Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess Chapter 818 – Meeting at Midnight

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Chapter 818 Meeting at Midnight

“Aye.” Long Tianyu gave a short answer in a deep voice.

Hearing this, Lin Mengya, who was half-drunk, involuntarily trembled a little.

His eyes were terrifyingly burning.

In normal times, Lin Mengya would certainly have closed her eyes coyly by now.

But today, probably because of the fruit wine or her desire for his kiss, she pressed her red lips on his cold and thin lips pa.s.sionately and boldly so that his lips were moistened with the sweet wine.

“Did you miss me terribly? I missed you terribly!” She whispered in a pettishly charming manner adopted in an intimate conversation.

In response, Long Tianyu gave her a pa.s.sionate and long kiss.

This time his kiss was so much gentler than that he gave her in the daytime.

Lin Mengya kissed him back in an unusually pa.s.sionate and bold manner. They kissed for a long time and did not stop until the two of them were a little out of breath.

Long Tianyu sat on the bed with Lin Mengya in his arms, noticing the woman in his arms was much heavier than before.

Although it was still an easy job for him to hoist her up, in any case, she was no longer too frail to stand a gust of wind.

It seemed that Xiaoyu had taken good care of her these days.

He preferred her lively look, but in fact, Lin Mengya looked more charming when she was fragile.

However, he could no longer endure the misery of living in despair every day.

If it weren’t for the fact that Baisu could wake up at any time and this was not a suitable place for having s.e.x, he would have slept with Lin Mengya long before.

Unexpectedly, the woman in his arms couldn’t understand how hard he tried to suppress his desire at all.

She kept wriggling in his arms like a worm, touching his chest and moving her hands against it.

“Behave yourself!” He beat her cute b.u.t.t heavily with his big hand and warned her, who was unashamed, in a low voice.

Feeling the pain in her b.u.t.t, Lin Mengya pouted and stared at Long Tianyu with an aggrieved look.

What was wrong? Since she had tried hard to please him, why was he still dissatisfied with her?

“I miss you too. Stay still. I’m leaving soon,” he said.

He just wanted to enjoy a sweet time with her quietly. After all, this was the imperial palace of the Lieyun Empire. Although he could get in, it did not mean that he could do whatever he wanted.

Lin Mengya’s body stiffened for a moment when she felt an erection under her b.u.t.t.

Knowing that he was not as composed as he looked, she covered her mouth and smiled like a little fox.

“Alright, I’ll stay still. How about if I ask Xiaoyu to give you a suitable ident.i.ty tomorrow? In this way, it will be more convenient for you to get in and out of here. What do you think?” Lin Mengya asked.

She put her arms around his neck and behaved like a meek child.

Long Tianyu looked down at his beloved and shook his head with a flash of helplessness in his eyes.

“Don’t tell anyone about my visit here for the time being,” he said while smoothing down the hair on her forehead.

Lin Mengya had no choice but to nod.

She, who had always been a considerate woman, had always been clear about what she should and should not ask.

“I got it, but tonight’s meeting is good. Although we are legally married, it’s rare for us to have an adventure,” Lin Mengya said.

With a yawn, she nestled in Long Tianyu’s arms. She rarely drank because she felt sleepy every time she drank.

“You are probably the only one who thinks so. Go to sleep. I’ll leave after you fall asleep,” he said.

“Okay,” Lin Mengya said with a nod.

Then she settled herself comfortably in Long Tianyu’s arms, closed her eyelids that were getting increasingly heavy, and soon fell asleep.

With her in his arms, Long Tianyu, who had been unsettled these days, gradually put his mind at ease.

She was in his arms, safe and joyful.

At the sight that the moon hung high in the sky, Long Tianyu knew that it was time for him to part with her for the time being.

He cautiously put her on the couch, gently kissed her, tucked her in, and then covered his face with the hood of his cloak and left unhurriedly.

