Supreme Emperor of Swords Chapter 944 – The Appearance of the Immortal Artifact

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Chapter 944 The Appearance of the Immortal Artifact

“This change must have affected more than me.” Ding Hao was guessing. He could clearly feel that the suppressive power from the rift in the void was suppressing the entire Stone Mouth City indiscriminately.

He called over a few people who practiced physical cultivation to inquire about it.

Their answer was exactly as Ding Hao had guessed.

The people who practiced physical cultivation in the Ocean Forest focused on the cultivation of physical strength. Most of them had not reached the Primordial Realm in terms of Qi cultivation. But under the influence of such strange suppressive power, almost all the Qi of the people who practiced physical cultivation was totally suppressed. The weak Qi power in their bodies completely disappeared. They were unable to exert the slightest strength.

Ding Hao thought for a moment and then issued an order. Only Shan Xiong and his men would go on staying in the vicinity of the residence of the Nalan family. The other people who practiced physical cultivation in the Celestial Master guard camp should immediately gather at the Red Stone Manor and get ready to take action.

Ding Hao had a hunch that there would be a big event.

He turned into a stream of flowing light and left the Red Stone Manor. He needed to figure out as soon as possible whether the other forces in the city were suppressed or not.

When he was on the street, the entire Stone Mouth City was in a state of chaos.

Ding Hao saw many masters of the Human Clan showing panic on their faces. Obviously, they were very shocked by the changes in their bodies.

After releasing his Divine Senses, Ding Hao could clearly feel that many people’s Qi power had been suppressed. The Qi of some masters in the Martial Sage Realm had been suppressed to about the Martial King Realm, while the combat strength of those below the Martial Sage Realm had been directly reduced to below the Primordial Grandmaster Realm. The latter had even lost the ability to fly in the void.

Looking up at the sky, Ding Hao found that the huge scar-like rift in the void showed no sign of shrinking even under the restoring power of the rules. The one-thousand-foot-wide rift had divided the blue sky into two parts. It was pitch dark inside the rift and there were faint stars shining. A whistling terrible astral wind was blowing out from the rift. It seemed as if some terrible evil beast were about to jump out of the rift to destroy the world.

As time went by, black threads of light as thin as hair slithered out of the rift. Like patterns, they formed an imperceptible grid and began to spread in all directions of the sky.

It seemed as if an incredible being had set up an invincible inscription tactical deployment to seal off the entire Stone Mouth City.

As the black patterns spread, the suppressive power between heaven and earth became more and more terrifying.

“Did someone do this on purpose, or was there a sudden change between heaven and earth?” Ding Hao was more and more shocked.

He found that his Qi power had not been suppressed too much. It was still at the initial stage of the Sage Realm, and there was no sign of decline. It had stabilized, but some of the surrounding masters in the Sage Realm above him had almost fallen to the Martial King Realm.

“Why wasn’t I affected that much?

“Is it because of my const.i.tution of the Saintly Being of Saber and Sword?” Ding Hao was guessing.

On the surface, this kind of strange suppression was obviously good for him. In the environment where other people’s realms were wildly suppressed, the physical strength and combat capability could be exerted to the extreme. The combat capabilities of the 1,000 people who practiced physical cultivation in the Celestial Master guard camp were all in the Sage Realm. In such an environment, they could almost defeat all in the local area.

But now the situation was weird. No one knew what would happen next. So they had to be prepared.

Moreover, Ding Hao was not clear whether the strange suppressive power could even suppress the power of the Feather Clan in the west, the Sea Clan in the south, and the Beast Clan in the north. If only the Qi power of the Human Clan was suppressed, it would definitely be a disaster for the Human Clan in the Stone Mouth City.

Just as Ding Hao was about to explore the area occupied by the alien clans, an incredible change happened again—

There were suddenly violent vibrations in the Saint-alighting Mountain Range in the center of the Stone Mouth City. Then, from a distance, it could be seen that the towering mountains suddenly collapsed, as if they had been overturned from the bottom by some force. The sound of violent vibrations was heard, and there were cl.u.s.ters of strange light in the rising smoke and dust. A kind of extremely strange power burst out.

Indescribable auspicious light burst out. In the sky, there were faint sounds of living creatures singing and G.o.ds whispering. Towering shadows appeared in the sky above the Saint-alighting Mountain Range, which were the deceased ancient G.o.ds. Fragrant flowers were falling from the sky like raindrops onto the Saint-alighting Mountain Range, and indescribable strange fragrance pervaded the air. One could vaguely see some Flying Fairies dancing beautifully…

Endless gorgeous purple Immortal Qi burst out from the Saint-alighting Mountain Range like a gushing spring, radiating in all directions like whistling waves.

At this moment, everyone felt as if an invisible wave were crashing into their bodies over and over again.

“My G.o.d, that is…”

“It’s the omen of the Immortal Spirit… The Immortal Artifact has appeared!”

“This moment has finally come. The Immortal Artifact has appeared in the Saint-alighting Mountain Range. Let’s go there quickly! We must be faster than others!”

“It is an unprecedented opportunity. Even if I have to die, I will try to seize it. I can’t give it up. If the immortal fate can befall me, I will dominate countless epochs of martial arts!”

“No matter what, let’s go all out!”

At this moment, countless people went crazy and were uncontrollably zealous.

