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Chapter 537: Don’t Be So Cruel to Me

Was she not planning to go if there were only the two of them?

Yan Nuo wanted to say yes, but just as he was about to open his mouth, he saw Ji Yinbing’s eyes. Those brown eyes were filled with alienation and calmness. Yan Nuo clearly realized that if he dared to nod, Ji Yinbing would find an excuse to reject him.

She was already sensible enough to know that Vera didn’t like her. She knew how to avoid suspicion.

Such an obedient and sensible Ji Yinbing made Yan Nuo’s chest tighten.

Yan Nuo’s words changed. “There are others.”

Ji Yinbing nodded.


Three hours later, the two of them appeared at the airport in Mumbai.

It was Ji Yinbing’s first time on a plane, and she didn’t know how to do security checks. She followed closely behind Yan Nuo the entire time. She looked very similar to when she first arrived at the Yan family when she was young.

Yan Nuo stared at the little tail behind him and his restless heart started to calm down again.

When they got on the plane, Ji Yinbing did not see any of his friends, so she braced herself and asked Yan Nuo, “Master, where are the others you mentioned?”

Yan Nuo said in a m.u.f.fled voice, “It’s Suzanne from Sweden. She’s a friend of mine. We agreed to meet in Binjiang City.”

Yes, their destination for this flight was Binjiang City.

Ji Yinbing did not know what they were going to Binjiang City for, but wherever Yan Nuo asked her to go, even if it was a mountain of knives or a sea of flames, she would not refuse.

Seeing that Yan Nuo was about to rest, Ji Yinbing stopped disturbing him.

The plane arrived at Binjiang City. The moment the plane landed, Ji Yinbing, who was wearing a short-sleeved s.h.i.+rt, s.h.i.+vered from the cold.

“It’s so cold!”

Ji Yinbing, who was overseas for the first time, was frozen into a popsicle.

Mumbai was hot all year round.

As for Binjiang City, the coldest time during winter could be as low as -2 degrees Celsius, and the warmest time was only 7-8 degrees Celsius. In the late winter, the average temperature of the day was about three degrees Celsius. Ji Yinbing wore short sleeves, so it would be strange if she wasn’t cold.

Yan Nuo was already prepared. When he got off the plane, he put on a down jacket.

Seeing that Ji Yinbing was so cold that her teeth were chattering, and the people around her were looking at her as if they were looking at someone invincible. Yan Nuo stood behind her and looked at her trembling body. He had ten thousand urges to walk up and lock Ji Yinbing in his wide down jacket.

But he couldn’t do that.

He could not break all the peace.

He squatted down and opened the zipper of the box. He took out a long down jacket and threw it to Ji Yinbing.

“Put it on.”

Ji Yinbing took the down jacket with trembling hands.

She thanked Yan Nuo before putting it on.

After putting on the down jacket, Ji Yinbing realized that the size of the jacket suited her very well. She could not help but think to herself. “Did Master specially buy this for her?”

Yan Nuo didn’t explain and brought her out of the airport.

They took a taxi to the hotel. Along the way, Ji Yinbing turned her head to look out of the car window. Even though it was cold, she still rolled down the car window. She looked at the scenery outside the window with a shocked expression. She was a little nervous, probably because of homesickness.

Her gaze swept across the tall buildings and the well-dressed children. She saw a group of boys and girls in their teens strolling along the streets, chatting and laughing. She did not know what the boy said to anger the girl, but the girl raised her leg and kicked the boy’s calf.

Not only was the boy not angry, he even leaned his head towards the girl with a mischievous smile.

This was a scene that could be seen everywhere on the streets of Binjiang City.

However, in India, this was an unimaginable scene.

Ji Yinbing grabbed the red rope around her wrist and said softly, “You lied to me.”

Yan Nuo heard her voice.

“Yes?” He was confused.

“What did I lie to you about?”

Ji Yinbing lowered her head and looked at the red string. She said, “This country is clearly heaven.” Her eyes were a little red. She yearned to live like the girls in this country. She could play with the boys she liked and do what she wanted.

Yan Nuo felt terrible.

He was on the top of India’s pyramid. His days were very blissful. He knew how difficult the lives of the poor and lowly people in India were, but he had never personally experienced it. Without experiencing it, he could not feel it himself. Naturally, after seeing the scene of the men and women fighting on the streets of Binjiang City, his emotions did not change.

However, Ji Yinbing was different. The family and environment she was in constantly told her that girls had to respect boys, girls could not touch boys and girls were born to serve men.

Yan Nuo couldn’t help but touch Ji Yinbing’s hair.

Ji Yinbing was a little stunned. She quickly said, “Master, quickly remove your hand.”

Yan Nuo remained motionless.

Ji Yinbing looked at him in a daze and suddenly said, “Master, you’re torturing me like this.” He was the high and mighty master. He was always like this. When he wanted to give her warmth, he would give her warmth. When he wanted to stay away from her, he would stay away from her.

He was… too cruel.

If he couldn’t give her what she wanted, then he shouldn’t give her hope. Ji Yinbing looked up at Yan Nuo’s cold side profile and said to him sadly, “Master, don’t be so cruel to me.”

Yan Nuo was shocked.

His pupils were constricted.

He thought that Ji Yinbing did not understand those things.

It turned out that she had already sensed the change in his mental state over the past year.

Yan Nuo was ashamed.

He retracted his hand. There seemed to be Ji Yinbing’s warmth on his fingers.

Yan Nuo rubbed his fingers and waited for the warmth to turn cold before saying, “Okay.”

Hearing this, Ji Yinbing lowered her eyes.

No one could guess what she was thinking.

When the car arrived at the hotel, Yan Nuo brought Ji Yinbing to a room. He had booked a suite, the kind with two beds. One was a big bed inside and the other was a small bed outside. Ji Yinbing was quite dissatisfied with such a room. She said, “Can’t we change rooms?”

Yan Nuo said, “There are many people here. The rooms are booked.”


Ji Yinbing had never doubted Yan Nuo’s words.

When Yan Nuo went to take a shower, his phone rang.

Ji Yinbing walked in and saw that the caller was Vera.

She didn’t touch the phone. When Yan Nuo came out, she said, “Miss Vera called just now.”

When Yan Nuo, who was drying his hair, heard this, he suddenly tilted his head to look at Ji Yinbing. Seeing that Ji Yinbing’s expression was natural and he was lowering his head to tidy up his things, he suddenly laughed at himself. What was he looking forward to?

Yan Nuo closed the door to make a call.

