The Legend of Futian Chapter 2720 – Fetching People Over

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Chapter 2720: Fetching People Over

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After Ye Futian returned to the Ruins of the Mahoraga, he called a meeting of all the cultivators from Ziwei Imperial Palace and West Imperial Palace.

‘They gathered together and looked toward Ye Futian. Ye Futian had become the leader of this group of people. Those from Ziwei Imperial Palace naturally followed his orders, while the Head of the West Imperial Palace, Xi Chiyao, was also willing to work with him. The alliance decided on Ye Futian as

their leader.

Ye Futian looked at the gathered crowd and announced, “My purpose for calling all of you is here is to discuss a matter. The G.o.ds’ Continent has appeared, and divine relics have been excavated one after another. This continent has also been expanding, and its antiquated essence has spread to all corners

of the Original Realm. Hence, in the future, this place will no longer be just historical remains, but the first and greatest continent in the Original Realm.”

The people nodded upon hearing Ye Futian’s words. These few years, they had all been busy fighting over possession of the relics and with cultivation. They had not thought much in detail about other things, but clearly, Ye Futian had already taken all these things into consideration.

The land of the Original Realm, the former Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path, was no longer regarded as significant. Later on, the Original Realm changed, and many ancient lost continents appeared. They were then occupied by different forces, with the strongest among them being Ziwei


But now, with the appearance of this divine continent from the past, from now on, this continent would become the main piece of land of the Original Realm. Not only from the Original Realm, but also cultivators from the Divine Prefecture, the Demon Realm, and all the other seven realms, would also

gather here on this continent, which would make it the continent that had the most significant number of relics, the strongest cultivators, and the most powerful.

Looking at its current state, it was just historical remains, but in the future, with all the powerful forces making their bases here, this ancient lost continent would no longer be barren. It would be the center of the entire world.

“Currently, we are the occupants of this historical land, so of course, we will turn this area into our fortress,” Ye Futian continued. “I intend to build a place here similar to Ziwei Imperial Palace and then create a linkway between here and Ziwei Segmentum. What do you think?”

“We are agreeable, and not only us, but all the great forces will also naturally want to be part of this,” Xi Chiyao was the first to respond. This was a divine continent from ancient times they were talking about, and there should be no doubts that it should become the center of the Original Realm.

The other cultivators, too, nodded their heads one by one in approval. The remaining cultivators in Ziwei Imperial Palace and West Imperial Palace have not been here to enjoy the resources yet, and they ought to be brought over in the future.

“Since everyone agrees, we shall start work immediately,” Ye Futian announced. “We will also construct the s.p.a.ce teleportation grand matrix at the same time and link here and Ziwei Segmentum together. However, West Imperial Palace is in Divine Prefecture, so we will need to think of another method.”

As West Imperial Palace was in Divine Prefecture, unlike with Ziwei Segmentum, it was not possible to link up with it through the s.p.a.ce teleportation grand matrix.

“In that case, what should this place be called in the future?” Supreme Swordlord asked, smiling, It would be developed with the combined forces of Ziwei Imperial Palace and West Imperial Palace and would be considered an alliance. People from both sides would all relocate here to cultivate.

Besides that, regarding Ziwei Imperial Palace, the cultivators from the Lost Clan also had to be here, and by then, it would be the alliance of three great powers instead.

“How about Futian Palace?” Xi Chiyao laughingly suggested.

Ye Futian shook his head in disagreement. This name certainly did not sound nice.

“Ziwei Imperial Palace, West Imperial Palace, Lost Clan, Old Continent, Mahoraga Tribe.” Ye Futian thought to himself. He was also thinking but likewise could not come up with anything good at that moment.

“Let’s have it built first before deciding on a name.” Ye Futian grinned. “Who do you think is suitable to take charge of this project?”

“can do it.” Xi Chiyao readily volunteered herself.

“Alright.” Ye Futian nodded at Xi Chiyao. “Thanks for taking up the responsibility, G.o.ddess Chiyao.”

“It’s what I should do as part of my duty. Moreover, you still have so many other matters to attend to,” Xi Chiyao replied with a smile.

Ye Futian nodded and looked toward the cultivators from Ziwei Imperial Palace. “Everyone from Ziwei Imperial Palace also needs to follow G.o.ddess Chiyao’s instructions. This place will become the most significant cultivation training base in the future, and we will need to consider its defense capabilities.

‘We might need help from Matrix Palace. Within the divine stones exists a matrix spell and contains a divine matrix. As it’s a sword matrix, I would also like to invite Swordlord to study it with me.”

“Yes, your highness.” The cultivators all nodded in obedience. They naturally would not go against Ye Futian’s wishes, being from Ziwei Imperial Palace.

“No problem.” Supreme Swordlord nodded as well. His cultivation here had brought him much gain. While the imperial arms were already a great treasure that increased his powers, he could also learn from the relics of the Great Emperor, and now, he could even learn new swordsmans.h.i.+p and divine

technique. Even without these, studying the swordsmans.h.i.+p divine matrix alone also had its benefits.

“Wuchen, Yaya, Swordmaster, you guys also come with me.” Ye Futian said to the three swordsmen.

The trio nodded in agreement, and after that, both sides parted ways to commence their respective work. Ye Futian’s side started studying the sword matrix, while Xi Chiyao’s side started constructing the cultivation training base. Those who had no duties a.s.signed continued cultivating,

Everybody got busy with their own matters.

Outside the realm, the cultivators from other worlds worked hard on their cultivations. Currently, rumors were going around that a few of the Emperor-level cultivators had acquired many divine stones when they were previously at the Old Heaven Court. These divine stones contained divine techniques

from the Old Heaven Court, and all the big shots were now trying to study and decipher them.

It was also rumored that Ye Futian had acquired the most stones.

Furthermore, he had also acquired the Divine Ruler that had suppressed the Demonic Lord.

These rumors led to many people keeping their eyes on the Ruins of the Mahoraga, where the cultivators from Ziwei Imperial Palace were presently at. However, unlike in the past, no one dared to enter the Ruins of the Mahoraga casually and risk going up against Ye Futian.

As time pa.s.sed little by little, the divine light released from the divine continents had spread to cover the entire boundless s.p.a.ce, including even Ziwei Segmentum. It was as if Ziwei Segmentum was also part of the upper skies over the divine continents. The other lost continents discovered in the Original

Realm were also shrouded within the divine light.

All these greatly influenced the Original Realm, and everyone knew it. This piece of land had become something completely different.

At present, all the cultivators in Ziwei Segmentum were working hard on their cultivations. They had sensed the changes in the world. As more and more powerful cultivators appeared in the world, so it was too at Ziwei Imperial Palace.

Within the Imperial Palace, many people were cultivating. They would look up at the continent within the skies occasionally. It was as if it was the Milky Way, running through the whole Original Realm from top to bottom.

Buzz! Just then, a beam of divine light suddenly appeared within Ziwei Imperial Palace. It had come from the skies, landing within the palace, and it was dazzling. Following that, a group of cultivators stepped out from within the divine light, and at their head was Ye Futian.

“His highness has returned.” The cultivators in Ziwei Imperial Palace all lifted their heads simultaneously and looked toward the side. The message echoed through the palace, and all the strongmen came out. The cultivators stopped their cultivations and fixed their eyes upon the figure of Ye Futian.

“Greetings, your highness.”

A voice cried out, and more followed in unison until the whole palace was filled with them. Ye Futian had long been the totem of Ziwei Imperial Palace, especially more so because he was from Heavenly Mandate Academy. To them, Ye Futian was a legend.

“You all have waited long,” Ye Futian started speaking. The divine light around him was s.h.i.+ning ever so brightly, causing everyone to guess that Ye Futian had undergone a metamorphosis. They wondered exactly how high was the current cultivation level of their Palace Lord.

“The s.p.a.ce teleportation grand matrix has been built, and now, I can bring all of you over to the divine relics to cultivate. Those who wish to go, please get ready, and we will set off soon after.” All at once, everyone became excited after hearing what Ye Futian said.

Would they soon be getting the opportunity to go to the divine relics to cultivate?