With reddened eyes, they desperately ran in the direction of the Saint-alighting Mountain Range regardless of their own lives. Even those masters who had fallen below the Primordial Realm were running as fast as they could, unwilling to be left behind at all.

Streaks of horrible power shot up to the sky from every corner of the Stone Mouth City. Like comets streaking across the sky, they zoomed toward the Saint-alighting Mountain Range.

At this moment, the forces and masters that had been hiding for more than half a year could no longer restrain themselves and showed up one after another. G.o.d Realm Masters were like enormous cl.u.s.ters of light that carried long tails as they flashed through the sky. They rushed to the Saint-alighting Mountain Range with unparalleled imposing aura.

Ding Hao’s expression also changed greatly.

“The Immortal Qi is rolling and there is an auspicious aura… It’s impossible for man to forge such a phenomenon. It seems that the Immortal Artifact is really going to appear. So is the immortal medicine catalyst? No matter what, I have to get the immortal medicine to cure my mother’s wound!”

With a stir of his mind, Ding Hao also soared into the sky and rushed toward the Saint-alighting Mountain Range.

At the same time, he transmitted a voice message to the Red Stone Mountain Range, asking Jin Keyan to immediately bring the masters who practiced physical cultivation in the Celestial Master guard camp to support him.


“This is the position occupied by our Purple Jade Sect. Anyone who enters will be killed without mercy!”

“What the h.e.l.l is the Purple Jade Sect? Get out of my way! If you block my path to immortal fate, all of you will die!”

“Kill! Kill them all!”

“Those who stand in my way will die!”

“Hahaha! Our Beast Clan will take the Immortal Artifact!”

The periphery of the Saint-alighting Mountain Range had become a crazy and b.l.o.o.d.y place. Some of the forces and sects which had arrived earlier occupied the best positions, waiting for the Immortal Artifact to appear. They had a conflict with those who arrived later than them. There was almost no room for compromise between the two sides. They had a life-and-death battle.

Blood and bones were splashing.

Heads had been cut off.

People who had been alive were turned into blood mist in an instant. Many people rushed over, but their bodies had exploded before they could react. Blood gathered on the ground like rivers and there was a mountain of corpses!

The periphery of the Saint-alighting Mountain Range had instantly become like a meat grinder.

Only a real master could break through this killing circle and enter the depths of the Saint-alighting Mountain Range.

Hundreds of masters from the Purple Jade Sect had occupied a particular spot.

Some G.o.d Realm Masters of the sect had gone deep into the mountain range. A kilometer away behind them, a huge pit appeared after the giant peak collapsed. Endless purple Qi gushed out from the pit which was like a sea eye. Some people speculated that it was a Minor Immortal Gate and there might be traces of the Immortal Artifact in the pit.

People from the Purple Jade Sect tried their best to guard the entrance of that road and prevent others from entering so as to buy time for the G.o.d Realm Masters of their sect.

Countless masters rushed over like moths to a flame, but they were all killed in that place.

“No matter who it is, kill him who dares to approach!”

A master from the Purple Jade Sect shouted. He was covered in blood, looking like a Killing G.o.d.

All of a sudden, a stream of pale golden flowing light flew over from the distance at a high speed and landed in this direction. It carried an endless aura and did not slow down at all, rushing over.

“Set up a formation and stop him. Kill!” The master from the Purple Jade Sect shouted loudly.



A Sword Light suddenly rose, like a flash of light.

It seemed as if a bright lotus were blooming in the void.

A figure with Purple Hair Silver Eyes swept past like a gust of wind. Before the people from the Purple Jade Sect could react, the figure had pa.s.sed by them and had disappeared into the distant pit like lightning.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The bodies of dozens of masters from the Purple Jade Sect froze on the spot. Then, their heads flew to the sky. Blood burst out of their necks and chests. Their heads were cut off by the Sword Light in an instant.

The remaining masters from the Purple Jade Sect were scared out of their wits.

The Purple Jade Sect was a famous sect on the Eastern Continent. There were many G.o.d Realm Masters in the sect. The sect could inspire awe in the local area and that was why they had the ambition to get the Immortal Artifact. They had selected the Absolute Superiors and elites in the sect this time to try their luck with the immortal fate.

They did not expect to suffer such a heavy loss in less than two hours.

Besides G.o.d Realm Masters, the dozen or so masters who had just died were all top masters in the sect. However, they had been killed by the figure with Purple Hair Silver Eyes in one move… It was too terrible.

They had suffered heavy losses.

“Peerless Lotus Attack… It’s him, the successor of Sword Daimon!” A master from the Purple Jade Sect suddenly thought of something.

In the next moment, the tide of people who came crazily from the distance drowned the remaining masters from the Purple Jade Sect, and the b.l.o.o.d.y slaughter began again.

The people from the Purple Jade Sect were slightly more powerful in strength, but they couldn’t resist a large number of people.

Under such crazy circ.u.mstances, fame and prestige were completely useless. The warriors who were in awe of the Purple Jade Sect were completely bloodthirsty at the moment. There was only the thought of killing in their minds.

“Ah, we shouldn’t have come…”

“It’s all over. They have all died. They were all elites of our sect who could bring us hope. All of them were killed…”

The masters of the Purple Jade Sect cried out in grief. They felt endless regret in their hearts, but it was too late for them to retreat.