Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 733 – The Meeting of Nephew and Uncle in the Lan Family’s Courtyard

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Chapter 733 The Meeting of Nephew and Uncle in the Lan Family’s Courtyard

The carriage stopped steadily.

Lan Yuyan was the first to get out of the carriage. Then, Lan Yanwen jumped out of the carriage and held Mo Xuetong who had just come out of the carriage behind him. When she landed on the ground, he let go of her and walked in slowly. The smooth touch on her hand made his heart beat fast for a moment. The evening breeze blew over with a trace of coolness, and his mind became clear in an instant.

It was a large courtyard, and someone had already opened the gate. When they entered, the gate was closed.

In the dark, there were two people standing on a big tree beside the gate. The shorter one asked in a low voice, “Master, how is it? Do you want to follow them in?”

“Let’s go in.” The cold, elegant voice was a little lazy and intoxicating. His figure flashed first and disappeared inside the wall. The other person couldn’t help shaking his head and secretly scolded himself for being an idiot. His master had been tracking for thousands of miles and rushed here day and night. How could he not follow them in? His questions were superfluous. Then, with a flash, his figure disappeared from the tree.

Mo Xuetong was received in the study. A middle-aged man, who looked like in his 30s or 40s, sat at the head of the table timidly. Even though he was dressed luxuriously, he did not seem suitable for this environment. Behind him stood a man who looked like a butler, and there were two other maidservants serving him.

He was like a real master of the Lan Manor.

As he saw Mo Xuetong and the others entering, he stood up uneasily. At the sight of Lan Yanwen, he moved his feet subconsciously as if he wanted to go up to him. The butler standing behind him looked up coldly and reached out to pull him. Then, he seemed to suddenly think of something and stopped.

The he gave a cough and his gaze landed on Mo Xuetong, who was following Lan Yanwen. Immediately, he could not help but open his mouth wide in shock. He knew that his niece was a beautiful girl. Back then, his sister-in-law was a beautiful woman. Otherwise, she would not have gotten into trouble and angered the main branch of the Lan family. Then, their branch was chased out of the family by the main branch. Without the main branch’s care, their lives grew worse and worse.

Thinking of this, he didn’t like his elder brother’s daughter, so he had been ignoring her for so many years.

But he didn’t expect her to be so beautiful. No wonder the main branch had specially found him, took their branch into the Lan family, and asked him to persuade his niece.

“Luo’er, are you Luo’er? Come on, let Uncle have a look at you.” Thinking of the order of the main branch, he hurried to calm down and stepped forward excitedly, ignoring to return a salute to Lan Yanwen. He was just like an uncle who loved his niece. He couldn’t help but come over, and there was even a streak of tears in his eyes.

He had been out for a long time. Without money and support, he had to rely on himself for everything. He had already learned to flatter people and acted according to people’s expression. At this time, he was acting with great facility. He was full of confidence, thinking that it was not a big deal to persuade an ignorant niece.

At the thought of the terms that the main branch of the family had agreed to, his heart was beating heavily!

He said in a tearful voice and it was so heartwarming. His outstretched hands were tremulous; his eyes tearful and his lips slightly trembling. All these told of his excitement.

It was perfect and well-acted!

Mo Xuetong took a few steps back. Her eyes were filled with coldness. Qing Zhu stepped forward to block the way of the man who was rus.h.i.+ng to Mo Xuetong. She reached out to stop him and yelled angrily, “Who are you? How dare you offend my miss?”

A girl from a poor family thought that she was a lady of the direct descent of the family’s main branch and dared to put on airs in front of him. Lan Qing snorted unhappily. If he had known that this girl was so beautiful, he would have decided to adopt her. At this time, no matter if he married her off or gave her to someone else, he would get a lot of money.

How could Lan Qing be happy when he thought that he had lost the money for nothing?

But he had to continue acting.

“Little Luo, I am your uncle! I held you when you were a child. When your mother gave birth to you, I applied for residence for you. Why have you forgotten all about it now?”

When Lan Luo’s family got into trouble, she was still small. As a three or four-year-old child, she knew nothing. Lan Qing was a playboy, so how could he be close to a child? The only thing that he had done something for Lan Luo was that his eldest brother was ill, and he registered her residence. It was obviously not appropriate to talk about it at this time.

Yet, he couldn’t think of anything else.

Lan Yanwen frowned. It was obvious that he was a little unhappy. Lan Yuyan wore a smile on her face, but the disdain on her face was obviously revealed. She took two steps to the side and watched the fun.

The butler behind Lan Qing took several steps forward and said to Mo Xuetong with a smile, “Miss, you’re here. Old Sir is too excited, so he spoke incoherently. Elder Young Master Lan, Miss Lan, please sit down. I’ll get someone to serve tea immediately.”

“Yes, yes, yes, you sit down first and have a chat.” Lan Qing also came to his senses at this time and said with a hollow smile.

The sad atmosphere that he had deliberately created just now had been swept away!

Lan Yanwen’s face became more and more depressed. With a gloomy face, he returned to the seat of honor and sat down. He deeply felt that it was extremely unwise to find Lan Qing. He had no feelings for Lan Luo, so how could he persuade Lan Luo to listen to him? Lan Yanwen couldn’t help but land his eyes on the jade-white and indifferent face.

Her elegant face looked even more distant!

“Little Luo, your father is gone now, but I can’t let you be alone outside. No matter how good your uncle’s family is, he is still an outsider. Although I may not be able to guarantee your wealth and glory, it’s not a problem for you to eat well and wear warm clothes.” After sitting down, Lan Qing said in a tearful voice again.

If it weren’t for the wretched expression on his face, he would really look like an elder!

Lan Yanwen really couldn’t stand it anymore. He turned his head, took the cup of tea brought by a maidservant and took a sip of the tea. Then he lowered his head and remained silent.

The mocking smile on Lan Yuyan’s lips grew clearer and clearer. She turned her head to look at Mo Xuetong, who had a calm expression on her face. She was in a good mood and felt pleased. With such an uncle, Lan Luo would not be very decent. If the Crown Prince of the East Palace knew that she had such an unreasonable uncle, would he want her to enter the palace?

Lan Yuyan could guess what the Lan family was thinking this time—they wanted Lan Luo to enter the East Palace and give her up. Thinking of the handsome appearance of the Crown Prince, Lan Yuyan only felt jealous. If the little girl entered the East Palace, she would be a useless p.a.w.n. The Lan family never showed mercy to useless people. If she was casually sent to an old man as his wife or concubine in the future, she was more willing to be by the n.o.ble and handsome Crown Prince’s side.

Therefore, Lan Luo must not win recognition from the Lan family!

“Uncle?” Mo Xuetong sat down by the side. She looked up coldly and her dark eyes landed on Lan Qing. The smile on her lips was cold. “Uncle?”

“Yes, I am your uncle!” Lan Qing stated excitedly.

“If I remember correctly, my mother has been taken away partly because of my uncle! If not for you, my mother would not have been taken away.” Mo Xuetong’s smile suddenly disappeared and she said coldly. Her face darkened and her jade-like face looked naturally dignified.

Lan Yanwen’s eyes spontaneously landed on her face.

Lan Qing was stunned by her words. He didn’t expect his niece to be so fierce that she gave him a hard slap in the face in front of everyone. At that moment, he was ashamed and angry. He was embarra.s.sed and snapped angrily, “You little girl, what do you know? If your mother hadn’t been unruly and exposed herself outside, there wouldn’t have been so much trouble and my elder brother wouldn’t have been dead with her. You’d better not to recognize her as your mother.”

“It has nothing to do with you whether I recognize my mother or not. You are just an outsider. I didn’t grow up in the Lan family and do not have any kins.h.i.+p with the Lan family. I have wasted everyone’s hospitality. I really do not dare to acknowledge such an uncle. I am afraid that my mother would not close her eyes in the netherworld if I recognize him as my uncle,” Mo Xuetong said coldly.

She said these words without any burden. The Lan family had nothing to do with her. If she was Lan Luo, she felt that she would never recognize Lan Qing as her uncle. Just looking at his wandering eyes, she knew that there was something wrong with this person—he was definitely not a good person!

It was obvious that the Lan family had made a mistake to use cardinal principles of righteousness to suppress her.

Before the tongue-tied Lan Qing could react, she suddenly stood up and said to Lan Yanwen, “Minister of Public Works, if you want me to see this person today, then I’ve seen him now. I wonder if I can go back. No matter how powerful you are, it’s a great sin for me to go back to the palace so late.”

It was inappropriate for a girl who joined the Beauty Contest to leave the palace without permission. If she returned late, it would be hard to explain. Even though the Empress was there and no one would care about it, if Bai Yihao really wanted to make a fuss about it, it would become an obstacle for her to enter the East Palace. The Lan family had spent so much effort to draw Mo Xuetong over to their side not to make her a useless p.a.w.n.

“With that kind of air, is she really just an orphan girl who has lost her parents?”

Not only did she mercilessly hit Lan Qing, but she also pointed out what the Lan family cared about. Lan Yanwen looked up, and a trace of appreciation unconsciously appeared in his eyes. The corners of his mouth slightly curved into a smile, and it reached the bottom of his eyes.

Such a girl must be a bigger headache for the elders in the family. It seemed that it was not feasible to deal with her with family affection and filial piety. He actually looked forward to her next performance and hoped that she would not let him down.

Lan Yuyan opened her eyes and couldn’t come back to her senses. When a cool wind blew in through the gap of the door, she s.h.i.+vered. Was this really the weak girl who had been separated from the Lan family? Strong, she was really too strong. She dared to say that the Lan family was an outsider in front of the future head of the main branch and that she had no family affection with the Lan family.

She mentioned her mother in order to tell the Lan family that she had a grudge against them and would not accept the invitation from the Lan family. In the end, she even confronted Lan Yanwen directly, hinting that even though the Lan family was powerful, they could not hide it from everyone. Today, the Lan family took her out, and if something happened to her, the Lan family would not be able to escape the blame.

The beautiful woman’s words were gentle and her expression was light. She looked as if she was otherworldly, harmless and pure. However, from her words made people feel that the Lan family had evil intentions. The Crown Prince of the East Palace would be the future Emperor of the Yan Kingdom.

The woman chose for him would be the imperial concubine in the future. If an outstanding girl was picked out, she might be granted the position of imperial consort in the future or even enter the central palace. If such a woman was really controlled by the Lan family, how ambitious would the Lan family be? Judging from the look of the butler standing behind Lan Qing, he was a little tempted.

He watched as Mo Xuetong was about to walk out of the door, but he did not say anything.

Lan Yuyan suspected that this man was the chief butler of the Lan family, who had been hiding behind the scenes.

“Little Luo, relax. Let’s talk about it after you see this person.” Before Mo Xuetong reached the door of the hall, the door was suddenly opened. Someone laughed out loud and walked in with a clap.

At the sight of the person coming, the expression of Qing Zhu, who was standing behind Mo Xuetong, changed greatly. She moved forwards and protected Mo Xuetong behind her, looking at the person with vigilance.

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 584 – Foil the Plot, One Dead and One Mad

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Chapter 584 Foil the Plot, One Dead and One Mad

“Stop!” A cold shout came from behind the crowd. Ling Rui’er, who had almost lost her wits, immediately regained her sense. When she heard the voice at this point, Ling Rui’er’s face paled and she fell to the ground. The maidservant standing beside her quickly held her up.

Everyone turned around in shock. Feng Yuxuan and Feng Yuran had arrived graciously at the entrance of the yard. Most importantly, everyone saw a person they would never have imagined: Mo Yarui.

Wasn’t she having a private meeting with another man on the bed? Everyone’s eyes swept past Mo Yarui’s face and then landed at the man and woman, who were wrapped tightly in the quilt on the bed. If she wasn’t Mo Yarui, then they would be able to see clearly that Consort Chu had framed Consort Xuan.

Ling Rui’er insisted that the woman on the bed was Mo Yarui, and used all kinds of coincidences to prove that it was a trap set by Consort Xuan. According to her, all kinds of things had something to do with Consort Xuan. But now it seemed that Consort Xuan and Second Consort Mo were probably plotted against by Consort Chu! She disgraced King Chu by doing such a thing at his banquet.

Feng Yuran’s charming purple clothes flashed past the crowd and immediately appeared by Mo Xuetong’s side. A look of hatred and anger appeared on his handsome face. He glared at Ling Rui’er who was s.h.i.+vering by the side, with dark and bloodthirsty look in his eyes. Ling Rui’er was so frightened that she immediately lowered her head. Feng Yuran turned around and softly asked Mo Xuetong, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine!” Mo Xuetong beamed at him. She reached out to hold his outstretched hand and squeezed it gently, indicating for him to rest a.s.sured.

“My Lady, I could not find you at the rockery in the inner yard, so I went to look for His Highness. It just so happened that His Highness came, so I followed along.” Mo Ye, who was standing behind Feng Yuran, came forward and curtsied.

It turned out that Consort Xuan’s missing maidservant did not go to do something shameful, but to see King Xuan. Everyone suddenly realized what was going on. But what about Mo Yarui?

“Second Consort Mo, why, why are you here?” A madam could not help but cover her mouth and exclaimed. She looked at Mo Yarui as if she had seen a ghost.

Mo Yarui looked at Feng Yuxuan, and the man nodded with a gloomy face as his eyes swept past Mo Xuetong’s delicate face and fell on Ling Rui’er’s pale face with a trace of fierceness, ruthlessness, and disgust in his eyes. He had wanted to keep this chess piece, but he didn’t expect her to be so stupid to do some unpresentable fights again and again. Now she herself was also involved in it.

