”

The man looked at him. “Ms. Shen is busy at the moment and will return next week. Please wait another two days.”

Pleased, Su Yi nodded his head. He could tell that there was at least 100 thousand yuan in cash to last the family until next week. At least she knew how to take the hint.

The man watched Su Yi take off with the money before making his way to a car parked nearby. Gazing at the man cuddling with a cat in the car, he asked, “Mr. Fang, why must Ms. Shen give him money?”

Fang Chu smiled while gently stroking Toffeecito in his arms. “Only with hope would men suffer at the arrival of despair.”

It was naïve for the Su family to turn on Ms. Shen. G.o.d knows if they would regret having ever lived when they were to find out that Ms. Shen’s man was Boss.

There was no heating in the parking lot, but the place sheltered them from the wind and snow.

Su Yi returned with the money carrying a skip in his steps and a smile on his face.

Su Mus.h.i.+ went up to him. “Dad, did Shen Xi come?”

Su Yi grinned. “She had someone give me 100 thousand yuan.”

With his eyes lighting up, Su Muxuan wickedly said in delight, “Now she’s scared. We should look for her next.”

He knew it. Of course, Shen Xi would feel fear. She was a girl who did not know better anyway. Look, she caved in at the slightest intimidation.

Su Mus.h.i.+ paused before turning to Su Yi. Resentment was surging behind his eyes. “Dad, give me a thousand yuan. I need to look for Su Ruowan.”

It was time for payback.. Even if he had to go to the ends of the earth, Su Mus.h.i.+ had to question Su Ruowan in the face. Why did she betray them at a time like this? He wanted to kill her!

Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 682 – Lady Luck’s Press Conference

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Chapter 682: Lady Luck’s Press Conference

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Muyan was reading the latest news on Weibo, scrolling on until he came across the article about Screenwriter Cloud Seven’s first press conference happening on Sunday at 2:00 PM. He tapped on the post to read more.

In the comments section, the keyboard warriors were yelling profanities at Su Ruowan, boycotting, and demanding her to quit the production and s…o…b..z altogether. Delighted by the comments, he switched to his alternate account and joined in on the abuse.

The attention on the Su family had decreased because the family stayed on the low down and kept away from the public eye. However, the breaking news about Su Mus.h.i.+ reignited the netizen’s self-righteous and nosy nature. Apart from insults being thrown around, there were many talks of conspiracy theories.

Su Ruowan’s plan was to keep a low profile after clearing the air. Her new TV series should hit the screens after the Su family’s scandal died down with n.o.body caring about it anymore. She could then emerge in a new light before the public.

To her dismay, Su Mus.h.i.+ came looking for her and stirred a huge hubbub. With the news breaking out, she once again found herself in the spotlight and in the face of public criticism.

The netizens immersed themselves in the Su family’s drama while antic.i.p.ating Screenwriter Cloud Seven’s press conference. They were eager to find out how he was going to handle Su Ruowan.

Many viewers made their stand that they were going to mobilize their people to boycott the production team, the networks, and the show if Su Ruowan were to continue to be in the production of Lady Luck.

The director, Hu Zheng’s mailbox had exploded in the last few days. He, a nameless director, was tagged more than a million times in every Weibo post and thousands of comments as the public protested for Su Ruowan to leave the production.

Sure, Hu Zheng had his thoughts and fretted over them, but he was one without authority, unlike other directors. The fate of the cast and the direction of the TV series were all in Screenwriter Cloud Seven’s hands.

However, Screenwriter Cloud Seven posted on Weibo last night that all pending issues would be addressed in a press conference. There had not been any further updates since then.

Hu Zheng was tempted to ask how Cloud Seven intended to go about the press conference. He wanted some insider knowledge and if any coordination was needed from the production team. Nevertheless, Screenwriter Cloud Seven had checked out of the room by the time he got there. Now that put him in a tough spot.

Like the rest of the people, Hu Zheng had to cluelessly wait for the press conference. Still, he could not help but hope that Screenwriter Cloud Seven would ditch Su Ruowan.

On Sunday, the production was halted in the morning to give way to the press conference. The production crew was not involved as Screenwriter Cloud Seven had arranged professionals to set the place up.

The production crew excitedly gathered around the conference site. Gazing at Screenwriter Cloud Seven’s plaque on the table on stage that was put together for the press conference, they went to lengths in a discussion.

Many of them were unaffected by yesterday’s events. Su Mus.h.i.+’s attempted murder of Su Ruowan was the talk of the town last night, so much so the timid was unable to get a shuteye. It had only been a day, but they had already left the nightmare behind.

Su Ruowan took leave for the last two days due to an injury. She did not attend the shoot, nor did she stay at the hotel. It was possible she was afraid the Su family might have had another go at her to pay blood with blood.

By one o’clock in the afternoon, the eager reporters successively entered the scene and took their seats. The reporters invited were proud as they were about to capture the first preview of the mysterious Screenwriter Cloud Seven in person.

The press conference was streamed live on all major platforms.