A moment later, the door opened and Yan Nuo walked out. He said to Ji Yinbing, “Suzanne called.”

“She’s here?” Ji Yinbing stood up and asked.

Yan Nuo shook his head but said, “She had something on at the last minute and couldn’t come.”

Ji Yinbing never doubted Yan Nuo’s words..

Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother Chapter 540 – Let Him Wipe My Foot and Warm My Bed

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Chapter 540: Let Him Wipe My Foot and Warm My Bed

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Do you know Snow?”

Ji Yinbing knew Snow, the man who had been chased away by his family several years ago because he had married a lowly girl.

Vera said, “You probably don’t know. After Snow eloped with that girl, he abandoned the commoner and child not long after because he couldn’t stand being poor and looked down on. He had already returned to his family a few days ago. Bing, no high-cla.s.s boy would really like a commoner! Even if he did, it would only be temporary.”

Ji Yinbing listened quietly, feeling desolate.

However, she was not defeated by Vera’s words.

A faint smile appeared on Ji Yinbing’s usually cold face.

The smile on Ji Yinbing’s face made her look confident.

She said to Vera, “You came specially to find me today and specially told me these things. You deliberately stepped on my clothes to slander me. Why?”

Seeing Vera’s eyes flash and her expression sink, Ji Yinbing’s smile became even more dazzling.

That smile made her look exceptionally charming.

“Isn’t it because you’re afraid of me? You’re afraid that Master will fall in love with me, you’re afraid that you’ll lose to a lowly commoner like me. Why are you afraid?” Ji Yinbing said bluntly. “Because you know better than anyone that in Master’s heart, I’m more important than you!”

She was clearly a girl with a charming smile and cold facial features, but the words that came out of her mouth were sharp and hurtful.

Ji Yinbing was completely faking it. She actually knew very well that her master had no love for her.

However, she understood Vera’s thoughts.

She knew that her words would definitely hit what Vera cared about.

In fact, she was right. Vera was right.

Vera smiled cruelly. Her smile was no longer elegant and arrogant, but was instead filled with anger, making her face look ferocious. “Lowly peasant! Have you forgotten your status? What right do you have to speak to me like this?!”

Vera pretended to hit her.

Ji Yinbing easily dodged.

Vera’s slap did not even touch Ji Yinbing’s hair.

“I didn’t let you hit me because I’m untouchable.” Ji Yinbing walked behind Vera and said softly, “It’s because I despise you. If you touch me, I’ll feel dirty!”

Vera’s expression changed.

This lowly commoner was completely different from the submissive girl she knew.

She had always been obedient in front of Yan Nuo.

When had she ever been so sharp-tongued?

Could this be the true face of this lowly person?

Vera turned around and looked at Ji Yinbing with a probing gaze. Ji Yinbing let her size her up. She looked at the pile of clothes on the ground with anger in her eyes. Her master had bought them for her…

Taking a deep breath, Ji Yinbing said, “Miss Vera, you’re mistaken about something.”

Vera looked at her cautiously and said nothing.

She heard Ji Yinbing say in a cold and steady voice, “Someone destined to only wipe Master’s feet is indeed not qualified to have the dream of warming his bed.”

She turned to look at Vera.

Ji Yinbing, who was only 16 years old, was actually as tallas Vera.

The little girl that she had once looked down on had already gained the ability to fight back.

Ji Yinbing’s face was filled with pride that did not match her status and age. She said, “However, no one has stipulated that I, Ji Yinbing, can only be that person who wipes someone else’s feet in this lifetime! One day, I will become someone above others. One day, I will have the right to warm my bed for my master!”

“Not only that, I want him to wipe my feet and hands personally to warm my bed!”

Ji Yinbing boasted.

With that, her heart raced.

She had to admit that she felt extremely good seeing Vera’s expression change.

Vera was speechless.

She pointed at Ji Yinbing and was so angry that she wanted to hit her. However, when she thought of the difference in their skills, she could only give up. She wanted to scold her, but she was not as eloquent as Ji Yinbing.

She could only suffer in silence and leave angrily.

After Vera left, Ji Yinbing bent down and picked up her clothes.

She gently patted off the dust on her clothes, but how could it be so easy to remove the mud and dust? What Vera had said just now had still left a mark on Ji Yinbing. She also understood that even if Yan Nuo loved her, there was no way he could be with her.

The difference in their statuses was too great.

Ji Yinbing used the phone from the dormitory to call the Yan family. She was not surprised to know that Yan Nuo had not returned home yet. When she was about to hang up, Ji Yinbing suddenly asked La Pu, “Butler La Pu, do you know Snow?”

La Pu was stunned for a moment. For a moment, his mind was racing.

When he spoke again, there was more meaning in his words. He nodded and said, “I heard that Snow has returned to the family and abandoned his wife and child. I heard that he’s going to marry the daughter of the Qiaohan family in the next few days.”

After answering, he did not hear Ji Yinbing speak. La Pu pretended not to know and even asked, “Bing, why are you asking about him?”

“Nothing. I just remembered.”

Ji Yinbing hung up the phone and returned to the bed. She sat down and started thinking uncontrollably.

Yan Nuo reached home the moment the call ended.

He saw La Pu standing by the phone and asked him, “Did someone call?”



“…Bing.” La Pu saw that Yan Nuo, who had been calm a moment ago, had a serious expression when he heard this name. They had just separated when she called. Did something happen? “What did she say?”

Young Sir’s tone was really urgent.

La Pu thought to himself that his previous guesses were probably true.

He thought about it and hid the fact that Ji Yinbing had asked about Snow. He only said, “She just wanted to ask if you were home.”

“Oh.” Yan Nuo visibly relaxed.

Yan Nuo and Vera went to attend the marriage between Snow and the Qiaohan family. At the wedding, Snow smiled very happily. He had probably completely forgotten about the mother and daughter he abandoned. Beside him, Vera casually mentioned, “In the past, Snow also thought that he would love that woman for the rest of his life. Three years gave him the answer.”

The person beside her said disdainfully, “A lowly person is a lowly person. I wonder how Snow took a fancy to that person.”

Samit, who was sitting at the same table, said, “That mother and daughter are quite pitiful. Snow is too much. If he could have been aware of his feelings, he wouldn’t have had to ruin someone else’s


The person beside Vera said, “It’s that cheap person who seduced him!”

Samit shut up.

Yan Nuo seriously considered Samit’s words.

He ruined someone’s life because he was not aware of his feelings…

Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother Chapter 538 – You’re Lying

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Chapter 538: You’re Lying

She felt sorry for Suzanne.

