Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! Chapter 524 – Wasn’t I Always the Focus?

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Chapter 524: Wasn’t I Always the Focus?

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Ouyang Ming furrowed his brow and shouted at him when he heard what He Fei said, “Are you crazy?”

“Tm not crazy,” He Fei said with a taut expression, “I must go back this time.”

“What are you going to do by going back? Watch the woman you love marry someone else? Or do you think you have the ability to clean up the current mess in your family?”

He Fei’s expression was even tauter and he simply refused to admit it. “I just want to go back.”

“Hmph… just keep being stubborn.” There was still half a stick of the cigarette in Ouyang Ming’s hand and he suddenly did not feel like smoking anymore. He simply threw it on the ground and put the embers out with his feet. “We are currently negotiating with Kim Jong-un. Do you think we can leave at

this juncture? Not to mention we won’t be getting a single benefit if we leave, he won’t let us leave right now after we have seen the goods in his hands.”

He Fei’s frown tightened.

Ouyang Ming continued to talk. “Moreover, Kim Jong-un does not necessarily have to make a transaction with us for this deal. If you have the intention to leave, perhaps before you even manage to leave, the business will be taken by someone else.”

He Fei was silent. After a moment, he covered his face out of annoyance.

Just then, the voice of someone calling out to them could be heard from downstairs.

“Mr. Ouyang, Mr. He, the boss is calling you over.”

The two of them arrived at Kim Jong-un’s place of residence with the person’s lead and there was currently a familiar face that was in an amicable conversation with Kim Jong-un.

Ouyang Ming and He Fei furrowed their brows and the first thought that came to mind was that Rick wanted to steal their business.

As soon as Rick saw the both of them, his eyes brightened and he enthusiastically greeted them. “Long time no see, gentlemen.”


Half a day’s time pa.s.sed by very quickly.

At noon, Zi Yi headed to the School of Fine Arts to look for Dou Xiangling

By the time Zi Yi arrived there, she just so happened to see Dou Xiangling and Zhang Hanyu walking out from the teachers’ building.

Dou Xiangling was holding onto a bucket of paint while Zhang Hanyu carried a box frame. Zhang Hanyu was currently talking and there was a faint smile on Dou Xiangling’s face.

Zi Yi squinted her eyes and looked at the both of them walking side by side. There were also some students who said words like the both of them were a good match. However, deep down, Zi Yi had the thought that Zhang Hanyu was not worthy of her cousin.

But of course, she would not say that out loud. Their relations.h.i.+p was between the both of them and her cousin was an adult and she had the ability to make her own judgments.


Dou Xiangling and Zhang Hanyu looked up at the same time.

‘When Dou Xiangling saw Zi Yi standing there, she hastened her footsteps and walked over to her, while she said with a smile, “Yiyi, you’re here.”

Zi Yi nodded her head in response.

Just then, Zhang Hanyu had also made his way over and he said, “Since Little Zi is here, let’s have a meal together later.”

Dou Xiangling nodded her head and said, “Yiyi, I’ll head to the office with Hanyu first to put down the things. Will you be going with us or do you want to head to the canteen to wait?”

Before Zi Yi had the chance to speak, Zhang Hanyu said, “The both of you can head over first. Xiangling, pa.s.s me the paint. I’l bring it to the room.”

Dou Xiangling looked at the large box he was carrying. “That box is heavy.”

“It’s fine. The paint you’re holding isn’t heavy at all.” Having said that, he stretched out his hand and took the bucket of paint from her, and headed towards the office.

While walking, he said, “You two can order the dishes first. I’l be right over.”


Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling turned and headed to the canteen.

Zi Yi asked, “Cousin, are you and Teacher Zhang officially dating?”

Dou Xiangling gently responded with a ‘yes’.

Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at her. There was a slight frown on her face and she continued asking, “I thought you mentioned you didn’t have feelings for Teacher Zhang? Could it be that it’s because he saved you?”

Dou Xiangling was silent for a while and she said, “Yiyi, I know what you’re worried about. Hanyu is actually a nice person. It’s not solely because he saved me that I was moved… Teacher Zhang understands me very well and both of us are art teachers. There are always topics we can talk about and I think

that it’s great.”

Zi Yi wanted to refute her, but she did not know what to say.

In the end, she said, “If Teacher Zhang dares to bully you, I’ll help you teach him a lesson.”

Dou Xiangling could not help but chuckle at her words. She then grabbed Zi Yi’s hand and said with a smile, “Okay.”

The two of them made eye contact and smiled before they continued talking about the art gallery.