Everyone had intended to play down the matter happening in the palace. The man was dead and it could not be considered that there was no evidence. However, Ling Rui’er’s crazily framed Mo Xuetong. The two of them belonged to the two manors and there was no need for this to happen unless Ling Rui’er hated Mo Xuetong because of what happened in the palace.

That was to say, it proved from the other side that Ling Rui’er had indeed been seen by another man.

As Consort Chu, the daughter-in-law of the royal family, how could she have done something so disgraceful!

If something like this were to happen to a woman of an ordinary family, the woman could only die in the end, much less a woman of the royal family. Feng Yuxuan looked at Ling Rui’er like she was a dead person. The love that he had pretended in the past had long become cold when he knew that Ling Rui’er only had one path: death.

“I asked the maidservant to invite Consort Xuan over just now. Consort Xuan said that she was resting there and would not come, and if I really needed her, I could go to the rockery. In case I don’t believe it, Consort Xuan specially sent her personal maidservant there. I didn’t expect that I would take the wrong path when I came over, so I went back while looking for her. I happened to meet His Highness, so we came here together.”

Mo Yarui explained to these madams in a gentle voice.

So it really was not Consort Xuan who had called Second Consort Mo over!

Then who was that woman on the bed?

Feng Yuran moved outside with Mo Xuetong half in his arms and covered her eyes with his hand. Then, he nodded to the guards standing outside the door. A guard came up and pulled the wrapped quilt away. Two naked figures rolled down from the bed and landed in front of it.

“It’s Sister Si Rong!” a maidservant suddenly screamed.

“It’s really Sister Si Rong!” The others were also shocked. They looked at the woman who rolled a few times on the ground in surprise. Her hair was loose and failed to cover her face. Beneath her long black hair was a pale and vicious face. Even though she looked pathetic, Ling Rui’er’s maidservants could still see clearly that she was Ling Rui’er’s personal maidservant, Si Rong, who had come to the manor with Ling Rui’er from Ding General Manor when Ling Rui’er got married.

Ling Rui’er could not help screaming when she also saw Si Rong’s face clearly!

How could Ling Rui’er not be shocked? Si Rong had been hiding in the back yard and did not come out. Why would she appear here? This trap was naturally set up by her and Si Rong. It had been generally planned according to Si Rong’s idea. Their goal was to ruin Mo Xuetong’s reputation and ensure that she would be doomed eternally. She had not expected that it would be Si Rong who was on the bed.

Ling Rui’er had met this maidservant on her way. Si Rong claimed then that she had a grudge with Mo Manor, so she brought her into Ding General Manor. She was preparing to get married then and had allowed her to go to King Chu’s Manor with her. After that, she had tried to attack Mo Xuetong several times according to this maidservant’s plans.

Since the two of them shared the same goal, their relations.h.i.+p grew better and better. It could be said that Si Rong was Ling Rui’er’s most caring maidservant. Even Mo Yarui had to avoid offending her when she met her in the manor. As for the matters of the back yard, Si Rong could at least make half the decision. How could she do such a thing with a man here at King Chu’s banquet?

“Your Highness, I was wronged. Si Rong was also wronged. Someone must be trying to frame us. Your Highness, you have to help us!” Ling Rui’er had come back to her sense and she rushed up to hug Feng Yuxuan.

Feng Yuxuan took a few steps back and coldly looked at her who staggered and almost fell. “Ling Rui’er, enough. This drama can end now! Since you got the servants to testify for you, it has been proved, let alone the fact that no one in the manor will frame you. I used to think that you are a gentle and gracious woman. But now… you have been lured to become so vicious. Ling Rui’er, you have let me down.”

“Your Highness, I… didn’t…” Ling Rui’er almost could not believe her ears as she looked at Feng Yuxuan’s disappointed and cold eyes.

It was not like that. Mo Xuetong was supposed to be the one to blame. Feng Yuran should be disgusted with Mo Xuetong. Mo Yarui and Mo Xuetong were supposed to have ruined their reputation together. But why did it become like this? Mo Xuetong had clearly said “Mo” after she came into the room. If she had not said that at that time, she would not have been so sure that it was Mo Yarui.

How could this happen? She had planned for so long and considered all possibilities with Si Rong. But in the end, she fell into the trap. How could she be willing to accept it? If she admitted her guilt, it meant that she admitted that her body had been seen in the palace. Although Ling Rui’er was arrogant, she also knew that if a woman forfeited her integrity, she had to die.

No, it was not like this. It couldn’t be like this!

Before she could say anything, another person who hated and was jealous of Mo Xuetong jumped out and pointed at Mo Xuetong. “Your Highness, it’s not Her Lady’s fault. It’s all Consort Xuan’s fault. It’s Consort Xuan who sent someone to bring me here. It’s her who framed me and Her Lady.”

Si Rong gritted her teeth and knelt on the ground. She hugged herself tightly, but she lifted her head and glared at Mo Xuetong with red eyes. She, too, was knocked unconscious by what had happened, which was impossible to happen.

She had been resting in Ling Rui’er’s yard earlier and had planned to sneak out at the right time to see what happened to Mo Xuetong. She wanted to see Mo Xuetong die a tragic death in person; she wanted to see Mo Xuetong lose all reputation and fall from the high position of Consort Xuan.

When she was thinking about it and felt that it was about time, she suddenly felt dizzy and fainted. When she woke up again, she found herself hugging a man intimately. Before she could even react, Ling Rui’er and the others rushed in. She was so frightened that she hid herself subconsciously…

“This maidservant looks familiar. She looks like the young lady of some family?” Mo Xuetong poked her head out of Feng Yuran’s embrace and looked at Si Rong carefully. There was a flash of thought in her eyes, as if she could not recall who she was.

Feng Yuxuan’s expression changed and his gaze swept Yu Sirong’s face. Then his eyes darkened.

“The young lady of some family?” The woman kneeling on the ground was so agitated by this statement that she lost her minds.

“Mo Xuetong, you s.l.u.t, don’t you recognize me? Hahaha, you didn’t believe that my face wasn’t ruined, did you? b.i.t.c.h, you’re really lucky. Consort Chu and I hurt you so badly, but you didn’t die. You…” Yu Sirong jumped up and rushed to Mo Xuetong fiercely.

She was not Ling Rui’er and felt that there was no way out for her. She went straight to Mo Xuetong on the condition that she would hurt her even before she died.

Feng Yuran dodged her and backed away with Mo Xuetong in his arms, avoiding Yu Sirong’s crazy blow, Feng Yuxuan suddenly pulled out the sword hanging from the guard’s waist and stabbed it at Yu Sirong’s chest as a hint of sharpness flashed through his eyes. He also remembered that this woman was the First Miss of the Yu family!

They had turned an official’s family member into a servant, and her father was still an official. Even if he was a prince, he would still be reprimanded.

The splas.h.i.+ng blood burst out and sprayed on Ling Rui’er’s head and face. Looking at Si Rong’s distorted face in front of her, Ling Rui’er screamed wildly in shock and fell backward heavily. The young and older maidservants on both sides could not hold her and she hit the door. Blood immediately fell from Ling Rui’er’s white forehead.

“Blood… blood…” she screamed. However, she ignored the blood on her head and stared at Yu Sirong’s corpse beside her feet. She screamed in horror and climbed up in a hurry, but she stepped on Yu Sirong’s blood and slipped. She fell down heavily again after having just stood up.

This time, she fell in the direction of Yu Sirong’s body. She fell heavily on the body, shaking it a little. Then, one of Yu Sirong’s hands happened to move to her face. Ling Rui’er shrieked in horror as she crawled backward on the ground, staring at Yu Sirong’s body.

A stench suddenly wafted from Ling Rui’er’s body. It turned out that she was so frightened that she was incontinent.

“My Lady, My Lady, please get up. Let me help you up.” A brave older maidservant tried to hold Ling Rui’er up, but Ling Rui’er slapped her hands away and stared at Yu Sirong with wide eyes. She cried and screamed, “Blood, blood, so much blood! Someone died! Someone is gonna die!”

She screamed wildly at first before she suddenly muttered to herself. Then, she rushed toward the crowd. The crowd at the door involuntarily retreated when they saw how bloodied, dirty and smelly she was. Ling Rui’er ran out quickly and yelled, “Blood, blood, so much blood! Someone’s dead! Somebody, someone’s dead here!” …

Under Feng Yuxuan’s hint, a few young and older maidservants went out after her.

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 679 – Sweetness, the Warnings in the Carriage

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Chapter 679 Sweetness, the Warnings in the Carriage

In the Buddha hall, Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen stood there dazedly, holding on to the door frame. Her eyes followed Feng Yulei’s figure and watched him leave quickly as if he were avoiding a scourge. Her heart ached and she could not help but shed tears. However, she was determined and soon stopped being sad. She looked around carefully before leaving quietly.

Outside the door, a palace maid dressed as a maidservant was waiting there with a lantern in her hand. Mo Xuetong and Feng Yuran saw the dim yellow light going to the back door.

“Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen is… is King Yan’s birth mother?” Mo Xuetong was shocked too deeply. She stared dazedly at the light that went far away and muttered, “Then, is the Sixth Princess not her daughter?”

What happened in the palace was really weird!

She had once wondered why Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen would come out to show her goodwill to the Empress. She had thought that she was looking for a way out for herself or that she was more optimistic about Feng Yulei’s future. That was why even the Sixth Princess was on Feng Yulei’s side. It was only now that she realized that Feng Yulei was Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s biological son. This matter was too unbelievable.

Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen had hidden so deeply. She had plotted against the Empress and Ding General Manor as well as Beauty Ling. She was too astute. Whatever such a person did made her suspect. Mo Xuetong inexplicably thought of the Sixth Princess and sighed. After saying that, she felt that she was making a blind guess.

Feng Yuran curled his lips and said with a smile, “Tong’er, do you think that Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen is an evil person, and might have stolen other’s daughter since she had replaced her son with another woman’s?” Then, he took Mo Xuetong down from the roof. It was obviously not good for her health to feel the wind on the roof at this time.

“That’s what I think. There’s no reason for her to be on par with Consort Su when she doesn’t have a son.” Mo Xuetong walked towards the back door with one of Feng Yuran’s arms half around her. She did not hide her thoughts at all. When she thought of how Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen looked like the first time she saw her, she felt that she was a rare kind person.

However, to her surprise, her means were so vicious!

Mo Xuetong knew very well that if the Empress had not weakened, Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen would not have taken the initiative to come out. Then others would not have suspected her. The current situation was beneficial to Consort Su and King Chu. The only one who could suppress Consort Su was the Empress, but things happened to her again and again. Now she had no choice but to retreat behind the scenes.

Even though she was still in the position of the Empress, the Empress did not have much of an advantage when compared to Consort Su who held real power. Furthermore, Feng Yulei had gotten into trouble again and again. King Yan, who was originally full of energy, was in a mess. Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen had no choice but to stand up.

“Are you going to tell His Majesty about this?” Mo Xuetong asked after a sigh.

It was extremely dangerous for Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen to stay by Emperor Zongwen’s side. She could bear it for so long and send her own son to another woman. Furthermore, she had even poisoned Beauty Ling who had protected Feng Yulei. One could tell that she was extremely vicious and might harm others at any time.

There was only one throne. Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen would do anything for Feng Yulei to get the throne. Such a person was so terrifying that they had to get rid of her before she could do anything. After the miseries of her previous life, Mo Xuetong believed that it was better to strike first. They should give Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen a fatal blow when she was still focusing on Feng Yuxuan.

If this kind of person could not be killed in one strike, she would bite back like a poisonous snake. At that time, she might not be the one to die.

“Tong’er, are you worried about me?” A smile appeared on Feng Yuran’s handsome face. However, he changed the topic and seemed rather happy.

Mo Xuetong glared at him and said angrily, “Let’s get down to business. We can’t let Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen off the hook so easily. I just wonder if His Majesty will believe it.”

Then, she frowned slightly. This was a difficult problem. The relations.h.i.+p between Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen and Feng Yulei was revealed when they met privately. How could Emperor Zongwen believe that the gentle and quiet Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen beside him was a vicious woman when they had no reason? It was quite hard.

Feng Yuran was in a good mood when he saw how worried she was and how she was trying to plan for him. He held Mo Xuetong’s hand with a smile and did not say anything else to her. They walked out of the back door and got on the horse that was waiting for him. Then, he wrapped Mo Xuetong with a cloak and rode the horse down the mountain. Then, he got on the horse carriage that was waiting for them at the foot of the mountain.

When they got on the horse carriage, the horse carriage did not return to the capital. Instead, it drove to the country. Mo Xuetong was a little confused at first. However, when they left the road near Puguang Temple, he started to light the lamp in a big way. Then, she realized that the man was too sly. Even if Feng Yulei noticed his horse carriage, he would not have found out that he had gone to Puguang Temple.

There was some distance between the place he lit the lamp and Puguang Temple!

What was more, the city gate had been closed at this time. If they asked the guard to open it, they would only attract the attention of various forces!

“Tong’er, rest a.s.sured. You don’t have to worry about the matter concerning Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen. She has been trying her best to pave the way for Feng Yulei and did not hesitate to use her daughter as a stepping stone. However, her daughter isn’t obedient and won’t take it. You just have to continue to watch, Tong’er.” Feng Yuran smiled evilly. He patted Mo Xuetong’s head comfortingly and held her in his arms. He leaned against a soft couch and made her rest her head on his arm, hinting that she could sleep peacefully.