Yan Nuo turned around and held his phone. His eyes shone with a strange light.

That night, Ji Yinbing ate her first Chinese meal of her life.

Yan Nuo didn’t know much about Chinese food. He ordered all the signature dishes in the restaurant. The table in the restaurant wasn’t that big, so the shopkeeper had to put together a table to serve them. Seeing that Ji Yinbing was still standing, Yan Nuo said to her, “Sit down. This isn’t India. We can sit at the same table.”

Yin Bing believed this firmly.

She sat down.

When they were waiting for the dishes, Yan Nuo kept sizing Ji Yinbing up. He realized that this was the first time they had eaten together after knowing each other for so many years.

Ji Yinbing was very curious about this country.

There were ink paintings hanging on the wall of the dining room. They were lotus flowers and chrysanthemums. Everything Ji Yinbing saw was fresh. She had been looking around in the room, but she politely did not touch anything. She waited for the dishes to come up and stared at them again.

“My mother used to tell me that Chinese food is especially delicious.”

Yan Nuo nodded. “Yes, it’s delicious.”

All the dishes were served. Ji Yinbing waited for Yan Nuo to start eating before moving her chopsticks. Her eyes widened slightly with every bite. She swore that this was the best meal she had ever eaten in her life. She suddenly said, “If only I could marry a Chinese man.”

Yan Nuo suddenly felt that the Chinese perch in his mouth was a little sour.

He calmly picked up his gla.s.s and took a sip.

“Why do you think so?” he asked casually.

Ji Yinbing was a little embarra.s.sed. She lowered her head and said, “China is good. The food is delicious, the security is good, and the economy is developing well. If I find a Chinese man, I can eat Chinese food every day.” Just thinking about it made Ji Yinbing so happy that she wanted to bubble with joy.

For some reason, Yan Nuo said, “I know how to make Chinese food.”

“Is that so!”

Ji Yinbing was shocked. She pointed at a red pork ribs in front of her and asked Yan Nuo, “Master, what dish is this?”

Yan Nuo stared at the plate of food. The red bones were decorated with green broccoli. He looked at it for a while and said, “This dish is called red pork ribs and broccoli.”

Ji Yinbing took a look and said, “You’re lying. This dish is clearly called sweet and sour pork.”

Yan Nuo was speechless.

“How did you know?”

Ji Yinbing said, “I’ve read about Chinese delicacies. The book says that sweet and sour pork ribs are a famous home-cooked dish in China. It’s very delicious.” Ji Yinbing picked up a piece of pork rib and took a bite. It was sour, sweet, and especially delicious.

When she looked at Yan Nuo again, her gaze seemed a little… disdainful.

Of course, she could only secretly despise him.

The second leader who lost to sweet and sour pork ribs was speechless.

After dinner, they strolled around the lively streets for a while. It was the 26th and Christmas had just ended. The Christmas trees in the shop and the festive decorations on the street had not been removed. Ji Yinbing knew about Christmas, but she did not know that China also celebrated Christmas.

“My mother said that the biggest festival in China is the New Year. If Christmas is so lively, won’t the New Year be even more lively?”

Yan Nuo had not spent the New Year in China, so he was not sure.

“Next time, you can come and take a look.”

Ji Yinbing did not reply.

Who knew if there would be a next time?

In the end, Yan Nuo brought Ji Yinbing to buy some clothes.

There were many styles of clothes in the mall. The clothes here were completely different from the clothes in the mall in India. The women in India wore more saris. Even if there were some fas.h.i.+onable socialites who were dressed fas.h.i.+onably, that was still a minority. Most shops sold local clothes.

However, the mall here sold different types of clothes. There were cheongsams, modern dresses, and occasionally, a shop selling Chinese clothes.

Ji Yinbing had rarely worn sandals in recent years. She could no longer wear the two sets of clothes that were made for her when she first entered the Yan family. After that, she had always worn clothes that Yan Yu did not want. All these years, she had never bought new clothes herself.

Yan Nuo brought her into a women’s clothing shop.

He asked the salesperson to pick some clothes for Ji Yinbing.

She was a sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl dressed in youthful and fas.h.i.+onable clothes that were not mature. The shop a.s.sistant sized up Ji Yinbing and picked out a pair of white tight pants, a white velvet sweater, and a pink woolen coat for her.

Ji Yinbing had never worn pink clothes before. She hugged the clothes and was a little hesitant.

Yan Nuo only said two words. “Go change.”

Hence, Ji Yinbing carried her clothes into the changing room.

A few minutes later, Ji Yinbing walked out of the changing room.

Yan Nuo had been standing at the door the entire time. When he saw the brand new Ji Yinbing, he was a little stunned. He didn’t praise Ji Yinbing for her beauty. Yan Nuo said to the shop a.s.sistant, “Follow this size and come up with a few more sets.”

The sales a.s.sistant immediately did as she was told.

Ji Yinbing was about to take off her clothes when Yan Nuo stopped her. “Just wear this.”

They left the clothing shop with large and small bags. Yan Nuo brought Ji Yinbing to buy a few pairs of shoes, sports shoes, flat boots, and snow boots. When they returned to the hotel in the car, Ji Yinbing was still thinking about the price of these clothes. Just the coat on her body, when converted into rupees, was enough for an ordinary family to live for a month.

She felt that her clothes were a little heavy. What made her feel even heavier was everything Yan Nuo had done for her.

She thought that she had to work harder and be successful in the future to repay Yan Nuo.

Suzanne did not come. Ji Yinbing thought that they would return to China the next day. In the end, Yan Nuo said that their destination was not Binjiang City at all. Binjiang City was just a transit place. Their final destination was Lengji Village in Inner Mongolia River City.

That’s right, they were going to a village!

He and Ji Yinbing took an off-road vehicle to get to Lengji Village. The ground here was covered in a layer of ice, and their wheels were covered in iron chains. They still slipped a few times. Fortunately, they arrived at Lengji Village safely in the end.

Lengji Village was really cold.

The moment Ji Yinbing got out of the car, she s.h.i.+vered. Yan Nuo got out of the car behind her. He took out his cigarette and subconsciously took out a lighter to light it. Only then did he realize that the liquid in the lighter had frozen.

Yan Nuo was speechless.

Ji Yinbing felt that this place was extremely beautiful.

This was the first time she saw snow. Ji Yinbing had only seen it in books before. Only when she saw it with her own eyes did she realize that books and cameras could not explain the true beauty of snow. They first went to the hotel, and this time, Yan Nuo booked two single rooms.

