Star Rank Hunter Chapter 361.1: The Complete Star Map of God’s Tear

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Chapter 361.1: The Complete Star Map of G.o.d’s Tear

Lung didn’t bring many people with him. Just like he said before, he wanted to keep a low profile this time.

There were two people in the room besides Lung when Cillin first showed up. However, both men only shot Cillin a glance before returning to the games they were playing to the pa.s.s the time. Including Big Rock, he had only seen three Andrea Family subordinates so far.

Old man Berzett hadn’t come with Lung either. Berzett was Lung’s butler, and many people believed that it was easier to predict Lung’s movement via him than it was to predict the unpredictable man himself. They were right, which was why Berzett had stayed behind to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

“Is this everyone?” Cillin asked.

A few years ago, they had visited the infamous Sector S alone and relied mostly on good equipment and good sense to protect themselves. Sea Paradise was even more dangerous than Sector S, however. Not even the Great Four was willing to brave its dangers for the vast riches it hid beneath its depths. Even for Lung, three men was too few especially considering the Andrea Family’s modus operandi.

Lung gave the bird nest that was his bed hair a scratch before replying, “Nah. Not including you, I’m bringing ten men in total for this adventure.”

The ten men he chose were completely trustworthy, strong, and had the best chance of surviving Sea Paradise’s environment. They might not be able to beat the Andrea Family’s top fighters on land, but it might be a different story in the sea.

However, Lung glanced at Czedow and Wheeze before saying, “But why do I get the feeling like my ten men are less reliable than your companion and your pet?”

The two gamers immediately looked up from their devices and stared at Czedow and Wheeze. Even Big Rock had temporarily stopped tidying whatever it was he kept in his briefcase.

Three pairs of eyes lasered onto Czedow and Wheeze, but Czedow continued to read the newspaper quietly as if nothing was going on, and Wheeze was still gobbling down its fish biscuits with all the grace of a messy eater. The only sign that it heard them at all was its ears twitching once when the three men looked in its direction.

It was at this moment another three men entered the room. They were one of the ten people Lung had chosen for this mission. They had gone out earlier to make a couple of purchases.

Cillin recognized one of them as a trainer that he had clashed briefly in the past. The trainer had shown great speed in the sea, and he was no standard human being. Cillin distinctly remembered seeing a tentacle or two while the man was zooming around in the waters.

Pascado immediately sensed that the atmosphere was odd when he entered the room. There were two new faces in the room, and one of them were being scrutinized intensely by his companions. For some reason, there was also an ugly cat on the ta… huh? Was it just him, or had he seen the cat before?

Pascado’s expression grew odder and odder until finally, he asked Lung, “Young master, is that…”

Lung beckoned him and his companions over before saying, “Introductions are in order, I see. This guy is my brother Cillin, that guy over there is Czedow, and this cat is Wheeze.”

Everyone rolled their eyes at the same time. That’s it? You give us their names but nothing else?

At least they knew who Cillin was. Everyone here had served under Lung for quite some time and were privy to some of his contacts, and Pascado most definitely remembered Cillin now. Czedow was definitely an unfamiliar name though.

Pascado had fought Cillin before, so he didn’t think that he or his companions would be dragging their feet at Sea Paradise. However, the two gamers and Big Rock didn’t share the same knowledge and thus were extremely displeased with Lung’s comment.

What do you mean the ten of us don’t compare to one man and a cat?

Why is he demoralizing us before the mission?

His two companions and even Pascado himself shared more or less the same opinion after learning what the trio were so miffed about. He might be the weakest fighter of his group, but he still didn’t believe that he would lose to the guy reading the newspaper.

“So, do you guys want to train together for a bit? To build rapport and improve teamwork,” the guy next to Pascado suggested.

Everyone voiced their agreements, and Lung shot Cillin an inquiring look. The latter nodded.

“Sure, why not? I need to speak with Lung though, so count me out. Let’s go somewhere more private, Lung.”

“Sure,” Lung replied while pointing at a room. He said to his men after stepping inside, “Keep it down, okay?”

“Will do, young master!!” The guys answered while doing some quick stretches. They obviously couldn’t wait to “train” together with Czedow already.

Lung knew they didn’t understand what he really meant, but he left them to their fates and closed the door. They often thought too highly of their own abilities and could use the wake-up call anyway.

“Well? What’s this mystery about? Did the media movement from before affect you or something?” Lung pulled over a chair and sat down. He would rather sit if he didn’t need to stand, and lie down if he didn’t need to sit.

“No, it’s regarding the Aurelio’s Cage.”

Lung subconsciously straightened his back and turned serious the moment he heard the two words. He hadn’t told Cillin in detail why he was heading to Sea Paradise, so he was surprised to hear Cillin bringing up the Aurelio’s Cage himself.

Cillin took out a star map fragment from his ring, and Lung immediately jumped to his feet.

“Holy s.h.i.+t! You have a star map fragment of G-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-G.o.d’s Tear!? I can hardly believe it!!!”

Lung carefully took the star map fragment from Cillin’s hands before asking, “Are you really going to give this to us?”

“Yes. This fragment is very valuable to your family, but not to me,” Cillin replied.

He had become allies with the Andrea Family from the moment he became staunch friends with Lung. a.s.suming that he might need to call on their aid in the future, they were sure to provide it especially if he made the request through Lung. However, Cillin would rather prove to the Andrea Family that he and the Eleventh Squadron were worthy allies in their own right. By giving this star map fragment to Lung, he would be helping a friend and showing the old fox behind the Andrea Family that the Eleventh Squadron was an ally they should strive to keep.

After making some changes to the room so as to minimize the risk of detection, Lung took out a different star map fragment from his subs.p.a.ce container. The Andrea Family had come into possession of this star map fragment for a very long time, but their search for the other star map fragment hadn’t yielded any fruit. That was why they had set it aside until now. If GAL’s future wasn’t growing more and more uncertain everyday, Lung wouldn’t have made the decision to search for G.o.d’s Tear using the incomplete star map.

Before this, the Andrea Family guessed that G.o.d’s Tear might be hidden in Sea Paradise, but couldn’t be certain because the star map was incomplete. In fact, Lung himself was just gambling on the possibility that it might be there. No one, not even the old fox, Andrea Fergus himself believed that Lung would actually find anything.

After learning that Lung was going to Sea Paradise to search for G.o.d’s Tear, Fergus had given him a time limit of one hundred days. If he couldn’t find G.o.d’s Tear in one hundred days, he would leave Sea Paradise immediately and return home. Big Rock was Fergus’ subordinate, and he wasn’t just here to support the search mission and protect Lung from danger. If Lung exceeded the time limit but still refused to leave, then it was Big Rock’s job to take him home by hook or by crook.

“Who would’ve thought? Seriously, who would’ve thought?”

Most of the core members of the Andrea Family were aware that there were only two G.o.d’s Tear star map fragments in the entire galaxy. Unfortunately, it also meant that finding the last star map fragment was about as easy as finding a needle in an ocean planet. Lung had never thought that he would be able to see and even hold the last star map fragment his family had been searching for G.o.d knows how long until now.

Star Rank Hunter Chapter 364.2

If you are looking for Star Rank Hunter Chapter 364.2 you are coming to the right place.
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Chapter 364: Crystal Mountain [Part 2]

The size of the creature was impossible. They could stand in a group and probably still not measure up to the width of one tooth.

Its sudden appearance gave everyone quite the fright. Even Wheeze puffed out its fur and nearly transformed into its cyborg form.

However, they quickly discovered that they were worried for nothing. One, the maw was completely still. Two, it was trapped inside some sort of crystalline substance.

Their gazes s.h.i.+fted sideways. The creature was without a doubt a sea giant that lived at the bottom of the sea. Its head was humongous, and its body stretched deep into the darkness. The weak light reflecting off the crystalline substance coating its body also gave it an indescribably eerie appearance.

More importantly, the group finally realized that the “underwater city” wasn’t an underwater city at all. They were a field of crystal mountains, and you guessed it, each “mountain” had a sea beast trapped inside of it. It was like an underwater museum where specimens of the giant overlords of the past were stored.

Speaking of which, the sea beast before them wasn’t the only frozen giant in their vicinity. There were other types of frozen giants in various postures—lying on the side, standing or crawling—around them as well.

Everyone felt as tiny as a speck of dust before these giants. That their reflections could be vaguely seen on the crystals only added to the terror in their hearts.

How exactly was this museum of giant sea overlords made?

Was this the work of the Xi Family?

Czedow—he still wasn’t wearing a protective suit despite the sea level they were under—touched the crystal and a.n.a.lyzed it for a moment. Then, he said, “These crystals have existed for a thousand years at least.”

A thousand years?

Lung and his subordinates were shocked all over again.

Who could possibly possess the technology to freeze these giants a thousand years ago? And under such an extreme environment no less?

Cillin took a moment to observe the sea giants sealed within the crystal. They looked very lifelike even though they had been frozen for a thousand years, and he recalled a small number of existing sea beasts that looked almost similar to the ones before him, which meant that they most likely belonged to the same species. The reason a descendant didn’t look the same as its ancestor a thousand years later was because Sea Paradise’s unique environment had rapidly accelerated their rate of evolution. Usually, a thousand years wasn’t enough time for any significant evolutionary changes to occur. Here though, plenty of species might look drastically different from what they were a thousand years ago.

“What do we do now, young master?” Pascado asked.

Lung thought for a moment before producing the star map once more. The holographic key was pointing toward a certain direction as usual.

Big Rock’s nerves were already taut since the discovery of the “museum”, but now he couldn’t stop himself from breathing heavily.

G.o.d’s Tear!

It really was G.o.d’s Tear!

No wonder the young master was acting so strangely! No wonder he wasn’t following procedures! It was because he possessed the complete star map of G.o.d’s Tear!