What was it like over there?

All these years, they had been full of imagination, but as Ye Futian had not returned, they did not dare to act recklessly but remained to guard the palace. Although one needed to have the luck to go to the divine relics, they were also fraught with danger, and preparations had to be made before they could

go over. They had absolute trust in Ye Futian.

“Yes, your highness.” The cultivators in Ziwei Imperial Palace answered in unison. Ye Futian’s body flashed, and he vanished from where he was standing. He visited the Lost Clan and then the elders in the Imperial Palace.

Ye Futian arrived at the area where Emperor Xia was cultivating. Emperor Xia was currently engaged in a game of chess with the former imperial advisor of Dali, Qi Xuangang. They were once rivals, with Qi Xuangang being the subordinate of Emperor Li, but now, they had become good friends.

‘They had already seen Ye Futian’s arriving much earlier on but did not display any signs of noticing. Even when Ye Futian approached them, Emperor Xia continued to ignore him.

“Master, Mr. Xia!” Ye Futian resorted to shouting.

“You’re back.” Qi Xuangang smiled in reply.

“Yep.” Ye Futian nodded. “Everything is in place, and I would like to take you there to have a look. Many divine relics have appeared in the G.o.ds’ Continent, and one can faintly imagine how things would have been like in the Yuangu era.”

“Sure, I would like to go.” Qi Xuangang nodded approvingly.

Naturally, Emperor Xia desired to go, although he did not say a word. For a cultivator, going to the G.o.ds’ Continent was a dream they all had.

“Qingyuan.” Ye Futian saw Xia Qingyuan walking towards them. He took out a lotus flower and handed it to her. He explained, “This lotus contains the Will of the Great Emperor, suitable for you to cultivate with. You can communicate with the Will of the elders in the lotus.”

As he finished talking, a brilliant divine light flew toward Xia Qingyuan. She stretched out her hand and caught the lotus flower that landed on her palm.

“Thank you,” Xia Qingyuan uttered in a low voice.

“Master, Mr. Xia, you two get ready as well, and we will depart in a bit. I will go visit the other elders.” Ye Futian did not stay long and soon left to notify the others.

Even though everyone already knew about this matter, it was still basic courtesy to inform the elders about it in person!

The Legend of Futian Chapter 2715 – A Strange Woman

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Chapter 2715: A Strange Woman

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“They have all been destroyed!” someone exclaimed.

The crowd stared at the divine statues tumbling down from the sky stairwell. Their hearts trembled. They felt that it was such a shame.

These were the Tianshen golems. They had been destroyed just like that. The wills of the Tianshens also disappeared without a trace.

How did Ji Wudao manage to destroy all of the wills of the Tianshens in the golems?

Aside from Ji Wudao, the will of the Demonic Lord that Yu Sheng obtained was also so powerful. He could go toe to toe with Ji Wudao. Borrowing the power of the cultivators of Devil Imperial Palace, an unparalleled demonic might burst forth from him. Now, another prominent figure had emerged.

However, the crowd did not have time to ponder about this. Their figures flashed as they traversed the sky and frantically rushed towards the sky stairwell. They wanted to see whether the shattered Tianshen golems still contained the wills of the Tianshens.

The cultivators from various forces dashed onto the sky stairwell. They flipped over the shattered golems and scanned them with their spiritual wills. They inspected each golem one by one thoroughly. Alas, they discovered that these golems had already returned to being the simplest of statues. Hence, they were shattered, and the wills of the Tianshens no longer resided in them.

Ye Futian’s group came to the sky stairwell as well. However, he did not inspect the statues. His spiritual will merely swept across them. The various golems on the sky stairwell had all been destroyed by Ji Wudao. As for how he managed to do so, even Ye Futian could not tell.

Buzz. Silhouettes dashed up high into the sky towards the peak of the sky stairwell.

At the top was a dilapidated Heavenly Palace. There were originally also Tianshen golems up here. Now, they were shattered into pieces as well. A divine statue of the Heavenly Emperor used to be erected in the center of the palace. However, the statue of the Heavenly Emperor, the ruler of the Old Heaven Court, was also destroyed. There was not even a trace of rubble left behind. It had been completely wiped off the face of the planet.

“Ji Wudao sure is decisive,” someone commented. The Heavenly Emperor was the ruler of the Old Heaven Court and the leader of House Deva. He was one of the most powerful figures in the ancient era. The current Heaven Realm could be considered his descendants. Yet, Ji Wudao destroyed the former’s statue just as he claimed he would.

It might be that Ji Wudao had already inherited the will of the Heavenly Emperor. Even if he had inherited the latter’s will and was his heir, Ji Wudao did not hesitate at all when destroying the divine statue. His decisiveness was apparent from the way he did things.

Ji Wudao rarely appeared in the world. Based on what he did here, he was not as agreeable as he appeared.

The ancient Heavenly Palace was in ruins and appeared somewhat dilapidated. There was once a divine aura in this place, but now even that gradually dissipated into nothingness. It was saddening to witness, and the crowd felt that it was such a waste.

“There is some writing here!” someone cried out in astonishment. Many people looked over where that person was. There was a gigantic pillar where he stood. This divine pillar that towered into the sky was originally a stone pillar that supported the Heavenly Palace. Now, it was broken but was not completely destroyed.

On top of the gigantic broken stone pillar, someone discovered some writing. There was a line of casually written words.

There was even a hint of grace in the casualness of the writing.

This caused many people to reveal strange expressions. When they saw the words, their hearts throbbed.

“They seem to be left behind by a woman,” someone said in a low voice. The calligraphy of the woman bore a sense of elegance in its beauty. The words themselves seemed to be authoritative. Who left behind these writings?

Ye Futian also came over and looked at the stone pillar and saw the writing on it –

“Today, I was blessed to be able to pay homage to the various G.o.ds of the Old Heaven Court and bear witness to their splendor. I also inherited the G.o.ds’ will to spread their teachings around the world. This place will remain for the future generations to look up to for many millennia to come.”

Ye Futian thought to himself, Who was she? She had such a great vision.

He was actually impressed. He could not help but have respect for such an ambitious person.

This person had visited this place and carved some words here. She intended to follow the wills of the Tianshens and pa.s.s down their teachings to the world.

She reserved this place for future generations to pa.s.s down the teachings.

Her words also served as a reminder to all the cultivators who visited the place after her. They were free to inherit the wills of the Tianshens, but they should not destroy or occupy the place. Instead, the cultivators should allow future generations to come here to inherit the wills of the Tianshens.

How many people were there in the world who possessed such great ambition?

“These words are most likely left behind by her,” Supreme Swordlord said in a low voice. He was as shocked as the others. As the daughter of the Heavenly Emperor, she had certainly visited this place before. However, she had not pocketed everything for herself. Instead, she had left everything intact so that they could be pa.s.sed down to the generations to come.

The blood of the emperor flowed in her veins, and she was unrivaled. Without her presence, the world lost most of its colors.

Ye Futian looked at Supreme Swordlord. He faintly knew who the person the latter mentioned was. These words seemed to be left behind by a woman. In that case, Supreme Swordlord must be referring to the daughter of the emperor of the Heaven Realm. Admiration welled up inside of Ye Futian.

He did not know whether such a prominent figure still existed in the world. He wondered whether he would have the opportunity to meet her and witness her glory.

“Ji Wudao is most likely her descendent. She was so ambitious, and she desired to let this relic be pa.s.sed down to future generations. However, Ji Wudao eradicated this place,” Supreme Swordlord a.n.a.lyzed while frowning. What was Ji Wudao thinking exactly? How much of her tutelage did he receive and preserve?

Not far away from Ye Futian, Donghuang Diyuan stood there and stared at the writing on the stone pillar. Her gaze was fixated on it for a long while.

“It seems like her descendent has disobeyed her,” Di Hao from the Human Realm commented from the side. He was similarly guessing the person’s ident.i.ty who left behind these words.

Ji Wudao was most likely her successor. However, he did not inherit her will. She had such a great vision for the generations to come, yet Ji Wudao destroyed all the golems of the Tianshens. He ruined everything here completely, committing an act that was the polar opposite of what she had wished. He defied her vision.

