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Chapter 1699: News From the Divine Arbiter

General Li was so angry, he trembled from head to toe.

He stared, unblinking, at Su Liu’er for quite some time, but just as he was on the brink of explosion, he nodded, hard, then grabbed the phone from Zuo Mo’s hands and stormed out.

Ye Zichen looked at Su Liu’er in confusion…

His impression of Su Liu’er was that she was domineering, but she shouldn’t have been this unreasonable.

Even if you didn’t believe in not speaking ill of the dead, General Li’s son had sacrificed his life to get them that video, which was precious to their cause. Even if Su Liu’er was right, saying it so bluntly was over the line.

“General Li!” Xiao Yumei called out to him, but General Li didn’t even look back.

She shot Xiao Yan a meaningful look, and both he and Xiao Hu hurried out of the room and after General Li.

“Big Sister Liu’er,” said Ye Zichen.

“All I did was tell it as it is. He’s different from other people; he’s experienced the Outsider G.o.ds’ invasion. He ought to understand better than anyone how important a first-person account of the enders would have been. But now, our understanding of the era-ending giant beasts is limited to the video his son sent us. Don’t you think that’s ridiculous?” Su Liu’er’s eyes glinted with cold light. 

In the face of her cold indifference, Ye Zichen couldn’t even speak. Before he could respond, he heard Su Liu’er snort, “And don’t you call me ‘big sister.’ I can’t possibly bear the weight of that t.i.tle. Little Yan, let’s go.”

Su Liu’er dragged Su Yan out of the room. Those still present looked at each other. None of them understood just what Su Liu’er was so mad about. 

“Could Big Sister Liu’er be in the middle of that special time all women have?” Gou Yuzhan, still slumped in his chair, muttered carefully.

Yin Shang shot him a vicious glare, forcing any other comments back down. “Are you sick of living?”

Ye Zichen looked around at all the newly empty chairs. He never would have guessed the meeting would end up like this.

“Yumei, go look after Big Sister Liu’er. Everyone else… you can leave!”

Everyone left in dejection. It would be difficult for this meeting to proceed any further. They rose, bade Ye Zichen farewell, and left.

Still sitting in an otherwise empty room, Ye Zichen put his head in his hand.

“Perhaps I shouldn’t have come,” said Gu Li.

“You?” Ye Zichen lowered his hand. “Then why’d you come with me? Are you intentionally trying to disrupt my alliance’s unity?”  

“Even if I wanted to do that, I wouldn’t use such a half-a.s.sed method.” Gu Li only shrugged. “I just didn’t expect to see her here, and I didn’t realize her distaste for me was still so intense.”

“Distaste? That she didn’t kill you where you sat was already magnanimous.” Ye Zichen waved Gu Li away, then put his head back in his hand. “You can leave too. I’d like to sit here by myself for a while.”

Everyone else had left.

The door to the grand hall was open, and from time to time, a gentle breeze blew inside. The flickering candlelight made Ye Zichen and the chairs’ shadows shake about.

Ye Zichen could understand why Su Liu’er had lost her temper.

Back when the demons invaded, the Endless Beast Region, Immortal Region, Heavenly Court, and Underworld lost far too many people.

Yuan Hong had died during that invasion. He wasn’t just Ye Zichen’s friend; he was Su Liu’er’s one true love, as well as the Great Sage’s brother.

After meeting An Lu, Gu Li had changed. It was as if he’d become a different person.

A prodigal son’s return was worth more than gold. Gu Li had seen the light, and although Ye Zichen still bore him enmity, he was gradually coming to accept him.

 The Great Sage hated Gu Li, but for the sake of the big picture, he chose not to act against him.

But Su Liu’er….

Untying the knots in her heart would be far too difficult.

Even if Gu Li became the new messiah, even if he saved billions or trillions of lives, Su Liu’er would never see him as anything but the reason Yuan Hong had died.

This was a fact, and there was nothing Gu Li could do about it!  Ding!


Suddenly, the sound of cell phone notifications filled the room. They were particularly jarring amidst the dead silence.

As Ye Zichen sat there, racked with anxiety, he listlessly took out his phone, opened his social media app, and saw that it was from the Stranger, or rather, the Divine Arbiter, one of the G.o.d Emperor’s closest confidantes. 

