The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2826 – A Non-family Member Should Not Enter the Same House

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Chapter 2826: A Non-family Member Should Not Enter the Same House

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“Wedding candies?” Old Mr. Han did not think of this. “Why give wedding candies for this? This is not a weddin|

“It’s joyful news too anyway,” said Old Mrs. Han.

“There’s no need for wedding candies. Our house doesn’t have any,” said Old Mr. Han. “When Man Man gives birth, we will send every house a red egg.”

Old Mrs. Han also agreed after pondering.

The firecrackers were leftovers from Han Zhuoli’s and Lu Man’s wedding, so there were some.

But there were no leftover wedding candies.

Han Zhuoling and s.h.i.+ Xiaoya had gotten their marriage certificate, but they had not started arranging their wedding, so there was none in the house.

‘There were no children in their house, so they did not prepare anything for the kids to snack on.

There were definitely no candies.

Old people did not like to eat food that was too sweet, and as for Han Zhuoli and the others, they did not like to eat sweet food either.

So Old Mrs. Han could only give up on the idea of giving out wedding candies.

She asked Butler w.a.n.g to hang the firecrackers at the gate outside. Old Mr. Han, Old Mrs. Han, and Auntie Sun immediately covered their ears.

After Butler w.a.n.g lit the firecrackers, he ran away rapidly. The noise of firecrackers could be heard even with ears covered.

It was only eight o’clock. Old Mrs. Han had calculated the time accurately to get Butler w.a.n.g to light the firecrackers.

The neighbors were all awake.

At this time, those who left later were eating breakfast at home.

Those who left earlier were already out of the house, preparing to get in the car.

All of a sudden, they heard the sound of firecrackers, and they jumped.

“Which house has joyful news?”

“I didn’t hear anything about it, and I didn’t see anyone sticking happiness stickers.”

“The most recent was the wedding of Han Zhuoli from the Han Family, but that was some time ago.”

With this curiosity, everyone came following the sound.

Even though the firecrackers finished cracking, the ground was full of firecracker debris.

Auntie Sun took out a wireless vacuum machine and sucked away all the broken pieces of paper.

But everyone saw that and knew that they were at the correct place.

It was indeed the house of the Han Family!

It was only Old Mrs. Han from the Han Family who was stupid every day!

If there was any noise around, it was definitely from their house.

“Madam, what happened? Your family… has good news?” asked a president who was in the same generation as Han Xijin.

Old Mrs. Han was overjoyed. Seeing that there were quite a lot of people, she said, “It’s my granddaughter-in-law, Lu Man.”

“Yes, yes, yes. We know.” Everyone nodded immediately.

Everyone surfed the web. Lu Man was very low-key nowadays, as if she was practicing self-cultivation.

But the constantly repeating drama online back then felt like yesterday.

Her stepfather was w.a.n.g Juhuai.

Even if she had nothing and had married into the family without any wealth from her own family, with Lu Man’s skills, she was able to fight on par with the daughters of those rich families.

After all, although they had their own skills, most of them depended on their families being behind them.

But Lu Man’s skill was creating family properties from nothing.

“Give a mana fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” was exactly this.

The benefits that a marriage between families brought were immediate.

However, with a girl who had so much capability like Lu Man, the benefits she brought to the family were long-lived.

‘Whether it was good or bad was unsure. It depended on the choice of each family.

But marrying Lu Man would never be a loss.

Now, it seemed that Lu Man did not lack anything that the daughters of the rich families had.

They all had their own strengths.

Besides, everyone felt that a non-family member should not enter the same house..

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2832 – Have You Given Your Blessings?

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Chapter 2832: Have You Given Your Blessings?

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It’s true that a.s.sistant General Manager Yu did not get fired right away to prevent people from suspecting that he was taken revenge on at work due to personal issues.

But it gave General Manager He a chance, and it became the start of a.s.sistant General Manager Yu’s downfall.

After General Manager He had successfully fired a.s.sistant General Manager Yu, a.s.sistant General Manger Zhao took the spot.

