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Chapter 1217 – Dragon Pearl

But just as Qin Yu turned, he saw Dragini blocking his way with a bright smile. “Ah, junior-apprentice brother Qin Yu ate so fast. That’s good, there are some matters I hope to speak to you about. Sometimes, I can be a bit impulsive. How about we toast each other and forget about what happened in the past?”

Qin Yu gnashed his teeth together. This d.a.m.ned Dragini, she clearly just didn’t want him to leave. What bulls.h.i.+t ‘forgetting about the past’ was she blabbing about?

Feeling the eyes around him gathering on him, Qin Yu covered his belly and forced out a smile, “My apologies, but because of a recent cultivation issue, my stomach feels uncomfortable. Once I solve this issue I will definitely return to drink some wine with sister Dragini.”

He was about to pa.s.s around her but was suddenly grabbed by the hand. Dragini said in a louder voice, “Your stomach is feeling uncomfortable? The higher cultivation a person has, the more they understand the condition of their own body. But it is exactly for this reason that even small problems are worth taking seriously. Junior-apprentice brother Qin, you cannot be negligent!

“Everyone, does anyone have a pill that can treat upset stomachs? Hurry up and take out a few, otherwise junior-apprentice brother Qin will have to leave the stage ahead of time.”

Qin Yu immediately understood that he wouldn’t be able to walk away today!

He glared at Dragini. This woman was looking at him with smug satisfaction, as if saying to hit her if he wasn’t happy!

She was simply asking for a punch to the face!

Endure it, don’t attack, otherwise you will fall for her trap!

Qin Yu to a deep breath. He pulled back his hand and said, “There’s no need to trouble you. It’s just a small problem. I can hold it in.”

He turned around and sat down in his seat.

Dragini had a look of fake concern on her face, “Junior-apprentice brother Qin, if you are really feeling uncomfortable, you should take medicine as soon as possible. I heard that there are many junior-apprentice brothers and sisters who want to have a friendly spar with the peach garden’s new Ninth Mister. After all, what kind of character is the Spring Master? The disciple that he personally chose must be outstanding.”

As she finished speaking, she swept her eyes around and said, “If anyone wants to have a spar with junior-apprentice brother Qin, you should pay attention to his condition ahead of time. He isn’t feeling well right now, so is it fine to challenge him like this?”

She was clearly provoking everyone!

And she also blocked off the possibility of him using the excuse of feeling unwell to withdraw from today’s matter.

Qin Yu secretly clenched his teeth. He really couldn’t figure out what he had done for her to keep pestering him like a lingering disease.

Xu s.h.i.+ was the first to stand up. He lifted a hand and light surged on his palm. A jade bottle appeared.

“Your Highness Dragini is correct. I very much hope to spar with junior-apprentice brother Qin today, but I cannot take advantage of him.”

“These pills are a secret medicine of my Xu Family and their effect is quite good. Taking them should be enough to cure junior-apprentice brother Qin’s upset stomach.”

Another person stood up, his smile wide and bright. “If junior-apprentice brother Qin feels that is not enough, my Sunflaw Family also has some medicines that you can take.”

“Hahaha, it’s just a trivial upset stomach, so why do you two need to make such a big deal out of it? Do you really think the peach garden doesn’t have suitable medicine?” This third person smiled as he spoke, much more sinister than the others and clearly with no intention of taking anything out.

Of course, the meaning was the same. Running away is impossible, so obediently stand there and let us beat you up!

Qin Yu darkly sighed. As he thought, being a s.h.i.+eld wasn’t an easy job. These three were vigorously chasing after him, and with this idiot Dragini adding fuel to the flames, there was nowhere he could hide.

He swept his eyes around and immediately caught a few different kinds of looks. There were those that were confused, those that were surprised, but most of all…there were those who were suppressing their laughs and gloating.

Rice Paper…Ruan Jing…Soaring Sky…Zhou Lei…

These four cultivators had now gathered. Without a single one missing, they were all at the East Sea Dragon Palace.

They had met during the spirit body incident in the Land of Disorder. Strictly speaking, Qin Yu was only a pa.s.ser-by to them. Both sides had numerous conflicts, and Soaring Sky even brutally attacked Qin Yu, forcing him to use his s.p.a.ce Laws that initiated the chaos later.

But in the end, they had crossed adversity together and experienced a life and death danger. Moreover, together they had killed the Sly Fate Clan’s Soul Hook, becoming people who stood on the same boat.

Their relations.h.i.+p was a little complicated. Yet, as a result, it gave birth to a strange sense of intimacy in the hearts of these people.

After leaving the Endless Sea, Qin Yu broke off connections with the four. Even though they didn’t have much contact with each other, they still learned about Qin Yu entering Peach Blossom Spring.

Honestly, this was within their expectations. Qin Yu’s talent was heaven-defying and he also accomplished an incredible feat in the Endless Sea – he killed off all the sea monsters and broke the curse that the spirit body had placed on him before its death!

