Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 2439 – I Don’t Want You to Sit in It

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Chapter 2439: I Don’t Want You to Sit in It

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“Imust tell Jiayang to be more unkind to Jiang Yutong this time,” said Tang Jiakai.

When Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai were talking, someone took photos of them and posted the photos on Weibo. She wanted to figure out their relations.h.i.+p.

Although she didn’t have many fans, she @(mentioned) many gossip influencers, so her post was quickly reposted and many Internet users saw it.

Some Internet users thought that Gu Ning might have a new boyfriend.

Other Internet users, however, felt there was nothing wrong about Gu Ning being with a male friend. It was very normal after all, and they were in a public place. It was an airport, so they must have come to pick up a friend.

Unfortunately, some Internet users believed that Gu Ning had an abnormal relations.h.i.+p with this man and she must have cheated on her boyfriend. Therefore, they hurled abuse at Gu Ning.

Luckily, there were more Internet users who stood with Gu Ning, and a few photos couldn’t prove anything.

A girl who had a boyfriend could also have male friends. There was nothing wrong even if a girl was alone with her male friend. They didn’t go to the theater or have a meal together, which might be abnormal. They were in the airport, so obviously they came to pick someone up. The man could also be Gu

Ning’s subordinate, or her relative.

It was really unacceptable that they jumped to conclusions without any evidence. However, some malicious Internet users still wouldn’t stop criticizing Gu Ning.

Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai didn’t pay attention to Weibo, so they didn’t know about it. When it gradually got more and more attention on Weibo, Tang Jiayang came out and they went to welcome him, so they didn’t have time to play on the phone.

Gu Ning and Tang Jiayang deliberately avoided Jiang Yutong, so they walked slowly. They wanted to see what she planned to do.

After Tang Jiayang arrived, he turned on his phone and called Tang Jiakai. Tang Jiakai then told him that Jiang Yutong was also in the arrival hall.

Knowing that Jiang Yutong was also there, Tang Jiayang fell into a bad mood, but there was only one way out, so he had to face it.

‘Tang Jiakai also told Tang Jiayang to be as unkind as possible to Jiang Yutong this time. If he couldn’t totally disappoint her or make her scared of him, she wouldn’t stop bothering him.

They didn’t care whether she would be heart-broken. People must pay for their actions. She had a wrong idea, so she should pay for it. Otherwise, she would believe that she still had a chance.

‘Tang Jiayang agreed that he should really change his att.i.tude towards Jiang Yutong, or she would continue to bother him.

‘When Tang Jiayang was out, Jiang Yutong saw him and got excited. Without delay, she walked to him and said, “Hi, Jiayang, welcome back! What a coincidence! I came to pick up my friend. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

She came to pick up her friend?

It was an excuse, because Jiang Yutong didn’t want Tang Jiayang to know that she specially came to see him. She didn’t want him to hate her. However, if she came to pick up her friend and they met by chance, it would be different.

“Hi,” said Tang Jiayang in a flat voice. He didn’t bother to embarra.s.s her and planned to leave her behind.

At this time, Tang Jiakai and Gu Ning walked over. Tang Jiakai didn’t hesitate to embarra.s.s Jiang Yutong and he said, “Coincidence? I don’t think so. You and your friend have sat here for a long time. Didn’t you specially come here after hearing that Jiayang will be home this morning?”

“You…” Jiang Yutong flushed in humiliation when Tang Jiakai pointed it out publicly. She didn’t expect that Tang Jiakai and Gu Ning had already noticed her. It was quite embarra.s.sing!

Anyway, Jiang Yutong refused to admit it. “It’s nonsense! I just got here, and I came to pick up my friend.”

She didn’t think that they had taken videos or photos of her.

“Really? I just took a photo of you, and there is a timestamp on it,” said Tang Jiakai. He actually didn’t know what Jiang Yutong was thinking, but that was what he thought, so he said it aloud. He also didn’t have a photo; he was simply tricking Jiang Yutong.