Their rooms were next to each other. Ji Yinbing changed into warmer clothes and went to eat with Yan Nuo at the local farmhouse before setting off to admire the river and wetlands. On the way, the private tour guide kept introducing them to the area in English.

Through the introduction, Ji Yinbing learned that the wetlands here would not freeze even in bad weather at -58 degrees Celsius..

Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother Chapter 543 – Hug

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Chapter 543: Hug

Translator: Atlas Studios | Editor: Atlas Studios

This mercenary group had long changed dynasties. Batches of fresh blood had

been poured in. The group of people who had once been loyal to Vera’s father,

Neya, had long retired or died. The current Black Fiend Mercenary Group was

dominated by the Yan siblings.

Their words were like an imperial edict.

The entry of Vera, the daughter of one of the former founders, was an outsider

to these mercenaries and was not welcomed.

After half a day of battle, a new victor was borm.

That person was called Xiao Fengyi. It was said that he was kidnapped by

human traffickers and sold to this country when he was young. Later on, he

was saved by Yan Yu. Although Xiao Fengyi was not tall and st.u.r.dy, Vera, who

had watched him fight with other people, turned pale when she saw him.

This person had successfully defeated all the challengers.

Vera subconsciously looked at his hands. His hands could easily break her neck.

Vera swallowed and said softly, “L.. I volunteer to be a logistician.”

Xiao Fengyi was speechless.

He was already done warming up, but she was going to run away?

Yan Nuo and Yan Yu looked at each other speechlessly.

Vera’s days as a logistician in the Black Fiend Mercenary Group were not easy.

Logistics would also go out on missions sometimes. She had to learn first aid

treatment and the easiest way to shoot and use weapons. When Vera was

enslaved by the entire mercenary group, Ji Yinbing did not idle around.

On this day, Ji Yinbing returned.

On the day she returned, Yan Nuo did not go on a mission. This day was neither

a festival nor a holiday.

When Yan Yu found him, Yan Nuo was doing sit-ups on the double bars. He

had done about 200 of them, and his breathing was a little chaotic. Yan Yu’s

face was magnified in front of Yan Nuo.

Yan Nuo sat up when he was done.


He looked at Yan Yu standing in front of him.

Yan Yu rarely took the initiative to look for him. Once she did, there must be

something going on.

Yan Nuo asked her, “Why are you looking for me?”

Yan Yu’s words were directed upwards and she sat dowm beside Yan Nuo. She

placed her legs on another pole and said, “Bingbing is back.”

In the years that Yan Nuo had been studying in the military academy at West

Point, Ji Yinbing’s relations.h.i.+p with Yan Yu had improved immensely.

In private, Yan Yu called her Bingbing very affectionately

Yan Nuo was a little dazed.

It had been almost three months since he last saw Ji Yinbing.

She’s home?


Yan Nuo hesitated.

He didn’t know if he should see her.

Yan Yu suddenly said, “1I think she seems very happy and can’t wait to share

something with someone.”

Yan Nuo imagined that scene.

He had to admit that he wanted to be the person who shared Ji Yinbings joy.

Yan Nuo jumped down from the horizontal bar and strode towards the manor.

Yan Yu narrowed her eyes and suddenly sighed.

When Yan Nuo returned to the house, Ji Yinbing was sitting on the gra.s.s in

front of the manor, talking to a servant. It was unknown what they said, but

the servant was congratulating Ji Yinbing excitedly.

What happened?

Yan Nuo quickened his pace.


Hearing Yan Nuo’s call, ji Yinbing turned around.

The servant beside her quickly knelt down to greet her, and Ji Yinbing also

knelt down.

“Alright,get up.”

The two of them stood up at the same time. The servant retreated consciously,

leaving Ji Yinbing and Yan Nuo standing face to face.

Yan Nuo asked her, “Is there anything good?

Ji Yinbing nodded vigorously.

She seemed to want to laugh, but she pretended not to.

Tell me what happened.” Yan Nuo’s mood soared.

ji Yinbing snmiled mysteriously.

Putting away her smile, Ji Yinbing suddenly asked Yan Nuo, “Master, are you

afraid of being corrupted

Yan Nuo was stunned. Then, he shook his head.

In the next second, the little slave in front of him suddenly tiptoed and hugged


Yan Nuo was speechless.

That was the first time they hugged.

In the garden outside the Yan family’s house, after asking for his permission, Ji

Yinbing boldly hugged him

She was untouchable, and anyone who touched her would be corrupted.

So before she hugged him, she asked for his opinion.

Yan Nuo was very nervous. Whenever he was nervous, his face would tense up.

Ji Yinbing hugged him tightly.

She was much shorter than him and had to tiptoe to wrap her arms around his

neck. Yan Nuo heard that Ji Yinbing seemed to be crying. Her tears fell into his

short-sleeved T-s.h.i.+rt. Yan Nuo regained his senses and slowly raised his


His hand was about to land on Ji Yinbing’s waist.

At this moment, Ji Yinbing suddenly whispered into his ear and said softly,

Thank you, Master.”

Yan Nuo suddenly retracted his hand.

He felt guilty like a thief who had done something bad.

“Why are you thanking me? He felt uncomfortable talking when she hugged

him tightly.

Ji Yinbing said, “Thank you for being willing to help me.” “The year she was

eight years old, she lingered for thirteen days in front of those colleges. She

begged more than four hundred people. Some scolded her, some stayed away

from her, some spat at her, and some threw stones at her.

Only he had brought her home.

It was a one in four hundred chance.

Ji Yinbing finally let go of Yan Nuo.

She rubbed her red eyes with her hand before taking off the bag on her back.

Yan Nuo had yet to recover from the warmth and beauty of this hug. The

person in front of him opened the bag and took out an envelope. Ji Yinbing

opened the envelope in front of Yan Nuo.

Yan Nuo looked down at her actions with a warm gaze.

From Ji Yinbing’s trembling fingers, she could tell that the thing inside must be

very important to her. She finally opened the envelope and took out a thin

piece of paper. Ji Yinbing did not open the piece of paper. She handed it to Yan


She said, “Master, I hope that you can open it for me.”

It was great to have someone she respected and liked open the first precious

gift of her life.

Yan Nuo took the letter and looked at i Yinbing deeply for a long time before

lowering his head and opening the letter slowly.

Harvard College.

After reading the largest row of words in the letter, Yan Nuo’s expression


In his hand was Ji Yinbing’s acceptance letter, an acceptance letter from

Harvard College in the United States!