When they first learned of this, even Soaring Sky who had the coldest and most indifferent personality couldn’t help but drop his jaw.

They personally crossed the Endless Sea and had killed numerous monster beasts in the sea. A single one wasn’t a big deal. With a bit of effort, they could even kill a thousand and more.

But how many sea monsters were there in the vast Endless Sea? No one had ever counted, but even a fool knew it must be an astronomical number.

Killing them all off? What a joke. Just thinking about it made their arms and legs feel tired.

But Qin Yu had done it!

Although they had no idea what the exact process was, this accomplishment in itself was already sufficiently amazing.

So, the four cultivators actually weren’t worried about the current situation Qin Yu was in.

On the contrary, it was those impatient and eager fellows in the grand hall that didn’t understand what sort of freakish monster they were provoking right now.

Beat up Qin Yu and have him lament his actions, and then have him fall to the ground and lose all face and honor? Hoho…such a possibility never existed to begin with.

Now, how much these people looked forward to it was how much they would be humiliated in the future. This peach garden’s Ninth Mister was destined to become famous today.

So they only needed to watch from the side and allow Qin Yu to expose his prowess.

Sensing Qin Yu glancing at them, the four all lowered their heads at the same time. Their meaning was – please don’t look for me, even if you do I cannot help you.

This was the combat compet.i.tion at the Dragon Saint’s longevity feast. No matter how many twists and turns there were, once it began, real swords and spears would be drawn. Anyone who dared to use minor methods would only be bringing disaster on themselves.

Qin Yu also realized this. He withdrew his eyes and hesitated for a moment. Then, he leaned over and whispered some words into Peachy’s ear. He originally thought that she wouldn’t agree, but to his surprise, she nodded.

Although the scope was small, it didn’t escape Qin Yu’s eyes. He relaxed a little. In this crucial moment, Peachy really was thinking of him. With her help, things would be much simpler.

Behind the crystal wall, the Dragon Saint’s eyes flashed with a sharp light. As a True Saint who had reached the other sh.o.r.e, this entire place was covered in his Great Dao and he sensed everything.

Qin Yu spoke quietly and used a concealing method, but this didn’t affect him at all.

So when Qin Yu spoke to Peachy, he clearly heard everything. His first response was that this boy didn’t care about face at all. Then, his second response was that he thought this boy was a rare talent.

In this world, the most useless and burdensome thing was the so-called face. Yet, the majority of people in the world couldn’t leap out of the pit that was face.

In today’s situation, Qin Yu could do something so shameless. It could be seen that he didn’t care about things like face or honor at all.


Only those that didn’t care about face, or didn’t even care about honor, could live longer than others. However, if anyone were to ask the Lord Dragon Saint how he knew of this, then they would definitely take a beating.

In short, the giant and dignified eyes that watched from behind the crystal wall looked at Qin Yu with favor. Even rarer, there was also some impatience. He wanted to see just what depths this boy Qin Yu was hiding within him.

With a light cough, the grand hall fell silent. From behind the crystal wall, the Dragon Saint’s laughter rang out, “You kids seem to be impatient already. Then, don’t delay further. Begin.”

As he spoke, a giant dragon claw appeared from behind the crystal wall. The longest and sharpest claw lightly knocked on the wall.

The dragon claw knocked on the crystal wall, but it was the s.p.a.ce in the hall that broke open. Then, a crack appeared and a dragon pearl flew out.

That’s right, it was a dragon pearl.

The reason one could see this with one glance was because in this ball that was the size of several adult fists put together, there was the phantom of a giant dragon roaring.

The Dragon Clan cultivated for a lifetime, and most of their essence was contained in their dragon pearl.

So many years ago, hunting down giant dragons and stealing their dragon pearls was something that formidable cultivators liked to do.

However, after the Dragon Saint crossed the sea and became a True Saint, few incidents of dragon hunting occurred again. Of course, the exact process didn’t need to be explained, but in short it was incredibly b.l.o.o.d.y and violent.

By himself, the Dragon Saint guarded the Dragon Clan and gave them s.p.a.ce to live. If this were any other place, even if a dragon pearl appeared, no one would dare to touch it. Of course, today was an exception as this was a dragon pearl that the Dragon Saint took out himself.

“This dragon pearl comes from a giant golden dragon that used to follow me, and is what was left over after he died in battle. The dragon soul has dissipated long ago. I am taking this out as the prize today. The golden dragon race is most known for their formidable mortal bodies. I personally gathered this dragon pearl. Even though that golden dragon died in battle, over half of its blood and flesh essence is maintained.

“Above an Origin G.o.d is looking at the sea, and after looking at the sea is stepping into it. But the Sea of Bitterness is boundless, with wild waves and great winds. You must have a formidable mortal body to withstand it. Otherwise, in the endless sea where you cannot see the other sh.o.r.e, you will have your mortal body corrupted and ruined by the waters before you even have a chance to rush over to it.”