Big Rock shot Cillin a glance. If he wasn’t sure before, he now knew for sure that Cillin was the one who had given Lung the missing fragment.

It was surprising that the B Squad commander of a hunter regiment would possess a star map fragment. It was even more surprising that he would be willing to give it up to someone else!

Big Rock wasn’t the only one who recognized the Aurelio star map, of course. Everyone who had accompanied Lung on this journey was his or Fergus’ servant after all. It would be stranger if they weren’t made aware of at least some secrets.

Now that they knew what they were really here for, Lung’s subordinates quickly regained their calm. They resolved to obtain G.o.d’s Tear for Lung even if it costs them all of their lives!

“Let’s go.” Lung pointed at the direction of the key and began walking.

Cillin took two steps after Lung before realizing that Wheeze wasn’t following. He looked back and noticed immediately that the idiot was lying on top of a frozen giant beast and getting ready to take a bite. His mouth twitched as he seized the glutton by the nape.

“Seriously? It’s been dead for a thousand years,” chided Cillin before letting it go and slapping it lightly on the head as a warning.

And so the group walked across the museum of sea giants following the key’s guidance for an hour or so. Despite their obvious worry, they hadn’t encountered a single living overlord throughout their journey. In fact, they had found two of their lost scanners.

“It looks like there aren’t any big fellows in the area,” Pascado said while looking around him.

The guy next to him immediately slapped him at the back of his head for jinxing them. “Do you want to meet one?”

Pascado shook his head. “Of course not!”

Eventually, the star map led them to a small hill. Unlike the crystal mountains, this one was just a natural protrusion on the ground.

The star map was pointing at the hill, so they circled around it to discover its hidden mysteries. They quickly discovered a tightly shut door.

Lung approached the door with the star map. The closer he went, the brighter the holographic key glowed.


The door opened. As it turned out, the holographic key was literally the key to this door.

The area behind the door must be pretty huge because seawater poured into it with incredible force. Lung would’ve been sucked in uncontrollably if Cillin and Big Rock hadn’t caught him in time. They stepped inside only after the current had fully subsided.

They scanned the cavern interior with their luminous stones. Contrary to their expectations, the three hundred square meter wide room looked empty and perfectly ordinary.


The door closed on its own behind them.

To their surprise, the seawater in the cavern was gradually siphoned away after the door was closed. Then, a round-shaped hole appeared at the center of the cavern floor. From it, a flight of stairs extended upward until it connected with the hole in the ceiling. That one had opened up around the same time as the one on the ground.

Big Rock took the lead and walked up the flight of stairs first. Everyone else followed behind him.

After Big Rock had entered the second cavern, the room lit up on its own. The moment Cillin saw the murals on the walls, he knew that it was the work of the Xi Family from a thousand years ago.

Star Rank Hunter Chapter 360: Long Time No See, Old Friend [Part 2]

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Chapter 360: Long Time No See, Old Friend [Part 2]

Cillin and Eudy were discussing more future plans when a running figure suddenly appeared on the other end of the corridor. He immediately skidded to a stop when he caught sight of the duo, but as if thinking better of it, he resumed to jogging speed and made toward Cillin. Right after that, a running Cary and Mogas showed up from the same end of the corridor as well, but unlike the figure, they merely stopped in their tracks, let out an awkward chuckle, and ran back down the way they came from.

“Oh, commander, vice commander, thank goodness you’re here,” The figure said after stopping in front of the duo. He looked as if he had found his saviors.

Cillin looked at the reserved-looking person who looked exactly the same to him. He was a robot and his body double, X-7. Every time Cillin left the squad for some business he didn’t wish outsiders to know about, such as his rescuing of Mo Heng, X-7 would show up in public and pretend to be him.

X-7 wasn’t an Origin robot and obviously inferior to Sigma and Moon. However, he stood a cut above all the other robots Xi Kai had created thus far. X-7 was the only robot among his new X series that developed a free attribute—something that was procedurally generated and had less than a thousandth chance to occur—so Xi Kai nearly wept when he was born. X-7 was without a doubt the closest robot he had ever created to an Origin robot.

Obviously, a robot closer to an Origin robot would be far more convincing than a basic robot. Therefore, Xi Kai canceled the robot he was originally going to use as Cillin’s double.

X-7 had gone through multiple upgrades since its creation and becoming more and more lifelike every day. Although it didn’t possess the Origin robots’ terrifying learning ability and self-awareness, it was still a rare robot. Since then, X-7 had become Cillin’s exclusive body double.

In public, X-7 would activate a program and act very similar to the real Cillin. Since he looked exactly identical to Cillin, no one they had traded with realized they had been dealing with a fake the whole time.

But unlike the actual Cillin, X-7 was always bullied by his squad mates. For example, they would try to make him pull a comical face and more things the real Cillin would never do it. Also, no one had the b.a.l.l.s to ask the real Cillin to pull those stunts.

“What do they normally make you do, Seven?” Cillin asked.

X-7 searched his records for a bit before answering honestly, “Pull a face, sing romantic songs, handwalking and breakdancing…”

Cillin: “…”

“Ahem. It’s just something the squad does to uh, enliven the atmosphere a little,” Eudy said with a distinct lack of confidence.

“Should I be thankful that they didn’t make X-7 do a strip-tease or the pole dance then?”

Eudy fell silent and thought to himself: Cary, you’re on your own.

X-7 answered innocently, “Commander, Moon told me that the regarding the two dances you just mentioned is almost complete, and that I should visit him later to get the upgrade.”

Cillin stared at Eudy. Eudy didn’t make a peep.

Moon, you’re on your own as well.

That day, Cary and Mogas were summoned to the training ground for a “spar” with Cillin himself, and Moon lost the visual tools he just made to watch his p.o.r.n.

Moon tried to reason with Cillin with truth and emotions, but of course all he got was a firmly shut door.

Cillin wanted to help Tang Qiuqiu before he traveled to Sea Paradise with Lung. Learning from Miracle’s mistake, he decided to play it safe and administer her drugs that were specifically tailored to her const.i.tution and physiological indices.

People with different const.i.tutions could react differently to the same drug. What might be considered safe for someone might not be the case for another.

Gene evolution was one of the fields Cillin was very experienced with, so he knew exactly what to look out for when performing it for Tang Qiuqiu: the activation of silenced genes, the speed rate of DNA unwinding and coiling, the changes to genome a.s.sembly and protein a.s.sembly due to drug stimulation were all things to look out for. Cillin had no intention of playing with Tang Qiuqiu’s life, so every step was carried out with the utmost caution. He carried out the next step only after he confirmed that the exiting step wouldn’t harm Tang Qiuqiu overly much.

Tang Qiuqiu gave Cillin her full cooperation and stayed inside the workshop the whole time. After Cillin gave Tang Qiuqiu her first injection, he observed Tang Qiuqiu for any signs of adverse reactions. There were some pain that was caused by adverse reaction, but so far everything was falling within his expectations.

The first shot was just the buffer. After Tang Qiuqiu had adapted to it, Cillin performed the second shot and officially began the process of the drug-induced gene evolution.

He didn’t ask for immediate results. Slow but steady wins the race all the same.

On the tenth day, Tang Qiuqiu received her third shot. Her gene was now at rank B, but it hadn’t completely stabilized yet.

“Once your genes have completely stabilized, you can begin the process of excavating its potential. Your evolution to rank B went pretty well because you had a solid foundation when you were still at rank C. Some rank C people wouldn’t be able to endure this induction process because their foundation is weak. In short, the better your foundation, the easier it is your evolution to the next rank will be,” Cillin explained to an excited Tang Qiuqiu.

“I know,” Tang Qiuqiu replied excitedly while staring at the alphabet “B” on the machine’s display.

Tang Qiuqiu went to the shooting room almost immediately after she left the workshop. In the past, she could feel that controlling the PTS E was her absolute limit, but now, she discovered that that ceiling had become much higher than before.

Cillin gave Tang Qiuqiu a PTS K. She might not be able to use it well at her current rank, but it was good training, and it would allow her to figure out her physical limits.

Meanwhile, a pitiful-looking Moon finally saw Cillin and didn’t hesitate to trail behind him like a gum on his shoe.

“You want your tools back?” Cillin asked.

“Yes, yes!” Moon nodded rapidly. He only had enough materials to create one set of visual tools, so he needed to get it back from Cillin no matter what.

“Come.” Cillin beckoned the Origin robot to follow him while walking into a nearby lounge.

After Cillin set the tools on the table, Moon seized it with lightning speed and clutched it against his chest. Every one of his gestures said that he would rather die than let it go again.

“Moon, the G.o.d’s Tear of Aurelio’s Cage, the one that represents redemption, what is it really?” Cillin asked.

“G.o.d’s Tear” was one of the five Aurelios, and Cillin had gotten one of its star map fragment from Jiada a long time ago. He had been meaning to give it to Lung, and the operation to Sea Paradise was a good time as any. Also, he had a feeling that Lung’s operation had something to do with G.o.d’s Tear.

“G.o.d’s Tear?” Still clinging to his visual tools, Moon swiveled his head toward Cillin and straightened the blue strip on his “face” to a single line, “It is a chemical compound.”

“A chemical compound?”

“Yes. It is a chemical compound that causes the throat to grow a special organ. The Xi Family had created it after studying a huge number of sea beasts, but it is not very effective on the average person. It is far likelier to succeed if it is applied to some of the ancient races of Sector H.”

Unfortunately, Moon’s knowledge of G.o.d’s Tear wasn’t very deep. It was because they weren’t born yet when G.o.d’s Tear was created. Still, some information was better than no information at all.

Cillin prepared to leave after he had gotten his information. He had arranged everything that needed to be arranged in the Eleventh Squad, and he wasn’t worried that someone might notice that he, the commander of the Eleventh Squad was absent from the squadron because he had X-7 to act as his body double.