There was still some distance to his yard out of the city, and Mo Xuetong could take a good rest.

Mo Xuetong was indeed tired. She had been out for some time and overheard the confrontation between the Sixth Princess and Hu Qianyue outside the jade shop. Then, she thought of ways to deal with You Yuecheng’s pursuit and met Qin Yufeng. After these matters, she was really tired now.

Touching her head where she felt a dull ache, Mo Xuetong consciously found a comfortable position in Feng Yuran’s arms. She habitually rubbed her little face against his chest, closed her eyes, nodded, and murmured softly, “Sixth Princess is really not obedient. She met You Yuecheng in private today. Coincidentally, she happened to be under the window of my jade shop. You Yuecheng almost caught me.”

“You Yuecheng is Third brother’s first advisor. He is always Third brother’s most esteemed man and is indifferent to women. Feng Xuehe thought that she could win You Yuecheng’s heart with her beauty, but she was wrong. Now it’s a sure thing that she has to marry into the Southern Barbarian Lands. So what if she’s still running around busily? Could it be that the negotiation between the two countries can be changed so quickly?”

Feng Yuran reached out to push a stray hair behind her ear and answered lazily. His eyes fell on Mo Xuetong’s calm and slightly pale face. He then said absent-mindedly, “The Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands is not easy to deal with. He has connections with Elder brother, but he doesn’t know that You Yuecheng has infiltrated his people. You don’t have to pay too much attention to this, Tong’er. If you don’t want to get involved in these disputes, you can rest in the yard.”

The point of his remarks was to ask Mo Xuetong not to care about the Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands. Mo Xuetong’s lips curved into a beautiful smile when she heard the concern in his words. She nodded lightly and opened her eyes, just meeting his bright, beautiful eyes that were truly filled with concern and love.

“I’ll be careful.” She lay in his arms obediently, just like a lazy cat.

“Good. Go to sleep!” Feng Yuran’s lips curled slightly. He leaned forward and kissed on Mo Xuetong’s snow-white forehead. It felt like a cherry blossom brus.h.i.+ng her heart, and it was warm, soft, and sweet…

Mo Xuetong and Feng Yuran only stayed in the yard for one night and returned to the capital early in the morning. After returning to King Xuan’s Manor and resting for a while, Feng Yuran brought Mo Xuetong to the manor that Crown Prince Xieyue lived. The manor was bestowed by Emperor Zongwen. It was nominally given to Crown Prince Xieyue and Princess Caifeng, but in fact, it was given to Crown Prince Xieyue.

After all, Princess Caifeng would marry into King Ning’s Manor, so it was impossible for her to stay here all the time. Of course, Crown Prince Xieyue would also leave, but giving him such a manor in the capital was a token of the Qin Kingdom’s goodwill towards his country. In the future, people from the Southern Barbarian Lands could live there temporarily, so as not to live in the courier station again.

At the main entrance, the two parted ways. Mo Xuetong went into the inner courtyard. The ladies were all received by Princess Caifeng there. Feng Yuran got off the horse carriage, and when Crown Prince Xieyue heard his coming, he had already waited by the side. Then the two of them walked in together.

Mo Xuetong’s horse carriage continued to move in, and in the end, it stopped in the inner courtyard where women’s carriage parked.

“Consort Xuan.” Mo Xuetong had just gotten out of the horse carriage when she heard a hoa.r.s.e voice sounded beside her. She turned around and looked at the source of the sound. Then she was shocked. It was You Yue’e who had always been at odds with her.

You Yue’e was very thin, so thin that there was not a trace of blood on her face. Her face was pale and she stood with the help of a maidservant beside her. She looked as if she was on the verge of collapse. It had only been a few days since they last met but You Yue’e was so pale and haggard, as if she was a different person. She was no longer as angry and fierce as she had been when she saw Mo Xuetong.

“Consort Yan, are you ill?” Mo Xuetong asked softly as she looked at You Yue’e’s slightly sunken cheeks.

“I was ill for a few days, but I’m fine these days.” You Yue’e treated Mo Xuetong with a gentle att.i.tude that she had never had before. Now that they had met, they naturally went inside together.

Mo Xuetong asked gently, “Since you were ill, why don’t you rest a little longer? Attending Princess Caifeng’s banquet isn’t mandatory. Princess Caifeng will not leave. You can still see her when she marries into King Ning’s Manor in the future. There will also be banquets often.”

You Yue’e was not in a good state, and her att.i.tude was unprecedentedly kind. Mo Xuetong did not know what she meant at the moment, so she just watched her carefully.

Seeing that the two of them had come together, someone of the manor had already gone to inform Princess Caifeng. There were only three real princes in the Qin Kingdom, but there were only two prince’s legal wives. Although King Ning was also a prince, in the eyes of others, he was still a little different. The status of these two consorts could be considered top-notch in the Qin Kingdom.

“Greetings, Consort Yan and Consort Xuan.” Mo Yarui came from another path. Although she was still dressed as a second consort, there were more young and old maidservants with her than before. Since Mo Yarui was in charge of King Chu’s Manor, her status was certainly higher than that of an ordinary second consort.

Looking at You Yue’e’s pale, bloodless face and Mo Yarui’s rosy complexion, Mo Xuetong raised her eyebrows. The two seemed to have changed their positions. No matter how she looked at them, she felt weird.

“Second Consort Mo!” Mo Xuetong smiled politely. You Yue’e nodded lightly as a greeting. Fortunately, everyone knew that she had always been arrogant. It was already good for her to be able to do so. The three groups of people gathered together and headed for the inner courtyard.

Hearing the news, Princess Caifeng personally came out to welcome them!

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 521 – A Scheme, Yu Feng’s Suggestion

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Chapter 521 A Scheme, Yu Feng’s Suggestion

“Look at you, why are you still trying to take revenge on them?” Seeing that Yu Mingyong still didn’t listen to her, Consort Yu raised her voice and gritted her teeth angrily. She couldn’t help heavily patting him a few more times.

“Ouch, Elder Sister how could you hit me when I’m already wounded? Anyway, I can’t swallow my pride. So what if I’m in this state? The He family has never had a good time. I heard that they have been driven away by King Xuan from his house. It’s now the time to strike them when they are down. Why can’t I seek revenge for myself? I just don’t believe that Consort Zhao in the palace dare to openly help them when something like this has happened.”

Yu Mingyong’s voice grew louder and louder and he felt more and more rational. It was rare for him to look at Consort Yu so forcefully and insist on his plan. He had been framed over and over again recently and was already full of anger. He vented all his anger on the He family. He felt that he would not be able to dispel the hatred in his heart if he did not destroy the He family.

Although his words were tough, at his last few words, Consort Yu immediately frowned and did not say anything.

Yu Mingyong, who was familiar with his elder sister’s character, was overjoyed when he saw her expression. Knowing that there was a chance, he hurriedly winked at Yu Feng, who was standing by the side.

Yu Feng understood immediately when he saw that. He took two steps forward and said respectfully, “Your Highness, what First Young Master said makes sense. I have investigated the matter. The incident has just happened and the He family has been chased away by King Xuan. They are like dogs that have lost their homes now. Now that they dared to plot against a prince’s first consort, Consort Zhao in the palace won’t dare to speak up for them. If anything happens to them now, others will all think that King Xuan has done it. After all, he is a man who is law-defying.”

Consort Yu was a little tempted by his words. She blinked her beautiful eyes and felt that it was a good idea.

She had long seen Consort Zhao as an eyesore! Now, she felt even more uncomfortable as if she had been p.r.i.c.ked by a thorn.

It was said that the Emperor had been in favor of her for many years, and she was the Emperor’s favorite woman. Consort Yu had wanted to form an alliance with her. She intentionally showed her kindness to Consort Zhao, and even brought Consort Zhao to the Empress Dowager’s palace to pay her respects, hoping to lure her into the Empress Dowager’s side. Moreover, she thought that it wasn’t bad for her younger brother to marry Consort Zhao’s niece. At the very least, she could collect Consort Zhao.

In the future, when the little prince in her belly was born, he would be protected by more people.

But unexpectedly, before they got closer, an accident happened at the banquet. It was not He Yuxiu’s fault at first, but Consort Zhao pushed the blame to He Yuxiu in order to save He Yufen. Who was He Yuxiu? She was her future sister-in-law. Her brother was already very disappointing, and if he married a woman who was a shameless thief, the family was all ruined.

Consort Yu was on the verge of falling out with Consort Zhao at the time. It was because He Yuxiu hadn’t married her brother yet and could only be considered Consort Zhao’s family.

Then, she vented all her anger on Ling Rui’er, who was the cause of the incident. She asked Feng Yuzhen to frame Ling Rui’er. On the one hand, it was for Yu Mingyong’s sake, and on the other hand, she tried to create animosity between Ling Rui’er and King Chu, Feng Yuxuan, so as to help Feng Yuzhen gain benefits.

In the palace, Consort Yu and Consort Zhao were a little at odds with each other.

With He Yuxiu’s disappearance, the marriage between the Yu Manor and the He Manor had been blown up. Consort Yu did not find it a pity. In fact, she really hoped that something would happen to He Yuxiu. She really did not want her younger brother to marry that woman. However, since Yu Mingyong had taken a fancy to her, she could not force him not to marry her. As such, it was the best outcome.

Since she and Consort Zhao could not stand on the same line, it would be better to see through her opponent earlier. There was no need for too much involvement.

But she didn’t expect that the He family would dare to plot against her brother.

If the He family succeeded this time, Yu Mingyong and she would have a hard time.Please go and support our new domain! Thinking of this, Consort Yu could not control the anger which arose in the pit of her stomach. She did not believe that the He family would dare to harm her younger brother and her, her brother’s backer. The plan had been made so carefully, so how could the He family, who had just come to the capital, have been so powerful to plant people at King Xuan’s Manor?

If it was not the He family, who had such extraordinary abilities and such a close relations.h.i.+p with the He family?

There was only one answer: Consort Zhao!

“How dare that b.i.t.c.h scheme against me? Does she really think that my family has no people?”

Consort Yu’s gaze landed on Yu Feng when she thought of that. A deep look flashed across her eyes. She had wanted to make Yu Feng her backing earlier. Yu Feng looked very smart and he had a good official position in other places in the past. It was said that he would be given power in the capital. He was a rare talent.

However, she didn’t expect that something would happen to Auntie Fang. Not only did Consort Yu not manage to gain anything from it, but she had also been reprimanded by the Emperor. As such, Consort Yu ignored Yu Feng and treated him like a useless chess piece. When she listened to him carefully, she felt that it was very reasonable. Then she thought of something.

She fixed her eyes on her younger brother’s face again. She knew clearly about her younger brother’s situation. He was a rogue. He did everything by virtue of his likes and dislikes, and he was also a lecherous man. No one in the manor could control his temper. Although he sometimes listened to her, how could she, a consort, always see her younger brother?

She had to find someone to watch and remind him.

“Elder Sister, please promise me. If Yu Feng hadn’t stopped me, I would have sent men to deal with them. The reason why I waited was that I wanted you to give me an idea. I can’t make things difficult for you.” Yu Mingyong reached out to pull Consort Yu’s sleeve, all smiles.

This reminded Consort Yu of her little brother in the past. Her heart immediately softened and she gave a sigh.

However, she ignored him and turned to look at Yu Feng. She said lightly, “Sir Yu, what do you think we should do?”

Yu Feng was pleased when he heard Consort Yu asking him seriously. Afraid that Consort Yu would see through his emotion, he hurriedly saluted respectfully and hid the joy in his eyes before replying, “Your Highness, I also think that First Young Master’s idea is not bad, but you cannot act rashly. So I especially advised him to listen to Your Highness before making a decision. If something were to happen to the He family while First Young Master is lying in bed, no one would think that it is First Young Master.”

On the one hand, he explained he was of use to Yu Mingyong. On the other hand, he also hinted that Yu Mingyong was injured now. Even if something were to happen to the He family, others would only suspect that King Xuan, Feng Yuran, had tried to kill them and would not suspect Yu Mingyong, who could not even get up from the bed. Furthermore, Yu Mingyong had always been a reckless person who was not that smart.

He was incapable of careful calculation.

A hint of calculation flashed through Consort Yu’s eyes. She secretly thought about the feasibility of this matter and slowly understood the meaning behind it. She then said softly, “Kill the two of the He family?”

There were only two masters left in the He family. One’s daughter was missing and the other’s daughter was said to have been sent to a brothel by King Xuan.

“Your Highness, you don’t have to beat them to death. It will be boring if you beat them to death,” Yu Feng said this with satisfaction. He knew that Consort Yu had accepted his suggestion and decided to keep her guessing.

He was very pleased with himself right now. Consort Yu’s att.i.tude had softened, and she had even asked him about it, implying that she wanted to collect him again. He had been in a state of panic all this while, and now, he could heave a sigh of relief. He felt as if he had found a new master. Furthermore, his master looked at him with admiration. How could he not be overjoyed?

Yu Mingyong was unhappy. He glared at Yu Feng and snapped, “If we don’t beat them to death, how to vent my anger?”

“First Young Master, don’t worry. We can’t be rushed. If you really kill the two He family members, Consort Zhao in the palace will definitely intervene in this matter. Although King Xuan’s Manor and the He family have been separated, there is still a blood relations.h.i.+p between the two families. If you really kill his uncles, perhaps King Xuan may not be happy,” Yu Feng hurriedly explained and tried to comfort Yu Mingyong.

He did not dare to offend this man right now. Compared to Consort Yu, this man was much easier to deal with.