Other than reporters, the cast and key production members of Lady Luck were there too. It was not mandatory, but the extras and other production crew were allowed to watch on the sidelines. It was an open s.p.a.ce in the production studio anyway.

As for those who did not receive an invitation, the reporters did a good job keeping the location hush-hush. The uninvited could not attend the press conference even if they tried.

In a break room backstage, Shen Xi was going to manage her hair and makeup on her own, but Ruan Sisi was not having it. She brought along two a.s.sistants to doll Shen Xi up.

“The people out there will go mad when you make an entrance.” Ruan Sisi could not take her eyes away from Shen Xi who only had light makeup on.

Many trolls online were trolling Shen Xi, calling her ugly and ghastly. Hence, the reason a public appearance never happened. If her teacher was hideous, what would that make of regular people?

Shen Xi inquired with a smile, “Madness driven by fear?”

One nearby a.s.sistant was powdering Shen Xi’s face when she stopped midway to drool on her looks. The a.s.sistant was completely captivated by Shen Xi.

Oh gawd!

She was gorgeous!

Screenwriter Cloud Seven was a Greek G.o.ddess in the fles.h.!.+

“Go mad for your good looks.” Ruan Sisi smiled just thinking about it. The trolls online were about to eat their words. She then looked back at Li Yuan on the sofa before cautiously and respectfully saying, “My dear teacher’s partner, don’t you think so?”

She had met her teacher’s partner several times, and yet she was too afraid to look at him, let alone speak to him. His presence alone was overbearing for her to take.

Nodding with a smile, Li Yuan turned to his fair lady who had her back against him. “That’s right.”

Pleased, Ruan Sisi styled Shen Xi’s hair. “I bet you’d rule s…o…b..z if you get into the business. No one can compare to your beauty.”

Of course, the same concept applied to her teacher’s lover. Their physical attractiveness was one in a million. It was a shame they were not in s…o…b..z. Ruan Sisi wanted her teacher and her teacher’s partner to be widely known in the world for their looks just like Mr. Fu the Movie Star.

Shen Xi gave Ruan Sisi a straight answer. “I had once intended to go into s…o…b..z.”

Looking at Shen Xi in surprise, Ruan Sisi was waiting for her to continue. However, the latter did not have more to add, leaving Ruan Sisi in suspense and itching to find out.

Shen Xi gazed at herself in the mirror as the chilling glint flickered in her eyes. It was time to end things with the Su family after the press conference. Their life and death were no longer a concern of hers thereafter.

With Li Jingran going mad and Su Mus.h.i.+ taking a shot and surviving in a comatose state, the family would not last for long without money.

Su Muxuan would soon be arrested for murder.. Judging by how the Su family was knee-deep in controversy, it would be hard to appease the public rage if the courts did not sentence him with a death penalty.

Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 671 – It’s Only Natural for the Children to Pay the Father’s Debt

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Chapter 671: It’s Only Natural for the Children to Pay the Father’s Debt

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shen Xi’s eyes lit up when her eyes fell on the photo and video. “We have to post them. We have to post them for sure. Let’s wait until Su Ruowan makes the announcement before we post them. I’ll send them to my brother so he can take care of it.”

This was good. She and Yuan Yu only heard that Su Muyan could really let it loose in the clubs and nearly caused death multiple times. Alas, there was no proof.

Yuan Yu’s investigations later led him to a paparazzo. It was said that the paparazzo had evidence of Su Muyan’s activity in the club, but the paparazzo disappeared before he could get to him. It was like the paparazzo vanished into thin air. People who were familiar with the paparazzo said that he blackmailed someone and took the money to migrate abroad.

Shen Xi’s gut was telling her that something was not right, but it never occurred to her that the paparazzo did not migrate at all. Instead, Su Muxuan ordered his death. This was huge. Following the release of this news, the Su couple would be screwed deeper into the rabbit hole. There was no escaping the death penalty for Su Muxuan too.

Meanwhile, the Su family was thrown into turmoil by the arrival of the court enforcers and police.

With derangement written all over his bloodshot eyes, Su Yi grabbed a knife and blocked the door. “Don’t you dare step a foot in. You can’t seize my property. I’m warning you. I’m about to close the deal with the Li family. It’s a 100-billion-yuan deal. Do you know that? 100 billion! I bet you paupers have never seen that kind of money. Do you know the Li family? Laying a finger on me means you’re going against the Li family. I can promise you the Li family will end you.”

Behind him was Li Jingran and the Su brothers looking rather ghastly. They gave the incoming police a dirty look.

The police walked up and solemnly told Su Yi off. “Mr. Su, please cooperate with us. Otherwise, we will arrest you for obstruction.”

This movie star and famous entrepreneur had always presented himself in a cultured demeanor on TV and business reports. It never crossed their minds that his true face was terrifying like a lunatic.

Perhaps he could not accept his bankruptcy and the debts he carried. Such was the behavior of the wealthy. These rich people put themselves on a pedestal and were too caught up in the glitzy lifestyle to think about rainy days.