“Or perhaps, she was the one who had changed,” Donghuang Diyuan mumbled. Di Hao was stunned by her words and took a glance at her. Then, he watched as Donghuang Diyuan turned around and left the stone pillar. He seemed to be deep in thought as he gazed at her leaving figure.

“From the looks of it, nothing is left here,” Di Hao concluded as he retracted his gaze from Donghuang Diyuan. He then looked at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng and said, “Congratulations to the both of you.”

Ye Futian revealed a strange look. He turned around to face Di Hao. The two of them were not close. When Di Hao went to the ruins of Mahoraga before this, he was up to no good.

Di Hao complimented, “The Divine Ruler can slay all demons. Now that the Divine Ruler and the will of the Demonic Lord have each found their successors, there are two more extraordinary figures in this world.” He spoke with a sincere tone, as though he was pleased about their achievements. There was even divine light moving around him. He gave off a righteous vibe, causing the people around him to feel very comfortable.

Was this head disciple from the Human Realm genuine with his compliments?

“Many thanks,” Ye Futian replied calmly. His voice was emotionless and sounded rather stiff. Di Hao did not seem to mind it either. However, quite a lot of cultivators around them looked in their direction.

Yu Sheng received the teachings of the Demonic Lord while Ye Futian inherited the Divine Ruler. Both of them had extraordinary fateful encounters. They were now at the pinnacle of the cultivation world.

Moreover, the two of them were allies. The other forces would not dare to simply target them now.

Even though some of them coveted the Divine Ruler, they needed to reconsider whether it was worth it for them to attack Ye Futian now that they had seen Yu Sheng’s ability.. Just now, everyone witnessed how powerful Yu Sheng’s strike was. Aside from Ji Wudao, who else in this ancient continent could withstand it?

The Legend of Futian Chapter 2721 – Ye Imperial Palace

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Chapter 2721: Ye Imperial Palace

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There was now a palace complex constructed within the vast expanses of the mountainous Ruins of the Mahoraga, and the palaces acted as a link between the mountains.

In the core region of the Ruins was a divine door, while the Imperial Palace above it was even more magnificent. Looking at how spectacular and grand it was, it was akin to a divine palace. After all, it had been built for the important people. Ziwei Imperial Palace had five grand palaces, while West

Imperial Palace and the Lost Clan also had core powers, so they needed a large territory.

Therefore, Xi Chiyao made full use of every bit of land available in the bid to turn the region into a palace complex.

She had certainly done a great job as it was well planned. The original Lord of West Imperial Palace brought many cultivators from the palace over to help out. Xi Chiyao had even neglected her own cultivation in those days as she spent most of her time working to turn the ruins into something grand

enough to be compared to the Imperial Palaces.

Xi Chiyao viewed the areas containing the Relics of the Great Emperor as core areas and had them fenced.

‘When Ye Futian brought cultivators from Ziwei Imperial Palace to the area, it was not yet fully completed, but they were still stunned by the scale of the construction. Of course, they were aware that this place was newly constructed, and the continent was once a barren land. However, Ye Futian had plans

to turn this area into the second Ziwei Imperial Palace.

Furthermore, the fact that Ye Futian had already constructed an imperial palace here and brought them over meant that they had already taken a firm hold of this continent.

Just how strong Ye Futian was now?

“Come, I’ll bring you guys to see the relics of the Great Emperor,” Ye Futian offered. This group of people who came with him consisted of those of importance in Ziwei Imperial Palace and those who were close to him. There would be more coming subsequently. There was no rush as the linkway was

already up and running.

“Sure.” Everyone nodded their heads in antic.i.p.ation. Even Emperor Xia, who had always given the cold shoulder to Ye Futian, also moved his legs forward obediently, although he still could not be bothered to interact with Ye Futian.

No one did not desire to see and study the relics of the Great Emperor for themselves.

Moreover, there were relics of the Great Emperor, but there was also the G.o.ds’ Continent, the former battlefield of the G.o.ds in the past. And according to Ye Futian’s “bragging,” this place also formally belonged to the Mahoraga Tribe, which was one of the Heavenly Path’s Eight Legions.

“Inever thought that I would be able to see the relics of the G.o.ds’ Continent during this lifetime.” Lord Taixuan was immensely moved. Previously at the Nine Realms, he had also been an impressive character, but later on, as things kept changing in the Original Realm, eventually, he was no longer able to

keep up with the pace.

Although he was still mighty, he was no longer considered significant when judged against the standards of the present Original Realm. Of course, if he were among normal humans in the world, he would still be regarded as exceptionally strong. Now though, he was with Ye Futian, and Ye Futian’s friends

and foes were all exceptional characters.

Lord Taixuan, along with his companions, all felt themselves to be old guards and unable to compete with the leading cultivators from the newer generations any longer.

It had been previously impossible for them to have a chance to come to the G.o.d’s Continent and see the relics for themselves, so Ye Futian bringing them here now was like looking at a changing-of-the-guards.

The other cultivators from the former Nine Realms all gently nodded their heads. They, too, felt the same way as Lord Taixuan. They had been cultivating Taichu’s power at Ziwei Imperial Palace and underwent a metamorphosis that gave them extraordinary prowess.

Now being here, perhaps they would have the chance to improve even further and be of some use in the future despite their old age.

Above that palace, high in the skies, was a divine sword that controlled all the other swords.

Buzz! Just then, the lights went out, and the dangling swords suddenly vanished into thin air. The divine sword, too, disappeared into the darkness, leaving no traces behind.

A few shadowy figures appeared in that area. They consisted of Ye Futian, Supreme Swordlord, Ye Wuchen, and others. They went down to the crowd of people.

The formation of swords had been completed and would form the defense of the palace complex. As such, even if Ye Futian were not around if and when anyone wanted to break in, they would not be able to get past the sword formation. It could even kill the person who tried to break in.

“I’s done!” Ye Futian announced as he landed on the sky stairwell. Everyone smiled. Xi Chiyao grinned. “Using the divine sword as part of the formation, where we are, we should be the first to finish building the palace.”

“Yup.” Ye Futian nodded while looking at Xi Chiyao. “It’s all thanks to you.”

“Everyone helped.” Xi Chiyao smiled. “It’s time to name this place.”

“Name, huh?” Ye Futian’s head ached a little. Looking at the three highest-placed palaces, he knew that the highest one was for him and the important people in Ziwei Imperial Palace, while the lower two at the right and left sides were for West Imperial Palace and the Lost Clan.

“Twant to name this palace as Ye Imperial Palace, but it might not be the right time to do so yet.” Xi Chiyao had this dream.

The cultivators were stunned. Ye Imperial Palace!

“How about we temporarily name it such for now and only announce it to the world in the future,” Supreme Swordlord suggested.

“That’s fine.” Everyone nodded their heads and looked at the handsome face of Ye Futian.

Ye Futian stood there and looked one by one at the faces staring at him. He could see the antic.i.p.ation in each person’s eyes.

They hoped that he would become the Emperor of Ye Imperial Palace one day.

Thus, it would be appropriate to name this palace Ye Imperial Palace. It was the hopes of everyone there.

Seeing what they hoped for, Ye Futian answered, “Okay, let’s name it this way for now, but we’ll not announce it to the outside world. If I don’t manage to become an Emperor, it would be too embarra.s.sing.”

Everyone laughed at Ye Futian’s words.

Within the laughter, there seem to lay their hopes for the future!

The Legend of Futian Chapter 2722 – After Ten Years

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Chapter 2722: After Ten Years

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ten years had pa.s.sed since the G.o.ds’ Continent first appeared, and the once-barren land had been completely transformed.

The pa.s.sageway that linked other realms to this continent had also been opened for the same length of time, and cultivators from each realm had made their way over in troves. The enlargement of the continent also made it possible for countless more cultivators to be there.

At that time, Emperor-level cultivators had occupied the Ruins where the Heavenly Path Eight Legions had been previously and divided their respective territories using the Ruins as the center. For example, the cultivators from the Divine Prefecture used the Naga Ruins (1] as the center point of their

cultivation, while those from Devil World used the Ruins of the Karura.

