Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 1515 – Cooperation and Temporary Training

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Chapter 1515: Cooperation and Temporary Training

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Luke left.

This time, he had left Phil with “fierce” words.

Of course, Phil was only the messenger who would deliver these “fierce words” to Nick Fury.

With Garrett’s intelligence, Luke absolutely had the ability to stir up trouble on his own.

If Fury didn’t want any accidents, he would have to accept Big Dipper’s insistent “partic.i.p.ation,” or there might be a huge hitch in his plan to eliminate Hydra.

At the same time, he would also receive a -10 character a.s.sessment from the Bat Squad.

After receiving the information from Phil and hearing the name Garrett, Fury’s heart was in turmoil.

But it wasn’t long before he started considering Big Dipper’s condition.

If it were anyone else, the director might not care.

There were too many people who had threatened to cut his head off and use it as a toilet, yet he was still alive and kicking.

But since Batman and Big Dipper shared the same view, this was different.

After the Battle of New York, he had learned a lot of information from Tony and his own men.

There were three individuals who were the most important.

The first was the sniper.

With enough support, he could blow up most people, including superhumans, at a range of dozens of kilometers with a single shot; he could even send the surrounding people flying.

n.o.body dared to ignore such a super hitman.

The second was the top-tier tactical commander.

Although this person didn’t appear prominently on camera during the Battle of New York, this battle “formula felt very familiar to Nick Fury.

If it really was the person he was thinking of, then the Bat Squad was over ten times more terrifying than the Avengers — especially when it came to killing.

The third was Big Dipper.

Big Dipper didn’t stand out in terms of performance during the battle, but Nick Fury attached great importance to him.

The reason was simple.

At the critical moment, the scepter became the only thing that could save Earth.

During battle, Black Cat tumed into an escort when Batman gave the scepter to Big Dipper to close the s.p.a.ce portal.

For someone like Nick Fury, it was actions and not words that were the most important.

From this alone, he dared to say that Batman trusted Big Dipper more than he trusted Black Cat.

It didn’t just have to do with character, but strength.

Batman believed that Big Dipper wouldn’t be taken down by the Chitauri when he closed the s.p.a.ce portal.

That could only mean that Big Dipper’s combat ability was beyond imagination.

Would Nick Fury dare treat Big Dipper, a super strong fighter with especially “black” hands, the way he treated Batman?

Of course not.

Everybody knew that Batman had a bottom line.

The biggest thing about the few times that Big Dipper had appeared… was that he killed everyone without question.

From over 100 mercenaries to a bunch of test subjects to the overwhelming Chitauri army, this person had never hesitated to kill them all.

It was useless to use delay tactics with such a person, because the other party wasn’t giving him the right to refuse at all.

Giving them the information was just a way to “buy their vote’ first.

Could Nick Fury run over to talk things out with Big Dipper after making a move? Who the h.e.l.l knew who this guy was.

If it wasn’t for the imminent threat of Hydra, the director would definitely be considering how to deal with the Bat Squad.

This small squad of only a dozen people was no weaker than Hydra; it was just that they weren’t doing bad things.

But possessing the strength to kill anyone they wanted was a “sin” in itself.

Thinking that, Nick Fury decided that Big Dipper and Batman had to partic.i.p.ate in the operation to eliminate Hydra.

Firstly, this would make Hydra focus on the Bat Squad and not on s.h.i.+ELD.

While Hydra still thought they had yet to be exposed, s.h.i.+ELD was their best hiding place and backup.

Secondly, it didn’t matter who died in a fight between both sides. Only then would the Avengers be able to maintain the balance of power on Earth.

Nick Fury, who had a heart blacker than his face, quickly made up his mind. All that was left was how to make the two parties fight each other.

Phil and Batman had a good relations.h.i.+p. Both of them were “martyrs,” and could probably carry out an internal purge of s.h.i.+ELD together.

Something “unexpected” just needed to happen to the highly suspicious agents when they were out in the field; Fury could follow the clues from there to find the Hydra members who were inside s.h.i.+ELD.

As long as more than 80% of them were eliminated, the rest would have no chance of turning things around.

Nick Fury would use his position as director to slowly crush them.

At noon the next day, Phil and Luke met at a diner in D.C.

By the time Phil arrived, Luke was already waiting for him and had already ordered a bunch of food.

As they ate, they reached an agreement.

Of course, all they said was “the boss agreed,” “a happy cooperation,” and “T’ll go with you as the point of contact.”

Anybody who heard their conversation would only think that it was an ordinary work discussion.

This was indeed just a formality, but Phil felt that it was awkward for the two of them to eat without talking.

After lunch, Luke took Phil to his car.

Phil had been told not to bring any equipment from s.h.i.+ELD with him, and his car was no exception.

After getting into Luke’s car, he observed it for a moment before he sighed. “Your car can’t fly, right?”

Batman had a “boat” that could dive, so it wouldn’t be strange if Big Dipper had a car that could fly.

In fact, Phil himself had “Lola,” which could fly, so some of the modifications to this car made him very suspicious.

Luke said, “No. This car is a land-based vehicle with strong defenses and firepower.”

Phil understood.

It was the perfect combo for resisting beatings and beating other people up.

Luke tossed him a phone. “This is our exclusive communication device. Also, we need to prepare something for you before we give you temporary training.”

Phil caught the phone and asked curiously, “What training?”

Luke said, “To make it harder for you to die.”

Phil: …Can you stop talking about that? It’s not like I wanted to be stabbed.

‘Was it hard for the second prince of Asgard to stab an Earthling? Obviously not.

If it had been anyone else in Phil’s position, there was a 90% chance that they would’ve also been stabbed.

The only people who could keep Loki down were his brother, Thor, and the Hulk.

When Selina and Luke had taken care of Loki before, it was only because the latter had underestimated them, so their sneak attack succeeded.

The second prince wouldn’t fall for that again so easily.

After taking Phil to an abandoned factory on the outskirts of D.C., Luke gave him a set of armor.

Considering the nature of Phil’s work, the suit didn’t have especially outstanding protection, but it was very stealthy and flexible.

Watching Phil swing his limbs around, Luke reminded him, “You can take it off after playing with it. You’ll have a lot of time to practice with it, so you should train first.”

Phil simply did as he was told.

He was a veteran agent, not a kid. He was never sloppy when it came to work..

Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 1514 – Bad News and “Bad” Suspicion

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Chapter 1514: Bad News and “Bad” Suspicion

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Now that he had locked onto the mastermind, Luke wasn’t in a hurry.

The harvest operation in Mexico had already proven that the more prepared the other party was, the greater the gains when they were caught.

Capturing Clairvoyant Garrett was nothing, Only by keeping an eye on Garrett and digging out Hydra would Luke be able to maximize the man’s worth.

It would be even better if he could be used to contact the other “heads” of Hydra.

However, it wouldn’t be easy for Luke to investigate this matter.

s.h.i.+ELD had a tight security system. It would be impossible for him to get a list of members whom Garrett was in contact with every day.

But someone else could.

Luke sent Phil a message.

Half an hour later, they met again.

Someone walked out of the dark alley and got into the pa.s.senger seat. He looked at Phil and nodded. “This second model is more pleasing to the eye.”