“Then how to vent my anger?” The more Yu Mingyong thought of the He family, the angrier he became. Putting aside the fact that his fiancée had been changed many times, the He family lost his fiancée in the end, and even dared to plot against him, causing him nearly to lose his life. How could Yu Mingyong not want to kill the two men of the He family?

“Since First Young Master doesn’t die, we can cripple them,” Yu Feng said meaningfully. Even though he was speaking to Yu Mingyong, he explained to Consort Yu, “Your Highness, if the two of the He family are attacked and crippled, no one will care about it considering the fact that the He family once tried to frame King Xuan. Then they will definitely look for Consort Zhao’s help in desperation. This way, Consort Zhao and King Xuan will be at odds with each other.”

He had spoken so clearly that Consort Yu understood immediately. A smile of admiration appeared at the corners of her eyes as she nodded.

Yu Mingyong couldn’t understand what he meant, but she completely understood!

Consort Zhao did not have a son and was King Xuan, Feng Yuran’s aunt, so she must be very close to him. Consort Yu now realized that Consort Zhao tried to harm Mo Xuetong but didn’t harm Feng Yuran because she wanted to drag Consort Xuan off the position and make her niece replace her to be Consort Xuan.

King Xuan was Consort Zhao’s nephew and He Yufen was her niece, and they were close to her. In this case, she would control King Xuan’s Manor in the future. That was why Consort Zhao had come up with such a plot to frame Mo Xuetong. Of course, she did not forget to frame her. If her younger brother died in King Xuan’s hands, then the enmity between her and King Xuan would be formed.

“That b.i.t.c.h Consort Zhao is truly sinister and shrewd.”

Consort Yu nodded. She already had a plan in mind. She looked at Yu Feng and said, “Alright, it will be up to you. Sir Yu, you will be in charge of this.”

“Yes, I will obey Master’s order.” Yu Feng was delighted and immediately called her “master”, hinting that he would be loyal to Consort Yu. Consort Yu was even more satisfied with what he said. She knew that he was a smart person. If he did not have a sister who was not sensible, he would have done many things for her, and would not have been in such a poor condition like he was today.

Thinking of Yu Feng’s younger sister, Consort Yu could not help but ask, “How’s your sister who is other’s concubine? Is she still staying at your home?”

She was just mentioning it casually and did not expect Yu Feng’s reply. However, Yu Feng said respectfully, “Master, my younger sister is really weak. She might not even be able to live much longer after she was sent to the manor. She is still ill and might not even be able to live for the next year.”

His words sounded a little sad, but in fact, there was not a trace of sadness in them. He now had no affection for his sister at all. When Auntie Fang was driven away by the Mo Manor, he didn’t allow her to enter his house again. After that, she disappeared. Fortunately, he spread the word that he had been keeping her, and a few days later he sent word that she was dead.

Whether she lived or died from then on, it had nothing to do with him. Of course, it was also a good reason for him to show his loyalty to Consort Yu. Also, that was as it should be so that Consort Yu could know his condition.

“Now that it has turned out like this, it’s good for her!” Consort Yu said lightly.

“Yes!” Yu Feng said understandingly.

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 621 – Tianfeng Palace, the Peace Among Consorts

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Chapter 621 Tianfeng Palace, the Peace Among Consorts

After leaving the Empress Dowager’s Cining Palace, Mo Xuetong went to the Empress’ Tianfeng Palace. Ever since something happened to the Empress, Consort Su and Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen were in charge of all matters in the harem. The Empress’ Tianfeng Palace was also very cold. When she saw Mo Xuetong coming from afar, her smile grew even more friendly and she was even more careful.

Those servants who used to serve the Empress had not forgotten how Consort Xuan fought back against the Empress. She fainted in the Empress’ Tianfeng Palace, which put the Empress in a very pa.s.sive position all of a sudden.

What Mo Xuetong did not expect was that Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen was also in the Empress’ palace.

“How are you feeling? I heard from Old Eight a few days ago that you were so ill that you could not even get up. I thought that you were still young and wouldn’t suffer a tragic fate. So I prayed for you in front of the Buddha. Now I think back to it, I find that you are indeed blessed.” The Empress, who was on the high seat, was dressed plainly and looked at Mo Xuetong with a benevolent expression. She had never been so gentle before.

“Many thanks, Your Majesty!” Mo Xuetong said softly.

“Rise. You’re in poor health. Sit down and have a rest first.” The Empress was dignified and gracious, in line with her ident.i.ty of a member of the royal family. There was also a hint of concern for Mo Xuetong on her face. She looked sincere.

It made Mo Xuetong wonder when the Empress became easy-going!

“Your Majesty, are you feeling unwell too? Your face looks too pale.” Since the Empress had expressed her kindness, Mo Xuetong could not do things that led to people attacking and criticizing her. Then, the haggard expression on the Empress’s dignified face was obvious. She recalled that when the imperial physician came to see her a few days ago, he had mentioned that the Empress was not feeling well. So, she brought it up as a topic of conversation.

“It’s not a big deal. I’m just a little weak. I’m fine.” The Empress’ voice was no longer high and mighty for the first time. She answered kindly as an elder, which immediately made people feel that she was much closer.

“Your Majesty, don’t be careless. You have to ask the imperial physician to examine you. Don’t put off a slight illness until it becomes a serious one.” Mo Xuetong’s smile grew even more sincere. She cast a glance at the Empress’ expression and there was a hint of worry in her eyes. Even though the imperial physician had told her that the Empress was ill, he knew nothing about it. It was said that the imperial physician in the palace wasn’t allowed to her carefully.

“It’s okay. Xuehe said it’s not a serious illness. It’s just the warm heat disease and I’m a little worried.” The Empress smiled.

“Xuehe, the Sixth Princess?” Mo Xuetong had a sudden thought.

“So many things have happened in the harem recently, and Consort Yu has lost the child in her belly. Her Majesty is worried about the Emperor’s child in the harem, and she has not been eating well these days. If the child is born, His Majesty will have four sons. But now, the child…” Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen took over the topic and sighed.

Consort Yu lost her baby because Consort Zhao had b.u.mped into her. Fortunately, the relations.h.i.+p between Feng Yuran and the He family and Consort Zhao had already broken on Mo Xuetong’s birthday. Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen did not mean to slap her in the face when she said that. She was trying to explain why the Empress did not feel well.

Her smile was gentle, leaving a good impression on others. She sat across from Mo Xuetong. She was not as imposing as the Empress when she talked and smiled.

“Consort Zhao… how is she going?” Since Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen had mentioned Consort Yu, Mo Xuetong had to ask about Consort Zhao’s situation anyway. No matter what had happened, Consort Zhao was Feng Yuran’s aunt. Even though there was enmity between the two families, she had to ask about her on the surface.

“Consort Zhao is really… she usually is gentle. Why was she so angry? It seems that she wanted to destroy the child in Consort Yu’s belly by all means.” Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen sighed again, as if she was really feeling sorry for the two of them. However, there was no anger in her words, nor did she intend to add insult to their injury. It seemed that she really felt pity for the two of them. She was as calm and generous as usual. She was really the most popular imperial consort in the palace.

“How else is she going? She caused His Majesty’s child to die. Consort Zhao can’t make it clear. It’s inevitable for her to be sent to the Cold Palace. I just hope that His Majesty will think of her merits in a few days and then let her out of the Cold Palace. The Cold Palace is not a place for people to stay.”

“Yes!” Mo Xuetong did not know how to response and could only nod with a smile.

“I heard that Princess Caifeng of the Southern Barbarian Lands is not easy to deal with. How is she doing in King Xuan’s Manor recently?” The Empress did not seem to like to talk about this topic. She changed the topic and talked about Princess Caifeng and a pleased expression appeared on her face. It was not strange for her to care about this. As the King Yan’s mother, the Empress must have known about the matter between him and Princess Caifeng.

Princess Caifeng was considered to have a relations.h.i.+p with King Yan, and would definitely come to King Yan’s Manor in the future. It was normal for the Empress to care about Princess Caifeng.

“Since I’ve been ill recently, I’ve been lying on the bed. If it weren’t for His Majesty’s order, I would still be lying on the bed. I’ve entrusted all the matters in the courtyard to someone else, so I have no idea what’s going on. Anyway, no one is gossiping,” Mo Xuetong replied softly. Her voice was soft and weak. Coupled with her pale face, one could tell that she was really weak and did not mean to make excuses.

“I heard that a young lady from a n.o.ble family of the Southern Barbarian Lands has come with Princess Caifeng, right?” Even though the Empress looked a little displeased, she still kept her composure and asked. It was evident that she was very concerned about Hu Qianyue’s matters.

After coughing slightly and covering her mouth with her handkerchief, Mo Xuetong looked up with tears in her eyes and answered softly, “I do know about this. I heard that Miss Hu Qianyue is the cousin of the Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands, the niece of the Empress of the Southern Barbarian Lands. Her father is the general of the Southern Barbarian Lands and is in charge of strong troops.”

“The general of the Southern Barbarian Lands?” The Empress’ eyes lit up and automatically turned to look at Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen. However, Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen did not seem to notice it and continued to look at Mo Xuetong with a smile.

If her father was really the general of the Southern Barbarian Kingdom and was in command of strong army, Hu Qianyue was more useful than Princess Caifeng although her status was a little low. How could the Empress not be interested in her? If both of them married into Feng Yulei’s manor, it would be of great help to Feng Yulei.

“I heard it. I don’t know if it’s true!” Mo Xuetong smiled slightly and said in a casual manner.

This was what she heard originally, and she didn’t know if it was accurate!

“Princess Caifeng’s face was injured. She b.u.mped into Marquess Mingguo’s wife on her way back from King Yan’s Manor. I heard that Princess Caifeng was very dissatisfied with this, and even wanted to rush to Mingguo Manor to vent her anger. It’s understandable. How important is a girl’s appearance? Furthermore, she is unmarried.”

The Empress’ face darkened when she heard that. Ling Mingyan always did things without thinking. However, she had already done it and offended Princess Caifeng. It seemed that she a restless person. It was a little troublesome. “Has the wound on her face healed? Wasn’t it said that it would not leave scarring? Isn’t it alright?”

“It’s said that it would be alright, but it depends on the reaction in this month. If it can be healed soon, maybe Princess Caifeng won’t care about the mistake of His Excellency’s wife,” Mo Xuetong replied.

“If it can be healed soon?” The Empress thought about it for a while. Then, she turned to Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen, who was sitting by the side. Her eyes lit up and she said, “Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen, what about Xuehe…”

“Your Majesty!” Before she could finish her words, Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen interrupted her loudly, and then explained in a soft voice under the two people’s surprised eyes, “Your Majesty, as for Xuehe, the Southern Barbarian Lands… is too far away. Please do me a favor, Your Majesty. Don’t let Xuehe marry far away!”

The subject changed too fast and too brusque!

A hint of suspicion flashed across Mo Xuetong’s eyes as she looked at Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen up and down. Just now, they were talking about Princess Caifeng. Why did she suddenly mention the Sixth Princess’ marriage? It was said that the palace had not decided if the Sixth Princess or the Seventh Princess would marry Crown Prince Xieyue. The two princesses’ dates of birth differed by only two months, so it was possible for either of them to go.

This matter had not been decided yet, which meant that it still needed to be thought over. Why did Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen, who had always been calm, suddenly panic, as if the Sixth Princess was going to get married soon? Moreover, these words were mentioned in front of Mo Xuetong when it had nothing to do with her. In short, these words were extremely inappropriate!

“Your Majesty, I was lost in thought. Upon hearing you mention Xuehe, I thought that…” Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen also felt that she had forgotten herself just now, so she stood up in a hurry and explained to the Empress.

“Forget it. Never mind!” The Empress waved her hand kindly and gestured for Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen to sit down.

Mo Xuetong stood up and bade farewell to the Empress. The Empress did not ask her to stay. Her att.i.tude was as calm as ever and she was so kind that Mo Xuetong could not believe it that the person in front of her was really the Empress who had always been at odds with her. The woman seemed to have changed. Could it be that the Empress had changed her character over the past few plain days?

However, mountains and rivers could be moved, but man’s nature could not be moved.

The Empress’s actions made Mo Xuetong feel strange. Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen had always been gentle and calm, and had not interacted much with the Empress and had not even gotten involved in the matters of the Empress Dowager. She did everything according to the rules. However, what was going on now? Since when had Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen and the Empress gotten along so well?

The Empress could bear to be interrupted by Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen, and there was not a trace of displeasure on her face!

Every time Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen was in a hurry to interrupt the Empress, it seemed to have something to do with the Sixth Princess Feng Xuehe. Even though she was worried that the Sixth Princess would marry off to the Southern Barbarian Lands, and she had to please the Empress, Mo Xuetong still felt that something was wrong!

Because it was still early, Mo Xuetong lay on the couch in Anhe Palace while she closed her eyes and silently recalled what they had said and every movement of the Empress and Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen in Tianfeng Palace today. She felt that there was a certain mystery behind it. Their harmonious coexistence may have been for the Emperor’s sake on the surface.

But what did Mo Xuetong see? She really couldn’t believe it. The two of them got along so well that they looked as if they were a family!

Lying on the bed silently for a while, Mo Xuetong suddenly stood up. Mo Lan, who was sitting beside, was startled and hurriedly looked up at her.

“Go and call Mo Ye!”

“Yes, I will go right away.” Mo Lan stood up and looked at Mo Xuetong, whose eyes shone brightly. She knew what her mistress was thinking and did not dare to delay. She walked to the door and called Mo Ye in. The two maidservants usually followed Mo Xuetong into the palace, and one guarded inside the palace while the other guarded outside.