Not only that, but the cultivators had also built imperial palaces within their respective regions. Many tall, imposing palaces stood on this ancient continent.

In addition, when the strongest forces from every realm occupied any ruins, they also started to construct their bases, resulting in the once-barren continent turning into a flouris.h.i.+ng and vibrant area now. In particular, where the Eight Legions were situated, one could see numerous city walls and

moats; they were impressive in appearance and a stark contrast to how the place had been before.

The cultivators who came to the G.o.ds’ Continent were all pioneers, just that. This time around, the pioneers were all-powerful cultivators from every realm, and they could transform this piece of land in the fastest time possible.

The cultivators in the land were also undergoing continual transformations. It was not rare to see clouds of tribulation rolling above the skies in recent years. Previously, it was extremely rare to see cultivators pa.s.sing through tribulations, but on this continent, it happened frequently. Some pa.s.sed the

first tribulation, others the second, but no one gave the third.

The divine tribulations came in threes, and pa.s.sing all three would make one a G.o.d on the Emperor-level. Yet even with all the changes taking place in the world today, it was still difficult to pa.s.s all three.

Of course, with cultivators from every realm training together on the same land, fights over the relics would still occur, and there would be clashes. Especially when cultivators from different realms clashed, a chain reaction would often occur, causing ma.s.sive disturbances.

Fights and battles were happening all the time on this ancient continent. Conflicts of all kinds were never-ending, and some ended up victorious while others were thoroughly defeated. The survival of the fittest was constantly showcased.

In addition, even till now, there were still highly mysterious relics on this land that had yet had their mysteries cracked, attracting many cultivators to head there to probe. Alas, many extremely powerful cultivators ended up dying in those relics.

The especially dangerous relics were even termed “Forbidden Zone of the G.o.ds” by the cultivators of the land.

No one knew what events had occurred before in those forbidden areas, but it was inevitable that there had to be beings on the Emperor level there in other forms. Otherwise, there was no reason they would be so dangerous as to cause many top-level cultivators to lose their lives there.

Ye Imperial Palace, which was previously the Ruins of the Mahoraga, had evolved into an impressive palace complex. Meanwhile, cultivators from Ziwei Imperial Palace came over continuously to train in this palace complex that encircled mountains, and many also went outside to explore.

‘What’s more, Ye Futian and company had also opened another linkway that linked to Ziwei Segmentum, allowing those from Ziwei Segmentum to come to this land to cultivate also. However, as they were not part of Ziwei Imperial Palace, they were not allowed to use the cultivation resources from Ye

Imperial Palace. Ye Futian only allowed them to visit the ancient continent like other cultivators from the other realms.

As for how far they could progress or how they would turn out, Ye Futian was not responsible for that. It was up to that person’s destiny.

At the summit of Ye Imperial Palace, which was at the top of the sky stairwell at the edge of the palace complex, there was a Will of the Solemn. If you stood on the sky stairwell and lifted your head to look, you would involuntarily feel awed as if it was an actual imperial palace.

The divine sword and sword formation hidden within the sky also gave people a sense of pressure, looking majestic and divine.

Following the steps of the sky stairwell to the top, one would find the magnificent and imposing Imperial Palace there, while behind the palace, there was a ma.s.sive training ground. In there, there sat a white-haired cultivator. Around his body, a jade-green divine light spun round and round. His whole

figure shone brightly and seemed as if the light and physical body were adjoined as one. The surrounding earthly will seemed to have been affected by him and fluctuated according to the divine light’s movements.

Just by sitting there motionless, it felt as if he was the ruler of the world.

Ye Futian opened his eyes at that moment, and a jade-green divine light glinted and penetrated the vast area. He looked up above the skies. He was still unable to get past this stage. It seemed as if he had encountered a bottleneck.

He felt that the current him had cultivated until the highest level of a certain plane and was now at the doorstep of the demiG.o.d-level. Yet, he was unable to take the step into the door. Perhaps he still lacked understanding.

Besides, Ye Futian knew that his journey of cultivation had been different from the others’ in some ways. Ever since he had achieved the pinnacle in the Renhuang plane, he had started to walk along a different path. How the third and final tribulation would be, he did not either.

His current cultivation level was still at the pinnacle in the Renhuang place. It differed from the powerful cultivators who had pa.s.sed through tribulations, yet he had also pa.s.sed through two.

“How can I take the step in?” Ye Futian murmured to himself. He was able to be at the doorstep of the demiG.o.d-level with the powers of the Divine Ruler and was also able to spar with near-deities. He vaguely felt that, if he were able to take that step, he would be able to be at the pinnacle of the demiG.o.d


Once there, save those at the Emperor-level, there probably would not be anyone left who could compete against him anymore. Probably only Ji Wudao, Donghuang Diyuan, and those others at the demiG.o.d-level, or those comparable to the Great Skylords Black and White Almighty, would qualify to go up

against him.

He stood up and turned his head, only to see Hua Jieyu sitting against the wall, cultivating. A large beam of divine light surrounded her, and it was as if that place had become something special. Her aura was also out of the ordinary.

There was a divine stone floating in front of Hua Jieyu. It was among the hundred over stones that Ye Futian had gotten, and it was one of the more special ones. Due to its uniqueness, a lot of time was spent activating this stone.

On seeing Hu Jieyu engrossed in her cultivation, Ye Futian decided not to disturb her but turned around. With a move of his will, his body vanished from where he had been and appeared again outside the Heavenly Palace.

Ye Futian looked down at the lower skies. Divine consciousness enveloped the entire palace complex, and the activities of the cultivators all appeared in his sight.

These days, he practiced alchemy, activated the divine stones to aid other cultivators in learning divine techniques, was cleansed by the dragon’s blood, and let others bathe in the dragon’s blood. This was paired with an elixir, and they would perform closed-door cultivation afterward. It did not matter

whether they were from Ziwei Imperial Palace, West Imperial Palace, or the Lost Clan; all the cultivators underwent a complete transformation.

The important people in Ziwei Imperial Palace improved especially quickly. In recent years, that had been quite a few that had pa.s.sed through tribulations and became powerful cultivators.

Just then, there was a flash at the sky stairwell below. It was Old Ma. He moved toward Ye Futian and bowed. “Your Highness.”

Although they once had a close relations.h.i.+p, in the current Ziwei Imperial Palace, everyone highly respected Ye Futian. Despite being a junior, he had done so much for everyone that no one took his age into account anymore.

“You don’t have to stand on ceremony, Uncle Ma,” Ye Futian repled. Old Ma was still the protector of Ziwei Imperial Palace.

“How are things like in the outside world?” Ye Futian asked.

Ever since the chaos that had taken place then, he had not gone outside to court any more trouble after he had obtained the divine stones. They had already gotten plenty and were not greedy. What’s more, the best inheritances had all been s.n.a.t.c.hed up by those at the Emperor-level, and there was no way

he would incite a fight against them.

“It’s a changing situation. Every day is different,” Old Ma answered, “but the divine relics on the G.o.ds’ Continent have been more or less completely plundered. They have either been taken control of or inherited, except a few secret places known as the Forbidden Zone of the G.o.ds. As they likely contain

extraordinary inheritances, many people desire to decipher them.”

“Ah, I see.” Ye Futian nodded and looked toward the distance. After not being able to get past the cultivation bottleneck these few years, perhaps it was time to go out and have a look around!

[1] Also known as “Naga Relics..

The Legend of Futian Chapter 2719 – A Deal With Donghuang Diyuan

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Chapter 2719: A Deal With Donghuang Diyuan

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor:Nyoi-Bo Studio

The forces under Donghuang Imperial Palace occupied the ruins of House Naga. Rumor has it that among the Eight Legions, House Naga, which the Ancestral Dragon ruled, was also mighty. The Ancestral Dragon was crowned the king of all the demon clans. It was similarly a giant-level figure in ancient

times. It used to stand at the peak of the cultivation world.

