Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1194: Fake magicians and real magicians

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Chapter 1194: Fake magicians and real magicians

The DEM magicians are well over twenty years old. Even so, Jessica who is the oldest among them is only 25 years old. She’s not in her 30s yet.

Being called brats by a kid who is at least a decade younger than them just rubbed them the wrong way. They didn’t like how Natsuki talked down to them.

Ignoring what Ellen and the other magicians had to say, Jessica is the first one to lose her cool.

“You’re just a spirit, you want me to rip your mouth off?!”


Natsuki laughed.

“I think I recall a bunch of brats trying to pick on a single spirit but they ended up getting their b.u.t.ts handed to them. In the end, the boss had to come in and rescue the cronies, I wonder who they were?”

“That’s because the monster over there had an Angel that is built for group fights.”

Jessica tried to justify her defeat.

“If I went in alone…”

Natsuki sighed.

“You look like you’re older than me but you can’t even admit your own failure. Plus, your temperament is exactly the same as a kid who can’t put a curly one on the soap. I think you can forgive me if I treated you like a kid.”


“Enough, I am not skilled enough to win a puerile argument with a brat.”

Natsuki stopped Jessica nonchalantly with one of her hands on her waist.

“If you don’t like my term of endearment then I can call you by another moniker, granny…”


Jessica shook with anger. She shot leers in Natsuki’s direction.

“Hmm, I see, you don’t like granny either…”

Natsuki grinned.

“How about Miss ugly?”

Jessica lifted her gun as she took aim at Natsuki.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself! You stupid brat!”

Jessica wanted to pull the trigger but a beam of light sliced her rifle apart.


Jessica gasped when her rifle broke in two. A cold voice rang near her.

“Did I order you to move?”

Jessica shivered when she knew what just transpired. Who else had that lightsaber?

Ellen brandished her lightsaber, she showed Jessica a frosty look.


Jessica felt a drop of cold sweat rolling down the side of her cheek.

“You fell so easily to the enemy’s taunt. To think you’re Adeptus 2…”

Ellen shifted her gaze away. She felt it beneath her to pay Jessica any further attention.

“I will report this to Isaac. you should prepare yourself for a few years of training. Don’t even think about taking on missions during this time.”


Jessica’s face paled but Ellen shot her a stern look.

“What? You got something to say?”

Jessica knew there was no way out of this. She can only accept her fate.

Jessica stared at Natsuki with hateful eyes. She wanted the little girl dead.

It’s all her fault!

Jessica made up her mind to shoot a few holes into Natsuki after getting barred from missions.

Too bad for her, Jessica forgot it was the d.a.m.nable brat who blocked her captain’s full-power attack without flinching.

Natsuki didn’t think much of Jessica’s animosity. She addressed Ellen with a slightly approving att.i.tude.

“It seems you guys are not beyond salvation. Even if you’re just fake magicians…”


Ellen frowned. Her gaze sharpened.

“What does that mean?”

“Hmm, who knows?”

Natsuki lifted her parasol, she pointed it at Ellen in a provocative manner.

“Rather than explaining, why don’t I show you?”

“What a real magician can do…”

A storm started blowing all around Natsuki, she’s using real magic power that is far different from the maryoku known in this universe.

The sudden storm caught the DEM magicians by surprise. They kept their eyes on Natsuki nonetheless.

Originally, Natsuki is a formidable magician on her own. However, she never had enough magic power to cause a storm with pure magic power. However, she lost her magic power after becoming Wu Yan’s va.s.sal beast.

As an ent.i.ty of pure magic power, Natsuki relied on Wu Yan’s magic power to appear in the material plane. As long as Wu Yan keeps supplying her with magic power, she is like an extension of Wu Yan’s magic power.

If Wu Yan allowed it, Natsuki can extract more magic power from her master, she can probably extract Wu Yan’s magic power until she depletes his magic power.

In other words, Natsuki is now someone who had a True Ancestor’s magic power.

Of course, the DEM magicians couldn’t fathom this.

In fact, without their CR units, most of them can’t even detect magical fluctuations as they would be no different than other humans.

Granted, their sensors did pick up the spike in energy.

The support DEM magicians with oversized machines screamed out loud.

“We are detecting elevated levels of energy coming from the ent.i.ty in front of us!”

