The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 710: Nalan Ziyun who Was Tied Up

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Chapter 710: Nalan Ziyun who Was Tied Up

“In the future, third sister will become the madam of the Zhu Family. You must thank second sister for this opportunity today!”

Hexi took a sip of tea slowly. There wasn’t any panic on her face. Instead, she said with a half smile, “Even if there is no King of h.e.l.l, there is still a crown prince! Why should second sister be so worried? Third sister will never fight for your opportunity to marry into the Zhu Family.”

“b.i.t.c.h! You shameless b.i.t.c.h! I knew it was you who seduced brother prince!”

Upon hearing Hexi mentioned the crown prince, Nalan Feixue finally couldn’t hold her anger. She pounced toward Hexi fiercely, “You shameless b.i.t.c.h, do you think that you are worthy of brother prince? I tell you that tomorrow you must marry even if you don’t want to! If you are sensible, you better wear the wedding dress and go to the sedan chair tomorrow. Otherwise, don’t blame me for using force!”

Hexi’s wrist holding the teacup shook lightly. A purple vine soared into the air.

She looked at Nalan Feixue who was pouncing at her, and she said leisurely, “Oh, you’re welcome? Why are you going to be courteous to me?”

When Nalan Feixue saw the purple vine, the pain left on her body seemed to be triggered.

Her body shrank instinctively, then she backed up a few steps before saying in a tremble, “You… what do you want to do?”

Hexi gently stroked the leaves on Purple Abyss Vine, and she felt the intimacy of Purple Abyss Vine for her. She then sneered, “Second sister, it should be me asking this, right? Didn’t you just pounce on me? If I don’t fight back, should I just let second sister beat me? Or second elder sister thinks that I’m still the Nalan Hexi who would let you bully?”

The girl in front of her smiled clearly, but the cold phoenix eyes projected an icy chill.

Nalan Feixue became stiff, then she burst into anger, “You wait! Nalan Hexi, do you think I really can’t deal with you?”

As she said, she clapped and sneered, “Bring the person in up!”

Soon, a man who was tied up being carried forward.

He Xiang and Chui Lu, who were also awakened, yelled, “Young master!” when they saw the person being carried up.

It turned out that the person who was tied up was Nalan Ziyun.

He had messy hair, a haggard face, bloodstains on the corners of his mouth, and scars on his neck; he looked withered.

When he saw Hexi, his eyes lit up and he whispered, “Sister, help me!”

He Xiang and Chui Lu looked at Nalan Ziyun anxiously. They said in a sobbing tone, “Young master, why are you being tied up?”

“Young master, sorry to let you suffer!”

Nalan Feixue smiled smugly, and she looked at Hexi and said, “Nalan Hexi, have you seen it? This is your younger brother, Nalan Ziyun. If you marry Zhu Zhongba as I said, I will kill your younger brother. What do you think about it?”

“No!” He Xiang and Chui Lu cried and rushed toward Hexi, “Miss, you have to save young master! Young master is so good to you; he has been taking care of you since you moved into Nalan Mansion. You will definitely save him right?”

Hexi looked at Nalan Ziyun.

Nalan Ziyun immediately said in aggrieved, “Sister, save me! Nalan Feixue is a lunatic; she will really kill me!”

Hexi raised her eyebrows and said, “Kill you? You’re Nalan Zhengze’s beloved son. Can Nalan Feixue still have a place in Nalan Mansion if she kills you?”

Nalan Feixue’s expression froze.

The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 543

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The girl’s facial features were still immature, but she had a long nose, small lips, long eyelash, and slanting eyes. Every detail looked like it was carved by an artist. Every inch of her skin was so smooth as if it would break by the wind. It was obvious that when this young lady grew up, she would be a resplendent beauty after getting rid of her tenderness.

Feng Lianying was astounded on the spot, staring deadly at the girl in front of her eyes. Her hands clenched into fists.

She already hated and was jealous of Xi Yue so much when she was pretending as a man. However, now that she found out that Xi Yue wasn’t a man but a woman who was a hundred times beautiful than her.

Yes! More beautiful than her Feng Lianying, and it was a hundred times more beautiful!