He suppressed the thousands of emotions in his heart and s.h.i.+fted his gaze

away from the letter to look at Ji Yinbing. The girl in front of him had a rare

smile on her cold face. She was smiling so widely that her eyebrows were

curved. Seeing Yan Nuo look at the letter and then at him, Ji Yinbing could not

help but say to him, “Master, I really got in!”

Yan Nuo remained silent.

Ji Vinbing did not notice Yan Nuo’s abnormality. She continued, “Master

promised that as long as I got into Harvard, you would send me overseas to

study.. I really did it!

Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother Chapter 542 – I Won’t Marry You

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Chapter 542: I Won’t Marry You

Translator: Atlas Studios I Editor. Atlas Studios

Then Then does Brother Yan Nuo know?” Vera hoped that Yan Nuo didn’t


Annita narrowed her eyes and said, “I don’t know about that, but the siblings

have always been on the same page. I guess he probably knows. Otherwise, why

hasn’t he married you yet?

Thinking about how Vera came back to cry and make a fuss one night, Annita’s

eyes flashed. She said, “Let me ask you, did Yan Nuo humiliate you on


Vera couldn’t help but think of that night when Yan Nuo brought her into the

room but chased her away.

In an instant, her face turned pale.

A mocking smile appeared on her pale face. “I see.

Vera felt pain and hatred.

Annita took in her daughter’s reaction, her beautiful eyes s.h.i.+ning with venom.

Annita endured her illness for more than two months before finally dying.

A woman who had once been beautiful and fit had died, but she had been

tortured by illness until she was as thin as a skeleton. Yan Nuo and YanYu

attended the funeral. Annita was going to hold a cremation after she died and

scatter her ashes in the Ganges because of her religious beliefs.

Vera sobbed the entire time. Yan Nuo was half an adopted son of Annita. Yan

Nuo had to do all the things that should be done by the eldest son.

After the funeral, Vera went home to take a shower and moved to the Yan

family’s house for a few days.

For the past few days, Vera had been troubled.

Yan Nuo thought that she was missing Annita, so he did not pay attention.

One month after Annita died, Vera suddenly said to Yan Nuo, “Brother Yan Nuo,

I’m 23 years old this year.”

Yan Nuo nodded and said, “I know. You’re a year younger than me.”

Seeing that he did not understand what she was saying, Vera was anxious. She

could not help but say, “Girls my age are usually married.”

Yan Nuo added, “You’re only 23 years old. You’re still young”

Vera finally understood that Yan Nuo was pretending

“Brother Yan Nuo, you don’t plan to marry me, right?” Vera didn’t plan to

continue beating around the bush with Yan Nuo. She knew that if she didn’t

mention it, Yan Nuo would continue to delay it.

Yan Nuo’s expression finally turned serious.

He looked at Vera and saw the girl’s shy and anxious expression. He felt a little

irritated. Yan Nuo suddenly said, “T won’t marry you.”

These words successfully cut off the last bit of hope in Vera’s heart.

“Brother Yan Nuo, why? You were the one who confessed to me? Do you want

to break up with me?

Yan Nuo frowned when he heard Vera’s accusatory words. He said, “Have you

forgotten? At that time, I did confess to you in front of Anita. But after that, I

also told you clearly that I confessed to you and dated you to stop the people

from pestering you.”

Vera wrung her hands tightly and said softly, “So you never loved me?

Yan Nuo remained silent.

This was a tacit agreement.

Vera hated it

Yan Nuo’s mother was her father’s murderer, but she was still chasing after the

son of her father’s murderer!

She was too inhumane!

Vera hid her hatred and asked Yan Nuo, “Then what’s it like to be with me? A

boring game? Or do you think you’re happy to see me running around for you?

“Vera.” Yan Nuo frowned. He didn’t like hearing her say such things. He

corrected Vera’s wrong thinking and said, “Tm with you to save you. I didn’t

break up with you because I wanted to save your face.”

Yan Nuo’s words made Vera give up completely

Vera said, “I understand.

She left the Yan family.

Yan Nuo did not know if they had broken up, but he unilaterally thought that

they had broken up.

The next time he saw Vera was in the mercenary team.

Come to think of it, Vera was originally the third leader of the mercenary

group. It was reasonable for her to appear here. However, these subordinates

were unwilling to accept her, because Vera was obviously a flowervase. She

could not lift her arms or shoulders. The first time she heard a gunshot, she

was so frightened that she trembled.

Yan Yu mumbled with her lips when she saw Yan Nuo. She said, “Look at you.

You injured her so much that she’s mentally il. A lunatic should go to a mental

hospital to stay. Why are you here? Are you embarra.s.sing yourself? Her words

were arrogant and venomous.

Yan Nuo remained silent, but he disagreed with Vera’s actions.

He looked for Vera to talk to her.

“You don’t even know how to fire a gun. Why are you here?

Vera said, “I can learn.”

“What are you trying to say?

Vera said, “My father was one of the founders of the Black Fiend Mercenary

Group. He died to save your mother. As his only child, I think I have a share in

this mercenary group.” The Black Fiend Mercenary Group was like a big cake.

She had to take a bite.

Yan Nuo narrowed his eyes. “Do you know what you’re talking about?

“I know.”

“Very good.”

Yan Nuo suddenly stood up and left without saying anything.

The next morning, when Vera reappeared, she saw that the training ground

was no longer as hot as it used to be. All the mercenaries were gathered in a

few circles, sitting cross-legged on the gra.s.s. Yan Nuo and Yan Nuo were

surrounded by them.

Only then did Vera know that today was Challenge Day.

The so-called Challenge Day meant that every mercenary had one chance to

challenge their superior. Once he suppressed his superior in terms of strength,

he had the chance to replace his superior. There were only two such Challenge

Days every year.

And today was exactly that time.

Upon seeing Vera, Yan Yu said to her, “You can’t be the third leader of the Black

Fiend Mercenary Group just because you want to. It’s very simple if you want

to be the third leader.”

Yan Yu fingers circled the mercenaries in the circle before she said, “Today,a

warrior will be born here. He will be the most skilled person apart from Ah Nuo

and me! If you want to be the third leader, it’s simple. Just defeat him!”

Vera’s face turned ugly. “You guys did it on purpose!” He knew that she had

never practiced martial arts, but he still humiliated her like this!

Yan Yu sneered. “Yes, I did it on purpose!”

She said, “There’s not a single useless person in our mercenary group!

Naturally, we can’t let a useless person be the leader.”

When those mercenaries heard their big leader’s words, they howled at the

same time.

Vera’s lips trembled as she asked softly, “What if the challenger fails?