Without surprise, Jiang Yutong panicked. She was surprised that Tang Jiakai really had taken a photo as evidence. How could he do that?

All of a sudden, Jiang Yutong didn’t know what to do, and Gu Ning was unwilling to waste more time arguing with her. After all, they were in a public place and they were relatives. It wasn’t a good thing if they continued to embarra.s.s each other, so Gu Ning called them to leave.

‘Tang Jiakai disliked Jiang Yutong, but he knew when to stop, so he listened to Gu Ning and stopped arguing.

However, Jiang Yutong refused to let them go. She directly chased after them and said, “I didn’t drive here. Let me and my friend take your car!”

Jiang Yutong understood that the Tang family would send people to pick Tang Jiayang up, so she had the intention of sharing the car with Tang Jiayang. Therefore, she purposely didn’t drive. Unexpectedly, it was Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai who came to pick up Tang Jiayang.

Anyway, they were relatives, so she didn’t believe that they would leave her behind. Unfortunately, she was wrong, because they really wouldn’t hesitate to leave her behind.

“No,” said Tang Jiakai at once.

“Why?” Jiang Yutong was reluctant to give up.

“Because it’s my car, and I don’t want you to sit in it,” said Tang Jiakai.

“You…” Jiang Yutong was struck dumb. She understood that her relations.h.i.+p with Tang Jiakai was really bad, so it wasn’t surprising that Tang Jiakai didn’t want her to sit in his car.

Normally, she wouldn’t bother to, but today she was determined to sit in his car. Therefore, Jiang Yutong threatened him. “If you don’t let me sit in your car, I’ll call your mother.”

“Whatever,” said Tang Jiakai. He couldn’t care less. Although he knew that his mother would tell him to let Jiang Yutong sit in his car, he would still refuse to do that.

“Let’s go,” said Tang Jiakai, then pulled Tang Jiayang and Gu Ning away.

Jiang Lihua didn’t call Jiang Lihua, but she continued to follow Tang Jiayang.

Gu Ning and the others said nothing, but they wouldn’t allow her to get in their car.

“Yutong, why don’t we take a taxi?” Jiang Yutong’s friend said. She was willing to be cooperative, but it was too embarra.s.sing and she really wanted to leave.

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 2437 – I Don’t Want to Have Your Baby!

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Chapter 2437: I Don’t Want to Have Your Baby!

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‘When they had the meal, Gu Ning received Gu Qing’s call. Gu Qing told her that Old Mrs. Gu just woke up.

Although Gu Qing understood that Gu Ning didn’t want to hear news about Old Mrs. Gu, Old Mrs. Gu woke up after taking Gu Ning’s medicine, so Gu Qing felt she should let Gu Ning know.

Because Gu Ning had intended to let Old Mrs. Gu wake up, she wasn’t surprised when she heard the news. However, she had no interest in it, so she only gave a light response.

Hearing her light response, Gu Qing realized that it wasn’t out of Gu Ning’s expectations. In other words, it was Gu Ning who made Old Mrs. Gu wake up. Figuring that out, Gu Qing had mixed emotions.

“Ningning, thank you.” At this moment, Gu Qing didn’t know what else she could say.

“Does my mom know?” Gu Ning asked.

“Not yet, I haven’t told her yet,” said Gu Qing, She was hesitating to tell Gu Man about it.

Although Gu Man had a terrible relations.h.i.+p with Old Mrs. Gu, it was her biological mother after all, so Gu Man had the right to know.

“Don’t tell her then. My mom just delivered. She needs to have a good rest. I don’t want her to be affected,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure,” said Gu Qing. Since Gu Ning said that, she didn’t insist.

Afterwards, Gu Qing stopped talking about Old Mrs. Gu.

In fact, they were very surprised that Old Mrs. Gu could regain consciousness again. Even though Gu Qinxiang expected it to happen, he still couldn’t believe it when it actually happened.

Although Old Mrs. Gu woke up, she couldn’t move freely. She either lay in bed or sat in the wheelchair.

