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Chapter 724: Jiang Wendong’s Mouth Is Full

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Huang Yueyan and Shen Xiaoxiao were both women who had a somewhat

flamboyant personality. It was because of this that both of them preferred

bright colors regardless of what they wore.

However, ever since Shen Xiaoxiao’s body had problems, her att.i.tude toward

life and her view of things had become much gentler and calmer.

Tonight, she was no longer wearing a dazzling red dress. Instead, she was

wearing a light blue modified qipao with a white border. Especially when

paired with her grey-white hair, it really made the qipao look a little more


Because of the Obsidian Star on her hand, Shen Xiaoxiao’s qipao dress looked

even n.o.bler.

There was also a whole set of white jade jewelry. If it wasn’t for Shen Xiaoxiao’s

short hair, the hairpin would have looked even more stylish.

The modified knee-length qipao paired with silver high heels matched

perfectly with Yan Kuan’s side.

If the previous banquet at the Multi-Treasure Group had allowed everyone to

see Shen Xiaoxiao’s righteousness, then now, seeing this couple who had

previously been in a heated argument appear in front of everyone once again.

This was really quite intriguing.

Back then, he had said that he wanted a divorce, and after that, he had

continued to have scandals with little celebrity. It seemed that Yan Kuan was

also different from his sickly appearance from before

His temperament had completely changed. Although Yan Kuan from before

was also handsome and unrestrained, he was more like a sickly and weak

young master

At this moment, Yan Kuan was more like a king who was strategizing, waving

his hand to point out the world. His aura was completely different from before.

No one was willing to think of the two of them together.

The women who had previously received some small favors from Shen

Xiaoxiao would secretly discuss it. It seemed that the original couple was

better. Perhaps Yan Kuan had connected with them and they knew the

importance of his wife.

Of course, there were also some women who felt that a dog could not change

its ****. There was no cat in this world that would not cheat. The most

important thing was that the big star had already arrived, and he had come


This information was really intriguing. There would probably be a good show

to watch tonight.

However, some people believed that the people from the previous videos would

feel that if this woman was fooling around outside, this man would naturally

not be outdone. In the upper-cla.s.s society, how many couples were willing to

part ways on the surface, but in fact, there was nothing special about it.

of course, at the crucial moment, it was enough to keep the gun pointed at the

public. How could a rich family casually divorce? Especially someone who

wanted Yan Kuan who would transfer all his a.s.sets to his wife’s name?

However, everyone was taught a lesson because of this incident. Even if yo

loved a woman, you shouldn’t act like a man unless you could really keep her to


Liu Yufei and Pei Li were also present tonight. Since Jiang Haoting had a plan,

he naturally needed some clowns to appear, especially when he knew about the

entanglement between Pei Li, Liu Yufei, and Shen Xiaoxiao.

However, the two of them did not dare to openly look for excitement in front of

Shen Xiaoxiao. In addition, there were many people attending the banquet, so

no one knew that they were hiding in a corner.

However, the way Liu Yufei looked at Shen Xiaoxiao was as if she had been

poisoned. Whenever she thought of her son who was sleeping on the bed, her

heart would feel like it was being stabbed. She had to take revenge.

When Nan Ya saw Shen Xiaoxiao and Yan Kuan appear at the same time, her

expression could no longer be described as ugly.

From last night onwards, Yan Kuan could no longer be found. Fortunately, she

had an invitation card before. Otherwise, she would not have known how to

come in today.

Also, she had found someone to rent jewelry. She had used up all her

belongings at the banquet earlier to survive.

Now, in order to have everything with Yan Kuan, she did not show her face in

public to work. Furthermore, after she terminated the contract with the

company, Yan Kuan had originally said that he would set up a studio for her.

However, this matter had always been too difficult to handle because he and

Shen Xiaoxiao had caused too much trouble, so it had been delayed. Therefore,

Nanya could only hug Yan Kuan tightly, or else she would really have nothing.

At this moment, seeing the couple kissing and making out, and Yan Kuan

looking a little different, more charming, and more tempting. She felt even

more uncomfortable.