Phil immediately confirmed that it was Big Dipper.

n.o.body except Big Dipper knew that this was the second model of the new mask.

Phil started the car and asked, “You said you found something big, What is it?”

Luke said, “Let me state my terms first.”

Phil: “No problem, go ahead.”

Luke said, “I have to be involved in the cleanup operation. Hm, for example, can you arrange a temporary ident.i.ty as a s.h.i.+ELD agent for me?”

Phil: “This…”

Luke waved his hand. “Ask Nick Fury. No need to give me an answer right away.”

Phil: “Okay.”

Luke said, “Let me tell you first, so that you don’t expose yourselves. John Garrett, have you heard of this name?”

Phil’s hands jerked, and so did the car. “Who?”

Luke said, “John Garrett. Also, there’s a younger guy named Grant Ward with him. He should be a problem too.”

Phil took a deep breath and didn’t say anything.

John Garrett, a level 7 s.h.i.+ELD agent, was slightly older than Phil and had made more contributions.

Factoring in the people involved with Garrett, it was a terrifying number.

For example, Phil, a newly promoted level 6 agent, had had more than 50 s.h.i.+ELD agents work under him before, and had worked with more than 300 other personnel, and his boss was Nick Fury.

If Phil was a suspect, these people, including Nick Fury, would be included in the investigation.

Garrett had even more seniority and had made more contributions, so there were more than 200 s.h.i.+ELD agents connected to him.

Worst of all, Garrett’s direct superior was… Alexander Pierce.

This was the previous s.h.i.+ELD director, and one of the five members of the World Security Council.

Nick Fury had become the director with Pierce’s strong support.

From this point of view, Phil being Hydra was much less harmful than Garrett being Hydra.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Phil had always been calm and had “died” recently, he would probably be tearing his hair out right now.

He didn’t suspect Big Dipper of giving him fake information.

Big Dipper was telling him this information so that Nick Fury could verify it for himself.

This wasn’t a TV show. Phil and Nick Fury weren’t stupid enough to immediately arrest Garrett on hearsay.

But if Garrett was Hydra, that would be too big a problem.

As for Grant Ward, Phil had a deep impression of him.

This young man was capable, calm and courageous. He was the most promising new agent for s.h.i.+ELD.

Give Ward ten years, and he would be able to become a level 7 agent.

But now… d*mmit! It was Garrett who had brought Ward in; they even went on vacation together.

They had a deeper relations.h.i.+p than between a regular teacher and student.

If Garrett was Hydra, could Ward be “clean”?

Worst of all, there were more than a few s.h.i.+ELD agents like Ward whom Garrett had brought in.

Luke gave Phil a few minutes before he continued, “Lamar was under Garrett’s control. He implanted a ‘Clairvoyant System in Lamar’s eyes. He uses the system to keep an eye on people and give orders at any time, or burn their brains out if he has to. The people under his control know him as the

Clairvoyant. You should be mindful of that.”

Phil’s mind was in a mess, but he took note.

But Luke wasn’t done. “Lamar’s mechanical arm is probably related to Roxxon Corporation. You can investigate whether Garrett is working with this company.”

Phil finally hit the brake and put his hand to his forehead. “Any other bad news?”

His head felt like it was about to explode when he heard the name Roxxon.

From Luke’s description, Garrett had a large number of subordinates and friends in s.h.i.+ELD, and he could use some Clairvoyant System to control the “Death Soldiers.”

Not only did he have a Mexican cartel which made a billion in dirty money a year, he was also working with a giant corporation like Roxxon.

This one person had enough power to go up against all of s.h.i.+ELD.

Luke chuckled. “It’s not bad news, but a ‘bad’ suspicion. Want to hear it?”

Phil said, “Go on.”

Although he didn’t want to hear it, he had to.

Luke said, “Hydra’s catchphrase is: Cut off one head and two more will grow. You’re familiar with this, right?”

Phil nodded.

Luke said, “Supposing that s.h.i.+ELD did cut off its head before, we’ve only just found Garrett, this one ‘head’.”


As soon as Luke said that, Phil understood.

If Garrett, who had worked for s.h.i.+ELD for more than ten years, was Hydra, then there couldn’t be just one “head” in s.h.i.+ELD.

Without the ability to spread like a virus, would Hydra dare claim that two more heads would grow?

This proved that s.h.i.+ELD had a big problem — at least, much bigger than Nick Fury and Phil had expected.

‘The s.h.i.+ELD agents were divided into ten levels and roughly three groups.

‘The first group was comprised of level 1 to level 3 rookies and support staff

The second group consisted of level 4 to level 6 agents and core staff, which included fieldwork and logistics.

The third group was made up of level 7 special agents who had their own teams and were responsible for certain individual matters (such as managing a branch).

As for the remaining level 8 and level 9 agents, they were rare in s.h.i.+ELD, and could be counted on one hand. As for level 10, Phil only knew one person who had reached this level — Nick Fury.

In terms of jurisdiction, agents between level 1 and level 6 could only make inquiries within their work scope.

Level 7 agents and above could obtain most intelligence on cla.s.sified projects.

This also meant that about 50% of s.h.i.+ELD’s intelligence was open to Garrett.

Someone knowing half of the workings of a secret service organization was the same as putting your life in their hands.

Looking at Phil’s worried face, Luke didn’t feel anything, and even wanted to laugh.

‘What was a big problem for Phil was a big gift bag of points for Luke!

If he didn’t make clear now how serious the situation was, Nick Fury might still dream about taking Hydra down himself.

At least half of the total points from this “instance” was Luke’s!

He had saved Phil twice and dug up Garrett; he had to get the “reward” that was his due..

Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 1521 – Cursing Myself, and a Community Party

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Chapter 1521: Cursing Myself, and a Community Party

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Phil was amused. Hey, you’re going overboard!

But Luke suddenly coughed, as if the air had been knocked out of him by his loud yell earlier, and his entire body swayed.

Phil, however, understood that this was the signal to take action.

A person could easily draw attention with his movements.

“They have guns!” he cried out, and the empty bucket flew over and instantly hit the upper body of the second man in black in the rear, successfully blocking his line of sight.

Bang! The empty bucket hit the man’s raised arm, and there was a loud clang.

The first man raised his gun and pointed it at Luke without hesitation.


Luke roared, “F*ck you! Go to h.e.l.l, white man!”

He and Phil were now two African-American men.

Even before he yelled, he threw out the two bottles of water.

Bang! Bang!

The two men in black suits collapsed.

Compared with the empty bucket that Phil had thrown, Luke’s two bottles of water weighed at least half a kilogram each. He had thrown them from just two to three meters away.

Anyone would be knocked out after being hit in the head in this situation.

Phil stopped and looked at Luke helplessly.

Luke said, “We have to take him away. He saw our faces.”

Of course, that was just an excuse. The first man in black was their target.

Phil considerately played along. “No need. Let’s just run.”

Luke snorted and pushed aside the man’s clothes. “See that? It’s an earpiece! This guy is undercover and tailing us. Let’s go! It’s not safe here!”

In the New York branch, the supervisor and personnel in front of the surveillance screen were dumbfounded. “WTF?”

