The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2822 – I’ll Give You a Look, Understand It Yourself

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Chapter 2822: I’ll Give You a Look, Understand It Yourself

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The two would get together from time to time, telling each other the sad stories of how their grandmothers. .h.i.t them.

These were stories from their hearts.

So Han Zhuoli remembered everything about him clearly.

“So I am giving you time to prepare. Tomorrow, Man Man will be three months pregnant, so we can announce it to the public. My grandma… you know.” After Han Zhuoli said this, he sent an emoji called “Till give you a look, understand it yourself.”

Wei Zhigian was speechless.

He was s.h.i.+vering, feeling a little scared.

After Han Zhuoli said this, Wei Zhigian was so scared that he could not sleep anymore.

Han Zhuoli threw his phone to one side and scooped Lu Man into his arms. “Let’s sleep earlier. Sleep is important.

Lu Man was specchless.

He knew this but still scared Wei Zhigian to the point he could not sleep?


Because Old Mrs. Han remembered something exciting, she woke up an hour earlier than usual.

She opened her eyes and took a glance at the time. It was only five.

Her pals must not be awake yet at this time.

It would not be good to call them so early.

Even though she wanted to show off, she could not be annoying, right?

So Old Mrs. Han could only wait.

She closed her eyes, wanting to take a nap.

But because she was too excited, she could not fall asleep.

Old Mrs. Han could not sleep herself, so she turned around to look at Old Mr. Han, who was beside her.

“Old man, are you awake?” asked Old Mrs. Han.

There was no response.

Old Mrs. Han pouted, tuned around, and took out her phone to pa.s.s the time.

She scrolled through her friends’ feeds, but her eyes could not stop looking at the time at the top left comer of the phone screen.

She was thinking to herself, why was it not six o’clock yet?

“You’re rolling around. Why did you wake up this early?” Old Mr. Han’s voice came from behind, sounding a little sleepy.

Old Mrs. Han turned around happily. “You’re awake?”

“You kept rolling around, how can I not wake up?” Old Mr. Han looked at the time. “It’s only five-thirty.”

Old Mr. Han grabbed his blanket and wanted to cover himself to continue sleeping.

Old Mrs. Han pulled the blanket immediately. “Aiyo, since you’re awake, stop sleeping.”

Old Mr. Han was speechless.

“What do you wanna do, waking up this early?” asked Old Mr. Han, frustrated.

“Isn’t today the day Man Man is three months pregnant? I plan to call the others at seven to tell them the good news,” said Old Mrs. Han happily. “I woke up early accidentally. But my heart is too excited, so I can’t fall asleep after waking up.”

Old Mr. Han was speechless.

“You should also tell Old Qi and the others, right?” said Old Mrs. Han.

Old Mr. Han’s mustache perked up. “Yes, I do need to tell them.”

“Aren’t you saying it in the group?” asked Old Mr. Han, turning his head.

“For such a big thing, I need to call and tell them in detail to show them my sincerity,” said Old Mrs. Han.

Old Mr. Han’s mustache twitched. “Right, then I should call and tell them too.”

“Whether Man Man’s child is a boy or a girl, it will be our oldest great-grandson or great-granddaughter. We have to see it as something important, so we have to tell them one by one and make everyone happy,” said Old Mrs. Han. Then she paused and continued, “Do you think we should use


“Old Mr. Han took a deep breath. “So grand?”

“Of course.” Old Mrs. Han did not think that this was grand. “There’s some distance between us and our neighbors.”

The place they were staying at was a huge house with an enormous courtyard.

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2815 – I Was Blind Back Then

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Chapter 2815: I Was Blind Back Then

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He Zhengbai said, “The two of them probably had all kinds of problems and did not seem like good people, but they had never done anything wrong to you.

They didn’t owe you anything, but you could still betray them without hesitating “I don’t have such a deep connection with you. Of course you will betray me without batting an eye. How can I trust someone like you? You have never wronged me in the past, but with your personality, isn’t it just a matter of time? “Take right now. Aren’t you messing with other men behind my back, betraying me? said He Zhengbai coldly. “You still wronged me first! For you, I sacrificed so much and lost so much.

However, after you have gotten those things, you think that I have no use anymore and threw me aside while finding new people who are of value to you!