Feng Lianying couldn’t stand the fact that she turned her head to see her fellow apprentices.

All of them showed an obsessed expression on each of their faces. Each eye stared at Hexi; they were unwilling to look away.

Looking at those obsessed looks, they seemed to have forgotten about the intention of this trip.

Even Nie Jinchen, who was always obsessed with her, also looked lost. The pair of eyes were full of surprise and l.u.s.t.

Why?! Why does this b.i.t.c.h always want to compete with me?

Why does this b.i.t.c.h like to seduce men so much ?!

These fellow apprentices of her always praised her like a fairy, saying that the other women were all mediocre women, and only her Feng Lianying was the G.o.ddess that could charm the man all over the world.

Those sweet words seemed to be still in her ears, but at the moment, they all looked at Xi Yue with fiery eyes. They completely forgot Feng Lianying’s existence.

Did Brother Yu know her female ident.i.ty long ago, that is why he is so obsessed with her and cherishes her, and even… even wants to marry her?

No! I don’t allow this to happen; I will never allow it!!

Feng Lianying suddenly screamed sternly, “Why are you all just standing there? Quickly catch this shameless b.i.t.c.h!”

The people who were obsessed with Hexi finally woke up, and their faces turned red.

But Feng Lianying was the young master of Liu Li Sect; the only niece of the Feng Family. If they disobeyed Feng Lianying’s order, they could no longer stay in Liu Li Sect.

So after being shocked, these people quickly went behind Hexi and surrounded her.

Hexi took a deep breath. She felt the surge of spiritual power in her body.

Just before Feng Lianying and others came over, she had already taken a medical pill.

This medicinal pills could quickly stimulate her potential, allowing her to exhibit 60% of her original strength in a short period of time. Of course, there would be side effects later, but she couldn’t care much at this time.

However, it would take a while for these medical pills to work. Therefore, when Feng Lianying and the others approached her, Hexi took no action.

As for the makeup on her body, after Feng Yunjing removed her face mask and the vest, she only focused on treating herself and the few little ones. She didn’t have time to redress. She only had one human skin mask of Nalan Hexi, so she wanted to bother about it after reaching the rank four magical beast area. She didn’t expect to be blocked here by Feng Lianying.

Hexi took a deep breath and looked at Feng Lianying who showed a crooked face, then she said slowly, “Feng Lianying, I have no grievance with you, why do you keep pestering me?”

“No grievance?!” Feng Lianying suddenly uttered a harsher scream; her face was twisting.

The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 1111: Other Way

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Chapter 1111: Other Way

Everyone’s faces were full of panic and fear, but they were looking at Chen Jiancheng with doubts and resentment.

If this person didn’t do that, maybe the black bear would still be trapped up.

Chen Jiancheng shook his head and screamed after being looked at like this, “It’s not my fault, not my fault! It’s obvious that Wei Chengyuan’s enchantment is useless, otherwise how could it not be able to trap the black bear. That five color liuyan can obviously kill all magic beasts below rank 6, how could it fail? That’s not my fault at all! It’s not my fault!”

Hexi glanced at him coldly, “The five color liuyan can indeed kill all magical beasts below rank 6, but this black bear has already advanced to rank 7. So your five color liuyan didn’t kill t, it instead became a catalyst for its success advancement.”

“W-what?! Rank 7 magical beast?!”

Everyone couldn’t help but scream in disbelief, “Didn’t you say that the highest rank magical beast in the Illusive Forest is only rank 6? How can there be a rank 7 magic beast?”

Hexi gave everyone a cold look, “So, you’d better stop expecting the academy to save us in a short time. The highest admission examiner of the Miracle Healer Academy is only the peak of Nascent Soul, which is lower than this black bear by 1 rank. Now the control of this secret realm has been completely taken away by this black bear, even the elders of the academy will not be able to enter in a short time.”

“Then what are we going to do? Are we just waiting to die in there?”

“Wuuu… I don’t want to die yet! I’m only 20 years old. I’m the most outstanding genius in our family. How can I die here!”