‘The supervisor immediately had the backup team go to the rescue, and then asked the staff, “Where did these two guys come from? Get me everything on them.”

The personnel had already gotten to work. In less than two minutes, they found matches to the suspects. “Sir, they belong to New York gangs. One of them is called.”

After listening for a while, the supervisor grew impatient. “Why are they in New Jersey?”

The staff member said, “Maybe because Batman thrashed them too badly? According to the intelligence, these two haven’t been in New York for months.”

‘The supervisor slapped his forehead. “Are you kidding me? Two hoodlums who were scared off by Batman took down two of our elite agents in two seconds?”7

The staff member didn’t say anything, but he couldn’t help but mumble to himself, Batman destroyed the Chitauri fleet and crippled thousands of hooligans. What’s so strange about the hooligans he scared off being a little stronger?

In the car, Phil sighed helplessly. “Can you not be so serious? Why did you have to curse them like that?”

Luke, who was in the driver’s seat, didn’t seem to care at all. “We’re on an operation. We’re black, so of course we have to curse the white fellows without hesitation.”


Phil: …Fine.

He was too lazy to complain. In any case, this was all part of the “snake-catching operation.”

This was only the third round. There were still 20 to 30 more targets, and Hydra would eventually become suspicious.

Big Dipper would do whatever he could to mislead the other party.

After the interrogation, however, Phil adjusted the number of targets.

This person could be considered a “minor leader” of Hydra, and in one breath, he gave up five accomplices.

Three of them were newbies whom he had recruited into s.h.i.+ELD in the last two years.

One of them was level 3, and the other was level 4. They were both clerks, and had access to more information than regular agents; it would be normal if 10 to 20 more people were involved.

After confirming the intelligence, Luke and Phil split up again and got to work.

It was easy to imagine that as they carried on with the “snake-catching operation,” Nick Fury would have them capture fewer and fewer people.

It wouldn’t be because there was no one to catch, but because there were too many of them.

s.h.i.+ELD wasn’t just for show, but Hydra wasn’t stupid either. It was impossible for them to wait until 10% of their force was removed.

In any case, there were more than 100,000 s.h.i.+ELD employees worldwide. There was no end to this.

This was just Nick Fury and Phil’s last struggle.

Ina few months at most, they would understand the reality that s.h.i.+ELD was finished.

Luke didn’t think that a petty person like Nick Fury would make it easy for Hydra.

The director wouldn’t be willing to beat it until he had taken down a bunch of Hydra members.

With all the thinking he did over how to screw the other party over, Luke felt that he needed to take a break.

The atmosphere in the neighborhood had been a little dismal recently, so he decided to hold a community party.

Although Christmas was over, as long as there was money, they could party anytime.

He let Mary and Barbara at the relief shelter know, and put them in charge of organizing it.

Both heavyset women were at a loss. “How?”

Luke said, “Like on TV. Isn’t it just getting together to eat, drink and have fun?”

‘The two women shook their heads with strange expressions. “We’ve never done anything like that in Clinton. So, we’re sorry. We can help you get things done, but as for organizing.”

They spread their hands.

Luke was lost for words. Behind him, Selina laughed and pointed at Luke as if to say, “You dumba.s.s.”

Luke scratched his head and thought for a moment. Red Matt? Forget it. How could a blind person direct other people?

Although this blind man could actually do it, he didn’t want other people to know that he could.

Foggy? The guy was so busy he couldn’t even pee in peace.

Uncle Ben from the renovation company was actually very suitable for this. He was meticulous and thoughtful, and was familiar with many people here.

But their manpower and business were expanding rapidly, and they had too many things to do.

‘The most important thing for the employees of the renovation company was to earn money.

Luke suddenly clapped his hands. “Got it.”

Selina asked, “Who?”

Luke said, “The wives of the general managers of the renovation company and the freight company.”

Selina gave him a thumbs up.

May was a full-time housewife and could indeed spare some time. Also, Uncle Ben was her husband, and n.o.body in Clinton dared to mess with her.

Doris was also a full-time housewife and was free.

Of course, Selina was actually saying, “Good job pa.s.sing the buck.”

Luke accepted the compliment calmly and called May and Doris.

Both May and Doris were quite surprised.

Although they didn’t live in Clinton, their husbands’ respective work was based here.

‘They were happy for different reasons, but they were very willing to help organize a party like this.

‘As the person who proposed it, Luke had the foundation set aside an amount of money for party expenses.

Food, drinks, beer, decorations, tableware and kitchenware were all taken care of.

Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 1517 – Kneeling In the Washroom

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Chapter 1517: Kneeling In the Washroom

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor:

Henyee Translations

Two days later, Luke and Phil set off again and entered Sokovia, Eastern Europe.

Standing in a room on the second floor of a bar, they immediately started moving when they saw four men in black suits get out of two cars.

Then, they reached… the washroom.

Luke said, “Why the washroom again? Can’t it be somewhere else? I don’t want the ‘snake-catching operation’ to turn into ‘the case of the washroom raids’.”

Phil wanted to scratch his head. “The targets were the ones who chose to do it there. There’s no way to change that.”

Luke sighed helplessly. “Let’s go in. There are only two targets this time. We can’t give them a chance to act.”

‘As they spoke, they entered the washroom.

‘There were bright lights and clean facilities in the snow-white bathroom. Everything was fine except for the broken gla.s.s on the floor.

Pleased, Luke nodded. “It’s clean. That’s great.”

‘The three men who were fighting fiercely looked at him at the same time.

‘Target 1 had the opponent by the neck, and Target 1’s partner, Target 2, was about to step forward and help deal with the opponent.

‘When they saw the two people who had come in, Targets 1 and 2 felt that something was off.

But before they could figure it out, Luke and Phil picked up their pace.

“You…” Target 2 turned around warily and adopted a defensive pose as Phil appeared in front of him.

‘Target 2 subconsciously swung his fist, and it hurt, as if it had hit something hard.

F*ck! Was this guy hiding a steel plate on his chest? The thought flashed through Target 2’s mind.

Phil had already grabbed his wrist and twisted it. Target 2 couldn’t help dropping to the floor in pain.

There was a faint crackle, and his entire body shuddered.

Phil turned off the taser function on his glove and threw the twitching Target 2 into a separate cubicle.

On the other side, Luke punched the opponent, who was in a chokehold, so that he was forced to double over.

‘Target 1, who had been using him as a s.h.i.+eld, was stunned. Then, like with his opponent, he was also punched in the stomach.

Luke then grabbed both their necks and tasered them.

Their eyes rolled back and both of them pa.s.sed out.

At that moment, Phil had already thrown Target 2 into a stall, and now did the same with Target 1.

Luke picked up the opponent and propped him up against a sink. He gestured at Phil.

Phil nodded and tossed over the jacket that he had just taken off Target 1. He also put on Target 2’s jacket.

He then took off his mask and and stuffed them into his pocket, and revealed a face identical to Target 2’s.

He had barely cursed, when he froze and turned to look to the side.

Phil lowered the tranquilizer gun in his hand.

Luke didn’t say anything and simply threw the man he was holding into a toilet stall.

Phil joined him and did the same with the other man.

‘The other two men in black suits were the suspects they needed to capture.