You already hurt me, so how dare you expect me to be loyal to you? “You can lead a life of debauchery, being accompanied by s.e.x partners and friends with benefits. Why can’t I have fun with other people too? Besides, Ive already given you so nmuch! A lot of what your family has belonged to my family! However, you’re unwilling to spend a single cent on me to help me in my business. “Then fine, I won’t expect anything from you, because I have already seen through you. I can think of other ways myself. I didn’t ask you for help or make you pay for anything. I thought of solutions myself and you dared to hit mel said Lu Qi furiously. “Heh!” He Zhengbai laughed out of anger. “You don’t have anything now. You’re a person who doesn’t have any skills or background. I gave you marriage and took care of you. I was already very merciful to you. You’re not grateful and betrayed me!”

Lu Qi did not understand. He did not care about her anymore. It would be better if they lived their own lives.

Whether it was in the entertainment industry or in the circles that their families were in, married couples who did not have feelings anymore and living their own lives each were very common.

Lu Qi saw that He Zhengbai did not treat her as his wife, messing around outside even more than before his marriage.

Of course Lu Qi was angry.

She also had the intention of exacting revenge.

But she also felt that this was an agreement between the two.

She did not expect that He Zhengbai could be so unreasonable; he could mess around but she must stay loyal to him!

What kind of logic was this?! “So you want to divorce?” asked Lu Qi coldly. ‘Divorce secretly andI won’t post these photos,” said He Zhengbai.

Lu Qi scoffed coldly. “If you want to divorce, I will expose that you hid our marriage and planned to deceive others into marriage!” “It’s no fun beating around the bush like this.” He Zhengbai squinted, looking down on her. “You can tell about our marriage, but these photos will also be seen by everyone. Who do you think will suffer more?”

Lu Qi glared fiercely at He Zhengbai. “He Zhengbai! I was blind back then to have my heart set on you!” “Yes, you were blind” If she was not blind, how could she be in this state

He Zhengbai did not care about Lu Qi’s insult at all.

Lu Qi was just a tool to He Zhengbai anyway. He never had real feelings for her.

Lu Qi was not just blind for liking him but also for betraying her own parents.

She disappointed the only people who would be good to her wholeheartedly.

It was uncertain whether Lu Qi understood the meaning behind He Zhengbai’s


The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2825 – Old Mr. Wei Felt That This Was the End of Wei Zhiqian

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Chapter 2825: Old Mr. Wei Felt That This Was the End of Wei Zhiqian

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“Don’t think that I was just scaring him; I really didn’t let him come in. After he got together with Man Man and brought her with him, only then did I let him enter,” said Old Mrs. Han.

Old Mrs. Wei really did not know about this.

Because Wei Zhigian was afraid.

If he told Old Mrs. Wei about how Han Zhuoli suffered

He did not know whether Old Mrs. Wei would have laughed.

But he was scared that Old Mrs. Wei would learn from it and would not let him come in the house too!

So he did not dare to tell Old Mrs. Wei.

After hearing Old Mrs. Han’s experiences, Old Mrs. Wei was pretty interested.

She sat on the chair as her eyes glowed, then she sat slightly forward. “Then?”

“Then? Then he found Man Man,” said Old Mrs. Han. “You have to force him. But I would not ask him to just simply find one. It’s not okay either to just simply find anyone. It’s wrong to the kid. Marrying someone he doesn’t like won’t make him happy. We want them to marry, have a partner, and have a

home, but we also hope that they can be happy. We can’t make them marry for the sake of marrying,”

“Yes, I agree with you.” Old Mrs, Wei felt the same.

“Twas so forceful to Zhuoli back then because I wanted him to attach more importance to it, prioritizing finding a wife. If I hadn’t pressured him, he won’t have seen it as something important. He would have dragged it out, and who knows when he would have taken it seriously?” said Old Mrs. Han.

Old Mrs. Wei nodded, feeling exactly the same.

“Actually, I also know that last time, he had Zhuoli as his partner, so Qian was not in a hurry. However, now Zhuoli is even having a kid. It’s impossible that Qian won’t be in a hurry. He can’t be dilly-dallying anymore. He doesn’t know how to keep a watch for a girl he thinks is not bad and can develop a

relations.h.i.+p with.”