“This signature, it’s not Reiryoku nor is it Maryoku!”

“What do you mean neither Maryoku nor Reiryoku?!”

Ellen & co turned grim.

There is a third supernatural power besides spirits and magicians?

No, that’s impossible!

“It’s possible that is her Angel’s ability!”

Ellen came up with that theory.

“The enemy is using her Angel, raise your guards!”

Natsuki stored her parasol away before snapping her fingers.


An invisible ripple expanded outward without warning. It sounded like a drop of water hitting the water’s surface. There is a gigantic array of purple magic formations.

“This is…”

Ellen yelled out loud as her pupils shrunk.

“Everyone, open your defensive territories now!”

Ellen is the first one to deploy her barrier. The other magicians also did the same despite initially lagging.

The purple magical formations spat out chains with a purple sheen. The chains behaved like vipers that zipped across the sky and wrapped up the DEM magicians.

Ding clang clang

The DEM magicians got bound in their own defensive Territories.

Although they had their defenses up, the chains still wrapped Ellen & co up in chain coc.o.o.ns.

The b.a.l.l.s of light containing DEM magicians got suspended in the sky by Natsuki’s Chain of Commandment.

Ellen turned grave.

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1193: Brats should go home, the arrival of the big hero

If you are looking for Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1193: Brats should go home, the arrival of the big hero you are coming to the right place.
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Chapter 1193: Brats should go home, the arrival of the big hero

Jessica and the other magicians are floating in the sky with the help of their CR units. Their eyes were filled with disbelief.

Miku closed her eyes while waiting for Ellen to deliver the final strike. She gnashed her teeth to brace herself for excruciating pain. But, one minute pa.s.sed and nothing hit her. Instead, she heard an audible shocked gasp.

She opened her eyes to see something surprising in front of her.

She saw an individual.

That individual is short and pet.i.te.

She was wearing black gothic lolita clothes that matched the night sky well. Her dress fluttered with the wind. Her waist-length hair ended in drills that looked like tiny tornadoes.

Miku can guess from just her back that this young girl is an absolute cutie on Miku’s level.

That isn’t the most shocking thing yet.

She’s stunned because that young lady who came in just under 1.5 meters is holding a black parasol in one of her hands and the remaining one is raised nonchalantly.

That kid held up Ellen’s lightsaber effortlessly.

Miku clearly saw a young lady who blocked Ellen’s attack like she’s blocking a kid’s playful attack. She blocked Ellen from delivering the coup de grâce.

Even shocking, that young lady is using an invisible field that stopped the lightsaber of the strongest magician from touching her, distancing the palm and lightsaber by 2 inches. Jessica and the other magicians couldn’t process this scene.

That strike would have been enough to end Miku’s life. That little who looked like she’s twelve at most blocked the lightsaber with ease.

This is why this fight that should have wrapped up a few minutes ago isn’t over just yet.

More importantly, Miku, Ellen, Jessica, and the other magicians didn’t see this girl’s arrival.

She appeared in the split second between Ellen’s slash and Miku’s falling body.

n.o.body antic.i.p.ated this outcome.

The young girl with a parasol lifted her head to look at Ellen with those doll-like eyes. Her exquisite mien entered everyone’s vision.

The girl told the magicians off with a tender but stern voice.

“It’s about time you sheathe this ugly blade, no? You brat…”

The young lady is obviously the brat here. However, the stern authoritative tone she gave off made everyone feel like Ellen is the younger one here.

Ellen stored her blade away subconsciously.

She used her thrusters to regroup with Jessica and the rest, putting some distance between herself and the uninvited guest.

Despite the doll-like beauty and harmless stature of the young girl, Ellen knew better than to treat the defender with lowered guard. Her expression turned grave.

The kid blocked her full-power attack with a simple palm block. She can also feel  suffocating pressure coming from the young girl.

That is the feeling of going up against a lifeform on another level above her.

She recognized this feeling of helplessness. She felt it from someone else before…

This young lady is the second one who gave her this suffocating feeling.

Clenching tighter onto her lightsaber, Ellen asked her.

“Who are you?”


The young girl giggled.

“Minamiya Natsuki…”

Yes, she’s one of Wu Yan’s va.s.sal beasts. She’s the one who intercepted Ellen’s attack.

The Witch of the Void.

