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Chapter 536: Possession

“Move to where?” Ji Yinbing did not notice anything different about him because his expression was always cold,

Ji Yinbing realized that her master’s voice had become colder. As she thought, perhaps her request had violated his dignity as the master. She lowered her head and said softly, “Move to the school.”

Yan Nuo stared at Ji Yinbing with a complicated gaze. He understood that as long as he said no, Ji Yinbing would definitely stay at home. However, he also thought that it was a good thing for Ji Yinbing to move out. If he didn’t see her, he would forget about her.

Those thoughts that he should not have would eventually disappear. In the end, all the impetuousness would return to calm.

Yan Nuo hummed expressionlessly.

Seeing Ji Yinbing’s relaxed expression, he was especially unhappy.

Did she really want to move away that badly?

The man who had already agreed to Ji Yinbing’s request suddenly changed his mind. He said, “You can move to the school, but you have to come back for the holidays.”

Ji Yinbing frowned and thought for a moment.

She was unwilling.

She knew that Miss Vera did not like her. In order not to affect Miss Vera’s relations.h.i.+p with her master, she had to move as far away as possible. Out of sight, out of mind. Miss Vera would definitely love her master well. Ji Yinbing wanted to reject him, but when she looked up and met Yan Nuo’s cold and heartless eyes, all the words that she wanted to say were gone.


She had a feeling that if she dared to reject him, her master might not allow her to go to school.

That would not do.

Seeing that she agreed, Yan Nuo was willing to give up.

The next morning, Ji Yinbing carried her packed luggage to school.

La Pu realized that since that Bing had left the house, Young Master had been standing at the window, looking in the direction of the front door. What was he thinking?

La Pu was shocked at the thought of some possibility.

No way. Bing was untouchable…

La Pu his head and thought to himself, I must be overthinking this. Young Sir and Miss Vera are in love. How could he like that Bing…

In university, there were still not many girls. Ji Yinbing was not even sixteen years old, and she was the youngest person in the school. She did not make friends and was studying all day, almost forgetting to sleep and eat. As promised, after the holidays, Ji Yinbing returned home to stay.

Even though they would go home for a day every few days, Yan Nuo and Ji Yinbing barely met.

When she came back, either Yan Nuo had taken on a mission and left or Yan Nuo had something on. Occasionally, Yan Nuo happened to be at home when he was free, but Ji Yinbing had something on in school. Therefore, almost a year had pa.s.sed, but the two of them had never met!

Even Yan Yu was staying less and less at home. She was always running around the world.

Yan Nuo actually felt lonely.

It was Christmas in the West.

India had its own religious culture. Everyone was a believer. They didn’t care about Christmas in the West at all. They had all kinds of holidays in their country too. There was almost one holiday every few days. Most of these holidays are related to religion and politics.

Yan Nuo asked the high-tech research team under his name to create a chat software for him and name it OK. He sent the OK software to a few of his most trusted friends, who were all friends he had met at the Mensa Club.

Everyone joined the group.

At this moment, Yan Nuo was not as cold as he used to be.

He watched everyone enter. Every time they entered, he would greet them like they were greeting a host.

Zhuang Long had already joined this group…

Suzanne had joined the group…

After waiting for a while, Yan Nuo said, “I got someone to develop this software. It’s just an internal chat software for us. Everyone can speak freely on it.” Yan Nuo spoke in English.

Suzanne then said: [You didn’t invite An?]

Yan Nuo: [I did, but he didn’t agree.]

Zhuang Long: [Fang Yusheng was in Thailand a few days ago and almost died. He’s back in the Fang family now. The last time I went to look for him, I realized that he…] Zhuang Long sent a long ellipsis. In the end, he said: [I’m very worried about him.]

Suzanne: [Can his eyes really be cured?]

Zhuang Long: [It’s very risky.]

Yan Nuo: [The next time I go to China, I’ll visit him.]

Suzanne: [Okay.]

Zhuang Long: [Yan Nuo, come and give me a red packet.]

Yan Nuo: [Why not give one to me?]

Zhuang Long: [You don’t celebrate Christmas in India but it’s Christmas here. I’m already hanging socks at the head of the bed. Hurry up and give out red packets!]

Suzanne: [Red packet! Red packet!]

Yan Nuo: [A group of greedy wolves!]

His hand trembled as he sent two random red packets.

Zhuang Long and Suzanne opened it almost at the same time.

Suzanne: [Thank you. Picture attached.jpg] Yan Nuo opened Suzanne’s screenshot and saw that she had s.n.a.t.c.hed more than 5,000 yuan.