“You must rush him; time waits for no one. Let him have some sense of urgency. If the feather duster behind him is closer, and he is serious, how can he not find a wife?”

As Old Mrs. Han was speaking, she gave Old Mrs. Wei a Trojan horse. “Plus, Young Qian has excellent traits. He’s tall and handsome, on the level of a male G.o.d. If he’s really serious, why would he need to worry about not finding a wife? So you have to rush him.”

“Before, you were too gentle and soft with him,” said Old Mrs. Han.

Old Mrs. Wei really felt that what Old Mrs. Han said made sense.

“Aye, you’re really my good pal. I will act according to what you said!” It was one of the rare times that Old Mrs. Wei was not frustrated as she ended the call happily.

Old Mr. Wei and Old Mr. Han had already finished speaking.

They spoke a lot less than their wives.

Old Mrs. Wei said to Old Mr. Wei, “Old Zhou really gave me a good idea. That’s my good pal. Her grandson already has a wife but she still thought of me.”

Old Zhou was obviously Old Mrs. Han.

Old Mr. Wei was speechless.

Even though he did not hear what Old Mrs. Han told Old Mrs. Wei, looking at the reaction of Old Mrs. Wei, Old Mr. Wei felt that this was the end of Wei Zhigian.

Without stopping, Old Mr. Han and Old Mrs. Han continued to call their other pals.

They told everyone the news of Lu Man’s pregnancy.

Old Mrs. Han went on to ask Butler w.a.n.g to hang the firecrackers.

“When the neighbors come, should we give out wedding candies?” asked Old Mrs. Han..

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2819 – Prepare Their Manuscripts for Them

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Chapter 2819: Prepare Their Ma.n.u.scripts for Them

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He should not give the journalists a hard time.

It would be hard enough to come out to work now, and they’d still have to be sent here and there by their CEO.

If there was time, it would be better for the journalists to go for bigger news.

“No… no need,” said Lu Man.

She was just pregnant. It could not be considered news-worthy.

To them, it was joyful news, but to people unrelated, they would not feel much.

It was like… whether you were pregnant or not had nothing to do with me.

That feeling.

Han Zhuoli held Lu Man’s hand. “Why not? This is such an important thing! This is something serious. The fourth generation of the Han Family is born! Whether it’s a boy or a girl, it will be the eldest grandson or granddaughter. Extremely different.”

“Tthink… we can just announce it online. Didn’t we just tell Chu Zhaoyang and the others? We didn’t tell the elders of their family. Grandma will definitely want to tell this joyful news to the elders herself.”

Lu Man felt sorry for Wei Zhigian and the other single people.

They could not blame her for not being loyal to them.

She could not really ask Han Zhuoli to organize a press conference just for her pregnancy.

Wei Zhigian was going to suffer anyway, so he was not lacking that.

“Those who are left are not closely related to us, so we won’t need to tell them specifically. It’s fine to just announce it online,” said Lu Man.

“Besides, organizing a press conference now is actually not as effective as announcing it online. After the press conference, we would have to wait for the journalists to write the ma.n.u.scripts, then publish them. I don’t even know how many netizens watch their news. Probably not as many as our fans. It’s

better to just post it ourselves, letting the netizens from the whole country see and give us their blessings. How nice is that?”

Han Zhuoli touched his chin and said, “Actually, I can prepare their ma.n.u.scripts for them.”

Lu Man was speechless.

There would be less work for the journalists.

Han Zhuoli laughed. “Fine. After listening to you, I also feel that a press conference won’t be that effective.”

Han Zhuoli took out his phone and looked at the time now. It was 9:20 PM.

“After another two hours and forty-eight minutes, I can announce it online,” said Han Zhuoli.

Lu Man was speechless.

This man was already thinking about it even without her reminding him.

After that, Han Zhuoli said, “Don’t stay up too late. You should sleep early. It’s the same to post it tomorrow after you wake up. I will post it after midnight.”

“Okay.” Lu Man laughed. “Actually, you don’t need to stay up either. It’s the same if you post it tomorrow with me.”

“Tcan’t wait.” Han Zhuoli looked as though he was rus.h.i.+ng. It seemed like he was really in a hurry.

She did not know how he had endured it these past two months.

When they found out she was pregnant, it had already been one month.