Many wound up this way when bankruptcy crept upon them. In comparison to Su Yi, there were people who had gone off the deeper end. The police were used to it.

“I’m not broke. I’m not. I’m about to sign a contract with the Li Corporation. How dare you do this to me! I’ll make sure you pay for this.” Su Yi was having a complete meltdown with all sanity eaten away. He could not accept everything that was happening before his eyes.

He was not bankrupt. The Su family would rise again and come back better than before if the contract with Li Corporation was signed. He firmly believed in that.

The court enforcers glanced at the police. “We will enter by force.”

The Su family commanded respect in public. Looking at the two once exalted film stars, one was now a mad man while the other was skin and bones, nothing like how she was before.

Humans should not do bad because G.o.d was watching. Karma was bound to hit back and there it was. It was pitiful that some people refused to face reality.

“Dad, stop it.” Su Muxuan stepped forward to pull Su Yi back.

Having been pushed to the limit, Su Yi turned to Su Muxuan while huffing heavily. He was still unable to let go. “Xuan, tell them. You tell them. We’re about to sign a contract with the Li family. With the contract, our family will rub shoulders with the upper cla.s.s. Am I right?”

He had already had it in the bag this morning as he was supposed to put his signature on the contract at nine o’clock. Yet, how did everything end up like this? How!?

Yuan Yu. It was all that little sh*t’s fault! Of all the times he could have done it, Yuan Yu chose to release the news last night and fouled his partners.h.i.+p with the Li family. The little sh*t drove him to a dead end.

By the way things were looking, Li Corporation was unlikely to go through with the deal. Su Yi’s life was ruined since he owed a lot of money. He could not think of any other way out apart from death.

“You can’t do this.” Su Mus.h.i.+ jumped out in the front and went for it. “Do you know Shen Xi? She’s Cai Ni, the famous stylist in s…o…b..z. She’s also Jiang Yin’s student and my sister. Jin Yun belongs to her, which makes it the Su family’s a.s.set too. We can still pay back the debt.”

The court enforcers and the police were dumbstruck.

Ms. Cai Ni was a household name even to those who did not pay attention to the entertainment world. Moreover, Jin Yun made it to the top 100 companies in China despite only being established for a year. The national networks praised the company for showing its love for the country and showcasing its vanguard culture.

“Cai Ni is my sister, my biological sister.” Su Mus.h.i.+ gazed at Li Jingran. “Mom, bring out the DNA report and let them see that she’s part of our family. It’s only natural for the children to pay the father’s debt.”

Shen Xi was not getting out of this. She could not just walk away while they faced bankruptcy. She must suffer because he was going to make her life a living h.e.l.l. Now, who was the laughingstock?

They were her closest family. The courts would not leave her alone if she refused to pay back the debt. She would not escape criticism because she had blood ties with the Su family and was his birth sister.

“Yes, she’s my daughter. She’ll return the money for me. Go and ask her for the money. She’s rich.” Su Yi’s dead and deranged eyes lit up.

How could he forget Shen Xi? Shen Xi was his biological daughter. Even if he had to go to court, the judge would determine that she had a duty to pay his debts by law. There was still hope for him and the Su family.

Shen Xi was good at whatever she did. With the money she had earned and from selling off, she could settle some of the Su family’s debt. She could work her *ss off and pay the rest of it later.

That was right. The Shen couple loved Shen Xi too much to just sit by and watch. Surely, they would cough out the money as well. Shen Xi and the Shen family would bend over backward to clear the debt.

Without hesitation, Li Jingran rushed to find the DNA report. Fortunately, she had a habit of sorting her stuff. The report was still around. It did not take long before she found the papers and showed them to everyone.

The police and court enforcers were caught off guard by the piece of paper before getting right back to business. “You can discuss with your daughter about the debt repayment. We’re here to seize your properties and nothing else.. The courts will release your property back to you once you clear your dues.”

Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 685 – Drag Everyone Down

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Chapter 685: Drag Everyone Down

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It did not matter to Su Ruowan whether the Su family was trying to start over through Shen Xi or Shen Xi was playing the Su family a fool. Nothing else mattered so long as Su Ruowan emerged as the biggest winner of them all.

Su Ruowan made Shen Xi’s ident.i.ty public so everyone would know that the b*tch was the Su family’s biological daughter. Shen Xi should be tied to the Su family and go to h.e.l.l with them!

So, the antic.i.p.ating viewers of Lady Luck wanted Su Ruowan, the adopted daughter of the Su family, out of the production and s…o…b..z, huh? Well, what would they do now that they found out the much-loved Screenwriter Cloud Seven was, in fact, the Su family’s flesh and blood? Surely, they would stand their ground and kick Shen Xi out of the production and entertainment world. They would boycott her!

Since nothing ended well for Su Ruowan, she might as well drag everyone down with her.

Chaos befell the room. Su Ruowan’s loud voice drew everyone’s attention to her.

Su Ruowan exclaimed, “Screenwriter Cloud Seven is Su Yi and Li Jingran’s biological daughter.”