Zhuang Long also sent a screenshot.

Zhuang Long: [F*ck!]

Yan Nuo opened the photo and saw that he had s.n.a.t.c.hed about five yuan.

Yan Nuo: [… Congratulations.]

Suzanne: [Character determines luck.]

Yan Nuo chatted with them for a while before leaving the app.

He looked out of the window at the scorching sun and thought of something. He suddenly stood up and left home with his car keys.

Ji Yinbing left the library with her bag containing the books she had borrowed from the library. She rode her bike back to the dormitory and from afar, she saw a familiar SUV parked under the dormitory building. It was Yan Nuo’s Hummer.

Ji Yinbing was stunned.

Was her master looking for her?

Yan Nuo saw Ji Yinbing from the rearview mirror.

She was sitting on her bicycle and had clearly seen his car, but she did not come over immediately.

What was she hesitating about? What was she afraid of?

Through the rearview mirror, Yan Nuo sized up the graceful figure with a greedy gaze. She was actually wearing Ji Yinbing was wearing a white s.h.i.+rt and blue jeans. She did not know when it started, but the s.h.i.+rt that used to look empty around her chest was now a little elevated.

This little slave slowly grew up.

Her beauty was about to be exposed. Soon, other people would discover her beauty. Yan Nuo suddenly grabbed the steering wheel with so much strength that the leather gloves on the steering wheel creaked. On his handsome but cold face, his expression was dark and scary.

After thinking for a moment, Ji Yinbing still walked towards him.

She knocked on Yan Nuo’s car window.

After two seconds, the car window rolled down. The person in the car had a cold gaze and a calm expression. There was no trace of the maliciousness and ruthlessness. Yan Nuo turned to look at Ji Yinbing and said, “Please take a few days off. We’re going to a faraway place.”

If it was in the past, Ji Yinbing would definitely run after him without a word.

But the current Ji Yinbing was no longer that little girl.

She hesitated for a moment before asking, “Just the two of us?”

Her question made Yan Nuo unhappy..

Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother Chapter 539 – Ten Years of Drinking Ice Cannot Cool YOur Hot Blood

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Chapter 539: Ten Years of Drinking Ice Cannot Cool YOur Hot Blood

The lake surface of the wetland was indeed not frozen. They stood by the road, but when they saw the rising fog on the lake, and the camphor trees by the lake were hung with icicles, Ji Yinbing reached out and asked the guide, “Can I get an icicle?” This was the first time Ji Yinbing spoke to the local guide.

This was the first time Yan Nuo heard Ji Yinbing speak English. Her English was especially accurate.

The tour guide nodded. “Sure.”

Ji Yinbing tiptoed and took down an ice cone. She played with the ice cone and suddenly asked the tour guide, “Uncle, what does ‘Yin Bing’ mean?”

The uncle said, “According to ancient texts, ‘Yin Bing’ in Chinese means fear and anxiety. However, Mr. Liang Qichao once said a very famous saying, ‘Ten years of drinking ice cannot cool your hot blood’.” The tour guide said the last eight words in Chinese.

Yan Nuo and Ji Yinbing understood Chinese and could speak it.

The tour guide did not know that they could understand Chinese, so he enthusiastically explained the meaning of this in English. “It literally means that even after decades of drinking ice, you can’t lose your hot blood.”

Ji Yinbing remained silent for a long time.

She did not know why her mother had chosen this name for her.

Even decades of drinking ice could not cool her blood. Was she referring to her ideals or her love for someone?

Ji Yinbing subconsciously looked at the safety rope on her wrist. She handed the rope to the guide and asked, “Uncle, do you know the words on this?”

The guide looked at it and nodded. He said, “The word on the left is ice, and the word on the right is Yue.”

“My mother’s name is Ji Yue.”

Ji Yinbing suddenly realized that this Chinese word “Bing” was probably referring to a man.

So Mom had always loved someone in her heart. There was a “Bing” word in that person’s name.

“Life is fleeting, and you won’t forget your original love.” Ji Yinbing suddenly said.

When the tour guide heard this, he clapped his hands and praised, “That’s true!” He asked Ji Yinbing, “Miss, are you Chinese?”

“My mother is.”

“So you’re half Chinese. This is your maternal grandmother’s house.”

Ji Yinbing did not understand what the word ‘grandmother’ meant. The tour guide explained with a smile, “It’s grandmother.”