The hand holding the wine gla.s.s was slightly forceful. The s*xy short strapless

dress that she had bought yesterday morning was Yan Kuan’s favorite outfit.

The red was enchanting, and the red was orthodox.

Didn’t they always say that only the mistress of the main house could wear red?

Whether it was just a theory or not, Nan Ya’s appearance today was also a

provocation, a declaration that she had won, and was about to win Yan Kuan.

Jiang Wendong was already very excited when he saw Yan Kuan and Shen

Xiaoxiao appear. He had also seen those gossip magazines before. How could a

shallow man who liked small celebrities be compatible with his sister?

Moreover, it was rare that his smiling tiger uncle had specially told him before

he went out today that Shen Xiaoxiao was a perfect match for his father. He did

not object to his father being together with Sister. If that was really the case,

that would be great.

However, this man was dressed in a dignified manner today. This legendary

Black Emperor was indeed a notch above the old man in terms of imposing

manner. However, his gossip outside definitely could not compare to the old

man. This was also one of the reasons why the old man was certain to win.

Fortunately, the old man had kept himself clean all these years. Otherwise, this

matter would really be hard to say.

How could a woman like Sister tolerate her man spending time outside?

Spending time with other women?

Therefore, so what if the two of them came together today? Sister would be

part of their family sooner or later.

“Sister, you’re here. My father and I have been waiting for a long time.”

Jiang Haoran was entertaining the guests on the other side. After all, there

were too many people coming today, from all over the world. It was much

more than the opportunity that the Multi-Treasure Group had last time.

After all, this was the future crownm prince of the Jiang family. He was also one

of the two most favored male grandsons of the second generation of the Jiang


Jiang Haoting had a son of his own. He was only 12 years old, the same ageas

Jiang Wenwen. Then there was Jiang Haoming, who had a son who was 18

years old this year. However, he had the same character as his father, and he

would eat, drink, whine, and gamble

The third son, who had pa.s.sed away, had a son who was in the army. This was

also one of the trump cards in Jiang Haoting’s hands. This was not to be

mentioned in the future.

“Congratulations, Wendong. Happy birthday. This is a gift. I hope you will like


Shen Xiaoxiao was holding a small box in her hand. Jiang Wendong could not

wait to open it. When he looked at it, his small eyes lit up. However, he quickly

closed it with a bang, as if he was afraid that others would see it.

It turned out that Shen Xiaoxiao had not given him anything else. Instead, she

had given him a gold pistol with gems inlaid on it. The benefits were

magnificent. Previously, it was a weapon that boys liked the most. It had been

given to Jiang Wendong, who had such shallow thoughts.

Thank you, Sister. I like it very much. Eh, who is this?”

“He’s my husband, Yan Kuan.”

Shen Xiaoxiao naturally wanted to introduce him to Jiang Wendong, but Jiang

Wendong did not buy it. He immediately put on a look of understanding and

said to Yan Kuan, “I was wondering why he looked so familiar. So Ive seen him

in a magazine before. He’s that invisible rich man who’s hot with a little

celebrity. Aiya, look at my mouth. I’m sorry, Sister. I brought up your sad


Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me Chapter 725 – Sowing Discord. Disloyalty Once, Disloyalty a

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Chapter 725: Sowing Discord. Disloyalty Once, Disloyalty a

Hundred Times

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

It had to be said that Jiang Wendong’s words made Yan Kuan’s face almost drip

with ink, but it also made Yan Kuan realize one thing

Some things that he thought were not important and overlooked would

probably appear in a very disgraceful way tonight, and might even affect

Xiaoxiao’s view of him.

Although those things were not done by him, someone had done it with his

face and ident.i.ty.

But why had Dark 1 never reported it?

Yan Kuan immediately turned his head and looked over.

Good heavens, 19 and Dark1 were actually gone at the same time. These two

people ran really fast.

There was also Jíang Wendong. This kid was as annoying as his father.

At this moment, Huang Yueyan walked over. What was even more coincidental

was that Huang Yueyan was just in time to watch a good show.