Let there be h.e.l.l.

Even if she had to die, she was going to pull the Su family and Shen Xi to die together!

People might not have understood or caught what Su Ruowan said the first time. However, the following sentence clearly went into everyone’s ear.

Shen Xi, also Screenwriter Cloud Seven and Ms. Cai Ni, was the biological daughter of the Su family – Su Yi and Li Jingran’s daughter. The bombsh.e.l.l took everyone by surprise.

Lin Chan, who sat the nearest to Su Ruowan, took a deep breath before giving Shen Xi a sympathetic and regrettable look. It had been said that Shen Xi had an uncanny resemblance to Li Jingran. It turned out that she was Li Jingran and Su Yi’s daughter.

It was a shame. Shen Xi had so many ident.i.ties that were greater than the next, yet her existence as the Su family’s daughter was enough to drag her to h.e.l.l. Because of this very ident.i.ty, she would be thrown in the face of public criticism and boycott, perhaps worse than Su Ruowan.

The netizens would not feel sorry for the situation she was in. Once they set their sights on one thing, they would gnaw on it like a mad dog.

Lin Chan was not the only one expressing surprise and lament. Hu Zheng was way ahead of himself, thinking that they were done for; Screenwriter Cloud Seven, the TV series, and all their blood, sweat, and tears.

How could Screenwriter Cloud Seven possibly be the daughter of the Su family? Why was she the daughter of the Su family? An outstanding girl like her turned out to be the daughter of the Su family. G.o.d was so unfair!

With an uproar stirring among the reporters, they shoved their way ahead and yelled their lungs out in hopes their questions could be answered.

Su Ruowan’s sudden statement stopped Su Yi and Su Muxuan for a second, but they soon picked up the speed to charge at her in full fury.

The evil ingrate, Su Ruowan, was trying to wipe them off the face of the earth. All bets would be off if Shen Xi’s bloodline was revealed.

That was why the Su family had been holding their tongue. They merely wanted to take advantage of the blood ties and threaten Shen Xi. They intended to keep it a secret for Shen Xi gave in to their demands.

They were aware of how terrifying public opinion could be. Once the public found out that Shen Xi was the daughter of the Su family, trouble would only pile up for Shen Xi. Her value to them would be compromised.

The press was a pack of wolves, surrounding Shen Xi as they badgered her with cutthroat questions.

With a grin, Shen Xi pointed to the front. “Su Yi and Su Muxuan are over there. Why don’t you ask them if I’m the daughter of the Su family?”

This was the first time she curled her lips since coming onto the stage. Although the smile was hard to look away from, there was no warmth but only contempt and indifference across her lips.

The reporters moved their eyes toward the direction she was pointing at. Su Muxuan might not be a familiar face, but Su Yi, even though looking haggard, was instantly recognized. The press made haste to Su Yi.

As the reporters swarmed toward them like flies, Su Yi tipped Su Muxuan the wink for him to go after Su Ruowan. They must not let her escape.

Since corner and pursuit were the reporters’ forte, hemming in on Su Yi in a flash was no issue. They wasted no time to ask why he was there and went straight to validating their doubts.

Watching as Su Ruowan tried to make a getaway, Su Muxuan picked up the pace with a gruesome look on his face. She may run, but she could not hide.

Su Ruowan had nothing else on her mind, except to run for her life. She would rather be dead than alive in the hands of Su Yi and Su Muxuan.

To her dismay, she had not made it to the exit when she was met with a bunch of police officers. Scared out of her wits, Su Ruowan stopped in her tracks. Had Su Mus.h.i.+ died? Were the police here to arrest her?

However, the policemen merely took a glance at her before making a beeline ahead. She then saw the police officers surrounding Su Muxuan.

The scene was in complete turmoil, but the sudden appearance of the police only made it worse. Many had no idea where to look, curious by Screenwriter Cloud Seven, Su Yi, and the police with Su Muxuan.

Su Yi was surrounded with his back facing Su Muxuan. Hence, he did not realize what was going on there. Getting a grip on himself, he answered the vicious questions and flatly denied, “No, Shen Xi is not my daughter.”

The Su family’s livelihood depended on Shen Xi. If they were to sink together, who was going to pay the Su family’s debt? Who was going to provide for their comeback?

Unconvinced by his version of the story, the reporters scrambled with another question. “The person who broke the news is Su Ruowan. She’s your adopted daughter. Why would she say such a thing if Shen Xi isn’t your daughter?”

This was a total scoop, hitting them in the face harder than Su Yi and Li Jingran’s scandal. The No. 1 screenwriter in s…o…b..z Cloud Seven and genius stylist Cai Ni was the Su family’s daughter.

“She’s an ungrateful psychopath. She’ll say and do anything that would only benefit herself. She bears grudges and believes people are out to get her just because she has to reshoot her scenes and when Cloud Seven fires her from the production.” Su Yi’s mind had never been clearer. He knew what to do to gain an edge.

No one else apart from the Su family, Su Ruowan, and Shen family knew about Shen Xi’s ident.i.ty.. The Shen family would keep their mouths shut for the sake of Shen Xi, so would the Su family.

Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 697 – Toffeecito’s Dad Is a Good Man

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Chapter 697: Toffeecito’s Dad Is a Good Man

Translator: Endless Fantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On the other side.

Shen Xi ran into the living room. of course, she would not have the nerve to

ask for hugs on Shen Zhangqing’s watch. Besides, the begrudging stare coming

from him did not go unnoticed. she opened a packet of cod sausage and

hand-delivered it to Li Yuan’s mouth. “Brother, have you eaten?”

Li Yuan pointed at the pink bear ap.r.o.n on him and answered with a smile, “I

was cooking with Uncle Shen.”

Shen Zhangqing would be lying if he said he was not bitter about his daughter

ignoring him. He acknowledged, “We’re in the middle of cooking up a storm.

We can also order some takeaways. Have you guys eaten?”

“We had some snacks.” Shen Xi grinned at Shen Zhangqing before poking the

bear on Li Yuan’s chest with intrigue. She bought these ap.r.o.ns for Old Shen and

Madam Yun. One was pink while the other was blue. He wore the pink and Old

Shen put on the blue ap.r.o.n.

Song Wenye almost choked when she saw Li Yuan in an ill-fitted pink ap.r.o.n.

Toffeecito’s Dad sure looked the part of a househusband.

With a look of concern, Yu Yuanxi gently patted her on the back. “What’s


Song Wenye smiled mysteriously and shook her head before leaning in his ear

to whisper, “Toffeecito’s Dad is a good man.”

It was hard to imagine a big shot cooking in the kitchen with an ap.r.o.n on. Well,

Song Wenye’s grandpa and deadbeat father would never step into the kitchen

for anyone.

She never heard of her father ever cooking for his wife, despite claiming to love

his current wife.

That wife was so full of herself. As if splurging money was not enough, those

ladies, labeling themselves as the upper crust, would compare their

relations.h.i.+ps and boast about whose husband would carry their bags for them.

Yu Yuanxi grinned. “So long as Xixi likes it.”

For a man of status like Li Yuan, their family did not ask for much as all they

wanted was his devotion toward Xixi.

In the living room, Fu Qingli and Li Yuan indifferently greeted each other.

Shen Xi pulled Li Yuan to the kitchen.

Watching them leave, Fu Qingli was fixated on Shen Xi’s arm over Li Yuan’s as

danger and forlorn flashed past his eyes.

He knew that his sister would get married one day, but why did it have to be Li


Fu Qingli hated himself. Why did it take him so long to find her? It took

eighteen years to get to this point. Would everything be different had he found

her sooner?

Placing the snacks on the coffee table, Song Wenye picked up the remote

control to turn on the TV. She asked Fu Qingli, “Big Brother, what do you want

to watch

Fu Qingli said, “Anything is fine. You can watch whatever you want.”

“Oh.” Song Wenye sneaked a glance at him and realized his occasional peek at

the kitchen area. She looked over and handed the remote control to him. “Big

Brother, you can pick a program you like. I’m going to help out in the kitchen.”

She then ran off.

After a trip to the loo, Yu Yuanxi went to lend a hand in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, the living room was left deserted with only Fu Qingli there. He put

down the remote control and gazed at the snacks on the coffee table. He took

another glance at the kitchen before getting up to make his way there.

With Fu Qingli setting foot in the kitchen, Shen Zhangqing put down the knife

and talked him into leaving. “Qingli, sit there and relax. We have enough people

in the kitchen.”

There was no way he was going to allow a guest to help in the kitchen. It was

Simply improper.

“I want to help too:” The words saw the horns ot the green-eyed monster in Fu

Qingli poking out. There seemed to be a difference in att.i.tude toward guests

and family. In Uncle Shen’s eyes, Li Yuan was family while he was an outsider.

“No, no, no.” Shen Zhangqing refused repeatedly in reflection of his resolution.

Wiping his hands, he looked at the lot in the kitchen before locking in on Li

Yuan. “Lil Li, go and sit with Qingli for a while.”

Li Yuan was such an eyesore. Did Li Yuan and Shen Xi think he was blind to

notice them making eyes?

Shen Xi jumped in before Li Yuan had a chance to speak. “Dad, he’s cooking, so

he can’t leave now. You should go.”

“I’m slicing vegetables here.” Shen Zhangqing felt bitter. His daughter was no

longer daddy’s little girl now that she was all grown up. It had not been long,

yet she acted like he was getting in her way. Refusing to leave, Shen Zhangqing

turned to his son. “Yuanxi, go and keep Qingli company.”

Yu Yuanxi, “”

In the end, Yu Yuanxi, the most empathetic of them all, stayed with Fu Qingli,

the guest. By the time he carried a fruit platter out, the TV was showing a

variety program. Yu Yuanxi gazed at the man sitting nearby. “Big Brother Fu,

do you fancy watching a variety show?”