So Han Zhuoli had endured for another two months.

Seeing how impatient Han Zhuoli was, Lu Man did not say things like “if they did not post together, stupid netizens would misunderstand.”

But it indeed would happen.

Just like after some public figures announced their relations.h.i.+ps.

Even during their partners’ birthdays, if they did not publicly post their birthday wishes at 12 midnight sharp, netizens would speculate whether they had broken up..

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2810 – Did You Catch Him?

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Chapter 2810: Did You Catch Him?

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How could Lu Qi do that!

He Zhengbai’s expression was dark. Just as he was about to push open the door and rush in, someone held his wrist.

“Master He, you can’t go in. Don’t forget that the outside world does not know about your marriage with Lu Qi,” said the a.s.sistant who was brought along by He Zhengbai.

The a.s.sistant was a.s.signed specifically to He Zhengbai by the He family; he was skilled.

The a.s.sistant also knew about Lu Qi cheating and planning to climb the ranks using unspoken rules.

He came with He Zhengbai because it was not convenient for He Zhengbai to face this.

He Zhengbai touched his chin while looking at the doork.n.o.b with a dark expression.

The a.s.sistant understood, took out the room card, swiped it, opened the door, and rushed in immediately.

This was too unexpected.

The two who were inseparable in bed did not expect or worry that someone would come in while they were having a good time in the room.

n.o.body could enter without a room card.

Suddenly, an outsider barged in.

And the two were too into what they were doing, so they did not notice that a.s.sistant.

That a.s.sistant rushed in without talking, took out his phone, which already had its camera opened, and started taking a huge amount of photos of the two people in bed.

Lu Qi was just acting. Actually, she did not feel anything at all.

So after Lu Qi had acted for a while, she felt bored. She did not stop making noises, but she opened her eyes to look at the television in front.

She thought about how, if she had not turned off the television, she would still have been able to watch some television shows. How nice it would have been.

But she did not expect to see a stranger standing in front of the bed when she opened her eyes.

Lu Qi jumped.

No matter how immoral she was, she was not planning to have s.e.x in front of others!

Lu Qi’s body was cold. She screamed at the top of her lungs.

The director was drenched in sweat as he suddenly became soft, scared by the scream.

He turned around and saw He Zhengbai’s a.s.sistant.

It was as if He Zhengbai’s a.s.sistant did not see their shocked and furious looks.

He continued to take pictures rapidly, capturing the front and the faces of the two clearly.

The director and Lu Qi finally came to their senses.

Lu Qi screamed as she took the blanket to cover herself.

The director reached out to block the camera and tried to s.n.a.t.c.h the a.s.sistant’s phone while shouting, “Who are you? How did you come in?!”

The a.s.sistant had captured everything that he needed to. He ran out without saying another word.

The director wanted to rush out.

However, he was not wearing any clothes, so he could not do so.

But he could not just let that person escape.

The director hurriedly wrapped a towel around himself and rushed out.

But he was delayed for quite a bit, and He Zhengbai and his a.s.sistant were gone.

The director was enraged.

A person rus.h.i.+ng in to take pictures all of a sudden was definitely not a good thing.

Even if he was not famous, he was a person with a family.

It was definitely not a good thing to be fishy.

The director returned to the room angrily.

Lu Qi had put on her clothes. When he came back, she asked him, “Where is he? Did you catch him?”

“No, he’s gone.” The director also put on some clothes. “What’s wrong with that person?!”

The director had asked Lu Qi this.

He did not know whether it was for Lu Qi.

However, Lu Qi no longer had any news value.

Unless she made herself ill, even the paparazzi was too lazy to deal with her.

The director suspected, could it be that his own wife knew?

However, as a director, these things always happened.

The unspoken rules that involved female stars who could not be famous.. There were also quite a few low-tier movie stars who came to him.

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2817 – True Ignorance

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Chapter 2817: True Ignorance

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor:Atlas Studios

“My tiny request won’t stop you from divorcing me. We’ve been together for so long, you can’t even agree to this?

“If you let me finish shooting this project, at least I’d have the power to continue in this industry. I can think of ways to keep myself alive and will not disturb you.”

“You’d dare to disturb me?” He Zhengbai sneered. “If you dare to come, aren’t you scared that your photos will be posted?”