There were only two words, the message brief and to the point.

“You here?”

Ye Zichen’s fingers tapped against the screen. He edited his response, then sent it.

Only Idealism: I’m here. Where’d you get the time to come looking for me? Right, I still haven’t gotten the chance to thank you for your help back in the mausoleum.

Stranger: Even without me, with that expert from the Yao-Sealing PaG.o.da, I imagine the likes of Yuchi Kong couldn’t have harmed you.

Only Idealism: I still ought to thank you.

Back in the palace’s true room, Ye Zichen had encountered grave peril as he faced down both Yuchi Kong and Huangfu Youming.

 Fortunately, the Divine Arbiter had come just in time. After she blocked an otherwise fatal attack for him, Ye Zichen used peach juice as a lure to summon Cang Xiong. That was how he’d avoided calamity.

As for the G.o.d-Smiting Bow….

It hadn’t actually been much use.

Its arrows had been used up, and reusing old arrows didn’t have much of an effect. Ye Zichen had used it mostly as a bluff, his goal, to win himself enough time to reach an agreement with Cang Xiong.

Stranger: If you really want to thank me, you ought to kill Yuchi Kong.

Stranger: If he tells Zhou Wu what happened, it’ll be hard to avoid a rift forming between us.

Stranger: On that note, Yuchi Kong is still in your Yao-Sealing PaG.o.da, isn’t he? Do you have a use for him in there?

Only Idealism: I do!

Stranger: Are you planning to use him as leverage against the Yuchi and Huangfu families? You’ve sure got guts.

To this, Ye Zichen merely responded with thought-provoking grin emoji, but he didn’t say anything excessive.

At the end of the day, the Divine Arbiter had never clearly expressed a desire to join their alliance. Instead, she’d made it perfectly clear that she was Zhou Wu’s, even in death.

Ye Zichen had every right to keep certain key secrets from her, and to avoid answering related questions.

The Divine Arbiter had said as much herself a long time ago!  

Stranger: Alright, whether you hold onto him or not, I hope you won’t let him spill anything he shouldn’t.

Only Idealism: I can’t guarantee that.

Stranger: Are you trying to land me in hot water?  

Only Idealism: I absolutely have no such intentions. I’ll do my best to make Yuchi Kong behave himself.

Only Idealism: But I doubt you sought me out just for a chat. Is there something you want to tell me about?

The Divine Arbiter fell silent for a long time.

Ye Zichen stared at his screen for at least a hundred breaths of time before he saw that the other party was typing.

Stranger: I’m deeply conflicted!

Only Idealism: You chose to reach out to me, so even if you’re conflicted, your heart must be pus.h.i.+ng you in a certain direction. Say it! Has Zhou Wu done something cruel and extreme enough to make you think he’s gone insane again?

Stranger: Yes!

When he saw this response, Ye Zichen was stunned. He’d said all that casually; he didn’t think he’d hit the nail right on the head.

Only Idealism: What did Zhou Wu do this time?

Stranger: He….

A moment later, when Ye Zichen read the rest of her message, his expression changed dramatically!

Red Packet Server Chapter 1700: Someone’s Arrived From the Gu Family, the Essence Spirits Visit

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Chapter 1700: Someone’s Arrived From the Gu Family, the Essence Spirits Visit

In the chat log, the Divine Arbiter had already expressed that she had other matters she needed to attend to. Ye Zichen’s fingers scrolled up and down, and he stared at the screen in a daze for quite some time.

His emotional fluctuations were huge, and he needed some time to digest.

After all, if people were always under enormous pressure, it would warp them!

To maintain a normal mental state, at times like this, he needed a little cheerful music to ease his nerves.

He opened his phone’s music app and found the song that had once taken China by storm, the song countless square-dancing aunties went mad over: “The Most Dazzling Folk Style.”  

You are the most beautiful clouds in my horizon. Let me keep you in my heart.

Leisurely singing the most dazzling folk style, let love sweep away all dust.

The lyrics seemed to have a certain magic to them. When he heard it, Ye Zichen almost instinctively moved his limbs in sync with the beat.

In his movements was a certain inexplicable sentiment.

The nostalgia was overpowering!

