Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 492 – Whose Baby Was She Carrying

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Chapter 492 Whose Baby Was She Carrying

Feng Yulei turned his head sideways to take a cold look at You Yue’e, and succeeded in calming down the infuriated woman. She lowered her head slightly. They should not provoke the people at this time.

Taking two steps forward, Feng Yulei walked up to Auntie Qing and looked up at her proudly. After a while, he lightly asked, “You are the concubine of the Mo Manor, Second Consort Mo’s mother, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Auntie Qing looked at Feng Yulei’s chilly eyes and gave a little shudder. But she knew immediately that she could not hold back at this moment. Remembering what Mo Huawen had told her before her departure, she had to go out due to the current interests. With red eyes and a handkerchief over her mouth, she whimpered, “Your Highness, Qiong’er has died a strange death. Shouldn’t you say something? Qiong’er treated her sisters kindly at home. How could she do something to set up her sister and drag the whole Mo Manor down when she had only been in your manor for several days? As a Second Consort, how could she be so adept in trickery and do such a big deal? Is Your Highness’s back yard so loose that any man can enter at will?”

She didn’t start with Mo Xueqiong having an affair with another man, but with Mo Xueqiong framing Mo Xuetong. Even though she was crying, she was justified in what she said, and immediately won the cheers of the crowd.

Feng Yulei’s eyes hardened and his aura got cold. He did not expect that an ordinary concubine of the Mo Manor stood out and was so eloquent. Instead of starting with Mo Xueqiong’s biggest crime of adultery, she did the opposite. It seemed that she had been prepared for this. If he explained it in this way, things would be even more confusing, and eventually, he would get caught up in it and not be able to get rid of it.

Any man could enter his manor’s back yard at will? That sounded like a slap in Feng Yulei’s face.

“Madam, how could a man be allowed to enter my manor’s back yard? Consort Yan has done a good job in managing the back yard, but your daughter herself is too shameless. Unable to get in touch with other men, she hooked up with a manservant. I still don’t understand why she eloped with someone else when I fed her so well.”

He especially emphasized the word “eloped”, and put the emphasis on it.

Sure enough, Auntie Qing was shocked and a little fl.u.s.tered.

“Can’t there be any other men in the back yard besides the manservant?” asked another woman, sobbing heavily.

Only then did Feng Yulei get a glimpse of the elderly female servant. He turned to the woman whose face and nose were red and swollen due to crying and said, “How can anyone be allowed to come to my back yard at will?”

“So how did a manservant seduce Fourth Miss? How did Fourth Miss have an affair with him? Besides, Your Highness, the manservants who can walk in and out of the back yard should be young, right? And shouldn’t all your personal servants be eunuchs? How did they do this?” The elderly female servant called out angrily. Then she took two steps forward and knelt down in front of Feng Yulei, supporting Auntie Qing who was leaning on the wall and sobbing. She opened her eyes wide and did not flinch.

She was a courageous servant, who seemed loyal to her master. She cried even more sadly than Mo Xueqiong’s own mother. Feng Yulei looked at the woman in front of him carefully.

Feng Yulei thought the woman in front of him was just a slouch servant who looked the boldest but didn’t have rich experience.

“Of course I have eunuchs to serve me, but it’s normal to have some more manservants. The manservants who could come in and out of the back yard are very young, but the manservant in the study is older than them. Usually, he can’t walk in the back yard often, but he occasionally helps me to pay the people in the back yard. I didn’t mistreat Mo Xueqiong, but I didn’t realize that she was so promiscuous that she picked up my manservant at the slightest opportunity. Shouldn’t I kill the manservant? As for Mo Xueqiong, she knew she was too ashamed to face people and ended her life with a rope; and she deserved it,”

Feng Yulei said in a steady voice with a cool aura.

Some large families were generally like this—the manservant who grew up around the male master would only serve him in the study of the outer yard after growing up, and occasionally would send messages and rewards to concubines of each yard for the male master, because he had served the male master by his side before and knew the situation of each yard and could handle affairs with ease.

As for the eunuchs, although there were eunuchs in the prince’s manor, most of them were given by the Emperor, so there were not a lot of them. The prince had a lot of things to deal with, and it was normal to have a few more manservants.

Feng Yulei had a point. He not only explained why the manservant hooked up with Mo Xueqiong, but he also blamed it on her. If it wasn’t for her lewd nature, how could she hook up with a manservant who occasionally appeared in the back yard and even eloped with him?

Of course, he wouldn’t say that Mo Xueqiong and the manservant really had anything. On the one hand, the royal son’s dignity prevented him from becoming a cuckold; on the other hand, it was because of the man’s dignity. It didn’t matter what the rumor was out there. If he did admit it, he would be a cuckold.

As long as Mo Xueqiong committed the crime of elopement, she was unwomanly. She was a runaway concubine, and she would die. Feng Yulei didn’t have to humiliate himself anymore. He had been disgraced by such a thing, but if he had dug deeper, he would have lost his manly dignity.

“Your Highness, you mean that Fourth Miss actually took advantage of the chance to meet the manservant occasionally and hook up with him. As your second consort, wasn’t she afraid of your wrath and death?” cried the female servant.

“Who knows what was wrong with her? Or the daughters of the Mo Manor have been…” said Feng Yulei slowly. As he found that Auntie Qing was just crying and could not speak, his voice immediately turned cold and he was ready to blame it all on Mo Xueqiong. The Mo Manor’s daughter Mo Xuemin had a bad reputation, and then plus Mo Xueqiong, people would certainly doubt whether there was a problem with the Mo Manor’s family education, and, of course, would suspect Consort Xuan Mo Xuetong as well.

“Fourth Miss and the manservant only met a few times before they had an affair. What about my daughter, Your Highness? Why is it that my daughter was pregnant and the baby was killed by Consort Yan and you ignored it? Who was the father of the baby in my daughter’s belly? Didn’t you say other men couldn’t get to the back yard at all?” the female servant cried even louder, cutting Feng Yulei off.

If there was no other guy in the back yard, it was Feng Yulei who got the maidservant pregnant. If he really crossed his own second consort, hooked up her maidservant, then the prince was really cheap enough.

“Yes, Your Highness, you may say that Qiong’er had an affair with the manservant, but what about the baby in Mo Yan’s belly? When so many people watched her lose the baby in the Puguang Temple, why did no one help her? You were there, and so was Consort Yan, right? Is it possible that Mo Yan’s baby was conceived because she had an affair with the manservant?”

Auntie Qing also cried and questioned.

Whose back yard was not strictly regulated? When a second consort’s maidservant was pregnant, this must be related to the male master. Otherwise it was impossible to happen quietly. Just now Feng Yulei admitted that Mo Xueqiong had run off with the manservant, implying that they were having an affair, but they didn’t have time to do anything.

When the manservant had no time to do anything with the second consort, how could he have time to do anything with a maidservant? Besides, she was only a maidservant. Was she so powerful in the back yard?

Her words were so sharp, and she used what Feng Yulei had just said himself, that it was like a slap in his face. The calm on Feng Yulei’s face froze. He did not expect a female servant’s words to be sharper than the concubine’s, which struck at his unprepared weakness.

About Mo Yan, King Yan’s Manor adopted a vague approach to blur the matter in the sight of the public. Anyway, there was something about Mo Xueqiong that got in the way. It was only about Mo Xueqiong that everyone disputed. A second consort whose marriage was bestowed by the Emperor eloped with a manservant. It was something that had never happened before, and it attracted everyone’s attention.

When Feng Yulei and You Yuecheng were setting Mo Xuetong up, they were worried about the failure of their plan. Therefore, they had already taken into account both the manservant who was guilty of the crime and the incident when he entered Mo Xueqiong’s yard, which was seen by many people. It indicated that the manservant did have contact with Mo Xueqiong before. More than one person in King Yan’s Manor saw it; even if someone wanted to investigate, it was impossible to find anything.

All they could do was to prove that Mo Xueqiong had eloped with the manservant because King Yan had given her the cold shoulder and she didn’t want to be lonely. As for the ledger and doc.u.ments in Mo Xueqiong’s hand, it could be explained that the manservant thought they were worth a lot of money, so he stole them and brought them out to Mo Xueqiong for money.

Of course, it was used when Mo Xueqiong failed to frame Mo Xuetong.

But the reality had changed. No one thought that Mo Yan was pregnant, and Mo Xueqiong pushed her, which caused her to miscarry on the spot. Most importantly, the doctor came to verify that Mo Yan had been pushed into miscarriage. The lady who brought the doctor to the Puguang Temple for incense was no ordinary, and there were so many ladies and young ladies present. There was no denying it.

Such a sudden incident caught Feng Yulei off guard, so he made the scene so that Mo Xueqiong seemed to be hanging out. At the same time, he gave Mo Yan a bowl of poison and arranged it into a scene of ma.s.sive bleeding. Then he made Mo Jiao look like she’d been killed by herself in front of Mo Xueqiong’s coffin. It was a sure thing in a hurry. The two maidservants were used to testify against Mo Xueqiong. They didn’t have to die.

But with such an accident, Feng Yulei just wanted to destroy all the evidence, so of course the three of them had to die together.

So what happened to Mo Yan was a complete accident. All Feng Yulei could do was keep it as vague as possible. No matter how big the matter about Mo Xueqiong became, even if the Emperor sent someone to investigate him, he was not afraid. Things had already been decided, and the prince’s manor was full of hints that Mo Xueqiong was in cahoots with the manservant.

When Feng Yulei was punished by Emperor Zongwen, Emperor Zongwen didn’t ask him much about this, but asked him why he wanted to hurt his brother. He didn’t even give him a chance to refute, so he just drove him back to King Yan’s Manor with angry words. After that, the imperial guards sealed King Yan’s Manor’s gate and banned all access inside and outside the manor. Feng Yulei could not even defend himself.

The plan he had devised for Mo Xueqiong had not been carried out. He now hoped that the Emperor would send someone to investigate the matter. As soon as the investigator arrived at the manor, everything would be directed to Mo Xueqiong. At most, he was guilty of marrying a lewd and vicious second consort, and had nothing to do with the crimes the prince had hurt his brother.

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 516 – Officially Falling out with the He Family

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Chapter 516 Officially Falling out with the He Family

Yu Mingyong felt that he was about to be beheaded when he heard that King Xuan added another sin to his list. He was so frightened that he almost wet his pants. He was afraid that Feng Yuran would kill him on the spot. He said hurriedly, “Your Highness, Your Highness, I have, I have evidence. They said that they would find a way to get a hornet’s nest to the tree by the lake. When Consort Xuan pa.s.sed by, it would fall and the hornets in it would fly out. When everyone was in chaos, the s.l.u.t would push Consort Xuan into the lake.”

A hornet’s nest?

It immediately occurred to the crowd that when it was in a mess just now, there was indeed someone crying out that there were hornets. They saw many maids and elder maidservants pulling out their handkerchiefs and sleeves to drive something forcefully, which made it hard to make out who had fallen into the lake. They only heard someone screaming that Consort Xuan had fallen into the lake, so everyone thought that it was Mo Xuetong who had fallen into the water.

If it weren’t for that hornet’s nest, this whole mess wouldn’t have happened. It seemed that Yu Mingyong was telling the truth, especially now that he was still glaring at He Yufen, who was half-lying on the ground, as if he wanted to tear her apart.

Feng Yuran looked at He Yufen and asked coldly, “He Yufen, is what he said true?”

Since she woke up from a semi-comatose state, He Yufen had been trembling. She pulled the belt of her dress and huddled, unable to utter a word. However, it was only because she was just saved from the lake, she was more panicky.

How could something like this happen? Shouldn’t Mo Xuetong fall into the lake, and be rescued by Yu Mingyong and ruin her reputation? How could she fall into the lake because she was staggered for a moment? After that, she did not even have time to think about what was going on. She only struggled subconsciously. However, as a woman, her strength could not be compared to an adult man’s. She was too weak to break away from Yu Mingyong who tried to take her ash.o.r.e even with all her effort.

At this time, she would rather die like this than lose face. “Oh, no, I’m done!” She didn’t know what to do next. Her face paled and she just lowered her head miserably and didn’t say a word. Her mind went blank.

She only lifted her head when she heard the call from above. She looked up at Feng Yuran who was seated high. His handsome face looked as if covered with frost. Then, she looked at Mo Xuetong who was seated by his side. There was disdain and ridicule on her beautiful face. It was as if she was saying that even if she had calculated everything, this was how she came to be.

He Yufen noticed that Mo Xuetong intentionally moved closer to Feng Yuran, and that her pink lips curled up, carrying a provocative taunt. He Yufen’s chaotic mind was filled with hatred. She could not help but point at Mo Xuetong and scream, “It’s you, you b.i.t.c.h. I am supposed to be Consort Xuan. Aunt said that the position can only be mine. How dare you take that position? You must have seduced Cousin Xuan. Our He family will not let you off the hook. I will take that position back. Only I am worthy of this position and Cousin Xuan.”

At this time, she shouted at the top of her voice and her beautiful eyes were full of blood-red hatred. She stared at Mo Xuetong as if she wanted to pounce on her and tear her apart.

Mo Xuetong leaned towards Feng Yuran in fear and pulled on his clothes timidly. There was a hint of water in her bright eyes. She looked at He Yufen in confusion and asked, “Concubine He, how could you say something like that? I was going to marry King Xuan before your He family came. When did I take over the position from the He family? When did the position of Consort Xuan end up belonging to the He family?”

Her delicate appearance made people feel sorry for her. Many people immediately stood on her side and fiercely looked at He Yufen, who was not properly dressed. Everyone thought that she was an eyesore. She was such a vicious woman and only a concubine, but she dared to covet the position of Consort Xuan.