Fu Qingli took notice that Glitzy Girls came on the screen. They were Mom’s

favorite girl group. Song Wenye was one of the members. Mr. Xixi was on the

judging panel on their talent show.

Mom was watching the live broadcast when he pa.s.sed by the living room once.

He recognized Shen Xi instantly then. Feeling down, he muttered, “Let’s watch

National Idol.”

At the time, Mom was hooked on the talent show. Not only did she look

forward to each livestream, but she also partic.i.p.ated in all kinds of events for

fans and voted for her favorite contestants besides posting in her group chats

and WeChat Moments to help out with the votes.

Mom tried to pull him along to watch the talent show together. Since Fu Qingli

knew that Shen Xi was on the show, he made up excuses to turn Mom down.

He should have watched the show with Mom.

Yu Yuanxi was dumbstruck for a moment as shock reflected in his eyes.

Nevertheless, he picked up the remote control to find National Idol. Having

found it, he inquired, “Do you want to start from the first episode?”

Fu Qingli returned a question. “Is Mr. Xixi in the first episode?

Mom binged on the show every day with Aunt Junqiu while discussing the

program incessantly. Mr. Xixi had been missing in action in quite a few


As Yu Yuanxi had been keeping up with the livestreams, he remembered the

episodes Mr. Xixi appeared in. “Yes”

However, why was Big Brother Fu interested in watching Mr. Xixi? Was it

possible that he had been an avid fan of Mr. Xixi’s talent?

Since the kitchen was not a far distance from the living, the people inside the

kitchen could tell what they were watching by the theme song.

Song Wenye looked at Shen Xi in confusion while hesitantly asking, “Are they

watching National Idol?

Shen Xi could see the television in the living room from where she was

standing. She nodded. “Yes.”

Song Wenye narcissistically smiled. “I guess I was charming on that show.”

Shen Xi insincerely curled her lips. She looked back again and met the eyes of

Fu Qingli. Following the locked gazes, she quickly turned away.

With a smile, Fu Qingli intriguingly looked at Yu Yuanxi. “Yuanxi, can you tell

me a little more about Xixi?”

Yu Yuanxi was not one to hide any information. “What do you want to know,

Big Brother Fu?

“Anything and everything.” Fu Qingli paused before adding. “Apart from Li


Yu Yuanxi gave a look of understanding..

Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 684 – Shen Xi, Your Dad and Brother Are Here to See You

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Chapter 684: Shen Xi, Your Dad and Brother Are Here to See You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

With clues brought up, the reporters on site were able to identify the woman right away. However, they were all talking about different things.

“Ms. Cai Ni.”

“She’s Shen Xi.”

“Oh, the student of Ms. Shu Baiyu.”

“That’s right. She scored the highest in science in the capital this year. A top student of Capital University, if I may say so myself.”

Among them were those who had met Ms. Cai Ni. Some of them had watched her perform a cla.s.sic dance in replacement of Shu Baiyu while others quickly connected the dots that she was a top achiever in science.

The question set the crowd abuzz.

“Is she holding the press conference with Screenwriter Cloud Seven?”

“Maybe. Ms. Cai Ni is the lead stylist of the production.”

“Why wasn’t it mentioned before?”

“I guess it was a last-minute decision.”

The discussion circled back to the reason Ms. Cai Ni was here. Even though the crowd had an inkling, no one spoke their thoughts.

It would be mind-blowing if Ms. Cai Ni turned out to be Cloud Seven. It would be quite bad*ss if two geniuses in their own right happened to be the same person.

In the row sat the cast.

Lin Chan’s jaw dropped. No way, no way, no way! Was Ms. Cai Ni Screenwriter Cloud seven? Oh gawd! How was anyone going to top that?

She instinctively looked at Hu Zhang for validation. Hu Zheng had seen Screenwriter Cloud Seven for sure as Lin Chan tricked him into giving her the information.

Hu Zheng smiled at her without saying a word. The person herself was about to talk anyway, so it did not have to come from him. Nevertheless, he took a glance at Su Ruowan.

Su Ruowan completely lost it. Her eyes first widened before shaking violently. While insanity overtook her, her body muscles tensed up in fear. Her mind blew up the moment Shen Xi made an appearance.

Shen Xi! Who did the b*tch think she was? Why did she attend such an important event and ruin Screenwriter Cloud Seven’s press conference? She had all the nerve.

Su Ruowan’s shaky gaze followed Shen Xi as the latter took steps to the table in the center of the stage. She wanted to yell at Shen Xi to stop and get lost, but all her strength was sucked out of her.

Following Shen Xi’s arrival, Su Ruowan was drowning in a cold and deep ocean of despair. She could not breathe and everything in her vision became hazy.

“h.e.l.lo, everyone. Let me introduce myself. I am Cloud Seven.” Shen Xi stood in front of the table and made a self-introduction before taking a seat. She adjusted the level of the microphone and added. “Thank you for coming. You may now proceed with the questions.”

Silence befell the room at first, then all h.e.l.l broke loose. Forgetting to raise their hands, the reporters fought to jump in with questions that had been bugging them.