Baisu, who gradually woke up from her drunken stupor, did not see Long Tianyu.

Rubbing her dizzy head and looking up, she saw Lin Mengya lying on the bed.

“Miss was so drunk that she went to sleep without changing her clothes,” she murmured to herself while taking off Lin Mengya’s clothes gently.

She was unaware that Lin Mengya, who had fallen asleep in her beloved’s arms, was having a sweet dream.

“Young Master, what brings you here?” She asked.

When she turned around and was about to clean up the mess on the table, she saw Wanyan Yu’s tired handsome face through the window.

Dressed in bluish white, fine and soft long robe, Wanyan Yu was more gentle, scholarly-looking and graceful.

Xiaoyu waved his hand, reluctant to wake Lin Mengya up.

He gazed tenderly at the curtain behind which she was lying, while reaching out to take the flagon of wine from Baisu and took a gulp.

“Sometimes I really envy you for being able to stay with her all the time without constraint,” looking at Baisu, Xiaoyu said with a mult.i.tude of helplessness and bitterness.

He wanted to keep her around him forever, hold her tightly in his arms and protect her. But he was keenly aware that it was the most difficult thing in the world to have her.

“I don’t dare. I just know that Miss also cares about you a lot, Young Master,” Baisu said.

Based on what had happened in Dajin, she could clearly tell that Lin Mengya really doted on Xiaoyu. Otherwise, Lin Mengya wouldn’t have taken all those pains to plan for his future.

However, Xiaoyu, who shouldered a heavy responsibility, naturally couldn’t stay with Lin Mengya all the time as she did.

“What if I make her stay?” Xiaoyu said with a flash of aggressiveness unique to adult men in his eyes.

He didn’t want any of Dongfang Xiu and the Misses from other clans!

Although he was young, he knew better than anyone how much Lin Mengya meant to him.

He wanted her to be his beloved rather than his sister!

Baisu didn’t understand what he meant and just found him a little strange today.

Even his words were so incoherent and confusing.

“Miss… Miss will probably hate this. In fact, Young Master, someone like Miss shouldn’t be held back by anyone. I like to follow her, because I know she is destined to be unable to stay for long in a place. She is supposed to soar in the sky freely without constraint,” Baisu said.

She had no idea if she said that to Young Master because she was still drunk.

Come to think of it, she was right. Compared with people like her, Lin Mengya might shoulder heavy responsibilities, but was much freer than them.

Lin Mengya had a sort of restlessness originating from her soul.

“Even if I may fail to do that, I still want to give it a try.” As Xiaoyu said, he finished the wine in the flagon in one gulp.

The cool wine did not affect his thinking at all. Instead, he became more sober.

Back then, he followed Wanyan Lie back to the Lieyun Empire in order to get a status that could make him a perfect match for her.

But now, fate brought her to him, which was a chance given by fate.

She was here with him, without Long Tianyu, Qinghu, or anyone else.

So in any case, he must think of a way to keep Lin Mengya here!

“Young Master? Young Master?” Baisu stared at Wanyan Yu with concern and asked.

To be honest, the look in his eyes was scary.

He returned to himself, and Baisu was unaware that he had made up his mind.

He glanced at the curtain, behind which Lin Mengya was lying, with deep eyes.

Then he said, “I’m fine. Take good care of her and protect her properly no matter what happens. I can’t enter the imperial palace in the next couple of days. If she asks about me, just tell her that I go on a long journey with Uncle Lie.”

Baisu nodded, thinking he was presumably busy with something important.

The Lieyun Empire was going through a period of trouble. Both Lin Mengya and Xiaoyu were occupied with these things and had no leisure at all.

Xiaoyu disappeared into the s.p.a.cious Fengyu Court, leaving Baisu standing by the window deep in thought alone.

Both of them seemed to be a little different from before.

Regarding what the difference was, Baisu, who had never been sensitive to these things, could only shake her head helplessly.