And so he left for the meeting location Lung had told him with Czedow and Wheeze.

On a prosperous planet of Sector H, Cillin stepped into the room of a high-rise building at the city center.

Young Master Lung had, as per his usual self, taken up an entire sofa for himself.

“Long time no see, old friend!” Lung rose to his feet to fists with Cillin before motioning for Cillin to take a seat. At the same time, he placed a plate of fish biscuits on the table for Wheeze to “grind” its teeth.

Lung checked the time before saying to Cillin, “Let’s wait just a bit longer, okay? Some dudes my grandfather sent will be joining us on our trip.”

Lung’s grandfather was nicknamed the Old Fox in GAL, so Cillin had no doubt his subordinates were extraordinary. He only wondered if they were as foxy as their boss.

Half an hour later, a serious-looking guy wearing a suit and carrying a black briefcase stepped into the room.

Lung greeted him from the sofa, “Aha, you’re one of my grandpa’s ten super bodyguards, Big c.o.c.k right?”

Big c.o.c.k replied seriously, “Young master, my name is Big Rock, not Big c.o.c.k.”

Cillin: “…”

He should’ve known better than to judge a bodyguard of the Andrea Family by the cover.

Star Rank Hunter Chapter 362.2

If you are looking for Star Rank Hunter Chapter 362.2 you are coming to the right place.
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Chapter 362: Make Us Some s.p.a.ce, Wheeze [Part 2]


Lung’s subordinates wore strange expressions on their faces yet again.

Even the infant of these so-called worms were at least half a meter long. They also possessed tough, sharp claws and teeth, and a violent behavior to boot. From the gray cat’s point of view, these “worms” might as well be giants.

Pascado kept his mouth shut because he had seen Wheeze in action before, but the same couldn’t be said for the rest of his companions. Some of them even laughed after the gray cat had made its declaration.

“Look, little fatty, some of these worms might look like this from here,” one man pretended as if he was holding a sesame between his thumb and forefinger before spreading his arms wide, “but they’re really this big at the very least!”

Wheeze shot the speaker a disdainful glance before complaining to Cillin, “Uncultured swines are just pitiful…”

The guy would’ve argued further, but Lung raised a hand and stopped him. He asked, “What do you think, Cillin?”

Cillin grabbed Wheeze by the nape and held it in front of his face. “Are you sure you can do it?”


“You sure you won’t go overboard?”

“One hundred percent!”

Cillin continued watching Wheeze until the gray cat raised a paw and swore on its fish biscuits. Only then he finally let go.

It wasn’t that Cillin didn’t trust Wheeze’s abilities; it was the opposite. He also knew that Wheeze was to losing control especially when it was feeding. There were a ton of sea beasts on the atoll, and they only needed to clear out a small place to rest. If Wheeze caused too big a commotion during the hunt, it might trigger a chain reaction and cause other sea beasts to grow curious. That would be the opposite of what Cillin wished to happen. Their numbers were few after all.

Lung also supported Cillin by explaining their next move and offering to reward Wheeze if it cleared out an area successfully. It definitely motivated the gray cat to treat the mission a lot more seriously.

“We’re counting on you, Wheeze!”

“No problem! Just don’t forget the reward you promise me!” Wheeze balled its paws eagerly.

“Should I lower the s.p.a.ceplane now?” The pilot asked.

“There’s no need.”

Cillin opened the hatch, and Wheeze shot outward like an arrow. The next moment, everyone saw on the camera display that Wheeze stretching its wings and flying straight toward the designated area.

“What the… f.u.c.k? Is that really a pair of wings? My eyes aren’t deceiving me, right? What kind of cat is it?”

Pascado and the others oohed and aahed like they were watching a live miracle.

Cillin was also watching the feed, but it was so that he could warn the glutton in a timely fas.h.i.+on in case it still lost its head despite its promises.

There was a spot on the atoll that was jampacked with smaller sea beasts. Not far away from this spot were a bunch of twenty to thirty meter tall plants that looked like a mini forest. It was also the dividing line between territories.

Wheeze’s mission was to clear out the cl.u.s.ter of smaller sea beasts and any other creature within the area.

Right now, the the smaller sea beasts were lying on top of the coral reefs and enjoying the sunny weather. Some of them were playing with one another and some were lying on their front and absorbing the sunlight. They looked like they were having the time of their life.

Once in a while, their claws would brush against the coral reefs and leave thin scratch marks on them. The coral reefs of Sea Paradise were several times tougher than the generic coral reef, however. Their claws would’ve gone through those like knife through carrots.

Suddenly, the sea beast lying on the highest spot of the area opened its eyes and stared at the sky. A shadow was moving closer and closer toward them, and it could feel that their gaze were anything but friendly. Feeling very uncomfortable, it puffed up the plates on its back until it looked twice as big as normal.

The sea beast also let out a guttural warning growl which caused the surrounding sea beasts to look up, spot the invader, and growled out themselves. It was their habit to warn any invader to stay away from their territory even if they turned out to be beneath their notice. Of course, if their prey insisted of delivering itself to its death, they had absolutely no reason to stop it. They all revealed their mouthful of sharp teeth and waited patiently for their prey to fall into their mouths.

Wheeze’s eyes grew brighter and brighter as it sped up. When it was ten meters away from the atoll, it abruptly withdrew its wings and landed right in the middle of the atoll.

After that, what looked like a feline’s giant maw suddenly appeared into existence. It was what most of them saw before they were devoured.

The maw took its time devouring its prey, and it started with none other than the sea beast that was lying at the highest spot of the coral reef. The poor thing didn’t even get to swing its claws in retaliation or make a squeak before it was sucked into the black hole.

Meanwhile, the s.p.a.ceplane was enveloped in shocked silence. Pascado and the others were busy digesting the fact that Wheeze wasn’t the harmless fat cat it seemed, and that its appet.i.te was absolutely humongous!

In less than half a minute, every sea beast within ten meters of the spot Wheeze landed had become the food in its stomach. The farther, lucky ones had escaped as soon as they realized what was going on.

After Wheeze had cleared out what it felt was an appropriate amount of territory, it leaped up to the highest spot of the coral reef, informed the others that they could land their s.p.a.ceplane, and scratched its ears with its hind legs. A yawn later, it lay down and began cleaning itself.

Right now, everyone in the s.p.a.ceplane including the serious-looking Big Rock was looking at Cillin with envy. To say that it was a dream to have a pet like this would be an understatement. The cat had easily taken care of what would’ve been a tiring task for them.

When a human fought against the sea beast, they normally just shot them to death. However, Wheeze did it by devouring them whole an establis.h.i.+ng itself as the alpha predator right from the get go. Animals had their own way of settling their score, which was why Wheeze’s method worked way better than anything Lung and the others could’ve come up with.

“We can land now,” Cillin broke them out of their reverie.

They flew down on a smaller s.p.a.ceplane instead of their existing s.p.a.ceplane. This new s.p.a.ceplane would be the group’s transport in the sky and underwater. It could even dive very deep into the sea.

Triphibian flying cars were fairly well known, but not triphibian s.p.a.ceplanes because they were extremely expensive to build. After all, they could dive deep into the sea like a submarine, function as a mobile base on land, and fly between Sectors like a normal s.p.a.ceplane.

The one they were currently piloting was even more expensive, of course. A triphibian s.p.a.ceplane that could withstand the unusual electromagnetic field of Sea Paradise was even rarer.

While the triphibian s.p.a.ceplane was landing on the coral reefs, a bunch of sea beasts could be seen prowling around the edges. They instinctively raised their forelimbs when they noticed what the humans were doing, but withdrew backward the moment they recalled who currently owned the territory. A bare of fangs from Wheeze later, the sea beasts hurriedly dove back into the sea water and escaped.

“We’ll rest here for the moment and wait for our bodies to acclimatize to the environment,” Lung said.

After Lung measured the surroundings with a device, he took off his breathing mask and his protective suit. Then, he began stretching and warming up his body.

Cillin knew that Lung wasn’t a standard human, but he didn’t expect him to be able to withstand even an environment like Sea Paradise’s.

“This is our species advantage. We have a natural affinity with ocean environments. It’s not easy, mind you, but it’s only a matter of time before we adapt to it,” Lung explained.

Lung’s subordinates also took off their breathing masks, but two of them had to put it back on after a while. Their ability to adapt to this atmosphere was weaker than the others.

Cillin gave it a go himself and confirmed that he couldn’t get used to the atmosphere either. He would last longer than your standard human, but he would have to take a lot longer to adapt to the atmosphere compared to sea-friendly humans like Lung.

Wheeze took a moment to relax, and only a moment. It wasn’t long before it began searching around the coral reefs for sea beast eggs to eat. Cillin allowed it as long as it promised not to go out of its way to provoke the other sea beasts on the atoll. Czedow was collecting data and recording the extraordinary sceneries of Sea Paradise.

Cillin took off his protective suit and took a moment to soak in the unusual atmospheric pressure. Soon, he was able to stretch and warm up like Lung as well. That was the advantage of having an extraordinary const.i.tution. A normal person would’ve broken a blood vessel or a hundred already.

Cillin was in the middle of a warm-up when Wheeze called out from the forest.

“Oh my meow! A treasure!”

Star Rank Hunter Chapter 365.1

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Chapter 365: We Come In Peace [Part 1]

The mural contained a lot of things—depiction of sea beasts, caricature of humans and more—but it was the game board of Link of Gypsophila that a.s.sured Cillin that it was the work of the Xi Family.

Someone who had never seen a Link of Gypsophila game before wouldn’t be able to make heads or tails out of the differently-sized speckles on the wall, but Cillin wasn’t one of them. If he wasn’t mistaken, the board state depicted on the mural was level 7 or higher.

There was a round-shaped pedestal on the second floor, and at the center of it was a recess that looked like it could fit the Aurelio star map fragments perfectly. So, Lung did it. Everyone watched as Lung joined the fragments together before placing them inside the recess.