There was so much chaos that none of the questions was audible.

The cast among the audience exchanged surprised glances. Jesus Christ. Screenwriter Cloud Seven was Ms. Cai Ni. This was breaking news!

Lin Chan gave Su Ruowan a complicated look while the latter seemed completely out of it. Su Ruowan stared blankly at the person on stage.

The only thing echoing in Su Ruowan’s mind was – “I am Cloud Seven.”

This sentence pushed her to the edge of no return. She refused to believe that Shen Xi, the b*tch, could possibly be Screenwriter Cloud Seven. It made no sense.

If the b*tch was indeed Cloud Seven, why was the leading role of The Smiling Nation handed to Su Mus.h.i.+? Why was she picked to play the supporting role of Lady Luck?

It was from these two standpoints that she eliminated the possibility that Shen Xi was Cloud Seven.

However, reality slapped her in the face and threw her into the depths of despair and fear. No one would care about whatever was played in her head, but Shen Xi declared she was Cloud Seven.

These words sent her straight to h.e.l.l.

Su Ruowan had no idea what the reporters asked, nor did she pay attention to Shen Xi’s answers. Once the fear and despair wore off, the resentment came on strong and burned through her veins. With bloodshot eyes, she gave the person on stage the death stare.

Go to h.e.l.l!

Go to h.e.l.l!

Shen Xi should go to h.e.l.l!

“There she is, Dad.”

An angry voice, bearing a murderous intent came from somewhere.

Su Ruowan heard it and made the voice out to be none other than Su Muxuan’s. Like a robot, she stiffly and slowly turned around to find two insidious faces among the crowd. Her mind stopped working there and then, feeling lost at what to do.

“Get her!” Su Yi caught sight of Su Ruowan. With crooked eyes, he gave her a foul look before noticing the person surrounded by reporters and inquiries on stage. “Huh? Xuan, isn’t that sister?”

Su Muxuan was so absorbed in having found Su Ruowan that he had not observed his surroundings. He was not close with Shen Xi as he grew up with Su Ruowan. Besides, it was hard to spot Shen Xi in the crowd of reporters. Su Yi’s words prompted him to look over. Overwhelmed with a weird feeling, Su Muxuan blurted, “Why is she here?”

He then widened his eyes in shock. Since the reporters gathered around Shen Xi during Screenwriter Cloud Seven’s press conference, did that mean she was Screenwriter Cloud Seven?

The thought startled him, but great joy quickly ensued. Su Muxuan turned to Su Yi. “Dad, she’s Cloud Seven. I recall that she’s not paid the writing fees for Cloud Seven’s TV series but gets a cut. Her TV series would be enough to pay off our debt.”

The Smiling Nation was all the rage in China and its cultural sphere. The royalty alone was said to be up to ten billion yuan. The money was enough to write the Su family’s debt off and make a comeback.

Su Yi glanced at Shen Xi with delight and satisfaction. As expected from his daughter who inherited all his goodness. He was no longer worried about the Su family’s bankruptcy as he could acquire money from her to start again. Having figured that out, Su Yi instructed Su Muxuan, “Let’s go after Su Ruowan, the brat, and leave this for later.”

Not only had the b*tch betrayed them, but Mus.h.i.+ was also in a coma because of Su Ruowan. Su Yi could not let it go until he got his hands on Su Ruowan.

“Sure.” Su Muxuan nodded before pus.h.i.+ng ahead through the crowd.

Out for blood, the two made their way over and Su Ruowan knew she could not sit around and wait.. She turned to glance at Shen Xi with snaky eyes and screamed, “Shen Xi, your dad and brother are here to see you.”

Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 676 – He Has It Worse

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Chapter 676: He Has It Worse

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was bustling on the set of Lady Luck as the production team had begun work. They were acting as though it was a wrap because Screenwriter Cloud Seven posted on Weibo.

Ever since Cloud Seven’s debut, he had become the hottest screenwriter in s…o…b..z. The screenwriter did not have a Weibo account, much less ever post on social media. Fans had to comment and private message the production team’s official handle to pa.s.s any message.

This was Screenwriter Cloud Seven’s first registered Weibo account and first post. The post dictated that he would be holding a press conference at 2:00 PM on Sunday, which would be two days later. He would be addressing the recent doubts and questions that netizens had about Lady Luck.

Screenwriter Cloud Seven posted on Weibo at the height of Su Yi and Li Jingran’s scandal. It did not cause much of a stir then because all eyes were on Su Yi and Li Jingran.

However, the insiders, media, cast, director, and writers were eagerly waiting to put a face to Screenwriter Cloud Seven’s name.

Many were aware that Screenwriter Cloud Seven was going to address Su Ruowan’s fate as the supporting actress. She had been the center of controversy since the audition day.

While discussing Screenwriter Cloud Seven, the cast and production crew would from time to time steal a glance at Su Ruowan, who was memorizing her lines alone in a corner.

After the dirt on Li Jingran and Su Yi broke out, and Su Ruowan’s post to clarify her relations.h.i.+p with the Su family, there had been tension on set. The people stopped talking to Su Ruowan, not even engaging in small talks.