General Manager He had better days after that.

a.s.sistant General Manager Zhao was not an idiot like a.s.sistant General Manager Yu. His chemistry with General Manager He during work was excellent.

Sometimes, there would definitely be disagreements during work.

However, it was not personal.

So General Manager He did not mind. It was very normal.

Seeing that a.s.sistant General Manager Zhao even knew to mention the rest of the employees, General Manager He felt that he was a really kind person.

Han Zhuoli nodded and smiled. “You guys are so considerate.”

“No way.” General Manager He smiled and said, “When Madame CEO came previously, we did not know about the pregnancy at all. Had we known, we would definitely have limited the employees, preventing them from das.h.i.+ng around.”

Han Zhuoli was satisfied and said, “It’s not too late to limit them now!”

Everyone was speechless.

‘The CEO did not hold back at all.

They could not keep Lu Man at the entrance, so everyone immediately let Han Zhuoli and Lu Man enter.

Even though only the executives and the managers from the various departments came, there were a lot of people.

A group of people followed Han Zhuoli and Lu Man. It looked spectacular.

In the hall, the employees who pa.s.sed by and the people at the front desk all congratulated Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

Han Zhuoli nodded. “Looks like you have already seen Weibo. Good job.”

Han Zhuoli stopped and asked, “Have you given your blessings on Weibo?”

Everyone was speechless.

Vice President Zhang seized the opportunity to show his presence as he said to Han Zhuoli hurriedly, “CEO, I gave my blessings as soon as possible. I was afraid that there would be too many blessings and you would not see mine. I was afraid that if I gave my blessings too late, I would miss the perfect


Everyone was speechless.

Did he memorize the New Year greetings?

Vice President’s Zhang’s pa.s.sion was so cheesy that it made everyone sick.

They all elbowed each other secretly.

They even got gooseb.u.mps in this hot weather.

Unexpectedly, Han Zhuoli did not think it was cheesy at all. He even nodded. “I felt your blessings.”

Lu Man was speechless.

She was a little worried that perhaps Han Zhuoli’s style would be like this from now on.

Together with Lu Man, Han Zhuoli walked ahead.

The leaders of the various departments all looked like elites usually.

But now, they were like dogs following their owner. The scene of them sticking so close was unbearable to watch.

Han Zhuoli and Lu Man returned to the office. Lu Man discovered that there were more bolster pillows in the bedroom now. They were randomly arranged on the floor, but it looked extremely comfortable.

“This is for your convenience. You can lean on one of them wherever you are,” explained Zheng Tianming. “The carpet is soft, and I saw that you liked to sit on the carpet sometimes, so I placed a few more bolster pillows everywhere on the floor. No matter where you sit, a bolster pillow will be within your

reach for you to grab and lean on.”

Lu Man did not expect Zheng Tianming to be so kind. Surprised, she said, “Thank you so much. I didn’t think that you were so thoughtful.”

Han Zhuoli gave Zheng Tianming an unkind glance.

Zheng Tianming had stolen the chance for him to show his diligence. Was this what a qualified a.s.sistant should do?

” Zheng Tianming’s eyes twitched and he smiled. “It’s all because the CEO taught me well. I watched him too much and know his intentions, so I decided on my own to do thi:

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2824 – Hit Too Many Times by Me

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Chapter 2824: Hit Too Many Times by Me

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“We’re particular about this and didn’t tell others until she was three months pregnant, so I didn’t tell you immediately. I waited until today, when she’s three months pregnant, to tell you immediately.”

Old Mrs. Han paused and said, “That’s because we’re best pals.”

Old Mrs. Wei was speechless.

Thanks a lot.

She could not describe her complicated mood.

“In the future, I might not have a lot of time to meet with you guys,” said Old Mrs. Han, full of regret.

Old Mrs. Han laughed in her heart. There was no need to ask why.

She knew, and Old Mrs. Han did not need her to ask why.

Old Mrs. Han was such a drama queen. She could act out a whole film by herself. There was no need for any supporting role!