Most of the people present were wives and legitimate daughters. They would not like a concubine who wanted to become the wife, so they scolded her incessantly, which made He Yufen start to lose her mind. She stared at Mo Xuetong and felt that this s.l.u.t had seduced her cousin, causing him to turn a blind eye to her beauty.

“Cousin Xuan, how could you support her like that? What’s so good about that b.i.t.c.h? Cousin Xuan, I’m your cousin. Before I came, Aunt told me that I was going to be your wife. I came here for you, Cousin Xuan. Everything I do is for you. You have to have my back!” He Yufen cried out. Her hair was disheveled and there were some water plants on her head. Her face was streaked with powder, making it hard to see her beautiful features.

Everyone thought that she looked like a ghost and was really ugly. When they heard that her aunt was aimed at the position of Consort Xuan, they immediately looked at her with disgusted and meaningful gazes.

Who was He Yufen’s aunt? Of course, it was Consort Zhao in the palace. Unexpectedly, Consort Zhao in the palace wanted to kill her niece-in-law and wanted her niece to replace her. It was said that the consort was virtuous, graceful, and decent, but she had done something outside the palace. How could she be generous and decent?

It seemed that the Emperor’s favorite concubine was not as gentle as she appeared to be on the surface. She was also extremely cruel and merciless.

“Somebody, beat Yu Mingyong for 20 times, and take this woman…” Feng Yuran smiled devilishly. “To a brothel,” he said slowly under He Yufen’s expectant gaze.

A brothel? That was a place for men to have fun. He Yufen was stunned. When she saw two guards coming to pull her, she suddenly became sober and struggled with all her might. “Your Highness, Cousin Xuan, Cousin Xuan, please spare me. Cousin Xuan, please spare me.”

Finding the two guards dragging her out without mercy, He Yufen finally felt scared and she cried out, “Your Highness, Your Highness, please spare me! Please spare me! I…” Suddenly, she thought of something and her eyes lit up. Then she yelled loudly, “Your Highness, I have something to…”

However, before she could finish her words, the guards grabbed the handkerchief that had fallen in front of her and blocked her mouth. Her hands were clamped, so she couldn’t use her strength. Thinking that she would be thrown into a brothel, she rolled her eyes and really pa.s.sed out.

Mo Xuetong calmly pinched Feng Yuran’s hand and moved her face to He Yufen’s direction, motioning him to see He Yufen clearly. Mo Xuetong was slightly shocked when she heard that He Yufen said she knew something. She had a feeling that He Yufen knew more than He Yuxiu did and that she might even know some old stories.

Feng Yuran did not turn around, but gave her a pinch back.

At the same time, Yu Mingyong was also dragged away. When he thought that he would not be beaten to death, Yu Mingyong breathed a sigh of relief. He was strong, so this punishment would not kill him. But when he thought that it was the He family that started this matter and that Consort Zhao was involved in this matter, he couldn’t wait to go to the palace and complain to his sister immediately.

“The He family and Consort Zhao! You’re making enemies with our Yu family!”

Looking at how Feng Yuran dealt with He Yufen, and his angry handsome face—even though there was a smile on his face, it looked ferocious—a few, who had wanted to be close to the He family for the sake of King Xuan and Consort Zhao, gave up the idea.

King Xuan sent his cousin to the brothel which meant that he officially fell out with the He family!

It seemed that they’d better keep away from the He family. On the one hand, it would offend King Xuan. On the other hand, the He family was too vicious. Many felt that the He family had no humanity when they saw how nervous and afraid Consort Xuan was when she clung to King Xuan!

The He family even dared to lay a finger on their own nephew’s wife. They were just too vicious!

“Ah!” All the people here had their own thoughts and stood far away from Madam Lian. Suddenly, they heard a woman’s painful scream. Everyone looked over and saw a beautiful woman covering her stomach with her hands. They were all stunned and there was some suspicion in their eyes. “What the h.e.l.l is going on again?”

Then, the crowd exchanged glances, feeling speechless for a moment. It seemed that they had made a mistake to come to King Xuan’s Manor today! They ran into a lot of trouble.

Concubine Xiang was also confused. She had no clue what happened just now. When she rushed to Mo Xuetong, she had made a good plan. Whether Mo Xuetong avoided her or fell into the lake, because of what happened before, everyone would think that Mo Xuetong was jealous of her so that she deliberately did such a thing to hurt the child in her belly.

If she lost the child in her belly, King Xuan would divorce Mo Xuetong. Even if he didn’t divorce her for a while, he would treat her coldly. And she could win his care because of the child she lost. Maybe she could become the second consort in one stroke. By then, Mo Xuetong who was snubbed couldn’t compete with her.

In the future, as long as she worked hard, it would not be difficult for her to make Mo Xuetong lose the position of Consort Xuan.

The hornet’s nest that had fallen out of thin air made her thrilled. She planned to blame it entirely on Mo Xuetong, and then she would not be able to explain herself at all.

Her hand was about to touch Mo Xuetong when she suddenly felt a flash in front of her. Mo Xuetong had disappeared out of thin air. Then, her vision darkened, and she felt a heavy blow behind her neck. She was knocked unconscious by someone.

Before she closed her eyes, she heard a splash, and then someone shouting, “Her Lady has fallen into the lake. Her Lady has fallen into the lake!”

Then she completely fainted.

Only then did she wake up slightly. She touched her slightly dazed head and looked at the group of people in front of her. She could not make heads or tails of the situation and only felt pain in her belly. She reached out to cover her belly and moaned softly.

The maid who also fainted didn’t wake up until now. She didn’t know what had happened either, and only saw many madams, ladies and young masters present. She thought she had missed something important. At this time, Concubine Xiang beside her moaned slightly. She hurriedly turned around and saw Concubine Xiang covering her belly with her hands, and the hem of her dress was red with blood.

She immediately figured out what was going on, so she screamed at once, “Ah! Hurry up…somebody, the baby in Concubine Xiang’s belly is gone! Hurry up! Help her!”

Suddenly, she looked up and saw Feng Yuran sitting in the middle. She hurried over and knelt down, kowtowing profusely. “Your Highness, please save Concubine Xiang. She has a miscarriage. Quickly, save her quickly.”

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 579 – The Sixth Princess Came to the Banquet and Felt Pulse

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Chapter 579 The Sixth Princess Came to the Banquet and Felt Pulse

The next day was King Chu Feng Yuxuan’s birthday banquet. The gifts had already arrived yesterday, so there was no need to take gifts all the way. Feng Yuxuan was Feng Yuran’s eldest brother and his relatives did not have to pay attention to empty forms. As such, his brothers’ gifts were all sent to him one day earlier.

This was to save the trouble of the birthday banquet. With their status, they did not care about whether the gifts were expensive or not because their gifts were often from the palace, each of which was a treasure. There was no need for these princes to compete with others. In this way, people would not think that their gifts were better than theirs as they were from the royal family, and in case that some people’s gifts would be relatively shabby.

Mo Xuetong did not want to attend such a banquet. She and Ling Rui’er hated each other. It could be said that they had been on bad terms since they met each other. So Mo Xuetong did not want to meet her at the banquet. Ling Rui’er was arrogant and always behaved improperly. If she did not have Ding General Manor behind her, Mo Xuetong was certain that Ling Rui’er would have been thrown into the Cold Palace by Feng Yuxuan.

How could the scheming Feng Yuxuan really like Ling Rui’er who was mean, arrogant and often made trouble for him.

However, Mo Xuetong could not avoid such banquets. Feng Yuxuan was Feng Yuran’s eldest brother and she was his sister-in-law. How could she not be present? Furthermore, something like that had happened in the palace. Even though she later proved that Ling Rui’er was speaking nonsense, there were some things that were harsh. Even though the Emperor had already banned people from talking about it, people might think about it. She had to show up to show that she didn’t feel guilty.

It was said that there would be gifts from the palace this time, which raised the level of the banquet. Not everyone was allowed to attend such a banquet.

Mo Xuetong had planned to go with Luo Mingzhu. However, Luo Mingzhu had tactfully refused to make clothes for Old Madam with her that day, which indicated that she was unwilling to go with her. Mo Xuetong could only go with Feng Yuran. But Emperor Zongwen had already warned Feng Yuran that he could not leave in advance.

No matter what, Feng Yuxuan was still his eldest brother!

As it was a banquet, she could not wear plain clothes. Mo Lan and the other maidservants had already helped Mo Xuetong pick clothes and dress.

She was dressed in a moon-white top and a light peac.o.c.k blue skirt. There were a few charming equinox flowers embroidered beneath the layers of gauze. This was requested by Feng Yuran. He liked his purple robes to be embroidered with red enchanting equinox flowers which had beautiful rumors.

The beautiful and gorgeous flowers that were embroidered on the light blue background immediately made Mo Xuetong’s pure temperament more vivid, and her watery eyes more charming and seductive, as if there was water in them. Coupled with the light blue wide belt embroidered with the same pattern, she looked like a beautiful flower blooming quietly in the elegance, with natural yet enchanting charm. However, she still remained her coldness and purity.

The group of maidservants were all stunned and claimed that Mo Xuetong was indeed the most beautiful woman. As soon as she dressed up, they could not take their eyes off her.

Feng Yuran was still dressed in a flamboyant purple robe. The equinox flowers on it were even more beautiful and red than those on Mo Xuetong’s clothes. It made his dark eyes look like snow-white jade. His thin lips were as red as usual and his handsome face had a lazy smile on it. He walked all the way, making all the young ladies and madams stunned.

How could one not be attracted by such an immortal-like person with such grace?

Only Mo Xuetong knew that he was not an immortal but a devil. Anyone who looked down on him would be swallowed up by him, not even leaving the skin and bones behind.

There were many guests in front of King Chu’s Manor today. As long as the officials in the capital had a little bit to do with King Chu, they all came no matter what position they were in. The street outside King Chu’s Manor was full of all kinds of carriages. The grand occasion was unprecedented. The servants who held gifts followed behind their masters, got off the horse carriages far away from the gate and lined up to enter King Chu’s Manor.

King Xuan’s Manor’s carriage came and was seen from afar. The servant guarding the gate cringingly welcomed the carriage to enter, while shouting loudly, “Get out of the way, get out of the way, His Highness King Xuan is here.”

Hearing his shout, the people waiting outside hurriedly made way for them. The carriage stopped in front of the manor. Mo Xuetong got off the carriage, and Feng Yuran got off the horse and walked inside together. The two parted at the gate. Feng Yuran went to the front hall. Mo Xuetong walked to the back parlor with her maidservants to rest.

The banquet had not yet begun. All the female guests walked in and were received by the women of King Chu’s Manor. What Mo Xuetong did not expect was that Ling Rui’er still sat in the head seat as usual, and Mo Yarui sat beside to accompany her. No matter how wrong Ling Rui’er was, she was still a daughter of Ding General Manor and the dignified Consort Chu.

If she was not allowed to come out in this banquet, people would think that the rumors in the palace were true. No matter whether it was Feng Yuxuan or Ding General Manor, they did not wish for such rumors to spread.

It seemed that Feng Yuxuan just gave the runaround to lock Ling Rui’er up for the past few days. It was not that he believed that Ling Rui’er had not been seen by others, but that he had to believe it that if he wanted to draw Ding General Manor over to his side, Ling Rui’er would be the best bargaining chip. He had already lost one, and would not lose this one.

Mo Xuetong had never expected to see the Sixth Princess here. The soft and elegant Sixth Princess was known to be the gentlest and most popular princess in the palace, and she rarely attended banquets. When the Fifth Princess was around, the Sixth Princess was like a shadow of hers and never stood out. After the Fifth Princess married to another country, the Sixth Princess slowly stood out. However, she had always kept a low profile and never fought with others.

Like her mother Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen, she had larned the way of mediocrity. She was also friendly to others and never suppressed others with her status. It was rare to see a princess who was not arrogant in the royal family.

She was the first to stand up when she saw Mo Xuetong entering. She smiled softly and said, “Greetings, Eighth Sister-in-law. I was just talking to Eldest Sister-in-law about you. I did not expect you to come in now.”

“You’re too polite, Sixth Princess. You’ve come so early today.” Mo Xuetong smiled slightly and replied politely. The Sixth Princess was really rare to be seen and usually did not like to go where there were many people. It was rare for her to come out of the palace to celebrate King Chu’s birthday. One had to think deeply and wonder if the Emperor had asked the Sixth Princess to come.

If it was really because of the Emperor’s order, then did it mean that the position of Crown Prince belonged to King Chu?

Many appraising gazes landed on the Sixth Princess.

“The Sixth Princess didn’t come early, but Consort Xuan, you are late. Well, I heard that Consort Xuan has always been in poor health and rarely wakes up early in the morning. Are you still ill? Do you want me to ask a doctor to see you?” Ling Rui’er seemed to tease.

Her words were very harsh. Even though there were no elders in King Xuan’s Manor, it would be unwomanly for her to sleep until late in the day. Furthermore, Mo Xuetong had been well nourished recently. Even though her face was still a little pale, she was not so frail as to be inept. Ling Rui’er would not let go of any chance to ruin her reputation.

“Many thanks for your concern, Consort Chu. It’s just a minor illness. It’s not a big deal. I’m really sorry for being late today. His Highness said that we should come later and that it’s just the right time to come so that he can accompany King Chu to meet the guests.” Mo Xuetong smiled gently and did not argue. She said that in a good-natured manner.

Compared to Ling Rui’er’s att.i.tude, Mo Xuetong’s behavior immediately made people feel that Consort Chu was not generous enough and was a little petty.

“Consort Xuan, please have some tea. I heard that King Xuan had invited many imperial physicians especially for your health. You look slightly better now, and King Xuan must be finally relieved.” Mo Yarui hurried to ease the situation as the atmosphere was a little stiff. She did not have to help Ling Rui’er, but she was holding a banquet today and did not want anything bad to happen in case Ling Rui’er pushed all the blame onto her.