When she heard Jiang Wendong’s words, she almost laughed out loud.

However, Ai Wei looked at her dotingly. He knew that this girl was definitely

here to watch a good show.

He was very clear about the matters in the entertainment industry, especially

when it involved Shen Xiaoxiao. If they had not intervened, this report would

have been even worse.

“Yeah, this report is really exciting. Some minor celebrity is taking over

someone’s wife, and some invisible rich people are lucky to have women. Aiya,

I really can’t tell.”

Yan Kuan finally understood. That disappearing Dark 1, escaping 19, and

Huang Yueyan watching a good show at this moment… These people were all

doing it on purpose.

What about Xiaoxiao? Did Xiaoxiao know too? Would she be angry?

Yan Kuan turned to look at Shen Xiaoxiao. She looked like she wanted to laugh,

but she didn’t laugh either. This made Yan Kuan feel at ease. After all, Xiaoxiao

didn’t look like she was angry.

It was obvious that she was watching a good show.

As long as she wasn’t angry, it was fine. He was afraid that she would get


However, what was Jiang Wendong doing slapping him in the face so brazenly?

Set up a connection for his father?

This Jiang Haoran wasn’t a good person, and the son he gave birth to wasn’t a

good person either.

What was more hateful was that at this moment, Nan Ya actually walked over.

Of course, Yan Kuan didn’t know Nan Ya, but in the eyes of outsiders, they

didn’t think so.

Therefore, as soon as Nan Ya walked past, she still had that sweet smile on her

face as she shouted at Yan Kuan, “Brother Kuan, you’re here? Sister.”

This voice, which made people’s skin crawl, made even Jíang Wendong feel a

chill down his spine.

He had a straightforward temper. Although he wanted to watch Yan Kuan’s

good show, it didn’t mean that he could let people bully Shen Xiaoxiao at will.

“Who are you? Who are you calling Sister?”

Nan Ya didn’t expect that the crown prince of the Jiang family would be so

disrespectful. However, it seemed that he was also familiar with Shen


Why was Shen XíaOxiao so lucky? She actually kmew so many people. Hmph, it

was all because of her relations.h.i.+p with Yan Kuan. As long as she took the

position of Madam Yan, she could get to know these people whenever she

wanted in the future. She did not have to look at them anymore

Nan Ya thought so. Naturally, she did the same. As usual, she walked very

intimately to Yan Kuan’s side. Of course… She did not shamelessly pull on Yan

Kuan’s other hand when she saw Shen Xiaoxiao and Yan Kuan holding hands.

Although everyone knew, she still had to show her face.

When she was so intimate in the past, Yan Kuan had already reached out to

hold her waist. However, this time, Yan Kuan hurriedly took a step back as if he

saw something dirty. He brought Shen Xiaoxiao and kept a distance from Nan


This action made those who were watching the show feel a little surprised.

It looked like the prodigal son had really returned’

Was Yan Kuan going to return to the family?

That’s right, nothing was better than a married couple. How many of the

so-called true love of this half-way couple was true love?

Nan Ya’s face turned red from Yan Kuan’s actions. Why was Yan Kuan acting

like this after not seeing her for one night?

Could it be that Shen Xiaoxiao was threatening him? Was he avoiding


Was that so?

“Brother Kuan wants to talk to everyone about something, right? Tll go over

first. Happy birthday, Mr. Jiang”

Nan Ya took a step back in order to advance. She waited for Yan Kuan to take

the initiative to look for her.

Her actions made Huang Yueyan look at her in a new light.

She said directly, “If this woman becomes a star, it would be a pity if she doesn’t become famous. she is not singer material. She is simply actress


“However, Yan Kuan is lucky enough to have such a womam in his pocket.”

Yan Kuan glanced at Huang Yueyan and said indifferently, “Recently, that piece

of land in the New World has been in a hurry to sell. It seems that this.”

“Aiya, XiaOxiao, sometimes you can’t spoil a man. You don’t need someone that

was unfaithful once. Don’t forget that.”