Yan Yu’s red lips curled up and she said cruelly, “Then get lost and become a


The words “get lost” were especially loud.

The mercenaries began to roar again. They could not wait to see Vera suffer..

Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother Chapter 541 – The Truth Back Then

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Chapter 541: The Truth Back Then

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After the wedding, Vera and Yan Nuo returned to the Yan family house under the moonlight. She was here to pick up an earring that was left behind in the Yan family.

Seeing them return, La Pu had wanted to say something to Yan Nuo, but when he saw Vera, he stopped.

Yan Nuo sat on the sofa and thought about his feelings for Ji Yinbing.

Yan Nuo started to doubt himself after seeing what happened to Snow.

At this moment, Vera found the earring.

“Brother Yan Nuo, I found the earring. I’ll go back first.” Vera put the earring in her bag and planned to leave.

After struggling internally, Yan Nuo suddenly said to Vera, “Stay tonight.”

He asked her to stay.

They were both adults, so it was impossible for Vera not to understand what he meant.

She was elated, but there was a reserved hesitation on her face. “This…”

“I said stay.”

Vera stayed.

The two of them went upstairs together.

They entered Yan Nuo’s room. Yan Nuo closed the door casually and hugged Vera in his arms. It was strange. He was calm and even a little tired.

Yan Nuo knew what the problem was.

He didn’t love Vera. But at this moment, Vera took the initiative. Yan Nuo thought to himself, “Try it and you might feel something.” As Vera became more and more impudent, Yan Nuo suddenly pushed her away and said coldly, “Your room is next door.”

The love in Vera’s eyes disappeared. “W-What did you say?” Vera was angry that she was fooled. She gritted her teeth. Yan Nuofu added, “Vera, go to your room.”

When Yan Nuo was serious, Vera was afraid.

She scolded, “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Vera pushed Yan Nuo away and carried her bag. She opened the door and walked out. When she left, she closed the door with a bang.

Yan Nuo stood behind the door and was a little angry. His mind had probably been eaten by a dog. He actually did such a childish and brainless thing. Soon, he heard the sound of a steam whistle downstairs. He walked to the window and glanced down. He saw Vera leaving in the Yan family car.

Yan Nuo retracted his gaze and his face was cold.

The next morning, he went to the dining room for breakfast.

La Pu waited on him. He suddenly said, “Miss Vera didn’t stay over, Young Sir?”


La Pu stopped asking.

There was only one reason why she did not stay the night. Sir and Vera had a conflict.

La Pu thought of something else and hesitated. Yan Nuo, on the other hand, was focused on other things and did not notice any abnormality in La Pu. Yan Nuo was in a bad mood and planned to go to the back of the mountain to see his subordinates who deserved a beating.

After he left, La Pu sighed. He didn’t tell Yan Nuo that last night, Bing had returned too, but not long after Young Sir and Miss Vera went upstairs, Bing came downstairs.

She looked terrible when she went downstairs, and her eyes were red. La Pu was not stupid. He guessed that Ji Yinbing might have seen something upstairs.

She only saw the beginning, but she did not expect the end. This was good, La Pu thought. It would be good to keep the misunderstanding going. It would be good to keep Bing from having thoughts she shouldn’t have.

Yan Nuo suddenly became cold to Vera. However, he didn’t look for Ji Yinbing.

On the one hand, it was because he and Vera were still in a relations.h.i.+p. On the other hand, he was still not sure if his feelings for Ji Yinbing were because he wanted to be with her forever or because he was lost in his thoughts.

At first, Vera was willing to walk around Yan Nuo, but soon after, Annita suddenly fainted and entered the hospital.

Dr. Moore gave Annita a checkup. The results were unexpected.

Annita actually had brain cancer that was already in the late stages!

Upon hearing this news, Yan Nuo and Yan Yu went to the hospital to visit Annita.

Annita looked as if she had expected this. She looked calm.

She held Yan Nuo’s hand and said a lot to him. The general idea was to ask Yan Nuo to take good care of Vera in the future. It was difficult for Yan Nuo to reject a request from someone who was on the verge of death. He agreed in front of Annita, but he thought to himself, When you die, I’ll do whatever I want.

Yan Nuo was not a kind person. He hated moral kidnapping. After Yan Nuo and Yan Yu left, Annita looked at Vera whose eyes were slightly red and suddenly said, “Vera, I have something to tell you.”

Vera wiped her eyes and sat down on the small stool.

Annita held Vera’s hand. She seemed to have thought of something and was also sad. “My poor Vera. You lost your father at such a young age. Now, Mom has to…” Annita started to sob. The tears that Vera had which initially stopped fell again.

The mother and daughter hugged each other and cried.

After she calmed down a little, Annita said, “Vera, actually, there’s something I’ve been hiding from you.”


Annita asked Vera to close the door.

Vera did as she was told. As she sat back on the stool, she heard Annita say, “Actually, your father didn’t die to save your Aunt Yan Mei.”

Vera’s expression changed. “But didn’t they say that Dad pa.s.sed away to save Aunt Yan Mei!”

Annita said, “No, in fact, it happened suddenly. Your father was pushed to his death by your Aunt Yan Mei as a scapegoat!” Vera felt that it was ridiculous and unbelievable!

“Mom, are you serious?”

“Of course!” Annita said. “I originally thought that your father pa.s.sed away to save Yan Mei. But later, a survivor who came back with me told me that what happened was not what the rumors said. At that time, they went on a mission together and encountered an ambush. Your Aunt Yan Mei and your father were together at that time. It was said that when the bullet came, your Aunt Yan Mei grabbed your father who took the bullet for her!”

“That ruthless woman actually hid the truth and fabricated a story that didn’t exist. Everyone was fooled by Yan Mei, including me!”

Vera was stunned.

She could not accept this truth.

Annita suddenly added, “Yan Yu knows about this.”

“Wh-what?” Vela was stunned. “Sister Yan Yu knows?”

“Of course! Otherwise, why do you think she doesn’t think you can be with Yan Nuo?”

Vera knew that Yan Yu did not like her. She did not understand why because she came from a good background. So this was the truth!

She was afraid that she would take revenge on them if she got together with Brother Yan Nuo!

Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother Chapter 536 – Possession

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Chapter 536: Possession

“Move to where?” Ji Yinbing did not notice anything different about him because his expression was always cold,

Ji Yinbing realized that her master’s voice had become colder. As she thought, perhaps her request had violated his dignity as the master. She lowered her head and said softly, “Move to the school.”