“Second Consort Mo, you don’t have to be so polite.” Mo Xuetong took the tea with a slight smile, brus.h.i.+ng this off.

The Sixth Princess seemed to be interested in Mo Xuetong’s illness as she turned her head to look at Mo Xuetong and asked with a smile, “Eighth Sister-in-law, are you feeling well? Days ago Eighth Brother asked the imperial physician many questions about it. He didn’t seem to be too a.s.sured, so Mother wants to know your health.”

A while ago, Mo Xuetong was not feeling well and Feng Yuran often went to the palace for it. Everyone in the palace knew about it, so it was natural for the Sixth Princess to ask about it. Mo Xuetong smiled and replied, “It’s not a serious illness. I have been a little weak since I was a child. I did not get well then, leaving the cause of disease, and it led to a serious illness. Fortunately, I’m fine now. I feel better after recuperating for a while.”

Sitting beside them, Ling Rui’er wanted to say something, but was stopped by an older female servant standing beside her. After all, she was not that stupid. She was the mistress. As Consort Chu, she was looked down upon by others. Now even the Sixth Princess spoke to Mo Xuetong intimately, leaving her alone aside. How could she not be angry?

Fortunately, she didn’t think highly of the Sixth Princess. In her eyes, her cousin was the real princess while the Sixth Princess was powerless.

“The illness from when you were little is not a minor one now. Eighth Sister-in-law, I have learned some pathology in the past. Would you like me to see you?” the Sixth Princess asked softly. She was taller than the Fifth Princess. Even though their eyes and brows were similar, they were quite different in other aspects. There was a gentleness in Sixth Princess’s beauty, which was very likable.

Besides, she was both warm-hearted and sincere. Of course, the crowd did not expect the Sixth Princess to really know how to treat a patient. She might know how to feel the pulse to see if it was fast or slow. A man knew how to feel the pulse didn’t mean that he had mastered medical skills. After all, a lot of people could do it. It was mentioned in the book, and one could master it through holding their hands and practicing it a few times.

Mo Xuetong did not refuse and raised her hand with a smile. “Sixth Princess, you also know medical skills? Then please.”

“I just learned a little out of curiosity when I was reading. I’m not very good at it. If I say something wrong later, Eighth Sister-in-law, please forgive me.” The Sixth Princess reached out to feel Mo Xuetong’s pulse while smiling gently.

It was just as everyone expected. However, a princess knowing about it was also something new.

The other madams and ladies all stopped and turned around curiously when they heard that the Sixth Princess was going to feel the pulse. This was the first time they had heard of such a thing. Even Ling Rui’er’s eyes widened as she looked at the Sixth Princess. This was also the first time she had heard of such a thing. This was a truly unheard-of thing. A princess could do this kind of thing! If the Fifth Princess was still around, she would bitterly mock the Sixth Princess.

A hush suddenly fell over the room.

Mo Xuetong did not say anything. Her watery eyes were clear and calm as she looked at the Sixth Princess. The princess closed her eyes slightly and placed her fingers on Mo Xuetong’s pulse skillfully. A layman could only watch the fun while an expert watched the knack. Mo Xuetong was an expert herself. With a glimpse, she knew that the Sixth Princess was not just saying it. She looked like an expert!

It seems that she really knew how to feel the pulse!

This was really strange. Mo Xuetong had never heard of this thing in her two lives, and it was obvious that the Sixth Princess came today to feel her pulse. What did she want to prove? Or what did she suspect?

Mo Xuetong’s eyes immediately darkened and her gaze landed on the Sixth Princess’ slightly wrinkled brows. However, her hand remained motionless in front of the Sixth Princess, waiting for her diagnosis and treatment!

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 595 – The Princess’s Marriage, a Minister’s Daughter Came with Her

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Chapter 595 The Princess’s Marriage, a Minister’s Daughter Came with Her

The visit of the emissaries from the Southern Barbarian Lands had alerted too many people who were plotting something. One by one, the web was pulled open secretly, trying to get the help from the Southern Barbarian Lands. Feng Yuran had brought Crown Prince Xieyue and Princess Caifeng to the court early in the morning. When they reached the outside of the main hall, there were eunuchs waiting at the entrance of the hall. At the sight of them, they hurried to send a message from the Emperor, asking them to enter the hall.

After Crown Prince Xieyue and Princess Caifeng came in, they first brought some gifts and credentials they brought here. Then, they talked to Emperor Zongwen about the friends.h.i.+p between the two countries. Of course, they wanted the two countries to make peace for a long time. For Emperor Zongwen, he was happy to see this. He smiled and asked them to sit down and said some polite words.

It made sense that the Crown Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands wanted to marry Emperor Zongwen’s princess. Furthermore, unlike Bai Yichen who married Emperor Zongwen’s only legitimate princess, the Crown Prince’s demand was not very big. The princesses who could marry in the palace were the Sixth Princess and the Seventh Princess. The Sixth Princess was Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s daughter and the Seventh Princess was Consort Shu’s daughter. Both of them were the daughters of high-ranking consorts and their statuses were not low either.

After marrying to the Southern Barbarian Lands, the princess would become the Empress in the future. Emperor Zongwen was satisfied with it. He made a vague promise to Crown Prince Xieyue. Anyway, the emissaries of the Southern Barbarian Lands would stay in the capital for some time, so it was not the time to make a final decision.

The banquet would be held in the Xiayun Hall between the Emperor’s Qianqing Palace and the Empress’ Tianfeng Palace at noon. Since the Xiayun Hall was between the two palaces, parliaments usually held in there. Besides, it was between the front hall and the inner palace, so both men and women could go to the banquet.

The emissaries of the Southern Barbarian Lands had even alerted the Empress Dowager. Naturally, the Empress had been invited to leave the Buddha Temple to preside over the banquet. She could not allow anyone to make a fuss about it. It would be impolite for the Empress not to attend the banquet at this time.

Feng Yuran had sent someone to pick Mo Xuetong up early in the morning. She did not return to their manor and entered the palace directly. However, because she was unwell, she did not go directly to the Xiayun Hall. The Emperor allowed her to rest in Consort Xian’s Anhe Palace. They would return to King Xuan’s Manor together after the banquet. No matter what, she was Consort Xuan. Now that there were emissaries from the Southern Barbarian Lands living in the manor, it was inappropriate for her, the mistress, to not show up.

In fact, Mo Xuetong was not seriously ill. She had been treated in the courtyard out of the city a few days ago. It was interesting. As for the Crown Prince and the Princess of the Southern Barbarian Lands, she knew about it. Originally, according to Feng Yuran’s intention, he wanted her to stay in the courtyard all the time, using the excuse that she was seriously ill and could not get up.

However, Mo Xuetong was not willing to do it and insisted on coming over. Feng Yuran had no choice but to pick her up early in the morning. And he told her to have a good rest in the Anhe Palace, and that there was no need to worry too much about the matter of the Southern Barbarian Lands.

With Feng Yuran’s instructions, the people in the imperial harem did not dare to be careless. They had served lunch early, which staggered the banquet in the main hall at noon. After eating, Mo Xuetong lay down and rested. Mo Lan and Mo Ye were waiting outside the room.

The banquet had yet to begin in the main hall. Emperor Zongwen sat on the top. The Empress Dowager sat on his left and the Empress on the right. The other consorts surrounded them. The Sixth Princess, the Seventh Princess, and the other princesses followed behind their mother and looked out curiously.

Just now, someone had claimed that Princess Caifeng, who came from the Southern Barbarian Lands, would dance for the Great Qin!

Feng Yuxuan, Feng Yuzhen, and Feng Yuran were chatting with Xieyue, and the other emissaries were accompanied by other officials.

At the moment, Crown Prince Xieyue coughed in a low voice. Feng Yuxuan looked up and down at him and asked lightly, “Your Highness, haven’t you recovered yet? Haven’t you found the reason for so many years? I’ll tell Father to order the lead imperial physician of the Imperial Inst.i.tute of Medicine to see you. Maybe he can find the cause.”

“Thank you, King Chu. I got the illness ever since I was born.” Crown Prince Xieyue turned his head and coughed lightly again. He covered his mouth with a handkerchief, and his face was a little gray. The gray color seeped into his skin, which showed that it had been a long time. “It’s difficult to cure the disease gotten from the womb.”

Xieyue said politely. He evidently held out no hope of curing his illness, and there was a faint smile on his pale face.

“That’s not necessarily true. My cousin’s medical skills are very brilliant. In the past, when my grandmother was in poor health, a group of physicians didn’t know how to cure, but he cured her. Grandmother is still very healthy now,” King Ning, Feng Yuzhen, interrupted, while pointing at the smiling Empress Dowager who was sitting on the high platform.

“Do you refer to the Crown Prince of Yan Kingdom?” Xieyue thought for a moment and asked.

“Yes,” Feng Yuzhen answered with a smile.

“I’ve heard that the Yan Kingdom’s Crown Prince is handsome and graceful like an immortal, I’ll not miss it if I have the chance to see him.” Every country would pay attention to the outstanding Crown Prince like Bai Yihao and have a detailed file about him. “The Yan Kingdom’s Empress is so lucky to have such an immortal-like Crown Prince.”

Xieyue sighed with emotion. He was in a plight. Because of his mother’s early death, he was raised by the current Empress. And since the third prince, the current Empress’ son also wanted to take the throne, he plotted against Xieyue in all aspects. For so many years, it could be said that he had been in a difficult situation and dared not say something wrong or take a wrong step.

On the one hand, he sympathized with the Crown Prince of the Yan Kingdom. Although Bai Yihao had a mother, his mother had no power to help him. As a Crown Prince, he came to the Qin Kingdom to be a hostage. Actually, the hostage only needed to have royal blood. How could the Emperor of the Yan Kingdom allow such an important Crown Prince to come to the Qin Kingdom as a hostage? Obviously, the action did not have any good intentions. Whether it was because the Emperor did not like the Crown Prince, or because of other reasons. At least Xieyue was certain that the Crown Prince of the Yan Kingdom was just bright on the surface, and it was not easy for him to take a step.

Xieyue really felt that he was spiritually attracted to Bai Yihao, who had the same ident.i.ty as him, for a long time.

“My aunt is the Princess of the Qin Kingdom, and she is naturally strict with my cousin’s education. That’s why my cousin is so outstanding. I heard that my aunt and my sixth sister are quite similar. She is also gentle and gracious. She gave birth to my cousin in the Yan Kingdom. Although my cousin isn’t the Emperor’s first son, he was doted on by the Emperor of the Yan Kingdom. Not long after he was born, he was conferred the t.i.tle of Crown Prince.” Feng Yuxuan smiled and turned his head, motioning Xieyue to look at the Sixth Princess sitting above.

The Sixth Princess was sitting next to Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen obediently. Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen was talking to someone, and she was listening quietly by the side. From time to time, she would smile and was very quiet and lovely. As she felt that someone was looking at her, she cast a glance, and met Xieyue’s eyes. After a slight pause, she lowered her head slightly from the distance as a salute.

Such a dignified and polite att.i.tude gave a good impression to Xieyue. He couldn’t help but turn around and nod to praise her. “Sixth Princess is indeed a gentle girl. I heard that Fifth Princess is married. Is Sixth Princess the next one?”

It was indeed a bit inappropriate for an outsider to say that, but everyone knew that Crown Prince Xieyue came to make a marriage by taking the opportunity to visit the Qin Kingdom, so Feng Yuran lazily picked up the wine cup and handed it to his lips. He took a sip and answered lazily, “In fact, Sixth Sister and Fifth Sister were born just a few days apart. Fifth Sister has been married to the Yan Kingdom for so long, and it is time for Sixth Sister to choose a husband.”

The meaning of this sentence was very clear to the people who heard it. Xieyue smiled and nodded, but he did not say anything more. Since the Sixth Princess was suitable for him both in the age and temper, and she was good-looking. She would be the best candidate. Then, he would choose her!

He picked up the wine cup by her hand, took a sip, and turned to Feng Yuran. He seemed to think of something and asked with a laugh, “I heard that when the Princess of the Qin Kingdom married to another country, she would take several minister’s daughters with her. Is it true? Is the Emperor of the Qin Kingdom worried that there is no one to accompany the princess when she goes to another country?”

When the princesses of the Qin Kingdom married into other countries, some of them took minister’s daughters to strengthen their favor, and some of them didn’t. However, the recent two princesses both took minister’s daughters with them. When the Empress of the Yan Kingdom married into the Yan Kingdom, she had brought the daughter of the Minister of Rites’ concubine and the daughter of another first-grade minister’s concubine. After that incident, the Fifth Princess married in a rush. Even so, the Empress had also prepared a beautiful girl, the daughter of a minister to go with her.

These women could also be consorts after their husband took the throne. On the one hand, they would help the princess of the Qin Kingdom get their husband’s favor. On the other hand, they would increase the connection between the two countries. Like the princess, their families were also in the Qin Kingdom. If war broke out, their families would be the first one to suffer.

But this was an unwritten rule, so it couldn’t be mentioned on the surface.

Feng Yuran did not say anything. There was a flash of light in his smiling eyes, but it was all hidden under his long eyelashes. He raised his pretty eyes and looked at Crown Prince Xieyue with a half-smile. Instead of answering, he lifted the wine cup in his hand and took a sip of the wine.

Feng Yuzhen really did not expect him to mention this. It was the Qin Kingdom’s decision whether to send minister’s daughters with the princess or not. What did Crown Prince Xieyue mean by asking this? He could not figure it out at the moment, so he decided not to talk about it.

Feng Yuxuan smiled slightly and took over the topic to explain, “Father loves my sister and is afraid that she will be lonely in a strange land. Those minister’s daughters accompany her to go to the other country. But if the other side is not satisfied or my sister is not satisfied, they can be sent back to our country immediately. Therefore, this is not a rule.”