Dou Xiangling said, “As for the contract, I was just waiting for you to come back, so that we can sign it together. After signing the contract, we’ll find people to renovate it and if the renovations are done quickly enough, we can even hold an exhibition this year.”

Zi Yi nodded her head. “Sounds good.”

Dou Xiangling smiled back. “Therefore, you have to prepare a few paintings whenever you’re free. Don’t be lazy.”


Zi Yi’s painting speed was very fast. She was merely too lazy to paint.

How could Dou Xiangling not understand her? She decided to take out some time to specially watch her paint.

All of a sudden, she thought of something and Dou Xiangling asked, “Yiyi, since you’re getting married, the both of you should take wedding photos. When do you plan to have them taken?”!

Zi Yi casually responded. “Anytime will do.”

Dou Xiangling did not know whether to laugh or cry at her words. “To others, taking wedding photos is a large event and many newlyweds would have them taken a month or two before the wedding. When it comes to you, why has it become a casual thing?”

Zi Yi’s lips curved up. “Other people need to spend a long time putting on make-up and posing. Ah Jing and I don’t need to spend so much time on makeup and even if we casually make a few poses, it’s still going to be better than others.”

“…”Dou Xiangling was speechless for a few seconds and she said, “Yiyi, why do your words sound as if you are itching for a beating?”


The canteen in the School of Fine Arts was much more artistic when compared to the other schools. Even just the large paintings hung outside the building alone would cause pa.s.sersby to take another look.

The paintings were of farmers cultivating lands in different eras.

It was Zi Yi’s first time here and Dou Xiangling explained to her. “These paintings were painted by the students here after coming up with the idea together. They will be replaced with new paintings every year.”

Zi Yi said, “It’s pretty good.”

‘When the two of them made their way into the canteen, everyone was a little excited at the sight of Zi Yi.

“The G.o.ddess has actually come to visit our school today. I have to take a photo of her and post it on the school forum to make everyone envious.”

Hearing what the student said, Dou Xiangling laughed and said to Zi Yi, “Yiyi, you’re not just a celebrity in the whole of M.Uni. You are now the central focus everywhere you go.”

Zi Yi did not agree with her words. “Wasn’t I always the focus?”

“Haha, you’re right.”

Her cousin was always the focus.

After they finished ordering the dishes, they found a four-seater table and sat down. Zhang Hanyu soon made his way over.

There were two cups of steaming milk tea in his hands.

Zhang Hanyu walked over and gave the cups to Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling respectively, before he sat down next to Dou Xiangling.

“Thank you. Why didn’t you get a drink for yourself?” Dou Xiangling asked.

Zhang Hanyu glanced at the milk tea next to her and said with a smile, “Tl just get a cup of water later.”

The canteen provided water free of charge.

Dou Xiangling did not continue to say anything else.

When the three of them were having their meal, Zhang Hanyu asked Zi Yi, “I heard that Little Zi and Second Young Master Lu are getting married. If you need any help, feel free to ask me.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and said, “Thanks for your offer.”

After the meal, it was still early and Zhang Hanyu made a suggestion. “Little Zi will definitely be busy in the following days. Why don’t we sign the rental contract right now?”

Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! Chapter 522 – Showing Off

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Chapter 522: Showing Off

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

After Mrs. Lu received a call from the housekeeper in the main house, her eyes

turned red from anger.

She immediately called Lu Jingye.

“They’re too much! Jingye, what do we do about this now? If Yiyi and the Dou

Family were to know what your Grandfather did, what would they think of us?”

She was only worried that Zi Yi and the Dou Family would have other thoughts.

She clearly knew who was the one who wagged their tongue next to Patriarch


“Your Eldest Aunt is pus.h.i.+ng all the trouble Lu Zhiheng had caused in the

company during this period of time to you. I think that your Grandfather is

also playing dumb. With how he’s acting, he’s clearly trying to stop you from

getting married and force you to returm and apologize to him.”

If not for the fact that Patriarch Lu was her father-in-law, Mrs.Lu genuinely

had the urge to go over and give him a good scolding

“People say that it’s better to tear down ten temples than to break a marriage.

Yet, your Grandfather doesn’t even understand that. He even brought home his

feudal mindset to the family. I think h.e.l.l only be satisfied after everyone

becomes enemies with each other!

Hearing his mother’s aggrieved and angry voice over the phone, Lu Jingye

gently soothed and calmed her down. “Mother, don’t worry.”

Mrs. Lu said to him, “He had even told the housekeeper to tell us not to hold

the banquet at home. How can I not worry?

“Since Grandfather is not letting us hold the wedding reception at home, we

can hold it elsewhere.” Lu Jingye said, The villas I have in the capital have

been transferred to Yiyi’s name and we can hold it in one of them when the

time comes.”