Luckily, she was conscious and could speak vaguely now. She could say short sentences, which wasn’t difficult to understand, but it was hard for her to finish a long sentence.

Either way, Old Mrs. Gu was “alive” now. She used to be in a vegetative state, which was no different from being dead.

Gu Man was physically strong, but she just gave birth to a baby, so she went to have a nap too. And Tang Yunfan didn’t want his wife to be alone, so he went back to the room with Gu Man.

Tang Yunhang had something to deal with, so he went back to his study. So only Tang Haifeng, Jiang Lihua, Tang Jiakai, and Gu Ning stayed in the living room. It was still early, so they chatted with each other.

“Oh, when will Jiayang come back?” Tang Jiakai asked Jiang Lihua. Because Cao Wenxin’s wedding would be held in a few days and the New Year festival was a week later, Tang Jiayang would come home.

“He’ll arrive at the airport of City B at about 9 am tomorrow,” said Jiang Lihua.

“Ningning, are you free tomorrow morning? Why don’t we go to pick up Jiayang together?” Tang Jiakai asked Gu Ning.

“sure!” Gu Ning said. Although she spent little time with Tang Jiayang and they weren’t very close, they kept in touch and weren’t strangers.

Anyway, since they were cousins, they were a family even if they weren’t familiar with one another.

At 10 pm, all of them went back to their own rooms and at 10:30 pm, Gu Ning received Leng Shaoting’s call.

‘When Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting chatted on the phone, she told Leng Shaoting the idea she just had. “I’ve rarely seen such a beautiful new-born little baby, but it’s reasonable, because my parents are very good-looking. I was thinking that our baby will probably be pretty too. Both of us are attractive

after all…”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting stiffened a little, then suddenly had an impulse to have a baby with Gu Ning.

Unfortunately, Gu Ning hadn’t reached the age of consent yet, or he would really have a baby with her right now.

Even though people were more open-minded nowadays, he wouldn’t let Gu Ning get pregnant before they were married, because it could cause rumors, especially since Gu Ning was a celebrity.

However, he still joked about it. “Ningning, are you implying that we can have a baby now? I’ll work on it when I’m back.”

Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second, feeling embarra.s.sed. “I don’t want to have your baby!” She argued..

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 2441 – Stay away from Her

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Chapter 2441: Stay away from Her

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Gu Ning said that not because she wanted Jiang Yutong to post it on the Internet, because it would damage Tang Jiayang’s reputation to some extent. Gu Ning said that because she believed that Jiang Yutong didn’t dare to tell the truth. She would be the only one who was criticized and judged if she did


Anyway, in case Jiang Yutong lost control of her reason, Gu Ning continued. “Well, if you decide to post it on the Internet, you better be prepared to accept the unexpected result. You must be mentally strong to face the criticisms and dirty words hurled at you by the Internet users. Perhaps your family will

also be affected. After all, you’re from a rich family. And if it affects the Tang family, I bet you’ll suffer a worse result.”

It wouldn’t cause a sensation, but Gu Ning wanted to scare Jiang Yutong.

Jiang Yutong was a young girl who lacked experience, so she could be easily frightened.

Without surprise, Jiang Yutong looked scared once she heard Gu Ning’s words. She didn’t want to be criticized on the Internet. Although she liked Tang Jiayang and didn’t care that they were cousins, she knew that it was totally unacceptable in today’s society.

“L…” Jiang Yutong didn’t know what to say and became weak.

Those men didn’t know the specific reason for their conflict, but they figured out that it must be Jiang Yutong’s fault and she must have done something totally unacceptable first.

“Miss Gu, I’m sorry, we didn’t know the reason, so…”

“Miss Gu, I’m sorry.”

Those men apologized to Gu Ning at once. Even though they stood out due to a sense of justice, they had indeed made a mistake.

“It’s fine, I know you have a sense of justice. That’s a good thing. Although it’s a misunderstanding, it’s understandable given that situation,” said Gu Ning. They misunderstood them, but it proved that they had a sense of justice, so she shouldn’t blame them for that.