Kra kra kra—

The pedestal wasn’t a singular structure. It had multiple ring-shaped sections that, after the star map was inserted, began rotating not just in different directions, but also at different angles as well.When nine rings had come to a stop, the hologram of a sea beast was projected above the pedestal.

The sea beast looked like an amphibious reptile to Cillin, but both Lung and Big Rock were certain that it was a deep sea creature. Cillin didn’t know how they arrived at the conclusion, but he trusted them to know better in this field.

The Andrea Family didn’t possess a record of the sea beast in question. They hadn’t encountered it on their way down either.

“What on earth does this mean?” Lung asked while looking at the pedestal.

Cillin glanced at Wheeze and noticed that its ears were twitching again. He was about to pick its brain when an intense shaking interrupted him.

“What’s going on?!”

“Is it an earthquake?”

A screen appeared on the circular wall while everyone was letting out various exclamations of surprise. It seemed to be a live feed of the scenery outside the cave. Countless hemisphere-shaped buildings—yes, actual buildings—were rising from the ground, and bright lines were s.h.i.+ning all across the sea bed. At first glance, they looked like the roads of the rising city.

“It’s an actual underwater city…”

To say that the group was stunned by what they were seeing would be the understatement of the year.

Somehow someway, someone had built a G.o.dd.a.m.n city on the sea bed of the infamous Sea Paradise. Just how extraordinary the builders had to be to achieve such a feat?

That wasn’t all. When the buildings began rising to the surface, a film-like, hemisphere-shaped substance also expanded from the center of the city and repelled the sea water. It kept growing until the entire city and some more was completely covered by it.

The sounds of excited breathing could be heard when the commotion finally subsided. This was especially true for Lung’s group because they, seamen who were born to the sea knew exactly how difficult it was to pull off such a feat. It wasn’t that building an underwater city was an unprecedented feat—quite the contrary, it was almost trivial on planets with the right environment—but this was THE infamous Sea Paradise! A planet with monstrous sea creatures, an unusual magnetic field, a terrible environment and countless more disruptive substances!

It was hardly a bad thing, of course. After all, it meant that they were exactly where they needed to be, and that G.o.d’s Tear had to be somewhere in this underwater city!

“Let’s go,” Lung said while moving back down the staircase. Big Rock and the rest of his subordinates followed right behind him. Not Cillin though. He shot Wheeze’s fully erect and occasionally turning ears a glance before asking, “Did you discover something?”

The gray cat answered, “I’m not sure. I keep having this feeling that there is something else in the area, but I can’t confirm what it is since my detection range is shorter than normal.”

“Is it a machine?”

“No. I’m talking about something alive. A living creature,” Wheeze clarified while kneading its paws a little.

“I sense a ma.s.sive mechanical construct in the underground,” Czedow said after observing the surroundings for a bit. “Geothermal energy is probably what empowers this whole place.”

Cillin didn’t doubt that Czedow’s a.n.a.lysis was true. It was why he grew even more impressed with the old Xi Family.

No wonder they were known as the generation that even the G.o.ds were jealous of!

“Let’s catch up with the others and see what’s changed outside.”

By the time Cillin, Czedow and Wheeze had stepped back into the open once more, they discovered that Lung and his men had removed their breathing masks.

“The atmosphere composition of artificial atmosphere is more or less the same as the planet’s atmosphere. Even the atmospheric pressure is almost identical,” Lung said after Cillin had emerged from the entrance.

Thanks to the bright lines on the ground, they no longer needed the luminous stones to see their way anymore. It was so much brighter that there were practically nothing they couldn’t see clearly.

“There must be a place where the atmospheric composition and pressure could be changed as the controllers pleased,” Cillin said while looking at the new buildings all around them.

The buildings varied in size, but not shape. Built from what looked like common stone, they were all shaped like hemispheres and were completely opaque. There were also no entryway where they might be able to look through or get inside.

Lung wanted to continue the search for G.o.d’s Tear immediately, but had no idea where to begin. It was because all of the buildings looked more or less the same, and attempts to cut a hole with their blade only left shallow scratches on the surface.

Cillin removed his breathing mask and protective suit. Then, he touched a nearby building with his bare fingers.

There are DH50s in this “rock”, Cillin thought to himself. And unless he was sorely mistaken, the building blocks of each and every building had DH50s in them as well. He couldn’t help but be impressed by this discovery. DH50s were incredibly rare in GAL s.p.a.ce, but this entire city was made up of it! Sea Paradise was definitely rich with the black ore.

“There are working mechanisms inside them,” Czedow said. He could sense the mechanical activities within the hemispheric buildings as clear as day.

Cillin had sensed the same thing as well. “Yes, just like any house or skysc.r.a.per on the surface, these buildings must have an entrance or ten. I’m sure that the creators of this underwater city have more surprises in store for us as well.”

“Young master! Can you come over here for a minute?” beckoned Big Rock suddenly with a note of worry and urgency in his tone.

Cillin stayed where he was while Lung made his way to his subordinate. It was because he felt Wheeze poking his shoulder unconsciously with its claws. Usually, this meant that Wheeze had sent a prey nearby.

Lung had just reached Big Rock when suddenly, he glanced around warily before locking his gaze behind Cillin. He cried out a warning,

“Cillin! Watch out!”

Cillin felt something rus.h.i.+ng toward him the second the first syllable had escaped his lips. It was quick and as imperceptible as a shadow. One moment there was nothing, and the next it was speeding toward him.

Cillin still didn’t move a muscle. Wheeze was getting ready to extend its claws, and Czedow was ready for battle as well. However, the creature suddenly stopped in its tracks when it was five meters away from him. It let out a couple of raspy cries that sounded like a warning, but it didn’t attack him.

Seeing as the antic.i.p.ated fight hadn’t occurred for some reason, Cillin turned around and got a good look of his ambusher.

The creature was about 15 meters in length. It had four limbs with well-developed epidermis and a long tail. Although its black surface wasn’t covered in scales, he had a feeling that they wouldn’t be easy to penetrate. It had no pupils, and its eye color was identical to the color of the sea water. That being said, it was possible to identify its emotions from its deep, dark eyes. There were thick skinfolds around its neck. They were tightly constricted around its neck when it was charging toward him, but after it came to a stop they relaxed into something that looked like a constantly expanding and folding umbrella.

It was a strange species to say the least.

“Predator!” Lung and his men immediately drew out their weapons. Energy weapons were difficult to use in this environment, so they had only brought firearms and melee weapons with them.

Every few years or over a decade or so, the Andrea Family would dispatch an investigation team to Sea Paradise for a scientific expedition. Of course, most of them only observed the sea creatures from the air or the sea surface. Certainly no one had ever ventured to the bottom of the sea like Lung. That was probably why they had only ever caught the Predators in action one time, and they had never had another encounter until now.

The Predators were incredibly fast creatures. In that footage, three Predators had been seen forcing a midnight zone sea beast to the sea surface before killing it. Their claws were far sharper than they looked, and their incredible speed gave them the ability to slaughter a prey a hundred of times bigger than them without a scratch.

The footage of the Predators were only available to the core members of the Andrea Family. This meant that Lung and Big Rock were the only ones among their group to have seen it.

The reason Big Rock had become worried called Lung to his side was because he had spotted a Predator’s claw mark on one of the buildings. On a related note, the tamers who caught the footage had attempted to tame the Predators to no avail. The black creatures had continued to attack their prey without paying them any heed whatsoever.

When Lung saw the scratch mark on the building’s surface, he too began to pay attention to his surroundings only to discover that one such creature was behind Cillin almost immediately. They were much better at detecting aquatic creatures than most others thanks to their racial trait. Lung had cried out his warning as soon as he could, but what happened afterward confused both him and Big Rock.

“Why did the Predator stop suddenly?” Lung asked Big Rock as quietly as he could.

They didn’t speak or move too overtly because they didn’t want to provoke the Predator into a rage. That would only make it harder to deal with.

Big Rock was confused as well. After the Andrea Family had a.n.a.lyzed the footage and various data, they had come to the conclusion that the Predator were vicious creatures whom, once the hunt had begun, wouldn’t stop their a.s.sault until their prey was dead. Some a.n.a.lysts even deduced that the Predators might not have a natural enemy. Whether or not their a.n.a.lysis was correct, it didn’t explain why the Predator—who were clearly hostile toward them and were acting as such—had suddenly decided to stop its attack.

Star Rank Hunter Chapter 362: Make Us Some Space, Wheeze [Part 1]

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Chapter 362: Make Us Some s.p.a.ce, Wheeze [Part 1]

From s.p.a.ce, Sea Paradise looked like a ma.s.sive, navy blue pupil that was staring directly at you. It was as if the planet itself was trying to awake the fear hidden in its visitors’ hearts little by little.

Mo Heng had already mentioned this, but Sea Paradise was definitely surrounded by a strange electromagnetic field. Cillin could feel it in his bones when they entered the vicinity of the planet. The fact that some of the equipment in the s.p.a.ceplane suddenly malfunctioned was the proof of it.

They had come prepared, however. The fruits of the Andrea Family’s labor immediately began working their magic.

The s.p.a.ceplane was outfitted with two different sets of equipment. One of them was for normal use, and the other was for Sea Paradise only. A quick switch later, everything returned to normal on the s.p.a.ceplane.

“How do you feel?” Cillin asked Czedow but not Wheeze because it was clear that the gluttonous cat was perfectly fine.

“I’m fine. The electromagnetic field is effective against common machinery, but not so much against us because we are autonomous individuals. The equipment the Andrea Family prepared for Sea Paradise is excellent, however. The machine language they speak is different from the common machinery. I’m learning a lot just listening to them,” Czedow answered.

