Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 1520 – I Won’t Go Into the Washroom Even If You Beat Me to Death

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Chapter 1520: I Won’t Go Into the Washroom Even If You Beat Me to Death

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‘When Luke had had his suspicions long ago, he got his hands on Phil’s DNA and did a test.

He compared the results with his, Catherine, and Drax’s DNA.

At the same time, Grandpa Drax, Kevin Coulson – Luke’s father – and Phil… all had very high hairlines.

That was also why Luke started to pay more attention to his hairline after suspecting that he and Phil were related.

From his forthright grandfather, he leamed that Phil’s father was probably his grandfather’s younger brother.

In other words, Phil and Luke’s father, Kevin, were cousins.

However, Drax never brought up his brother, much less his nephew, Phil.

On public record, Grandpa Drax‘s brother died fifteen years ago, right after the deaths of Luke’s parents.

And according to the information on Luke’s granduncle, he didn’t have any children.

The implication was clear — Phil had joined s.h.i.+ELD at that time.

The information had been modified to protect his family.

Starting with Grandpa Drax, their family was no longer related to Phil on paper.

But Grandpa wasn’t cautious in front of Luke, and would occasionally let something slip.

Luke’s granduncle was still alive, and would visit his grandpa once every year or two, but n.o.body knew that they were biological brothers.


It was for this reason that Luke had an unusual att.i.tude toward Phil.

This was his uncle! Hm, he was alive.

After all, in theory, Luke’s granduncle was already “dead,” and his uncle didn’t exist.

Also, Phil’s protection of Luke didn’t stop there.

Phil’s full name was Phillip J. Coulson in s.h.i.+ELD’s files, but veterans like Garrett knew that Phil’s real name before he joined the force was… Phillip Colin.

The principle was very simple. John Garrett’s real name was also a secret, but he was just called John Garrett in s.h.i.+ELD.

Only an idiot would use a special agent’s commonly used name to investigate their real ident.i.ty, since it was all fake.

And there were even more layers to Phil’s fake ident.i.ty.

Nick Fury was the only person in s.h.i.+ELD who knew Phil’s exact background and ident.i.ty.

From this point of view, Luke’s family was safe.

After testing Phil, Luke finally solved a riddle that had always bothered him.

He really didn’t want it to be some sort of melodrama between Phil and his family, like Phil killing his parents.

Now that he had a rough idea of his parents’ deaths, and the person responsible had already been killed by Phil, what else was there to think about?

In his memories from before he turned five, his parents had indeed loved Luke very much.

Their deaths had been a huge blow to Drax and Catherine.

If there was an opportunity, he still had to investigate if any of the person’s relatives or friends were criminals, and make sure that they were reunited.

Reuniting a family reunion was a professional virtue.

A day later, on a street in New Jersey, Luke and Phil were smoking cigarettes.

Luke blew out a ring of smoke and mumbled, “G.o.d, I don’t want to fight in the toilets anymore. Learn from the cartel. When they have nothing to do, they go out into the wilds to fight, like in a Western!”

Phil rolled his eyes and took a puff.

He could smoke, but basically didn’t.

‘As an agent, the smell of smoke, alcohol, and perfume could easily give him away.

However, they had to put on an act now for this operation. They were two vagabonds shooting the breeze on the streets in the afternoon — otherwise known as tramps.

‘Tramps were a very complicated group. They clearly didn’t have money but still had to have a bit of “dignity.”

Their hair could be greasy but not smelly. Their clothes could be very old but not dirty.

If they wanted money, they couldn’t beg. They could only silently hold a “G.o.d Bless You” sign or play some lousy instrument.

Luke and Phil also had instruments — their own mouths, two bottles of water, and an empty bucket.

His eyes obscured by smoke, Phil asked, “Why aren’t we doing the same as before? We might not have to go inside this time.”

Luke said, “In any case, they’ll get suspicious sooner or later; it’s fine so long as they don’t think that it’s the same group of people. Don’t tell me you’ve never run into someone who insists on making trouble when you’re working?”

Phil had nothing to say.

There were a lot of nutcases in the world. Some could even start a fight just because someone looked at them.

Luke suddenly made a noise and touched his earpiece under his hood. “Let’s go. They’re almost here.”

Phil made a sound of acknowledgment and was about to go.

Luke said, “Hey, hey, hey! Take the bucket. Do you want to draw suspicion?”

Phil cursed and grabbed the empty bucket.

Luke also picked up the two bottles of water at his feet, and they tured into an alley.