“What do you mean?! You’re going to keep using these photos as leverage?” said Lu Qi angrily. “I already agreed to divorce you.”

“As long as we’re not officially divorced, I will not trust you,” said He Zhengbai coldly. “Let’s wait until we get a divorce certificate.”

Lu Qi gritted her teeth without saying anything.

He Zhengbai continued, “Also, after we divorce, keep your mouth shut. If I hear any news about us being married before, I will not forgive you!”

Lu Qi looked at the man in front of her.

He was in love with her in the past, but now, he was unwilling to admit that he was married to her before.

It was like being married to her made him feel shameful.

However, Lu Qi did not have any feelings for He Zhengbai anymore.

Her tone was calm. “I will, I promise.”

He Zhengbai got up and the a.s.sistant let go of her.

The two left Lu Qi’s room.

He Zhengbai did not even look at her another time.

Lu Qiyuan had been taken away by the police and it was not going so well for him.

According to the news he had gotten, Lu Qiyuan was a goner this time.

He was able to maintain the marriage with Lu Qi because of Lu Qiyuan.

No matter what, Lu Qi was Lu Qiyuan’s daughter.

After Lu Man and Lu Qiyuan completely fell out, Lu Qi was like Lu Qiyuan’s only daughter.

If something really happened to Lu Qi, how could Lu Qiyuan not care?

So Lu Qi was still a little useful to the He family.

But now that Lu Qiyuan was finished, the last of Lu Qi’s usefulness was gone.

He did not have to maintain their marriage.

At first, He Zhengbai was afraid that Lu Qi would talk groundlessly outside.

But now, Lu Qi had dug her own grave and he had a hold over her.

It would be senseless for He Zhengbai not to use it.

However, the good mood that he had from breaking free was gone now.

Because his crotch was in pain.

Lu Qi was there just now, so he did not show it.

But even though it was not as painful as at the start, he still did not feel good.

He Zhengbai was scared that he would have some sort of chronic injury from that kick, so his expression was awful.

After Lu Qi sent He Zhengbai away, she closed the door and took out her phone.

At this time, the only person she could think of was Lu Qiyuan.

Obviously, she could not just be strung along by He Zhengbai.

‘Whatever He Zhengbai said, she had to obey.

If that was so, He Zhengbai would only keep on benefiting while she would suffer more and more.

Lu Qi called Lu Qiyuan’s number.

However, it said that his phone was turned off.

Lu Qi thought that Lu Qiyuan did not want to pick up her call. She did not even know that it was not that Lu Qiyuan did not want to, it’s that he could not do it.


Lu Man did not know that though Lu Qi and He Zhengbai had just gotten married recently, they already wanted to divorce.

She had not paid attention to these two people for very long.

‘That was because she had forgotten about these two people.

Perhaps this was the real ignorance..

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2829 – The Basic Requirements as an Assistant

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Chapter 2829: The Basic Requirements as an a.s.sistant

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor:Atlas Studios

Han Zhuoli’s thought was that the Han Family had a lot of sons.

‘There were Han Zhuoling, him, and Han Zhuofeng.

So even if an heir was needed, he would not feel pressured.

There were two other sons.

And given the tradition of the Han Family always giving birth to sons, there was definitely no need to worry about this.

The one thing to be concerned about was that no daughter would be born in his lifetime.

Among the three brothers, if a daughter was born, she would definitely be the Han Family’s treasured baby.

She would definitely be spoiled.

So it was not important to give birth to a son.

Giving birth to a daughter would be a win.

If Han Zhuoli had to pick one, he wanted a daughter more.

“Isn’t it almost time to go to the office?” Lu Man reminded him.

Lu Man was reminding him to not forget about work.

But to Han Zhuoli, it was time to go to the office to receive everyone’s congratulations.

So he put Lu Man back onto the front pa.s.senger seat.

Unexpectedly, he did not leave immediately.

Before Lu Man’s confused gaze, Han Zhuoli called the number of the manager of the Han Corporation’s publicity department.

“CEO.” Manager Zhang from the publicity department was not expecting Han Zhuoli to call him, so he picked up immediately.

His hand holding the phone was a little shaky.

Usually, if there was anything, the message would be pa.s.sed on by Zheng Tianming.

It was very rare for Han Zhuoli to contact people directly.