How much time had pa.s.sed since he was last in the Modern Realm? He’d been away for far too long, and he still didn’t know just when he’d make it back, or when he could live like an ordinary person again.

“It seems I worried for nothing.” Xiao Yumei’s voice rang out. Ye Zichen looked up, smiled, and turned off the music.

“And here I thought you were sulking in here. It turns out you’re in high spirits!”

“Haha…” Ye Zichen grinned. It seemed the music really had encouraged him; despite everything weighing him down, he could still smile radiantly.

Ye Zichen flipped over his hand and smiled at Xiao Yumei. “How about I play it a little longer? It might help you relieve some stress too.”


The Most Dazzling Folk Style had quite the beat, and it echoed throughout the military guesthouse. For the duration of the son, both Ye Zichen and Xiao Yumei felt indescribably relaxed.

They played it a full ten times before Xiao Yumei laughed and turned off the music.

“What’s wrong?”

“There’s a time and place to relax, but our current situation isn’t it,” said Xiao Yumei, her gaze suddenly calm. She unlocked her phone, then pushed it over to Ye Zichen. A moment later, she said, “Su Liu’er went to the Outside.”

“That so?” Ye Zichen wasn’t particularly surprised by this. He could tell the difference between words Su Liu’er said in anger and words she actually meant.

When she announced her intentions to go Outside, her eyes revealed her determination.

“But you didn’t let her go on her own, right?” Ye Zichen asked just to be sure, but he trusted Xiao Yumei’s meticulousness.

“Yang Jian and the Great Sage went with her. I wanted to send Venerate Spirit Treasure with them too, but…”

 “He was too lazy to get involved, right?” said Ye Zichen understandingly.

Xiao Yumei nodded, and Ye Zichen smiled. “Yang Jian and the Great Sage will be enough. If anything sudden or unexpected happens, they’ll be able to react accordingly. Besides, all three of them are imperial lords. Who knows? They might very well bring us a pleasant surprise upon their return.”

“A pleasant surprise?” Xiao Yumei muttered to herself, a hint of seriousness flas.h.i.+ng across her face. “Do we really have to face those monsters in the future? Saying this out loud might displease you, but I… I’m honestly quite scared.”

The beast in the video was far too ferocious. That had been a team of a hundred scouts, led by three divine generals. The generals led a force of elite diviners and rulers. And yet, in just a hundred breaths of time, every last one of them was obliterated.

Although they couldn’t tell the extent of the beast’s strength from the video, they could gauge that…

It was so strong, even an imperial lord would struggle to match what it had done!

“If you’re afraid already, when the time comes and they invade the Third Era in earnest, you’ll only be in deeper despair.” In response to Xiao Yumei’s terror, Ye Zichen didn’t rebuke her, but he didn’t comfort her either.

 Yes, she was a woman, but she was also an imperial lord.

And that wasn’t all: she was the vice alliance head of the Upheaval Alliance. She could show her weaknesses to Ye Zichen, but that was because she was his woman, and Ye Zichen was her support. But before all others, she was a lofty figure, an imperial lord and the vice alliance head. Her every word and deed influenced the alliance members’ confidence. Even if she was afraid, she had to fight back her terror. Only then could she instill her subordinates with confidence.

Ye Zichen trusted that Xiao Yumei knew all this already, so there was no need to go into it.

Xiao Yumei sighed and sat down, but at that moment, an elderly shadow drawn out by sunlight appeared within the meeting hall.

Ye Zichen and Xiao Yumei noticed the shadow on the ground, and when they glanced at the door…

“Alliance Head, Vice Alliance Head….” 

“No need for that. Better to let me introduce myself to Alliance Head Ye myself.” Suddenly, several new figures appeared in the hall, as if out of nowhere. Among them were five young children, more like toddlers, as well as a loli-looking girl and a middle-aged man.

“You…” When Ye Zichen saw the five toddlers, he instantly frowned.

The five toddlers standing before him were none other than the five elemental essence spirits he’d met in the mausoleum. When Ye Zichen frowned, the wind essence spirit shrunk back fearfully, hiding behind the fire essence spirit. 

Them aside, the loli was Gu Luolin. As for the middle-aged man, Ye Zichen had never seen or heard of him.