The Dragon Saint knocked on the crystal wall again and the s.p.a.ce crack opened once more, swallowing up the dragon pearl. “This is today’s prize. Any junior who has a streak of three wins can take it away.”

In the hall, everyone’s eyes lit up with burning heat. They never thought that the Dragon Saint who was renowned for being miserly and cheap would actually take out something so precious.

As the Dragon Saint said, how difficult was crossing the sea? They were well aware of this as disciples of Saints.

If they could obtain this dragon pearl and refine its essence into their mortal bodies, that was the equivalent of offsetting around 30% of the difficulty of crossing the sea.

An Origin G.o.d could be considered an absolute powerhouse in the myriad heavens and infinite worlds. But the cultivators that came to the East Sea today were all disciples of Saints. And for them to be able to partic.i.p.ate in this longevity feast, they were excellent even amongst the disciples of Saints.

These people all had a high field of vision. They simply didn’t care about anything at the Origin G.o.d realm or below. What they aimed for was the supreme Saint path!

So to them, this dragon pearl left behind by a giant golden dragon held an intense attraction.

Refining the Mountains and Rivers Chapter 1215A – Prize

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Chapter 1215A – Prize

After composing his state of mind, Qin Yu pulled open the courtyard doors and smiled, saying, “Brother Xu has come! If my welcome was lacking, I ask for your forgiveness.”

The first one to rush over was definitely not patient. Xu s.h.i.+ was the son of a Half-Saint and had lived for countless years, but it was difficult for him to change his impulsive instincts. As Xu s.h.i.+ heard this, he squeezed out a smile and said, “Junior-apprentice brother Qin, the reason I came to visit today is because I heard some rumors that are simply…laughable to the extreme, and yet they also involve you as well as Miss Peachy’s reputation. So, I would like to ask you to clarify them so that we can prevent these rumors from spreading further and harming the reputation of the peach garden.”

Qin Yu certainly knew what he meant. He cursed Dragini in his heart once more. Then he deliberately pretended he didn’t know anything and asked, “What rumors? I have been in closed door seclusion so I am not too sure about what is happening outside.”

Xu s.h.i.+ stared at Qin Yu and said, “Haha…it’s actually not anything important. Anyone with a discerning eye would know that such preposterous rumors are made up…cough cough…well, It is about a matter between you and Miss Peachy. The rumors said that the two of you unexpectedly obtained the approval of the Spring Master. This is just ridiculous! What kind of status does the Spring Master have? How could he deign to make a statement on a matter between juniors? He has always doted on Miss Peachy, so he would certainly respect her opinion in choosing a son-in-law, and would never directly interfere. Junior-apprentice brother Qin, don’t you think these rumors are just hilarious?”

Qin Yu lightly coughed. “This matter…” He welcomed Xu s.h.i.+’s eyes and his heart suddenly began to race. He understood that if he said what he was about to say, he would become a s.h.i.+eld!

Right now, Xu s.h.i.+ was reluctantly keeping a smile plastered on his face. But in the next moment, he might leap forward and try to swallow him whole.

“The truth is that this is a misunderstanding. The Spring Master…” Just as Qin Yu spoke up, Dragini came out from the shadows and immediately interrupted him. She said, “Yes, there is a misunderstanding. The Spring Master hasn’t officially announced anything, so what can we say as juniors?”

She side-eyed Qin Yu and said, “I’ve already told you not to give any further explanation, otherwise things will get more and more muddled. After a few days of talking about this, everyone will lose interest.”

Qin Yu nearly vomited blood on her. What kind of bulls.h.i.+t was this? With just these words, I am suddenly accepting everything!?

Not good, this definitely isn’t good!

But before Qin Yu could say anything, the impatient Xu s.h.i.+ who heard this blew up like a firecracker.

What else was there to say? The Dragon Saint’s daughter had been clear in what she said. The rumors were true, and he, a solemn son of a Half-Saint, had been played around with!

“Qin Yu, you villain!”

With a loud roar, he punched at Qin Yu’s head.

Without Qin Yu needing to dodge or avoid, Xu s.h.i.+ was grabbed by the two guards behind him.

“Young master, you cannot hit this person!”

Xu s.h.i.+ had gone ballistic with anger, “Let me go, let me go!”

“What are you all standing there for? Hurry and take the young master away!”

“Go go go!”

Lifting him up and tightly holding his arms and legs, the two Xu Family guards scurried away, disappearing in the blink of an eye. Xu s.h.i.+’s furious roars could be heard echoing from the distance. “Qin Yu, watch your back…you villain…I’ll never forget this!”

Hey, the situation isn’t like this! What are you running away so fast for? Stop and listen to me!

Qin Yu pointed a finger at Dragini, his field of vision flas.h.i.+ng black.