When Mo Ye entered the palace, Mo Xuetong pulled her over and whispered a few words in her ear. Mo Ye hesitated for a while, but she still nodded and went out according to her plan. She asked Mo Lan to take good care of Mo Xuetong and went deep into the palace alone. On the way, she knocked out a palace maid and put on her clothes.

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 503 – The Mingyue Palace, Consort Zhao’s Plan

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Chapter 503 The Mingyue Palace, Consort Zhao’s Plan

Now it was all right. Duke Ding explained the situation to the Emperor, which indicated Ding General Manor took the side of the Emperor and would also completely cut off their support of the Empress Dowager. Anyway, Ding General Manor would never stand on the Empress Dowager’s side anymore, and thus, of course, would never rebel with King Ning.

Duke Ding mentioned this intentionally in order to gain the Emperor’s approval. Just as King Chu had expected, the Emperor cleared Rui’er of her crime and regained her place as the first consort. It was also considered a way of returning the favor and making Ding General Manor look good. At the same time, it also hinted that Duke Ding could not act rashly.

This was what Duke Ding hoped for the most right now. After all, it was not the right time to fall out with the Empress Dowager. In others’ eyes, she came from Ding General Manor anyway. If he offended the Empress Dowager, who knew how she would deal with him? After all, he was a subject, as well as a junior. He was in a weak position in every respect.

It seemed that the Emperor did not intend to do anything to the Empress Dowager and King Ning for the time being. He should make a plan before he acted. Duke Ding was hoping that the Empress Dowager would stay quietly in the palace. Compared to the Emperor’s methods, the Empress Dowager’s was somewhat too common. If King Ning really rebelled, the Empress Dowager would be a rebel. As the Empress Dowager’s parents’ family, Ding General Manor would not be able to escape.

Thinking of this, Duke Ding felt that it was so good to follow King Chu’s advice to show his loyalty to the Emperor and report to him!

At least he was now on the Emperor’s side. Moreover, there was the Empress and Consort Chu. In the future, the Empress Dowager’s matter would not have much to do with him.

After wiping the sweat off his head, Duke Ding excitedly went out of the palace. What happened last night did not stir too much trouble in his heart. No matter which prince did it, he would not really deal with the Four Great Manors for the time being. Only several unimportant servants and concubines died in the manor, which was not worthy of his attention.

As soon as Duke Ding turned the corner of a palace, he saw a maid standing on a path. When she saw him coming, she came over and said respectfully, “Greetings, Duke Ding.”

“What’s the matter?” Duke Ding asked as his face darkened.

“Hearing that there were in Ding General Manor last night, Her Majesty was very worried and wanted to ask you about the situation in the manor. Please come with me, Your Grace,” the maid said politely with a smile.

The incident happened last night, and this morning, the Empress Dowager who lived in seclusion in the palace and claimed to be indifferent to the world knew everything. However, a few days after what happened to Ling Rui’er, Duke Ding went to the Cining Palace to plead, the Empress Dowager pretended that she knew nothing about it and asked him to tell her everything.

Duke Ding pretended to be in a hurry and said to the maid, “Please report to Her Majesty that most of the people in the manor are safe, and only a few servants were killed. Nothing serious. However, many people are frightened. I’ll go back to calm them down first. I’ll come to the palace and tell Her Majesty in detail later.”

He really didn’t have time to come to the Empress Dowager’s palace at this time. He had to go back and tell something to Ling Rui’er. The Second Consort Mo was not in King Chu’s Manor either, and Ding General Manor had to make a gesture in order to shut people up. Besides, he had just thought that his Second Uncle had quite a lot of power in the manor. He might as well take this opportunity to get rid of some of his people so that he could forcefully control his Second Uncle and the Empress Dowager in the future…

Ling Rui’er had once again become Consort Chu. She expressed that she had repented thoroughly of her misdeeds. She had even come to a.s.sistant Minister’s Manor with many people to apologize to the injured Second Consort Mo who was lying on the bed. Besides, she even asked servants to beat the maid who knocked Second Consort Mo and caused her miscarriage to death right in front of Mo Yarui.

Ling Rui’er apologized to Mo Yarui sincerely. She even disregarded her own status and cried on the spot, attempting to kneel down in front of Mo Yarui. How could Mo Yarui allow Ling Rui’er to do it? She forced herself to get up to lift Ling Rui’er. She said that she, as a second consort, didn’t deserve the first consort’s apology.

At this point, Ling Rui’er sincerely asked for forgiveness and repeatedly said that she would treat Mo Yarui well and look after her. Mo Yarui, who was weak by nature, also expressed that she wanted to go back to King Chu’s Manor. As a daughter who got married, she couldn’t stay at her parents’ home all day long. a.s.sistant Minister Mo had no choice but to allow his daughter to go back with Ling Rui’er and secretly told Mei Yu, Mo Yarui’s maid who went to King Chu’s Manor with her, to look out for her.

Unlike Mo Yarui, a.s.sistant Minister Mo felt that Ling Rui’er would not be so kind, and was always worried about his daughter. Thus, he sent some people to work at the back door of King Chu’s Manor, afraid that his only daughter would be soft-hearted and be tricked. Otherwise, she would not know how she died. He could only smile bitterly in his heart when his daughter had fantasies about King Chu.

When his daughter lost the baby, King Chu had not yet entered the military camp. How could he know nothing about what happened in his manor? King Chu had not even asked about the accident that had happened to the child in his daughter’s belly. It could be seen that he had no feelings for his daughter. a.s.sistant Minister Mo only hoped that his daughter would not get into trouble. He was willing to take his daughter home.

However, Mo Yarui still believed that Feng Yuxuan loved her and thus she followed Ling Rui’er back to King Chu’s Manor.

Put aside how Mo Yarui was, there was someone who was completely unaffected by the current situation. He Yufen was in a good mood over the past few days because she was about to finally fulfill her wish—marrying into King Xuan’s Manor. Although she was still somewhat unhappy that she could not become a second consort, the unhappiness was just a small amount of dark clouds compared to her desire to enter King Xuan’s Manor.

She had been a sacrifice when she had come to the capital. In order to stay in the capital, she could only marry Yu Mingyong who was a good-for-nothing. He Yuxiu looked smarter than her, so her father and Second Uncle had both chose He Yuxiu to marry into King Xuan’s Manor.

But she couldn’t accept it. Yu Mingyong was a playboy. How could He Yufen accept it? She had always thought she was beautiful. How could she let her beauty do no good? Luckily, something happened to He Yuxiu in the palace, so she had to marry Yu Mingyong. When she thought of Consort Zhao’s protection for her last time, she knew that she was on her side, which made her more daring.

With Consort Zhao backing her up, how could the little girl, Mo Xuetong be compared with her?

He Yuxiu’s inexplicable disappearance didn’t make her feel any burden. On the contrary, she felt that it was better. Without the tart He Yuxiu, the He family would only favor her more. She didn’t want to be against He Yuxiu either. It was best for He Yuxiu to die. Without her, there was no one to compete with her for the favor.

Tomorrow was the day she would marry into King Xuan’s Manor. He Yufen took inventory of her belongings early in the morning. The He family had really treated her well and had placed 36 boxes for her. Such a dowry was enough for her to live a comfortable life in King Xuan’s Manor. Of course, He Yufen knew that at least half of the boxes were empty, but even so, her status was raised.

Just as she was happily watching, the people sent by Consort Zhao had come from outside, especially asking her to enter the palace.

Hearing Consort Zhao’s order, He Yufen happily followed the little eunuch who came to invite her to the gate of the palace and came to the Mingyue Palace.

A palace maid had been waiting there for a long time. When she saw He Yufen approaching, she greeted her respectfully and led her into the palace.

Consort Zhao’s Mingyue Palace had always been deserted, but the decoration inside was extremely gorgeous. He Yufen had been to the Empress Dowager’s Cining Palace. After observing the things here, she immediately felt that even the Cining Palace couldn’t compare with this one. And she was more confident that she would become Consort Xuan.

With Consort Zhao’s favor to her, it would be easy for her to get Mo Xuetong out of the position.

Of course, He Yufen, who had been in a small city in Jiangnan, didn’t understand that the Empress Dowager intentionally kept a low profile because she wanted the Emperor to feel that she was peaceful and was very satisfied with her present life.

“Greetings, Your Highness.” Upon entering, He Yufen saw Consort Zhao and bowed gracefully.

“Yufen, take a seat.” Consort Zhao smiled warmly as she pointed at the chair on the side. He Yufen thanked her for her kindness and sat down in a little bow.

Consort Zhao smiled slightly, picked up the green lotus teacup by her hand, and took a sip before she asked, “You’re going to King Xuan’s Manor tomorrow. Do you know what to do, Yufen?”

He Yufen was slightly stunned. She did not understand what Consort Zhao’s meaning. The things after she entered King Xuan’s Manor had already decided, and her father and uncle had no longer reminded her. The first thing she did after she came to King Xuan’s Manor was to defeat Mo Xuetong. Then, she would seize Feng Yuran’s heart and control him.

She hesitated for a moment and asked, “Do you think there’s something wrong, Your Highness?”

“There is indeed something wrong. The first thing you should do after you marry into the manor is to capture Old Eight’s heart. I heard that after the matter about tea leaves last time, he has gained his original habit. There is a new concubine in the inner courtyard and she is not of low status. Those concubines might also be released. Mo Xuetong is no longer the most powerful person in King Xuan’s Manor. So it’s useless just to get rid of Mo Xuetong,” Consort Zhao slowly said.

This was the conclusion she had reached after a.n.a.lyzing the matters in King Xuan’s Manor.

Something must have happened between Feng Yuran and Mo Xuetong. Although nothing had been found out, those things had indeed happened in the back courtyard. A few days after Feng Yuran had been restricted by the Emperor, the back courtyard became lively again. It was said that the concubines who had been grounded in the past also had the opportunity to come out. Mo Xuetong had met them once.

It was at that time that Concubine Qin had caught Feng Yuran’s attention and been promoted.

It was said that Feng Yuran did it without discussing it with Mo Xuetong. It seemed that he was not so good to her as he used to be.

This was also the reason that Consort Zhao had specially asked He Yufen to come to the palace.

He Yufen was naturally smart now that she was able to stand out among the girls adopted by the He family. She immediately understood the meaning of Consort Zhao and nodded in agreement at once.

Consort Zhao cast a sidelong glance at her and gave her an admiring look. Then, she instructed her, “Yufen, you must be mentally prepared. When you marry into his manor tomorrow, Old Eight might not come to you. With his arrogant personality, how could he possibly care about a mere concubine?”

It was the first day a concubine married into his manor and many people knew about it, including the Emperor. Why would he not come and take a look at her? He Yufen was a little dazed. She had thought that Feng Yuran might not like her very much right now, but she had never thought that Feng Yuran would not come to see her. She was fl.u.s.tered and asked, “Your Highness, what should I do then?”…

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 533 – A Fight, Yu Mingyong VS Lian An

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Chapter 533 A Fight, Yu Mingyong VS Lian An

Yu Mingyong felt that he had been cuckolded. Any man would not be able to stand this kind of insult. With so many people pointing at He Yuxiu and Lian An, he immediately felt that everyone was on his side, and became more agitated. He didn’t allow Lian An to escape at this time. He took several steps forward and reached out with his hand, blocking Lian An’s way.

“Mr. Lian, Minister Lian, Your Excellency Minister, you should give me an explanation. You took my fiancée away and forced her to be your mistress. Come on, let’s go to meet the place of judgment. Let them see how Minister Lian, who always thinks highly of himself, can’t wait to get together with this little s.l.u.t.”

Yu Mingyong stretched out his hand to pull Lian An.

Lian An was consumed with regret. How could it be such a coincidence that Yu Mingyong, who had nothing to do with him, would come to his manor? Just now, he really made out with He Yuxiu in the carriage because he could not resist her temptation. Otherwise, he could say that he picked her up to see his father. Now, he really couldn’t explain it clearly.

But he had to even if he could not explain it clearly. He was finished if the supervisor caught something on this matter.

Immediately, he pushed Yu Mingyong away and pretended to be calm, saying, “Sir Yu, you misunderstood. Second Miss He came to me. I’m bringing her here to see her father and uncle. Why did you say that, Sir Yu? It’s really ridiculous.”

Lian An insisted that he had nothing to do with He Yuxiu. He was still well-dressed, so he didn’t seem to be too impolite. As he had been frightened, the l.u.s.t on his face had faded. Coupled with his solemn expression, it was hard to tell that he had made out in the carriage.

“Is it a mistake? Minister Lian is such a man of integrity; how could he do such a thing?”

“There must be a mistake. This woman is Sir Yu’s fiancée, and she has been missing for a while. Has she been sold to a brothel? It seems to be true.”

“Definitely. Once a woman is missing, she will lose her reputation and integrity. This young lady is really ruined.”

Everyone was talking about it at the moment, but their words all implied that Yu Mingyong must have made a mistake. After Second Miss He disappeared, she must have been sold to a brothel, but as a result, Minister Lian found her and took her to see her father and uncle, and he didn’t do anything.

All in all, these pa.s.sersby believed that Lian An had a good reputation, but did not believe what Yu Mingyong said.

Hearing these words, Lian An became pleased. The expression on his face became calmer and calmer as if he were really just helping a girl to return to her father.