“But” Mrs. Lu still felt uncomfortable deep down.

Lu Jingye continued to say, “We won’t spend a single cent from the Lu Family

and instead, we’ll use Yiyï’s money. If you are still angry, we can spread this

information out.”

It took Mrs. Lu two seconds before she finally understood Lu Jingye’s meaning.

Based on Patriarch Lu’s personality, he was the type that cared a lot about his

pride. If everyone were to discuss that during his grandson’s marriage, they did

not use a single cent of the Lu Family, and instead, the female side forked out

all the expenses, he would definitely feel humiliated.

When Patriarch Lu gets angry then, Mrs. Lu would have something to rebut

Thinking of this, Mrs. Lu’s mood finally turned for the better. However, she did

not forget to remind him. Even though it is said that we are using Yiyi’s

money, you cannot really let her fork out for the expenses. This concerns

whether our family cares about her and you have to do the right thing by

showing the correct att.i.tude.”

The corner of Lu Jingye’s lips curled up as he said, “Mother, I understand.

Mrs. Lu continued to say, Tll gift my jewelry shop to Yiyi’s as the bride price

when the time comes. T’d like to say who can say anything then.”

Lu Jingye replied, “Okay.”

After he finally appeased Mrs. Lu, Lu Jingye hung up his phone and pursed his

lips. He then dialed another number on his phone.

After the other party answered the call, he said, “You can start taking action on

the Lu Group’s oil mining on the Pacific’s X Island.”

The other party responded in surprise, “You are willing to give that up?

Lu Jingye walked over to the floor-to-ceiling window and as he looked at the

courtyard, Ihe said with some slight indifference on his face, “I can earn these

things back in the future. There’s nothing that I can’t give up.”

The other party’s voice contained traces of teasing. “Lu, many people say that

you’re gentle and humble. Could it be that I’m the only one who thinks that

you’re the most ruthless person ever?

Lu Jingye slightly clenched his jaw. “If no one makes my wife unhappy, I will

always be gentle and humble.”

It has been quite some time since Zi Yi went to M.Uni. As soon as her car drove

to the gate of the campus, those who saw her got excited.

“The G.o.ddess has finally come back to school. It’s been a long time since I’ve

seen her. Why do I feel that she has become slightly more beautiful?”

“She isn’t just slightly more beautiful. I feel that she’s practically glowing”

“Looking at the G.o.ddess, even I have the impulse to fall in love with her.

Unfortunately, no one in our M.Uni dares to provoke her.”

That’s right. The G.o.ddess is indeed the G.o.ddess. She had merely sent out two

medical and chemistry papers and won the International X Prize. She’s too

awesome. I don’t even know who is worthy of her.”

“Doesn’t she have a boyfriend? I bet her boyfriend is worthy.”

In fact, not many people in M.Uni knew of Lu Jingye’s ident.i.ty. Those who

knew did not deliberately say it aloud either. Therefore, even until now,

everyone only knew that Zi Yï’s boyfriend was very capable and his ident.i.ty was

not so simple.

Of course, there were also male students who did not give up and felt that they

still had a chance if they worked harder.

When Zi Yi drove into the campus, she received a phone call from the Dean of

the School of Science and Technology.

The Dean was calling her over to collect her certificate.

zi Yi turned the steering wheel and directly headed to the School of Science and


Knock knock!

Dean Zhou, who was seated in his office, looked up and saw Zi Yi who was

standing outside the door. He smiled and waved at her. “Student Zi, you’re here.

Come in.

Zi Yi walked into Dean Zhou’s office.

“Have a seat.”

Dean Zhou stood up and took out two certificates from his large bookshelf

behind him and pa.s.sed them to her.

“This is the patient application certificate and the other one is the certificate

that shows your paper has won the X medical research breakthrough award.

There’s also a bonus. Give me your bank account number and I’l help you pa.s.s

it on to the relevant departments. You should be receiving the prize money

within three working days.”

Zi Yi took out her pen and wrote down a bank account number on a piece of

paper and pa.s.sed it to Dean Zhou.

He took the slip of paper and all ofa sudden, his expression turned serious as

he said, “Student Zi, in view of your abilities in the medical field, our school

suggests that you can take part in the Ph.D. examination this semester. Of

course, you can also choose to take the examination when you’re in your

soph.o.m.ore year.”

The Dean did not forget what Dou Xiaoyong had said before.. Even though he

had personally hoped for Zi Yi to skip grades this semester.

It was a waste for such a talent to continue studying in her undergraduate


“Also, our university has several major research projects ongoing right now. If

you’re interested, you can also choose one or two projects to join in on.”