“Don’t be excited, don’t be excited.” Dragini smiled. “Not even the son of a Half-Saint dares to touch you. Tsk tsk, this new status, this new deterrent power, don’t you feel as if a whole new world has opened up for you?”

Qin Yu resisted the urge to curse out loud. This was the East Sea after all, and if the Dragon Saint heard him, he would be in trouble.

He suppressed his voice and roared, “Do you want me to die!?”

This woman had definitely done this on purpose, interfering so that Qin Yu couldn’t give an explanation. Since he couldn’t explain now, no one would believe him in the future. He had already been tossed into the pit.

If he wasn’t careful, there was a chance he could be buried alive and die a miserable death!

Dragini put on an expression of mocking fear. Then she raised an eyebrow at Qin Yu, as if taunting him. Yes, I did this, but what can you do?

Qin Yu wished he could pick Dragini up and blast her to pieces. But if he did this he would definitely die. Moreover, he didn’t have the time to waste on her. Once Xu s.h.i.+ returned, news of this would quickly spread out.

Those elite juniors that had been close and friendly to him before would hate him! In other words, without doing anything, Qin Yu had made enemies from all throughout the world, and every single one of them was incredibly strong.

And this wasn’t the key. The key lay in the Spring Master’s manner.

Although the Spring Master was different from how Qin Yu imagined, this was a matter that involved Peachy and he couldn’t underestimate anything. If he made the slightest mistake, a hand would appear from nowhere and grind him to mush.

Qin Yu took a deep breath and turned around. With a bang, the courtyard doors slammed shut.

Dragini’s eyes lit up. She seemed to have guessed what Qin Yu planned to do next, and she laughed out loud.

Qin Yu, oh Qin Yu, do you dare to confess everything to Peachy? That is no different from seeking death!

She understood Peachy’s personality well. Since Qin Yu had created such a disturbance, he was bound to have a miserable fate.

This would sever any idea Qin Yu had about hitting on Peachy in the future.

Hum hum, other b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were far away from Peachy, but Qin Yu was in the peach garden. A person had to grasp the crux of the situation when handling matters. Without eliminating him first, how could Dragini feel at ease?

As for Qin Yu, he would definitely drag Dragini into his confession. She had already prepared for this. At the right time she would rush in and cry pitifully, saying that she had done all of this in order to help Peachy beat away those loathsome flies.

Hum hum, even that serious incident from back then had been reduced to something almost forgotten. Today would be even less of a problem.

Of course, only when Qin Yu suffered enough hards.h.i.+p would she shove open the doors and watch the fun. She would only feel comfortable after he received a full lecture!

He should have already appeared in front of Peachy’s door. Thinking of this, Dragini’s eyes grew increasingly bright as they flashed with light.

After provoking countless juniors and gaining endless enemies, he would then be angrily scolded by Peachy and gain the dissatisfaction of the Spring Master…Qin Yu, oh Qin Yu, you are too naïve.

From here on out, whether it is in the peach garden or outside, there will be no place for you to find a foothold. You dare to fight with me? This is your fate!

Hu –

Letting out a door, Qin Yu knocked on the door.

Dragini’s guess had been correct. The reason he hurried back was to confess what happened to Peachy and then try to obtain her forgiveness.

With this, even if the Spring Master was furious, the situation wouldn’t be as dire.

That crazy woman Dragini must have already thought about this long ago. There was no way she had peaceful intentions at the start. This time he had been fooled by her.

As Qin Yu clenched his teeth, the door opened from inside. Peachy looked at him with indifference and said, “What is it?”

“Senior-apprentice sister Peachy, I was misled by Dragini and unintentionally did something offensive. I ask for senior-apprentice sister to forgive me.” As Qin Yu was about to explain what happened, he was interrupted by a wave of Peachy’s hand.

“I know.”

These two words caused all of Qin Yu’s prepared words to come to a grinding halt in his throat.

I know…what did that mean?

Could it be…

Qin Yu’s eyes widened.

Peachy said, “Is there anything else?”


Bang –

The door closed. Because he was too shocked, the door almost smacked Qin Yu in the nose. He staggered backwards, taking several steps before he was able to steady himself.

But when he came to a stop, his mind still buzzed.

What did Peachy mean by that?

She knew…did she know what just happened? Or did she know about everything from the start, from the moment Dragini came looking for him?

Since when was Peachy’s cultivation so high? Or was it because of the so-called dao quintessence that Dragini said existed in her?

All sorts of random thoughts raced through Qin Yu’s mind. He spent a great deal of effort before he managed to press them down.

He took a deep breath and rubbed his eyebrows. Then he began to sort out his thoughts. Soon, he came to a conclusion – Peachy wasn’t angry!

Regardless of when she learned about it, that wasn’t the key point. The key point was Peachy’s att.i.tude. It seemed that she…tacitly approved?