A stool? As if. Why would a tramp need a stool? They just sat on the steps or the ground.

A few minutes later, Phil looked at what Luke was holding and was lost for words. “Are you serious?”

Luke shook the plastic bag in his hand indifferently. “It’s just weed. It’s a temporary prop. They won’t get suspicious so easily this way.”

Phil smiled bitterly. “Do you think it’s reasonable for two tramps to knock them out?”

Pondering for a few seconds, Luke said, “Maybe it’s the weed that’ll give us strength? It’s not like there aren’t any people who can’t kill patrol officers even after being tasered twice.”

Phil was unable to reply.

Some people indeed acted abnormally when they got high. If a superhuman got high… that would make sense. He could only comfort himself.

At that moment, two men in black suits walked into the alley and headed straight for the back door of an apartment building.

Seeing the two tramps standing next to a pile of cardboard shelters, they just frowned and didn’t think too much of it.

There were homeless people everywhere in America.

They were on every comer, and alleys were popular places for them to set up shelter.

The men adjusted their route slightly to avoid Luke and Phil as they headed for the back door.

They kept an eye on Luke and Phil out of habit.

Luke and Phil were whispering to each other again, and it wasn’t until they were several meters away that the men in black finally saw Luke holding a bag of weed and Phil holding a roll of cash.

The two men in black continued forward expressionlessly.

As if he had suddenly noticed them, Luke suddenly put the weed into his pocket. “What are you looking at?”

The men in black were lost for words. Lunatics, get lost if you’re scared. Why are you yelling if you’re not scared?!

Growing impatient, they approached Luke and Phil.

Luke’s face suddenly twisted. “Are you cops? I can smell it on you.”

The men in black suits were lost for words.. Are you a dog?

Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 1516 – Fight In a Classic Transaction Venue

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Chapter 1516: Fight In a Cla.s.sic Transaction Venue

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For the next three days, they waited in the abandoned factory.

Phil spent most of the time trying to familiarize himself with the newly-acquired Kunlun Chi Refining Technique and the stealth suit.

Luke a.n.a.lyzed intelligence.

Some was what he had gathered himself, and some was from Nick Fury.

Ina week at most, Luke and Phil would act to secretly capture some members of s.h.i.+ELD.

If there was no problem with the other party, Nick Fury would arrange for them to have a “narrow” escape via a rescue operation and to return to s.h.i.+ELD safely.

If the other party was Hydra, the only outcome for them was to disappear.

With Phil as Luke’s partner, the division of labor in this “snake-catching operation” was very clear.

Nick Fury gave them a target and information on their whereabouts.

Big Dipper would be the main fighting force.

Phil would provide support and take care of any unexpected situations during the operation.

During the interrogation, Big Dipper would only ask about Hydra members, while Phil would ask about s.h.i.+ELD itself.

Luke was indeed interested in s.h.i.+ELD, but there was no need to test his luck with Nick Fury right now.

Hmph, did the director really think that the thought amplifier had to be a “helmet” that had to be worn on the head?

Ahelmet was just the most portable and convenient way.

Setting up a device to gather the other person’s thoughts from 100 or 200 meters away would have the same effect.

When Phil actively asked questions, he never got as much as Luke. After all, Phil didn’t have Mental Communication!

Superpowers were meaningless if you didn’t use them as cheats.

Nick Fury was very efficient once he made up his mind.

Soon, the first target was selected. It was a special agent who appeared to have an ordinary relations.h.i.+p with Garrett. During the investigation, it was revealed that the two of them had secretly been in contact before.

While that wasn’t enough proof, Nick Fury wouldn’t talk about proof right now.

There was no point talking to Hydra about proof.

Luke and Phil were hiding in a toilet stall in a dingy hotel in Congo. Thanks to their suits, they were able to turn invisible and block out scents. The wait wasn’t hard.

Phil was lost for words.

Was advanced technology and money that great?

Back when he first started out, he had even jumped into a sh*t pit before.

Someone had been chasing him back then, however, and it couldn’t compare with the current situation.

Luke sent a message. “Why are bad guys and secret agents so fond of meeting in the washroom?”

Phil was stumped; he hadn’t expected Big Dipper to suddenly ask such an inane question.

But he didn’t need to think to come up with a convincing answer. “Because anybody would feel insecure when they take off their pants; even running away would be hard.”

Luke imagined himself running out of the washroom and onto the street without pants on. He had to admit that the answer was spot-on.

After the invention of underwear, a person would feel insecure when they lost this layer of protection, which would inevitably affect their movements.

This sort of discomfort in battle was fatal.