Like in the first operation, Phil used an optical camouflage on one man and carried him out.

Luke used an optical camouflage on the last man, and then tossed two wads of toilet paper soaked in cold water onto the heads of the unconscious Targets 1 and 2.

‘Then, he put the porcupine meat s.h.i.+eld into s.p.a.ce 2, and left with the last man.

Five minutes later, there was a noise from one of the stalls, and the door opened with a bang.

‘Targets 1 and 2 staggered out and looked at the empty washroom with question marks on their faces.

Target 1: “What happened?”

‘Target 2: “How would I know?”

He didn’t want to talk at all.

‘When he woke up just now, he realized that he had been holding Target 1 tightly, and their lips were pressed together.

The person who did this was really evil! He would rather be thrown to the floor than lie on top of Target 1.

Looking at the tissue soaked in cold water in his hand, Target 1 subconsciously used it to wipe his mouth. After a moment’s observation, he suddenly gestured for Target 2 to be careful.

The two of them stood in front of the neighboring stall. On a silent count of three, Target 1 kicked the stall door open.

Looking at the two men in suits who were lying on the ground, Targets 1 and 2 were stumped.

Turning the men up so that their faces were clear, Targets 1 and 2 looked at each other and shook their heads.

They had no impression of these two at all.

Thinking quickly, Target 1 decided, “Let’s go. We can’t stay here.”

‘They had come to catch an arms smuggler.

In the end, they were knocked out while trying to catch him. Now, the man was gone, and there were two unconscious men in suits in the stall.

‘There was something strange about this.

‘The two men in black suits were probably props to cop the blame.

Experience told them that the more deeply involved they got in this sort of strange affair, the faster they would die.

The best choice was to leave immediately and pretend that nothing had happened.

Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 1519 – Guilt and Blood Relation

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Chapter 1519: Guilt and Blood Relation

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Phil was a little befuddled. He tried to recall his general understanding of Chinese culture, and asked tentatively, “Are you saying that you believe in Buddha?”

Luke stared at him speechlessly for a moment before he sighed. “First of all, the Big Dipper is more important in Daoism. Secondly, Buddhism likes to say that if you put down the knife and repent, that is, as long as a bad person stops killing and turns to good, you are a good person.”

Of course, that was just a casual explanation. There were too many stories tied to the source of religion, and there were no concrete teachings.

However, it wasn’t like he was preaching to Phil, so he naturally didn’t have to be too particular.

Phil thought for a moment, and seemed to get it. “In other words, you don’t plan to give those bad guys a chance to change their ways.”

Luke shrugged. “If you kill a lot of innocent people, but then repent and become a so-called good person, did the innocent who died deserve it?”

He took a sip of his coffee. “That’s why I’m in charge of the kills. There’s no need for me to waffle over the bad guys. Bruce isn’t very good in this regard.”

Phil smiled politely and didn’t say anything about Big Dipper’s a.s.sessment of Batman.

Even if he disagreed, that wouldn’t prevent them from becoming friends.

It would also be foolish of him to agree.

Besides, Phil was more inclined to believe Batman.

After all, Big Dipper’s logic that bad guys deserved to die was too ruthless compared with Batman’s rule of never killing people.

“What about you? Are you going to stay in s.h.i.+ELD when it’s like this?” Luke suddenly asked.

Drinking his juice, Phil nodded casually. “I still have things to do. What else is there?”

Luke rubbed his neatly trimmed beard. “Find a wife, have three to five kids, make money the usual way and support your family. If you have nothing to do, play with your kids?”

Phil choked on his juice and coughed several times. He looked at Luke in surprise. “… Are you serious?”

Given Big Dipper’s personality, this sort of “no murder- involved” proposal was very out of character.

Luke stared at him keenly. “You should know that I’ve studied a bit of human psychology, right?”

Phil felt his hair stand on end. “You…”

Luke smiled and took a sip of his coffee.

Big Dipper’s smile was different from Luke’s or Batman’s. It was always a little mocking, and it was very easy for people to sense his condescending air.

This sense of superiority didn’t come from wealth or status, but from the fact that he saw through everything.

Looking at Phil’s wary expression, Luke finally asked a question he had long wanted to ask. “You feel some guilt toward your family, or some family members, right?”

Phil’s expression was conflicted as he leaned back and clenched his fists uneasily.

Luke said, “That’s why you’ve never thought of finding a wife and having kids; it’s because you’re afraid of something happening to them, right?”

Phil raised his hand. “Stop! We’re partners now, so take your d*mn psychoa.n.a.lysis away from me.”

Luke smiled. “It’s because we’re partners that it’s only right for us to get to know each other. Who knows, you might need me to take care of your family someday.”

Phil froze, a flash of interest in his eyes. In the end, however, he still rejected the idea.

They were doing well without him.

The kid, in particular, had already become a big boss, and the family was protected by a private security firm. Few people could touch his family.

Luke glanced at him and took another sip of his coffee. “Don’t tell me it’s that kind of movie script about regret at implicating your family?”

Phil nodded with a bitter smile, then shook his head. “Yes and no.”

Luke put the cup down and leaned forward with great interest. “What is it

Phil hesitated for a moment before he said, “One of my elders’ kids heard me talk about the work I did when I was young, and later joined the U.S. government. Then, he ran into a brainless idiot who attacked and killed him, just like that.”

Luke narrowed his eyes. “And then?”

Phil let out a long breath. “I found an opportunity to capture that idiot and turn him into Swiss cheese before I transferred to s.h.i.+ELD.”

Luke looked away. “Does your elder know about that?”

Phil smiled bitterly. “In the end, I was the one who made him curious enough to join this line of work. I do regret it.”

Luke nodded. “Got it. You didn’t tell them, so they thought that you were related to his death somehow.”

Phil shook his head sadly. “They don’t blame me. But he’s dead. What’s the point of saying anything? Can it bring him back to life?”

Luke was deep in thought. “If you don’t explain, they’ll be unhappy with you and will naturally keep their distance, so they won’t be in any danger. Is that what you’re doing?”

Alarmed, Phil raised his hands in surrender. “I’ll say it again, don’t use your d*mn psychoa.n.a.lysis on me, okay?”

Luke snorted. “That’s just normal logic. What does it have to do with psychology? You work overtime every day and you don’t have a girlfriend. You’re also not in contact with your family. Isn’t it reasonable for me to guess that you don’t get along?”

Phil raised his hands again. “Fine, but please stop asking about my personal matters.”

Luke said, “Whatever.”

Phil rolled his eyes. “In exchange, why don’t you talk about yourself?”

Luke chuckled. “I have a happy household and my girlfriends are all beautiful. I can call up lady friends whenever I want. What else is there to say?”

Phil: …F*ck!

He suddenly realized that Big Dipper was curious about other people’s problems precisely because he didn’t have any.

So, was Phil a research subject? He shook his head in frustration. “I’m going to continue training. Make sure your plan for the operation is a good one.”

Amused, Luke looked at Phil, who quickly headed toward the training ground, and didn’t provoke him anymore.

Phil’s words and emotions were enough to confirm certain things.

He had tried before, intentionally or otherwise, to verify Phil’s words.

So, it hadn’t been because of Phil’s work that his birth parents died early on.