Sure enough, for a long time already Peachy had been sick of all those random fellows that rushed over like bees from a beehive, spreading out their feathers like peac.o.c.ks and demonstrating all sorts of self-aggrandizing displays of affection, and everything Qin Yu did was in line with what she wanted.

As Qin Yu thought of this, he relaxed. Since Peachy didn’t lose her temper, then the Spring Master likely wouldn’t investigate this.

After all, this was just a temporary measure and there was nothing substantial behind it. If the Spring Master were to fly into a rage because of this, it would only attract more attention.

This was good. This was definitely good. Even though senior-apprentice sister Peachy was cold and indifferent, she was still a reasonable person!

As for the juniors he offended, even if they were troublesome, it wasn’t much at all.

When Qin Yu agreed to cooperate with Dragini, he already completed preparations for dealing with the anger of these people.

As long as he was still a disciple of the peach garden, who cared if these people were mad at him? Would they actually dare to attack him!?

Taking a step back, even if these people did dare, was he supposed to be scared? Hehe, at that time, it was unknown who would be left crying!

Looking at the closed door, Qin Yu cupped his hands together before leaving.

Refining the Mountains and Rivers Chapter 1215B – Prize

If you are looking for Refining the Mountains and Rivers Chapter 1215B – Prize you are coming to the right place.
Refining the Mountains and Rivers is a Webnovel created by Canteen Buns, 食堂包子.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

Chapter 1215B – Prize

Behind the door, as Peachy listened to the sound of his fading footsteps, she placed a hand on her chest.

Thump –

Thump –

Her heart was beating fast. An unfamiliar emotion shook her being.

Why was she like this?

This wasn’t just because of her racing heart and her emotional shock. It was also because she didn’t grow angry at what Qin Yu did.

She understood her personality the best. She had never been someone who got along with others easily. She had a faint temperament and was never close to people. She maintained a cold and indifferent att.i.tude towards all things in the world.

She had known many of the disciples at the peach garden for a long time, and yet none of them had ever dared to do anything out of the ordinary to her.

Was what Qin Yu did considered out of the ordinary?

Of course it was!

It was so out of the ordinary that it stepped over all reasonable limits!

This was what Peachy didn’t understand. Was it the entanglement of destiny that her father spoke of?

She looked at the divine mesmerizing wine on the table and couldn’t help but think about when she could find a chance to make Qin Yu drink it.

After determining that Peachy wasn’t angry and even tacitly agreed to this, Qin Yu suddenly felt much better, as if his day had brightened. He no longer cared about arguing with Dragini.

To try and seek justice from this woman in the East Sea was far too difficult. But that didn’t matter. They all came from Holy Lands, so there would be many more opportunities in the future to settle this score.

In short, he couldn’t swallow this insult and let things end here…Dragini, just you wait and see!

After returning to his room, Qin Yu had no idea that Dragini had stretched out her neck and was waiting with a sneer outside.

But after waiting and waiting, the courtyard remained silent with no sound coming out.

Could that boy Qin Yu have chickened out? He didn’t go and see Peachy at all? No, his eyes at the time showed his resolve, and this was the best opportunity for him to confess things to Peachy.

She couldn’t figure it out!

After waiting for a while longer, Dragini finally exhausted all her patience and pushed open the courtyard doors, walking in.

The courtyard had spells defending it, but they were useless against Dragini. She knew where Peachy’s room was. After scanning around and not discovering any trace of Qin Yu, she walked over and knocked on the door.

Creak –

The door opened. Peachy furrowed her eyebrows, “What do you want?”

This expression, it didn’t seem right.

Dragini’s heart shook. Her smile brightened and she said, “Big Sister Peachy, I haven’t seen you for several days, so is it a crime if I miss you?”

Peachy said without expression, “So you made up rumors about me?”

Dragini’s smile stiffened. What was this? Qin Yu had already spoken to her? That was impossible, she hadn’t heard anything at all just now!

Did this mean that sinister and despicable boy had already confessed the situation to Peachy? But that wasn’t right. With Peachy’s personality, once she learned about it she would definitely not let them act unreasonably and would try to stifle their plan. It was impossible for her to do nothing.

Dragini was left confused.

Peachy looked at her, “The matter ends here.” She paused and then continued to say, “Stop trying to target Qin Yu.”

Bang –

The door closed shut.

Dragini’s eyes flew open. As she looked at the closed door, she felt her heart ache and a sound spread out.

This was the sound of heartbreak!

Peachy knew everything yet she didn’t say anything at all. Whether she learned of it a long time ago or just now, in Dragini’s eyes it was all the same.

She didn’t lose her temper. Or in other words, she had tacitly agreed to this.

No, Peachy wasn’t like this. She had never been like this.

So why…why…

Peachy never wanted to get entangled in troublesome matters, yet she had taken the initiative to warn Dragini not to target Qin Yu anymore!

Qin Yu…it was Qin Yu!

Dragini clenched her jaws, her teeth grinding together and almost breaking to pieces.