Gu Ning didn’t blame them, and they were relieved.

“How about me? They just shouted at me. I feel aggrieved now. Who should take responsibility for that?” In the car, Tang Jiakai was still displeased when he heard their conversation. His voice wasn’t loud, and only Tang Jiayang who sat next to him could hear it clearly.

“Alright, they didn’t know the reason.” Tang Jiayang understood Tang Jiakai’s feelings, but they couldn’t go out and argue with them.

“Fine!” Tang Jiakai snorted and said nothing again. He was unhappy, but he just complained about it for a while. He wouldn’t really go out and argue with them again.

After those men apologized, Gu Ning turned to get in the car.

Jiang Yutong didn’t dare to go forward anymore. She could only watch them leave.

After that, those men also left. They said nothing to Jiang Yutong, only giving her a glance.

“d.a.m.n Gu Ning! d.a.m.n Tang Jiakai! Do they think they can stop me from seeing Jiayang by doing that? Well, I can see him the day after tomorrow.” When everyone was gone, Jiang Yutong complained loudly. She blamed Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai for separating her from Tang Jiayang. She had no intention

of blaming Tang Jiayang at all. However, Tang Jiayang also didn’t want her to leave with him.

Since they were gone, Jiang Yutong wouldn’t stay here any longer, so she walked out alone. She didn’t call her friend to follow, but her friend still did it obediently.

“bet sh.e.l.l still seek chances to approach Jiayang,” said Tang Jiakai. He didn’t bother to hide his hatred for Jiang Yutong.

“There is a chance. At Wenxin’s wedding, Jiang Yutong will surely show up,” said Gu Ning.

The Jiang family was the Tang family’s relatives. Wenxin was the Tang family’s granddaughter-in-law, so the Jiang family would undoubtedly be invited.

“Right!” Hearing that, Tang Jiakai was in a really bad mood, but he couldn’t shut Jiang Yutong out.

“We can just stay away from her at that time,” said Tang Jiayang, although he never wanted to be close to her.

“If she’s as shameless as usual, we’ll hurt her deeply. I don’t care whether she can accept it. She is asking for it,” said Tang Jiakai.

“Right,” said Tang Jiayang.

Jiang Jiamin knew that Tang Jiayang was back, so did Jiang Minhong and Jiang Jiamin. When they had almost arrived at the Tang family’s house, Tang Jiayang received Jiang Minhong’s call.

Because they knew that Tang Jiayang needed to meet with his parents after he came back today, he didn’t call Tang Jiayang out for a meal. Instead, he asked Tang Jiayang whether he was free tonight, and mentioned that they could have a gathering at the bar.

Although they were students, they were adults too, so they could drink. They only drank a little and wouldn’t get drunk, because they didn’t want accidents to happen.

Tang Jiayang agreed. He could go out tonight, and he told them that Gu Ning was with him, so Jiang Minhong told him to come with Gu Ning.

Gu Ning accepted their invitation. They were close relatives of Tang Jiayang and Tang Jiakai, so she should build a good relations.h.i.+p with them.

Jiang Jiamin was also happy to know that Gu Ning would come.

Back in the Tang family’s house, it was time for lunch. Tang Yunhang and Jiang Lihua never had lunch at home. They normally finished eating at their workplace.

Tang Yunfan, on the other hand, needed to take care of Gu Man and their new baby, so he went home for lunch. He would go to work again after lunch.

Although Tang Yunfan cared about Gu Man and their new baby, he couldn’t stay at home the entire time. He needed to deal with his work. He could only spend some time with Gu Man and their new baby when he wasn’t busy.

Tang Jiayang came home with gifts for Tang Jiayu.

“Te seen other new-born babies. They are all wrinkled, but Jiayu is totally different. He isn’t wrinkled at all. He’s so beautiful!” said Tang Jiayang. He really liked this new younger cousin. He didn’t think it was a bad thing although he might no longer be the heir of the Tanghuang Organization.