The guilt which Phil felt was because he valued family.

In Luke’s opinion, what his father had wanted to do had nothing to do with Phil.

For example, was it Robert’s fault that Luke chose to become a detective?

‘The dangers he faced were just a “side effect” of the system, and had nothing to do with Robert.

For example, Claire might be in danger if she became a detective, but it was the same even if she became a celebrity.

If she ran into danger in the future, could Luke be blamed for not stopping her in the first place?

n.o.body was G.o.d. They couldn’t control everything, nor could they be fully responsible for other people’s lives.

Despite how principled Phil was, he had taken advantage of his position to avenge Luke’s father. What else was there to say?

That was right, Phil was related to Luke’s father.

Luke had known this for a long time..

Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 1523 – My Party, My Relief Shelter

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Chapter 1523: My Party, My Relief Shelter

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

They looked at the claw machine, where Selina and Misty were watching three kids.

They were little Peter, Liz, and… George’s daughter, Gwen.


Selina was keeping an eye on Peter and Liz since their guardians were too busy.

Misty was helping George look after Gwen.

Liz was five, and the other two were four, but Peter was still the youngest.

For some reason, the three kids had gathered together and were shouting in front of the claw machine.

Just as George and Luke looked over, Peter won a pink bear, and gave it to Gwen.

Then, Gwen happily… kissed him on the cheek.

Liz on the side was calm because she was already holding a colorful horse, which Peter had won earlier.

Little Peter, you have a bright future! Luke murmured to himself as he glanced at George.

Last time, it had been Liz who ‘took advantage” of Peter, and her mother had made a fuss.

In the end, George just smiled and said, “Gwen likes that ‘Pink Bear.”

Luke nodded in understanding. “The one who beat up aliens? Then, will she follow in your footsteps in the future?”

George frowned. ‘It’ll be best if she doesn’t. I would prefer she be a doctor… Forget it. A scientist, an artist, anything else is fine – not a cop or a doctor.”


Luke simply nodded and didn’t continue the topic.

The police in New York was nowa high-risk profession, and doctors saw a lot of tragedies every day. Perhaps that was why George didn’t want his daughter to take up these two professions.

Right at that moment, Luke suddenly turned around.

His gaze suddenly fell on the old building dozens of meters away.

George followed his gaze.


With a loud bang, dazzling flames blew out seven to eight windows on the first floor of the relief shelter.

Luke’s face darkened. My community party! My building!

Cursing inwardly, he gestured at Selina and ran to the relief shelter.

Selina reacted quickly and said to Misty, ‘Watch Peter and the others.”

Misty had barely taken a step, when she stopped helplessly.

Two of the three kids belonged to the party organizers, and one was the daughter of her old boss. How could she dare leave in such a chaotic situation?

Luke charged forward and didn’t forget to yell, “Protect the kids and the elderly. Everybody, retreat to the river.”

‘The party was held on a road between the building and the river. There was also a green belt and a footpath some ten meters away, which people could take shelter at.

The most dangerous thing right now was if a stampede happened.

Selina was very familiar with the people here. She quickly rounded up a dozen middle-aged women and some boys to maintain order.

These people were either from the shelter or the renovation company, and knew how to follow orders.

Thus, the evacuation was swiftly carried out.

Apart from the shock, there were no casualties.

For fear of overcrowding, the party’s entertainment and games had been deliberately set up away from the relief shelter; otherwise, at least a dozen or so people would’ve been killed earlier.

With Selina controlling the situation outside, Luke didn’t waste any time and rushed into the shelter.

When George saw that, he exclaimed, “Wait.”

‘There was a faint glow inside the building, which was clearly on fire. Charging in was too dangerous!

Selina, however, called out, “Director Stacy, call for help.”

George came back to his senses. This was his jurisdiction.

He immediately picked up the walkie-talkie and contacted the police department and the fire brigade.

If the relief station burned, dozens of people inside might die. That couldn’t be allowed to happen.

Inside, Luke didn’t hesitate to go straight to a room in a corner on the first floor.

There was only a bit of smoke here, and not much fire.

As he advanced, Luke pointed out the exit for the people running in a panic.

He reached the location where the eruption had been the most intense. Everything here was charred black, but strangely, there were no flames; it was more like a fire that had already burnt out.

Luke walked to the door and shouted, “NYPD! Freeze!”

Three people subconsciously turned their heads.

Luke asked coldly, “Skye, Emma, what happened?”

The two young women standing in front of two boys were Emma, the boys’ mother, and Skye.

Skye, who had been a little frightened, was instantly glad when she heard Luke’s voice.

A few meters in front of them stood a middle-aged man in a brown leather coat and a pair of big

Just as Luke’s question drew their attention, he suddenly appeared next to Emma and reached for her and her eldest son.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

‘The Glock in Luke’s hand fired.

The man in the leather coat grunted in shock.

He was. .h.i.t in the shoulder and leg, but dodged the shots to his chest and abdomen.

‘The next moment, the man in the leather coat disappeared again and appeared behind Luke almost at the same time.

Luke reacted even faster and kicked backward.


The man’s face turned blue.

At the last moment, he s.h.i.+fted his leg slightly so that he was just shy of being kicked in the groin, but his thigh exploded with immense pain.

After two consecutive injuries, he didn’t dare take any more risks. He activated his ability and instantly disappeared.


Only Luke, Skye and Emma were left in the room.

The eldest son, who was only three years old, looked at everything in bewilderment.

‘The younger son was only six months old and was giggling on the bed. He waved his chubby hands at his brother non-stop, as if to say, “Come and play, brother.”

That was right, Luke knew them.

‘The last time he came to see Skye, she had been helping Emma clean up after her son.

Skye’s mouth moved. ‘Luke, just now.”

Luke waved his hand. “Remember, I just fended off a suspected terrorist and saved civilians who were under threat. Now, come with me.”

As he spoke, he picked up the baby on the bed and placed him in Skye’s arms. He walked to the door and gestured for the two women to move.

Stunned for a moment, the women finally came back to their senses. Skye grabbed a hesitant Emma, and the latter could only pull her eldest son along.

At the door, Luke whispered something to Skye as he pa.s.sed her.

Skye nodded and dragged Emma to Luke’s building.

Luke frowned and quickly cleaned up the scene…

Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 1522 – Director George’s Worries

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Chapter 1522: Director George’s Worries

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

It wasn’t that Luke had money to burn, but that the atmosphere at the relief shelter wasn’t great.

The atmosphere was dampened by the large number of depressed community residents who had lost houses or even their loved ones.

By holding this party and organizing a charity lottery, he could promote an improvement in the situation, and should be able to help some people.

He might not gain much out of it, but all he had to do was fork out money anyway.

Nevertheless, Luke would only help those who helped themselves.

Once there were fewer people at the shelter, he would cut down on handouts.


Anyone who thought they could just eat and sleep without doing anything could dream on.

He was helping people, not raising pigs.

May and Doris were very efficient.

‘They arrived that day and discussed the main proceedings with Luke.

The next day, the city council approved their application, and preparations went ahead for the party.

Everything was ready by the third day, and the party was officially held that night.