Wei Chengyuan said in a deep voice, “Xi Yue, even if this black bear is a rank 7 black bear, there are elders at the Nascent Soul later stage in the academy, so as long as they come, we can be saved, right?”

Hexi nodded, then she looked at Chen Jiancheng with cold eyes, “So originally, the dozen of us had great hope of survival. As long as Wei Chengyuan’s enchantment could trap the black bear for a while, the academy will find the elders of the Nascent Soul later stage. By then, we will naturally be saved.”

“However, the appearance of five color liuyan made the black bear advance successfully. For the rank 7 magic beast, killing us is just a matter of moments!”

As soon as Hexi’s remarks came out, everyone glared at Chen Jiancheng fiercely, wis.h.i.+ng they could tear him to pieces.

Chen Jiancheng now also knew what he had done. He was not ashamed, but he regretted it.

Although he wanted to win against Xi Yue and Chen Jiancheng, he cherished his own life more. Now that this black bear had become rank 7, didn’t it mean that he would die in the secret realm.

I can’t accept this result!

Hexi looked at Wei Chengyuan, “Wei Chengyuan, do you have any other way to subdue this black bear?”

Wei Chengyuan frowned and coughed lowly before saying, “There is another way. 13 of us can form a sword array. This sword array is very simple and can be learned without practice. Everyone just needs to stand in their respective positions, and it can play the biggest defense. Even the martial artists of Nascent Soul Stage can be resisted.”

“Is there any difficulty in forming this sword array?”

Wei Chengyuan nodded, “Although sword array doesn’t need to be practiced, it needs strong spiritual power support from martial artists, but in this Illusive Forest, we can’t absorb and channel spiritual power well. This is the first difficulty.”

The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 1110: The Courage to Survive

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Chapter 1110: The Courage to Survive

The candidates let out a shrill scream and ran desperately to the rear.

However, the strength of the black bear that came out of the formation seemed to be much higher than before.

It was not slow in the first place, but now it became even faster.

The scarlet tongue could take away one’s heart and dantian in one strike.

The valley was filled with the horrifying smell of blood as well as horrifying screams.

Han Qianer, who was running away, suddenly stopped and pounced toward the black bear, “It’s better to fight with this beast than to run away and wait for my death!”

Han Qianer had always refused to admit defeat since she was a child. She never allowed herself to admit defeat.

Even if this black bear was a rank 6 magical beast whose strength was far higher than her; even if she was destined to die in the mouth of the black bear, she would not allow herself to back down.

Wei Chengyuan stopped and said solemnly, “Miss Han is right. The black bear is very fast now, and it recognizes our smell. Even if we run away, we will still die at its hands. Instead of waiting for our death, why don’t we join forces and fight.”

Of the 15 people, there were only 13 left, but there were a few Gold Core Stage among them.

Everyone stopped when they heard the words, staring straight at Han Qianer with sharp gaze.

Their eyes were full of hope, hoping that Han Qianer would be as powerful as people said; hoping that Han Qianer could at least wound the black bear. That way they at least had the courage to survive.

However, the reality quickly gave them a big slap in the face.

Han Qianer’s sword tip landed on the black bear’s fur, making a “ding” sound.

The flying sword made of fine steel was bent. It didn’t even hurt the black bear a single bit.

The black bear roared wildly, and it caught Han Qianer in its palm.

Han Qianer’s face turned pale. Fear and despair finally appeared in her always cold eyes.

The candidates below saw the scene and screamed in horror.

Some timid girls even closed their eyes, unable to stop the tears of fear and despair.

The black bear’s tongue stuck out and rolled toward Han Qianer. The joy of devouring the strength of another one made its scarlet eyes glow.

However, just when the black bear’s tongue was about to touch Han Qianer, a fierce purple light whistled.

With a piercing sound, the dark red tongue of the black bear was pierced by the purple light.

The severe pain caused the black bear to let out an angry roar, and it instinctively let go of Han Qianer.

Han Qianer fell straight from the air. She was s.h.i.+vering in fear until she forgot to use spiritual power to slow down the descent.

Seeing that she was about to fall to the ground, a figure suddenly appeared in the air, caught Han Qianer firmly, and then landed firmly on the ground.