Su Ruowan memorized her lines and picked up her phone to check the latest gossip, hoping to read that the Su family was done for. Yet, nothing. She started to worry and be scared.

What was going on with Shen Xi? Su Ruowan believed that Shen Xi, the b*tch, had something to do with the Su family’s downfall. The b*tch should be delivering a crus.h.i.+ng defeat by now so the Su family could not get back on their feet.

No one knew better than her how much Shen Xi hated the Su family. If Su Ruowan was in Shen Xi’s shoes, she would finish the family off and be done with it.

Nevertheless, Shen Xi did nothing of that sort. Apart from the news of the Su family’s bankruptcy, seizure of a.s.sets, and loss of home, Su Ruowan did not find the good news she was waiting for, such as the death of the Su family.

The Su family must hate her guts now that she had betrayed them. Su Ruowan would be going down if they were not dead. The Su family was not going to let it slide and would be coming for her.

Back in the writer’s room, Shen Xi observed everything on set through cameras. She curled her lips with intrigue when Su Ruowan came on her screen.

She gave Su Yi 100 thousand yuan. With the money in hand, who among the Su family would be getting even with Su Ruowan? Su Muxuan, Su Muyan, or Su Mus.h.i.+? Well, it was about to get rough for Su Ruowan regardless of who was coming over.

The door to the writer’s room was suddenly pushed open.

Turning over, Shen Xi let out a bright smile and cheerfully ran over to hug the person. She softly mewed, “Brother.’

Li Yuan responded to her call. Holding a cup of bubble tea, he smiled at her. “Has the filming started?”

Instead of grabbing the bubble tea, Shen Xi reached out to remove his and saw the bruising on his left eye. Pulling a sour face, she eerily uttered, “Who did it?”

“I went to meet with Fu Qingli.” Li Yuan extended his arm to seize the girl from touching his eye. He soothed her with a smile, “It’s fine.”

Furrowing the brows of her grimacing face, Shen Xi put down the bubble tea without a word. She told Kun Lun to buy some boiled eggs as there was nothing to ease the swelling in the equipment-filled writer’s room.

Kun Lun soon returned with a few piping hot eggs. Without another look at the pair in the room, he took off to give them s.p.a.ce. He knew when his presence was not wanted.

Half an hour ago, Boss went to get bubble tea for Ms. Shen. While out and about, he ran into Fu Qingli’s a.s.sistant, Xu Xu, and went with the latter to the tea house across the road.

By the time Boss came out, he was with a black eye. Needless to say, he had a fight with someone, and that someone was Fu Qingli.

Boss had a physical altercation and was. .h.i.t in the face. Kun Lun never thought he would see this day come. However, he did not have the nerve to say or ask about it.

Shen Xi waited until Kun Lun went out and closed the door behind him before pressing Li Yuan down by the shoulder to lie down on the sofa. Putting on a straight face, she looked at him. “Close your eyes.”

The age of these two men added together was half a century old, yet Li Yuan and Fu Qingli got into a fight. Sure, they fought, but why did it have to be on the face? Shen Xi’s heart was aching.

Li Yuan knew that his fair lady was mad. The girl said nothing except begrudgingly asking the person behind it since he stepped into the room. Despite Li Yuan’s intentions to explain, the girl shot him an angry look. Li Yuan listened to her order and closed his eyes. It took a while before he said, “He has it worse.”

His smug tone caught Shen Xi in st.i.tches. “Attaboy!”

Was he a child? She told him that she wanted to beat Fu Qingli up because she was upset. To think Li Yuan actually pulled a punch because of a pa.s.sing remark.

Li Yuan gasped in pain to gain sympathy. Narrowing his right eye, he stared at the girl and aggrievedly muttered, “Are you feeling sorry for him?”

Although grinding her teeth, Shen Xi went soft on him. Still, she was annoyed. “You can’t even beat him in a fight.”

Li Yuan smiled, knowing the girl was not feeling sorry for Fu Qingli but him. He promised her. “I’ll try not to get hurt next time.”

Shen Xi frowned. “Who started it?”

Li Yuan replied, “We went at it at the same time.”

He kept in mind to beat Fu Qingli up if he ever saw the latter. To his surprise, Fu Qingli shared the same thought. Otherwise, Li Yuan would not be caught off guard by the punch.

Fu Qingli was no match to him when it came to fighting.

Shen Xi was curious. “You guys had the same idea, huh?”

Although Li Yuan did mention giving Fu Qingli a good whack, Shen Xi was surprised he actually did it. Nevertheless, why did Fu Qingli do the same?

Li Yuan uttered, “He knows I spent the night in your room last night.”

Shen Xi furrowed her brows. “Has he been watching me?”

Did Fu Qingli not have better things to do? He should be using the time to pursue the mastermind instead.

“To protect you.” Li Yuan was not taking Fu Qingli’s side.. He merely stated the facts as it was beneath him to lie or conceal the truth from her.