The ruins of House Naga were vast and were surrounded by ancient mountains. The palaces of House Naga could be found among the mountains. Even though they were in a state of dilapidation now, one could still faintly make out how majestic they were in ancient times.

Countless skeletons of dragons were left on this land. The skeletons were gigantic and were of different races.

House Naga, ruled by the Ancestral Dragon, consisted of cultivators from all the dragon clans. The house was made up of various dragons, such as Purple Gold Dragons, Crimson Dragons, and Fiery Dragons. Every type of dragon was a leading force on its own. One could imagine how prosperous House

Naga used to be.

At that moment, a figure appeared before a mountain in the territory of the ruins of House Naga. The figure, with white hair and white robes, was none other than Ye Futian.

Many cultivators from Donghuang Imperial Palace stared at Ye Futian. They revealed bewildered looks as they wondered what business Ye Futian had here.

Right now, Ye Futian was no longer the small fry he used to be. People would pay attention to him wherever he went. No one dared to look down on him. In the past, he could unleash extraordinary power in the Ziwei Segmentum with the help of the will of Great Emperor Ziwei. However, he couldn’t do

much and was a n.o.body once he left the segmentum. His cultivation level back then was even lower than that of Lord Chen.

But now, very few cultivators in the Seven Realms would claim to be stronger than Ye Futian.

A group of cultivators approached him. The group leader was actually Du You, one of the direct disciples of Donghuang the Great. Du You first came in contact with Ye Futian when the former was still at the peak of the Renhuang Plane. Ye Futian was but a slightly talented cultivator from the Lower

Worlds. Du You didn’t even take a serious look at him.

They had met a few times after that. Du You could sense Ye Futian’s improvement every time they met. Now, the latter had surpa.s.sed him. This caused Du You to have mixed feelings and feel awkward around Ye Futian. However, such was the way of the cultivation world. As the direct disciple of

Donghuang the Great, Du You used to be the one who led the race.

However, Ye Futian had surpa.s.sed him now, and their difference would only grow bigger in the future.

“What business do you have here?” Du You asked coldly. His voice bore a hint of animosity. Even though Ye Futian was more powerful than him now, it did not mean that he had to be courteous with the former. Both of them were on opposing sides. If it weren’t because of Donghuang the Great’s

extraordinary temperament, Ye Futian would have perished long ago.

Of course, there was another reason why Du You could not stand Ye Futian. The latter’s ident.i.ty as the heir of Emperor Ye Qing had surpa.s.sed his own as the direct disciple of Donghuang the Great. Du You felt humiliated inside.

“Lam looking for Donghuang Diyuan,.” replied Ye Futian. He naturally knew that Du You could not stand him. However, he did not pay the latter heed. There were few people from Donghuang Imperial Palace in the Divine Prefecture whom he bothered about. Ye Futian had come to find Donghuang Diyuan.

Du You was already unqualified to talk to him directly.

“What business do you have with her?” Du You continued asking, ignoring Ye Futian’s statement. His tone was blunt and indifferent.

Ye Futian glanced at him and said, “You can’t call the shots.”

‘When Du You saw the look Ye Futian gave him, his expression became ugly. A cold light was released from his pupils. They seemed to contain Spear Will.

Was Ye Futian ridiculing him?

With his status, there were very few instances when he could not call the shots.

However, Ye Futian had come looking for Donghuang Diyuan. The matter might indeed be something that he could not make the decision. With Ye Futian’s current status, he would naturally not come over for ordinary matters. It might be related to the relics or the teachings of the Great Emperors.

Du You still stared at Ye Futian, not intending to send word of the latter’s arrival. Ye Futian s.h.i.+fted his gaze and ignored him. He shouted out loud, “Donghuang Diyuan!”

His voice reverberated throughout the relic, shaking the s.p.a.ce. Du You’s facial expression immediately tuned cold. His Spear Will became ferocious. Ye Futian did not look at him. Instead, he said in a cold and indifferent tone, “You are no match for me.”

This humiliating statement caused Du You’s face to turn very ugly. However, he had no comeback for what Ye Futian said.

‘There were only a handful of people in Donghuang Imperial Palace who were a match for Ye Futian. At the very least, Du You was not one of them.

In the distance, a brilliant divine light shone. Then, a group of figures appeared in the sky. Donghuang Diyuan stood at the very front. Her beauty was unparalleled. She stared at Ye Futian with her beautiful eyes. Her expression was emotionless, and she did not speak.

“Princess Donghuang, why don’t we make a deal?” suggested Ye Futian.

“What sort of deal?” asked Donghuang Diyuan.

“believe that you managed to get your hands on several divine stones. I also believe that you have managed to comprehend the mystery behind them,” said Ye Futian. Donghuang Diyuan remained silent and did not respond. It was the same as acknowledging his words. Donghuang Imperial Palace had

indeed comprehended the mystery of the divine stones. However, they had not unlocked many of them so far.

“Each divine stone contains a divine technique of the Old Heaven Court. They are priceless and can be pa.s.sed down for generations for cultivation,” Ye Futian said as he looked at Donghuang Diyuan. “I do not need to elaborate on how valuable a divine stone is. You also understand this, Princess

Donghuang. I came here today to make a deal with you. I wish to trade the divine stones for something.”

Donghuang Diyuan still did not respond. She merely looked down at Ye Futian.

Seeing that she did not respond, Ye Futian thought to himself that she was truly an ice queen. He then continued, “I want the skeleton of a Dragon G.o.d with its will intact.”

“You are greedy,” Donghuang Diyuan said as she glanced at Ye Futian. “The corpse of a Dragon G.o.d is the body of a Demon Monarch from ancient times. On top of that, you want its will intact. How many divine stones are you offering in exchange?”

“How about three?” offered Ye Futian.

“That is not enough,” replied Donghuang Diyuan in a cold tone.

“How many do you want?” bargained Ye Futian. He wanted the corpse of a Dragon G.o.d and its will primarily to aid the demons of Demon G.o.d Mountain in their cultivation. The Divine Dragons especially needed it.

Before this, he had obtained the skeleton of Demon Monarch Karura to help the cultivators of Sky Demon Court in their cultivation. Now, if he could get his hands on another Dragon G.o.d skeleton, it would be even better.

Even the other cultivators would benefit if they successfully comprehended the will of a Dragon G.o.d.

He had checked through the divine stones he possessed before. Some of them with similar divine techniques could be used as bargaining chips.

“30 divine stones,” Donghuang Diyuan said as she stared at Ye Futian. Hadn’t Ye Futian obtained quite a number of them?

“Donghuang Diyuan, what you ask for is practically daylight robbery. Where is your sincerity?” Ye Futian mocked with a smile. Behind Donghuang Diyuan were many top figures. Formless pressure emanated from them. However, they could not affect the current Ye Futian. Even the might of the

Near-Deity Level cultivators did not affect him.

30 divine stones meant 30 types of divine techniques. This was equivalent to the heritage possessed by an Emperor-level force. Even if Donghuang Diyuan could not unlock the divine stones, Donghuang the Great would undoubtedly be able to do so.

This woman was truly greedy.

“Toffer you one Purple Gold Dragon G.o.d corpse plus dragon blood from a Crimson Dragon G.o.d that serves to baptize and train one’s body,” said Donghuang Diyuan as she continued to lay out her bargaining chips. This actually drew Ye Futian’s attention.

The corpse of a Purple Gold Dragon G.o.d and dragon blood.

From the looks of it, Donghuang Imperial Palace had reaped considerable benefits in the relic of House Naga.

“10 divine stones,” said Ye Futian as he stared at Donghuang Diyuan.

The two fated enemies were now bargaining.

Donghuang Diyuan continued, “Dragon blood can be used to baptize and train the body. The strength of the flesh of the members of House Naga in ancient times is unimaginable by current day standards. This is the blood of a Dragon G.o.d and a Crimson Dragon. Its blood can be reused over and over again.

You’d better think carefully.”

“The divine techniques in the divine stones can also be pa.s.sed down for generations,” Ye Futian retorted. “20 divine stones is the most I can stomach. If Princess Donghuang does not agree, then just pretend that I was never here.”