That b.a.s.t.a.r.d! That deceitful sc.u.mbag b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Where can I not compare to that useless little gigolo? Impossible, this was impossible!

Peachy actually liked him!

Dragini turned and stomped away. She rushed over to Qin Yu’s door and wanted to kick it in, but in the end she held back.

Calm. She had to be calm. She could not alert the enemy ahead of time.

She swallowed her frustration and walked away with extreme speed. She feared that if she was any slower, she would change her mind and tear Qin Yu to pieces.

You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I came here to watch a play, and now things got real! With this old lady here, you can forget taking Peachy away from me! I can ignore everyone else, but you, Qin Yu, you must be eliminated!

The red-eyed Dragini had a dismal atmosphere surrounding her as she returned to her palace to silently recuperate. At the same time, she began to prepare a sure-kill strike for Qin Yu.

This time, it didn’t matter what price she had to pay!

Qin Yu originally believed that after Xu s.h.i.+ left, other people would come to cause trouble.

After all, looking at things from their point of view, what he didn’t wasn’t authentic or right.

But facts proved that after Xu s.h.i.+ left, no one came again. The courtyard that had received guests all day long had suddenly become quiet and peaceful.

Who said that those second generation juniors were brainless idiots? As far as Qin Yu could tell, they were all elite cultivators.

Of course, this didn’t rule out that after they confirmed Qin Yu’s status as the ‘peach garden’s son-in-law’, they were just swallowing their anger.

After all, Qin Yu’s status wasn’t one that was easy to mess with!

With no position and no opportunity, would they just try and fight him? It was understandable that the Spring Master would be angered because of that.

But no matter what, he had offended people, and many people at that. Things seemed fine for now, but he wouldn’t have many peaceful days in the future.

The quiet days came to an end four days later.

The East Sea’s Lord Dragon Saint finally woke up from his sleep. The postponed longevity feast was about to begin.

That’s right. The reason that such a large group of people who had rushed over countless miles from all over the vast brightness world to come here had just been waiting all day was because the Dragon Saint had fallen asleep.

No one suggested waking him up. Let alone sleeping for several days, what could they do if he slept for three to five months? If they could wait they would wait. If they couldn’t wait they would figure out a way to wait!

This was a True Saint who had reached the other sh.o.r.e.

After Qin Yu received the notice, he knocked on Peachy’s door. But this time she didn’t immediately come out. After waiting for a long time and receiving no response, he frowned. A foreboding feeling started to rise in his heart. As he prepared himself to forcibly break in, Peachy opened the door.

“What is it?”

Without replying, Qin Yu first looked at her. Her breathing and aura were normal, but for some unknown reason, he felt that there was a change from before.

Exactly what it was, he couldn’t say. He could only suppress it for the time being and not mention it.

He bowed and said, “Senior-apprentice sister Peachy, the Dragon Palace has sent a message saying that the longevity feast will begin today.”

Peachy nodded, “Let’s go.”

He looked over her simple and plain clothes and had a heart to remind her to change. After all, today was the longevity feast of the Dragon Saint. But after thinking about it, from the first time he saw her, Peachy had been wearing this pale pink dress. So, he decided not to say anything.

The Dragon Saint had woken up today, and after waking up he decided to hold the longevity feast. It was definitely hastily done, but the Dragon Palace’s arrangements were smoothly prepared and there wasn’t a single error.

After leaving the courtyard, Peachy and Qin Yu were invited into a carriage. The beasts pulling the carriage were giant seahorses. They were tall and covered with scales that s.h.i.+ned like armor. When one looked at them, their eyes glowed with intelligence.

When Peachy boarded, without her needing to say anything, the four giant seahorses kneeled down, allowing her to board more easily.

When it was Qin Yu’s turn, there was no such treatment. In fact, the four seahorses snorted at him in warning.

This kind of discrimination was too brazen!

For better or worse, he was the Ninth Mister of the peach garden. Could they really take things this far? He began to suspect that this was related to Dragini!

Humph, that woman, she liked to play such small tricks!

With disdain in his heart, he took a seat beside Peachy. Soon he no longer bothered with the four seahorses in front of him. This was because the carriage itself wasn’t completely closed and he could see outside, and those outside were able to see him.

With sounds of greeting, eyes fell on Qin Yu. Although these people laughed joyously, their eyes were filled with dark malice.

They were like a pack of eager beasts with sharp bloodstained fangs, ready to rush out and hunt him!

This wasn’t right. Something definitely wasn’t right. Something must have happened that he wasn’t aware of.

As Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows, Dragini’s carriage approached. She first smiled and greeted Peachy, before turning her eyes to him.

“Junior-apprentice brother Qin, this is my father’s longevity feast. In order to express how much we value the honored guests that have come to join us today, I asked my father to take out a treasure as a prize. Later, you must do your best to succeed. After all, this is the first time that the peach garden’s Ninth Mister has made a public appearance, so you can’t shame yourself!”