Luke said, “The person who set up this meeting won’t take off his pants, right?”

Phil said, “If anormal person comes in, however, they’ll definitely have to take off their pants. Otherwise, it’ll look strange.”

Luke said, “Fine, I should be glad that we snuck in.”

Phil: “They’re here.”

Two minutes later, two groups of people entered the washroom one after another. Two other individuals guarded the door.

They didn’t use the toilets. Instead, they checked all the stalls before they stood in front of the sinks again and put their briefcases down.

The African-American leader on one side opened his briefcase first and pushed it to the other leader, who was a middle-aged white man.

The white man picked up the items in the briefcase and examined them carefully with a magnifying gla.s.s and a few tools.

Amoment later, he nodded in satisfaction. “The goods are fine.”

As he spoke, he gave his own briefcase to the leader.

The black man eagerly opened the briefcase and quickly examined the money inside.

Although they had dealt with each other before, there was no absolute trust in this business, since people with integrity wouldn’t be doing this thing in the first place.

At that moment, the door suddenly opened.

Four men in combat uniforms charged in and fired.

Five to six people in the bathroom instantly collapsed.

Then, the fight started, and deafening gunshots rang out in the washroom.

The new group had fewer people, but they had come prepared, and had the upper hand.

The first two parties had more people, but after a prolonged exchange, they were putting up a desperate struggle.

In this fierce fight, none of the three parties noticed several faint thuds.

Two of the four men in black combat uniforms dropped, and so did two men on the other side.

The fight continued.

Men dropped one after another. By the time the middle-aged man came back to himself, he was the only one left standing in the washroom, staring at a man in black combat uniform.

Both parties pulled the trigger without hesitation.

At the same time, there were two more thuds.

Both of them dropped.

The only difference was that the middle-aged man’s chest exploded, while the man in black combat uniform only swayed twice before he collapsed in shock.

Before he lost consciousness, the man only had one thought: How is this possible?

They had a foolproof plan. They were wearing bulletproof vests and helmets. Logically speaking, it was impossible for all of them to be defeated.

But the truth was that all three parties in the bathroom had collapsed, and more than ten people were lying on the floor.

The lights in the washroom suddenly went out, and Luke and Phil walked out of the stall.

Phil put an optical camouflage on the last person to collapse before he carried him out the back door.

Luke, on the other hand, stored the middle-aged man’s body and the two briefcases in his inventory before he left as well.

Two minutes later, the three men in black combat uniforms suddenly woke up and staggered to their feet.

Sensing the dead silence, they turned on their tactical flashlights.

Looking at the bodies all over the floor, their expressions turned ugly.

After a quick check, they discovered that their captain and the middle-aged man were missing, and their expressions turned even uglier.

‘What they were feeling at the moment was probably like lions being overwhelmed by a pack of wolves and the latter taking off with the lion king.

One of the three quickly made a call, while the other two chased away the frightened staff who were peeping into the washroom from outside.

They had killed a bunch of people in a hotel overseas and had lost their captain. They were in trouble this time.

Phil quickly reached an old bungalow a kilometer away. He entered the bas.e.m.e.nt from the storeroom.

Luke followed and cleaned up all traces behind them.

This matter might draw the attention of Hydra members; they couldn’t be allowed to sense anything strange on the first operation.

Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 1518 – Investment and Motive

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Chapter 1518: Investment and Motive

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Luke and Phil left via a window and returned to their car. They immediately took off the trackers on the two men in black suits and threw them into the gra.s.s next to the road.

The car started up and drove away into the night.

In s.h.i.+ELD’s Eastern European branch, the surveillance staff was already explaining the situation. “The two targets took down four agents, and took Carson and Litt. Tommy and Fisher were left in the washroom on the second floor of the bar.

“The targets returned and checked on Tommy and Fisher before they left again.”

The supervisor frowned. “How long until support arrives?”

“It’ll take at least ten minutes for them to arrive,” another staff member replied.

The supervisor nodded and murmured, “What’s going on? Are the targets too strong, or was there an ambush?”

Of course, he could never expect that there were actually two of Targets 1 and 2.

This time, Luke and Phil didn’t act again after the power went out. Instead, they used the Thousand Faces System to make masks of the targets’ faces beforehand, and used their ident.i.ties.

This was to make s.h.i.+ELD think that they had misjudged the targets’ strength, and that the two missing men had been killed.

Making someone “disappear” was an artform, and had to be done well.