Even though he was educated to take over the Tanghuang Organization, he had his own dream and plan. He didn’t want to work in the Tang family’s company right after he graduated. He wanted to build his own career, because he wanted to prove himself.

If he went straight to work in the Tanghuang Organization, then took it over as planned, n.o.body would believe that he had the ability to manage it well..

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 2436 – It’s Real?

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Chapter 2436: It’s Real?

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Afterwards, Gu Ning told Zhang Zikai about the punishment the taxi driver received in the end. Although Zhang Zikai hated the taxi driver, the taxi driver didn’t succeed in hurting her, so she accepted the result.

After finding out the result at the Public Security Bureau, Gu Ning went to the antique street. She should provide more antiques for Xiangyun Antique-store now, because it was running out of commodities.

For safety, Gu Ning couldn’t leave too many antiques there.

Once she arrived at the antique street, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see whether there were real antiques.

She hadn’t visited the antique street for a long time, and she had good luck this time.

Most of the shop owners and staffers were familiar with Gu Ning, but the stands at the sides of the road weren’t, so Gu Ning went straight to buy antiques if she saw any real ones.

Although they weren’t very valuable, it was a cost-effective way to collect real antiques. Therefore, Gu Ning didn’t bother to bargain over the prices. She would make a lot of money from them anyway.

After Gu Ning left with a real antique, a stand owner who recognized her said quietly, “Oh, what should I say? Is it a good thing or a bad thing for you? There was a real antique on your stand, but you didn’t know. You just sold it. If you knew it’s real, you could make a fortune from it.”

“What did you say? Do you mean the one I just sold is real?” The other stand owner rounded his eyes in shock and couldn’t believe his ears.

Although they did antique business, they normally sold fake ones. If he knew there was a real one on his stand, he surely wouldn’t sell it.

“Yes!” Stand Owner A replied.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Jesus, it’s real? How much is it worth?” Stand Owner B was heavily hit.

“I didn’t know it. If Ihad known it, I would have bought it earlier. The girl picked it up, so I realized it must be real. Even if I knew it’s real, I didn’t dare to tell you. Do you know who she is? She’s the boss of Xiangyun Antique-store. She’s much more influential than you can imagine. I don’t dare to mess

with her,” said Stand Owner A.

Hearing that, Stand Owner B was stunned. In despair, he sank to the ground.

The girl was an important figure, so he didn’t dare to ask her to return the antique to him.

People around them also felt sorry for Stand Owner B.

‘What he just sold was a piece of bronzeware. If it was real, it could be worth at least hundreds of thousands of yuan, but he sold it for just several thousand yuan.

He originally thought he asked for a high price, and even felt happy for making a lot of money from the deal. Unfortunately, it turned out that he was the dumb one and the girl made a fortune instead.

Because of the unprofitable deal, he was too sad to manage his stand today and directly went home.

After Gu Ning sent the antiques to Xiangyun Antique-store, she stayed there for a while, then left.

Stand owners had mixed emotions when they saw Gu Ning. They hoped that she could stop before their stands, but they didn’t want her to buy their antiques.

If she stopped before their stands, it meant that there were real antiques and they could sell them to make money on their own. However, if she wanted to buy the real antiques, they didn’t dare to refuse in case she was displeased. Therefore, they had mixed emotions.

Along the way, Gu Ning didn’t stop before another stand, because there were no more real antiques. Even if she saw a real one, it wasn’t worth a lot of money, so Gu Ning did nothing.

It was impossible for her to go ahead and tell the stand owner that there was a real antique on his stand.

After leaving the antique street, she went back to the Southern District. It was time for lunch, so they dined outside.

After having lunch, she went back to her company, then in the afternoon, she took Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to have dinner at the siheyuan.

Because she was going to City B tomorrow, it would be the last meal she had with Shangguan Yang and the others at the siheyuan.

It wasn’t the first time that Gao Yi and Qiao Ya had visited the siheyuan. They were familiar with Shangguan Yang and Jing Yunyao, so it wasn’t inconvenient for Gu Ning to take them with her.