Yan Nuo stared at Ji Yinbing with a complicated gaze. He understood that as long as he said no, Ji Yinbing would definitely stay at home. However, he also thought that it was a good thing for Ji Yinbing to move out. If he didn’t see her, he would forget about her.

Those thoughts that he should not have would eventually disappear. In the end, all the impetuousness would return to calm.

Yan Nuo hummed expressionlessly.

Seeing Ji Yinbing’s relaxed expression, he was especially unhappy.

Did she really want to move away that badly?

The man who had already agreed to Ji Yinbing’s request suddenly changed his mind. He said, “You can move to the school, but you have to come back for the holidays.”

Ji Yinbing frowned and thought for a moment.

She was unwilling.

She knew that Miss Vera did not like her. In order not to affect Miss Vera’s relations.h.i.+p with her master, she had to move as far away as possible. Out of sight, out of mind. Miss Vera would definitely love her master well. Ji Yinbing wanted to reject him, but when she looked up and met Yan Nuo’s cold and heartless eyes, all the words that she wanted to say were gone.


She had a feeling that if she dared to reject him, her master might not allow her to go to school.

That would not do.

Seeing that she agreed, Yan Nuo was willing to give up.

The next morning, Ji Yinbing carried her packed luggage to school.

La Pu realized that since that Bing had left the house, Young Master had been standing at the window, looking in the direction of the front door. What was he thinking?

La Pu was shocked at the thought of some possibility.

No way. Bing was untouchable…

La Pu his head and thought to himself, I must be overthinking this. Young Sir and Miss Vera are in love. How could he like that Bing…

In university, there were still not many girls. Ji Yinbing was not even sixteen years old, and she was the youngest person in the school. She did not make friends and was studying all day, almost forgetting to sleep and eat. As promised, after the holidays, Ji Yinbing returned home to stay.

Even though they would go home for a day every few days, Yan Nuo and Ji Yinbing barely met.

When she came back, either Yan Nuo had taken on a mission and left or Yan Nuo had something on. Occasionally, Yan Nuo happened to be at home when he was free, but Ji Yinbing had something on in school. Therefore, almost a year had pa.s.sed, but the two of them had never met!

Even Yan Yu was staying less and less at home. She was always running around the world.

Yan Nuo actually felt lonely.

It was Christmas in the West.

India had its own religious culture. Everyone was a believer. They didn’t care about Christmas in the West at all. They had all kinds of holidays in their country too. There was almost one holiday every few days. Most of these holidays are related to religion and politics.

Yan Nuo asked the high-tech research team under his name to create a chat software for him and name it OK. He sent the OK software to a few of his most trusted friends, who were all friends he had met at the Mensa Club.

Everyone joined the group.

At this moment, Yan Nuo was not as cold as he used to be.

He watched everyone enter. Every time they entered, he would greet them like they were greeting a host.

Zhuang Long had already joined this group…

Suzanne had joined the group…

After waiting for a while, Yan Nuo said, “I got someone to develop this software. It’s just an internal chat software for us. Everyone can speak freely on it.” Yan Nuo spoke in English.

Suzanne then said: [You didn’t invite An?]

Yan Nuo: [I did, but he didn’t agree.]

Zhuang Long: [Fang Yusheng was in Thailand a few days ago and almost died. He’s back in the Fang family now. The last time I went to look for him, I realized that he…] Zhuang Long sent a long ellipsis. In the end, he said: [I’m very worried about him.]

Suzanne: [Can his eyes really be cured?]

Zhuang Long: [It’s very risky.]

Yan Nuo: [The next time I go to China, I’ll visit him.]

Suzanne: [Okay.]

Zhuang Long: [Yan Nuo, come and give me a red packet.]

Yan Nuo: [Why not give one to me?]

Zhuang Long: [You don’t celebrate Christmas in India but it’s Christmas here. I’m already hanging socks at the head of the bed. Hurry up and give out red packets!]

Suzanne: [Red packet! Red packet!]

Yan Nuo: [A group of greedy wolves!]

His hand trembled as he sent two random red packets.

Zhuang Long and Suzanne opened it almost at the same time.

Suzanne: [Thank you. Picture attached.jpg] Yan Nuo opened Suzanne’s screenshot and saw that she had s.n.a.t.c.hed more than 5,000 yuan.

Zhuang Long also sent a screenshot.

Zhuang Long: [F*ck!]

Yan Nuo opened the photo and saw that he had s.n.a.t.c.hed about five yuan.

Yan Nuo: [… Congratulations.]

Suzanne: [Character determines luck.]

Yan Nuo chatted with them for a while before leaving the app.

He looked out of the window at the scorching sun and thought of something. He suddenly stood up and left home with his car keys.

Ji Yinbing left the library with her bag containing the books she had borrowed from the library. She rode her bike back to the dormitory and from afar, she saw a familiar SUV parked under the dormitory building. It was Yan Nuo’s Hummer.

Ji Yinbing was stunned.

Was her master looking for her?

Yan Nuo saw Ji Yinbing from the rearview mirror.

She was sitting on her bicycle and had clearly seen his car, but she did not come over immediately.

What was she hesitating about? What was she afraid of?

Through the rearview mirror, Yan Nuo sized up the graceful figure with a greedy gaze. She was actually wearing Ji Yinbing was wearing a white s.h.i.+rt and blue jeans. She did not know when it started, but the s.h.i.+rt that used to look empty around her chest was now a little elevated.

This little slave slowly grew up.

Her beauty was about to be exposed. Soon, other people would discover her beauty. Yan Nuo suddenly grabbed the steering wheel with so much strength that the leather gloves on the steering wheel creaked. On his handsome but cold face, his expression was dark and scary.

After thinking for a moment, Ji Yinbing still walked towards him.

She knocked on Yan Nuo’s car window.

After two seconds, the car window rolled down. The person in the car had a cold gaze and a calm expression. There was no trace of the maliciousness and ruthlessness. Yan Nuo turned to look at Ji Yinbing and said, “Please take a few days off. We’re going to a faraway place.”

If it was in the past, Ji Yinbing would definitely run after him without a word.

But the current Ji Yinbing was no longer that little girl.

She hesitated for a moment before asking, “Just the two of us?”

Her question made Yan Nuo unhappy..

Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother Chapter 539 – Ten Years of Drinking Ice Cannot Cool YOur Hot Blood

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Chapter 539: Ten Years of Drinking Ice Cannot Cool YOur Hot Blood

The lake surface of the wetland was indeed not frozen. They stood by the road, but when they saw the rising fog on the lake, and the camphor trees by the lake were hung with icicles, Ji Yinbing reached out and asked the guide, “Can I get an icicle?” This was the first time Ji Yinbing spoke to the local guide.