Especially the publicity department, which had never been contacted directly by Han Zhuoli himself.

“Have you seen your Weibo?” asked Han Zhuoli.

“Ah?” Manager Zhang froze. He was busy with work. How could he have time to go on Weibo?

If he said that he had seen it and Han Zhuoli reprimanded him for going online while working, what would he do?

Besides, he was not from the Public Relations Department.

If there were any issues with the public opinion online, he would not find them.

After Manager Zhang thought this, he said, “CEO, I have been working and did not have time to go online.”

“This is outrageous!” Han Zhuoli was furious!

He had finally waited until now to happily announce the good news of Lu Man’s pregnancy.

How could this Manager Zhang not go online!

“Go and look at what Lu Man and I have posted on Weibo, then get the person in charge of the company account to share it,” ordered Han Zhuoli with a moody expression.

This manager from the publicity department was no good!

How could he not have a keen sense for news?

How, then, could he publicize the new products of the Han Corporation?

Manager Zhang froze.

He just wanted to show his diligence. He did not expect it not to work.

“Yes, yes,” answered Manager Zhang immediately.

After he hung up, he took a look instantly.

‘When he saw it, he knew why Han Zhuoli was unhappy.

Manager Zhang did not dare to delay any further and asked the employees in his department who were in charge of the Han Corporation’s public account to share the post and to also send the most heartfelt blessings!

Han Zhuoli found out that Manager Zhang had not seen his Weibo post because of work, so he contacted Zheng Tianming unhappily.

“Have you seen your Weibo?” asked Han Zhuoli.

It was no wonder that Zheng Tianming was Han Zhuoli’s capable a.s.sistant. “I’ve seen it and I have shared it already. CEO, congratulations! Please pa.s.s my congratulations to Lu Man. Lu Man has been following you to the office, but I didn’t expect it to be because of her pregnancy. Does Mrs. CEO want

anything to eat? I will ask someone to buy them now.”

Han Zhuoli felt good after hearing this.

It was no wonder that he loved to depend on Zheng Tianming throughout all these years.

Look at this. These were the basic requirements as an a.s.sistant..

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2812 – How Dare You Hit My Face

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Chapter 2812: How Dare You Hit My Face

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

But they just got into trouble a while ago. Lui thought, was the director not scared that someone would take pictures if he came again? Ile definitely would not want to do that. If there was anything, it would be the same to contact her through her phone

Lu Qi was confused as she went to the door. There was no peephole on the hotel room door, so Lu Qi could only open the door.

Unexpectedly, at the door stood Ile Zhenghal! “You..” Lu Qi was shocked. Before she could even finish speaking, Ile Zhengbai pushed the door open.

Even Lu Qi almost fell from the strong push. She stumbled back a few steps before her feet were blocked by the bed and she fell on it.

She saw Ite Zhengbal’s gloomy look. At that moment, Lu Qi found out that behind Ile Zhengbal was a young man.

Ile looked a little familiar.

Back in the room of that director, it was in shock that Lu Qi saw lle Zhengbal’s a.s.sistant Ile Zhengbal’s a.s.sistant was holding his phone, and the angle at which he held it blocked most of his face.

In addition, everything happened too quickly, Lu Qi was in fear and panic, so she did not have time to notice the looks of Ile Zhenghal’s a.s.sistant

So right now, even after less than half an hour, when the a.s.sistant reappeared in front of Lu Qi, Lu Qi could not recognize him. “What are you doing?” Lu Qi stood up. Seeing that Ile Zhengbal was being aggressive, she knew that he did not have any good intentions.

Lu Qi also put up her guard. Ile Zhenghal sneered, raised his hand, and slapped Lu QL. Poor Lu Qi had just stood up and walked two steps towards lle Zhengbal, so she was not close to the bedside She was slapped by Ile Zhenghal and fell backward, hitting her forehead on the bedside

Luckily, the huge bed of the hotel was wrapped nicely and on top was a thick mattress. Lu Qi was not knocked out, but she was in pain. Iler head was spinning Lu Qi got up hurriedly while holding her b.u.ming cheek that was just slapped. “lle Zhengball Iter glare was sharp. 1ow was she supposed to act tomorrow after getting hit by lle Zhengbal?!