Just now, the two of them had deliberately let their faces be caught by the surveillance equipment on the four s.h.i.+ELD agents so that s.h.i.+ELD didn’t mistake who they were.

After this incident, it wouldn’t be easy for s.h.i.+ELD to catch these two agents of a certain national government.

Even if the other party confessed what really happened, s.h.i.+ELD wouldn’t believe it, and would more likely suspect that it was just an excuse.

At this rate, it wouldn’t be hard for things to drag out for a few weeks or even a month or two.

Aweek later, Luke met Phil again in New York.

After Sokovia, they returned to New York.

It would be a while before the third operation.

There was no helping it.

The suspects wouldn’t always act the way Nick Fury hoped.

Nick Fury had to arrange everything flawlessly so that Hydra wouldn’t notice anything wrong.

The three men captured from the last two operations had all been Hydra members.

They had provided the names of eight Hydra members inside s.h.i.+ELD. Apart from Garrett, the big boss, the person with the highest position was only a level 4.

He met Luke in New Jersey and gave him the intelligence on the operation, before Luke rushed him to train.

s.h.i.+ELD was a big s.h.i.+p that was destined to sink, and Phil certainly wouldn’t jump s.h.i.+p early.

If he didn’t destroy Hydra, he would be turning his back on the years he spent in s.h.i.+ELD.

Thus, Luke had to do his best to increase Phil’s ability to survive so that he wouldn’t be buried along with s.h.i.+ELD.

As long as nothing happened to Phil, he would be Luke’s best “hand.”

For example, putting people in place to take down Hydra with one call would become a completely normal thing.

‘When Luke took down gang members, he had to worry about the safety of the local community.

Taking out 10,000 Hydra heads could only make this world a safer place.

In this regard, Hydra, the Hand, the Fraternity, and the High Table were all similar targets in that it was very safe to take them down without any adverse consequences.

If he invested more in Phil now, the rewards would be even greater in the future.

After an hour of training, Phil was panting and sweating as he circled Luke.

Luke stopped what he was doing and stretched. “Ask away.”

Phil smiled. “Why do you hate Hydra so much?”

Luke got up and poured himself a cup of coffee. He grabbed a bottle of juice and tossed it to Phil. “I don’t hate them.”

Phil caught the bottle, took a sip of the juice, and said in confusion, “But you…”

He gestured at the computer and the warehouse that they were in, clearly confused by what Luke was doing.

Big Dipper definitely wasn’t some government agent. He was too ruthless; he killed more bad guys in one operation than Phil had in his entire life.

But calling him a murderer didn’t seem right.

A murderer didn’t care if their target was good or bad. As long as their own conditions were met, they wouldn’t be able to control themself.

Luke, on the other hand, was clearly only interested in criminals.

Except for the fact that he had killed too many people, he was no different from Batman.

Pondering for a moment, Luke asked, “Do you know anything about Chinese culture?”

Phil was stumped. “A bit.”

Luke said, “My actions are a way to punish evil. In Chinese culture, this is also a way to do good. So, I’m just saving people..”

Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 1513 – 50% Chance, and Clairvoyant

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Chapter 1513: 50% Chance, and Clairvoyant

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

For now, Luke felt that it was better to look for Hydra first.

Roxxon, which abided by the laws of America in order to eat up people, wouldn’t run. It had always been there.

The chance of uncovering Hydra members was rarer, but the aftermath of taking them down would be simple.

‘Most Hydra deaths wouldn’t alarm the authorities, which would have to do their best to cover them up.

Such considerate opponents who conscientiously dealt with the cleanup were Luke’s favorite.

Making up his mind, Luke ran around D.C..

His luck was terrible. Three people were missing, and two were dead.

Luke figured that the three missing people were probably dead too.

The two dead also hadn’t died at home.

They had left the house not long ago. One fell into the river and drowned, and the other was killed by a car.

But without exception, the “Clairvoyant” device in their eyes had self-destructed.

Luke watched the patrol officers take the two bodies away with great interest.

This was a cautious and ruthless opponent who had killed five people without any hesitation.

Except for the female manager who didn’t know anything to begin with and the engineer from Roxxon Corporation, all the other targets whom Luke was interested in had disappeared.

Of course, that didn’t mean that all traces had disappeared.

It was just that it would take a little more time to uncover more clues through these people.

Luke still had another way.

Thinking that, he asked the A.I. Polaris, “Is the reverse trace program done?”

Polaris: “Sir, the program is almost complete, but the other party has a counter program. There’s a 72% chance that the connection will be cut off early.”

Luke said, “But there’s also a 50% chance that they will overlook something, right?”