Han Qianer was shocked for a while. When she looked clearly, she said in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Xi Yue, you… you saved me?”

The young man had a delicate face and unparalleled facial features. Who else could it be if it wasn’t Xi Yue?

Hexi let go of her, stood up, turned to look at the black bear that was covering its mouth and howling, and said solemnly, “Wei Chengyuan, didn’t you trap it? What’s going on?”

Wei Chengyuan took a breath and said in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “I don’t know what happened. Chen Jiancheng fed it with five color liuyan. We thought it was going to die, but who knows, it suddenly went mad and even broke the enchantment.”

The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 718: Who Is Jealous?

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Chapter 718: Who Is Jealous?

The sect, with Mountain Guard Array and without Mountain Guard Array, the difference in power was a world apart.

Of course, the precious materials and crystal stones that were required to arrange and maintain a complex array were unimaginable.

Nangong Yu nodded and said, “This array should have evolved from an ancient array. Many complicated arrays are removed from it. Relatively speaking, it is not difficult to crack. At best, it can only be regarded as a fifth grade array.”

“If the original array here is now, it won’t be so easy for me to crack it.”

Hexi’s eyes looked yearning for it. She couldn’t help but said, “Array is really wonderful, I also want to learn.”

Nangong Yu rubbed her head and smiled pampering, “Okay, I will teach you!”

The two followed the pa.s.sage all the way and soon came to a place similar to a pill refining room.

The most conspicuous thing in this room was not the pill furnace and the table, but the portrait hanging behind the table.

The woman in the portrait had a cold expression, but her face and eyes were beautiful. She was Nalan Hexi’s biological mother – An Lingyue.

Nangong Yu saw the portrait of An Lingyue, and his face showed a clear look of surprise.

After that, he stared at the portrait blankly. He was in a daze for a long while; he couldn’t even hear Hexi calling him.

Hexi was a little unhappy inexplicably, and she leaned close to Nangong Yu’s ear and said quietly, “Why? Isn’t she beautiful?”

Nangong Yu suddenly recovered, and he immediately reflexively said, “Xi’er is the most beautiful in my heart.”

“Cut it!” Hexi snorted coldly, “I saw you were in a daze looking at it. You just almost didn’t drool. You still say that she is not pretty?”

Nangong Yu looked at the little girl in front of him staring at him with her nose wrinkled, and he couldn’t help laughing.

He hugged the little girl in his arms, pinched her nose, and smiled very happily and sweetly, “Xi’er, you are so cute! You can even be jealous of a portrait, but how you look like when you are jealous!”

Seeing Hexi getting angry, he quickly said, “Don’t worry, except Xi’er, other women look the same to me. Even if they stand naked in front of me, I won’t be moved.”

Hexi wanted to sullenly refute his “who is jealous”, but she couldn’t help smiling.

Nangong Yu felt that she was more beautiful the more he looked at her. He lowered his head and kissed her lips, then he continued, “Xi’er, this woman is a bit familiar to me as if I have seen her before? Hmm… it seems I saw her a long time ago.”

Hexi said, “Don’t think about it, she is Nalan Hexi’s mother An Lingyue, and you have seen her portrait in Hundred Herb Mist, so it’s normal to look familiar!”

Nangong Yu shook his head and said, “The portrait of An Lingyue in Hundred Herb Mist has gentler eyebrows. At that time, I just thought she was like you, so I didn’t think much about it. But now I see this painting, but I always feel a little familiar. Where did I seen it?”

“Don’t think about it! There are similar people and similar things. Maybe you saw it wrong?”

Nangong Yu nodded thoughtfully, “Maybe!”

The two wandered around the room for a while, and they soon found another secret pa.s.sage leading to the deeper underground.

Hexi had a hunch that the things hid in this secret path was the real secret of Nalan Zhengze.

The two concealed their traces and walked quickly into the secret pa.s.sage.

The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 1112: Can or Cannot

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Chapter 1112: Can or Cannot

Hexi nodded and said without hesitation, “Okay, just these 2 points, I will solve them.”