The other side was not satisfied? That was almost impossible. Even if the other side was really not satisfied, why did they not say it before? If they said that they were not satisfied with them until the matter was settled, it was a disgrace to the national policies of the two countries. As for the other possibility, the princess married to the country from the royal family had already known about it. Even if she was unsatisfied, she would not do that, for she knew that if they sent back the minister’s daughter, other girls would be still sent here. It was better to win their heart and make them loyal to her.

Therefore, this one was also impossible.

“Oh, what kinds of minister’ daughters of your country will be chosen to go with the princess?” Feng Yuxuan’s words were vague, but it aroused Xieyue’s interest. He looked at him and asked with bright eyes.

“Of course, the ones who are gentle and good-looking.”

The ones who were gentle! She was one of the kind! The ones who were beautiful. Needless to say, she was stunning when he first met her. As for the status, she was the legitimate daughter of a third-grade official. In the past, those girls were all concubines’ daughters, but their fathers were either a first-grade or a second-grade official. So the legitimate daughter of a third-grade official should have an equal status. It seemed that as long as he mentioned it, it would not be difficult.

Thinking that Third Young Miss Mo was going to spend her life with him in the future, Xieyue unconsciously showed a hint of gentleness and a smile in his eyes.

All the people present were good at observing people’s expressions. Feng Yuzhen raised his eyebrows and asked teasingly, “Your Highness, do you take a fancy to someone?”

“Well, don’t ruin her reputation. It’s just that I saw her occasionally that day and I admired her.” Xieyue smiled and shook his hand to explain, “When the wind blows up the curtain hat, the woman under it is pure like water. I sparked with her.”

He was the Crown Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands, so he naturally acted tallying with the style of the Southern Barbarian Lands. If such a woman married another man, he would be uneasy for the rest of his life. He might as well take the opportunity of drinking wine just now to cover his face and tell the people what he thought. The princes present would naturally tell the Emperor of the Qin Kingdom. That girl was just an official’s daughter, and the Emperor would definitely be willing to send her to him!

“Oh, which family does she come from?” Feng Yuzhen asked curiously. Feng Yuxuan and Feng Yuran involuntarily turned their heads to look at Crown Prince Xieyue. They did not expect that Crown Prince Xieyue would fall in love with a lady of the Qin Kingdom as soon as they just entered the city. It was rare. If she was not an important person, they could just send her to go with the princess.

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 539 – At the Banquet of Qixi Festival, Mo Xuetong Entered the Palace

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Chapter 539 At the Banquet of Qixi Festival, Mo Xuetong Entered the Palace

In the Consort Zhao’s Mingyue Palace, there was no one else but Consort Zhao. It was too s.p.a.cious and empty. Shadow twisted in the candlelight. Then, the light leaped with a slight sound, which made Consort Zhao’s charming face look weird. Suddenly, the palace door creaked open. It was Caichun, her close maidservant in a common dress who came in from outside.

Looking at Caichun’s pale and nervous face, Consort Zhao asked, “How was it? Is there anything wrong?”

“There was nothing wrong with it. But I came across the maidservant of Consort Yu on the way back and was almost discovered. If I had not pretended to be from the Empress’ palace, they would have almost discovered me.” Thinking about what had happened just now, Caichun still wanted to tremble nervously.

Just now, on the way to the Mingyue Palace, Caichun happened to meet two Consort Yu’s maidservants to get the food from the imperial kitchen. The Emperor was said to rest in Consort Yu’s palace today again. Caichun went there secretly. So when she met the two maidservants at this time, she almost couldn’t avoid them and exposed herself.

Consort Zhao’s eyes fell on Caichun’s face and stared at her thoughtfully for a few seconds. Then, she nodded in consolation and said to Caichun, “It’s alright. Even if they saw you, they might not recognize you.”

There were few people available for Consort Zhao. Although Caichun was useful, she was a little old. Besides, she did know too much. If she was caught someday, some things could not be hidden any longer. So Consort Zhao thought she had to cultivate another trusted servant.

Caichun did not know that Consort Zhao had thought about killing her, but thought that Consort Zhao was comforting her. So Caichun immediately expressed her loyalty and said, “Yes, I am not afraid. Even if I am exposed, I will take all the responsibilities and won’t get Your Highness into trouble.”

She thought her words would make Consort Zhao have more trust in her, but did not realize that this would only make Consort Zhao warier of her. Consort Zhao had not made up her mind in the beginning, but now, she was confirmed that since Caichun knew too much, if Caichun was caught by others, the secret of Consort Zhao herself would be the weak points.

Smiling, Consort Zhao patted Caichun on the shoulder, nodded with satisfaction, and asked, “How is the preparation going on His Excellency side?”

“His Excellency said everything was ready for Your Highness’ order,” said Caichun.

“Okay, then go to prepare it. Don’t get exposed.”

“Yes, I know.” Caichun bowed to Consort Zhao hurriedly in a proper manner and left.

The seventh day of the seventh month was also known as the Qixi Festival. It was usually a women’s festival. At this time of the year, the Empress would be the main star in the palace, who would feast ladies in the palace. To show support for the Empress, the Emperor would also invite n.o.ble young masters to attend the banquet together. Some n.o.ble families would take this opportunity to choose the right person for their young master or lady of the right age. If the two took a fancy to each other, the man would send people to propose marriage for the woman. Therefore, there was more than one case of successful marriages achieved simply in the banquet.

With the auspicious implication of the Qixi Festival, it was easy to do such things. The Empress was also happy to see new matches made in the banquet she held. In the last life, although Mo Xuetong had not attended such a banquet, rumors had it that Sima Heyan fell in love with a young handsome master on such an occasion, and the two seemed to pledge to marry privately. However, Sima Lingyun finally flung his sister to another man’s bed for his own bright future.

Then, in order to change her brother’s mind, Sima Heyan tried to resist with death and elopement, and even threatened Sima Lingyun to change his mind by holding a knife to Mo Xuetong’s throat crazily. At that time, Mo Xuetong was pregnant but was dragged out by the frenzied Sima Heyan from the room. What was worse was that in front of the stiff Sima Lingyun, Mo Xuetong was almost killed by Sima Heyan with a stab.

Although Sima Lingyun kept apologizing to Mo Xuetong after the incident, claiming that he would not leave her in the lurch but just wanted to scare Sima Heyan. And in order to help Mo Xuetong get over the shock, he even gave Mo Xuetong a hairpin especially. It was the first time Sima Lingyun had given Mo Xuetong a gift since she entered the manor. So she was so excited that she completely took her mind off the fact that how heartless Sima Lingyun had been and believed his words.

Now when Mo Xuetong recalled the past, she realized that she was indeed the stupidest of them all.

Mo Xuetong thought, If Sima Lingyun had really cared about her, he would not have stood to see Sima Heyan held a knife to Mo Xuetong’s throat and refused to make a compromise even at the sight that Mo Xuetong was dragged out desperately in her pregnancy.

Mo Xuetong closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, and she seemed to smell the scent of blood welling up inside. She clenched her fists and said to herself repeatedly that the banquet this time was not that in her last life with Sima Heyan, and that the Duke Zhenguo’s manor had been reduced to ashes. Then, she could calm herself down gradually.

A maidservant led Mo Xuetong into the Empress’s Tianfeng Palace, curtsied respectfully, and said, “My Lady, the Tianfeng Palace is here. I will go to inform for you now.”

When hearing that Feng Yuran entered the palace, Emperor Zongwen sent people to get him to his palace at the gate. But led by the Empress’s maidservant, Mo Xuetong went to Empress’s Tianfeng Palace.

Mo Xuetong smiled and nodded.

The maidservant held her long skirts and was about to ascend the steps when she was knocked by a force, failed to stand steadily, and fell to Mo Xuetong. Fortunately, Mo Ye pulled Mo Xuetong aside swiftly. Then, the maidservant was tilted to Mo Xuetong’s side and fell to the ground heavily.

“I was wondering who it was. Well, it is Consort Xuan. I heard that there was a wild scene in Consort Xuan’s courtyard several days ago. If I had known it, I would have come to have a look that day as well.” Of course, it was Ling Rui’er who had a bitterly sarcastic smile on her face. She looked like a fairy in her gorgeous formal suit. Standing on the high steps with an arrogant look, She immediately mentioned what had happened on Mo Xuetong’s birthday banquet and mocked Mo Xuetong unsparingly.

She was still Consort Chu. Her paternal family was Ding General Manor of powerful background. Furthermore, she was the Empress’ niece and the Empress Dowager’s grandniece. Mo Xuetong could not compare to her by any means. Therefore, the n.o.ble ladies around Ling Rui’er stood certainly by her side.

Hearing Ling Rui’er’s sarcasm and looking at Mo Xuetong’s flawlessly beautiful face, no one was not jealous, and they thought Mo Xuetong was so enticing that she was like a seductive fox. And the young ladies around Ling Rui’er looked at Mo Xuetong with disdain, contempt, and ridicule in a hostile manner.

Another pretty lady shook the fan in her hand and said with a feigned innocent smile on her face and obvious provocation in her eyes, “Was Consort Chu talking about what had happened on Consort Xuan’s birthday? I heard that a concubine lost her child. As the incidents about people falling into the water, men intruding into the manor, and a concubine losing the baby emerged one after another, it’s really a mess in the King Xuan’s Manor.”

Mo Xuetong knew her. She was also a daughter of the Ding General Manor, to be exact, a concubine’s daughter named Ling Yu. It seemed that the Ding General Manor had good genes, otherwise, they could not have had a woman as beautiful as Ling Fengyan. And the woman in front looked pretty as well.

However, Mo Xuetong could tell that Ling Yu was as mean as Ling Rui’er at first sight, because Ling Yu defamed Mo Xuetong as a dissolute and ruthless woman by simply using an ambiguous sentence.

“Slap her.” Mo Xuetong said coolly, and her eyes skimmed over Ling Rui’er’s face and fell on the Ling’s Manor’s daughter’s small face. No matter what kind of att.i.tude Ling Rui’er had as she stood in front of Mo Xuetong, or that it was Ling Rui’er’s intentions, or the Empress’ intentions, the words were all the same as slaps on Mo Xuetong’s face.

Mo Xuetong knew that as long as she softened her att.i.tude today, the rumors would spread like the truth. It was easy to tell from the faces of the ladies standing beside. They took pleasure in the scene. However, Mo Xuetong thought that they were all wrong and stupid, as they had a fond hope that they could take advantage of her to get ahead. In fact, no one was allowed to bully King Xuan’s legitimate consort at will.

Hearing Mo Xuetong’s order, Mo Ye released Mo Xuetong’s hand, rushed over, and gave two slaps on Ling Yu’s tender pink face.

Ling Yu was shocked, and she covered her face angrily and said, “You, how dare you slap me?” The others were stunned as well. No one expected that Consort Xuan, who was always gentle and innocent as if ignorant of the world, would be so tough. Although Ling Yu was just a concubine’s daughter, she was still a concubine’s daughter of the Ding General Manor. With the Ding General Manor’s background, though with her humble status, she would still be able to marry a high official and become his legitimate wife. However, she was slapped by Mo Xuetong’s maidservant today. How could Ling Yu not fly into a rage?

However, even though Ling Yu was not an easy person to deal with, she glared at Mo Xuetong angrily, then turned to Ling Rui’er tearfully and cried. “Third Sister, she hit me!”

Ling Yu immediately changed to a delicate and weak look with silent resentment. She just stared at Ling Rui’er till Ling Rui’er turned to shout at Mo Xuetong, “Mo Xuetong. how dare you hit the person of the Ding General Manor!”

Even though Ling Rui’er thought she was the legitimate daughter and looked down upon illegitimate one, she still understood the principle that they were bonded together and shared honors and harms in public. So Ling Rui’er turned to the two maidservants by her side and said, “Hit them back. Beat heavily and beat the little s.l.u.t to death.”

Upon hearing the master’s order, the two maidservants were about to rush over to seize Mo Ye.

“Consort Chu, remember your own ident.i.ty. You are the daughter-in-law of the royal family now, representing the highest status. How dare you still claim to be from the Ding General Manor? Are you dissatisfied with your present ident.i.ty and regretting marrying King Chu? Are you going to divorce King Chu and regain your ident.i.ty as a lady of the Ding General Manor?”

Mo Xuetong smiled coldly and pulled Mo Ye behind her. Her smile was chilly. In fact, she was not afraid that the two maidservants would hit Mo Ye, but the fact that Mo Ye was proficient in martial art could not be revealed in front of others right now. In the palace today, she did not figure out who was plotting against another, so she had to keep a hidden card by her side. In this regard, she would not let others know that Mo Ye could play martial arts unless it was absolutely necessary.

Frightened by Mo Xuetong’s imposing manner, the two maidservants did not dare to raise their hands. No matter how daring they were, they did not dare to wave their hands at Mo Xuetong, as they knew that Mo Xuetong had arrogantly and triumphantly ordered to beat dozens of concubines of the King Xuan’s Manor to death several days ago. Who knew if she would rush in and order to beat the two maidservants to death as well?

Mo Xuetong’s words infuriated Ling Rui’er. She did not expect that Mo Xuetong would find out about her mistakes in her words and glared at Mo Xuetong with hatred and panted. But she did not dare to continue to say. “To divorce Feng Yuxuan?” If such words were to spread, she would lose her life obviously, and even the powerful Ding General Manor’s would not be able to reverse it, as they dare to defy the royal bloodline. As a daughter who was married, how could Ling Rui’er still consider herself a member of the Ding General Manor?

In any case, Ling Rui’er would not be able to bear such a crime.

She glared at Mo Xuetong in a fury.