“You can head down.” Ye Zichen waved the alliance member away. The essence spirits looked a little nervous, while the middle-aged man carefully watched the alliance member leave without stepping into the meeting room.

“Nephew!” Without a second thought, Gu Luolin called out to Ye Zichen, then dashed up to him.

One look at Gu Luolin, and Xiao Yumei felt a headache coming on. Ever since coming to the Upheaval Alliance, this little princess had caused uproar everywhere she went; not even the chickens could sleep in peace. And yet, she was Ye Zichen’s senior, and Ye Zichen had told her in private that she was a member of the Gu Family.

Thus, even if Gu Luolin were even more troublesome than she already was, the alliance would just have to look the other way!

“Where’d you find the time to visit?”  

“What, you don’t want me here?” Gu Luolin pouted her little lips. Then, she pointed to the middle-aged man just outside the door.

The man immediately entered. Gu Luolin then introduced him with great pride. “This is my father’s guard. You can call him….”

“Lan Tu, you can just call me Lan Tu.” The man smiled amiably, then pointed to the essence spirits. “Alliance Head Ye, it seems you really are acquainted with these spirits. Earlier, this humble one saw them lingering around Upheaval City, so I took it upon myself to bring them here to see you. You… I trust you won’t take offense!”  

These words were, of course, mere pleasantries. 

The moment Gu Luolin said Lan Tu was her father’s guard, she made his background perfectly clear.

He was a member of the Gu Family, and his status wasn’t low, either.

When members of other clans saw the Gu Family, or even just their servants, they had to treat them well, nevermind the Gu Family Head’s personal bodyguard.”

Lan Tu smiled, but just as he was about to continue, Ye Zichen’s eyes glinted coldly. “Why shouldn’t I take offense?”

Red Packet Server Chapter 1698: Belittlement

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Chapter 1698: Belittlement

No matter how the elders and clan heads tried to explain, Ye Zichen’s expression left them no room to turn this around.

For fear of the Upheaval Alliance’s power and authority, as well as because they were the alliance’s subordinates, they dared not resist. They simply meekly followed Xiao Yumei out of the guest house.

“That’s more like it! How could people like that be qualified to partic.i.p.ate in this meeting?” Gu Li’s already narrow eyes narrowed into slits, and he smirked disdainfully at the cowardly bunch being escorted away.

Some time pa.s.sed before Xiao Yumei returned to the meeting hall. 

If it were just a matter of requesting that these people leave, there was no way it should have taken this long. It was clear that, after seeing them off, Xiao Yumei had taken the time to soothe their feelings.

“Big Sister, those cowards aren’t worthy of such concern,” said Xiao Yan.


“So is this how serving as the Lightning Tribulation Emperor all those years changed you?”

It was immediately obvious that Xiao Yan feared his older sister; when he saw her frown, he forced his retort back down, his eyes darting around erratically. He dared not meet her gaze.

“Heh, it’s good we asked them to leave. Their skills aren’t much, but they talk more than anyone.” Gou Yuzhan had been slumping in his chair all this time. The tuft of hair on his head wiggled as he adjusted himself and sat up properly.

“Drop it.” Ye Zichen brought their scattered comments to a halt. Although he didn’t want to see those cowards again, he understood why Xiao Yumei had taken the time to talk things over.

Although the Upheaval Alliance occupied its own Divine Mountain, its reserves and acc.u.mulated experience was far, far inferior to those of the Divine Mountains that had existed since the start of the era.

Furthermore, of the Tenth Divine Mountain’s cities, only Upheaval City showed signs of human civilization. The cities in the ring around it were spa.r.s.ely populated, and beyond that was unsettled territory.

They were lucky to have subordinate factions at all. Naturally, Xiao Yumei had to treat them well.

Inviting them to this meeting had also been an attempt to deepen their feelings for the Upheaval Alliance. 

As the head of the alliance, Ye Zichen’s words naturally carried a good deal of weight. The uproar throughout the hall instantly quieted down. Ye Zichen gestured for Xiao Yumei to return to her seat. Then, his gaze circled around the gathered experts under the direct jurisdiction of the Upheaval Alliance.

“Everyone, what do you think of the era-destroying giant beast in the video?”