As she said, she took out a dozen medicinal pills in her palm. The pills exuded a faint medicinal fragrance, “Medicinal pills, I will provide. This is a spirit healing pill that I have refined myself, one can be worth the effect of the 4th grade spirit healing pill, and it can last for a quarter of an hour to help absorb spiritual power. You let everyone take one.”

What Hexi took out was actually five spiritual pills. In the past few days, she only had time to figure out how to make five spiritual pills, but she was interrupted by Chen Jiancheng and this black bear.

Wei Chengyuan’s eyes widened in shock, “You… you refined these medicinal pills? But isn’t this Illusive Forest unable to absorb spiritual power? I have tried to refine pill, but I couldn’t succeed at all.”

The others also looked at Hexi with suspicion in their eyes.

Hexi us only at the Foundation Establishment stage. How could he refine pills under such circ.u.mstances, and the spiritual power of the medicinal pills is so abundant.

Hexi sneered, “You guys are sure to discuss this issue with me at this time.”

At the right time, the black bear in the distance finally relieved the pain and charged at them furiously.

Everyone shuddered. No one dared to hesitate and grab the medicinal pills from Hexi.

Even Chen Jiancheng wanted to shamelessly grab the medicinal pills, but he was kicked away by Hexi.

Hexi ignored Chen Jiancheng’s roar and said to Wei Chengyuan, “The second difficulty, I will be the main attack, you guide them to form a formation. I will give you 10 minutes at most, can you do it?”

Wei Chengyuan opened his mouth wide with his lips trembling slightly, “Xi Yue, are you kidding me? You only are only at the Foundation Establishment stage…”

Hexi narrowed her eyes and said coldly, “Don’t talk nonsense. You only have 2 answers, can or cannot?”

Wei Chengyuan stared blankly at the young man’s clear phoenix eyes. There seemed to be clear lights flowing and rippling in his eyes.

She obviously looked weak, but when she showed that expression, it made people want to trust her unconditionally.

Wei Chengyuan suddenly seemed to be enchanted, and he replied, “Can-!”

Hexi slowly raised the corners of her mouth. She finally revealed the first sincere smile since the 2 met.

All Wei Chengyuan’s thoughts were almost drowned in the young man’s bright and confident smile.


In the monitoring room, everyone held their breath when they saw that Han Qianer was caught.

Although if Han Qianer was dead, Miracle Healer Academy could still handle it.

However, the students and elders who were responsible for the entrance examination might all be implicated.

Fortunately, Xi Yue arrived in time to save Han Qianer who was at stake.

As for how Xi Yue, who was obviously at the Foundation Establishment stage, had such powerful strength, they couldn’t care much.

Only Cai Yu frowned slightly, and he clenched his fists.

“Da da da-” Quick footsteps came from not far away.

The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 344

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Chapter 344 Nalan Yanming

As it turns out, Nalan Yanming originally entered the Sealed Dragon Domain’s secret territory with many life-saving pills gifted from Nalan Zhengze.

One of these pills was the famous Nine Unequal Wrongs Pill. This pill would be able to be able to save someone, no matter how serious the poison. And if the poison couldn’t be completely relieved, it would at least delay the spread of the poison.

It’s due to this pill that Nalan Zhengze was able to enter the doctor’s a.s.sociation as a rank three doctor. The doctor’s a.s.sociation only allowed rank four doctor’s in and each doctor’s a.s.sociation member had a unique and unmatched skill. With Nalan Zhengze’s ability, he wouldn’t be eligible to enter the doctor’s a.s.sociation.

Actually, Nalan Yanming entered the medicinal field at the same time as Hexi’s group. When the mist was cleared, many warriors seized the opportunity to enter the medicinal field and Nalan Yanming was one of them.

In the beginning, Nalan Yanming didn’t enter the medicinal field, so he didn’t get poisoned. However, he wanted to curry favor with the Feng family, and ultimately entered. In the end, he wasn’t careful enough and touched some of the pus.

Once he got affected by this strange Intoxicated Blood Poison, he immediately ate his Nine Unequal Wrongs Pill believing that the poison wouldn’t be able to kill him. Unfortunately, he found out that after eating his Nine Unequal Wrongs Pill, it didn’t detoxify the poison. On the other hand, it seemed to cause the poison to rot his body much faster than others.