“Now that he’s so hot with a little celebrity and it’s even in the newspapers and

magazines, what about in the future? How bad would it sound in the future?”

“If there were any illegitimate children, it would make people even more


How could Huang Yueyan not see that Yan Kuan was trying to bribe her?

However, compared to watching Yan Kuan’s good show, it was obviously more

important to watch the good show.

Yan Kuan saw that Huang Yueyan was already filled with killing intent. It was

Shen Xiaoxiao who knew that it was too late to go overboard. She said to Huang

Yueyan, “Yueyan.”

Huang Yueyan pursed her lips. It was just a joke. This Xiaoxiao was already

starting to feel sorry for him. She was really useless.

You’re only so useless. Your heart aches for him?”

Even though that was the case, Huang Yueyan did not continue speaking.

Instead, Jiang Wendong continued Huang Yueyan’s words:

“Yes, I think Sister Yueyan is right. Sister, it’s better to be mature and steady

when looking for a man. You also have to take care of the family. Oh right,

Sister, why aren’t my younger siblings here? Didn’t you say that you would

bring them here?

“Oh, I know. Sister, are you also worried that my younger siblings will be

laughed at by others, so you didn’t bring them here?”

“See, I told you this wasn’t good at all. Big Brother Yan, I’m a straightforward

person. Don’t be angry with me. I’m the birthday boy today”

Jiang Wendong’s shameless manner as he clinmbed up the slope made Huang

Yueyan want to die. He mocked others and made them unable to lay their

hands on him. The last sentence about the birthday boy was a stroke of genius.

The birthday boy was more important than the heavens, wasn’t it?

She stopped. However, with this teammate who was even stronger than her, it

really vented her anger.

It seemed that Yan Kuan had indeed caused public anger. Did he think that it

was over? It was not that easy.

Yan Kuan was indeed as Huang Yueyan had expected. He was about to reach

the breaking point.

If he had not seen Jiang Haoran walking over, he would have really helped Jiang Haoran manage his son.

“What are you talking about? Why is it so lively?”

Yan Kuan looked at Jiang Haoran and said snappily, “Young Master Jiang’s

upbringing is indeed not bad. His mouth is even more eloquent. It would be a

pity if he doesn’t perform crosstalk. He alone can play two roles.”

Was this considered Yan Kuan’s sarcasm?

Anyone who had interacted with Yan Kuan and knew him well knew that to be

able to say such sarcastic words from Yan Kuan without directly taking action,

it seemed that he had really changed a lot. At the very least, he had endured

enough of his temper.

Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me Chapter 722 – Daddy Doesn’t Have Money

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Chapter 722: Daddy Doesn’t Have Money

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

The boss of the cake shop looked at this handsome and stylish man who actually didn’t have money. He felt like he was struck by lightning. It shouldn’t be. This man was obviously a favored son of heaven. He actually didn’t even have the money to buy the cake? How pitiful.

The two children looked at each other. What should they do? They had already taken a bite of the cake. They couldn’t return it. Usually, their mother wouldn’t allow them to eat too much. Their father said that he secretly brought them out to eat, but it turned out that their father didn’t have money.

If they had known earlier, they would have taken the New Year’s money. But their father was so pitiful. He didn’t even have any money to spend.

Da Bao was the most direct. She asked Yan Kuan directly, “Daddy, why didn’t you let Mommy give you pocket money to spend? Mommy gave it to me and Little Treasure. We were very obedient and didn’t use it recklessly. It was all in the piggy bank. Daddy, did you use money recklessly? That’s why Mommy didn’t give you any to spend?”

“Da Bao, Uncle said that men earn money, and women manage the money. If men want money, they’ll find a woman to take it. So Daddy can ask Mommy for it when he goes back.”

Although his daughter’s words made Yan Kuan feel a little awkward, his son’s words made his face look a little better. Although the meaning was similar, that sentence about a man earning money and a woman managing the money was very good.

As for why his account was completely frozen, he already knew that it was most likely Xiaoxiao’s order. Although he did not know why Xiaoxiao gave such an order, everything that his wife did was right. Even if it was wrong, it was also right.