When in a stalemate, a maidservant came from inside, curtsied to Mo Xuetong respectfully, and said, “Consort Xuan is here. Her Highness is inside and asking Consort Xuan to come in.”

Seeing the Empress’s maidservant come out, the n.o.ble ladies broke up immediately, and no one dared to behave unseemly in front of the Empress’s people. Even the indignant Ling Rui’er was dragged off by Ling Yu reluctantly.

Mo Xuetong smiled and fixed her eyes on the maidservant who had fallen to the ground. Seeing the maidservant struggling to get up, Mo Xuetong signaled Mo Ye to help the maidservant up, and Mo Xuetong herself lifted the hem of her skirt and walked inside. It was really odd today. Did Ling Rui’er change her temper because she had been taught a lesson by Mo Yarui’s matter?

This was really shocking!

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 609 – The Fight in the Harem, Consort Yu’s Going into Premature Labor

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Chapter 609 The Fight in the Harem, Consort Yu’s Going into Premature Labor

The next morning, Consort Zhao sent Emperor Zongwen away with deep affection. She even followed for a long while after Emperor Zongwen boarded the imperial carriage. It was only when she saw Emperor Zongwen at a distance into Qianqing Palace that she returned slowly with Caichun. Thinking of how much the Emperor had doted on her yesterday, she felt excited.

She had followed Emperor Zongwen back at a distance, partly to show that she was so devoted to the Emperor that she could hardly leave him, and partly to show it to the other concubines. She had been neglected for a while before, all because the Emperor did not come to Mingyue Palace.

After this matter, who would dare to look down on her?!

Therefore, she kept on sending him off!

Even though it was still early, there were plenty of people in the palace, who were secretly watching. There must be a lot of consorts who knew that the Emperor was still deeply in love with her. The Empress Dowager would also think highly of her. Furthermore, she had even heard from the Emperor that he had no intention of giving the throne to Feng Yuran. Such an important piece of news was enough to make her closer to her future position.

She was now wholeheartedly trying to help Feng Yuzhen ascend to the throne. She had mentioned the Empress Dowager many times when they held deep affection last night. She had said that the Empress Dowager was kind to the Emperor and was a good mother who really cared for him. However, she had not mentioned King Ning. Even though King Ning had not revealed his intentions directly, everyone could see that and knew that this was a taboo to the Emperor.

“Haste makes waste. I have to be more careful!”

Consort Zhao felt relieved, and the depression she felt of the past few days had been swept away. Not in a hurry to return to her palace, she ordered the palace maids that she would sit down in the nearby pavilion. It was good to admire the scenery of autumn morning. Although there was a heavy dew in autumn, there was fine gauze around the pavilion. She sat inside and would not get wet.

Because she was in a good mood, she did not feel that the outside was still dark. Sitting there, she asked Caichun to make a cup of tea for her and asked the palace maids to leave far away.

After that, it was daylight already with the first rays of the morning sun.

“Sister Zhao, you are really free. You came so early to drink tea and enjoy the scenery. I really envy you!” A laughter came from another path. Two palace maids held Consort Yu, who had a baby, and appeared at the end of the path. The pregnant woman had a smile in her eyes, suppressing a trace of jealousy in them.

She was now carrying the Emperor’s child and was the most enviable person in the palace. However, she said that she envied Consort Zhao while she deliberately showed her belly as if she couldn’t walk. She slowly walked with sarcasm on her face. If a woman in the imperial harem didn’t have a son, no matter how much she was favored, it was useless just like looking at the moon in the water. How much wealth and leisure could she expect?

Consort Yu was stabbing daggers at Consort Zhao’s heart!

If this had happened in the past, Consort Zhao would not have quibble with Consort Yu. She was a forbearing person. She had been in the imperial harem for more than 10 years, and she didn’t learn it in one year. However, a few days ago, when she had fallen out of favor, Consort Yu had sent two palace maids over to insult her. She claimed that since there were fewer servants in Mingyue Palace, Consort Zhao would lack servants to serve her in the future. She meant what had happened at the banquet.

Consort Zhao was so angry that she had smashed a few porcelains in the palace. However, she had to pretend to be gracious and send the palace maids back to Consort Yu’s place politely.

So when she heard that Consort Yu was trying to thrust daggers at her again, she looked Consort Yu up and down impolitely and said sarcastically, “Consort Yu, are you looking for His Majesty? I’ll tell His Majesty you want to see him the next time I see him, and ask him to come to see you, okay?”

Consort Yu was pregnant. Even though all sorts of things were being sent to her palace, the Emperor had indeed not visited her for a long while. He had come to visit her at first but it was getting fewer and fewer in number, and now he rarely went to her palace. Consort Yu had thought of many methods to solve this matter. She had even tried to deceive the Emperor that her tummy hurt last night, but Consort Zhao’s palace maid stopped her.

She had been angry for the whole night. This morning, she had come to pick a fight!

“Many thanks, Consort Zhao. By the way, you entered the palace earlier than me. I did not expect that I would be pregnant with the Emperor’s child but your belly…” Consort Yu sat down on the stool opposite Consort Zhao. She cast a glance at Consort Zhao’s belly with a smile and giggled, as if she did not know how harsh her words were.

The palace maid behind her arranged tea, snacks, and fruits neatly, which filled the whole table. Another palace maid felt that Consort Zhao’s pot was a hindrance and pushed it in front of Consort Zhao impolitely.

Consort Zhao was the only one who used the table just now, but there was no room for her to place other things than the teapot and teacup in front of her as it was filled with Consort Yu’s things.

“I’m sorry, Sister Zhao. I’m craving food recently. It’s all because of the foodie in my womb. I think I can’t spoil him. But His Majesty said that I’m blessed. Besides, I should not keep a royal descendant hungry. If there’s anything delicious or funny, I should just take it. If there’s anything you want to eat, just take it.”

Consort Yu waved her hand generously and pointed at the snacks and fruits on the table with a satisfied smile on her face.

Even though the Emperor did not come to her, he allowed her to eat what she wanted. Obviously, the Emperor loved the child in her belly and might spoil him than he spoiled King Xuan. Consort Yu was definitely not that short-lived Consort Xian. Her better days were still to come. As for Consort Zhao, she had no child. So even if she had a higher position than Consort Yu, she had to just sit to the side obediently when Consort Yu had the chance to humiliate her.

“You want to tie His Majesty to you all the time? You wis.h.!.+”

“Many thanks, Sister Yu. But I don’t like these things. You shouldn’t eat all of them as you’re pregnant. Some of them aren’t good for the child in your belly. You’ve been pregnant for almost eight months now, so you have to be more careful.” Consort Zhao looked up angrily with a look of annoyance in her eyes. Consort Yu had taken advantage of the child in her belly again and again, which made Consort Zhao already furious.

At this time, she did not want to argue with Consort Yu, so she suddenly stood up. “Sister Yu, please enjoy these here. I have something to deal with and have to go back.”

With that, she walked out.

“Sister Zhao, why are you in such a hurry? Let’s talk more!” Consort Yu did not intend to let Consort Zhao go so easily. She yelled delicately and stretched out her feet to trip Consort Zhao. She was standing at the entrance of the pavilion, and if Consort Zhao was tripped by her foot, it would be bad whether she fell forward or backward!

If Consort Zhao fell forward, she would crash into the pillar of the pavilion. According to the distance, she would be definitely knocked out. And her head might even be broken.

If Consort Zhao fell backward, it would be even worse: she would directly fall on the table. If the porcelain and colored glaze on the table were broken, they would p.r.i.c.k her hands, and even could disfigure Consort Zhao.

As for falling to her body, Consort Yu felt that it was completely impossible. The palace maid beside her was sent to her by Yu Feng and she was good at martial arts. She had helped Consort Yu to deal with those who tried to hurt her. She had long been Consort Yu’s confidant. If Consort Zhao happened to fall to Consort Yu, the palace maid would definitely push her away in front of Consort Yu.

When the time came, Consort Yu would only have to say that Consort Zhao had intentionally fallen to her and wanted to harm her child. Even if Consort Zhao had a thousand mouths, she would not be able to explain it clearly.

If she was disfigured, she would no longer look like Consort Xian. Then how would Consort Zhao fight for the Emperor’s affections?

Consort Zhao did not see Consort Yu’s outstretched foot and hurried out angrily. Suddenly, she tripped and fell sideways. She screamed subconsciously when she saw Consort Yu’s shocked face. She sensed that there was something wrong, but it was too late. She had fallen backward, but her back seemed to have been pushed forcefully by something. As a result, she turned askew and fell to Consort Yu.

Before she let out the scream as she slammed into Consort Yu who was seated by the side. Then she hugged the other woman subconsciously to roll down the stool with her. They rolled around in the pavilion and did not stop until they hit a nearby pillar.

The palace maids and eunuchs were all stunned. Someone screamed before everyone immediately came to their senses and rushed to Consort Yu.

“Your Highness, ahh! Blood, there is blood!” A palace maid screamed when she saw that Consort Yu’s dress was covered in blood.

Consort Yu shrank in pain, with sparks flying before her eyes. Looking at Consort Zhao who was still pressing tightly on her, Consort Yu stretched out her sharp nails and scratched Consort Zhao’s face fiercely. No one knew where she got the strength. “b.i.t.c.h, b.i.t.c.h, it’s you. It’s you who hurt my child.”

She was going to the end of her pregnancy and was about to give birth. How could Consort Yu not be angry when she had hoped to have a child?

Consort Zhao was stunned at first. She lay on Consort Yu dazedly and did not get up. When Consort Yu scratched her, she realized what was going on. She dodged Consort Yu’s hand and said urgently, “Sister Yu, it’s not me. Someone is trying to hurt me. Someone tripped me. Yes, someone must be trying to hurt us. Sister Yu, Sister Yu, don’t worry. I will go and tell His Majesty that someone is trying to hurt us!”

At this time, she was in a panic. Murdering people secretly was one thing, but how could she dare to take the responsibility of murdering the Emperor’s child and being caught on the spot? Her face was already pale and she lost track of her words in panic.

Some people had already realized that it didn’t look good and had gone to report to the harem and the court.

“It’s you, you s.l.u.t. Somebody, take this s.l.u.t away and beat her to death, beat her to death…” Consort Yu screamed in pain and fainted before she could finish her sentence.

Consort Zhao did not have time to say anything else before she was pulled away like a tattered cloth. The crowd was extremely fl.u.s.tered. Consort Yu was in a terrible condition right now. The hem of her dress was already soaked in blood and there was a ma.s.s of blood on the ground. Fortunately, Consort Yu had enough servants. They brought Consort Yu to their palace while getting someone to get imperial physicians.

When the imperial physicians arrived at Caiwei Palace, the Emperor, the Empress and the Empress Dowager were already waiting there. When the imperial physicians entered the room, they had already received the Emperor and the Empress Dowager’s orders to protect the Emperor’s child. They would do his best to induce labor and keep the Emperor’s child safe.

Blood was sent out one basin after another while Consort Yu’s shrill screams of pain could be heard from time to time.

The palace maids who came and went were all trembling and did not even dare to breathe loudly. After such a big incident, they only hoped that Consort Yu could give birth to the child safely. Otherwise, they would have to pay with their lives.

“Your Majesty, it’s not me. It’s really not me. Someone tripped me and I fell.” Consort Zhao knelt in front of the Emperor and the Empress Dowager, trembling so much that she could hardly speak. She had been thinking about her bright future, but why did things turn out like this all of a sudden? Why had she b.u.mped into Consort Yu?

Now, she could only rely on her feelings and hurriedly argue with tears in her eyes, as if she was holding onto the last straw! Now she could only insist that someone tripped her; otherwise, she could not afford to take the responsibility!

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 577 – It’s Convenient to Use the People I borrowed

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Chapter 577 It’s Convenient to Use the People I borrowed

Mo Xuetong did not expect Shopkeeper Xing to be so efficient. The next morning, she received news that the woman in the painting was now in King Chu’s Manor. She was Consort Chu’s personal maid who usually stayed by Consort Chu’s side, but she would not go out when Consort Chu left the manor. She would only help Consort Chu manage the matters of the manor.

Yu Sirong had entered King Chu’s Manor? Mo Xuetong did not expect a casual move of hers to be so useful.

Mo Xuetong paused for a moment and then asked Mo Ye to send a message to Shopkeeper Xing, asking him to keep an eye on Yu Sirong’s unusual actions. Yu Sirong returned to the capital secretly, but did not go to her parents or relatives. Instead, she sold herself as a servant and entered King Chu’s Manor. Of course, it was not just because of her bad reputation that she was not allowed to live in the Yu Manor.

In her past life, Yu Sirong was the victor. After Mo Xuetong married into Duke’s manor, she had come specially to make sarcastic jibes at her, and scolded and beaten Mo Lan and the other maids who came to Duke’s manor with Mo Xuetong as she liked. She even had slapped Mo Xuetong. The entire Duke’s manor was laughing at Mo Xuetong, and not a single person was on her side. Mo Xuetong had once complained to Sima Lingyun about her grievances, but, Sima Lingyun had always told her that he would definitely take revenge on her when he became a high-ranking official.

The final result, of course, was that he did nothing with it.

Yu Sirong was a person who was only concerned about herself. She had not even married Qin Yuxuan and must hate Mo Xuetong to the core. Then, there must be a reason for her to enter King Chu’s Manor, especially when she had gone to Ling Rui’er’s side. No wonder Ling Rui’er treated her much better than before on the surface. It turned out that someone was helping her.

Yu Sirong did not leave the manor because she was afraid that others would recognize her. Fortunately, she had lived in Cloud City before and did not have the time to meet the n.o.bles after she came to the capital, and thus the n.o.ble young ladies like Ling Rui’er had never seen her before. However, she could not guarantee that not a single one of the young ladies had seen her. Even though Yu Sirong’s appearance had changed a little, those who were sharp-eyed could still tell that she was Yu Sirong.