“Be on your way then,” said Donghuang Diyuan indifferently. She then immediately turned around and prepared to leave. Ye Futian was stunned.

Did this woman need to act so cold and arrogant?

“Deal,” said Ye Futian, accepting Donghuang Diyuan’s offer. Currently, in terms of value, the 30 divine stones were worth more. However, if he could use the corpse of the Dragon G.o.d and the dragon blood to concoct elixirs and baptize generations to come, Ye Futian believed that this deal was still worth


These 30 divine stones could be replaced. They were not that important.

‘Most importantly, what she offered was what he needed most. Hence, Ye Futian agreed.

It was certainly the same for Donghuang Diyuan. She had a greater need for the divine stones. Hence, she had offered the corpse of the Purple Gold Dragon G.o.d as well as the dragon blood. She wanted to establish a higher price so that Ye Futian would need to exchange even more divine stones.

Donghuang Imperial Palace needed more divine stones.

Donghuang Diyuan turned around and gave Ye Futian a look. They had reached an agreement.

This deal was sealed very smoothly. Both sides were top figures of the cultivation world. They did not need to cheat to get what they wanted. Ye Futian left, taking with him the dragon corpse and the dragon blood.

He still had a lot to do after this!

The Legend of Futian Chapter 2716 – Divine Stones

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Chapter 2716: Divine Stones

“There’re writings here, too!” a voice cried out in the distance.

This caused the cultivators to reveal surprised looks. They looked in the direction of the ruins of the Heavenly Palace.

The place where the Heavenly Palace once stood was now a dilapidated ruin. Only broken pillars and crumbled walls remained there. Gigantic rubble was piled up everywhere. The ancient Heavenly Palace seemed to be forever buried underneath this mess.

However, someone turned over a boulder and noticed that there were writings on it.

Quite a few people were exploring the ruins over there. They discovered that there were indeed many boulders that had writings on them. However, the writings were not left behind by visitors before them. Instead, they were more like writings that were originally carved on the walls of the Heavenly Palace.

“There are some here, too,” a cultivator reported from another direction.

A cultivator speculated, “Could they be part of the carvings that were originally on the walls of the Heavenly Palace?”

“Could they be scriptures or martial arts methods?” another person guessed. After all, where they were now was the Old Heaven Court from ancient times. Even though both the buildings and the golems were destroyed, there might still be something left here, right?

All the top figures moved towards the boulders and investigated them. They scanned the writings with their divine consciousnesses. However, they did not discover any abnormalities. They merely seemed to be ordinary words.

Bang! A loud thud could be heard. Di Hao took a step forward, and immediately, a terrifying power of the Great Path enveloped the entire ruins. Everything in the ruins rose into the sky. The stone fragments and the broken walls floated in midair, taking up all the s.p.a.ce.

There were way too many fragments around. Now, they were all floating due to the powerful spatial will unleashed by Di Hao. Because of that, everyone could quickly identify all the stones that had writings on them.

Beams of Divine Light of s.p.a.ce were shot out by various cultivators. The fragments that did not have writing on them were shot by the divine light and turned to dust. Only the stones that had writings on them were left floating.

If there was anything valuable here, they had most likely been pocketed by Ji Wudao and the cultivators from the Heaven Realm. However, since the cultivators had suspicions about the stones, it was still worth checking them out. They did not have high hopes of making any discoveries. Nevertheless, it was relatively effortless for them to have a closer look at the stones.

The crowd looked up at the floating rocks. The runes carved on them were all jumbled up. Many of them were most likely already destroyed. Even if there were anything left behind, it would be incomplete. It would be difficult to find anything.

“Everyone, have you discovered anything?” Di Hao asked the cultivators from various forces. His temperament was extraordinary. He appeared not to mind sharing the relic with everyone as they investigated the mystery behind these writings together.

The various cultivators stared over here. Someone said, “Even if there were mysterious ma.n.u.scripts and secret techniques left behind by the Old Heaven Court, they most likely have also been lost. It is impossible to reconstruct them.”

Many people nodded in agreement. They could not find anything either. Even though they had eliminated all the stones without words on them, they still could not find anything out of the ordinary.

“Hmm,” responded Di Hao as he nodded his head. However, just then, someone from the crowd suddenly attacked. Countless beams of the divine light of the Great Path immediately shot over towards the floating stones. Loud rumbling could be heard, and many boulders were shattered into dust.

Di Hao turned to look at the person and was just about to speak when the scene before him astonished him. It was not just him; many others also narrowed their gazes as they stared at the many floating rocks in the sky.

Many of them were undamaged!

The power of the Great Path failed to destroy them.

“What is this?” exclaimed the crowd.

The various cultivators stared at the remaining rocks floating in the sky. They discovered that the remaining rocks all had one character on them. The characters did not seem to be related, yet the power of the Great Path had not eliminated them. What did this mean?

It meant that these stones were not ordinary.

Di Hao’s will s.h.i.+fted, and beams of divine light immediately shot out again and struck these stones. Yet, the same scene appeared. Even though the stones were sent flying outwards, they were not shattered. They were extremely st.u.r.dy. Just from their hardness, it was apparent that they were not ordinary stones.

Di Hao was at the Near-Deity Level. Even an attack from him could not shatter these stones. That meant that they could withstand the attacks of near-deities.

However, why was it that their spiritual wills could not sense any aura coming from these rocks? This resulted in them being overlooked and buried together in the rubble of these ruins. Thus, no one was able to find them.

For a moment, everyone was staring at the floating stones. The vast s.p.a.ce suddenly fell silent. Many people were floating in the air while many stood at the top of the sky stairwell as they stared ahead. The atmosphere seemed somewhat delicate.

“These rocks seem to contain some mystery,” Di Hao said in the quiet s.p.a.ce. However, his gaze was still directed ahead. He naturally sensed that the atmosphere was off.

If these rocks weren’t ordinary, they might be treasures left hidden in the Old Heaven Court. Although the various cultivators did not know what these rocks were now, they would certainly want to fight over them.

Seeing that no one in the crowd spoke up, Di Hao continued saying, “Everyone, we came here together. Since we all came across these rocks, why don’t we retrieve the rocks from where we stand to prevent a bloodbath? Whoever manages to get their hands on them gets to keep them. How about it?”

The crowd revealed strange expressions. If they all tried retrieving the rocks from where they stood, it was uncertain who would be able to get their hands on them.

However, Di Hao’s power of the Great Path already enveloped these rocks. All he needed to do was s.h.i.+ft his will, and he could directly claim them with his power of the Great Path. The crowd speculated that he had already seized the initiative. Thus he made such a suggestion.

“I agree,” seconded Dugu Wuxie, who was from the Empty Divine Realm. He had mastered the Path of s.p.a.ce and was extremely powerful. If they were to s.n.a.t.c.h the rocks with the spatial power of the Great Path, he was confident that he could seize a lot of them.

“Is there any difference?” Donghuang Diyuan retorted coldly. Even if they agreed to collect the rocks from where they were standing now, the cultivators would likely still attack each other to get more. It was impossible for them to have peace.

At this moment, cultivators from various forces, especially the Emperor-level forces, had all unleashed their wills of the Great Path to envelop some rocks. They would not miss out on such an excellent chance to loot some treasures.

At this critical moment, if anyone were to s.h.i.+ft their wills first, they would most likely be able to pocket these rocks right away.

However, no one dared to h.o.a.rd all the rocks. They were not capable of doing so.

Strands of wills circled the rocks. The wills intensified, and different auras of the Great Path contended with each other in s.p.a.ce. As a result, turbulence of the Great Path formed, and the rocks kept vibrating.

Rumble. Finally, someone took the first step to loot the rocks. Divine Light of s.p.a.ce wrapped around the rocks, and they disappeared in an instant. The hunt had begun.

Terrifying auras burst forth from various directions. Some cultivators used gigantic palms to grab the rocks from across the s.p.a.ce, while some cultivators rushed forward to pick up whatever they could.

Brilliant green divine light shone from Ye Futian’s body. The light enveloped many rocks. He s.h.i.+fted his will, and immediately, the rocks disappeared from where they were. No power of the Great Path could stop him from absorbing the rocks into his Life Palace.