“That’s good.” Cillin relaxed after hearing that Czedow was unaffected by the planet’s unusual electromagnetic field. The robot was a huge help and a giant load of burden off his shoulders in any situation.

“Wheeze, don’t run off on your own when we enter the planet,” Cillin instructed next.

“Mm mm,” Wheeze responded, but didn’t even look back at Cillin. It was too busy staring at the approaching planet on the display and swinging its tail from left to right. It was clear that the devious fellow was plotting something again.

So Cillin pulled up one of its ears and asked, “Do you hear me?”

“Yes, yes!” Wheeze promised.

“Cillin, get ready! We’re about to make an entry!” Lung called from the other side.

A while later, turbulence began rocking the s.p.a.ceplane as they made an atmospheric entry. This was normal because it was the moment where the unusual electromagnetic field was at its strongest. It was also why Lung had asked everyone to prepare themselves. The unprepared could definitely find themselves being thrown left and right like a ragdoll.

As the environmental a.n.a.lysis appeared on bridge display, Cillin confirmed once more that the atmospheric composition of Sea Paradise wasn’t something a normal person could endure. Even a rank A person with a very strong const.i.tution might not be able to breathe una.s.sisted for more than half a day. Humidity was sky high because it was an ocean planet, and thin layers of clouds and mists occasionally took form above the sea surface. As it turned out, the blue of Sea Paradise was even deeper at close range. From the sky, it looked like they were staring into a bottomless, navy blue abyss.

The equipment had already been distributed, and everyone was changing into the appropriate attire. The protective suit and breathing mask Cillin was wearing were specifically developed by the Andrea Family for underwater use. Despite its una.s.suming appearance, it was tough and highly resistant to pressure. On the surface, it almost looked like a normal dive suit because most of its mechanisms were inactive. In the sea though, they would come online and distinguish it from a normal dive suit.

“Czedow? Why aren’t you putting on your equipment?” Pascado asked when he saw that Czedow wasn’t moving at all. They were going to take off the protective suit after the landing—it was so that their bodies could adjust to the new environment—but they put them on now because it was a precaution against emergencies. It would be far too late to begin putting on a protective suit if an accident happened, and they were forced to make an emergency exit.

“I don’t need it,” Czedow answered simply.

Pascado and the rest of the bodyguards watched him oddly. “Are you an aquatic human too?”

Czedow shook his head but didn’t give an explanation.

One of them shot Czedow a glance before pointing at the fat, round and ugly gray cat next to him. “What about the cat? You can’t seriously tell me that it doesn’t need to wear a suit too? The atmosphere of this planet isn’t nothing like a habitable planet’s, you know.”

Wheeze simply flicked its ear once before replying, “It’s fine. I’m not like you people.”

Why does it sound like it’s condescending us?

Unwilling to admit weakness, a couple of people removed their breathing masks and said, “To be honest, we don’t really need these equipment either. Once we entered the water, these breathing masks will be completely useless to us. Say, you guys wanna hold an underwater compet.i.tion later?”

It was at this moment Lung walked over and slapped them in the back. “Cut it out already. You won’t have the time to fool around anyway.”

If Cillin hadn’t given him the star map fragment, then maybe Lung would’ve given them some free time. That was no longer the case. Until G.o.d’s Tear was found, they couldn’t waste any energy on useless things.

Since the boss had given the word, the bodyguards had no choice but to suppress their pride. However, they were a bit confused by Lung’s unusually serious att.i.tude. Was it because he was nervous?

“Is the new map out yet?” Lung asked next.

The Andrea Family possessed several planetary maps of Sea Paradise, but they weren’t very useful because the planet itself was constantly changing for whatever reason. For example, Lung was currently holding a map from ten years ago. There were supposedly to be three large coral reefs at their chosen landing spot, but in reality they had sunk into the deep due to a crustal movement. That was why they had to rescan and redraw the planetary map every time they visited this place.

The second equipment the Andrea Family developed was capable of withstanding the planet’s unusual electromagnetic field, but its calculation speed was much slower as a result. Normally, a detailed planetary map could be scanned and drawn in less than a minute. Now, it took nearly twenty minutes to complete the task.

Young master, there is an atoll at your chosen coordinates, but it’s only a kilometer wide in diameter, and it is surrounded by a warm current. The salinity of the sea water is also above average, which probably means that some types of fishes and sea beasts will appear in large numbers in that area.”

Lung thought long and hard as he listened to his subordinate’s reports. Obviously, the old man’s plan was no longer viable. They weren’t even at the landing spot they had discussed earlier, or he wouldn’t be worrying about something as basic as finding a resting place.

Unfortunately, there were no other atolls in this particular sea region. Most people would think that the atoll was more than big enough for their purposes, but Lung and his men were of the opposite opinion. It was because they took the fishes and sea beasts that resided in the area into consideration.

Just like many large animals on the land, the coral reef was usually the domain of many powerful sea beasts. These ferocious animals absolutely had no intention of yielding even an inch of their territory, especially because there were no real land on Sea Paradise at all. Therefore, every coral reef was a never-ending battlefield. Aquatic creatures were battling each other for territory every moment.

Lung looked at the new map before saying, “Well, we definitely cannot land our s.p.a.ceplane here.”

The images on the map told Lung a lot of things. Aquatic humans like them only needed one look to identify what type of species would be occupying a certain part of a coral reef. Moreover, unlike the sea beasts from other planets, the sea beasts of Sea Paradise were especially difficult to tame. Even highly trained tamers needed time to the new environment and make their taming skills work. That was why attempting to tame the sea beasts with their tamers would be a bad idea.

Right now, nearly every part of the atoll was jampacked with large groups of sunbathing sea beasts. There were a couple of spots that were conspicuously empty, but that was because they were the territory of a much bigger sea beast. To set foot in those areas was the same as committing suicide.

This meant that they would have to defeat a group of smaller sea beasts first before they could set foot on this atoll.

Lung was about to give his subordinates the order to clear out some s.p.a.ce when Wheeze leaped onto Cillin’s shoulder and said to Lung, “I’ll go. I’ll take care of those worms for you.”

Star Rank Hunter Chapter 363.1

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Chapter 363: Underwater City [Part 1]

Cillin followed Wheeze’s voice and found it crouching in front of a plant and pulling something out of the coral next to it.

Roll roll roll—

A round object rolled into view. It was light blue in color and about as big as a pigeon’s egg.

“I have a feeling this ball is pretty valuable, Cillin,” Wheeze said while playing with the crystal-like ball.

Cillin grabbed the ball and examined it briefly. It felt cool to touch, but not so much that it was uncomfortable. There was also a faint plant scent that greatly invigorated the mind.

“Oh. I wasn’t expecting to find this here,” Lung said when he walked over and saw the ball. “We call it the ‘Guardian Heart’.”

“Guardian Heart?” Wheeze repeated while waiting impatiently for Lung to continue. Now it was even more certain that the ball was worth a lot of money.

“Yep. It’s something that’s only found in some special ocean environments. Moreover, the Guardian Heart found in Sea Paradise possesses the highest quality and effect.”

Lung began explaining the origin and uses of the Guardian Heart. The crystal-like ball was formed by the root system of certain plants that were commonly found in coral reefs. They were used to repel sea beasts and some herbivorous animals and insects. The ball would slowly be pushed to the surface after it was formed, but not completely. In big enough numbers, they could form a protective circle around the plants and keep them safe from smaller sea beasts. Although it wasn’t strong enough to repel a larger sea beast, it could neutralize their appet.i.te and make them uninterested in consuming a plant that was protected by a Guardian Heart.

“You noticed that there aren’t any smaller sea beasts around the plants even though this atoll is jampacked with them? That’s because the Guardian Heart smells nice to us, but is quite disgusting to the sea beasts. Long story short, if you find a plant that is strangely free of sea beasts, it probably means that their root system has formed a ‘Guardian Heart’. The weird thing about this object is that its effects are pretty poor when created artificially. It is why natural Guardian Heart are always sold for a high price in the market. Of all the planets that produces Guardian Hearts, Sea Paradise’s is easily the most expensive. This one for example can probably sell for six or even seven figures. Feel free to dig up as many as you want, but please leave those that aren’t fully formed yet untouched, okay? We need them to keep the sea beasts away.”

Lung’s last two sentences were directed at Wheeze because its eyes kept growing brighter as he spoke. In fact, its gaze reached peak intensity when he said that Sea Paradise’s Guardian Heart was the most expensive.

It was at this moment Czedow walked over from another direction and reported, “There are a lot of hallucinatory substances within the sea water. The Indigenous organisms have developed various degrees of resistances toward it, but the same cannot be said for foreigners like us.”

He then showed Cillin his a.n.a.lysis and briefly mentioned the distribution of sea beasts at the atoll as well.

“That is why the sea beasts and some of the fishes of Sea Paradise cannot be eaten directly,” Lung said. Suddenly, he recalled Wheeze swallowing a ton of sea beasts while it was clearing out the area and shot the gray cat a glance. It was currently digging out more Guardian Hearts from the nearby plants with great spirit. “Will your cat be fine, Cillin?”

“It’s fine, it has digested worse things. Just ignore it.”

Cillin had long since gotten used to it. Wheeze had eaten plenty of sea beasts back at the Mist Bodhisattva Empire, and those creatures were special in their own right. However, even they weren’t enough to give Wheeze indigestion.

“The scanner found something, young master,” one of Lung’s subordinates said.

After Lung had landed on the atoll, his subordinates had deployed some scanners into the sea to scan their surroundings. He specifically requested ordered his subordinates to deploy more scanners in the direction the star map was pointing toward.

“What is it?” Lung asked.

Cillin and Czedow joined him. Wheeze was the only one who ignored the discussion because there were still a couple of Guardian Hearts it hadn’t dug out yet.

“The scanners are currently three thousand meters below the sea level, and this is what they found,” the man pa.s.sed a tablet to Lung.