This demon killer who is so famous in the universe of Strike the Blood is understandably not heard of in the universe of Date A Live.

“Minamiya Natsuki?”

Ellen searched her memories for intel on this girl. Naturally, she found no matches.

“I have never heard of you, you are also not in any reports or case files, are you a spirit?”

“A spirit?”

Natsuki pursed her lips. She nodded resolutely.

“Well, let’s just go with that for now. At least, I am not human…”

“An unrecorded spirit?”

Ellen gnashed her teeth.

Whether or not she’s an identified spirit matters little to Ellen. Spirits are enemies to her and that is all she needs to know.

She’s more concerned with the girl’s ability to block her full-power slash.

Is she another being on par with the Red Devil?

Jessica and the other magicians exchanged looks of confusion. They waited behind Ellen. Natsuki couldn’t ask for a better result. She looked at Miku who still stared at her in dumbfoundment.

“Well, you did good holding on with your present strength…”

Natsuki praised Miku.

“Leave the rest to me…”

Who are you? Why did you save me?

Miku wanted to ask but she lost her voice so she can only stare at Natsuki.

“Don’t worry, I did come here to save you. Rather, I was watching you all this time.”

Natsuki read Miku’s mind.

“That b.a.s.t.a.r.d placed me with you when he was explaining Ellen’s threat to spirits…”

Miku’s eyes widened. Her heart fluttered.

Even if Miku had poor comprehension, she still knew what Natsuki meant.

Natsuki was watching over Miku all this time, preparing to protect her should the time come.

It was at the request of the “b.a.s.t.a.r.d” so she knew who it was.

There is only ever one person who warned Miku about Ellen.

Wu Yan.

This meant Wu Yan protected her since that day.

He was always…

Even now, when she’s powerless without her voice.

Miku couldn’t describe the intense emotions within her.

It’s a mix of happiness, guilt, and contrition.

It’s like she saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

That man looked out for her all this time.

Miku’s eyes turned misty. She wanted to say something but her voice is still sealed so she only uttered whimpers and groans.


Natsuki sighed one more time.

Her consciousness is linked with Wu Yan so she knew about Miku.

Miku also felt a bit helpless.

This is why I hate dealing with brats, they cry so easily it’s annoying…”

Natsuki turned around to face Ellen & co. She shooed them away with an annoyed look.

“Let us end this here. You brats should go home…”

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1191: A dangerous person appears, run?

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Chapter 1191: A dangerous person appears, run?

The lightsaber looked like a meteor slash that threatened to cut apart anything in its way.

Miku thought she saw an illusion. But, that blade isn’t an illusion. Her instincts told her to defend.

It’s an attack!


Miku opened her mouth as she emitted a Reiryoku sound burst. The burst formed a sound barrier that protected Miku.

The lightsaber touched her barrier.


Her sound barrier got sliced apart much to Miku’s surprise.

The lightsaber knew no mercy, after piercing her barrier, Miku got hit on her abdomen.



Miku felt a sharp pain from her stomach as she got sent flying into an organ pipe behind her.


An annoyed tone came from the a.s.sailant.

“The slash didn’t have enough power to slice open your Astral Dress after piercing the barrier? Good for you…”

Miku had a bad feeling when she heard the voice. She stood up while enduring the bruising pain from her abdomen.

There is one individual hovering in the air where Miku once sat. She’s holding a golden lightsaber. Her cold gaze fell upon miku. Slowly, the a.s.sailant descended.

She is in platinum-colored armor.

Her platinum blonde hair and green eyes made her stand out.

Miku’s silvery eyes lit up in consternation when she identified the a.s.sailant.

She knew this woman.

Miku saw this person twice before.

The first time, this woman appeared to invite Wu Yan to a certain place at the staff access pa.s.sage after Miku’s concert.

The second time, Wu Yan showed Miku and the Yamai Twins the three magicians, spirits should be wary of when they encounter these wizards.

The heavy pressure emanating from this woman made Miku instinctively remember her.

Miku grabbed her aching abdomen while spotting a dark look.

“Ellen Mira Mathers….”

Ellen raised an eyebrow. She narrowed her eyes at Miku despite her nonchalant air.

“It seems like the spirits I encounter these days are all very aware of my existence. This isn’t good…”

Miku used the organ pipe near her to stand up. She felt a sense of dread and shock.