Yu Mingyong had never been so wronged. He flew into a rage. He had always been the one to wrong others and would not allow someone else to wrong him. He pulled He Yuxiu away from behind Lian An and tore her collar. Immediately, half of her collar had been pulled open, and a large part of her pink bellyband that hadn’t been tied up had been revealed to everyone.

He Yuxiu was so scared that she hurriedly pulled the other hem of her clothes and covered her body tightly.

Several sharp-eyed people immediately saw the kiss marks on her tender neck and chest.

Yu Mingyong pointed at He Yuxiu and said resentfully, “Everyone, look, the kiss marks on this s.l.u.t’s body clearly just left a while ago. Minister Lian, you and she came in the same carriage. Are there any other men in the carriage besides you? You’re not going to tell me that the kiss marks were from your coachman, aren’t you?”

At this time, anger surging in his heart. He was a frequent client of a brothel, so of course, he knew that these kiss marks had just been left. Thus, he was very self-confident at the moment.

“I… Second Miss He was in that kind of place. When I found her, it was too late. She… I saved her and brought her directly to see her father. There was no place to clean up on the way.” Lian An coughed to distract other people’s attention. Just now, more than one person had seen the kiss marks on He Yuxiu’s neck, so it was difficult for him to stop others, and he had to explain to them according to Yu Mingyong’s words.

He was saying that He Yuxiu was really once a prost.i.tute in the brothel!

He Yuxiu’s body immediately turned cold when she heard his words. She looked at Lian An in disbelief. The l.u.s.t on her face had long faded and her lips were trembling. She could not even speak. If she was deemed to have been tricked into going to a brothel and lost her pudicity, who would think highly of her in the future? If the He family knew that Lian An did not protect her, she would not be able to live.

Was he really the man who had held her in his arms and gently called her baby just now?

“Old Sir…” She looked at Lian An with tears in her timid eyes, and then a drop of tear fell down the corner of her eye. Although she did not say anything more, the sadness in her eyes was real. Immediately everyone present thought that she was the victim, and she was the one who had been cheated. She still looked at Lian An lovingly, and there was sadness and disappointment in her eyes, as well the shame of a woman being cheated. That kind of silent complaint could win everyone’s sympathy.

This time, He Yuxiu and Yu Mingyong, the unmarried couple, had the same goal.

“Minister Lian, you’re so eloquent. Shall I send someone to check where He Yuxiu lives with you these days? It’s hard to find a person in the capital, but it won’t be so hard to find a house.” Somehow, Yu Mingyong was very eloquent.

Instead of saying that to Lian An directly, he sneered at He Yuxiu, asking, “Second Miss He, do you recognize yourself as a prost.i.tute who has slept with many men or explain how Minister Lian lied to you and made you the mistress? Since Minister Lian set you as the mistress, you must know where this yard is, right?”

Being a prost.i.tute, or being a woman who had eloped with someone. Even though they both sounded bad, it was obvious that the latter could put all the blame on Lian An. He Yuxiu had always been bold, or else she would not have been in the relations.h.i.+p with Lian An. Now that Yu Mingyong was forcing her and Lian An seemed to be pus.h.i.+ng her out, she had long cursed Lian An in her heart.

She gritted her teeth and suddenly knelt down before Yu Mingyong. She covered her face with her hands and said, “Sir Yu, I… I’m sorry. It’s Minister Lian. He said that he wanted to marry me as another wife. He promised that after this period of time, he would let me marry into the manor with complete formalities. Nothing will be omitted.”

It was out of her expectation that things had developed to this point. This time, she entered Lian’s Manor in order to let others discover the relations.h.i.+p between her and Lian An. How could she be willing to have no status? In that case, her child would not be able to enter the Lian family’s ancestral hall in the future and would be looked down upon by others forever.

But since things had come to this point, she had no way out. She would not allow Lian An to accuse her of being a prost.i.tute. Tears welled up in her crystal-clear eyes and she was crying so hard that she could not utter a word. Anyway, she was going to blame it on Lian An.

She cried sadly, which really p.i.s.sed Lian An off. What did this woman say? She said that he took a fancy to her beauty, lured her away on purpose, and seduced her with the position of another wife. At this time, he had already forgotten her previous coquetry. He only felt that she was like his impediment and he should desert her directly.

“Minister Lian, what else do you want to say?” Yu Mingyong was in the right, so he was very imposing. He immediately grabbed Lian An and tried to pull him into his carriage. “Minister Lian, you knowingly violated the law. You seduced a woman who was engaged to someone. You’re lying to the Emperor. Let’s go and meet His Majesty now and have him judge the situation.”

“Sir Yu, let’s talk it over. There might be some misunderstanding.” Lian An was really in a panic at this point. If he went to see the Emperor, he wouldn’t have the chance to escape. The Emperor was not like Yu Mingyong who was easy to deal with.

“Misunderstanding? What’s the misunderstanding? You’ve messed around with my fiancée, and you call it a misunderstanding! No wonder she suddenly disappeared. It turns out that she came to you and has an affair with you. It’s always me who messes around with other’s women, and other men dare not to mess about with mine. Come on. I won’t let you go today. Let the Emperor judge for us.”

With right was on his side, Yu Mingyong was not going to let the matter rest. He pulled Lian An and walked forward. The butler of Lian’s Manor wanted to come and help Lian An but was stopped by Yu Mingyong’s people. He had come to make the scene this time, so the servants he brought were as fierce as animals. Even the guards of Lian’s Manor who didn’t understand what was going on could not compare to them. They immediately made way for Yu Mingyong.

Yu Mingyong’s words were like a bolt out of the blue to Lian An. If the Emperor knew about this, he would be really done for. He was no longer as calm as he was several minutes ago. He tugged at his sleeves forcefully and said anxiously in a low voice, “Sir Yu, let’s talk things through. Let’s go in and make it clear. There is really a misunderstanding. If I do something wrong, I will definitely repay you.”

The only thing he wanted to do now was to lure Yu Mingyong into the manor and talk to him nicely so that he could cover this matter.

“Do you want me not to sue you? Good, as long as you admit that you have stolen this s.l.u.t, you two adulterers are a couple. I will release you immediately.” Yu Mingyong was not going to let him off the hook. He grabbed Lian An’s sleeve. Even though he was still injured, he still had the strength to pull at a weak scholar.

Lian An certainly didn’t dare to admit it. He gritted his teeth and defended himself, “Sir Yu, I really brought Second Miss He to see her father and uncle. They are now in my manor. Last time, they were almost beaten to death. I saw that they were pitiful, so I took them to my manor to recover. It’s really not the kind of relations.h.i.+p as you think.”

“Minister Lian, it turns out that you have such a good relations.h.i.+p with the He family. You not only invited the two brothers of the He family to your house but also invited the woman of the He family to play with you on the bed. It seems that you also have a good relations.h.i.+p with Consort Zhao. Otherwise, why would you take care of her family?”

Yu Mingyong gritted his teeth when he heard that the He brothers were indeed in Lian’s Manor. As he thought of the fact that the brothers had framed him and that He Yuxiu had cuckolded him, Yu Mingyong gritted his teeth and punched Lian An’s face with his fist without thinking. He said hatefully, “Good, good. I’ll beat you to death today, you hypocrite.”

When they saw that their master had been beaten up, Lian An’s people did not show any weakness. Someone had already entered the manor and called for many people to protect Lian An. Seeing that so many people were rus.h.i.+ng over, Yu Mingyong’s people were afraid that they would hurt their master, so they rushed forward anxiously. The two sides immediately fought with each other.

This fight made both sides redden their eyes. He Yuxiu, who had shrunk to one side, slowly retreated and retreated again. Everyone was watching the fight. The scene was in a state of chaos. A few pa.s.sersby were punched for no reason, so they also got involved in the fight.

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 557 – Meeting He Yufen Again in the Back Yard

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Chapter 557 Meeting He Yufen Again in the Back Yard

After the Qixi Festival banquet in the imperial harem, those young men and women did not become couples but made the Emperor and the Empress unhappy. After the news that the Empress entered the Buddha Hall of her own accord, it was also said that Consort Zhao also shut herself up in the Mingyue Palace to pray for blessings for the dead palace servants.

The two powerful women were immediately isolated from the world, leaving Consort Su to outs.h.i.+ne others. Was the Emperor trying to promote King Chu to the Crown Prince? The officials all had their own ideas. Someone had already secretly sent gifts to King Chu’s Manor to privately show their loyalty to King Chu. However, most officials were just waiting and watching. It was not easy to guess what the current Emperor was thinking about.

King Yan had already been of n.o.ble status and was about to become the Crown Prince, but he had been locked up since his wedding. In fact, there was no evidence about that matter. It was just a rumor, and how could the Emperor only listen to the rumor when he was so wise?

Therefore, the only possibility was that the Emperor wanted to control King Yan!

At the thought of this point, those officials who had their own plans in their hearts felt their hairs stand on end. Who knew when the Emperor would dislike someone? There was only one position high above. The second round of the fight for the throne was about to begin. Some older officials could still remember when King Jin fought for the throne 30 years ago.

At that time, blood flowed like rivers, and everyone got so excited by killing others. Many relatives of the royal family and descendants of officials who had feats had died. It could be said that it was a shakeup with blood. Although King Jin’s people were all killed, his opponent was also weakened. After the former Emperor took over the throne, he only slept for a few hours every day. The prime Emperor then only lived for a few years and the throne fell into the current Emperor’s hands.

Emperor Zongwen did not experience such a battle for the throne. It was because some of the sons of the former Emperor had died in the fight for the throne with King Jin early. The remaining legitimate son was in poor health, and he had only been the Crown Prince for a short while before he died. Then, the former Emperor pa.s.sed away and Emperor Zongwen was the only son left. It was his responsibility to take the throne.

However, this man was not easy to fool. When he first became the Emperor, he administered the government strictly and punished a group of corrupt and fatuous officials. He was quick and ruthless. As a result, he had managed the Qin Kingdom well and properly. It was obvious that he was a competent Emperor. Moreover, after he had been the Emperor for so many years, people couldn’t figure out which prince he liked!

Of course, the commotion outside was all for men, and Mo Xuetong would not take it to heart. There were strong men to deal with it. It was obvious that Feng Yuran was a strong man in her heart. The only thing she could do was to help him manage the back yard and care about him through small matters.

Ever since the banquet, Feng Yuran had been dragged back to court. As such, no matter how unhappy he was about it, he had to go to the court.

When Mo Xuetong got up, it was already past breakfast time. There was only one master in the manor, and Feng Yuran had told the servants not to wake her up. She slept until she woke up naturally every day, but she still felt a little tired. Fortunately, after getting up for a while, she felt less tired. She knew that the poison in her body had not been detoxified, and it must have something to do with it.

But now, she didn’t want to think about it. Anyway, it was useless. Thinking about it, she would be scared. She had to think about things in a better way. At least, Feng Yuran’s medicine was much better than her mother’s. She didn’t have to be bedridden all the time and could get up to deal with things. She just easily felt tired.

Fortunately, there was nothing to do in King Xuan’s Manor. Even though there were many concubines in the back yard, it was obvious that she did not have to manage them. She was free. Concubine Qin was the only woman who had a t.i.tle in the back yard. Feng Yuran had told her not to disturb Mo Xuetong’s rest, so she had nothing to do.

Mo Xuetong felt much better after drinking the medicine and eating breakfast. However, she did not have much appet.i.te. There was porridge and dishes on the table, but Mo Xuetong only ate a few mouthfuls before putting the bowl down. Mo Lan felt worried and touched Mo Xuetong’s forehead. Finding that Mo Xuetong did not have a fever, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Ever since Mo Lan found out that Mo Xuetong also had been poisoned, her heart had been in her mouth. She was afraid that something would happen to Mo Xuetong. Madam’s sickly look had always flashed before her eyes. Even though she was young then, she had already understood the situation. If Consort Xuan became like her mother…

Mo Lan grew anxious when she thought of that. As such, she sent the medicine here, and strictly supervised Mo Xuetong drinking of the medicine.

“I’m fine. I have taken a book yesterday and read it late. Maybe that’s why I’m a little tired.” Mo Xuetong knew what Mo Lan was worried about. Her heart melted and she patted Mo Lan’s hand away with a smile.

“My Lady, how can you stay up late reading? If you do it again, I’ll go to tell His Highness and ask him to supervise your sleep time,” Mo Lan complained as she stared at Mo Xuetong.

Feng Yuran did not sleep in Mo Xuetong’s room last night and Mo Xuetong could not fall asleep alone. She tossed and turned for a long while. Then, she picked up a book and flipped through it. As a result, she read it for a long while and fell asleep late. Mo Yu was on duty at that time and Mo Lan had complained about it for a long while this morning.

“Alright, I’ll never stay up so late again, alright?” Mo Xuetong smiled and comforted Mo Lan who was obviously unhappy.

“My Lady, you have to remember what you said,” Mo Lan said seriously as she stood in front of Mo Xuetong. There was a hint of suspicion in her eyes.

“Okay, sure. I will definitely remember it. Mo Lan, don’t worry. I hope that I can be energetic every day and go to the garden to get some lotus dew to make tea.” Mo Xuetong nodded hurriedly and promised. In front of Mo Lan, she was immature. But she had no choice. After all, Mo Lan was so sensible.

“My Lady, you want to get some lotus dew? There is no dew on the lotus leaves at this time. There is a lot of suns.h.i.+ne, but I don’t know how to get it!” The curtain was lifted, and Mo Yu came in and blinked with a mocking smile on her face. She carried a plate in her hand, and the white jade bottle contained the lotus dew that Mo Xuetong mentioned just now.