The tablet was displaying a wavy line. Due to the Sea Paradise’s unique environment and the unusual electromagnetic field that affected the entire planet, the data the scanners captured wasn’t very detailed. However, it was still enough to draw a 3D image based on some pictures, probing waves and unusual energy fluctuations in the scanned area. Every marked depth had a corresponding 3D image, and it was at the three thousand meters mark that the scanners began detecting abnormalities. The color of the 3D images they drew was deeper than normal, and the deeper the scanners went the darker the color became.

Lung bubbled with excitement when he saw this. It was because the results showed that the reflection of energy of the affected area was different from other areas. No other scanner had detected such an abnormality, so there was a very high chance that that was where G.o.d’s Tear was at.

“Why is there a step-like formation here? Is this normal?” Cillin pointed at an unusual spot of the 3D image and asked.

According to this image, there was a steep incline beneath the sea surface of this atoll, and on the incline was what seemed to be a flight of steps leading all the way to the sea bed.

“These steps clearly aren’t made for human beings though. Was it made for sea beasts?” Lung asked thoughtfully.

No one could tell if it was man-made or natural, but it had caught their attention nonetheless.

“Anyway, keep a close eye on the scanners in this area and begin making the preparations. We’re moving once the scanners are done scanning,” Lung instructed.


Suddenly, a long howl erupted from the forest where Wheeze was at.

When they turned their heads to look, they saw a ma.s.sive tail with dark stripes swinging wildly amidst the plants and destroying them. The plants were around twenty to thirty meters tall, but the were nowhere tall enough to conceal the tail at all. Some nearby sea beasts were frightened by the howl and sent scattering in every direction.


The howls were accompanied by occasional spurts of blue blood that dyed the big leaves blue. Eventually, everything including the tail flailing subsided into nothing.

A while later, the sound of something heavy being dragged across the ground and rustling tree branches came from Wheeze’s direction. Then, the head of a ma.s.sive sea beast poked out of the plants.

It wasn’t the sea beast that surprised Lung and his subordinates, however. It was the fact that Wheeze was dragging it out by the feelers around its mouth. That the size difference between the predator and the prey was even bigger than the time Wheeze had devoured the smaller sea beasts made it even more shocking.

The sea beast looked a little like an eel. Its torso was about five meters wide, and it was lined with a lot of feelers. It was probably higher up on the food chain compared to the sea beasts Wheeze had chased away earlier.

It wasn’t long before the sea beast was fully dragged into the open. There was a long, deep wound around its abdominal area, and blue blood was leaking out of it. It formed a blue trail behind the sea beast.

After Wheeze had dragged the sea beast before Cillin, it asked, “Do you guys want to eat it?”

Pascado and everyone else shook its head in unison. No one wanted to eat something with a giant monster with mouth full of sharp teeth and eyes wide open with dying grievance. The internal organs and blue blood trailing its bacl alone was enough to cause them revulsion.

“Something’s not right about this. This sea beast isn’t strictly an amphibian—it can crawl along the coral reefs for a short time, but only a short time—and it wouldn’t come here unless it’s time to feed. However, it’s obviously not its feeding time right now, not to mention that Wheeze had chased away the smaller sea beasts in the area a while ago. So what the heck is this big guy doing here?” Lung questioned while scratching his chin.

Wheeze was in the middle of licking the blue blood on its paws when it heard this. It hurriedly defended itself, “It’s not my fault! The big guy crawled out of the sea on its its own! I wasn’t going to pay it any attention—I was busy digging out the rest of the treasure—but for some reason it charged straight toward me. My pile of treasures were in the way, and there’s no way I was going to let it eat them! Really, it’s not my fault!”

It was at this moment Big Rock looked toward the sea and said, “A school of largetooth sawfishes is nearby.”

Star Rank Hunter Chapter 363.2

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Chapter 363: Underwater City [Part 2]

The largetooth sawfishes were mentioned in the Andrea Family’s database. In fact, it was one of the more well-recorded and typical species. The largetooth sawfishes were usually found in the surface layer and thermocline. They operated in schools of tens of thousands or more, which was enough to intimidate some of the larger sea beasts in the surface layer and the thermocline.

An adult largetooth sawfish could reach a length of 5 meters. It could open their jaws up to 270 degrees and bite down with enough force to crush all the bones in a sea beast’s body. It was one of the reasons the Andrea Family’s measures against these creatures was just to avoid them as far as possible. Unlike the “first blood” fishes, they wouldn’t become demoralized and give up just because they had missed the “first blood”.

“The sawtooth fishes are hunting. That big fellow must’ve swam to the coral reefs to avoid them,” Big Rock explained. “Don’t worry though. The vanguard should pa.s.s by this atol in five minutes or so.”

Lung let out a sigh. “We still have to wait until these annoying b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are gone before we can begin our operation.”

Big Rock responded with a serious nod, “Theoretically speaking, that is correct.”

Cillin had to admit that his senses weren’t as good as Lung’s men in an ocean environment. The reason Big Rock spoke with such certainty was because he had obtained that information from the marine life themselves. So far, he certainly lived up to his name as one of the ten major bodyguards of “Old Fox” Andrea Fergus. Not only had he adapted to Sea Paradise’s environment in just a short time, he had tamed some of its sea creatures as well.

“Let’s get back to the s.p.a.ceplane. A lot of sea beasts will be climbing up the atoll in a moment, and there is no need to get caught up in the commotion,” Lung said while beckoning Cillin to follow him.

Wheeze handed over the Guardian Heart to Cillin for safekeeping because it wanted to stay outside to enjoy the show. It could escape to the sky if the atoll became too cramped anyway.

After Cillin entered the s.p.a.ceplane, a couple more sea beasts swam up the atoll just as Big Rock had predicted they would. This time, the territory “owners” only warned the newcomers to be obedient instead of chasing them away. Of course, the ones that were too unruly would be taught a painful lesson but otherwise everyone was watching the sea nervously from inside their hiding spots.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh—

A bunch of fishes with wings flew out of the sea surface and into the coral reefs of the atoll. Some smaller sea beasts had crawled deeper into the atoll as well. It wasn’t long before the place quickly became jampacked with sea beasts.

The closed atoll was a haven for the smaller sea creatures because the largetooth sawfishes couldn’t swim, jump or fly into the atoll. It was effectively a barrier that held the ma.s.sive school of predators at bay.

Unfortunately for the flying fishes, some of them managed to avoid the largetooth sawfishes only to fall prey to another predator. One such predator was a tiny gray cat with wings.

Right now, Wheeze was hovering in the air and facing toward the flying fishes. It opened its mouth wide so that the flying fishes would land inside it. Not only that, it started smacking the flying fishes back whence they came from or batting them away toward a nearby sea beast after it had had its fill. Naturally, those sea beasts saw no reason not to gorge themselves on the free meals and opened their mouths as well.

It was a bizarre scene to say the least. Lung’s subordinates all thought the same thing when they saw this: poor, poor flying fishes. Of all the predators they could’ve encountered, they just had to run into that sc.u.mbaggery cat!

The number of sea creatures on the atoll was still increasing. It was around this time the largetooth sawfishes started showing themselves.

Many triangular dorsal fins began emerging on the sea surface. The poor creatures who either failed to leap onto the atoll in time or outright lacked the ability to do so were torn apart and devoured by the sawfishes. It wasn’t long before the sea surface was covered in largetooth sawfishes and the half-eaten bodies of their victims. Some body parts were even tossed into the air due to the thras.h.i.+ng of the sawfishes.

The sea grew bluer, and Cillin recalled a famous saying: the sea is blue because that is the color of the marine life’s blood.

Five minutes later, triangular dorsal fins filled the sea surface as far as the eyes could see, and this was just the vanguard; the tip of the iceberg. Countless more largetooth sawfishes were swimming in the water and ripping apart any and every prey they encountered.


Suddenly, Wheeze stopped batting the flying fishes and dove into the sea.

“What is that fatso doing now?” Pascado asked.

“It probably got bored of playing with the flying fishes and went underwater for more sport.” A pause later, Cillin added, “Can you turn on a monitor?”

After Lung did as he asked, Cillin motioned for Czedow to connect Wheeze to the monitor. Soon, they were seeing what Wheeze was seeing underwater.

As expected, a brutal scene of murder and predation was happening below the atoll. The largetooth sawfishes were intentionally steering their prey toward atoll because sea creatures that could climb or fly over the barrier like the flying fishes were actually among the few. The rest could do nothing but be fed on after their retreat had been cut off by a “wall”.

Scales and torn flesh were everywhere, the sawfishes’ jaw and sharp teeth even more so. The sea water had turned so blue that it was bone-chilling.

Suddenly, there was a beep that drew everyone’s attention. The scanners had finished their tasks and transmitted the results back to the s.p.a.ceplane.

“The scanners have reached the sea bed!” Someone said excitedly.

The 3D image transmitted back by the scanners showed an extraordinary scene.

There was what looked like a city at the seas bed. The 3D image only showed a rough outline, but it was enough to excite Lung to no end.

G.o.d’s Tear had to be somewhere inside the city!

“Where’s the video feed? Did we forget to turn it on or something?” Lung asked.

“We lost contact with the three scanners that reached the sea bed, young master.”

“We lost contact with the fourth scanner as well, young master.”

“Young master… we just lost contact with the fifth scanner.”

They had lost contact with all five scanners they had sent to the coordinates. They didn’t even manage to record a video and transmit it back to the s.p.a.ceplane.

This reminded Cillin of something Moon had told him about G.o.d’s Tear before he came over.

When the Xi Family was researching G.o.d’s Tear, they had lived at the bottom of the sea for some time to better understand the sea beds.

Moon had used the word “lived”, not “lingered” or “stayed” other terms. Now that they knew that there was an entire city at the bottom of the sea, Cillin couldn’t help but wonder if the Xi Family had built an underwater city.