Refining the Mountains and Rivers Chapter 1216 – Beat Up

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Chapter 1216 – Beat Up

With just a single sentence, Qin Yu knew that Dragini had no good intentions. This so-called prize was likely some trap she had dug.

This was a simple truth. If someone asked who in the Dragon Palace had the most enemies and was the most hated right now, it would most definitely be Qin Yu.

The previous liveliness of the courtyard where Peachy lived was equivalent to how many people there were waiting to clean him up now. And each and every one of those people was an absolutely powerful character!

They didn’t dare to come over and cause trouble before. First, this was the East Sea Dragon Palace, so they had to have scruples and consider the Dragon Saint’s face. Second, attacking Qin Yu, the supposed son-in-law of the peach garden, without any reason at all, would have dire consequences.

But now a chance had come!

The Dragon Saint had put out a victory prize. Everyone would be furiously competing for it, even if it was just as a show of support. Hands and swords were blind…accidentally hurting someone during battle was a normal matter.

Qin Yu suddenly woke up. No wonder everyone along the way had been looking at him with eagerness and ill intent. It seemed they had already heard about the matter of the prize.

Looking at Dragini, Qin Yu sneered inwardly. No matter how precious the prize was that the Dragon Saint took out, what could they do to him if he didn’t partic.i.p.ate? Could she force him to go on stage?

Sensing Qin Yu’s gaze, Dragini’s smile brightened. Did Qin Yu think that the plan she came up with could be so easily avoided? Hoho, you want to hide like a turtle? You won’t have a chance!

As he grew older, when someone mentioned the word sleep, he would feel sleepy. And for some unknown reason, he fell asleep. Luckily this sleep didn’t last for too long, otherwise the great longevity feast would have been ruined. To be honest, as an old dragon who had lived for an unknown period of years, the Dragon Saint didn’t actually care about events like this longevity feast.

But this time was different. At this longevity feast, there were two little kids worth paying attention to.

The first was Peachy. This little girl’s situation was quite complicated, and the Dragon Saint had no idea what the peach seller was plotting.

The other one was Qin Yu. This boy was good, and letting him stay in the peach garden with the peach seller was just a waste of a good seedling.

With n.o.ble feelings that talented geniuses should not be wasted, the Dragon Saint decided to have him stay behind in the East Sea and mentor him. Qin Yu would have a bright future and wouldn’t waste his talent.

Of course, this matter was still a long way from being successful. But the Dragon Saint was confident that he could squeeze Qin Yu in his hands like putty. This was the East Sea and he was confident in his home stage. Even if that old peach seller came, he could give up any idea of a bargain.

But after waking up and asking around, the Dragon Saint almost had a heart attack. My daughter, if you have nothing to do why are you messing with him? This was a simple matter initially, but after you caused such a mess, so many twists and turns have appeared out of nowhere.

If that peach seller was shameless, he could grab onto this point and say that the East Sea was trying to s.n.a.t.c.h away the peach garden’s son-in-law. At that time, he really would be left with an ugly complexion. This wasn’t good. He had to hurry up. If Dragini messed around again, only the heavens knew what would happen next.

So after the Dragon Saint woke up, he decided to hold the longevity feast immediately.

When Dragini came over and proposed a victory prize as a reward for all the juniors who came to celebrate his longevity feast, the Dragon Saint was able to see through her plan with a single glance.

Originally, he planned to refuse her. The East Sea Dragon Saint only ate and never spat food back out, so how could he give out treasures he had? However, after thinking about it, he changed his mind. This could be considered a chance to further observe Qin Yu.

After all, if the Dragon Saint planned to make him stay behind, he would have to pay a steep price. There was no problem with being a bit more cautious.

If this boy really was worthy and malleable material, then he could firm his resolve. Conversely…he could also make more adjustments in his plan.

Because while that peach seller had a decent character, his fist was still hard. If there weren’t enough benefits, it was best not to provoke him.

The grand hall where the Dragon Saint’s longevity feast was held was truly magnificent and opulent. But right now, Qin Yu wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to such things.

He stared at the jade card in his hand, quietly clenching his jaws. He thought that this little harlot Dragini really was far too vicious!

No wonder she had loudly bragged about her plan of digging a pit for him and didn’t fear that Qin Yu would do something to foil her. It was because from the very start, she had suffocated the possibility of him being able to refuse to partic.i.p.ate.

All of the partic.i.p.ating guests in the longevity feast hall had a jade card in hand. According to the cultivators who presided over the Dragon Palace banquet, the Lord Dragon Saint didn’t like to bother himself with tedious processes. As long as anyone could defeat three opponents in a row, they could win the prize.

One could choose their opponent and they could also be chosen by others. The rules were simple and the efficiency was high. Of course, it wasn’t without loopholes. If everyone cooperated with each other, it wouldn’t be difficult to win three games.