Ellen still had enough power left over after piercing her sound barrier to hurt Miku.

Ellen Mira Mathers is a cut above the rest of the magicians.


The foxy lady and the magicians who are still able to fight immediately landed near Ellen. However, Ellen roamed her gaze over them coldly.

“So many people and you still couldn’t take down a spirit…”

She said, her eyes finally landing on the foxy lady.

“Jessica, it seems you are in need of improvements…”

The magicians held their breaths, none of them dared to speak back. Only the foxy lady known as Jessica started talking back defiantly.

“Captain, Diva is proficient at group fights, I didn’t think she…”

Ellen grew colder upon hearing Jessica’s defense.

“Are you looking for excuses?”


Jessica lowered her head while clenching her jaws.

“Sorry we are so incompetent, captain…”


Jessica yelled.

“Diva is good at team fights, give me another chance, I can do it if I am alone…”

“Enough, I don’t want to hear it.”

Ellen cut Jessica short. She turned around to face Miku.

“Since team fights are out of the question, let me see what Diva can do in a 1v1 setting…”

Ellen thought about this carefully.

The DEM magicians are more adept than AST and other anti-spirit soldiers because they have access to the most advanced CR units in circulation.

DEM also requires a certain standard from their magicians, a more talented HR base and good technologies made these magicians far stronger than other magicians.

Despite Mana’s defection, Jessica and her team of expert magicians still loss against Diva, it seems like Ellen is the only choice here.

Besides Ellen and Mana, n.o.body else in DEM had the ability to solo spirits.

After Mana’s defection, Ellen is the only one up for the job.

Ellen is the most optimal choice here.

However, Jessica is still feeling frustrated. She wanted to say something but she stopped herself. She decided to leer at Miku to soothe the sour feelings inside her.

Ellen sighed silently.

“Fine, you guys are on standby, support me when you see the chance.”

Jessica and the other magicians nodded gleefully.


With the magicians in a proper formation once more, Ellen’s position as the captain changed the game for Miku. She turned grim as she recalled what Wu Yan told her.

‘This person is dangerous, very dangerous.’

‘If you ever encounter her even if she’s alone, don’t hesitate to run!”

‘She doesn’t care about hostility or words, she will come after you upon identification.’

She linked the warning with how Ellen still dealt damage to her despite piercing through her barrier, Miku gnashed her teeth. She decided on one action.

Miku inhaled deeply.

Ellen’s eyes lit up. She issued an order.

“All units, deploy your defensive Territories!”

Jessica and the other magicians immediately put up their defensive fields.


Miku unleashed a sound shockwave several times stronger than the one she used at the start of this fight.

The shockwaves swept up everything in its path, dust, rubble, and smoke surged outwards in a chaotic deluge. Ellen, Jessica, and the other magicians got engulfed in the ensuing deluge of shockwaves.

“All units, increase output to your thrusters!”

Ellen cannot see anything through her vision but she sensed something amiss. The magcians’ combined thrusters output blew away the shrouding smoke.

They looked at Miku.

Miku is currently flying far away in a streak of dazzling light.

“Don’t even think about escaping!”

Ellen also gave chase with her thrusters at maximum output.

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1192: A chase across the night sky, the final apology

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Chapter 1192: A chase across the night sky, the final apology

No stars, no clouds, no moon.

The night sky is pitch black…

A streak of light flew across the dark sky as if the night is bleeding astral blood. The meteor appeared abruptly and disappeared beyond view in no time at all.

Inside the light is a young lady who is dressed like a jubilant G.o.ddess. However, the G.o.ddess is currently heaving as she used her Reiryoku to focus on running away.

She fled towards the Itsuka residence. Wu Yan, Kaguya, and Yuzuru told her to run here immediately at any signs of danger.

Her smooth forehead glistened with sweat, she’s panting and the pain on her abdomen didn’t make it easy for her to run.

She looked back only to see Ellen leading other magicians toward her at max speed, like bugs, the magicians tagged Miku tightly.

The citizens can see multiple objects in the sky that looked like meteors. After the first one, multiple meteors streaked across the sky like it’s raining meteors.

Miku bit her lips when she saw the DEM who are hot and heavy on her tail. She looked in front with hopeful eyes.

She can only hope for Wu Yan to appear.