If you made tea with the lotus dew collected in the morning, the tea would contain a faint fragrance of the lotus. It was fairly fragrant, and Feng Yuran liked it very much. He had been thinking about it ever since Mo Xuetong collected the dew and made tea for him to drink. However, he did not allow Mo Xuetong to collect the dew herself.

Looking at the sunlight outside, Mo Xuetong smiled. It turned out that she had really gotten up too late.

Mo Xuetong picked up the bottle that Mo Yu handed to her, and picked up a handkerchief to carefully wipe the water on it. Then she asked softly, “How is He Yufen?”

In fact, He Yufen had not been sent to the brothel that day. Feng Yuran only pretended to do it. Then he brought her back secretly and threw her in the woodshed of King Xuan’s Manor, asking someone to keep watch on her. Only a few confidants knew about it. The person guarding He Yufen was Feng Yuran’s man, and usually, it was Mo Yu who sent meals to her.

“When I sent the meal, First Miss He begged me and she wanted to see you, My Lady. She said that she has something important to tell you.” Speaking of the business, Mo Yu stopped smiling mockingly and answered seriously. In fact, she really didn’t like First Miss He. She didn’t understand why King Xuan and Consort Xuan kept her in the manor.

From Mo Yu’s point of view, since she dared to murder Consort Xuan, it was not enough to vent her anger, even if she were to be cut into pieces.

“She said it more than once. I don’t think there’s anything more important for the He family. Apart from being wealthy, they don’t hesitate to give their daughters to different officials. What else important things do they have?”

Mo Xuetong fell silent. The He family was the most painful thorn in Feng Yuran’s body of a generation ago. Now, it was the thorn in Mo Xuetong’s heart. They had intentionally kept He Yufen in the manor because they wanted to know how many secrets she knew. He Yufen seemed to be more scheming than He Yuxiu. They had left her in the manor because they wanted to see how she would react.

Now it seemed that she did know something; she should know more than He Yuxiu did.

Mo Lan, who was not as reckless as Mo Yu, thought for a while and said, “My Lady, it’s about time now. I went to see He Yufen secretly yesterday. When she heard a sound, she cowered aside nervously. It seems that she is really frightened. I think it is the best time to ask.”

Mo Xuetong nodded approvingly. She put down the white jade bottle that she had wiped clean and said, “Mo Yu, stay here and put away the water in the bottle. When His Highness comes, boil it and make tea. I will take Mo Lan there to take a look.”

“Yes, I will put it away right now.” Mo Yu nodded.

Since He Yufen was secretly brought her here, it would definitely not be appropriate to bring her to the main yard. She only brought Mo Lan with her and went to the woodshed in the back courtyard. The manservant guarding the door opened it for her. Mo Xuetong entered with Mo Lan.

Hearing people’s voices, the figure inside immediately huddled up and s.h.i.+vered.

With the suns.h.i.+ne outside the window, Mo Xuetong could see clearly that He Yufen’s eyes peeked out from behind the sleeves. Seeing clearly that it was Mo Xuetong, He Yufen suddenly pulled down the sleeves covering her face and rushed to Mo Xuetong. Mo Lan, who had been staring at her, quickly stood in front of He Yufen.

“He Yufen, are you trying to harm Her Lady?” Seeing that Mo Xuetong almost fell down because of He Yufen’s pounce, Mo Lan raised her eyebrows and rebuked her angrily.

“No, Elder Sister Mo Lan, I’m not. I just have something to say to Her Lady.” He Yufen was in a hurry to explain.

Mo Xuetong’s eyes fell on He Yufen’s face. They hadn’t seen each other for a few days, and He Yufen looked thin and almost out of shape. Her cheeks were sunken, and her skin was pale. Since she hadn’t taken a bath for so many days in summer, she gave off the smell of sour dishes, which was really unpleasant.

The manservant brought a chair from outside and placed it at the door. He said smartly, “Please sit down, My Lady. His Highness said you should not come too close to her, lest you fall sick because of the stinky smell. There are still people at the door, and no one will come over.”

Mo Xuetong nodded and sat down on the chair. She knew that Feng Yuran meant that no one would hear what she said. Then, she looked at the manservant and found that he was very quick. She knew that he was good at martial arts. He was standing on her side before, just in front of He Yufen. It was because Feng Yuran was wary that He Yufen would hurt her. Mo Xuetong felt warm in her heart and could not help but reveal a faint smile on her face.

Looking at the beautiful and lazy woman sitting in the chair, He Yufen felt bitter in her heart. How could she not see through it and want to take that position? Was it because the prospect Consort Zhao had described to her was too tempting or was it because she had been reluctant to stay behind? As she looked at everything in front of her, how could she not understand?

Mo Xuetong was the only one in the mighty man’s heart. However, it was a pity that they could not see through it. Consort Zhao had even claimed that she had already used tea leaves to make them dislike each other. Did they look like they didn’t like each other? Even when Mo Xuetong interrogated her, he was afraid that Mo Xuetong would be suffocated by her smell. How could the man who protected her have any other woman in his eyes?

In fact, she had already been defeated when she entered the manor…

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 614 – A Threat, Hu Qianyue’s Misjudge

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Chapter 614 A Threat, Hu Qianyue’s Misjudge

Hu Qianyue had come because she wanted to drag Mo Xuetong to see Princess Caifeng and humiliate her. They had been living in King Xuan’s Manor for so many days, but Consort Xuan had been ill and they had never seen her face. Mo Xuetong gave them the impression of being so weak that the wind almost blew her over.

As for the last time they met, even if she went into her room and had a look, Consort Xuan didn’t say anything. It could be seen that Consort Xuan was a coward.

When the maidservant had come to report that Consort Xuan was going to enter the palace, she had especially volunteered to come. She had no good intentions in the beginning.

As long as Consort Xuan talked to her, she was confident that she could bring her to Princess Caifeng. Princess Caifeng had lost face because of Consort Xuan, so she would think of a way to deal with her. She could take this opportunity to humiliate Consort Xuan and spread the news that Princess Caifeng did not know how to behave properly. At the thought of this, Hu Qianyue felt excited.

She had come to the Qin Kingdom with Princess Caifeng with malicious intentions. Of course, the marriage between the two countries was arranged by her cousin, but they didn’t want Princess Caifeng who was related to the Crown Prince to be the one marrying into the Qin Kingdom. So Hu Qianyue would do everything she could to ruin Princess Caifeng’s reputation. She would not allow her to marry a good man.

She had witnessed that Princess Caifeng was flirting with these princes, and she felt pleased. So she did not say anything about it. The worse Princess Caifeng’s reputation was, the less useful she became in the marriage. Of course, it would be even better if there were rumors that Princess Caifeng was arrogant and was trying to humiliate Consort Xuan.

Standing outside the main courtyard and waving her fan, Hu Qianyue looked dignified and elegant, with a smile on her face. She was waiting for Mo Xuetong to meet her. A weak and useless Consort Xuan was indeed fun.

“Miss Hu, Her Lady invites you in.” A maidservant came over to politely invite her. Everything was within Hu Qianyue’s expectation.

As she entered the courtyard and reached the front door of the main room, two maidservants came over and stopped the four maidservants behind her from each side.

“You, what do you mean?” Hu Qianyue’s face darkened.

“They have to stay here,” Mo Yu said politely, with smiles.

“I brought them with me when I entered the Southern Barbarian Lands’ imperial palace. Can’t I now?” Hu Qianyue raised her head and uttered proudly.

This was true. Hu Qianyue was also arrogant in the Southern Barbarian Lands, so she could get close to Princess Caifeng. As the Empress and her cousin, the Third Prince could back her, and her father was a general in the Southern Barbarian Lands, Hu Qianyue had a high status in the Southern Barbarian Lands. She really could go in and out of the imperial palace at will.

“But this is not the Southern Barbarian Lands.” Mo Yu did not give in, and there was a hint of ridicule in the smile at the corners of her mouth. She was here to threaten Hu Qianyue, so this time, she did not hold back her temper.

Hu Qianyue was stunned when she heard that. However, the next second, she snapped, “I’m just here to see Consort Xuan. Is this how Her Lady of the Qin Kingdom treats her guests?”

She especially said it to Mo Xuetong who was inside. She brought this matter up to the relations.h.i.+p between the two countries. She thought that the weak Consort Xuan did not dare to welcome her. She wanted her to obediently allow her people in. If Consort Xuan wanted to intimidate her, she had to see if she had the ability to do so!

“Miss Hu, is this how you asked to see the prince’s wife of your country in the Southern Barbarian Lands? Even if Princess Caifeng will… at most, she has the same status as Her Lady. Miss Hu, do you think you’re n.o.bler than the princess in the Southern Barbarian Land?” Although Mo Yu still kept smiling, she didn’t show any retreat.

A high-ranking consort like Mo Xuetong, who was also the legal wife of a prince, only needed to bow to the Empress Dowager and the Empress in the palace. Among the princesses, only the Fifth Princess, who was born by the Empress, could be compared with her. The daughter of an official like Hu Qianyue could not be compared with her at all.

Although Hu Qianyue was no inferior to Princess Caifeng in the Southern Barbarian Lands, she did not dare to compare herself to Princess Caifeng no matter what on the surface. Furthermore, Princess Caifeng was only an ordinary princess in the Southern Barbarian Lands. She had put on airs in the Qin Kingdom these days, making it difficult for her and Hu Qianyue to see her true status clearly.

Mo Yu’s words were like a sharp warning. Hu Qianyue immediately opened her mouth but did not know what to say.

The smile on her face faded away slowly, and there was a trace of gloomy anger in her eyes. She turned around and was about to go out. “Since it’s so difficult to see Her Lady, I don’t dare to disturb you!”

“Miss Hu, please wait!” A woman’s soft voice came from behind.

A smug smile appeared on Hu Qianyue’s face. As she had expected, Consort Xuan was indeed timid. After being frightened by her, she no longer dared to talk nonsense about status.

When she turned around, she was stunned. There was only a maidservant who lifted the curtains in front of her, instead of Consort Xuan who she had imagined was nervous.

“Miss Hu, Her Lady invites you in!” Mo Lan stretched out her hand slightly to welcome the guest.

“What does Her Lady’s mean?” Hu Qianyue’s expression grew cold. The opponent did not give in and did not show any sincerity to ask her to stay. Consort Xuan was different from what she had imagined; she seemed to be very difficult to deal with.

“Miss Hu, this is King Xuan’s Manor. Since you are here, please come in and have a seat. Otherwise, if His Highness finds out about it, he will think that you are intentionally here to cause trouble. That would not be good,” Mo Lan stated with a faint smile.

She came and went as she wanted. Mo Lan really didn’t know whether Miss Hu, who seemed to be smart, really thought highly of herself or looked down on Mo Xuetong. There was no such person in the Qin Kingdom, who wanted to run amok in King Xuan’s Manor. Only her master was rampant in the palace. Unexpectedly, there would be someone who dared to come and humiliate him.

These words made Hu Qianyue unable to continue for a moment, and she showed annoyance and embarra.s.sment on her face.

As for King Xuan’s character, Hu Qianyue had already asked about it before she moved in. King Xuan was the Qin Kingdom’s Emperor’s favorite son and it was said that even the Emperor himself could not control him. He was a willful man. It was said that no one dared to offend him in the Qin Kingdom. Ever since she moved in, Hu Qianyue had reminded her people to be careful and not to mess with the extremely arrogant King Xuan.

Fortunately, King Xuan had disappeared recently. It was said that his wife was about to die and he did not have time to receive the guests. Thus, he just allowed others to do it. However, no one in the Qin Kingdom felt that something was wrong, and those princes came to receive. Judging from this, one could see how much King Xuan was favored by the Emperor!

Faced with King Xuan, Hu Qianyue knew herself, and she could not deal with him head-on!

But now, Consort Xuan in a weak situation tried to take advantage of King Xuan to suppress her. Hu Qianyue felt embarra.s.sed, but she also sobered up because of it. She realized that the person inside was not the weak and incompetent person of rumors. Then she thought of the news that she had ignored—she heard that King Xuan liked Consort Xuan very much. Otherwise, he would not have stayed in front of her bed for so many days and did not even receive the envoys.

Hu Qianyue turned around and gestured to the maidservants behind her to wait there. Then, she followed Mo Lan into the room.

It seemed that she did not know Consort Xuan well enough. Then she might as well take a good look at the weak and sickly Consort Xuan.

As for that idiot Princess Caifeng, all she had to do was to add fuel to the story. That way, she would be able to irk her.

The curtains had been lifted high up. Hu Qianyue then realized that no matter whether it was the ones who stopped her maidservants, the one who invited her in, or the one who lifted the curtains, they were all beautiful. No wonder people said that King Xuan’s Manor was full of beauties. King Xuan was extremely handsome, and of course, all the people in his manor were beauties.

Among these princes, it was said that there were the most women in King Xuan’s back courtyard, and he was a romantic man.

Among all the beauties, Consort Xuan had gained King Xuan’s attention, which meant that she would definitely not be an ordinary person. Then, the maidservants she had seen earlier all served King Xuan in bed. This kind of person seemed to have a low status. However, since they could get close to King Xuan, they could not be taken lightly.

Hu Qianyue had completely restrained herself from prying. After thinking about it for a while, she did not know what to do with Consort Xuan as she followed Mo Lan into the main room.

When she saw the woman on the wide back chair in front of her, a trace of surprise flashed across her face, but then she was stunned!