In this way, it seemed that it would not be smooth when Mo Xuetong attended King Chu’s Manor’s banquet!

Of course, Yu Sirong would not let go of the best opportunity to plot against her.

“My Lady, do you want me to ask Mo Feng to keep an eye on her?” Mo Ye didn’t trust Shopkeeper Xing’s people, so she came to ask Mo Xuetong for Mo Feng. Both of them were the first people Feng Yuran gave to Mo Xuetong, and now they completely regarded Mo Xuetong as their own master. Mo Xuetong didn’t trust Shopkeeper Xing’s people, and neither did they.

Mo Xuetong picked up the cloth she was embroidering beside her, made a st.i.tch, and put it down. Then she blinked her long eyelashes, and said with a smile, “Mo Feng doesn’t have to keep an eye on her. Since Shopkeeper Xing was able to find Yu Sirong so quickly, it means that Yu Sirong was really careless and went to the Qin Manor again. On the other hand, it also shows that Shopkeeper Xing is really working hard.”

“My Lady, do you mean to use Shopkeeper Xing’s men?” Mo Ye asked in shock. She was by Mo Xuetong’s side, so she naturally knew that Mo Xuetong was going to put the secret guards aside. However, Mo Xuetong seemed to use them now. Mo Ye did not understand at the moment.

“Use them? No, I don’t have the jade token, so how could they listen to me? The reason why Shopkeeper Xing helped me was just for my relations.h.i.+p with him. He just did me a favor and lent one or two people to me. I wasn’t really using them.” Mo Xuetong beamed. She lifted her long lashes, and her eyes were clear and charming.

She looked obedient and adorable, just like an innocent girl. However, Mo Ye could not help but s.h.i.+ver when she saw her because in her eyes, Mo Xuetong was obviously a fox.

She did not even have a jade token, but she was able to use the secret guards, which made Mo Ye admire her and sigh. She used to be a secret guard as well and knew that there were some principles that could not be changed no matter what. The fact that Shopkeeper Xing helped Mo Xuetong even without seeing the token not only showed how capable she was, but also showed how sincere Shopkeeper Xing was to her.

However, Mo Ye was uncertain about the specific situation of the secret guards under Shopkeeper Xing. However, it seemed that no matter how much trouble they made, they would not be able to escape from Mo Xuetong’s hand.

“Then, My Lady, you mean…” Mo Ye sighed that she could not keep up with Mo Xuetong’s craftiness, and had better ask Mo Xuetong carefully so that she would not misunderstand Mo Xuetong and ruin her plans.

“I don’t mean anything. I just want Shopkeeper Xing to help me. It’s me who keeps them, right?” Mo Xuetong smiled, picked up the cloth by her side and continued to embroider. She didn’t know why Feng Yuran had thought of such an idea and asked her to make a sachet for him to carry with him. Mo Xuetong’s embroidery was not bad as well, and it was just that she usually felt tired and didn’t want to do it. When she heard his request, she naturally did it seriously.

Mo Ye did not fully understand what she meant. Fortunately, she understood a little. That was to say, Shopkeeper Xing’s people had taken Mo Xuetong’s money, so they had to do something for her. As for the jade token, it wasn’t so important. After all, it was not that easy to get Consort Xuan’s money. Now, she just said that she wanted to borrow Shopkeeper Xing’s people. Those secret guards were secretly receiving Mo Xuetong’s money, and thus it would not make sense if Shopkeeper Xing did not lend people to her.

“Then what do you want Mo Feng to do now?” Mo Ye laughed when she figured out Mo Xuetong’s intentions. Her master could not suffer any losses at all. She had thought that Mo Xuetong only provided Shopkeeper Xing and his men money and didn’t need them to do anything. It seemed that she would not be polite to use them when she needed.

“Ask Mo Feng to pay attention to the He brothers and He Yuxiu’s matter. It’s related to Consort Zhao. Get him to be more careful. As for Yu Sirong, she’s an unimportant woman. It’s convenient to use the people borrowed from Shopkeeper Xing.” Mo Xuetong smiled. Her voice sounded sweet but cold.

She still needed to observe Shopkeeper Xing, and of course, she needed to observe his people clearly. When she saw Shopkeeper Xing arguing with that person, Mo Xuetong had a new plan. She had to support that batch of people, but she felt wronged if she could not ask them to work for her.

Fortunately, no one would care about someone like Yu Sirong. Then, she used her as a litmus test!

“The He brothers are now kept in the brothel by He Yuxiu. The people they brought with them have already run away. Now they don’t even have a single person with them. My Lady, if you want to interrogate them, just bring them here directly. He Yuxiu can’t even protect herself now. How can she take care of them?” Mo Ye asked in confusion.

In her opinion, it would be a waste to ask Mo Feng to keep an eye on them.

“There is no hurry. He Yuxiu is even more anxious than us,” Mo Xuetong remarked meaningfully. There was a hint of sarcasm in her beautiful eyes. The fact that He Yuxiu had been Lian An’s mistress had been revealed, and thus she looked like a stray dog. She was afraid that the Yu family and the Lian family would trouble her. All she could think of now was to please Mo Xuetong and the He brothers were her bargaining chips.

Mo Xuetong did not feel any pity for He Yuxiu who had wanted to seduce others and ended up entering the brothel. She would just watch them fight themselves. He Yufen had returned home. Mo Xuetong believed that she would find out what happened in the He family’s hometown. However, since the He brothers were the legitimate sons of the He family, how could they not know about it?

Mo Ye saw that her master was so relaxed and knew that she had already made up her mind. She did not say anything else and was about to send a message to Mo Feng.

“Mo Ye, after you tell Mo Feng about it, go to the Li’s Manor and ask their Young Madam if she has made clothes for Grandmother this year. I don’t know how Grandmother’s clothes were made in the past years, so I have no idea what design and color she likes. Can I make clothes with her?”

“Yes, I will leave now.” Mo Ye knew that she was referring to Luo Mingzhu. She nodded and left.

Mo Xuetong picked up the cloth at hand again and started embroidering carefully by the window, while hearing that Mo Yu outside the window told the old maidservants to do things in the courtyard. It was very quiet in the room. Knowing that she was embroidering seriously, Mo Lan brought her tea and instead of interrupting her, she started to discuss what they had to pay attention to on King Chu’s birthday with Mo Yu outside.

Mo Lan had always been very cautious, especially after the incident in the palace that Mo Xuetong was framed. Consort Chu and Mo Xuetong had always disliked each other. This time, Consort Chu and Mo Xuetong both were involved in the two matters in the palace. However, Mo Xuetong was fine. Who knew what Consort Chu would do?!

Therefore, Mo Ye was telling Mo Yu, who had always been careless, to pay attention to some minor details.

The two of them talked about it over and over again. Mo Lan was still worried and asked a few small questions, and Mo Yu also answered them in detail. Hearing their conversation, Mo Xuetong, sitting in the room, had a gentle smile on the corner of her lips. She really changed her fate of the last life. Now the two maidservants were talking in a soft voice outside, and she felt quite at peace in her heart.

Nothing happened to Fu General Manor; she was neither disfigured nor married to Sima Lingyun; the fall of Duke’s Manor had nothing to do with her. She had wanted to protect the person she wanted to protect in this life and live safely, and she had not expected to run into that pretty man, which made her completely cold heart beat again.

In her previous life, the two of them had never interacted with each other, as if they were two lines that were not in the same plane, and would never intersect no matter what happened. In this life, it was very strange that he had been by her side all the time. It really made her feel that life was too fantastic. However, what made her even more curious was why she was reborn!

Why did something almost impossible happen to her

Of course, she only thought about these things that she could not figure out for a while. When she thought of the happiness of her life right now, she felt that she had to treasure it. As for the nightmare, she had not suffered it for a long time. She did not want to think too much about those things that she could not figure out in her memories. She was willing to forget her past life completely and spend the rest of her life happily with Feng Yuran.

Mo Ye returned quickly. He said that she did not see Young Madam Li who was said to be ill after she returned home yesterday.

Mo Xuetong frowned slightly and waved her hand, signaling for Mo Ye to leave. Luo Mingzhu was ill. It seemed that it was mostly because of her parents’ words. Mo Feng had already pa.s.sed on the conversation between the two of them to Mo Xuetong. Mo Xuetong did not expect that her second uncle had a feeling for her mother.

Now it seemed that Luo Mingzhu was suspicious of her because of this, so she pretended to be ill and refused to see Mo Ye. It was a little difficult to deal with!

If someone else stopped trusting Mo Xuetong, Mo Xuetong would not be worried even if that person tried to plot against her. She could take measures to fight against the person according to the actual situation. However, if that person was Luo Mingzhu, Mo Xuetong would not be willing to do so. No matter in her past life or this life, Luo Mingzhu was one of the few people who treated her well.

No matter whether it was kins.h.i.+p or friends.h.i.+p between them, Mo Xuetong couldn’t let it go. When she thought that if Luo Mingzhu really couldn’t figure it out, it would be a deep ditch between them, her mood turned bad. She put down the embroidery in her hand and didn’t want to do it anymore. So she simply leaned on the couch and frowned to think of a countermeasure.

Her cousin treated her with all her heart and could distinguish right from wrong, so Mo Xuetong really didn’t want them to be estranged. But sometimes, some things would not change according to her liking at all…

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 649 – The Sixth Princess’s Regard

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Chapter 649 The Sixth Princess’s Regard

This kind of beautiful scenery was rare even in the imperial palace!

The Seventh Princess also wanted to stay and have a look, but since the Sixth Princess had said those words, she could not refuse. She could not let the hostess wait ahead while the two of them enjoyed the scenery and delayed others’ time. Both the Sixth Princess and the Seventh Princess were not as arrogant as the Fifth Princess, so they could not disregard others’ wait.

Moreover, Marquess Mingguo’s wife had a high status. Even if these two were princesses, they couldn’t go too far!

Both of their mothers were not powerful. They had to watch others’ mood in the palace.

“Then Sixth Sister, you stay here and enjoy the scenery. I’ll go to see His Excellency’s wife first,” the Seventh Princess stated with a smile.

“Alright then. I’ll go in and take a look at the scenery first. I’ll meet up with you later,” the Sixth Princess said as she motioned her palace maids to move forward. The Seventh Princess walked past the entrance of the Osmanthus Garden with a few of her maidservants.

After going through the door of the Osmanthus Garden, the Sixth Princess turned to another path and headed for a pavilion, instead of going to the conspicuous place where Mo Xuetong stood. Around the corner, the two maidservants hid behind the flower rack in a dilemma, not knowing if they should go up. The superior only asked them to serve the first distinguished guest. Then they didn’t have to serve the distinguished guests behind, right?

The short maidservant lifted her hand and pointed in the direction of the Sixth Princess, asking uneasily, “This lady is going that way?” They were all maidservants of Mingguo Manor and had never seen the Sixth Princess and the Seventh Princess before. Therefore, they did not know the two princesses. They knew who Consort Xuan was because the two maidservants who guarded the door said that they had seen Consort Xuan coming.

Now both the two maidservants guarding the door had disappeared, and the two little maidservants who did strenuous work didn’t know what to do!

“That’s…” The tall maidservant looked in the direction of the Sixth Princess and her face was a little pale. She reached out to point but was so shocked that she could not say anything.

The short maidservant suddenly realized something was wrong. She stood up from one side and was about to rush out.

“What do you want to do?” The tall maidservant grabbed her.

“There, there’s… the lady is going to that way!” The short maidservant pointed in the direction where the Sixth Princess was missing and shouted hurriedly.

“Are you going to stop that lady? Nanny only asked us to serve the honored guests who came here, and the two sisters also asked us to serve Consort Xuan in person. Even if something happens there, it has nothing to do with us.” The tall maidservant’s face darkened. “Do you want to go against the orders and lose your life?”

Her words were harsh, and the short maidservant trembled with fear. Thinking of the little maidservant who was beaten to death because she didn’t listen to the Young Madam’s words a few days ago, she was so scared that her face turned pale, and she didn’t dare to interfere. A few days ago, the little maidservant died because the Young Madam asked her to go to another garden to pick flowers but she went to the Osmanthus Garden.

“Anyway, we are here to serve Consort Xuan. Even if something really happens, we will insist that we have served Consort Xuan and haven’t seen this lady at all. Anyway, she went that way in a hurry and seems to be familiar with this place. It is unlikely that something will happen!” the tall maidservant comforted the short one.

The Sixth Princess had just entered the moon gate and did not look anywhere else. She had indeed walked to the other side through a path. Could it be that she was familiar with the manor?

The short maidservant was no longer concerned about whether or not she should go out. Instead, she started to guess the ident.i.ty of the Sixth Princess. They were only third-cla.s.s maidservants in the manor and did not see many n.o.ble ladies. At this time, she was just wondering which manor this lady came from.

The Sixth Princess took a small path. She walked in a graceful manner. The path was a little out-of-way and ordinary people would not be able to find it. However, the Sixth Princess had seen the map many times before, so she knew that she could walk in this direction. The ones who went with her were her personal maidservants. When they reached the door of the room, she ordered the two palace maids to guard outside, and she entered the inner room by herself.

The door was gently opened and then closed carefully. The Sixth Princess was blushed. No one knew if it was because she was nervous or eager.

There was a thick screen in the s.p.a.cious room. All the decorations were black and white. It was obvious that it was not an ordinary girl’s room. Behind the screen with pine and cypress patterns, You Yuecheng leaned against the wide couch and closed his eyes slightly to rest. When he heard someone coming, he did not open his eyes, and just said lightly, “You’re here!”

The Sixth Princess turned around the screen hurriedly and saw You Yuecheng leaning against the couch. A look of joy appeared on her face. She walked over and stood beside the couch with some embarra.s.sment. She looked at the handsome You Yuecheng on the couch as a strong love flashed in her eyes. She had fallen in love with this man. She really wanted to be with him.