She can feel a terrifying aura from Ellen. Wu Yan’s description felt pale when she actually fought Ellen.

If she can make it to Wu Yan’s place then she wouldn’t have to worry about Ellen or the DEM magicians.

Without Ellen, the magicians weren’t a threat.

With Ellen around, the safe best is to run over to Wu Yan’s place and hope for the best.

Plus, Wu Yan had Kotori, Tohka, Yoshino, Kaguya, and Yuzuru over there. Those five spirits are more than enough to a.s.sure Miku of her safety.

Plus, Wu Yan said he fought Ellen and beat the c.r.a.p out of her.

Miku can only hope for Wu Yan to dispatch the malicious DEM magicians behind her.

Miku sneered, that snicker is directed at herself.

She said she couldn’t trust anyone. But, lo and behold, she’s hightailing over to the man she claims to hate the most.

She a.s.sumed the world would turn on her but in a dangerous situation, she made a beeline for the man that disrupted her thoughts and emotions multiple times.

History is repeating itself, she was abandoned once, she’s holding her hands out once more with her life on the line.

Miku only realized how much she subconsciously trusted and relied on Wu Yan, he’s different from other men.

Maybe this is related to how she relied on Wu Yan when he sealed her voice at the conclusion of their first hostile encounter.

Miku couldn’t put Wu Yan on the same level as the men she held disdain and distrust for.

Will he save me?

Miku slowed down slightly because of this hesitation.

Ellen caught up with her because she wavered.


Ellen issued an order.



Her squad members answered back as they released missiles and lasers that looked like sparkling meteors in the night sky. The salvo of missiles a.s.sailed Miku like a gigantic maw.

With the whistling missiles and gunshots behind her, Miku endured the fatigue and unease of this constant chase to emit another shout.

This shout expanded before transforming into a sound barrier that stood between Miku and the offensive salvo.

With the missiles completely blocked, Ellen unfurled a heavy cannon situated behind her shoulder blade.

“Pierce her…”

.leader-1-multi-135{border:none !important;display:block !important;float:none;line-height:0px;margin-bottom:15px !important;margin-left:0px !important;margin-right:0px !important;margin-top:15px !important;max-width:100% !important;min-height:250px;min-width:250px;padding:0;text-align:center !important;}Ellen already knew where to shoot without a GUI in her visor, she pulled the trigger.

A light pillar flew across the sky, lighting up the night sky.

The laser is so intense that looking at it from a close distance would probably sear one’s eyes. The condensed pillar of mana formed a laser pillar hundreds of meters long, incinerating anything in its path.

Miku’s barrier got shredded like weak paper in front of this attack.

Miku is in the light pillar’s direct path.


Miku turned as pale as a ghost when she saw the laser pillar attack. She summoned her angel. The giant organ appeared between Miku and the light pillar, it acted as a shield.

Her angel intercepted the light pillar.


A gigantic explosion expanded outwards in the sky. The collision generated intense lights and shockwaves.


Ellen and the other magicians couldn’t proceed further. They deployed their Territories to block the shockwaves. After the shockwaves subsided, they continued chasing Miku.

Her Angel, Gabriel got destroyed in that attack.

“My Gabriel…”

Miku couldn’t believe her eyes.

The strongest weapon in a spirit’s a.r.s.enal, her angel got destroyed.

Ellen is far scarier than Miku had imagined.

Wu Yan really defeated someone so terrifying like Ellen?

Miku let her guard down for a second and a few missiles slipped past the smoke to a.s.sault her.

Miku shook her head, she tried to scream one more time to install another barrier up.



Miku couldn’t say anything, only groans came out of her mouth.

Miku’s eyes widened.

Her Angel got destroyed so she lost most of her Reiryoku.

She can only fly and maintain her dress with her current Reiryoku level.

She couldn’t use her favourite voice.

Miku couldn’t do anything against the incoming missiles.



Despite using her Astral Dress, Miku still suffered from the missiles and explosions. She fell in a plume of smoke.


She turned around to see Ellen coming for her with her lightsaber ready to deliver the final strike.

Miku closed her eyes in despair.

If there’s anything she felt remorse over, it’s one of immense guilt.

She wanted to apologize to Wu Yan.

She wanted to say sorry because she was not going to be able to meet Wu Yan who is waiting for her.

With this in mind, the blade is now just inches away from her.