Polaris: “Uncertain; I cannot determine how capable and cautious the technical staff are.”

Luke chuckled. “No, when I say 50%, it’s just ‘yes’ or no.”

With that, he disappeared into the night.

Looking at the information on the computer, Garrett rubbed his chin. “n.o.body actually appeared. Did I overestimate the opponent?”

Although he said that, his eyes were dark.

A faint sense of danger warned him that this wasn’t the end.

Finally, he stood up and returned to the researcher. “Work 24-hour s.h.i.+fts for the next few days. Pay attention to everyone in the Clairvoyant system. If there’s a problem, don’t hesitate to clean it up.”

Stunned for a moment, the researcher turned around. “Are you sure?”

Garrett nodded. “I have a feeling that this opponent isn’t that simple. Don’t be careless. That’s it. I’m leaving.”

The researcher turned around and looked at the screen again.

He would do whatever the Clairvoyant said.

Everything here was paid for by the boss. He was just a technician.

After Garrett left, he entered an underground parking lot. He took off his nanomask, then switched faces and cars before he left.

Two hours later, Luke entered the parking lot.

Amoment later, he stood in front of the car that Garrett had been in and smiled. “Gotcha, clairvoyant!”

Luke’s reverse trace program had indeed been discovered in the first instant. The other party had cut the connection to protect themselves.

The probability of being discovered was indeed 72%, but the 50% Luke mentioned was also in play.

The other party didn’t notice what was behind the reverse trace program.

By the time the connection was cut, something else had already slipped in, and it waited for an opportunity to send out the other party’s coordinates.

Less than five minutes later, Luke received the coordinates.

The difference in skills was clear.

Apart from Batman’s online fans, Luke had yet to discover any Earthlings who could compete with the tyc.o.o.n’s technology and A.I..

‘The other party definitely wasn’t bad. It was just a pity that their software and skills weren’t on the same level.

‘They were worlds apart.

Luke arrived at the location to discover that it was a high-tech prosthesis research inst.i.tute.

Hm, there was nothing wrong with that. It was just like how the tyc.o.o.n called the Mark suit his artificial limb; it made sense.

Luke followed the coordinates and found an office, but there was n.o.body inside. His real target was the bas.e.m.e.nt.

Luke didn’t want his opponents to know that he had discovered this place, so he didn’t sneak into the bas.e.m.e.nt. Instead, he walked around the research inst.i.tute, which only had two security guards.

Then, he detected a scent that he remembered.

After thinking for almost a minute, he matched the scent to the person.

He couldn’t take records of Sharp Nose, and he could only rely on his brain to recall scents as he encountered more and more people, which was very inconvenient.

Even though his Mental Strength and memory had increased significantly, he still couldn’t remember everyone.

He could only focus on the more distinctive and important people.

‘The person Luke had found tonight had only appeared before him once or twice, so the scent hadn’t left a very deep impression on Sharp Nose.

However, the fact Luke remembered him at all proved that the person wasn’t just some pa.s.ser-by.

Luke finally remembered that he had run into two people who had claimed to be FBI agents during the earthquake charity concert.

One was John Garrett, and the other was Grant Ward.

Coincidentally, their credentials said they were from the FBI’s 17th Division, which was Phil’s favorite departmental alias.

s.h.i.+ELD’s headquarters, the Triskelion, was in D.C.. The three suspects in that failed terrorist attack were also from D.C..

Luke quickly connected the dots, and the middle-aged man’s appearance became clear in his mind.

‘That was right, it was this John Garrett.

His scent was extremely clear in this enclosed s.p.a.ce and in the elevator which led to the bas.e.m.e.nt.

It was a quiet night, and his scent was as conspicuous as a firefly out in the fall.

Following nearby surveillance cameras, Luke found the car and followed it to the underground parking lot.

This time, he was very sure that he had caught the mastermind.

John Garrett and Grant Ward were both bright red in the system’s list of enemies; it seemed they were very hostile toward him.

Would a normal s.h.i.+ELD agent hate him so much? Obviously not.

Even if there really were agents who wanted to arrest Batman or other superheroes, they would at most be the light red of an ordinary “work-related” opponent.

The only ones who hated Luke so much were probably the Hydra members in s.h.i.+ELD.

Thinking about how Garrett called himself the Clairvoyant, Luke couldn’t help but laugh. This guy sure knew how to have fun! He actually knew to come up with an alias to fool people.

It was a pity that everything could be used to trick people except for scent.

And the smallest shortcoming could lead to a downfall..