He was handsome and cold. He was completely different from Bai Yihao. However, Bai Yihao was like an immortal in heaven, too far away from her. Even if she risked her life, she would not be able to reach him. That was why she set her eyes on You Yuecheng. Even though he was cold, he was not otherworldly.

Furthermore, the Sixth Princess could sense what he meant from his manner. Sometimes he was far away, and sometimes he was close, but fortunately, he didn’t stay away from her all the time.

“When did you come here?” Even though the Sixth Princess was a scheming person, she blushed and her heart beat fast when she faced the person she loved alone. Besides, what happened next was not simple. Although she had practiced it in her mind several times, she was still a little nervous when she was going to do it.

“I’ve just arrived. Have you really made up your mind?” You Yuecheng opened his eyes. There was a flash of coldness at the bottom of his eyes and it was quickly hidden.

“Yes, I’ve made up my mind. I want to marry you. Even if I can’t be your legal wife, I’m willing to be your co-wife. I only want to be with you in this life, even if I have to be your concubine.”

The Sixth Princess answered with deep love. There was a sad expression on her face as she looked at You Yuecheng affectionately.

The girl was as beautiful as jade and was deeply in love with him. No matter how heartless You Yuecheng was, he could not refuse her. Furthermore, the Sixth Princess always felt You Yuecheng had feelings for her. Otherwise, he would not have accepted the gift that she had secretly given him and then, he had gotten someone to send a gift back to her.

Of course, the Sixth Princess was willing to marry You Yuecheng!

But how could she be willing to be a concubine? As a royal princess, how could she be a concubine? However, time was pressing and there was no other way. She could only be a co-wife for the time being. Moreover, considering Ling Mingyan’s temper, as long as You Yuecheng loved her, Ling Mingyan would not be able to defeat her. So this could be ignored!

Therefore, it seemed that the Sixth Princess did it without hesitation, but in fact, she had already planned it. She was the one who had secretly plotted the unusual movement in Mingguo Manor this time.

Since she did it in others’ territory, even if something really happened, others would only suspect Ling Mingyan and not her, because she was not only a guest, but also a victim. What was more, You Yuecheng would be deeply touched by what she did today. No matter how hard she tried, the Sixth Princess felt that it was worth it!

“Well, be careful later!” You Yuecheng sat up and touched his painful hand. He had drunk too much just now. At this time, he struggled to hold on and did not lie down because he wanted to see the Sixth Princess first. Then he pressed the table and stood up, looking like he could not stand steadily.

“How are you feeling? Are you okay?” Seeing that he was a little unsteady, the Sixth Princess took a few steps forward, held his hand, and asked with concern. But she could not help smiling sweetly. She believed that he like her, so as long as she wanted, he would help her complete it, even if he had drunk so much wine to hurt his health.

“It’s okay. I’ll go to sleep first.” You Yuecheng opened his pretty eyes slightly. The feeling of getting drunk that he had suppressed came over him. He casually took off his outer robe and lay down.

The Sixth Princess blushed and watched him take off his clothes. His casual manner made it seem as if they had a closer relations.h.i.+p. When she saw him lying on the bed casually, drunk, and his cold and handsome face immediately became red, which was more vivid than usual, she was a little obsessed with him for a while.

She could not help stepping forward and squatted down beside the couch. Her slender white hands fell shyly on his angular face and the love in her eyes could not be hidden. After today, this man would be hers. Finally, he would be hers. How could she not be excited? With her status, if such a thing happened, the Emperor would not allow her to be wronged.

“You go out first.” You Yuecheng closed his eyes, turned around reluctantly to avoid her hand and said lightly.

“Okay, I’ll go out and prepare it right away.” There were a few tanks of water outside the room with a few beautiful goldfishes in them. As long as she pretended to have fun and wetted her clothes, she could get into the room to change clothes. You Yuecheng had planned it in order to cooperate with the Sixth Princess, which made her feel very thoughtful.

With a big smile on her face, the Sixth Princess stepped out of the room and asked the palace maid standing beside her, “Has d.u.c.h.ess Mingguo come over?”

“Your Highness, I went to take a look at the path just now. d.u.c.h.ess Mingguo and several other d.u.c.h.esses should have arrived at the Osmanthus Garden by this time. It’s just the right time,” the palace maid replied respectfully. She did go out to have a look when the Sixth Princess was inside, and found that there was nothing unusual.

The Sixth Princess reached out her hand but stopped when she touched the water surface. She thought for a moment and got up. “How is Consort Xuan?”

“I don’t dare to go over there. But I didn’t see the two maidservants who sent out to serve Consort Xuan. They should still be there at this time!” The palace maid was not sure. When she went to the path just now, she heard the voices of several madams from the door. She did not dare to see what Consort Xuan was doing. Anyway, she was just to be a witness to make the matter more reasonable.

The main show was not about Consort Xuan! She just dragged her into it. Intuitively, the Sixth Princess did not like that woman because You Yuecheng’s reaction was odd when she mentioned her…

“Go and find the two maidservants and tell them that it was Consort Xuan who led me there.” The Sixth Princess was in a good mood. There was a touch of shyness on her face, but a hint of scheming had appeared in her eyes. Originally, she didn’t intend to plot against Mo Xuetong. However, since it was so convenient, she might as well frame her. Anyway, it would not cause her to die, and it would not be a loss for her!

“Tell them it was Consort Xuan?” The palace maid was stunned and did not react for a moment.

“Just say that you once met Consort Xuan’s maidservant who claimed that the scenery here is more beautiful. That’s why we came here,” the Sixth Princess said leisurely with satisfaction. Even Mo Xuetong doubted it later, she would only suspect the maidservants of Mingguo Manor. Anyway, they were Ling Mingyan’s maidservants, so she would certainly be the one to take the blame. As for whether she could plot against Mo Xuetong and make Ling Mingyan hate her, or if there could be other troubles… The Sixth Princess did these things in pa.s.sing.

In a good mood, the Sixth Princess turned around and reached out to touch the fish in the water. Her long sleeves fell into the water and several parts of them were wet. Floating on the water, the sleeves were like blooming flowers, which were beautiful and enchanting…

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 537 – Mo Yarui’s Comprehension

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Chapter 537 Mo Yarui’s Comprehension

When Feng Yuxuan came to the Jinwei Pavilion with Mo Yarui, Feng Yuran was lying on an rattan chair, with his eyes closed, under the tree in front of the pavilion. Two little eunuchs were standing behind him, fanning him.

“Eighth brother, are you feeling alright?” That was what Feng Yuxuan saw when he entered. A smile appeared on his face and he looked around curiously. There were only a few young eunuchs who were standing by his side. He could not help but tease, “Why is there no one singing songs? You’ve changed since you married a wife.”

The last time he and Fifth Princess came here, there was a singing and dancing show. Staying here, one could see many beauties, and all of them were extraordinarily charming and attractive. Now there was only Feng Yuran. Compared to the previous scene, the change was really amazing.

“Hey, Elder Brother, you’d better stop talking about it. It’s a headache when I think about it. It’s hard for me to have a baby, but I finally lost it. Now I’m tired of seeing them. They’re all vicious. They look pretty, but they’re really evil. If this continues, I won’t have any children.”

Feng Yuran pointed to another rattan chair not far away and said lazily. He did not answer whether his body was good or not. There was evident anger in his nice eyes. It was evident that he loved the child in his concubine’s belly. After all, it was his first child. It was reasonable for him to beat concubines to death given his wild temper.

Feng Yuxuan had been watching Feng Yuran’s reaction all this while. When he saw Feng Yuran’s expression, a hidden smile crept on his lips.

A clever little eunuch had already moved a chair over and placed it in front of the pear blossom table. Then, he brought a jade cup and poured a cup of wine before he left respectfully. Two other little eunuchs came up and fanned his back. However, Mo Yarui could neither sit nor stand there. A chill rose in her heart when she heard Feng Yuran mention the child.

There used to be a child in her belly as well, but as a mother, she failed to protect it. At the moment, she felt as if she had been severely p.r.i.c.ked and she almost cried because of the pain. She hurriedly lowered her head to hide the tears in her eyes. Although she had recovered, the pain in her heart could not be cured no matter how hard she tried.

That child was a pain in her heart that she would never be able to face.

Just like right now, she did her best not to look at these things. She sniffed forcefully and turned her head to wipe away the tears at the corners of her eyes, paying attention to what was going on before her eyes.

She was just a second consort and was not Feng Yuxuan’s official wife. There was no place for her between the two. She thought about it and curtsied politely, saying, “Greetings, Your Highness, King Xuan.”

“Is this Elder Brother’s second consort? She is indeed a gentle and intelligent beauty. No wonder you talked about Second Consort Mo. She is indeed a rare beauty. Elder Brother, you’re really lucky. You have the most beautiful woman in the Great Qin, and her cute and charming younger sister, as well as the gentle and elegant Second Consort Mo. Elder Brother, you have a lot of good fortune in love affairs.”

Feng Yuran’s gaze swept Mo Yarui’s face. He suddenly winked at Feng Yuxuan, looking as if everyone knew what he was doing. He lifted his foot and hooked a stool. Then, he tossed it in front of Mo Yarui and said, “Second Consort Mo, don’t be so polite. Please take a seat.”

His behavior was rather romantic, especially his beautiful and charming eyes. He kept staring at Mo Yarui and did not feel that it was impolite. His words made Mo Yarui so ashamed that she could not raise her head. Indeed, King Xuan was the loosest prince. He even flirted with her as if he had no idea that it was inappropriate for him to do it to his elder brother’s woman in front of his brother.

Mo Yarui’s timid gaze landed on Feng Yuxuan, who was seated beside her. She hoped that he would help her out of the situation.

“Since Eighth brother asked you to take a seat, then take a seat,” Feng Yuxuan said casually as if he did not see the awkwardness on Mo Yarui’s face. He smiled at Feng Yuran and said, “Eighth brother seems to be in good spirits. Consort Xuan seems to be in good spirits as well. Since everything is over, then don’t think too much about it. Why don’t you go and visit Father together tomorrow? There have been too many things happening recently and Father has been busy. Eighth brother, don’t stay idle any longer.”

“Elder brother, look, you’re going to drag me out now that you’re here. It’s too much of a fuss. Tell Father that I’m not feeling well and that it’s too hot and I’m afraid of getting dizzy,” Feng Yuran said in a lazy and casual tone. The last few words seemed to come from his nose, which sounded lazy and leisurely. With the way he was leaning against the rattan chair, one could tell that he was not too willing to do things for the Emperor.

“You’ve grown up, why are you afraid of hot weather? Well, Father already knew that you were okay and didn’t slack off. Tomorrow is the traditional Valentine’s Day and there is a banquet in the palace. If you don’t come, Father will be very angry. Don’t annoy him and be arrested directly. Otherwise, I can’t help you.”

Looking at his lazy expression, Feng Yuxuan shook his head helplessly and said with a smile.

On July 7th of the lunar calendar, the Empress would preside over the banquet every year at this time of the year. Since Mo Xuetong had already recovered, he could not say no to the Empress. Feng Yuran thought about it for a while and nodded. But a look of displeasure appeared on his face. His watery eyes lifted up and he asked with a hint of evilness, “Does Third Brother not know about this?”

“Father did not specify if Third Brother should be told. Furthermore, his hand is injured and Consort Yan’s leg is broken. The injury would take 300 days to recover. The two of them have ended up like this, but there is nothing we can do about it.” Feng Yuxuan smiled lightly. His eyes landed on a snow-white thumb ring on Feng Yuran’s finger and he asked with a smile, “Eighth brother’s ring is really different from the average ones. I can’t tell what it is, but it seems to be made of jade.”

“No, it’s not made of jade. It’s just a gift from someone from the Southern Barbarian Lands! It’s indeed interesting after I took a look at it. Even though it’s not anything precious, I think it was special. If you like it, I’ll give it to you,” Feng Yuran said casually and reached out to remove the ring on his finger.

“Eighth brother, you don’t have to. I just feel that it is a little special. I don’t really like it.” Feng Yuxuan reached out to stop Feng Yuran. He shook his head and said with a smile, “You should also pay attention to the Southern Barbarian Lands. Don’t act like you care about nothing. Be careful. Father may punish you for the Southern Barbarian Lands tomorrow.”

This was indeed what Emperor Zongwen had Feng Yuran do. Feng Yuran felt a headache and shook his head when he thought of it. He reached out and touched his forehead. His eyes narrowed and his lashes lowered. He seemed rather arrogant as he said lightly, “When it comes to this matter, I am really tired of it. The Southern Barbarian Lands is terrible. They can’t even protect the Crown Prince and even caused so many fights. They dragged us into this as well. We might as well get Father to destroy the Southern Barbarian Lands and stop many things from happening.”

Feng Yuxuan didn’t drink and asked the eunuch beside him to change the tea. Then he took a sip of tea and scolded with a smile, “You’re talking nonsense again. Be careful. Father will be angry when he sees you like this.”

The two sat there and chatted for a while, leaving Mo Yarui by the side as if she were not there. She looked at the stool that Feng Yuran had thrown to her and moved behind Feng Yuxuan silently. No matter what, she was a second consort of the royal family. How could she sit on a stool like a servant?

Furthermore, it was a stool that King Xuan had thrown at her.

Finally, she stood behind Feng Yuxuan and wiped away the sweat on her forehead. She lowered her head and did not dare to move. The brothers were talking loudly, but she felt bored. She was standing right behind Feng Yuxuan. There was still some shadow where she stood just now, but now the sun had moved slightly and half of her body was exposed to the sun.