Adding onto the fact that Feng Lian Ying was unable to treat people using her Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill, Nalan Yanming thought he was utterly screwed.

However, he didn’t expect a youngster, at only Foundation Establishment Stage, named Xi Yue would be able to successfully detoxify people. It wasn’t until this moment that Nalan Yanming started to take a closer look at Hexi, and the more he looked, the more shocked he became.

Because the appearance of the G.o.dly Doctor named Xi Yue was uncannily similar to that person.

And that person’s medical skills was also exceptional, exactly the same as the ones this person in front of him had. Nalan Family also obtained some of that person’s medicinal inheritance which was the only reason it was able to reach the status it had today.

The more Nalan Yanming thought, the more scared he became and the more excited he became. If he was able to bring this youngster back to Nalan Family, then, Nalan Manor’s glory would be around the corner!

But because h.e.l.l King supported Xi Yue, Nalan Yanming didn’t dare to act blindly without thinking.

However, he didn’t expect that because he had taken the Nine Unequal Wrongs Pill, even though he took the antidote, the poison didn’t completely improve like everyone else. Although it delayed the poison taking his life, the poison was still spreading in his body.

Seeing that he was going to meet a violent death soon, he disregarded h.e.l.l King’s power and rushed towards Hexi.

Contrary to one might think, after hearing that Nalan Yanming took the Nine Unequal Wrongs Pill, Hexi immediately knew what had happened.

Although the Nine Unequal Wrongs Pill contained detoxification qualities, it also had large quant.i.ties of spiritual power, which happened to be what nourished the Intoxicated Blood Poison in Nalan Yanming’s body. So naturally, her antidote wasn’t enough to completely detoxify Nalan Yanming.

Hexi squinted her eyes at the kneeling “blood man” and slowly said, “You said you knew my real ident.i.ty. What do you mean?”

Nalan Yanming suddenly became lively again, hurriedly taking out a scroll from his storage ring to hand to Hexi.

Hexi slowly unrolled the scroll, and as the picture slowly unfolded, a beautiful woman in palace clothing came into view.

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The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 711: Likes Both Men and Women

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Chapter 711: Likes Both Men and Women

Nalan Ziyun immediately said, “Sister, have you forgotten? Nalan Yurong is Master Xukong’s direct disciple, and Nalan Feixue is her sister. Even if she really kills me, father can’t put the blame on her! Sister, I’m your real brother. I loved you the most when you were a kid. You must save me, okay?”

Nalan Feixue heard Nalan Ziyun’s words and immediately laughed and said, “What now? Nalan Hexi, don’t you want to save your brother’s life?”

He Xiang and Chui Lu knelt in front of Hexi, and they kept crying and kowtowing, “Third Miss, please save young master, have you forgotten? When Mrs. Nalan was about to beat you, young master desperately stood in front of you. Young master even sent to serve you Miss. Miss should remember young master’s kindness to you right?”

“If Miss doesn’t save young master, you are really worse than the animal; you’re not a human at all!”

Standing next to Hexi, Mai Xiang frowned angrily. She wanted to speak, but she was pulled back by Hexi.

Hexi looked at Nalan Ziyun and smiled, “Oh, dear brother, how do you want me to save you?”

Nalan Ziyun coughed twice and quickly said, “Sister, just listen to Nalan Feixue’s words and marry Zhu Zhongba. Otherwise, they will really kill me.”

“Although King of h.e.l.l said that he wanted to marry you, you also heard that it was because King of h.e.l.l wanted to attract the attention of the elder sister. He doesn’t really like you at all. Zhu Zhongba is different. Zhu Family’s power is similar to our Nalan Family. Even if sister marries him, Zhu Family will not dare to disrespect you.”

“What’s more, Zhu Family is even the richest family in Jin Ling Kingdom. Sister will definitely enjoy endless glory and wealth after marrying. My sister, you should agree to it!”

Even Hexi’s mood was calm as usual, she couldn’t refrain herself from laughing when she saw their amusing performance.