‘As expected, Old Mrs. Han said, “In the near future, I will have to take care of my great-grandchildren. There are still seven months to go, but time flies. Before I can even have time to react, Man Man will give birth to this child. After she gives birth, I think Xiaoya will give birth soon too.

“After a while, I will have to take care of two great-grandchildren. I won’t have time to play with you guys!” Even though Old Mrs. Han was saying something sad, her tone sounded so joyful.

Old Mrs. Wei was speechless.

Was Old Mrs. Han treating maternity matrons and the aunties in her house as decorations?

Just as she was thinking that, Old Mrs. Han said, “There’ll be maternity matrons, and the aunties will also help to take care of them. I will just be responsible for playing with my great-grandchildren. Think about how soft they’ll be, like small rice cake dumplings. They’ll be so fun and so cute.

“Lwon’t do anything other than playing with my great-grandchildren every day. I don’t think there’ll even be enough time,” said Old Mrs. Han joyfully.

Even though her great-grandchildren were not born yet, just by thinking of the near future, Old Mrs. Han could not stop herself from smiling.

Old Mr. Han saw how happy Old Mrs. Han was showing off, and he also could not help himself.

He took out his phone secretly and ran to the study room to call Old Mr. Wei.

Old Mrs. Wei was still calling Old Mrs. Han when she heard the phone of Old Mr. Wei, who was at the same table, ring.

Old Mr. Wei took a glance at his phone and picked it up. “Old Han, what’s up?”

Old Mrs. Wei heard Old Mr. Wei and she rolled her eyes.

This couple wanted to die!

They both called to brag.

Was it not enough to call one of them only?

Old Mrs. Han already told her. Could she not tell Old Mr. Wei?

However, when Old Mrs. Wei heard Old Mrs. Han thinking about the near future, that beautiful scene also appeared in front of her eyes.

She was really jealous.

‘When could she carry those soft dumplings?

Subconciously, Old Mrs. Wei spoke the truth from her heart.

‘When Old Mrs. Han heard the depressing words of Old Mrs. Wei, she suddenly felt superior.

Old Mrs. Han sat up and straightened her back, looking proud.

Luckily, she was not seen by Old Mrs. Wei.

Or else Old Mrs. Wei would have been furious.

Old Mrs. Han said, “You’re almost there too. Work harder and hit Young Qian a few more times to stress him out so he can hurry up to find a wife, then he will find one. Look at our Zhuoli. He was. .h.i.t too many times by me. I said before that if he couldn’t find a wife, then I won’t let him into my house..”

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2811 – How Should I Know?

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Chapter 2811: How Should I Know?

His wife was already used to it. As long as he did not let her know, she did not care.

So the director felt strange. Who was this thing done for?

Lu Qi’s face was pale. “All the rooms in the hotel need room cards. How did that person barge in?”

“How should I know?” The director was also furious.

If he had not messed around with Lu Qi tonight, he would not have experienced such an unlucky incident!

But Lu Qi still dared to yell at him!

However, Lu Qi’s question reminded him of something.

The director went to the front desk of the hotel to ask.

However, the hotel denied that they had given other people the room card.

This hotel was very ordinary.

Because it was a hotel near the film company where they were shooting, it was not very high-cla.s.s.

The hotels near the film company were all pretty ordinary.

Even the hotels that claimed to be five-star were actually four-star and were not excellent.

It was fine to stay here during filming.

The hotel would not admit anything no matter what and the director could not hand the person who barged into their room over, so in the end, nothing was done.

The director could only suffer.

Lu Qi did not dare to come with the director to ask.

If she did that, everyone would know what she was doing with the director.

So she waited in the room.

When the director returned with a down-and-out expression, Lu Qi asked immediately, “So how did it go?”

“The hotel doesn’t want to admit anything, so what can we do? They won’t even let us see the surveillance footage,” said the director softly.

Obviously, the hotel did not let them see it.

If they did that and a stranger really rushed into the room, the hotel had to take full responsibility.

So the hotel could only insist that they did not give anyone the room card.

They also predicted that the director would not want to make things complicated, or even call the police.