“Daddy, call Mommy to come and give us the money. Otherwise, we’ll have to stay and help wash the dishes.”

Yan Kuan thought for a while and took out his phone. It would be good if Xiaoxiao came. The family of four could get together.

However, Yan Kuan did not expect his wife to not only come, but also bring a super-talkative and cheap third wheel. On the other end, just as Shen Xiaoxiao hung up the phone, Huang Yueyan could not help but laugh out loud. She said breathlessly, “The great Black Emperor actually doesn’t have the money to bring two children to eat cake. He even wants you to pick him up. He’s really becoming more and more useful.” Shen Xiaoxiao also smiled. However, she did not think that Yan Kuan really did not have money. It was just that her phone call had frozen all of Yan Kuan’s accounts, so he happened to run into that problem. However, he actually brought two children to eat sweets behind her back… He was really bold.

“Alright, it just so happens to be at the mall. Let’s go over. Didn’t you say that you’re hungry too? You can also bring some for your Ai Wei.”

“Yeah, it just so happens that we can send it over to our Ai Wei. At the same time, we can check on him. Don’t worry, there will definitely be 19’s share for your family. I think that if 19’s attributes are normal, it really suits you too much. Really.”

Shen Xiaoxiao smiled. 19 was like a big brother to her. She was closer to him than her family. This could not be changed.

“Mommy, G.o.dmother, come over quickly. Daddy didn’t bring any money. We can’t leave.”

As soon as the two appeared, Da Bao looked at them with sharp eyes and spoke anxiously. Everyone in the cake shop heard it clearly. Yan Kuan’s expression became even worse. Shouldn’t this daughter’s simple character be changed? “Da Bao, lower your voice. It’s very embarra.s.sing for everyone to hear it.”

Little Treasure berated Da Bao. Yan Kuan felt that his son was indeed better, but then he heard Little Treasure say, “Daddy doesn’t have any pocket money, it’s not that he doesn’t have any money.”

Alright, the problem had already risen to the point where he didn’t have any money from the beginning to the end. Thinking about it, it was better for his daughter to be more considerate. At least, she didn’t stab him. Huang Yueyan was already smiling brightly again. She didn’t care about Yan Kuan’s face that was already dripping with embarra.s.sment. She directly sat beside Little Treasure and didn’t mind taking the leftover cake from Little Treasure’s plate and eating two mouthfuls.

“G.o.dmother, this is mine.”

“G.o.dmother is hungry. Let me replenish it first. Doesn’t your father have no money? We have to save a little. You won’t be able to finish it anyway.”

Yan Kuan glared at Huang Yueyan, but that woman only cared about eating. She did not care about the cold air that Yan Kuan released. Yan Kuan was so angry that his liver began to ache again. How could Ai Wei stand this woman? His Xiaoxiao was still the cutest.

“Xiaoxiao, are you tired? Why have you been shopping for so long? The children and I have been waiting for the whole afternoon.”

Shen Xiaoxiao placed her bag on the side and sat beside Yan Kuan. She did the same thing as Huang Yueyan. She first took Da Bao’s cake and ate it. She could not be hungry anymore. In two or three bites, Da Bao’s cake was completely divided up. Then, she heaved a sigh of relief and said to Yan Kuan, “I haven’t shopped enough yet. Why didn’t you bring any money with you when you went out?”

“I forgot. So, remember to leave some pocket money for me in the future.”

Shen Xiaoxiao smiled. This man really made her not know whether to laugh or cry. However, when she remembered that his account had just been frozen by her, the man didn’t even ask. She said, “That fake is still using the money in your account. I was so angry that I froze it.”

Initially, Shen Xiaoxiao wanted to say that that guy was using your money to support another woman. However, just as was about to say that, Huang Yueyan kicked her from below, so her words changed.

These people were really prepared to watch a good show tomorrow. It was really true.

Yan Kuan nodded and said, “It doesn’t matter. Anyway, you’re supporting me. Do you still want to eat something? This isn’t enough, right? I’ll go get it for you.”