She shook her head and sighed, “You really deserve to be my good brother. You still concern about my happiness at this time. However, I think second sister wants me to marry me just because she doesn’t want to marry Zhu Zhongba right?”

Without waiting for Nalan Feixue to speak, Hexi had continued, “If this is the case, let Nalan Ziyun replace you instead. Anyway, I heard that Zhu Zhongba likes both men and women. Nalan Ziyun is still a young man. In addition to being handsome, everything else is fine except that he can’t have children. I believe the Zhu Family will be satisfied too!”

“You–!” Nalan Ziyun’s face twisted.

He Xiang and Chui Lu were also dumbfounded. They immediately couldn’t help crying and yelling at Hexi, “Third Miss, how can you say this? Young master is your brother! Is your conscience eaten by dogs? Young Master is really wrong to treat you so good!”

“Treat me good?” Hexi burst into laughter. She said with disdain, “Nalan Ziyun, I kindly remind you that if you really want to express the affection between you and me, can you please make the makeup on your face be more realistic and tie the rope on your body tighter? You all really think Nalan Hexi is a fool who you can simply fool around?”

The expression on Nalan Ziyun’s face became stiff, and his eyes gradually looked gloomy.

Nalan Feixue sneered impatiently, “I told you that this trick doesn’t work, this s.l.u.t is shameless and selfish, how can he really care about you. Why are we talking so much nonsense? Just take her down!”

The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 547

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Mr. Liao immediately laughed, “How difficult is this? Since Miss Feng wants to see it, we will definitely make miss enjoy it. Hehehehe… My disciples haven’t encountered a delicious tender girl in a long time. They are blessed to have Miss Feng’s kindness! “

The seven incomparably ugly men in black robes couldn’t help laughing, and they were looking at the unearthly lady with l.u.s.t and greed.

Although following Mr. Liao, they could occasionally play beautiful women, they had never encountered such a perfect lady. Today, they could enjoy such a beautiful lady’s body. It made their blood boiled.

Feng Lianying smiled and turned to look at Hexi, thinking that she could see fear and surprise in her face.

However, to her surprise, Hexi’s expression was calm from beginning to end. Hexi was even looking at Feng Lianying with her eyes full of disdain and contempt like she was watching a bunch of stinking waste.

Feng Lianying’s anger surged into her head. This b.i.t.c.h? How can she look at me like that?

She was going to tear her mask and make her cry and beg for mercy!

Thinking of this, Feng Lianying took a deep breath. She suddenly said faintly to Mr. Liao, “Mr. Liao, in order to let you better entertain her, I want to give your another present.”

After speaking, Feng Lianying’s palm spread out, and a dark red bug appeared in her palm.

Feng Lianying exhaled softly at the little bug, and a weird smile filled the corner of his mouth.

When Hexi took out the little bug, Hexi had a bad feeling in her mind.

Before she knew what was wrong, she felt a sudden rush of heat in her abdomen.

This heat flow was completely different from the burning pain of the injured meridians. It was like there were countless small bugs surging in the lower abdomen. Everywhere the bugs went, there were numbness, itchiness, and burning hot. She couldn’t refrain herself from groaning and trembling.

Hexi’s eyes finally showed a hint of fear, “Feng Lianying, you actually poison me?”

I was poisoned? When? Why did I not notice it at all?

No, it wasn’t done just now, but … it was just when entering the teleporting array of Breaking Spirit Mountain.

Hexi remembered the inscribed jade slip that hurt her. At that time, the poison had already permeated into her body.

No, maybe it isn’t poison. Hexi’s gaze fell on the little bug in Feng Lianying’s palm.

This is … Voodoo?!

When Feng Lianying saw Hexi’s always calm and self-sustained face finally revealed a panicked expression, she suddenly laughed, “This is not a drug, but a spirit voodoo, and it is the most ferocious Love Devouring Voodoo in the spirit voodoo.”