Even though her face was still pale, she had delicate beauty in her appearance, making one feel pity for her while stunned. One would feel that the woman in front of them should be held in the hands. Hu Qianyue had long thought that Consort Xuan must be exceptionally beautiful, but she did not expect her to be so stunning.

Although Princess Caifeng was the most beautiful woman of the Southern Barbarian Lands, compared to the woman in front of her, the princess failed not only because of her features but also because of her aura. But why did the person in front of her give her a sense of familiarity as well as amazement?

“Miss Hu, we meet again.” Mo Xuetong sized Hu Qianyue up as a faint and elegant smile tugged at her lips.

The smile reminded Hu Qianyue, and she immediately remembered that she did have met the woman in front of her. At that time, she sneaked into the capital and said that she was looking for the missing Crown Prince. On the other hand, her cousin asked her to do something. Later, she met two women and had a dispute. Between them, the calm one was Consort Xuan in front of her.

At that time, because the main object of the argument was not Consort Xuan, she looked at her a few times, only feeling that the woman was very beautiful and had a sense of elegance. She had long felt that she was not an ordinary person. Furthermore, they were talking about King Chu at that time. Since they used King Chu as a s.h.i.+eld, Hu Qianyue subconsciously thought that she was King Chu, Feng Yulei’s woman, and did not expect one of them to be Consort Xuan.

“You’re Consort Xuan. Greetings, My Lady!” Even though Hu Qianyue was shocked, as a smart person, she immediately adjusted her mood, moved forward and curtsied respectfully.

“Miss Hu, you don’t have to be so polite. Please take a seat.” Mo Xuetong smiled slightly and ordered someone to serve tea.

Mo Lan then brought tea and snacks and stood behind Mo Xuetong.

Mo Xuetong took a sip of the tea and wiped her mouth with her handkerchief. Then, she looked up and asked, “Miss Hu, why are you in such a hurry to see me before I enter the palace?”

Why? Hu Qianyue was speechless by Mo Xuetong’s straightforward question. Originally, she wanted to drag Mo Xuetong in front of Princess Caifeng so that the angry princess could humiliate her. However, this time, she realized that Consort Xuan was not as weak as she had imagined. So she did not dare to speak so unscrupulously as before.

She had deliberately stopped Consort Xuan, but she could not bear the charge!

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 439 – Ding General Manor Swayed between Two Palaces

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Chapter 439 Ding General Manor Swayed between Two Palaces

Seeing that he was still talking about other things, Empress Dowager suddenly stood up and slapped hard on the table. She glared at Duke Ding and said angrily, “Ling Rui’er, a little girl, has no ability to touch the people in my palace. Does she want to die? She even dares to command the people in the royal palace. Does she think that Feng Yuxuan is the master of the royal palace now? Even if she is the mistress of the royal palace, do you think that she can become the Empress of the Central Palace and secure another empress position for Ding General Manor?”

Her words were extremely direct and she had almost pointed at their noses, accusing Duke Ding Manor of being ill-intentioned. Duke Ding wanted to stand up and explain, but was too scared that his legs softened. He knelt on the ground and pleaded in a low voice, “Your Majesty, please don’t say anything like that. There is no such thought in Ding General Manor.”

This was a serious charge that could lead to the killing of the entire clan!

Duke Ding did not expect the usually calm Empress Dowager to say something like this. In a moment of panic, he started to speak incoherently.

Empress Dowager snorted coldly. She unconsciously lowered her voice and said in a cold voice, “Whether there is such a thought, you know it clearly in your heart. I know that you have always loved your sister, so you always stand on her side. If there is really hope for King Yan, I will not say anything. After all, the child also has the blood of our Ling family. I am willing to see the child with the blood of the Ling family take the position. But now, you see, is it still possible for King Yan in the court when he’s directly grounded?”

There was no such thing as a time limit on Feng Yulei’s being grounded. Judging from how the Emperor had not mentioned it recently, it seemed as if he had completely forgotten about the son of his. Duke Ding turned to his daughter and son-in-law because of this. If Ling Rui’er’s belly lived up to his expectation, there would be an emperor with the blood of the Ling family. How could they not be interested in it?

Duke Ding had his own plans. King Xuan, Feng Yuzhen, really had a distant blood lineage! When Feng Yuzhen succeeded to the throne, they would not even be considered a family where the royal uncle came. The Empress Dowager was also old. If Empress Dowager were gone, the relations.h.i.+p between the Ling family and Feng Yuzhen would be broken. With her age, how could Empress Dowager ensure that Ding General Manor would be able to enjoy wealth for decades to come!Read more chapters at

However, in front of Empress Dowager, he couldn’t say these words after all. As such, Duke Ding lowered his head and tried to muddle through it. He replied. “Your Majesty is right. I was too confused in the past. After I return, I will discuss it with the people in my clan. I will definitely not take the wrong path again.”

The Empress Dowager’s expression slightly softened when she saw that he had admitted defeat. She nodded and gestured for him to sit down by the side. The lead palace maid who hid behind the curtains brought tea back and left.

“If the Empress hadn’t thought too much and married Fengyan to King Yan, there wouldn’t have been so many things. In the end, we even lost King Yan. It can be seen that the Empress was not far-sighted and didn’t have a good grasp of the people’s hearts. Even King Yan, who was in her hands, was dissatisfied with her so they made such a scene. You Ding General Manor is the parents’ home of me and the Empress. Only when I and the Empress are well will you be fine. Now King Yan has lost his power. Only if you stand on the same side with me, can you keep the Ding General Manor prosperous for hundreds of years.”

The Empress Dowager seemed to be trying her best to a.n.a.lyze. Her sharp eyes were fixed on Duke Ding. The Buddha Beads in her hands were rotating slightly. There was only her gloomy voice in the hall, accompanied by the sound of the Buddha beads turning. It made one feel repressed and depressed. Duke Ding was sweating profusely in the head.

He nodded his head repeatedly.

Coming out of the Empress Dowager’s palace, Duke Ding was nearly soaked in sweat. Standing at the door of the Cining Palace, he tried to dry the sweat and then frowned. The Empress Dowager’s intention was obvious. She asked Duke Ding to help King Ning ascend the throne with the whole family’s power. However, King Ning wasn’t like the other princes. Those princes were at least right and legitimate in doing so. However, helping this once was really usurping the throne. Duke Ding didn’t know what was wrong with the Empress Dowager.

Once the rebellion failed, there would be an extermination of the entire clan.

Even if it succeeded, King Ning would still have his own uncle’s family and his empress’s family. Ding General Manor was a mother’s family of Empress Dowager. How much benefit could it gain from it! The more he thought about it, the more Duke Ding felt it not worthy. With his current comprehensive strength, even if he didn’t go further, Duke Ding wouldn’t fall from power even if he just stood on the spot.

“No, I have to think about it carefully.”

Frowning, he walked out of the Cining Palace. He thought about it as he walked. Not long after he left, he saw the Empress’ personal maid standing by the side of the road anxiously. When she saw that Duke Ding came out, she came up and curtsied to him happily. “Your Highness, you’re finally out. Her Highness wants to meet you.”

Duke Ding was feeling upset and wanted to find someone to a.n.a.lyze it. Now, when he heard the Empress called, he immediately nodded. It was still in the Empress Dowager’s Cining Palace and it was not a place to talk. Therefore, he didn’t say anything and followed the palace maid to the Empress’s palace.

At the door of the Cining Palace, a Empress Dowager’s maid hurried in.

The Empress Dowager was sitting alone on the large rosewood bed exquisitely carved with Buddha carvings. When she heard the palace maid reporting that Duke Ding had already gone to Empress’s Tianfeng Palace, extreme anger filled her eyes. Her hands clenched into fists and she could not help but tremble. Her chest rose and fell rapidly.

The palace maid was shocked and hurriedly stepped forward to comfort her. “Your Majesty, don’t be angry. Maybe His Highness is simply going to visit the Empress. Think about it. The Empress is His Highness’s younger sister. It’s natural if he goes to the palace to see his younger sister.”

Empress Dowager cursed angrily. “If he really wants to see his sister, why does he have to go at this moment? Idiot, he’s really an idiot. I said so much to him just now, but he didn’t even listen to one single word of mine. How do I not know what the Empress thinks? But, look, I didn’t even know it when they set people in my palace. I don’t know how many things they have hidden from me. The Empress used me to make a name for Ding General Manor, and at the same time, she secretly tried to plot against me. What a good plan!”

She was scolding the Empress and Duke Ding. The palace maid did not dare to reply. She just ma.s.saged the Empress Dowager’s chest carefully and tried to use pleasant words to persuade Empress Dowager.

She patted the large bed beside her. Then, she thought of how the Empress failed to influence the Emperor and how the Ling family had plotted. As the Empress Dowager of a country, even people around her had betrayed her. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Soon, the anger was ignited and she almost could not control it.

“Well, well, since she doesn’t care about me and wants to fight with me, I’ll let her know that it’s very difficult to hold the throne of the Empress without a son. Without my help, she, the Empress, is nothing.”

The Empress Dowager scolded with a ferocious expression. She gritted her teeth. She felt that not only had the Ding General Manor failed to live up to her expectations, but even the Empress who had served her well in the past had dared to plot against her. Now, even some junior from the Ding General Manor tried to play tricks under her nose. This was all because she had pampered them too much.

She could no longer get rid of the anger and hatred in her heart. She only felt it sweet in her mouth and fishy in her throat. With a “pfft”, She spat out a mouthful of blood and everything went black before her eyes. Her body softened.

The palace maid’s screams rang in her ears and they sounded farther and farther away. “Your Majesty, Your Majesty…”

When there was a great commotion in the Cining Palace, King Chu’s manor was full of joy and happiness. There was no sign of Ling Rui’er doing something wrong. King Chu, Feng Yuxuan, had a table of delicacies in the room to comfort Ling Rui’er because she was frightened in the Cining Palace and was still in a state of shock.

Feng Yuxuan poured Ling Rui’er a cup of wine and handed it to Ling Rui’er. He smiled gently and said, “Ling’er, don’t be nervous. Everything is over. Even though you’d been nice enough to give the clothes to Consort Xuan, she had the right to give it to anyone. And the most vicious is the pair of sisters. It’s the two who fought with each other, and it has nothing to do with you or Consort Xuan.”

Ling Rui’er said with tears in her eyes, “But, will Her Majesty think that I did it intentionally?” She took the wine Feng Yuxuan handed her timidly. However, she already felt overjoyed in her heart. She did not expect Feng Yuxuan to care about her so much. How could she not feel kind of relieved even though her plot had failed?

Mo Xuetong was lucky this time. Next time, she would not be so lucky.

“She won’t.” Feng Yuxuan smiled confidently. “It has nothing to do with you. Rui’er, don’t be afraid. And you’re the official Consort Chu. You’re the one I love. I’d share the responsibility with you even if Her Majesty were to punish you.”

Feng Yuxuan reached out and pulled Ling Rui’er into his arms while he gently said that. No one noticed the fleeting disgust in his eyes. He really couldn’t manage to like the people from the Ling family. One was like this, and another was also like this. How dare they plot against Mo Xuetong? If Ling Rui’er now became useless, then his hands would not be circling around her waist. Instead, they would be directly clasping her neck.

Seeing that Feng Yuxuan was as gentle as he used to treat her, Ling Rui’er felt so sweet inside that her heart was about to ooze honey. However, in order to get more care, she put on a shocked expression on her face. “Is it really okay?”

“It’s really fine. Don’t worry, I’m here, I won’t let you be wronged.” Feng Yuxuan acted as if he didn’t see the big smile in Ling Rui’er’s eyes. He lowered his head and kissed her forehead and said gently, “It doesn’t matter even if something happens. You’re the daughter from the Ding General Manor and my main consort, and you’ll be the… even the Empress Dowager can’t do anything to you!”

Ling Rui’er felt relieved when she heard that. She only felt that every pore in her body was breathing happily. She had been frightened by Mo Xuetong, but now her courage inflated like a balloon. That was right. Even if she knew that it was Ling Rui’er who had done it, would the Empress Dowager punish her? Even if not for the sake of her being Consort Chu, she was still the daughter of the Ling Manor. The Empress Dowager’s act on her was equivalent to touching the Ding General Manor. What benefit was there to her?

Ling Rui’er could not help but lie in Feng Yuxuan’s embrace and said cutely, “Your Highness, you’re so kind!” With Feng Yuxuan backing her up, what could they do even if she made trouble? The Empress Dowager and the Empress both were old. Feng Yuxuan had said earlier that if he ascended the throne in the future, she would be the empress. She wouldn’t need to fear anyone.

Feng Yuxuan was in a good mood. He laughed and picked her up. Then, he turned around and entered the inner room. Ling Rui’er was both shy and happy. She leaned against Feng Yuxuan like a ball of cotton. She could not see the darkness and disgust in the depths of Feng Yuxuan’s gentle eyes.

It was a night for some time beneath the sheets behind the red silk curtains!

Feng Yuran brought Mo Xuetong back to the manor and had lunch with Mo Xuetong. Then, Emperor Zongwen summoned him into the palace.

Feng Yuran had spent more time in the palace recently. It was said that the envoys from the Southern Barbarian Lands would come to the capital in a few days. Feng Yuran’s King Xuan’s Manor was the place to receive the sickly crown prince and the princess from the Southern Barbarian Lands. As such, Feng Yuran became the messenger who would receive the envoys from the Southern Barbarian Lands in the Qin Kingdom. He needed to discuss the details with the officials.

In the next few days, Feng Yuran was so busy that he could not keep his feet on the ground.

Every time Mo Xuetong woke up, she couldn’t see him.