Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser Chapter 907

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Chapter 907: Qi Zhenbai Returns to the Military District

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When Chi Shuyan got home, she rinsed some rice and cooked a meal. She had just finished cooking when Qi Zhenbai came back first.

Chi Shuyan heard the sound of the man’s leather boots on the floor. She came out of the kitchen and heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that the man was fine

“Where’s my dad? Chi Shuyan relaxed and had the man go into the kitchen to wash his face first. She couldn’t help but worry that her father wasn’t back yet as she looked at the door.

Q Zhenbai washed his face casually and said, “Dad went to the Shen residence!

Chi Shuyan choked. Her father really did have to go, but the thought made her lose her appet.i.te.

After was.h.i.+ng his face, Qi Zhenbai took advantage of the fact that his father-in-law wasn’t around to suddenly pull his wife into his arms forcefully.

He lowered his head and kissed her fiercely on the lips. His domineering tongue dove in and he kissed her fiercely a few times. However, he was worried that his father- in-law would appear at any moment, so Q Zhenbai quickly let go of his wife with faint regret.

Chi Shuyan was still panting and her lips were red.

Qi Zhenbai recalled how, after getting back into the car today, those boys no

longer discussed their Shen G.o.ddess, but his wife. Not only did they discuss his

wife, they also subtly hinted from time to time, asking when they could meet


Qi Zhenbai was displeased. Looking at his wife’s seductive appearance, he felt

more and more that he had to be wary of men wanting his wife in the future.

Despite panting from the kiss, Chi Shuyan didn’t forget proper business. She

couldn’t help but ask, “How was it with you today?

Qi Zhenbai sat her on his lap on the sofa as he recounted what happened today.

First, he mentioned that there was a person infected with corpse poison in the county town, who suddenly pounced on Tan Yecheng. If not for Chi Shuyan’s talisman, that rascal Tan Yecheng might not have come back today.

Qi Zhenbai also broke out in a cold sweat for Tan Yecheng at that time, but it wasn’t a bad thing that the rascals had been taught a lesson after letting their guard down.

As for the person infected with corpse poison, Qi Zhenbai judged from the smell of decay on the person’s body that he was no different from the living

dead. His internal organs had all decomposed. Since he was still alive on the

surface, what else could he be but the living dead?

Qi Zhenbai had weathered all sorts of storms in the past, and he and his wife

had encountered many of these strange and supernatural things for a period of

time. Even though this was the first time Qi Zhenbai had seen a “living dead,”

he was very calm. He just wondered where this thing had come from.

After talking about the county town, Q Zhenbai mentioned that when he was

patrolling several nearby villages, he also saw a person acting strangely after

being infected with corpse poison. His symptoms were exactly the same as

what the first person had. The boys had let their guard down in the county

town before, but didn’t dare do so when they were patrolling the villages. In the

end, in the woods near a village, they found someone who was infected with

corpse poison and was about to bite someone. They directly tied this thing up

and brought it back. It was just that the person who was almost bitten was still

unconscious after the scare.

Chi Shuyan never thought that when this man took a few of his subordinates

out on patrol, they would be so efficient. No, it should be said that their luck

was too good. They ran into two people who were infected with corpse poison

in succession. Her father had been on patrol for a few days, and only ran into one yesterday.

Hearing that the man had brought back the person who had almost been bitten and the two infected with corpse poison, Chi Shuyan was quite happy. She said,

“Shall we go take a look now?

“There’s no hurry. The two infected are tied up and in the quarantine area under surveillance. It’s no big deal! We can go tomorrow!” Qj Zhenbai tapped the table expressionlessly. “The most important thing now is to confirm where these people were infected and how! Tve already sent people to investigate the infected, including where they’ve been recently!”

Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser Chapter 908 – Sensing the Strange Bracelet

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Chapter 908: Sensing the Strange Bracelet

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Chi Shuyan nodded and suddenly asked, “By the way, are the two infected also

men? Are their faces sallow, as if theyve overindulged?”

When Qi Zhenbai heard his wife’s words, his eyes flashed, and he narrowed

them and said solemnly, “Pretty much!”

Chi Shuyan originally wanted to tell the man about her previous conjecture,

but after thinking about it, she decided to wait until tomorrow.

What if she was wrong

Chi Shuyan also told him about her visit to the Shen family today. She frowned

and said, “The more I think about it, the stranger I find that blood bracelet

which Shen Rongyin wears. Can you help me find out where she bought it

from? Itll probably have been decades ago, and it won’t be easy to find out, but

this is the key!”

Without waiting for the man to ask, Chi Shuyan said again, “I felt that the

bracelet was a bit strange when I first saw it. It’s just that l couldn’t say what

was strange about it back then; I was completely focused on Shen Rongyin and

ignored her bracelet. Also, can you help me investigate the whereabouts of that

person with Shen Rongyin, Azancheng? I hope I’m overthinking it!” After a

pause, she thought of the way Shen Rongyin had looked at her before, and she

said, “However, I’m afraid she’s suspicious of me now!”

Qi Zhenbai’s eyes flashed sharply, and he naturally nodded in agreement.

Chi Shuyan then said that when she went to the Shen family today, Commissar

Shen and Mother Shen had the idea of using the excuse of paying back the

favor to force her father to marry. Her eyes were cold as she said, “Whether or

not there’s anything unusual about Shen Rongyin, the daughter of the Shen

family isn’t a good match for my father.”

Just based on Mother Shen’s prejudices against her father and her, Chi Shuyan

didn’t want her tather to get involved with the shen family. As tor Commissar

Shen, strictly speaking, he wasn’t a good person, nor was he a bad person.

Most of the time, he was very sensible. However, he was something of a

schemer. This originally had nothing to do with her, but since Commissar Shen

had his eye on her father, Chi Shuyan naturally didn’t well of him. Her previous

favorable impression of him had practically disappeared.

Qi Zhenbai was amused when he heard his wife say that the Shen family

wanted to force his father-in-law to marry. If it was a good partner, to some

extent, he really hoped that his father-in-law could have a family again.

Qi Zhenbai’s wife belonged to him alone, and it would be much easier to marry

her in the future if her father remarried. Qi Zhenbai vaguely felt that his future

father-in-law might seem satisfied with him on the surface, but in fact, if he

proposed an engagement or getting a marriage certificate, his father-in-law

definitely wouldn’t agree easily.

Qi Zhenbai curled his lip and said, “Don’t worry; if the Shen family really wants

to use a debt to force a marriage, Dad isn’t foolish enough to accept it. He

knows what the Shen family is up to, and they can’t do anything as long as he

doesn’t want it. Besides, Shen Rongyin is already better and still has all her

limbs; what does Dad have to be responsible for? Moreover, you were the one

who saved her. Because of this, the Shen family can’t blame Dad even if they

want to. At most, they’ll vent their anger on Dad, but with me around, the Shen

family won’t dare do anything to him”

Chi Shuyan immediately beamed at the man’s words. Thinking about it

carefully, that really made sense, and she heaved a sigh of relief. “You’re right!

My dad shouldn’t have any feelings for Shen Rongyin, nor does he like her

too-young face. Other men might still like her youthful beauty, but my dad

can’t lay a hand on her because of her appearance!”

She knew her father’s character very well. Every time Shen Rongyin came to

look for her father, she would deliberately be there most of the time. Her

father’s gaze would occasionally fall on Shen Rongyin’s young face with a deep

frown, which never let up. When Shen Rongyin confessed to him, he just

looked awkward..