So the hotel insisted on not showing them the surveillance footage. It was useless no matter how persistent the director was.

He did not have anything that could threaten the hotel or make them afraid.

So it ended in a stalemate.

The director came back in low spirits.

“Since he took pictures of us, he will definitely contact us,” said the director. “Even if it’s the paparazzi, they will not post the pictures immediately. They will definitely come and discuss with us first. If we can pay, then they will return the photos to us.

“Now we can only wait and see who plotted against us. The fact that they took those pictures suddenly means that they already know about our relations.h.i.+p and have been planning it for a long time. Or else, why would the timing be so perfect? He got the room card beforehand and took so many pictures while we’re doing it.

“He has planned it so much, so he must have an intention,” said the director softly. “Since he has an intention, he will definitely come and find us.”

Lu Qi did not feel relieved at all because of the director’s words.

However, she could not continue staying with the director after what happened.

She could only walk back to her room, depressed.

She could think of nothing at all and her mind was a mess. She wanted to know who was plotting against then and who was it that they were plotting against.

Was it her or was she just dragged in?

But Lu Qi pondered and thought that with her position now and the unpopular director’s position, n.o.body would plot against them like this.

Because she could not even think of a suspect, Lu Qi did not even know which direction she should be investigating towards.

Just as she was thinking, her doorbell rang continuously.

Lu Qi frowned.. Was it the director?

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2823 – Wanted to Hit Wei Zhiqian

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Chapter 2823: Wanted to Hit Wei Zhiqian

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor:Atlas Studios

Both the front and back courtyards took up a lot of land.

Not only did the courtyard of each house separate the houses, but there were also many plants between the houses.

So even though the distance between each house was not considered far, it was not near either.

“We can just use firecrackers to attract everyone’s attention; it’ll be simpler that way.” They did not need to go knock on every house’s door. People would definitely come and ask what was the good news.

Old Mr. Han was speechless.

It was early in the morning. People had not even woken up, and she wanted to use firecrackers to make the whole place noisy.

She was afraid that the G.o.d would not be able to hear.

“How can I?” said Old Mrs. Han. “You think I’m stupid?”

“Telling the good news to my pals will need at least an hour. When we light the firecrackers at eight o’clock, everyone will be awake. Today is Wednesday, they need to go to work.”

Those who stayed here were all CEOs or presidents of various companies.

But they woke up earlier than the rooster.

“Eight o’clock is an auspicious time.” Old Mr. Han nodded his head, expressing his agreement to this time. “But do we have firecrackers?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” said Old Mrs. Han immediately. “When Zhuoli and Man Man got married, didn’t we use it? There are still some left, so I kept them. There’s also Zhuoling and Xiaoya. When it’s not enough, we can just get more. Who would have thought that we can use it today?”

Old Mr. Han thought in his heart that today was a day of disaster for the neighbors.

Who would have thought that his house would have firecrackers?

The two could not sleep anyway, so they got up.

They tidied up and even ate breakfast earlier.

Old Mrs. Han asked Auntie Sun to find the firecrackers and prepare them.

Old Mrs. Han saw that it was seven o’clock, and she immediately called Old Mrs. Wei.

Old Mrs. Wei was still eating breakfast at home.

She was eating bone broth porridge and was feeling amazing.

‘When her phone rang and she saw that it was from Old Mrs. Han, Old Mrs. Wei had a bad feeling.

Usually, if it was not something important, she would talk about it on WeChat.

But if it required direct calling, it meant that Old Mrs. Han definitely had something to brag about.

Old Mrs. Wei suddenly felt that the porridge was not that delicious anymore.

With a heavy heart, she picked up Old Mrs. Han’s call.

“Ah, you’re awake, right?” asked Old Mrs. Han.

“Lam eating breakfast.” Old Mrs. Wei put down her spoon. “Why are you calling me so early?”

“Aiyo, isn’t this because I have good news? I have been keeping it inside, but I can finally tell you now, so I wanted to tell you first.” Old Mrs. Han’s joy could be felt through the phone. “You’re the first one among my pals to know!”