“You still have the nerve to say that. You actually brought your children out to eat cake behind my back.”

“Mommy, it’s none of Daddy’s business. It’s what Da Bao and I want to eat.”

At the critical moment, the good son appeared again, but this was not the end. The good son added, as expected, “But I didn’t expect Daddy to have no money.” Yan Kuan did not know how to describe his feelings anymore. Did he have to keep saying it? And in front of that big light bulb?

Shen Xiaoxiao smiled and touched the top of Little Treasure’s head. She said very gently, “Then do Little Treasure and Da Bao like to eat cake?”

“Yes, we want to bring it back for Mommy. We’re afraid Mommy will be hungry.”

This daughter really knew how to talk. Even Huang Yueyan rubbed Da Bao’s head and said, “Why is our little princess’ mouth so sweet? It’s so sweet. It’s even sweeter than this cake.”

“And it’s for G.o.dfather, G.o.dmother, and Uncle.”

Huang Yueyan and Shen Xiaoxiao smiled. This child’s mouth was really sweet.

“Oh right, we just met Han Jia. As expected, she cooperated with Jiang Haoting. Jiang Haoting even generously asked his personal guards to protect her.”

Yan Kuan understood after hearing Shen Xiaoxiao’s words. He ordered some snacks and pushed them in front of Shen Xiaoxiao to watch her eat while saying, “Well, it seems that she can’t wait any longer. She’s the one who’s in a hurry now. Although she looks indifferent on the surface, she’s actually already in a hurry. We just need her to come to us.”

“But I think Jiang Haoting will come to us in the end. You may not know this, but Jiang Haoting’s body has been in some kind of condition recently.”

Huang Yueyan’s words surprised Shen Xiaoxiao and Yan Kuan.. What did she mean?

Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me Chapter 723 – Jiang Haoting Makes His Move

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Chapter 723: Jiang Haoting Makes His Move

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation

Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

It was impossible for Yan Kuan to not know Jiang Haoting’s physical condition

from his deployment to China. However, when he heard Huang Yueyan

suddenly say that something was wrong with Jiang Haoting’s body, Yan Kuan

was the one who was the most surprised. If there was really something wrong.

He should be the first to know.

Huang Yueyan looked at the two people who were so surprised and clapped her

hands calmly.

“As you know, I met that person this morming. During our half-hour

conversation, his hand moved unnaturally five times while holding the teacup.

His eyelids also twitched more than three times.”

This news was really surprising. If that was the case, then it was very likely

that jiang Haoting’s situation was not optimistic.

The most important thing was that if that was the case, Jiang Haoting’s

urgency would not be able to wait any longer. The key now was to get accurate


Yan Kuan immediately took out his phone and issued an order. He would get

the news as soon as the evening came.

Tiang Haoting must know about his physical condition. No wonder Jang

Haoting rarely shows up on the news recently. It seems that Han Jia’s news

came in time. T’m afraid that Jiang Haoting is more anxious than us right now.

Shen Xiaoxiao was right. At this moment, Jiang Haoting was indeed anxious.

He was only 55 years old today and was the country’s leader. In China, he was

considered the youngest. As long as there were no problems, he could still be

the next leader six years later. In the end, when he retired, he could even

support a successor that he was satisfied with. This successor must be

inextricably linked to the Jiang family. Of course, the candidate had already

been chosen. However, these conditions had to be under the condition that

there were no problems with his body.

However, now, after Jiang Haoting learned that he had this common geriatric

disease, he was extremely afraid. Once this news was known to the outside

world, not to mention the election in six years, even now, it could be ignored

He could not afford to gamble, so Han Jia’s news came so timely.

In total, there were no more than three people in the world who knew that he

was sick. His wife, attending physician, and personal guard.

He didn’t expect that Huang Yueyan could observe him so carefully during a

meeting even though they were so far away from each other. According to

normal people, they would all be nervous if they could meet with the leaders of

the country. Many people didn’t even dare to look at him, let alone observe

him so carefully.