However, Ye Futian was not greedy.. He roughly claimed one-third of the rocks, still leaving many for the other cultivators!

The Legend of Futian Chapter 2717

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Chapter 2717: The Mystery of the Divine Stones

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In the blink of an eye, the divine stones floating in mid-air had been swept clean. All of them had been pocketed by various cultivators. Some cultivators released the power of the Great Path to stop the others from s.n.a.t.c.hing them, but to no avail.

There are none left? exclaimed someone. Before many cultivators could react to the situation, they discovered that the divine stones had all been taken. All of them had disappeared without a trace.

Moreover, most of them could not make out who had looted the most divine stones. They only caught a glimpse of the whole process. The moment the divine lights lit up, the divine stones were carved up by various parties.

Whoever had better control over the power of s.p.a.ce most likely seized the most significant portion of the divine stones.

Dugu Wuxie seized quite a few. It was the same for Di Hao and Donghuang

Diyuan. However, all this was not surprising. There was another person who managed to s.n.a.t.c.h many divine stones.

It was Ye Futian!

The gazes of many of the cultivators landed on Ye Futian. Even the giant-level figures of the top forces were looking at him. In that instant, an emerald-green divine light shone. They saw the divine stones being enveloped by the divine light. They ignored all resistance by the other powers of the Great Path and disappeared from where they were.

Without a doubt, they had been seized by Ye Futian.

With the power of the Divine Ruler, it seemed that anything was possible.

Little Friend Ye, you have taken quite a few, no? Di Hao asked Ye Futian as he looked at the latter.

Ye Futian raised his head and took a glance at Di Hao. He frowned and said,

You took several stones too. The people who are on the ball get what they deserve. Could it be that you have a problem with that?

Di Hao represented the forces of the Human Realm on their trip here.

Currently, in this vast continent of ruins, Ye Futian led the cultivators of Ziwei

Segmentum while Yu Sheng ruled over the cultivators of Devil Imperial Palace.

They were not inferior to the forces of the Human Realm at all If all of them were to go to war, the forces of the Human Realm would instead be at a disadvantage.

On top of that, there was Ye Qingyao, the Reaper of the Dark Court. She already had a clear stance on who she would side with. “of course, it is as you say-the people who are on the ball get what they deserve. I am merely impressed,” Di Hao replied with a smile. He glanced at Ye

Futian and Yu Sheng. He was well aware that he couldn’t attack Ye Futian on this ancient continent.

Putting aside Ye Futian’s subordinates and his allies, even he had extraordinary abilities. “Since that’s the case, farewell, Ye Futian said. He took a last look at the ruin.

This Old Heaven Court had nothing valuable left now. Ji Wudao destroyed most of it while the rest of them s.n.a.t.c.hed whatever remained.

The Old Heaven Court had genuinely turned into a ruin. There might still be teachings and treasures left in other relics. However, in this region where the

Heavenly Palace was located, the only things left were wreckage. “Let’s go,” commanded Yu Sheng. He also left with the cultivators of Devil

Imperial Palace. In the blink of an eye, the cultivators of Ziwei Imperial Palace and Devil Imperial Palace had both disappeared from this region.

The surrounding cultivators watched as they left. Some of them were tempted to attack Ye Futian, but none dared to put their thoughts into action.

Currently, it was too difficult to want to attack Ye Futian.

A minor miscalculation in their actions would put them in a life-and-death crisis.

After Ye Futian and Yu Sheng left, the other Emperor-level forces gradually dispersed. Their mission this time could be considered a failure. The Old

Heaven Court had been destroyed by Ji Wudao. All the golems of the Tianshens had crumbled into pieces.

Their only spoils were the divine stones. However, n.o.body knew what secrets were hidden in these stones for now. The value of the stones had yet to be determined.

Various forces were eager to retun to their bases and decipher the mystery of the divine stones.

Ye Futian and his allies returned to the relic of Mahoraga. Yu Sheng followed them here too. He then ordered the cultivators of Devil Imperial Palace to leave first. His relations.h.i.+p with Ye Futian went without saying. However, Yu Sheng knew that many cultivators in Devil Imperial Palace had qualms with Ye Futian since he took away the Divine Ruler.

Nevertheless, the current Yu Sheng could suppress the cultivators of Devil

Imperial Palace to prevent his members from getting into a quarrel with Ye


At the core region of the relic of Mahoraga, the cultivators, who did not go to the Old Heaven Court with Ye Futian, were still training hard. They immersed themselves in their meditation and were not perturbed by anything around them

Ye Futian’s group came to one spot. He then waved his hand, and many divine stones immediately appeared simultaneously, floating in the s.p.a.ce. On these divine stones, there were no traces of the aura of the Great Path. They seemed to be ordinary rocks. No wonder Ji Wudao had not discovered them.

Otherwise, he would have certainly claimed them all as his own before he left.

He wouldn’t have gone any for others.

Even Near-Deity Level cultivators could not break open the divine stones.

Ye Futian pondered for a while and then pointed towards a divine stone.

Terrifying attacks landed on it, sending it flying outwards. Yet, it was still unscathed. Ye Futian did not know what sort of divine item it was. “What secrets do these characters contain? said Yu Sheng as he stared at the iivine stones floating in mid-air. The similarity between these divine stones was that each had one character carved on it. However, each character was different “Xing (walk), “Yu Sheng read out the character engraved on one of the divine stones as he stared at.i.t. “Zang-treasure.”

Jian-sword.” “Shou-hand” “Kong-s.p.a.ce.”

Each character was different, with no duplicates.

Ye Futian also stared at the characters on the divine stones. His divine consciousness enveloped them. An emerald-green aura flowed over the various divine stones. He used his most powerful sensory ability to comprehend the mystery behind them.

However, he still could not sense the presence of any aura within them.

Could it be that these divine stones were merely very durable?

Could it be that they had no other uses?

However, if that was the case, why were characters engraved on them? “Xing,”mumbled Ye Futian as he looked at one of the characters.

The power of the Great Path in his body surged towards the divine stone.

Emerald-green divine halos wrapped around it.

Screech. The emerald-green divine halo became a mighty power of law. It merged into the character xing, tracing over it. Then, the crowd saw the left side of the character light up and radiate brilliant divine halos. “It responded,” exclaimed the cultivators of Ziwei Imperial Palace as they narrowed their eyes. Of course, Ye Futian noticed the changes too. His will controlled his power of the Great Path to continue tracing over the right side of the character. Soon, both sides of the character lit up.

Under the emerald-green divine halo, the character xing’ suddenly radiated with unparalleled divine light that expanded outwards. There was an extremely astonis.h.i.+ng will emanating from the divine stone. This drew the undivided attention of all of the cultivators.

What secrets were contained within this character?

Ye Futian had directly opened up the character’s secrets with brute force.

At the instant the character ‘xing lit up, countless ‘xing characters flew out from the divine stone. They blocked out the sky, and their light covered the s.p.a.ce. The character left the stone and expanded frenziedly. It became gigantic and covered the sky.

After it grew many times larger, to their astonishment, the crowd discovered that an illusory figure had appeared at the center of the gigantic xing’

A person seemed to be sitting cross-legged and cultivating!

The Legend of Futian Chapter 2718 – Unraveled

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Chapter 2718: Unraveled

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The divine halos emanating from the character “xing” widened and flooded Ye

Futian. He was immersed in the s.p.a.ce encompa.s.sed by the character and came face-to-face with the illusory figure.

The illusory figure kept moving, anda miraculous will burst forth. Many other illusory figures were formed in the surrounding s.p.a.ce. “This is..” exclaimed someone. The surrounding cultivators felt their hearts tremble violently. All of them had their eyes fixed on the shocking scene before them. The divine stone remained floating in the sky. After the character “xing” had been activated, the divine stone emitted a divine light which enveloped Ye

Futian’s body. It was as though a domain was sealed in the stone, and the character was the key to unsealing it.