She was puzzled by these things as usual!

The fruit wine offered by Xiaoyu was so good that they did not get headaches the next day after drinking it.

If it were not for the fact that Lin Mengya considered getting completely drunk every day would sully her image, she would probably have drunk a few cups of wine every night to aid sleep.

As soon as she got up, Baisu, who always got up earlier than her, brought warm water for her to wash her face.

After freshening themselves up, they appeared in front of others, refreshed.

They were surprised to discover that the palace maids doing morning exercises in the courtyard were more than twice as many as before.

The morning exercises that were very helpful to girls had attracted a lot of palace maids here before, but it was the first time they saw so many palace maids gathering here.

“Miss Helan, you finally woke up!” There came a female voice.

Just when Lin Mengya was wondering why there were so many palace maids, a clever and pretty palace maid suddenly appeared in front of her.

The girl in front of her looked considerably beautiful and radiant with red lips and white teeth.

It was only then that Lin Mengya recalled that she was a third-rank palace maid serving in-charge palace maids like Ningqiu.

Why did she stand in front of the other palace maids as the leader today?

“Why are you…” Before Lin Mengya finished her sentence, the quick-witted palace maid came up to her with a smile.

Then she said flatteringly, “It’s all because you originated the unconventional morning exercises to benefit us, Miss! The sisters working in the Fengyu Court all said that since they did the morning exercises, they had become much healthier. Therefore, the sisters working in other palaces want to join them. I hope we did not disturb your peace.”

Well, they turned out to come from other palaces.

It seemed that the morning exercises worked on them on one hand. The most important thing for them was to take the opportunity to fawn on Lin Mengya who was popular in the imperial palace.

After lowering her eyes and pondering for a moment, Lin Mengya raised her head and glanced at those palace maids with a gentle smile.

She said, “Since you want to learn to do the morning exercises, why don’t we go to the garden? On one hand, the garden is s.p.a.cious, and on the other hand, the air there is fresh with flowers and What do you think?”

Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess Chapter 819 – Cloud-patterned Jade Annuluses

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Chapter 819 Cloud-patterned Jade Annuluses

“That’s a great idea. Miss, you’re the boss.” Some sensible palace maids among them tried to fawn on Lin Mengya.

In fact, the only reason why they had been standing here since early morning was to make their existence known to Miss Helan and thus to earn bright futures.

Lin Mengya was well aware of this, as were these palace maids.

“In that case, you may follow this lady there. I’ll teach you some new morning exercises every once in a while. As long as you persist in doing morning exercises, you’ll definitely benefit from that. I have something to do, so I can’t join you,” Lin Mengya said.

She waved her hand with a mild and gentle smile and the high prestige of an in-charge palace maid.

However, at the sight of Lin Mengya’s affable smile, Baisu felt a little strange, as Lin Mengya had rarely revealed such a fake smile.

Lin Mengya smiled as she watched the crowd of palace maids leave, and did not stop smiling until the last palace maid disappeared from her sight.

Then she said, “Make a thorough investigation of today’s newcomers, and make a detailed record of them no matter which palaces they come from, as well as the palaces from which none of them come.”

Baisu nodded. She would properly do everything Lin Mengya asked her to do.

Unexpectedly, the imperial concubines took action so quickly that they had divided into several groups with clear boundaries within only a few days.

Lin Mengya had led the palace maids to do morning exercises since she came to the imperial palace, but there had never been as many palace maids gathering as today.

In fact, they all intended to play up to the new mistress of the harem.

But Lin Mengya knew clearly that many of them came to sound out Madame Jingrou’s actual situation.

Of course, she should draw those trustworthy people over to their side and watch out for those untrustworthy people.

After breakfast, Lin Mengya had a stroll before returning to the side chamber of the Fengyu Court.

By this time, Baisu had put down the record she made on Lin Mengya’s desk.

Lin Mengya picked it up and leafed it through carefully while frowning.