“Are you even a man? You hit me!” said Lu Qi angrily.

“b.i.t.c.h scolded Ile Zhengbal, pointing at her. The a.s.sistant went to the door and closed it, stopping anybody from snooping after hearing the noise

“What did you say?” screamed Lu Ql. “You came here at night and went mad, and you still have the audacity to talk about me? I still have to act tomorrow.llow dare you hit my “Act? You still want to act? I tell you, don’t even dream of becoming famous your whole life! I won’t let you act in this show!”Ile Zhengbal stepped forward and grabbed Lu Qi’s long hair.

Ile planted another slap on her other cheek, which was not swollen yet.

But this time, Ile Zhengbai grabbed Lu QL’s hair.

So when Lu Qi went down, because Ile Zhenghal was holding her hair, she did not completely fall down.

She just felt a pain as if her scalp was going to be lifted and her hair was going to be pulled out. Then, Ile Zhengbal grabbed her hair and threw her back

Lu Qi had learned the bold and vigorous character of Xia Qingyang She was not the type to not fight back and let others scold her.

She lowered her head as she screamed in agony. Seeing that Ile Zhengbai had thought that he had completely tamed her, making her unable to fight back, she suddenly raised her leg and kicked fiercely below Ile Zhengbal’s stomach

Ile Zhengbal walled and let go of Lu Qr’s hair. Ile bent his back and held the area of pain below his stomach as he crashed on the floor

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2831 – Your Acting Could Be More Dramatic

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Chapter 2831: Your Acting Could Be More Dramatic

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor:Atlas Studios

After waiting for a while, everyone saw Han Zhuoli’s car driving towards the entrance of the office from far.

Then, soon after, they saw Han Zhuoli and Lu Man stride in.

Han Zhuoli held Lu Man’s waist, being careful with her every step.

Zheng Tianming’s mouth twitched.

Lu Man’s stomach was not even big yet; she did not look like she was pregnant at all.

People could not bear to watch how Han Zhuoli was treating her like a pregnant woman with a huge stomach.

It was as though he was afraid that people would not know that Lu Man was pregnant.

Being held by Han Zhuoli like this, Lu Man could not stop her mouth from twitching too.

Ever since she got pregnant, she had already stopped wearing the high heels that she rarely wore.

She was steady wearing flat shoes.

Before they could announce it, Han Zhuoli had not been as serious.

Lu Man whispered, “You don’t actually need to hold me. For the past three months, haven’t I been walking steadily?”

Han Zhuoli also whispered, “Back then, did you think that I didn’t want to hold you? Isn’t it because I was scared that I would be too obvious and people would find out? During that time, every time I watched you walk by yourself, my heart was full of concern.

“Now, we no longer need to hide it, so obviously I will take good care of you,” said Han Zhuoli as he raised his head and stuck his chest out. People could not bear to look at that proud look.

Even the various supervisors and those in high positions thought that Han Zhuoli’s proud look seemed as though he was not going to have a kid but the whole world.

Finally, Han Zhuoli held Lu Man as they entered the Han Corporation building.

It was as though Han Zhuoli had just seen that there were people waiting at the entrance.

He had a surprised and confused expression as he asked, “Why are you all here? What happened that you guys can gather here in such an orderly manner?”

Everyone was speechless.

CEO, your acting could be more dramatic.

Mrs. CEO was clearly a famous actress. Why did she not teach any acting skills to the CEO?

People could not watch Han Zhuoli’s terrifying acting.

Everyone thought, “Don’t you know about what happened?”

Zheng Tianming even sent an email!

Zheng Tianming’s expression stayed the same. He smiled sincerely. “These managers found out that Mrs. CEO is pregnant and have especially come to the entrance to welcome and give their congratulations to CEO and Madam CEO.”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” General Manager He nodded immediately. “We didn’t call the other employees. They’re also full of excitement and wanted to come here themselves to congratulate the CEO and the Madam CEO, but we can’t let everyone in the company come here. It will be too cramped.”

“Yes, and if there are too many people, it will be too dangerous. It won’t be good if someone accidentally pushes Madam CEO,” said a.s.sistant General Manager Zhao, who was newly appointed. “Although they’re not physically here, their hearts are with us.”

General Manager He nodded at the side, showing total agreement.