Having said that, he handed her a file.

Zi Yi opened the file and inside it was a catalog of the medical research projects

that were currently ongoing

“There’s no need for you to reply immediately, you can take your time to think

about it. The postgraduate examinations will be from December 22nd to the

24th. The retest will be around March to April of the following year”

As soon as Zi Yi heard the dates, she simply closed the file and said, “I won’t be

able to take the exam this year.”

“Why? Even though Dean Zhou had expected Zi Vi to reject him, he was still a

little disappointed.

Zi Yi pursed her lips and said, “Tm getting married on December 24th.”

After a moment of shock, Dean Zhou nodded his head. “This is a happy and

major event in your life and it does indeed require you to treat it seriously.”

Having said that, he asked with a smile, “Student Zi, I wonder if I have the

honor of being invited to your wedding banquet?”

Since Dean Zhou had taken the initiative to ask, Zi Yi naturally would not reject

him. “Sure.”

Dean Zhou revealed an even brighter smile. “That’s good, that’s good. During

this period of time, you can focus on being a bride that is getting ready to

marry. It’s okay to take your time on your studies.”

Zi Yi also smiled in response. “Okay.”

As soon as Zi Yi left Dean Zhou’s office, he typed a few lines in the higher

management group chat, and it was as if he was trying to show off. “Student Zi

is getting married on December 24th. Everyone, she has invited me to her

wedding banquet. I wonder if you have been invited?

Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! Chapter 523 – Grandfather Knows of Our Wedding

If you are looking for Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! Chapter 523 – Grandfather Knows of Our Wedding you are coming to the right place.
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Chapter 523: Grandfather Knows of Our Wedding

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

As soon as Dean Zhou sent the message to the group, the entire circle that

consists of the higher ups in MUni had exploded.

The Dean of the School of Foreign Language typed: “What? Student Zi is

getting married? Has she reached the age to be legally married yet?”

The Dean of the School of Science and Technology replied: “Even if she’s not of

legal age yet, can’t she just get married in advance9 and get the marriage

certificate at a later date?

The Dean of the School of Information Technology also sent a message saying

“Student Zi has taken up some modules from our school and I feel that she

should invite me to her wedding to0.”

The Dean of the School of Information Systems chimed in with a response: “I

der which school Student Zi is heading to. I plan to go have a discussion

with her about something.”

By the time Zi Yi arrived at the Dean’s office of the School of Medicine, before

she even had the chance to speak, Dean Wu approached her with a kind smile

as he asked, “Student Zi, I heard that you’re getting married on the 24th of this


When Zi Yi was still wondering how did the news spread around so quickly…

Dean Wu’s Smile seemed friendlier than before. “Student Zi, you are the pride

of our School of Medicine and you have won such a great honor for our medical

school. If you are getting married, it’s basically one additional happy event

after another. Would you be welcoming of me to attend your wedding


Zi Yi said with a little hesitancy, “. Yes, of course.”

“That’s great. When is your wedding banquet being held? Will it be held during

the afternoon or evening? It’s so that I can make arrangements in advance.”

Zi Yi did not immediately answer Dean Wu’s question but instead, she asked

one of her own, “Dean Wu, how did you know that I’m getting married?

Dean Wu smiled and showed his computer display to Zi Yi.

Zi Yi propped her hand on his office desk and took a look.

There was currently a heated discussion amongst the members in the group

chat on how to locate Zi Yi right now.

Zi Yi looked away from the screen and said, “I have to discuss this matter with

Ah Jing

There were many deans in M.Uni and all of them had possessed great

influence. She had to infom Ah Jing of this matter first.

Of course, Student Zi, you can give Little Lu a call right away.” Dean Wu was

even more active than Zi Yi.

She nodded her head and took out her phone to give Lu Jingye a call.

“Ah Jing, there are quite a number of Deans in M.Uni who said that they will be

coming to our wedding”

There were traces of a smile in Lu Jingye’s tone of voice. “Sure. We’ll definitely

welcome them. I’ll get my mother to prepare more invitations then.”

Zi Yi’s lips curved up at his words. “Ok, then I’m hanging up-”

“Yiyi, hold on.” Lu Jingye stopped her.

“Is there anything else?

Unexpectedly, Lu jingye was silent for a few seconds before he spoke.

Grandfather knows of our marriage.”

As soon as ZI Yi heard that, she seemed to have guessed something. “Is he

thinking of interfering again?

Lu Jingye told her about what Mrs. Lu had conveyed to him earlier.

Zi Yi coldly snorted. “So be it that we won’t hold the wedding banquet there.