It sounded d.a.m.ned near impossible because Sea Paradise was no ordinary ocean planet. Many people’s s.p.a.ceplanes couldn’t even fly near to the planet, much less build an underwater city on the planet itself. Then again, the Xi Family had proven time and again to be a family that existed beyond the boundaries of common sense. It was definitely a possibility.

“How much longer until the largetooth sawfishes leave completely?” Lung asked Big Rock.

“Theoretically speaking, it’ll be at least another hour before they’re completely gone.”


“But if you’re in a hurry, we can try to tame some of the sawfishes and convince them to leave sooner.”

Lung considered the suggestion for a moment but rejected it with the wave of a hand. He said, “It’s fine. There are way too many sawfishes down there, and we will need our strength when we head underwater and search for G.o.d’s Tear. What’s an hour of waiting when we’re but a moment away from our goal?”

Czedow was wearing a thoughtful expression on his face, so he asked, “Did you find something?”

“The magnetic field is the reason we lost contact with the five scanners,” Czedow replied.

“Magnetic field? But we built those scanners specifically to resist the magnetic field of this planet. It took a lot of resources and manpower to build them too,” Lung said with a frown.

Czedow shook his head. “And I’m not saying that your efforts are useless. The scanners are capable of withstanding the planet’s magnetic field in general, but not the one that is emitting from our destination. There, the magnetic field is two or even three times stronger than normal. That is why the five scanners are unable to operate normally.”

“Is it their work?” Cillin asked.

He was referring to the old Xi Family.


Star Rank Hunter Chapter 361.2: The Complete Star Map of God’s Tear [Part 2]

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Chapter 361.2: The Complete Star Map of G.o.d’s Tear [Part 2]

Lung didn’t ask where or how Cillin had gotten his fragment. It was a taboo to ask such questions because—barring a few exceptions—most Aurelio star map fragment owners would rather keep their secrets hidden and maintain their anonymity. Unless Cillin disclosed the story behind the fragment himself, he wouldn’t be so uncouth as to ask him about it. He was content with just getting the item.

Lung’s eyes shone as he slowly fit the two fragments together. His hands were literally shaking in excitement.

A hologram appeared after the two fragments were joined. G.o.d’s Tear’s star map wasn’t as complicated as Shortcut’s, and the dot that marked its location was pretty clear as well. Both Cillin and Lung knew which planet it was without needing to check a star map.

“Sea Paradise! It really is Sea Paradise!”

There was a key icon above the star map that functioned similarly to a compa.s.s, but instead of the north it always pointed toward G.o.d’s Tear’s location. This meant that Lung could skip right past the exploration phase and into the actual search phase.

“Hahaha!!” Lung was so excited that he clapped his chair’s armrest again and again. “Originally, we reckoned that it would’ve taken a hundred days or so just to confirm that G.o.d’s Tear is really in Sea Paradise. But now? We may find the legendary treasure in just a couple of days if we’re lucky! Hahaha, there’s no way that old man could’ve predicted that the complete star map would fall into my hands!”

Lung changed targets and started clapping Cillin’s shoulder instead. “I knew asking you to join me would bring me good fortune! I truly am a genius!! Hahaha, a genius!!”

Cillin: “…”

Cillin didn’t understand how a lucky coincidence had anything to do with Lung being a genius, but whatever.

Lung was so happy that he practically skipped his way out of the room. He didn’t get angry or even care when he returned to the living room and saw that his subordinates had returned from their “training”, and they all looked down and defeated.

At first glance, it almost looked like nothing had never happened. Wheeze was eating its fish biscuits, Czedow was still reading his newspaper, the gamers were playing games, and the newcomers were seated quietly in their seats. Even Big Rock had returned to his briefcase to s.h.i.+ne his guns once more.

There were some minor differences, however. Two of Lung’s subordinates were rubbing their backs, and Pascado’s face was twitching a little when he was walking. He seemed to be holding in some sort of pain.

“Alright, let’s pack the stuff and depart right now, everyone!” Lung declared.

His subordinates looked at their young master’s uncontrollable grin and squirmed even more. He wasn’t enjoying his suffering, was he? Probably not.

One man asked, “I thought we were going to standby for another two days and wait for the weather to get better, young master?”

Lung waved his arm. “Not anymore! We’re departing now! The sooner we depart, the sooner we can go home, am I right!?”

Lung didn’t tell them about the star map fragments or make a report to his grandfather, Fergus because he didn’t want to chance a leak. It was one thing to leak that he was currently holding the Andrea Family’s star map fragment, and another to leak the fact that the second one was now in his possession as well.

G.o.d’s Tear might be far less attractive than the other Aurelios to the average person, but they were in Sector H right now. In the end, Lung decided to play it safe and make his decision after the deed was done.

“Alright, I’ll tell with Big Sail that we’re departing now,” someone answered.

Big Sail was one of the ten men Lung was bringing him on this journey. Big Sail was his codename, but most people in the Andrea Family had forgotten about his real name, so they simply addressed him as “Big Sail”. The reason Big Sail and a couple more men weren’t in the room was because they were guarding the s.p.a.ceplane.

Cillin shot the departing man a glance. Judging from the way he was shaking his arm, he was almost certain that he was one of the men who sparred with Czedow and proved wanting. That didn’t mean that he was weak by any means, however. The moment they entered the sea, their offensive power would grow multifold.

Moreover, most of these people were trainers. An excellent trainer could singlehandedly command thousands of common sea creatures or several extremely powerful sea creatures to their will. Maybe he was overestimating their abilities a little, but even then they couldn’t be too far behind.

Cillin looked forward to witnessing the trainers who supposedly received the blessing of the sea G.o.ds in action. Who would come out on top, the trainers or true kings of the sea?

Back to the present, Pascado and the others quickly finished their preparations after being urged repeatedly by Lung. The Andrea Family was a rich family. Although they had chosen a s.p.a.ceplane with a bland exterior to maintain secrecy, the interior was a completely different story. Moreover, the large s.p.a.ceplane possessed many special equipment because their destination was Sea Paradise.

Wheeze finally stopped eating after it entered the s.p.a.ceplane. It found a comfortable spot, curled up into a ball and began dozing. Everyone thought that it was a cat’s natural reaction after eating a full meal, but only Cillin knew that it hadn’t eaten its fill at all. It was just conserving its energy so it could really fill its stomach at Sea Paradise later.

In the case of Sea Paradise, the GAL Research Inst.i.tute scholars Mo Heng had introduced to Cillin might not necessarily know more than the people of Sector H. This was especially true in the case of the Andrea Family. The information Lung had shown Cillin alone told him that the Andrea Family’s understanding of Sea paradise far exceeded the scholars’.

Right now, Cillin was reading up on some of the biological species of Sea Paradise. The screen was showing a kind of fish that was commonly seen on the epipelagic zone.

In Cillin’s opinion, the “fish” was a bit too different from your average fish to fall under the same category. The fish wasn’t particularly big in size. Even the largest adult wasn’t over a meter long. However, its mouth was full of sharp teeth, and its pectoral fin and pelvic fin were covered in small thorns. They also looked like a crawling beast when they raised their dorsal fin and puffed up pectoral fin and pelvic fins.

This fish normally traveled in schools, and each school numbered among thousands to tens of thousands. The reason they traveled in schools wasn’t to protect themselves, but to hunt down their prey with overwhelming numbers. Moreover, the way they moved was incredibly organized because they were led by a leader. If their leader perished for one reason or another, they would quickly appoint a new leader and continue the hunt.

Their viciousness extended toward their own kind as well. They were extremely territorial, and they wouldn’t hesitate to tear another school of fishes who swam even an inch too close to their territory into pieces.

The fishes also had a peculiar habit when they went out on a hunt: the first bite must bleed no matter what. To give an example, it was like setting a good precedent. The blood would raise the entire school’s morale and drive to pursue their prey until the hunt was over. The opposite was equally true. If the first strike failed to bleed their prey, then the entire school’s morale would plummet.

This was why the fish responsible for the “first blood” was usually the leader or potential leader candidates. Long story short, they were the strongest fishes of their school.

Generally speaking, if defeating or escaping the fishes proved to be impossible, then the person must avoid the “first blood” attack at the very least. If the fishes couldn’t score the first blood, then it would become slightly easier to shake them off. The fishes would also give up on their own eventually.

It wasn’t the only fish in Sea Paradise to display this type of behavior. In fact, it was among the weaker sea creatures in Sea Paradise. After all, they were just common fishes that lived in the epipelagic zone. To put it simply, the deeper the depth, the more numerous and dangerous the sea creatures became.

Cillin didn’t know if they would encounter a sea beast that was similar to Blueskin, but it certainly looked like the deep sea monsters of Sea Paradise were just as great, if not greater.

Sea Paradise was a paradise to sea creatures, but an absolute nightmare to humans. The gaseous elements of the atmosphere alone weren’t something a normal human could endure, not to mention that its weather was hardly peaceful. Its unusual magnetic field and hostile environment had kept countless would-be adventurers at bay, and still did until this day.

It was precisely they understood how dangerous Sea Paradise’ environment was that the Andrea Family had developed many tools and equipment that weren’t sold to the public. It allowed them to enter the planet despite its unusual magnetic field.

Some time later, they were close to their destination.

“We’re just five minutes away from Sea Paradise. Prepare for landing,” Lung said.

The napping gray cat immediately raised its ears, opened its eyes and wiped its face with its paws.Then, it rubbed itself against the floor, stretched its back and shook some loose fur from its body. Time to go hunting!

Star Rank Hunter Chapter 364.1

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Chapter 364: Crystal Mountain

A lot of sea beasts were surrounding the s.p.a.ceplane, but thankfully they were only concerned with escaping the carnage. At most, they swiped the hull once or twice out of curiosity and not hostility.