Luke also invited Misty, George Stacy, and officers from the 15th Precinct who were free to take part in this “mix and mingle” between cops and civilians.

As long as a dozen police officers showed up, there would be people to maintain order.

Director George was also very interesting.

Including him, there were ten people from the 15th Precinct, who were all patrol officers who drove over.

Luke was very considerate. He had the shelter workers send people to inquire with the patrol officers and deliver the hot drinks and food they needed, but not beer.

The patrol officers were even more tactful.

‘They were scattered along the road next to the river where the party was held, at intervals of 100 meters, so that they were able to monitor the half-kilometer stretch occupied by the party.

If it were two years ago, the residents of Clinton would never have a party like this under the eyes of the patrol officers, because too many hot-blooded guys with criminal records lived here.

Now, these criminals had basically been kicked out by Batman, Black Cat and Daredevil, and whoever was left were basically Clinton residents born and bred.

Most of them worked for or helped out in the renovation company or relief shelter.

Luke told Charlie and the others to let everyone know that the patrol officers were the “security” hired by the foundation bigshot.

So, n.o.body paid much attention to the patrol officers.

‘When night fell, it was cold by the river, but the street was lively.

There were all sorts of hot food on stoves, the steam luring people in, and there was even a live community rap performance.

Those who sang well had an audience, and those who didn’t… hm, they had even more of an audience, which jeered at them.

Because of the trauma from the Battle of New York, there had been no festive air in Clinton, but it was present now.

Of course, this was all thanks to Luke.

All the food, drinks, and games were free. Even the two claw machines that had been brought over were free to play. However, everyone had to line up, and were limited to three times per person.

‘There were also pinball machines and punch machines.

The party venue was decked with ribbons, and it looked like a small carnival.

Looking at everything, Director George said to Luke with a smile, “This is a good idea. Without the buffer of holiday cheer, people can feel that life is hopeless.”

Luke nodded with a smile. “You’ve been under a lot of stress recently, haven’t you?”

George, however, smiled helplessly. “No; law and order in our 15th Precinct is currently one of the best in New York — we’re only slightly worse than the richer districts.”

Luke didn’t say anything.

It was rare for George to talk to someone about this. He lowered his voice slightly and said, “Although this will make the 15th Precinct sound useless, I still have to thank Batman and his friends; it’s because of them that the situation in Clinton can still be this stable after the battle.”

Luke was amused. “Why do I feel like you seem quite begrudging, Director George?”

“T respect Batman and the others. However, he’s not getting paid for it. We’re the ones getting paid, but we’re too useless.” Suddenly, the beer in George’s hand seemed tasteless.

Luke pondered for a moment. “Actually, isn’t it fine to let the superheroes do the work?”

George: …

Looking at his face, Luke shrugged. “Are we supposed to deal with monsters or alien armies? We don’t get paid to be army soldiers.”

George smiled bitterly and felt helpless.

‘There was always a gap between reality and dreams.

Batman and the others had stolen a lot of NYPD’s work, but it wasn’t NYPD’s job to save the world.

Could the superheroes be blamed for being busybodies? The world wouldn’t have been saved otherwise!

After a brief silence, George changed the topic. “I heard that you have some connections at HQ.”

Luke said, “Sort of. How do you want me to help?”

George was a little embarra.s.sed, but still said, “You know a bit of what the 15th Precinct is like, right?”

Luke nodded.

George said, “I’ve gone over and started tidying things up, but some of the support I was promised by the higher-ups are on hold.”

Luke asked, “What support?”

George said, “Field gear, new firearms, bulletproof vests, riot control s.h.i.+elds and so on. Although law and order in Clinton isn’t bad, we’ve had to back up other precincts recently. After a few times, many people are feeling a little… reluctant.”

Luke understood.

‘The 15th Precinct and Kingpin had been rotten from top to bottom.

‘When George took over, he had been doing a great job cleaning up. In the end, however, NYPD went through two waves of resignations, and the cleanup had to stop.

‘The cleanup wasn’t done, and the higher-ups naturally wouldn’t give him the benefits so easily.

Also, after the Battle of New York, the higher-ups were too busy to bother with the director of a small precinct with a shaky foundation, while the people below the director didn’t want to drive shabby cars and go out on a.s.signments with old equipment.

Luke rolled his eyes and suddenly pointed at the party. “See that, George?”

George looked in the direction he was pointing and was puzzled. “What’s wrong?”

His hand was already on the walkie-talkie at his waist. He had the power as the director to call for backup at the drop of a hat.

Luke wagged his finger. “No. What I’m saying is that there’s a far more charitable foundation here; it’s paying for this community party.”

George immediately got it. “You’re saying I should ask the foundation for a donation?”

He caught on quickly! Luke nodded. “As long as you’re willing to have your men pay a little more attention to law and order here; it’ll also be a way to protect charity works here.”

George nodded thoughtfully.

Luke said, “If you like the idea, go look for Foggy and Matt at Nelson and Murdock. They’re familiar with the foundation. You can discuss it with them first.”

George exhaled and stretched out his hand. “Thank you, Luke.”

Luke shook hands with him and chuckled. “But let me be clear first: You can’t take Misty back, unless you’re giving her a promotion.”

George also smiled. “She’s been doing very well recently. I think she can keep that up.”

Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 1520 – I Won’t Go Into the Washroom Even If You Beat Me to Death

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Chapter 1520: I Won’t Go Into the Washroom Even If You Beat Me to Death

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

‘When Luke had had his suspicions long ago, he got his hands on Phil’s DNA and did a test.

He compared the results with his, Catherine, and Drax’s DNA.

At the same time, Grandpa Drax, Kevin Coulson – Luke’s father – and Phil… all had very high hairlines.

That was also why Luke started to pay more attention to his hairline after suspecting that he and Phil were related.

From his forthright grandfather, he leamed that Phil’s father was probably his grandfather’s younger brother.

In other words, Phil and Luke’s father, Kevin, were cousins.

However, Drax never brought up his brother, much less his nephew, Phil.

On public record, Grandpa Drax‘s brother died fifteen years ago, right after the deaths of Luke’s parents.

And according to the information on Luke’s granduncle, he didn’t have any children.

The implication was clear — Phil had joined s.h.i.+ELD at that time.

The information had been modified to protect his family.

Starting with Grandpa Drax, their family was no longer related to Phil on paper.

But Grandpa wasn’t cautious in front of Luke, and would occasionally let something slip.

Luke’s granduncle was still alive, and would visit his grandpa once every year or two, but n.o.body knew that they were biological brothers.


It was for this reason that Luke had an unusual att.i.tude toward Phil.

This was his uncle! Hm, he was alive.

After all, in theory, Luke’s granduncle was already “dead,” and his uncle didn’t exist.

Also, Phil’s protection of Luke didn’t stop there.

Phil’s full name was Phillip J. Coulson in s.h.i.+ELD’s files, but veterans like Garrett knew that Phil’s real name before he joined the force was… Phillip Colin.

The principle was very simple. John Garrett’s real name was also a secret, but he was just called John Garrett in s.h.i.+ELD.

Only an idiot would use a special agent’s commonly used name to investigate their real ident.i.ty, since it was all fake.

And there were even more layers to Phil’s fake ident.i.ty.