Nevertheless, after finishing reading the list, she smoothed her knitted brows. It seemed to have little influence on her.

“Baisu, who is Madame Ping? How come I haven’t heard of her before?” She asked as she tapped the list which clearly said that Madame Ping from the Jinglan Court had yet to send anyone to join them.

Moreover, the Mesdames on good terms with Madame Ping had sent their palace maids to join them.

It seemed that they deliberately tried to isolate Madame Ping, or perhaps the palace maids they sent could convey information to Madame Ping, so she didn’t have to send her palace maids to gossip with other palace maids.

“It’s said that she comes from the Ping Family, a family of witch doctors for generations, and she’s one of the four Mesdames the Emperor married after he ascended the throne. Nevertheless, Madame Ping is usually very cautious and does not easily pick on others. Her son, the Fourth Prince, is not outstanding, said to have been occupied with medical knowledge in recent years and paid little attention to political affairs. Madame Ping is not on friendly terms with Madame Jingrou, but their relationship is not bad. I have met her several times when I stayed by Young Master’s side. She is quiet and virtuous,” Baisu said.

Was Madame Ping neutral? Lin Mengya leafed through the list. Ningqiu had said that, apart from the Empress, there were three Mesdames with real power in the imperial palace.

Since the downfall of the Empress, the three of them had long dispersed and each of them had gone her own way.

It seemed that Madame Ping was not as indifferent to power as she looked!

“Shall I make an investigation of Madame Ping?” Baisu asked.

The list was made by Baisu according to ranks after a secret investigation.

However, Lin Mengya asked about neither the three Mesdames nor the Shaoshi and Beauties of lower rank.

She only asked about Madame Ping, which demonstrated the point.

“No. You said she comes from a family of witch doctors. Did she give any present to Madame or Xiaoyu?” Lin Mengya asked.

The reason why Madame Ping attracted her attention was that the other imperial concubines, who had children and came from aristocratic families, basically had sent their palace maids here.

Lin Mengya was keenly aware that it was reasonable for them to send their palace maids to sound out the situation for the sake of their sons.

However, Madame Ping, whose relationship with Madame Jingrou was not bad, did not send anyone here, while the Mesdames on good terms with Madame Ping had sent their palace maids here.

Lin Mengya would never believe there was nothing fishy about this.

“I have no idea what she gave Madame, but when Young Master just came back, she sent a pair of jade annuluses for congratulations. Miss, if you want to have a look, I’ll go and fetch it right away,” Baisu answered

Because Wanyan Yu gave preferential treatment to Lin Mengya and was eager to give all his good stuff to Lin Mengya, Xiaoyu’s stuff was placed in the side yard next to the Fengyu Court.

It didn’t take long for Baisu to fetch the pair of jade annuluses made of superb material.

One of them was bluish-green, and the other was milky-white.

Moreover, they blended into one integral whole naturally like twins.

Baisu said, “They are known as cloud-patterned lucky annuluses and said to be the heirloom of Madame Ping’s family. This pair of jade annuluses were carved from the same piece of jade, but one is blue and the other white, which is very rare. A few days ago, Young Master wanted to have them made into some jewelry for you, but he didn’t have time to do it yet.”

Hearing Baisu’s words, Lin Mengya couldn’t help rolling her eyes.

That would be a reckless waste of G.o.d’s good gifts to make such rare treasures into jewelry.

She put the jade annuluses in her palm and toyed with them. The warm touch gave her the illusion that they could breathe.

However, she had a different feeling when holding them in her hand and was unwilling to let them out of her hand.

“Eh? What is this?” Baisu asked.

All of a sudden, she noticed that Lin Mengya’s hand turned light purple.

If she hadn’t been careful, she wouldn’t have noticed it at all.

“This is the secret of the pair of jade annuluses. I see. It’s a miracle to put it in, but it’s probably even more difficult to get it out,” Lin Mengya said.