The sawtooth fishes’ hunt lasted an hour or so. But just because the sea surface had returned to calm didn’t mean that the sawtooth fishes had left the area, at least not entirely. A large majority of the rear party were still parked under the sea for whatever reason.

The best way to determine if they had truly left was to observe the sea beasts that were taking refuge on the atoll. Some sea beasts couldn’t afford to loiter indefinitely on the atoll because they weren’t amphibians. They left the waters only because they had no other choice. Therefore, the gang only needed to wait until these creatures made their move.

Ten or so minutes later, some sea beasts started making their way to the edge of the atoll. After probing the sea surface for a bit, they abruptly dove into the waters and weren’t seen again. The rest of the refugees began evacuating the atoll, and the territory “owners” began chasing away the outsiders.

“Get ready,” Lung said after the sea beasts started leaving the atoll en “And call Wheeze back, Cillin. We’re heading to our destination right now.”

Wheeze flew out of the waters despite not having played to its heart’s content. However, it made sure to take a p.i.s.s at a couple of key locations and rub its body against some coral reefs before returning to the s.p.a.ceplane. It was like it was drawing an invisible line around the zone it had cleared out earlier.

“Is it marking its territory?” Pascado asked.

“I think so, but I don’t know if a sea beast can understand a cat’s markings,” someone replied.

Wheeze had already fed the large sea beast it killed earlier to the sawtooth fishes. Although the coral reef was still stained with its blue blood, Wheeze didn’t believe it was enough to keep the smaller sea beasts from invading. That was why it had left behind its own markings. If the creatures still invaded its territory, then it would have all the justification it needed to devour them all. It was a win-win for it.

After Wheeze had returned to the s.p.a.ceplane, Lung activated its submarine mode and dove into the sea. They immediately saw the gigantic, seemingly artificial stairs they had caught on the camera earlier. It seemed to stretch from the atoll all the way to the seabed.

Although the sea had become bluer due to the carnage wrought by the sawtooth fishes, there were still enough light to see the surrounding fishes and the sea beasts clearly.

“Larger sea beasts are rarely seen the sunlight zone. Although sea beasts from the midnight zone would occasionally rise to the surface to feed, generally speaking you won’t find a true heavyweight anywhere in this layer. The sea beast Wheeze killed is fairly huge for a sunlight zone creature, but it is nothing but a small fry in the midnight zone.”

During the dive, Lung would occasionally point out a sea creature and impart with Cillin his knowledge. However, he rarely possessed complete information on the species, and encounters with never-before-seen species were incredibly common. When this happened, Lung would order his subordinates to gather as much basic data as possible and a.n.a.lyze it with them. Cillin was able to learn many new knowledge from their discussion.

Not all data needed to be measured and a.n.a.lyzed by a machine to be accurate. For example, experienced seamen—literally—like Lung and his subordinates were able to identify a sea beast’s a ton of general data based on their appearance alone. They could even identify the evolutionary features that benefited or impaired a creature clearly. Although the creatures of Sea Paradise evolved differently from sea creatures of other worlds due to its unique environment, they still obeyed the laws of natural selection. Each and every organ had their own reason for existing.

The deeper they dove, the darker the sea became. However, Lung ordered his subordinates to activate their night vision equipment instead of the usual navigation lights because the large majority of the sea beasts at this layer were light sensitive. It would draw unwanted attention to say the least.

“You may be surprised, but most of the giants residing in this layer aren’t actually as scary or violent as they look. More accurately, they are only interested in familiar prey and have no interest in prodding unfamiliar objects.” Lung explained to Cillin when a seventy-meter-long sea beast swam past their s.p.a.ceplane.

On Cillin’s shoulder, Wheeze stared at the departing sea beast’s tails and smacked its lips. It already knew this, but one really shouldn’t judge a sea beast solely by its cover.

Maybe it was because the sawtooth fishes had just frequented the area, but the s.p.a.ceplane didn’t encounter any trouble during their descent. The number of sea beasts in the area were also fewer than expected.

The sea beasts in the midnight zone were as huge and extraordinary as Lung had described. Already, Cillin had witnessed hundred-meter-long sea giants and even more strangely-shaped sea beasts. The giant jellyfishes were but the appetizers.

Cillin glanced at a monitor. The s.p.a.ceplane had dove to a depth 2700 meters and were descending even lower. It shouldn’t be long before they reached the depth where the scanners had begun to experience abnormalities.



It was at this moment the s.h.i.+p’s detection equipment made a series of beeping noises.

“This is where the signals started deteriorating,” one of Lung’s subordinates said.

“Begin deep a.n.a.lysis,” said Lung before opening an apparatus and going to work himself. The scanners weren’t equipped with this apparatus and thus weren’t able to copy and transmit the signal back to the s.p.a.ceplane properly. That was why they had to come all the way here before they could perform the a.n.a.lysis.

The results came out soon enough.

“It looks like a guiding signal. I think it’s telling us which way to go,” said the guy on the a.n.a.lyzer. “Do we follow the signal, young master?”

Instead of answering, Lung shot Cillin a look before walking into a lounge.

Cillin threw Wheeze onto Czedow’s shoulder and followed Lung into the lounge as well.

After the door was closed, Lung took out the star map and examined its holographic key. Unless he was sorely mistaken, the direction it was pointing at wasn’t the same as the direction of the guiding signal.

“What do you think?” he asked Cillin.

“Follow the star map and ignore the guiding signal,” Cillin answered immediately. He didn’t know the Xi Family well, but he could tell that the guiding signal was meant to mislead someone who reached this point without a star map.

Lung stared at the star map a bit longer before putting it away and saying, “Very well. We will follow the guidance of the star map!”

Back at the bridge, Pascado and the others looked confused when Lung told them to ignore the signal and continue along their original path. However, they obeyed Lung’s orders without question.

Big Rock shot his young master and Cillin a glance before returning to his serious demeanor. It was clear that his young master possessed some sort of critical information, but he didn’t think that he would rather share it with the B Squad commander of a hunter regiment than him, an old servant of his grandfather Fergus. What on earth could this information be?

Endless possibilities ran through his head until one jolted his eyelids.

Could it be… G.o.d’s Tear?!

They had reached a point where the sea temperature was basically unchanging. Their surroundings were pitch black as well. Vision hadn’t been a problem until they reached the point—seven thousand meters below sea level to be exact—where some of their night vision equipment were finally overwhelmed by the ever-strengthening magnetic field.

“We’re close to the sea bed now,” Pascado said.

The scanners had lost contact with the s.p.a.ceplane when they approached the sea bed. It looked like the same thing was happening to them as well.

“Lower our speed by one level and proceed cautiously.”

“Yes, young master.”

Just like the scanners, their monitors were displaying the vague outline of what seemed to be an underwater city. However, they couldn’t be certain because their night vision equipment had malfunctioned.

Should they move toward the underwater city now, or…?

While Lung and his subordinates were busy studying the data, Cillin were staring at Wheeze’s ears intently. It was because he knew that its ears were far more reliable a detector than any equipment on the s.p.a.ceplane.

On Czedow’s shoulder, Wheeze was closing its eyes and swaying its tailed back and forth slowly. Its ears were fully erect and vibrating slightly as if it was listening for something. There was a sudden twitch, and Wheeze opened its eyes and patted Czedow once on the shoulder. Then, it looked at Cillin and declared, “We’re here!”

Lung and the others looked up from their work. They were just about to ask what it meant by that when all the lights in the s.p.a.ceplane suddenly winked out without warning. At first glance, it looked like the rest of their equipment had suffered a complete failure as well.

Lung immediately took out his backup lights. They were natural luminous stones and so weren’t affected by the overwhelming interference. Obviously, they couldn’t compare to a functioning lighting system, but it was better than having no light at all.

“Young master, the thrusters have stopped completely. None of the equipment are operable as well. We’re sinking toward the sea bed!” Pascado said.

Bang! Bang!

A number of shudders later, the s.p.a.ceplane came to a complete stop.

“We have reached the sea bed.”

“What do we do now, young master?”

Lung checked out the apparatus he was holding. If even the Andrea Family’s specialized equipment couldn’t withstand the magnetic interference at this depth, then there was only one thing left to do.

“Let’s head out,” Lung said.

Unless the s.p.a.ceplane could be restarted, staying here was akin to waiting for death to claim them. There was also the slight but very distinct possibility that the overlords of this depth might choose to step on them for whatever reason. That would be a most humiliating way to die.

“It’s pitch black outside, and we will have to use our lights carefully, young master. As you are aware, there are a lot of huge… things at this depth,” one of his subordinates said.

“We won’t achieve our objective or escape this place if we act conservatively. Heading out is the only way.”

Lung stepped into the airlock first, putting on his protective suit and inspecting his equipment. The others followed suit as well. After everything was ready, Bigrock stood in front of Lung and motioned for his colleague to open the hatch.

Cold water rushed into the airlock the moment the hatch was opened. Since the s.p.a.ceplane had lost its pressurizing functions, they could feel an obvious pressure even through their pressure-resistant protective suits.

The suit’s first comms device was dead. The second comms device, which was built to be resistant to interference, only had an effective range of a hundred meters despite functioning properly. They wouldn’t be able to stray too far from one another.

Wheeze, as usual, defied all logic by swimming una.s.sisted in the water. It kicked its fat limbs and swam in a circle around Cillin.

“My detection range is shorter than normal,” Wheeze said. That said, it was still better than Lung’s equipment.

Lung took out a barrel-shaped object and pointed it diagonally upward.

Bang bang bang!

A bunch of “flares” shot out of the barrel and illuminated the surroundings. They were luminous stones wrapped inside a sh.e.l.l that allowed them to remain at the depth they were shot to.

The light they provided was practically nothing at this depth, but everyone in the the group possessed good enough eyesight to identify their surroundings immediately.

That was how they spotted the giant, teeth-filled maw directly in front of them.