Nick Fury was the only person in s.h.i.+ELD who knew Phil’s exact background and ident.i.ty.

From this point of view, Luke’s family was safe.

After testing Phil, Luke finally solved a riddle that had always bothered him.

He really didn’t want it to be some sort of melodrama between Phil and his family, like Phil killing his parents.

Now that he had a rough idea of his parents’ deaths, and the person responsible had already been killed by Phil, what else was there to think about?

In his memories from before he turned five, his parents had indeed loved Luke very much.

Their deaths had been a huge blow to Drax and Catherine.

If there was an opportunity, he still had to investigate if any of the person’s relatives or friends were criminals, and make sure that they were reunited.

Reuniting a family reunion was a professional virtue.

A day later, on a street in New Jersey, Luke and Phil were smoking cigarettes.

Luke blew out a ring of smoke and mumbled, “G.o.d, I don’t want to fight in the toilets anymore. Learn from the cartel. When they have nothing to do, they go out into the wilds to fight, like in a Western!”

Phil rolled his eyes and took a puff.

He could smoke, but basically didn’t.

‘As an agent, the smell of smoke, alcohol, and perfume could easily give him away.

However, they had to put on an act now for this operation. They were two vagabonds shooting the breeze on the streets in the afternoon — otherwise known as tramps.

‘Tramps were a very complicated group. They clearly didn’t have money but still had to have a bit of “dignity.”

Their hair could be greasy but not smelly. Their clothes could be very old but not dirty.

If they wanted money, they couldn’t beg. They could only silently hold a “G.o.d Bless You” sign or play some lousy instrument.

Luke and Phil also had instruments — their own mouths, two bottles of water, and an empty bucket.

His eyes obscured by smoke, Phil asked, “Why aren’t we doing the same as before? We might not have to go inside this time.”

Luke said, “In any case, they’ll get suspicious sooner or later; it’s fine so long as they don’t think that it’s the same group of people. Don’t tell me you’ve never run into someone who insists on making trouble when you’re working?”

Phil had nothing to say.

There were a lot of nutcases in the world. Some could even start a fight just because someone looked at them.

Luke suddenly made a noise and touched his earpiece under his hood. “Let’s go. They’re almost here.”

Phil made a sound of acknowledgment and was about to go.

Luke said, “Hey, hey, hey! Take the bucket. Do you want to draw suspicion?”

Phil cursed and grabbed the empty bucket.

Luke also picked up the two bottles of water at his feet, and they tured into an alley.

A stool? As if. Why would a tramp need a stool? They just sat on the steps or the ground.

A few minutes later, Phil looked at what Luke was holding and was lost for words. “Are you serious?”

Luke shook the plastic bag in his hand indifferently. “It’s just weed. It’s a temporary prop. They won’t get suspicious so easily this way.”

Phil smiled bitterly. “Do you think it’s reasonable for two tramps to knock them out?”

Pondering for a few seconds, Luke said, “Maybe it’s the weed that’ll give us strength? It’s not like there aren’t any people who can’t kill patrol officers even after being tasered twice.”

Phil was unable to reply.

Some people indeed acted abnormally when they got high. If a superhuman got high… that would make sense. He could only comfort himself.

At that moment, two men in black suits walked into the alley and headed straight for the back door of an apartment building.

Seeing the two tramps standing next to a pile of cardboard shelters, they just frowned and didn’t think too much of it.

There were homeless people everywhere in America.

They were on every comer, and alleys were popular places for them to set up shelter.

The men adjusted their route slightly to avoid Luke and Phil as they headed for the back door.

They kept an eye on Luke and Phil out of habit.

Luke and Phil were whispering to each other again, and it wasn’t until they were several meters away that the men in black finally saw Luke holding a bag of weed and Phil holding a roll of cash.

The two men in black continued forward expressionlessly.

As if he had suddenly noticed them, Luke suddenly put the weed into his pocket. “What are you looking at?”

The men in black were lost for words. Lunatics, get lost if you’re scared. Why are you yelling if you’re not scared?!

Growing impatient, they approached Luke and Phil.

Luke’s face suddenly twisted. “Are you cops? I can smell it on you.”

The men in black suits were lost for words.. Are you a dog?

Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 1516 – Fight In a Classic Transaction Venue

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Chapter 1516: Fight In a Cla.s.sic Transaction Venue

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor:Henyee Translations

For the next three days, they waited in the abandoned factory.

Phil spent most of the time trying to familiarize himself with the newly-acquired Kunlun Chi Refining Technique and the stealth suit.

Luke a.n.a.lyzed intelligence.

Some was what he had gathered himself, and some was from Nick Fury.

Ina week at most, Luke and Phil would act to secretly capture some members of s.h.i.+ELD.

If there was no problem with the other party, Nick Fury would arrange for them to have a “narrow” escape via a rescue operation and to return to s.h.i.+ELD safely.

If the other party was Hydra, the only outcome for them was to disappear.

With Phil as Luke’s partner, the division of labor in this “snake-catching operation” was very clear.

Nick Fury gave them a target and information on their whereabouts.

Big Dipper would be the main fighting force.

Phil would provide support and take care of any unexpected situations during the operation.

During the interrogation, Big Dipper would only ask about Hydra members, while Phil would ask about s.h.i.+ELD itself.

Luke was indeed interested in s.h.i.+ELD, but there was no need to test his luck with Nick Fury right now.

Hmph, did the director really think that the thought amplifier had to be a “helmet” that had to be worn on the head?

Ahelmet was just the most portable and convenient way.

Setting up a device to gather the other person’s thoughts from 100 or 200 meters away would have the same effect.

When Phil actively asked questions, he never got as much as Luke. After all, Phil didn’t have Mental Communication!

Superpowers were meaningless if you didn’t use them as cheats.

Nick Fury was very efficient once he made up his mind.

Soon, the first target was selected. It was a special agent who appeared to have an ordinary relations.h.i.+p with Garrett. During the investigation, it was revealed that the two of them had secretly been in contact before.

While that wasn’t enough proof, Nick Fury wouldn’t talk about proof right now.

There was no point talking to Hydra about proof.

Luke and Phil were hiding in a toilet stall in a dingy hotel in Congo. Thanks to their suits, they were able to turn invisible and block out scents. The wait wasn’t hard.

Phil was lost for words.

Was advanced technology and money that great?

Back when he first started out, he had even jumped into a sh*t pit before.

Someone had been chasing him back then, however, and it couldn’t compare with the current situation.

Luke sent a message. “Why are bad guys and secret agents so fond of meeting in the washroom?”

Phil was stumped; he hadn’t expected Big Dipper to suddenly ask such an inane question.

But he didn’t need to think to come up with a convincing answer. “Because anybody would feel insecure when they take off their pants; even running away would be hard.”

Luke imagined himself running out of the washroom and onto the street without pants on. He had to admit that the answer was spot-on.

After the invention of underwear, a person would feel insecure when they lost this layer of protection, which would inevitably affect their movements.

This sort of discomfort in battle was fatal.

Luke said, “The person who set up this meeting won’t take off his pants, right?”

Phil said, “If anormal person comes in, however, they’ll definitely have to take off their pants. Otherwise, it’ll look strange.”