Although Gao Yi and Qiao Ya didn’t ask about it, they knew that both Shangguan Yang and Jing Yunyao were people with magical power. Therefore, they had great respect for them.

In fact, even if they weren’t people with magical power, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya would still respect them, because they were senior to Gu Ning.

Because of Gao Yi and Qiao Ya’s presence, they weren’t as carefree as usual.

After having the meal and a rest, Gu Ning left with Gao Yi and Qiao Ya. She also told them that she was going back to City B tomorrow.

She would leave tomorrow afternoon, so she would visit Master Leng in the morning.

Because she would go visit him tomorrow morning, she told Master Leng in advance.

Master Leng was very happy to hear that Gu Ning was coming to see him.

At 9 am the next day, Gu Ning went to the Leng family’s house. The seniors were out for work, while the young were home. However, Leng Shaojia locked herself in the room all the time. Only Leng Shaoxi and Leng Shaoxun stayed in the living room with Master Leng.

Actually, they sat there because they knew that Gu Ning would come, otherwise they would go to deal with their own business.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya didn’t follow Gu Ning to visit the Leng family, because they would be very embarra.s.sed and nervous. Therefore, Gu Ning drove there alone and told Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to wait for her at her place.

Everyone was happy to see Gu Ning, except for Leng Shaojia. Normally, Leng Shaojia would walk around once in a while, but she directly hid when Gu Ning came. She even told a servant to serve food to her in her room.

Gu Ning felt nothing about it. She didn’t force Leng Shaojia to stay in her room; Leng Shaojia was the one who refused to go out.

Gu Ning’s flight would take off at 3:50 pm, so she left the Leng family’s house at 2 pm to head to the airport. She told Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to take a taxi to meet her there. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if she had to go back to Century City which was in another district.

Gu Ning arrived at the airport earlier than them, so she went to get her plane ticket and pa.s.sed the security check.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya arrived ten minutes later. It was twenty minutes away from the departure time.

By the time they arrived at City B it was 6 pm.

After they left the airport, it was 6:20 pm, so they took a taxi to the city center and dined outside..

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 2440 – Do You Want to Fight?

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Chapter 2440: Do You Want to Fight?

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Although she also felt it was unacceptable that Jiang Yutong fell in love with her cousin, it was her personal affair. She had no right or courage to judge her.

In Jiang Yutong’s eyes, she was only a lackey, but the Jiang family was more influential than her family and her parents ordered her to form a good relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Yutong. Therefore, no matter how displeased she was, she wouldn’t say anything as long as it had nothing to do with her. However,

she really felt too embarra.s.sed to follow them.

“If you want to leave, go take a taxi on your own. I’ll go with them,” said Jiang Yutong. She didn’t care about her friend right now, and only wanted to follow Tang Jiayang,

Jiang Yutong’s friend knew that she wouldn’t succeed in taking their car, so she had to stay with Jiang Yutong, or the Jiang family would blame her for leaving Jiang Yutong alone at the airport. As Jiang Yutong’s friend, she had to follow her.

If she left right now, Jiang Yutong would certainly vent her anger on her, even though it was Jiang Yutong who told her to leave first.

Some people were too self-centered to care about other people’s feelings.

The girl stayed friends with Jiang Yutong because it was her family’s order and Jiang Yutong hadn’t done anything horrible to her yet. Jiang Yutong simply shouted at her sometimes when she lost temper.

Jiang Yutong followed Tang Jiayang and the others to the parking lot, and was determined to take their car, but Tang Jiakai stopped her.

Gu Ning would still drive the car, so she got in first, then she opened the trunk so that Tang Jiayang could put his suitcase in.

Afterwards, Tang Jiayang got in the car as well. It was Gu Ning’s advice. She told him not to face Jiang Yutong and to let Tang Jiakai deal with it.

Tang Jiayang needed to be unkind to Jiang Yutong, but not now, because they were in a public place. It wasn’t suitable for him to do that.

‘Tang Jiakai coldly stared at Jiang Yutong, then said coldly, “Jiang Yutong, stay away from my car.”