But the question was that in today’s situation, and with a prize that the Dragon Saint himself put out, who would do something so shameful? Putting aside how disgraceful it would be, what if the Dragon Saint ended up annoyed? The losses would not equal the gains then.

Moreover, everyone had another thought in their hearts – they could forget the prize, but Qin Yu had to take a beating! An excellent chance to beat up this villain had appeared right in front of them, and they didn’t need to worry about it being investigated later.

Just thinking about this made them feel comfortable!

The result was that as Qin Yu stood beside Peachy, he already received numerous wicked glares. Their eyes seemed to shoot knives.

There was even a chance to personally do it themselves. While the hall seemed festive and joyful, there were numerous transactions happening in secret.

“Brother Liu, when you challenge Qin Yu, how about you intentionally lose and give him your card?”

“No, no, I want to do it myself!”

“The thing you saw last time at my place, I’ll give you a copy!”


“Three of them!”


The two of them glanced at each other and then looked at Qin Yu, their smiles curving up in an ice-cold smirk.

And similar transactions were happening all over. Xu s.h.i.+ was the most exaggerated; he already came to an agreement with three others.

In other words, as long as things went smoothly, he would be able to challenge Qin Yu four times! Of course, the premise was that Qin Yu had to resist the beatings, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to last and would be knocked to the ground unconscious.

He had to grasp this chance!

If he missed out on such a good opportunity, he would regret it for the rest of his life!

“The Dragon Saint has arrived!”

The people in the grand hall hurriedly stopped talking. They straightened themselves and bowed with deep respect, “We greet the Dragon Saint!”

Bang –

With a dull ringing sound, the Dragon Saint’s dignified voice rang out, “Mm. All of you may rise.”

Qin Yu looked up to see a giant crystal wall which happened to fall on the seat of honor in the grand hall. He had seen this before. Thanks to Peachy, he had gone straight to the sea trench where the Dragon Saint resided, and this was what he had seen.

However, to still bring this crystal wall with him during the longevity banquet, the Dragon Saint’s character was something else.

Could it be that he had some kind of problem and didn’t want others to see his true appearance? Inexplicably, Qin Yu thought back to the little claw mark he saw when he first received the invitation.

Mm…am I tired of living or something? I even dare to guess the little secrets of a True Saint? Hurry up and stop it!

As Qin Yu was about to look away, the giant eyes within the crystal wall suddenly turned. He froze where he stood.

He didn’t know whether it was an illusion, but Qin Yu felt as if the Dragon Saint glanced at him. He just had a thought, but even that had been sensed? The perception of a True Saint was too terrifying!

Qin Yu quickly restrained his thoughts and respectfully lowered his head, doing his best to appear submissive and awed.

He couldn’t provoke him!

The Dragon Saint’s dignified voice continued to ring out, “Today is my longevity feast, so eat well and drink well so that when you go back, those old things don’t say that I have been too harsh to you juniors. My East Sea has always been generous to others and you cannot trust outside rumors. That is everything. So, let the feast begin!”

The lips of countless cultivators in the hall twitched. They thought that they really couldn’t reply to these words.

Who in the world didn’t know that even though you are a true dragon, you are actually inherently greedy for wealth, known as the pinnacle of miserliness?

If it weren’t for this, you wouldn’t have fought with the Spring Master over a single peach. In the end, you were ruthlessly punched away and blackmailed for healing expenses that were deducted from the cost of buying the peach.

So when they heard the Lord Dragon Saint say this, they thought it was hilarious. But no matter how laughable it was, they could only hold themselves back.

The utensils of the East Sea longevity feast were truly precious. Even a casual dish or bowl was enough to praise for a lifetime.

But the things within…how to say, they were definitely good things, but they still had to be divided into different levels.

The solemn East Sea Dragon Saint, someone who stood near the peak of the vast brightness, held a longevity feast with great fanfare and was entertaining guests with these things?

Shabby, it was just too shabby!

But thinking about it, today was the East Sea Dragon Saint’s longevity feast so everyone could understand it. On the surface, they joyously ate and toasted each other, thanking the Dragon Saint for his gracious hospitality.

In short, all their acting skills were on full display.

In contrast to Peachy’s slow and deliberate orderliness, Qin Yu was surprisingly fast. He neatly and quickly finished off the wine and food on his table until most of it was in his stomach. Then, after finis.h.i.+ng his wine cup, he gently placed it back on the table and stood up, whispering a few words into Peachy’s ear.

She furrowed her eyebrows and then nodded once.

Qin Yu was overjoyed. He cupped his hands together and said, “Thank you, senior-apprentice sister.”

He turned and left!

What nonsense, today’s longevity feast was clearly a slaughter feast and he was the dish that everyone wanted to try.

If he didn’t try to flee as soon as possible despite being well aware of his situation, wouldn’t he be stupid?

Leave, he had to leave!

If I’m not here, even if you want to do something you won’t be able to find a target.