“What else could we think about them? If they dare come here, their Grandpa Gou Yuzhan will send them to an early grave.” Gou Yuzhan snorted without giving it a second thought. His hands flashed with the light of an auxiliary star, and his words were disdainful.

At the head of the meeting room, both Ye Zichen and Gu Li’s eyebrows shot up. His application of starlight, to tell the truth, seemed even more smooth and practiced than theirs. And they were the Emperor Stars!

Especially when Gou Yuzhan’s starlight first appeared; the s.p.a.ce throughout the room turned a little chaotic.

Everyone in the room could sense it: although the starlight was just the size of his fist, it contained enough power to destroy heaven and earth.

“Kid, could you stop releasing your power at random? Replenis.h.i.+ng starlight takes a lot of time,” said Yin Shang.

“What’s the harm in using a little?” Gou Yuzhan fearfully withdrew his starlight. It seemed his dread of Yin Shang had become instinctive. 

But shortly after, he glared at Yin Shang. “I’m the Minister of the Right! Do I need you, the Minister of the Left, to tell me what to do? You might have been able to beat me in the past, but you sure can’t do it now!”

“Then do you want to try it with Big Sister Liu’er?”

Gou Yuzhan snuck a look at Su Liu’er. Even after Yin Shang mentioned her by name, her expression was exactly the same. She looked straight ahead and sat perfectly straight, and even from a distance, you could sense her ice-cold temperament, that personality that refused to let anyone close to her.

Big Sister Liu’er?

When had the two of them gotten so close?  

Ye Zichen frowned slightly, then glanced between the three of them.

Actually, seeing them now, Ye Zichen was so curious he could hardly stand it. Just a few months had pa.s.sed since he’d last seen them, but Gou Yuzhan and Yin Shang’s auras suggested that they were both imperial experts already. 

There was even less need to discuss Su Liu’er; she’d always been terrifyingly strong, but now, she was more than twice as terrifying as before.

“Big Sister Liu’er, what do you think?” asked Ye Zichen.

“They’ll be tough to handle.” Su Liu’er’s red lips parted, but she was a woman of few words as always. To Gou Yuzhan, these words were like a slap in the face.

“Big Sister Liu’er, you…”

“All I did was share my intuitive response. Got a problem with that?” A frigid wind swept by, and in the blink of an eye, the entire meeting room was coated in a thin layer of ice.

Gou Yuzhan licked his lips, not daring to utter so much as half a word. His ahoge drooped, as if dejected, and he hung his head like a defrosting eggplant, then fidgeted awkwardly.

For even Su Liu’er to say the enders would be tough to handle left Ye Zichen surprised.

From her aura, it seemed she was already an imperial lord; the icy breath she’d just let out carried hints of the Dao Heart of Ice.

If she’d have trouble even at her cultivation, then it was a clear reflection of just how terrifying the primordial giant beasts were.

“That’s a conservative estimate, though,” said Su Liu’er, breaking the silence. “This might hurt General Li’s feelings, as your son used a hidden art to send you his phone at the cost of his life, and because you are proud of his refusal to abandon his brothers in arms. However, in my eyes, his behavior was a bit sloppy.”

No one would have guessed Su Liu’er would say something like that. Their gazes s.h.i.+fted erratically as she continued, “If he’d abandoned his pride and returned from the Outside, he could have given us a more direct account of his personal experience with the enders. Now, all we have to work with is a video less than an hour long, and from it, we cannot determine the full extent of the beast’s spiritual pressure or the nature of its aura. All we have to base our judgments on is its size and the fact that it devoured our heroic soldiers. This itself is unreasonable.”

“Based on my understanding, an enormous size isn’t directly correlated with strength. That it devoured our scouts is not in and of itself proof of its strength. Just based on the video, we can’t possibly determine the strength of our future enemies. This wasn’t just reckless; it was a waste of our time.”

“I can’t even begin to understand why General Li would call us here for a meeting with such urgency just to show us this video.”

The atmosphere instantly plummeted. 

Su Liu’er’s words were blatantly flinging salt into General Li’s wounds. His son had died, and his heart was already covered in scars. All he had was this video his son risked his life and died to return to them. This was his only comfort amidst his grief.