This was the first time Yan Nuo heard Ji Yinbing speak English. Her English was especially accurate.

The tour guide nodded. “Sure.”

Ji Yinbing tiptoed and took down an ice cone. She played with the ice cone and suddenly asked the tour guide, “Uncle, what does ‘Yin Bing’ mean?”

The uncle said, “According to ancient texts, ‘Yin Bing’ in Chinese means fear and anxiety. However, Mr. Liang Qichao once said a very famous saying, ‘Ten years of drinking ice cannot cool your hot blood’.” The tour guide said the last eight words in Chinese.

Yan Nuo and Ji Yinbing understood Chinese and could speak it.

The tour guide did not know that they could understand Chinese, so he enthusiastically explained the meaning of this in English. “It literally means that even after decades of drinking ice, you can’t lose your hot blood.”

Ji Yinbing remained silent for a long time.

She did not know why her mother had chosen this name for her.

Even decades of drinking ice could not cool her blood. Was she referring to her ideals or her love for someone?

Ji Yinbing subconsciously looked at the safety rope on her wrist. She handed the rope to the guide and asked, “Uncle, do you know the words on this?”

The guide looked at it and nodded. He said, “The word on the left is ice, and the word on the right is Yue.”

“My mother’s name is Ji Yue.”

Ji Yinbing suddenly realized that this Chinese word “Bing” was probably referring to a man.

So Mom had always loved someone in her heart. There was a “Bing” word in that person’s name.

“Life is fleeting, and you won’t forget your original love.” Ji Yinbing suddenly said.

When the tour guide heard this, he clapped his hands and praised, “That’s true!” He asked Ji Yinbing, “Miss, are you Chinese?”

“My mother is.”

“So you’re half Chinese. This is your maternal grandmother’s house.”

Ji Yinbing did not understand what the word ‘grandmother’ meant. The tour guide explained with a smile, “It’s grandmother.”

Only then did she understand. “Well, yes.” She looked at the mist that curled around the lake in front of her. The great river and mountains seemed even more beautiful because of her mother. “I love this country.” Just as she loved her mother.

Yan Nuo remained silent.

He had been savoring the saying that it was hard to cool his blood after drinking ice for ten years.

Did it mean that as long as a person had determination and perseverance, no matter how difficult it was, it could not stop his determination to do something?

Ji Yinbing, who was bent on taking the Harvard exam, managed to do so.

Then… What about him?

They could watch the sunset from the top of the mountain. They had returned from the wetlands just as the sun was about to set. The three of them climbed to the top of the mountain together. Ji Yinbing stood behind Yan Nuo. Yan Nuo looked at the distant sunset s.h.i.+ning on the continuous white birch trees. All the trees with icicles hanging from them were dyed orange with the sea of snow.

At this moment, Yan Nuo heard Ji Yinbing say something behind him. She said something strange in Chinese, but it was filled with poetic emotion. She said, “The moon on the sea is the moon in the sky.”

Yan Nuo turned around and looked at her. “What did you say just now?”

Ji Yinbing shook her head and said with a smile, “I’m just wondering how beautiful this place would be if the moon was out.”

“It will look even better.” The person who spoke was the tour guide. He took out his phone and handed it to Yan Nuo and Ji Yinbing. He opened the photo alb.u.m and said as he searched, “I took this before. Here, look.”

He clicked on the photo and Ji Yinbing and Yan Nuo came over to take a look at the same time.

The cold moonlight shone on the snow, making the night here even colder.

It was indeed beautiful, but it would also be very cold.

Ji Yinbing said, “Beautiful.”

Yan Nuo remained silent.

They returned to the hotel and their respective rooms. Ji Yinbing carried her bathrobe to take a shower. She turned on the hot water, which drenched her body and caressed her hair, pores, and fingers. She suddenly threw back her fluffy hair, hugged her knees, and squatted in the bathroom.

The suppressed sobs circled the small bathroom.

Next door, Yan Nuo sat by the window and looked at the people cooking barbecue downstairs.

He looked deep in thought.

They only stayed here for a day before going to Lake Hulunbelle. When they arrived, Ji Yinbing realized that Lake Hulunbelle was actually two lakes. Lake Hulun was very big and Lake Belle was very small, but they were both very beautiful. They stayed here for a day and returned to Binjiang City the next day.

When they arrived at Binjiang City, Ji Yinbing felt as if she had returned to the embrace of the sun. Compared to River City, the weather in Binjiang City was simply a breeze.

On the flight back to the country, Yan Nuo and Ji Yinbing sat side by side, but neither of them spoke.

After getting off the plane, they resumed their status as master and servant.

Yan Nuo sent Ji Yinbing to school.

She got out of Yan Nuo’s car and walked into the school gate. She saw Vera standing in front of her with a small bag and a rose-red short skirt. Vera looked at her expressionlessly with disdain.

She stared at Ji Yinbing as if she was looking at a piece of smelly meat.

Ji Yinbing was still carrying the things she had brought back from China. There were clothes and local specialties.

Vera looked at the things in her hands and her eyes turned cold.

Ji Yinbing paused for a moment before walking forward and greeting her respectfully, “Miss Vera.”

Vera suddenly reached out and grabbed the two bags in Ji Yinbing’s hand.

She threw all of the items on the ground and stomped on them with her foot. However, Vera still wasn’t appeased. She even spat on them.

Ji Yinbing looked at the pink coat that was covered in mud.

She clenched her fists tightly and kept reminding herself that this person was the person her master liked. She could not do anything to embarra.s.s her master.

Seeing that Ji Yinbing could only be anxious but did not dare to refute, Vera felt better. She looked at Ji Yinbing and her foot landed on a scarf. She mocked Ji Yinbing, “You’re like the clothes I’m stepping on. You only have the right to be trampled on by me.”

Ji Yinbing’s lips quivered.

Vera continued, “Brother Yan Nuo is not a man you can dream of. You should take your ident.i.ty seriously. You’re his slave, and you’re destined to clean his shoes. Don’t try to warm his bed.” Seeing Ji Yinbing’s face turn pale, Vera’s mood improved.

“A commoner is a commoner. Do you really think you’re different from the rest if Brother Yan Nuo treats you kindly? In your life, you’ve been stained with the blood of a commoner. Let’s not talk about the fact that Brother Yan Nuo doesn’t like you at all. Even if he does, he won’t openly go against the entire upper-cla.s.s society for you..”