Only then did she understand. “Well, yes.” She looked at the mist that curled around the lake in front of her. The great river and mountains seemed even more beautiful because of her mother. “I love this country.” Just as she loved her mother.

Yan Nuo remained silent.

He had been savoring the saying that it was hard to cool his blood after drinking ice for ten years.

Did it mean that as long as a person had determination and perseverance, no matter how difficult it was, it could not stop his determination to do something?

Ji Yinbing, who was bent on taking the Harvard exam, managed to do so.

Then… What about him?

They could watch the sunset from the top of the mountain. They had returned from the wetlands just as the sun was about to set. The three of them climbed to the top of the mountain together. Ji Yinbing stood behind Yan Nuo. Yan Nuo looked at the distant sunset s.h.i.+ning on the continuous white birch trees. All the trees with icicles hanging from them were dyed orange with the sea of snow.

At this moment, Yan Nuo heard Ji Yinbing say something behind him. She said something strange in Chinese, but it was filled with poetic emotion. She said, “The moon on the sea is the moon in the sky.”

Yan Nuo turned around and looked at her. “What did you say just now?”

Ji Yinbing shook her head and said with a smile, “I’m just wondering how beautiful this place would be if the moon was out.”

“It will look even better.” The person who spoke was the tour guide. He took out his phone and handed it to Yan Nuo and Ji Yinbing. He opened the photo alb.u.m and said as he searched, “I took this before. Here, look.”

He clicked on the photo and Ji Yinbing and Yan Nuo came over to take a look at the same time.

The cold moonlight shone on the snow, making the night here even colder.

It was indeed beautiful, but it would also be very cold.

Ji Yinbing said, “Beautiful.”

Yan Nuo remained silent.

They returned to the hotel and their respective rooms. Ji Yinbing carried her bathrobe to take a shower. She turned on the hot water, which drenched her body and caressed her hair, pores, and fingers. She suddenly threw back her fluffy hair, hugged her knees, and squatted in the bathroom.

The suppressed sobs circled the small bathroom.

Next door, Yan Nuo sat by the window and looked at the people cooking barbecue downstairs.

He looked deep in thought.

They only stayed here for a day before going to Lake Hulunbelle. When they arrived, Ji Yinbing realized that Lake Hulunbelle was actually two lakes. Lake Hulun was very big and Lake Belle was very small, but they were both very beautiful. They stayed here for a day and returned to Binjiang City the next day.

When they arrived at Binjiang City, Ji Yinbing felt as if she had returned to the embrace of the sun. Compared to River City, the weather in Binjiang City was simply a breeze.

On the flight back to the country, Yan Nuo and Ji Yinbing sat side by side, but neither of them spoke.

After getting off the plane, they resumed their status as master and servant.

Yan Nuo sent Ji Yinbing to school.

She got out of Yan Nuo’s car and walked into the school gate. She saw Vera standing in front of her with a small bag and a rose-red short skirt. Vera looked at her expressionlessly with disdain.

She stared at Ji Yinbing as if she was looking at a piece of smelly meat.

Ji Yinbing was still carrying the things she had brought back from China. There were clothes and local specialties.

Vera looked at the things in her hands and her eyes turned cold.

Ji Yinbing paused for a moment before walking forward and greeting her respectfully, “Miss Vera.”

Vera suddenly reached out and grabbed the two bags in Ji Yinbing’s hand.

She threw all of the items on the ground and stomped on them with her foot. However, Vera still wasn’t appeased. She even spat on them.

Ji Yinbing looked at the pink coat that was covered in mud.

She clenched her fists tightly and kept reminding herself that this person was the person her master liked. She could not do anything to embarra.s.s her master.

Seeing that Ji Yinbing could only be anxious but did not dare to refute, Vera felt better. She looked at Ji Yinbing and her foot landed on a scarf. She mocked Ji Yinbing, “You’re like the clothes I’m stepping on. You only have the right to be trampled on by me.”

Ji Yinbing’s lips quivered.

Vera continued, “Brother Yan Nuo is not a man you can dream of. You should take your ident.i.ty seriously. You’re his slave, and you’re destined to clean his shoes. Don’t try to warm his bed.” Seeing Ji Yinbing’s face turn pale, Vera’s mood improved.

“A commoner is a commoner. Do you really think you’re different from the rest if Brother Yan Nuo treats you kindly? In your life, you’ve been stained with the blood of a commoner. Let’s not talk about the fact that Brother Yan Nuo doesn’t like you at all. Even if he does, he won’t openly go against the entire upper-cla.s.s society for you..”