Since that’s the case, we’ll hold an even larger-scale wedding. When the time

comes, those without invitations are not allowed to attend our wedding”

Does he honestly think that he could make things difficult for her?

Lu Jingye was silent again for several seconds, when he suddenly said, “Yiyi,

I’m sorry.”

Zi Yi was not fond of hearing such words from him. “You’re not in the wrong.

He’s your Grandfather and you can’t possibly oppose him. However, I’m

different. Since he doesn’t recognize this daughter-in-law, then there’s no

need for me to be nice to him.”

Lu Jingye said, “We’ll hold the wedding in the villa in front of ours. My Mother

and your Aunts will be there in advance to prepare.”

Zi Yí said, “Okay.”

Lu Jingye then added. “Confim the number of attendees first. We’ll fill in the

invitations later.”

Zi Yi once again agreed and said, “Okay.”

After they finished discussing this topic, they ended the call.

Only then did Zi Yi answer Dean Wu’s question.

Dean Wu was also aware of Lu Jingye’s situation. As the Dean of M.Uni, what he

disliked the most was how Patriarch Lu did things and so, he said, “Student Zi,

don’t worry. You are a student of our M.Uni and it’s not up to a martial man to

bully you.”

Zi Yi smiled and nodded her head.

Dean Wu pa.s.sed her the two certificates and said the same thing as Dean Zhou.

By the time Zi Yi came out of the School of Medicine building, she received a

phone call from the headmaster.

“Student Zi, come over to my office for a moment.”

Zi Yi responded with an ‘ok. After hanging up the phone, she headed to the

headmaster’s office.

By the time Zi Yi came out from the headmaster’s office, she had already been

pulled into the group chat of the higher-ups in M.Uni.

For a moment, her screen was flooded with numerous people tagging her.

Zi Yi took a glance and all the messages were from those who said that they

will be coming to attend her wedding banquet.

Her lips curled up and she typed her response. “Everyone is welcome.”

Only then was everyone satisfied and she did not get tagged anymore.

She then gave Elder Tang and Elder Gu a call.

The news of Zi Yí and Lu Jingye holding a wedding was soon known by the

entire high-society circle of the capital.

At the same time, everyone also knew that Patriarch Lu did not allow them to

hold their wedding at Lu Jingye’s father’s house.

For a moment, everyone was gloating behind their backs.

There’s going to be a good show.”

“Second Brother is finally now not so unsurpa.s.sable. Say, if we encounter him

in the future, should we continue calling him Second Brother or should we call

him Mr. Lu?”

The one who was capable enough to make us call him Second Brother is that

same Lu Jingye who had everything in his grasp throughout the entire business


However, I heard that he’s basically staying at that small courtyard of Zi Yi’s

every day now though, and even if we want to address him, we won’t even have

the chance to see him.”

“That’s right. Second Brother has now just become a legend and right now,

there’s only Mr. Lu that remains.”

“Who knowS where the small courtyard of Zi Yi’s is? Why don’t we organize a

group to visit Mr. Lu?

“Tm not going. I heard that the courtyard is full of robots and they are not

humanized at all. What if those robots are activated into battle mode? Won’t we

be at a great disadvantage?”

“Ir’s rare that we could finally be on the same level as Second Brother and I will

feel uncomfortable if I don’t show myself in front of him.”

“Me too. Why don’t we think of a way to make the both of them head to the

[Futuristic] bar?

“That’s a good idea. At the very least, we can have a drink together.”

That’s right. They would have to invite us to their wedding then and if they let

us have a good time, we can consider whether we would be attending or not.”


At the same time, the other major families also knew about this.

They felt that as long as they did not attend Lu Jingye’s wedding, they would be

telling the whole world that Lu Jingye was no longer a member of high society.

“A man who’s kicked out of the family by Patriarch Lu doesn’t have the

qualification to make us attend his wedding.”

Other than these people, the news had also soon entered the ears of He Fei and

Ouyang Ming who were at the Bermuda Triangle.

Both of them were located in the territory of one of the big shots and that

person was the person they would be collaborating with.

The two of them were standing on the balcony on the second floor of a small

building while they smoked.

“‘Say, Old He. Is your smoking addiction getting stronger these days? It’s only

been sucha short time and yet, you’ve smoked half a cigarette more than me.”

Ouyang Ming glanced at the cigarette b.u.t.ts scattered at their feet and he

clicked his tongue.

He Fei could not be bothered to even look at him. After he finished the last

cigarette and rubbed the cigarette b.u.t.t on the balcony’s railing, he threw it on

the ground. Seeminglyhaving made up his mind, he said, “Im returning to the

capital tomorrow.”