“My master raised this Love Devouring Voodoo with a lot of hards.h.i.+p. He has to feed the mother voodoo with the blood of 999 girls with only yin [1] attribute for three years. After the mother voodoo gives to offspring voodoo, then let the offspring voodoo devours the 999 girls. After that, the offspring voodoo will fight each other until the number of voodoo reduce from 1000 to 10. Xi Yue, I have wasted one precious offspring voodoo on you. You should be grateful! “

“Love Devouring Voodoo!” Mr. Liao couldn’t help but complement, “I did not expect that the master of the Thousand Poisons Valley can cultivate Love Devouring Voodoo. If the level of Love Devouring Voodoo is high enough, the mother voodoo can control those who are cursed by the offspring voodoo. It can make the cursed party fall in love with him or her desperately. It can even make the target kill himself.”


The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 712: You Are Even More Cruel

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Chapter 712: You Are Even More Cruel

Nalan Ziyun’s eyes looked gloomy, and his body shook slightly. The rope that was originally restraining him was shaken off.

He stood up, looked at Hexi with a gloomy gaze, and slowly said, “Sister, I thought I have treated you wholeheartedly during this period of time. I take care of you meticulously, but I didn’t expect you to be so cruel. You just watch me die like that. Your brother is so sad!!”

Hexi shook her head and smiled, “Nalan Ziyun, if you don’t have enough IQ, don’t treat others as a fool like you. With your c.r.a.ppy acting skills, do you really think I’m a fool who can’t see through it?”

“Good! Very good! Since you are so ignorant, don’t blame me for ignoring the affection between brother and sister!”

As soon as Nalan Ziyun said, he turned his wrist, and a white powder spread silently in the room.

The sound of “thump— thump—” came from the room.

After just a few seconds, except for Nalan Ziyun and Nalan Hexi, as well as the people they brought, everyone else fell soft to the ground.

Including He Xiang and Chui Lu who just pleaded for Nalan Ziyun.

When Mai Xiang fell to the ground, she desperately tried to open her eyes and looked anxiously in Hexi’s direction. But in the end, she still couldn’t resist the soreness of her body and the blur of consciousness and fell unconscious.

Seeing everyone fainted on the ground, even the annoying Nalan Hexi was lying motionless at the foot of the bed, Nalan Feixue suddenly clapped and laughed happily.

While smiling, she looked at Nalan Ziyun and said with a chuckle, “You are even more cruel. You can even harm your own sister. This b.i.t.c.h was so arrogant just now, but she still fell into your trap.”

Nalan Ziyun snorted coldly, “She is just a trash. How can she be worthy of being my sister? She will only ruin my reputation.”

Nalan Feixue nodded in satisfaction, “You did a good job. I will report to the elder sister later. She will think of a way to let you join the Doctors a.s.sociation!”

Hearing the promise of joining the Doctors a.s.sociation, a scorching light appeared in Nalan Ziyun’s eyes.

He suppressed the excitement in his heart, and bowed his head, “Thank you second sister, and also thank elder sister for me! I will never forget the kindness of second sister in the future.”

Nalan Feixue waved her hand, stepped forward to Hexi, kicked Hexi’s body twice, and said sinisterly, “If it weren’t because it would leave some scars on the bride’s body, and the fat pig would be unsatisfied when playing with her, I really couldn’t wait to tear off the skin of this b.i.t.c.h!”

“Second sister calms down. If we simply kill Nalan Hexi like this, wouldn’t we make it too easy for her.”

Nalan Ziyun also had an evil smile in his eyes, “Second sister, do you have any instructions from the elder sister? What should we do next?”

Nalan Feixue nodded immediately and said excitedly: “Let’s kill these two eye-catching girls first. Elder sister said that these two maids are not from our Nalan Mansion. Who knows they were given to Hexi by the men she seduced? Leaving them by our side may be harmful for us.”

Nalan Ziyun remembered that he had been conspired in the courtyard, and a ruthlessness flashed in his eyes. He nodded and laughed, “Elder sister is really thoughtful.”

“As for this b.i.t.c.h.” Nalan Feixue raised her eyebrows. A gleeful gloating smile appeared on her face, “Get her to my room. Elder sister’s drug will take twelve hours for her to wake up. When she wakes up, it will be tomorrow late at night. She would probably be spoiled by Zhu Zhongba by the time, hahaha…”