This looks like a divine technique,” someone commented. “Hmm. This might be the way the old Heaven Court recorded their divine methods. Instead of carving them on the walls, they sealed the methods in the divine stones. One would need to unseal the stones with their power of the

Great Path before they could comprehend the methods,” a.n.a.lyzed Supreme

Swordlord. “In that case, does it mean that each divine stone here represents a unique divine technique of the Old Heaven Court?

House Deva was the head of the Eight Legions. Under the command of the ancient Heavenly Emperor, the Old Heaven Court had countless Tianshens.

They never lacked divine techniques. Surely, they possessed many unusual divine methods. There were innumerable divine stones in the ruins, but it was nothing shocking considering that these were the divine treasures of the Old

Heaven Court. “We have more than 100 divine stones here,” someone stated.

This amount might mean nothing to the members of the Old Heaven Court, but was astounding for thoOse who were present here. If all 100 divine stones here contained divine methods in them, it meant that Ye Futian’s group was now in possession of more than 100 divine techniques from ancient times.

This was undoubtedly sensational news.

The divine treasures of the Old Heaven Court were hidden in some rubble. Who would have thought of that? If the cultivators from the Heaven Realm learned of this, they would most likely rue their loss of the golden opportunity. The rubble was right under their noses, yet they didn’t even take a look at it. “It’s a divine technique,” announced Ye Futian as he turned around to look at the crowd.

His eyes gleamed with excitement as well. If 10o divine stones corresponded with 100 divine methods, the cultivators of the Ziwei Segmentum would never lack divine techniques from now on. Everyone would have access to top-tier methods.

They had pills that could aid them in improving their bodies and talents. The relics of the Great Emperors which they had seized would allow them to continue experiencing transformation. Now, they had divine techniques which they would cultivate. The members of the Ziwei Segmentum were indeed blessed to have so many cultivation resources. The resources they had were on par with that of Emperor-level forces. The Ziwei Segmentum was even better in some aspects.

The only difference between the Ziwei Segmentum and Emperor-level forces was that the former did not have a Great Emperor who could contend with the six Great Emperors in the world currently.

Aside from Ziwei Imperial Palace, Ye Futian intended to slowly build up the other forces in the Ziwei Segmentum. Over time, those forces would surely become as powerful as the top forces in other worlds. of course, due to the recent major changes, everything would be different in the future. More and more extraordinary cultivators would emerge. “This divine technique is a remarkable movement method. That’s why the divine stone in which it is stored has the character “xing” engraved,” Ye Futian said in a low voice. In that case, the character carved on each divine stone was more than just the key to activate it. It was als0 a label.

The character symbolized the type of divine technique that was stored in the stone. “Jian!

Supreme Swordlord looked towards the divine stone with the character “Jian” carved onto it. If Ye Futian’s explanation was valid, then the technique sealed inside this character was the swordsmans.h.i.+p created by the Tianshens. A sense of antic.i.p.ation welled up inside him. Even though he had reached perfection in his Taishang Swordsmans.h.i.+p, there were still other top-tier swordsmans.h.i.+ps in the world that were worth comprehending. Even if he chose not to cultivate the swordsmans.h.i.+p hidden in the stone, he could still apply its strength in perfecting his technique. “Swordlord, please have a try,” Ye Futian said upon noticing the gaze of

Supreme Swordlord. The latter nodded. The next moment, the will of Taishang

Swordsmans.h.i.+p gushed towards the targeted divine stone. The intense might of Taishang Swordsmans.h.i.+p pressed onto the divine stone, causing a faint glow to light upon the character.

When the crowd saw this scene, they thought, Supreme Swordlord’s cultivation is more vital than that of Palace Lord, yet he could not unravel the mystery of the divine stone as smo0othly as the latter. This was perhaps due to the difference in their wills of the Great Path. Ye Futian had merged the power of the Divine Ruler in his will. Therefore, he could easily activate a divine stone.

Supreme Swordlord continued to push more of his will into the divine stone.

The character grew brighter and brighter, and gradually, an unparalleled divine halo of swordsmans.h.i.+p burst forth from it. After that, a domineering divine halo of swordsmans.h.i.+p poured out from the stone. The light emanated a sharp will, causing many cultivators among the crowd to retreat uncontrollably and disperse. Supreme Swordlord was the only one who remained in his original spot. His gaze was fixed on the character as he immersed himself in this extraordinary Sword Will. “He opened it!” someone exclaimed.

It is true. Each divine stone contains a divine technique,” someone else added.

The cultivators of Ziwei Imperial Palace felt their hearts throbbing. Of course, it was the same for the cultivators of the West Imperial Palace. Before this, their speculation was enough to make them very excited. Now, the scene before them had proven without a doubt that their guesses were correct

The divine stones contained divine techniques.

There were more than 100 divine techniques here.

Ye Futian was also somewhat excited. He said to the others, “All of you, give it a try. See whether you can unlock the divine stones.”

The crowd nodded their heads and began to try out the divine stones. Yet, no one managed to succeed after this.

Even ‘Two Tribulation Plane cultivators could not immediately unlock the divine stones.

The divine stone, with the character “xing” carved on it, dimmed in Ye Futian’s hand. It appeared that without him providing his power of the Great Path, the stone would reseal itself. He did not pay it heed as he looked at the others.It was not the time for him to cultivate now anyways.

When he saw that no one managed to unravel the mystery behind the divine stones, Ye Futian frowned slightly. It seemed that these divine stones would not be figured out so easily. It was just that his power was unique, and the ability of Supreme Swordlord was extraordinary. Their Great Paths were also compatible with the powers within the divine stones. Hence, they had managed to unlock them.

Things weren’t as simple for the others. “G.o.ddess Chiyao,” Ye Futian called out to Xi Chiyao. Xi Chiyao s.h.i.+fted her gaze towards him. Ye Futian pointed at a divine stone and said, “Try that one.”

Xi Chiyao looked at it. The character “yu” was carved on it. “Alright!” replied Xi Chiyao as she nodded. She understood Ye Futian’s intention. He must have guessed that to unlock the divine stones, the characters on them needed to be compatible with one’s cultivation.

The divine power of Raindrop Divine Sword surged into her fingers as Xi

Chiyao pointed at the divine stone. Immediately, raindrops shot towards it and traced out the character. Gradually, the character lit up with a faint glow. “That’s it,” said Xi Chiyao as a look of excitement flashed past in her eyes. Not long after, she unraveled the mystery of this divine stone and appeared within its domain. The entire world became a world of rain. She saw the Rain G.o.d of the past. She felt emotional. This power was very compatible with her cultivation.

When Ye Futian saw this scene, he understood something. From the looks of it, they needed to fulfill two important conditions to unlock the secrets of the divine stones. They needed to have a powerful enough Great Path, and their

Great Path had to be compatible with the divine stones.

Only then could they unlock the divine stones and peer into the divine techniques contained within them.

Among those present here, Ye Futian, Supreme Swordlord, and Xi Chiyao were the only three who managed to unlock a divine stone so far.

Speaking of which, the majority of the members of the other forces, which had seized the divine stones, would not be able to activate the stones either. Only very few top figures could decipher the mysteries of the divine stones.

Ye Futian wondered, “Can my power unlock all the divine stones?” He looked towards another divine stone. Emerald-green divine light shone from his body.

Divine power surged out from his Life Palace and rushed into the stone.

A moment later, changes occurred to the stone as it radiated divine halos. “I can!” Ye Futian said to himself. Then, he attempted to open other divine stones. As the characters on the divine stones lit up one by one, the crowd noticed that Ye Futian could activate all of them. His power of the Great Path seemed to be compatible with everything.

This meant that they had access to all 100 divine stones here. They could cultivate the divine techniques sealed in every stone unhindered.

However, they would need to trouble Ye Futian in the process. They required his help to unseal the divine stones.

Ye Futian stopped trying. He sank deep into his thoughts as he stared at the divine stones. It would take him a long time to sort through the contents of all the divine stones before he could match each stone with a suitable cultivator

However, this was not a sustainable solution. The others would still need to depend on themselves to activate the divine stones in order to cultivate the techniques anytime they wanted.

Aside from this, Ye Futian thought of another thing. These divine stones were very valuable!