Luke said, “Fine, I should be glad that we snuck in.”

Phil: “They’re here.”

Two minutes later, two groups of people entered the washroom one after another. Two other individuals guarded the door.

They didn’t use the toilets. Instead, they checked all the stalls before they stood in front of the sinks again and put their briefcases down.

The African-American leader on one side opened his briefcase first and pushed it to the other leader, who was a middle-aged white man.

The white man picked up the items in the briefcase and examined them carefully with a magnifying gla.s.s and a few tools.

Amoment later, he nodded in satisfaction. “The goods are fine.”

As he spoke, he gave his own briefcase to the leader.

The black man eagerly opened the briefcase and quickly examined the money inside.

Although they had dealt with each other before, there was no absolute trust in this business, since people with integrity wouldn’t be doing this thing in the first place.

At that moment, the door suddenly opened.

Four men in combat uniforms charged in and fired.

Five to six people in the bathroom instantly collapsed.

Then, the fight started, and deafening gunshots rang out in the washroom.

The new group had fewer people, but they had come prepared, and had the upper hand.

The first two parties had more people, but after a prolonged exchange, they were putting up a desperate struggle.

In this fierce fight, none of the three parties noticed several faint thuds.

Two of the four men in black combat uniforms dropped, and so did two men on the other side.

The fight continued.

Men dropped one after another. By the time the middle-aged man came back to himself, he was the only one left standing in the washroom, staring at a man in black combat uniform.

Both parties pulled the trigger without hesitation.

At the same time, there were two more thuds.

Both of them dropped.

The only difference was that the middle-aged man’s chest exploded, while the man in black combat uniform only swayed twice before he collapsed in shock.

Before he lost consciousness, the man only had one thought: How is this possible?

They had a foolproof plan. They were wearing bulletproof vests and helmets. Logically speaking, it was impossible for all of them to be defeated.

But the truth was that all three parties in the bathroom had collapsed, and more than ten people were lying on the floor.

The lights in the washroom suddenly went out, and Luke and Phil walked out of the stall.

Phil put an optical camouflage on the last person to collapse before he carried him out the back door.

Luke, on the other hand, stored the middle-aged man’s body and the two briefcases in his inventory before he left as well.

Two minutes later, the three men in black combat uniforms suddenly woke up and staggered to their feet.

Sensing the dead silence, they turned on their tactical flashlights.

Looking at the bodies all over the floor, their expressions turned ugly.

After a quick check, they discovered that their captain and the middle-aged man were missing, and their expressions turned even uglier.

‘What they were feeling at the moment was probably like lions being overwhelmed by a pack of wolves and the latter taking off with the lion king.

One of the three quickly made a call, while the other two chased away the frightened staff who were peeping into the washroom from outside.

They had killed a bunch of people in a hotel overseas and had lost their captain. They were in trouble this time.

Phil quickly reached an old bungalow a kilometer away. He entered the bas.e.m.e.nt from the storeroom.

Luke followed and cleaned up all traces behind them.

This matter might draw the attention of Hydra members; they couldn’t be allowed to sense anything strange on the first operation.

Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 1518 – Investment and Motive

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Chapter 1518: Investment and Motive

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Luke and Phil left via a window and returned to their car. They immediately took off the trackers on the two men in black suits and threw them into the gra.s.s next to the road.

The car started up and drove away into the night.

In s.h.i.+ELD’s Eastern European branch, the surveillance staff was already explaining the situation. “The two targets took down four agents, and took Carson and Litt. Tommy and Fisher were left in the washroom on the second floor of the bar.

“The targets returned and checked on Tommy and Fisher before they left again.”

The supervisor frowned. “How long until support arrives?”

“It’ll take at least ten minutes for them to arrive,” another staff member replied.

The supervisor nodded and murmured, “What’s going on? Are the targets too strong, or was there an ambush?”

Of course, he could never expect that there were actually two of Targets 1 and 2.

This time, Luke and Phil didn’t act again after the power went out. Instead, they used the Thousand Faces System to make masks of the targets’ faces beforehand, and used their ident.i.ties.

This was to make s.h.i.+ELD think that they had misjudged the targets’ strength, and that the two missing men had been killed.

Making someone “disappear” was an artform, and had to be done well.

Just now, the two of them had deliberately let their faces be caught by the surveillance equipment on the four s.h.i.+ELD agents so that s.h.i.+ELD didn’t mistake who they were.

After this incident, it wouldn’t be easy for s.h.i.+ELD to catch these two agents of a certain national government.

Even if the other party confessed what really happened, s.h.i.+ELD wouldn’t believe it, and would more likely suspect that it was just an excuse.

At this rate, it wouldn’t be hard for things to drag out for a few weeks or even a month or two.

Aweek later, Luke met Phil again in New York.

After Sokovia, they returned to New York.

It would be a while before the third operation.

There was no helping it.

The suspects wouldn’t always act the way Nick Fury hoped.

Nick Fury had to arrange everything flawlessly so that Hydra wouldn’t notice anything wrong.

The three men captured from the last two operations had all been Hydra members.

They had provided the names of eight Hydra members inside s.h.i.+ELD. Apart from Garrett, the big boss, the person with the highest position was only a level 4.

He met Luke in New Jersey and gave him the intelligence on the operation, before Luke rushed him to train.

s.h.i.+ELD was a big s.h.i.+p that was destined to sink, and Phil certainly wouldn’t jump s.h.i.+p early.

If he didn’t destroy Hydra, he would be turning his back on the years he spent in s.h.i.+ELD.

Thus, Luke had to do his best to increase Phil’s ability to survive so that he wouldn’t be buried along with s.h.i.+ELD.

As long as nothing happened to Phil, he would be Luke’s best “hand.”

For example, putting people in place to take down Hydra with one call would become a completely normal thing.

‘When Luke took down gang members, he had to worry about the safety of the local community.

Taking out 10,000 Hydra heads could only make this world a safer place.

In this regard, Hydra, the Hand, the Fraternity, and the High Table were all similar targets in that it was very safe to take them down without any adverse consequences.

If he invested more in Phil now, the rewards would be even greater in the future.

After an hour of training, Phil was panting and sweating as he circled Luke.

Luke stopped what he was doing and stretched. “Ask away.”

Phil smiled. “Why do you hate Hydra so much?”

Luke got up and poured himself a cup of coffee. He grabbed a bottle of juice and tossed it to Phil. “I don’t hate them.”

Phil caught the bottle, took a sip of the juice, and said in confusion, “But you…”

He gestured at the computer and the warehouse that they were in, clearly confused by what Luke was doing.

Big Dipper definitely wasn’t some government agent. He was too ruthless; he killed more bad guys in one operation than Phil had in his entire life.

But calling him a murderer didn’t seem right.

A murderer didn’t care if their target was good or bad. As long as their own conditions were met, they wouldn’t be able to control themself.

Luke, on the other hand, was clearly only interested in criminals.

Except for the fact that he had killed too many people, he was no different from Batman.

Pondering for a moment, Luke asked, “Do you know anything about Chinese culture?”

Phil was stumped. “A bit.”

Luke said, “My actions are a way to punish evil. In Chinese culture, this is also a way to do good. So, I’m just saving people..”