This was all thanks to Huang Yueyan growing up in the Ouyang family. The

Ouyang family was once a local emperor in China. Even when facing Ouyang

Tian, Huang Yueyan could make a few jokes, let alone Jiang Haoting.

Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise to be discovered by Huang Yueyan.

However, even though Yan Kuan looked at Huang Yueyan with a bad

expression, disturbing the warm life of their family of four..Did this woman

have a sense of judgment?

Why did Huang Yueyan not have eyes? If it was a normal day, she would

definitely let you look bad and let her be comfortable. However, when she

thought about the possibility of a good show appearing tomorrow, Huang

Yueyan was a little excited.

Yan Kuan was so smart. If he found out, it would not be fun anymore.

Therefore, Huang Yueyan still felt that she should temporarily hold back her

anger. She gave Shen Xiaoxiao a look again and Shen Xiaoxiao understood. In

the end, the family of four watched as Huang Yueyan left the cake shop with

big and small bags.

Although Yan Kuan was curious about how easy it was to get rid of Huang

Yueyan today, he didn’t pay attention to the situation of other women because

he had too many things on his mind.

f he had the time, he might as well take care of his wife and children. Other

women and things like that were not a problem at all.

Recently, 19 had been very busy with Moxing’s official induction of the Shen

family, and Dark 1 had also been given a rare break by Yan Kuan to accompany

Therefore, not only Yan Kuan and Shen Xiaoxiao, even Dark1 and 19 had a

short reunion and private s.p.a.ce.

The two children kept talking about pocket money on the way. Yan Kuan did

not mind the embarra.s.sment of being seen by the children when there was

only a family of four. On the contrary, he felt that it was very good. Only then

would they be like a family.

Then, he really took out all the cards in his bag. Instead, he only took out a

small bank card attached to Shen Xiaoxiao. In other words, Shen Xiaoxiao

would know what kind of money he was going to use in the future. He would

definitely let Shen Xiaoxiao control the financial power.

This made Shen Xiaoxiao even more helpless.

She was supposed to bring the kids to the banquet tomorrow, but the news had

just been sent over. It was confirmed that Jiang Haoting was indeed suffering

from geriatric disease. Then, it was very likely that jiang Haoting would take

action again at the banquet tomorrow.

Therefore, the best way was to have the children stay at home and follow them

closely. They also had hundreds of secret guards protecting him. They didn’t

believe that anyone would make a move on the children under such tight


On the other hand, their banquet tomorrow night might be more important.

According to their a.n.a.lysis of Jiang Haoting, the current Jiang Haoting couldn’t

wait to obtain the elixir of immortality. The most important thing to do was to

get the key. As for finding the old woman, although they couldn’t give up.. It

was still not as good as getting the key.

But the key was held by shen Xiaoxiao, so the key person was shen Xiaoxiao.

As for threatening Shen Xiaoxiao with the children, it was a good idea, but it

was also very easy to annoy Shen Xiaoxiao. Shen Xiaoxiao’s temper was that

she would rather die than be destroyed. Even if she died with you. She would

never let her children get hurt.

Therefore, Jiang Haoting was not a fool. Shen Xiaoxiao was his main target.

For example, a marriage alliance.

Of course, if all of this did not succeed, Jiang Haoting would still attack Shen

Xiaoxiao’s children. That was something he had no choice but to do.

After the children fell asleep, there were no more restrictions and no more

interruptions. Yan Kuan began to enjoy the benefits he wanted the most these

days. After the small appetizer at noon yesterday, he thought that he would be

able to enjoy a big meal in the evening. However, the excitement of the hunt in

the afternoon continued until this morning.

Moreover, the children claimed that they had never slept with their parents

before. Even if Yan Kuan wanted to refuse, he couldn’t say it out loud. However,

they also agreed that it would only be this once.

Therefore, the family of four squeezed onto the big bed last night. Although

Yan Kuan didn’t receive his benefits, the feeling of the family of four sleeping

together made him a little excited and full of satisfaction.

Tonight, he watched the person who walked into the bathroom to take a bath.

He locked the door to prevent the two little ghosts from running over in the

middle of the night and sneaking into the bathroom.