Hearing this, Baisu was confused.

What on earth did Lin Mengya mean?

Lin Mengya let go of the jade annuluses and put them back into the box. Then she fetched a towel beside her and carefully wiped the light purple part of her hand.

The Shen Nung system in her brain kept alerting her since the moment Baisu brought them in, reporting they contained a powerful hallucinogen.

She held the jade annuluses in her hand, which was equivalent to giving them a detailed examination.

The result showed that all the hallucinogen the jade annuluses contained was centred around the innermost part of the small hole in the middle of each of them.

Although jade felt warm and smooth on the surface, it was actually very solid.

To put it bluntly, it was a kind of good-looking stone.

In order to make the hallucinogen absorbed by the jade, one could either soak the jade in the hallucinogen and stew the jade repeatedly or make the jade annuluses hollow.

The appearance of the jade would be spoiled in these two ways.

However, this pair of jade annuluses, warm and of soft color, was definitely of high quality, which indicated the jade annuluses were not poisoned in these two ways.

But even so, it was still difficult to hurt someone with them in secret.

Jade was naturally solid, so some medicines must be stored in bottles made of jade so as not to lose their efficacy.

Lin Mengya put one of the jade annuluses in front of her eyes and used the Shen Nung system’s ultrastructural scanning system to give it an X-ray detection.

After magnifying it countless times, Lin Mengya finally solved the mystery.

Nevertheless, the ingenious design made her gasp.

The surface of the jade annulus was extremely smooth, without the slightest blemish.

However, there were countless holes even finer than hair in the jade annulus, especially around the middle layer.

Such holes could only be seen clearly under special instruments.

Moreover, there was something else in the holes.

With her current capabilities, she still couldn’t tell what it was.

She just discovered that the substance filling the holes was very strange.

According to Lin Mengya’s a.n.a.lysis and experimental result, on being heated, the substance in the holes would melt and then stick to the inner walls of the holes.

In this way, the poison at the innermost parts of the holes would quietly come out and have a direct influence on the human body.

But once the temperature dropped, the poison would return to harmless fillings of the holes so that people could not tell the secret of the jade annulus.

What a clever and ingenious trick to poison the jade annuluses! Lin Mengya was amazed at it.

At the same time, Lin Mengya was sure that Madame Ping harbored evil intentions toward Xiaoyu.

“Go and get a basin of hot water, or warm water would also be fine. I want a big basin of water,” she said.

Although she could not tell what was in the holes of the jade annulus, the poison had nowhere to hide.

Although the hallucinogen was powerful, it could not be exposed to water.

Once it was exposed to water, it would lose its efficacy and become useless.

Soon, Baisu brought the thing she needed. Without any hesitation, Lin Mengya soaked the pair of jade annuluses into the water.

Under Baisu’s astonished gaze, the water gradually turned light purple and gave off a pungent smell.

Nevertheless, the jade annuluses did not change at all and remained gorgeous.

“Miss, what exactly is this?” Baisu asked.

She had seen the jade annuluses before but saw nothing purple on them.

Why did they become like this after in Lin Mengya’s hands?

“This is the Purple Haze Gra.s.s, a powerful hallucinogen native to the hottest area in the southernmost part of the Lieyun Empire. More importantly, it can put people in a conscious but tremendously irritable state, so it’s also known as the Devil Gra.s.s. Nowadays, it’s rarely seen,” Lin Mengya said.

With the music score for the green stringed instrument, she naturally knew about it in detail.

Nevertheless, the Devil Gra.s.s was so rare. Could it be given to Madame Ping by her family?

Come to think of it, she found it could be possible. After all, it was reasonable for the Ping Family, a family of witch doctors for generations, to have the Devil Gra.s.s.

However, why did Madame Ping put such a precious poison in the pair of jade annuluses?

It should be noted that Xiaoyu had no interest in this stuff, neither would he bring them with him!