This a.s.sistant General Manager Zhao was newly appointed. Before him, a.s.sistant General Manager Yu was the one who wanted to kick General Manager He out and take the spot for himself.

He was never on good terms with General Manager He.

Because of that, many inconveniences appeared during work.

‘Whatever General Manager He wanted to do, a.s.sistant General Manager Yu would disagree.

Even if he could not stop it in the end, he would create many obstacles, making his work not as smooth and wonderful.

General Manager He had wanted to grasp an opportunity to fire a.s.sistant General Manager Yu since the beginning.

Regarding this, the General Manager had to thank Lu Man.

Back then, a.s.sistant General Manager Yu dug his own grave by collaborating with outsiders to make Lu Man suffer. That made him Han Zhuoli’s target..

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2836

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Chapter 2836: They Did Not Give People a Chance to Survive

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Man felt sorry for Zheng Tianming and said, “Then I will take a look around to see if there is any suitable girl to be introduced to Zheng Tianming. Zheng Tianming is not young anymore. He spends his days alone working. That’s quite sad.”

“Just leave it to Grandma,” said Han Zhuoli.

“Hmm?” Lu Man was confused.

Han Zhuoli smiled gently. “You’re pregnant now, and it isn’t good to think too much. Don’t make yourself too tired by finding a girlfriend for Zheng Tianming. Grandma likes to be a matchmaker anyway, and she also knows Zheng Tianming well. How about we leave it to Grandma? She has more

experience as well.”

Han Zhuoli was high-sounding.

Actually, he just did not want Lu Man to think about Zheng Tianming.

Lu Man could only think of him alone and no one else.

So Han Zhuoli cunningly pushed this matter to Old Mrs. Han.

Lu Man did not think that Han Zhuoli was so petty, and she did not feel it as well.

Instead, she felt that what Han Zhuoli said made sense, so she nodded and said, “You’re right.”

Poor Zheng Tianming did not even know that not only did Han Zhuoli not want to introduce a girlfriend to him, but Han Zhuoli also did not want to allow Lu Man to do the introductions.

“You should work. I won’t disturb you anymore,” said Lu Man.

“There’s not a lot of work today.” Although Han Zhuoli said this, he already went to his desk subconsciously to prepare for today’s work.

However, Han Zhuoli realized that he felt more free today.

He did not know that he was free today, but Han Zhuoling was tired.

Everyone was afraid of Han Zhuoli today because of what Han Zhuoli was like during the meeting in the morning.

They were afraid that when they came to report their work to Han Zhuoli, Han Zhuoli would talk about Lu Man’s pregnancy to them, not allowing them to leave.

It was extremely frustrating.

It was as though their wives had not given birth before!

Back when their wives were pregnant, they were happy, but they did not cross the line, not allowing people to leave and repeating their wives’ pregnancies hundreds of times in a day.

They had to go along with Han Zhuoli and flatter him when he talked about Lu Man’s pregnancy.

But when Han Zhuoli started talking, he would not stop for a while.

Even if they went along with him and flatter him, they would run out of words.

Today, the CEO’s office was like a tiger’s den to the people of the Han Corporation.

Poor Han Zhuoling’s workload was strangely increased.

Frustrated, he frowned as he looked at Manager Luo from the finance department, who was reporting to him.

Han Zhuoling did not need to show a stern expression.

He just had to look silently and he was already stern enough.

Poor Manager Luo’s legs and stomach were already shaking, but thinking of Han Zhuoli, he still felt that it was better to face Han Zhuoling here.

These brothers were terrifying!

They did not give people a chance to survive!

One would talk about his wife’s pregnancy to you.

This one was normal, but his cold expression was too terrifying.

“This is not my responsibility. Why did you come here to me without going straight to the CEO?” Han Zhuoling placed the doc.u.ment on the desk.

He squinted his eyes. The older Young Master Han had not been a workaholic in so long, and now he was very unwilling to take on work that did not belong to him.

Manager Luo’s legs were shaky as he faced Han Zhuoling’s questioning. It was as though his mouth had a muscle cramp; it jerked a few times and he said, “Madam CEO is pregnant and is now in the CEO’s office, so I don’t dare to disturb them. I thought that this isn’t something big, so it’s the same whether

it’s you or the CEO who deals with it..”