“Just send me back, please!” Jiang Yutong said, looking pitiful. Although she disliked Tang Jiakai, she had to act pitiful in front of him in order to take his car.

“No way, if you dare to touch my car, I’ll beat you. Don’t think I’ll be gentle just because you’re a girl,” said Tang Jiakai seriously, threatening her.

He never beat women, but he wouldn’t tolerate such an unreasonable woman.

He was a reasonable man, but he hated ridiculous people, and he had no time to waste on arguing.

“You…” Jiang Yutong didn’t believe that Tang Jiakai would dare to beat her, but he looked very serious, so she was still a little scared.

Several male onlookers heard Tang Jiakai’s words, and felt that it was unacceptable. It wasn’t what men should do, so they stood out and blamed Tang Jiakai. “Hey, bro, as a man, you can’t beat women. It’s not what we do. And how could you leave a girl alone here?”

He was friendly, because he just wanted to persuade Tang Jiakai to be gentle. He didn’t aim to argue with him.

Although they didn’t know their relations.h.i.+p, they felt that they were either a couple, or the girl liked him.

No matter what, they believed that Tang Jiakai shouldn’t leave Jiang Yutong alone here and even threatened her.

“It’s none of your business!” Being criticized by them, Tang Jiakai was displeased at once and retorted in anger.

“It’s none of my business, but your behavior is unacceptable,” said the man angrily.

“So what? Do you want to fight?” Tang Jiakai got mad and seemed as if he was ready to fight.

Gu Ning was afraid that Tang Jiakai might lose control of himself and really get into a fight with them, so she immediately got out of the car. Before that, she told Tang Jiayang to wait in the car.

‘Tang Jiayang understood that Gu Ning could deal with Jiang Yutong, so he listened to her.

After Gu Ning was out of the car, she said to Tang Jiakai, “Jiakai, get in the car now.”

‘Tang Jiakai was displeased, but he still listened to Gu Ning and got in the car.

‘When Gu Ning got out, those men saw her face. They were impressed by her beauty and felt that she looked a bit familiar, but they couldn’t remember where they had seen her before.

Jiang Yutong wanted to follow when Tang Jiakai got in the car, but Gu Ning stopped her.

“Jiang Yutong, we’re both girls, so I won’t be a gentleman. I don’t care who you call. It’s useless.” Gu Ning coldly looked at her.

If Tang Jiakai really beat Jiang Yutong, he would be criticized for doing that no matter how much the Tang family disliked Jiang Yutong. He was a man after all. However, Gu Ning was different. She was a girl and the Tang family would only defend Gu Ning if she injured Jiang Yutong, because they believed

that Gu Ning did it for a reason.

“You…” Jiang Yutong was mad, then threatened her. “Gu Ning, if you dare hurt me, I’ll post it on the Internet and let everyone sce your real face…”

Because Tang Jiakai was a man, Jiang Yutong bet that he might not really beat her, but she wasn’t sure whether Gu Ning would do that. Gu Ning was extremely strong and she was no match for Gu Ning. Therefore, she could only threaten her.

However, even though she threatened Gu Ning, she didn’t have much confidence. After all, Gu Ning had a lot of loyal fans, and they would surely defend her.

The moment those men heard Jiang Yutong call Gu Ning’s name, they realized that this beautiful girl in front of them was Gu Ning. No wonder they felt she looked so familiar!

They didn’t know much about Gu Ning, but they had heard a little about her, so they trusted her.

Since Gu Ning was so unkind to this girl, this girl must have done something terrible.

In that case, they shouldn’t defend Jiang Yutong any longer in case Gu Ning was wronged.

“No problem, let’s see who the Internet users will side with,” said Gu Ning confidently. “I think you better tell them the whole story and let people judge whether you’re a girl without standards or with an infatuation..”

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 2438 – Ignore Her

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Chapter 2438: Ignore Her

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‘The moment Gu Ning finished speaking, she realized that she was wrong. She just said that their baby would be good-looking because both of them were beautiful, but now she refused to have his baby. She was embarra.s.sing herself!