But now, Su Liu’er was saying that the video his son had traded his life for was worthless.

The kind Su Yan couldn’t help but tug at her sister’s clothes. General Li stood, his arms trembling uncontrollably.

“In that case, Empress Su, why don’t you go to the Outside and bring back more convincing data yourself?”  

“Hah…” Su Liu’er snorted without a single change in expression. “I was just thinking that!”

Red Packet Server Chapter 1701: The Gu Family’s Invitation

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Chapter 1701: The Gu Family’s Invitation

Lan Tu’s smile froze, noticeably more rigid than before. He fought to maintain it, and before he could respond, Ye Zichen beat him to the punch.

“Are you a member of my Upheaval Alliance?”

“I’m not!”

“Then what right do you have to bring outsiders here to see me? That you were allowed in at all is out of respect for Luolin. You yourself have no position here at all. Do you have any idea what the few of them have done? Do you have any idea why they came looking for me? Do you have any idea who I am, or what my status is? If these essence spirits wanted to hurt me or if something went wrong, could you take responsibility?”

A cold wind blew by. It blew right through the doors, and the temperature in the meeting room dropped noticeably.

Beams of light shone in through the windows, hitting Ye Zichen right in the eye. As he narrowed his eyes, the lofty air of one long accustomed to rule flowed forth.

This series of verbal firecrackers left the Gu Family bodyguard unable to even speak.

He just stood there, dazed, as if stunned that Ye Zichen would behave like this before the GU Family. Or perhaps, he was considering whether he really had overstepped the limits of his authority or not.

Perhaps he really should have considered this move more thoroughly.

But in the past, wherever he went, even to Holy Lands, everyone was intimidated by the Gu Family’s prestige. Every clan and faction treated them with respect.

But this was different.

Although the Upheaval Alliance was a faction, it ruled over an entire Divine Mountain. It was more like a Sacred Beast Clan of the yao realm than an ordinary faction.

After hundreds of millions of years of stability, a new Divine Mountain had appeared in the G.o.d Realm.

Its leader, Ye Zichen, was even the Third Era’s Master of the Stars!

Novel Full

Although the Upheaval Alliance hadn’t been around for long, you couldn’t consider them just another faction.

Before Lan Tu could respond, the fire essence spirit lit up with red firelight and landed just three meters away from Ye Zichen. His entire body flickered with iridescent white embers, but none of the heat escaped the blaze.

And yet, anyone would believe that these flames contained enough energy to burn the heavens.

He was furious!

He and his siblings were the five elemental essence spirits. Anyone who met them would have to treat them with respect. Anyone would beg them to stay by their side.

Yet Ye Zichen, despite knowing full well who and what they are, had left the Five Elements Hidden Palace without them.

The five of them had discussed the matter amongst themselves, and they agreed to take the initiative and smooth things over, but they’d been stuck wandering Upheaval City’s perimeter for days without being allowed in.

Now that they’d finally made it in, before they could even get a word in, they were greeted with a cold glare.

“What do you mean by that? Are you saying we’ll hurt you?” The fire essence spirit glared at Ye Zichen, and the embers around him blazed noticeably higher.

“Don’t kick up a fuss here. This isn’t that elemental s.p.a.ce of yours; this is my Upheaval City.” Ye Zichen looked at the five essence spirits coldly as he spoke, but to Lan Tu, it seemed like the words were directed at him.

“Alliance Head Ye, I had no intention of offending you, and I hope you can forgive my indiscretion,” said Lan Tu.

Lan Tu was at least an imperial lord!

Despite his lofty cultivation, he was willing to humble himself. Ye Zichen actually had a rather good impression of him. Although, when he first entered the room, he’d been a little wanton and arrogant due to his status in the Gu Family, he’d reconsidered his behavior and adapted in a timely manner. Ye Zichen liked people like this, who knew when to push and when to give.

“No harm done.” Ye Zichen waved Lan Tu’s concerns away, a signal that he’d let it go.

As for the five elemental essence spirits, he didn’t even look at them. Even now, they thought themselves far too important, and they couldn’t see the bigger picture, nor did they know when to back down…

It seemed the five elemental essence spirits had been spoiled rotten! If a shrub grew crookedly, you had to prune it. It seemed the five of them needed correction too.