As the hot sun shone down upon her, it only took a while for her to feel as if her head was light and feet were heavy and her forehead was drenched in sweat. After miscarry, and the delay of treatment, she almost died. Even though she had rested for a while, her foundation had been damaged after all. It was a little hard for her to stand up straight.

She felt dizzy. She tried her best to stand still and looked at Feng Yuxuan’s back. The man seemed to have no idea of the predicament she was in at all. He was still chatting and laughing with Feng Yuran, without noticing her. She would not be able to hold on any longer. Beads of sweat fell from her pale face and her face grew paler and paler.

“Elder Brother, does your second consort really not need to sit?” Feng Yuran, who was seated opposite her, suddenly raised his brows and blinked at Feng Yuxuan, teasing him.

Feng Yuxuan turned around to look at Mo Yarui, and asked gently, “Are you tired? Do you want to sit for a while?”

His gaze landed on the stool that Feng Yuran had just thrown to her. This made Mo Yarui’s pale face look shy and annoyed. She bit her lips and forced down the discomfort in her heart. She said softly, “Many thanks, Your Highness. I’m fine.”

Hearing her refuse, Feng Yuxuan turned around and said, “Don’t push yourself. You’d better sit down if you’re not feeling well.” Then he turned around and continued to focus on Feng Yuran.

Behind him, Mo Yarui’s body swayed and she felt a pain in her heart. She almost couldn’t stand still.

No matter how tired she was, she couldn’t sit on the stool that was brought over by her brother-in-law. It was inappropriate and against the rules. How could Feng Yuxuan who always followed the rules not know her difficulties?

“Second Consort Mo, are you feeling unwell? Do you want to come in with me and rest for a while?” Mo Xuetong walked in with a few maidservants with a smile. She looked at Mo Xuetong with gentle eyes. When she saw that Mo Yarui could not stand still any longer, she hurriedly got a maidservant to come over and help her.

Mo Yarui truly could not hold on any longer. She could only see Mo Xuetong’s beautiful eyes. They were so pure as if there was not a shred of impurity in them. Her jade-like face was beautiful and charming. Her lashes were long and dark and her skin was soft and tender. Mo Yarui turned her head forcefully and saw Feng Yuxuan turning around to look at the beautiful face, with an imperceptible hint of gentleness in the bottom of his eyes.

It was unlike his usual gentleness which was indifferent. It was a gentleness that came from the heart. There was a hint of pain in her heart. She could not help but feel sad. It was not that he did not have that gentleness. It was just that he had not met the person who he could place in his heart.

Even the arrogant Consort Ling did not expect King Chu to have someone in his heart. Furthermore, that person was…

No wonder he had brought Mo Yarui to King Xuan’s Manor today. It was because it was easier for him to get close to that person. Women fought with each other in the back yard of King Chu’s Manor. She had even lost her unborn child. It was only now that she realized that everyone was fighting for something empty. She wondered if Ling Rui’er would still be so pleased when she found out about it.

“Second Consort, Second Consort Mo…” The pain after the comprehension was accompanied by the blurry scenes before her eyes. Mo Yarui did not have time to think and fell into darkness. A teardrop slowly rolled down from the corner of her eyes and fell into the dust…

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 456 – On the Trip to the Temple Hit a Pedestrian

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Chapter 456 On the Trip to the Temple Hit a Pedestrian

Based on the convention in the harem, the childless consorts would go to the Ganye Palace after the Emperor’s death to live a life of spiritual practice and submit to the Buddhist discipline. Life for them was totally different from the flamboyant life before, but equivalent to a nun’s. If the consort had a son, she could live with her son in the King’s manor; if she had a daughter, she could still stay in the palace and be ent.i.tled as a “Consort Dowager”.

And what the Empress meant was that Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen was allowed to come out of the palace and live with her daughter. Such preferential treatment had never been granted before. So the Empress believed that it appealed to Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen most. Because the Sixth Princess was Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s only daughter. If she could live with her daughter to spend the rest of her life, it would be more appealing to Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen that she had to live alone in the palace.

Although Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen was lukewarm about the fights among consorts in the harem, the Emperor liked her character so that he would come to her palace now and then. At present, the Empress had to guard against the Empress Dowager while trying to deal with Imperial n.o.ble Consort Su. So the Empress hoped to have more people on her side, and that’s why she would make that promise.

Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen appreciated the Empress’ intention immediately and replied with a smile, “Thank you so much. Your Majesty. I will listen to you from now on.”

The Empress felt contented inwardly, and the expression on Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s face fit in exactly with the Empress’ guess. Then, the Empress’ serious look softened, and she said, “Yansha, go to take the flower cloud silk goods that Duke Ding gave me. The Fifth Princess’ marriage has been settled, and the next should be the Sixth Princess’. How can the royal daughter not dress well?”

“Yes, I am going to take them.” Yansha came out behind the Empress, bowed respectfully and answered. Then, she took the palace maidservants to fetch a few gorgeous silk goods soon.

“Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen, I have nothing good to give the Sixth Princess. Since the Fifth Princess got married, I will definitely treat the Sixth Princess as well as my own daughter.” The Empress looked at Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen and said smilingly.

The Empress was a mother of the nation, setting as a motherly model for all the people. Therefore, no matter the marriage for any prince or princess, she was able to have a say, even arrange the marriage directly. As long as she was still the Empress of the Qin Kingdom, the Emperor could not reject her. So she was the best to speak on the marriage for princes and princesses.

Of course, due to various reasons, the Empress could not interfere too much in the previous three princes’ marriage. But as for princess’ marriage, the Emperor did not care about it so much. Therefore, whether a princess could have a good marriage was mainly dependent on the Empress’ arrangement or simply a word. Even if the Emperor’s daughters did not have to worry about the marriage, it was not easy to marry a satisfying husband.

Seemingly, the Empress’ words sounded the concern about the Sixth Princess, but in fact, she was trying to warn Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen that if she dared to betray her, her daughter could not have a good marriage.

“Thank you so much. Your Majesty. I send my grat.i.tude to Your Majesty here first, and when I come back, I will ask the Sixth Princess to express her thanks in person.” Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen seemed to be totally unaware of the threat in the Empress’ words, and just said gently and happily. She stood up and gave a deep salute to the Empress without any ill feelings.

With Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s expression and att.i.tude, the Empress became more satisfied. The two chatted for a while, and then Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen left with the silk goods.

Mo Xuetong only took three carriages, all of which were the very ordinary official style. Mo Xuetong took Mo Ye and Mo Lan to sit in the first car; the second car took a few nannies and maidservants, and the last one took some incenses and other goods to wors.h.i.+p the buddha. It was of little use, so the third carriage was closed and waited there.

Mo Ye and Mo Lan helped Mo Xuetong get on the carriage. Then, the coachman cracked the whip skillfully into a flowery shape and shouted, and the carriage began to move slowly.

Although the carriage looked inconspicuous from outside, it was much more comfortable to sit in than a normal carriage. A bamboo mat was laid inside, with a soft couch under it. There was some food in the dark grids beside. The curtain was hooked, with a light-colored gauze hanging. It was not only cool and well ventilated, but also convenient to enjoy the scenery outside.

The way to hang two layers of curtains only prevailed among the influential families.

Mo Lan got on the carriage and put on the curtain well, and lowered her head to speak to Mo Xuetong in a soft voice, “My Lady, Mo Feng has taken people to the Puguang Temple to deal with the things. Could you have Feng Yue to arrange more people for you?” Usually, Mo Feng guarded Mo Xuetong secretly. But this time, he was sent out, so Mo Lan felt kind of uneasy.

Those people appointed by Feng Yue followed Mo Feng to the Puguang Temple first, because they needed to monitor Mo Xueqiong’s movement, while starting to arrange the next matters.

Mo Xuetong put on a slight smile on the corner of her lips, and nodded with satisfaction. “Don’t bother so much. The way to the Puguang Temple were all main roads. How could anything terrible happen in this way? Besides, even though it happens, I have Mo Ye to protect me.”

Hearing Mo Xuetong mentioning her, Mo Ye put down the curtain on the other side and answered with certainty, “Yes, I will try my best to protect My Lady.”

She and Mo Feng had scouted the road last night. It was not likely to have anything terrible happen. In the early morning today, the two checked the carriages again. The coachman looked ordinary, but in fact, was a martial arts master.

Seeing Mo Ye reply so firmly, Mo Lan felt less worried. The two had been serving Mo Xuetong for a long time, so Mo Lan knew clearly Mo Ye was cautious and reliable.

The carriage slowly moved forward. Mo Xuetong leaned against the couch with her eyes closed to refresh her spirit. It was not so hot to start off in the morning. So the moment Feng Yuran left, Mo Xuetong got up. It was much earlier than her usual time, so she felt a bit drowsy. Mo Ye and Mo Lan were both so well-behaved that they did not speak again when knowing Mo Xuetong was sleepy.

The carriage was running smoothly and everything was quiet. Suddenly, the carriage brought to a halt, and the people in the carriage rushed forward involuntarily.

With sharp eyes and agile hands, Mo Ye held Mo Xuetong instantly so as to avoid Mo Xuetong hit the teapot on the table in front.

Mo Lan grabbed the brocade that she sat on to keep herself steady.

Mo Lan raised the curtain and asked with a frown, “What’s the matter?”

Shocked by the sudden halt, Mo Xuetong woke up immediately. She touched her aching head, and her long eyelashes flickered, while she listened quietly to the sound outside.

“Master, someone rushed out suddenly and hit our carriage.” The coachman reported calmly outside. In order to do things easily, all the people would call Mo Xuetong as the master outside.

The carriage hit someone? Mo Xuetong frowned and sat up, about to get off to see how the person was.

Mo Ye reached out to stop Mo Xuetong and said, “My Lady, let me get off to have a look.”

Knowing that Mo Ye was worried about her, Mo Xuetong nodded.

Mo Ye lifted the door curtain, jumped from the carriage, and turned to the horse’s head. Sure enough, she saw a person lying on the ground without any trace of blood, but did not move. It was hard to tell whether he was alive or dead. Mo Ye came closer, put her fingers on the man’s neck and could faintly feel the pulse on the neck. Although the pulse was not strong, it was quite stable.

She reached out to turn the person over, and a man with a handsome and elegant face appeared in front of her. But the face was rather pale and bloodless. If Mo Ye had not felt his pulse, she would have doubted that the person was dead. Mo Ye looked at him carefully.

She went back to the front of the carriage and reported to Mo Xuetong, “Master, it is a young man around 20 years old. There are no injuries on him, but he is lying on the ground, unconscious.”

Mo Xuetong contemplated for a while, held Mo Lan’s hand to stand up, and got off. She walked to the side of the lying person, squatted down, and put her hand on the person’s wrist. She closed her eyes slightly and felt his pulse. Although Mo Xuetong’s medical skills were not brilliant, she was still able to take the pulse.

Mo Lan squatted down and asked warily, “Master, how is he?” Today, they started off early, and saw seldom people on the way, so how could this person appear here?

“He is not well and looks ill. At this time, it is hot. And being frightened, he goes faint.” Mo Xuetong stood up, looked up at the sky, and took the handkerchief from Mo Ye to wipe her hands. Mo Xuetong looked carefully at the man again and said to Mo Lan, “Go to the carriage and get him a bowl of mung bean soup.”

Mo Lan went back to the carriage and took a bowl of iced mung bean soup. Afraid that Mo Xuetong would feel too hot on the way, the manor’s kitchen had prepared the mung bean soup for her, and iced the soup well. So at this time, the ice had not been melted and the soup was still cool.

The coachman came over, half-raised the man, and sent the iced mung bean soup to the man’s mouth. In such weather, when the cool soup was given to the man’s pale lips, the corner of the man’s mouth moved slightly, and his mouth opened. Then, the coachman put the soup slowly into the man’s mouth.

The young man took a few sips, and suddenly coughed violently. He covered his chest with his hand. It was a pale hand that the blue veins were visible under the skin. He gasped for breath difficultly. Mo Lan took the mung bean soup from the coachman hurriedly and put it aside.

“Sir, are you okay?” The young man opened his eyes slowly. Everything blurred in front of his eyes, making him unable to see how many people were standing in front of him. He had to close his eyes, only feeling the soft and sweet voice slip past his ears to inexplicably make him at ease in this hot summer.

He involuntarily opened his eyes again, and his eyes were fixed on a girl around 13 or 14 years old standing in the middle of the people in front. She was wearing a white silk dress with some light green flowers embroidered on the skirt. The dress fitted in her exactly and hung to her feet. He looked up and saw a charming beautiful face. Her long eyelashes were neat and beautiful like a brush, and her lips were tender and rosy. With her appearance, she looked like an otherworldly fairy.

The man covered his chest and asked with difficulty, “Miss, may I ask who you are…”

Mo Xuetong smiled gently and didn’t answer his question. Instead, she continued the previous words and asked softly, “Sir, are you feeling well now?”

The man coughed again, and gave a smile on his pale face. He nodded and struggled to sit up slowly from the coachman’s holding.

Mo Xuetong stared at his hand where blue veins stood out because he used up all his strength. The hand was as pale as his face without a trace of blood, the same as those that had not been exposed to the sunlight all year round. The hand was rather thin and unhealthily feeble.

The young man nodded, clenched his teeth and answered with all his strength, “I… I’m better now.”

But everyone could see that he was unable to make a move at all!

Mo Xuetong grinned, with a smiling expression in her clear eyes, and asked softly, “Sir, where are you going?” Looking at him unable to move a single step, Mo Xuetong thought that if she left him here, he would die next minute.

“Just go to the Puguang Temple in front. It was my fault that I startled the lady’s carriage. I send my apology to you here.” The young man answered politely. He breathed out hard, looked up at Mo Xuetong and smiled weakly.

Ahead was surely the Puguang Temple, but it would take at least an hour to get there. But judging from his look, he was even unable to take a few steps, let alone spend an hour reaching there.