Gu Ning wanted to explain it, but Leng Shaoting threatened her on the phone. “Ningning, if you don’t want to have my baby, whose baby do you want to have?”

“Ididn’t mean that. I was just saying that I don’t want to have your baby right now. We’re not married yet. I don’t want to be blamed for getting pregnant before marriage. I’m a celebrity after all,” said Gu Ning.

“Great.” Leng Shaoting was satisfied. “Xin Bei and your cousin will hold their wedding in a few days. If there is nothing to deal with, I’l go to City B the day after tomorrow. Perhaps I can stay there for a few days and go back to the capital for the New Year festival. My mom and I will visit the Tang family

afterwards,” said Leng Shaoting.

Because Master Leng was old now, he couldn’t travel much, so he would only give Tang Haifeng a call to exchange well wishes.

In the Tang family, Gu Man was still recovering and Tang Yunfan couldn’t leave her, so Gu Ning would visit the Leng family on behalf of the Tang family.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting weren’t formally engaged yet. They weren’t married either, so it wasn’t necessary for them to make a formal visit to each other’s family during the New Year festival. However, if they came, the Tang family would surely welcome them.

After they were engaged and married, they would pay a formal visit.

“That’s just my plan, but it might change, so don’t tell your family about it yet,” said Leng Shaoting.

“Sure,” said Gu Ning. She didn’t want any emergencies to happen and hoped that Leng Shaoting could enjoy a happy festival at home.

In fact, as the leader, Leng Shaoting could take days off as he liked, while many soldiers couldn’t go back home for the New Year festival for years.

The next day, after having breakfast and resting for a while, Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai went to the airport. Gu Ning was the driver, because she was better at driving. Whenever Gu Ning was with them, Tang Jiakai didn’t want to drive.

Gu Ning sensed their glances, and understood that they might have misunderstandings about her and Tang Jiakai, but she didn’t care. They were cousins, and there was nothing wrong between them.

After that, with a glance, Gu Ning saw a familiar face. It was Jiang Yutong. There was also a girl who was with Jiang Yutong.

Jiang Yutong heard that Tang Jiayang would come home today. Although she didn’t now when he would arrive, she knew it would be this morning, so she came very early.

Actually, they could see from the display screen that there was only one flight from the capital of Country Y to City B in the morning and it set off at 9:10 am.

Jiang Yutong was aware that Tang Jiayang disliked her and even kept a distance from her. Her family had also warned her not to mess with Tang Jiayang, but she still liked him, really deeply. She couldn’t stop herself from collecting information about him and coming to see him.

Gu Ning saw Jiang Yutong, but Jiang Yutong didn’t see her. After all, there were too many people in the arrival hall, and there was a distance between them.

Tang Jiakai didn’t notice Jiang Yutong until he saw Gu Ning was looking at her.

In an instant, Tang Jiakai was mad and said coldly, “Why is she here? She must know that Jiayang is coming home. She came for Jiayang.”

Tang Jiakai hated Jiang Yutong very much.

“If so, she’ll only embarra.s.s herself. We can just ignore her,” said Gu Ning. They couldn’t stop Jiang Yutong from coming to the airport, and they would see what they could do if she really went to bother Tang Jiayang.

“Well, Jiang Yutong is so hateful. She’s really crazy. How could she fall in love with her cousin? Does she think she’s still living in the ancient times? Relatives can’t get married. And Jiayang dislikes her. He only controls his temper because they are relatives. If I were him, I would have swom at her!” Tang

Jiakai complained. He felt it was totally unacceptable that Jiang Yutong fell in love with Tang Jiayang.

“Um, not everyone is mentally healthy, and it’s hard to control one’s emotions, especially love. We can’t stop her from loving Tang Jiayang, but we can stay away from her. I also think that Jiayang should really show his real att.i.tude towards her, or she won’t stop,” said Gu Ning. She didn’t want Tang

Jiayang to be bothered by Jiang Yutong..