Ye Zichen pointedly ignored the essence spirits, then turned to Lan Tu. “Might I ask why you’ve graced my humble domain with your esteemed presence?”

“The young miss snuck out, and in her absence, our entire clan was in uproar. Even though the family head later learned that she was with you, she’s been gone for far too long, and her parents miss her dearly. They sent me here to take her back to the clan,” said Lan Tu.

He was here to take Gu Luolin back?

Xiao Yumei and Ye Zichen’s eyes lit up despite themselves.

This was good news! Wonderful news!

Gu Luolin had caused trouble throughout Upheaval City. It was indescribably aggravating to Xiao Yumei, and when Ye Zichen heard her reports, he naturally felt much the same way. He wanted to send Gu Luolin packing as soon as possible, but she’d just had to take a s.h.i.+ne to Upheaval City. No matter what anyone said, she refused to leave.

Then there was her relations.h.i.+p with Ye Rong, and the fact that the Gu Family was a major clan.

Ye Zichen couldn’t suppress her with military force, either. All he could do was hope that the rest of the Gu Family hurried up and took the little spoiled princess back home.

He’d been waiting for this day and night, and the person he’d been waiting for was finally here.

But Ye Zichen couldn’t make his feelings too obvious, otherwise, Gu Luolin might lose her temper and, in a fit of rage, refuse to leave. Ye Zichen figured her dad’s bodyguard wouldn’t dare do anything to her if so.

“It’s natural they’d miss their daughter. I, Gu Luolin, shall follow you back.” She giggled. “I was prepared to go back anyway!” 

That she agreed so readily was beyond Ye Zichen’s expectations.

She’d always seemed to hate the family estate. This wasn’t because her family was good or bad.

It was simply because she was the youngest person there!

She didn’t want everyone to treat her like a kid forever. She wanted to be someone else’s senior! That was why she’d never wanted to go back.

And here Ye Zichen thought it would take time and effort to persuade her. Her immediate agreement actually gave him a sense of foreboding. 

“Alliance Head Ye,” said Lan Tu. “There’s something else I must say!”  

“Go… ahead….”

“Out of consideration for how well you took care of his daughter in her absence, the family head would like to express his grat.i.tude, and furthermore, he’s invited you to visit our estate.”

As expected!

 No wonder Gu Luolin agreed so readily. The Gu Family Head wanted Ye Zichen to go back with her!  

So long as Ye Zichen went with her, Gu Luolin wouldn’t be the most junior member of the clan. She was happy as long as she wasn’t the youngest.

But the Gu Family? Ye Zichen didn’t want to visit them!

Perhaps because of Gu Zichen’s tragic fate, Ye Zichen felt an inexplicable aversion to the Gu Family.

Or perhaps it was because they were too mysterious. Ye Zichen didn’t want to get involved with such an inscrutable faction.

In any event, he didn’t want to go!

“Hey! I’m talking to you!” the fire essence spirit suddenly roared. “Don’t take this too far!”  

“Heh, you sure are interesting,” said Ye Zichen. He was naturally pleased at the chance to change the subject, so he didn’t linger with Lan Tu. Instead, he looked at the fire essence spirit and said, “I made myself perfectly clear, didn’t I? I don’t need you. All you have to do is stay put. What did you run all the way here for?”


“Boss!” The lightning essence spirit let out a low shout, then walked over. “I ask the Master of the Stars’ forgiveness. It’s true that our att.i.tude was wrong earlier, but we are the five elemental essence spirits, and it’s only natural that we be by your side. You might have ill feelings about us, but this is the irrevocable truth. Furthermore, we decided that even if you don’t agree, we’ll stick to you like glue!”

“That’s right! We’re not leaving!” The water essence spirit, who’d been as lazy as could be to begin with, directly sprawled out on the ground.

A temper tantrum?

If the essence spirits really started throwing a fit, Ye Zichen really wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Having them stick to him like glue, day after day, would only create unnecessary trouble. Ye Zichen then flashed the thunder essence spirit an eerie grin, turned to Lan Tu, and said unflinchingly, “Alright, since your clan head has extended a warm welcome, I’ll come take a look around the Gu Family!”