Old Mrs. Wei was speechless.

‘What was it that could not be said before and could only now be said?

Old Mrs. Wei suddenly had a feeling about what Old Mrs. Han wanted to say.

Indeed, she heard Old Mrs. Han say, “Our Man Man is pregnant! Today marks the third month!”

Old Mrs. Wei’s mouth twitched and she wanted to hit Wei Zhigian.

“That’s good news. Congratulations, congratulations! Aiyo, joyful things keep happening one after another in your family. Zhuoling had just gotten his marriage certificate not long ago and Lu Man had another good news,” said Old Mrs. Wei.

“Iknow, right! My family is full of blessings, full of blessings!” Old Mrs. Han boasted shamelessly… “Man Man felt unwell previously, and when she went to get checked at the hospital, who would have thought that it would be found out that she was one month pregnant?”

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2821 – The Two of Us Have a Revolutionary Bachelor Friendship

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Chapter 2821: The Two of Us Have a Revolutionary Bachelor Friends.h.i.+p

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor:Atlas Studios

They were all impatient about the fact that their grandsons still did not have wives, not to mention children.

However, it was not his family’s worry.

Han Zhuoli just let out a sigh and did not care anymore.

He asked Old Mrs. Han, “Then when do you plan to tell them?”

“In the morning tomorrow,” said Old Mrs. Han. “At six or seven. After I tell them, I will tell you. Then you can announce it.”

“So early?” Lu Man was shocked.

Old Mrs. Han was very considerate not to wake them up at night, but she was still going to wake them up early in the morning.

Both were equally painful.

“Aiyo, it’s fine. We old people sleep less. We sleep early and wake up early. We sleep at nine at night and wake up at five or six in the morning, That’s early!” said Old Mrs. Han.

Han Zhuoli wished that Old Mrs. Han could tell them earlier so that he could show off.

He nodded immediately. “Okay, okay, okay. Tell your pals earlier so I can announce it early too.”

“No problem,” Old Mrs. Han agreed readily.

The grandmother and the grandson were excited during their discussion.

Old Mrs. Han said, “How do you think I should tell my pals for it to be more effective? How do I start?”

Han Zhuoli said, “What should my first sentence be when I post the good news?”

Lu Man watched as the two said their own things without answering each other’s questions, but the two could still talk with so much excitement.

Even if they could not get an answer from each other, they could express the joy in their hearts by asking each other questions one by one.

Lu Man was speechless.

She was alittle curious about whether the two would talk for a whole night if n.o.body stopped them.

But the two really could not talk for the whole night.

After a while, Old Mrs. Han started yawning.

So Han Zhuoli reluctantly hung up the call with her.

It was not easy to find someone he could share the joy with.

For the past two months, he could not tell anyone. He had held it in for too long.

Seeing that he had ended the call, Lu Man yawned and wanted to remind Han Zhuoli to sleep earlier.

Then, she saw Han Zhuoli open WeChat.

After a while, Lu Man’s WeChat notifications also started coming in.

Han Zhuoli did not sleep and she could not sleep either, so she took out her phone.

She tapped on WeChat. The messages were from the 8864 group.

‘When she tapped it, she saw Han Zhuoli say, “Tomorrow is the day Man Man is three months pregnant. @Wei Zhigian, are you ready?”

Wei Zhigian was speechless.

Wei Zhigian: “I am not the only bachelor, why did you tag only me?”

Han Zhuoli: “This is because originally, the two of us had a revolutionary bachelor friends.h.i.+p. Back then, among the many bachelors in the group, the two of us suffered the most, right?

Wei Zhigian was speechless.

Han Zhuoli: “I won’t talk about my grandma chasing me with a feather duster every day. Your grandma used me as an example to educate you, saying that if you didn’t work hard, then she would have to do the same to you.”

Wei Zhigian was speechless.

He regretted telling what his grandma said to Han Zhuoli!

Back then, he saw that Han Zhuoli was also suffering like him, sometimes even more than him.

Han Zhuoli was like the wolf in the phrase “If you cry again, I will let the wolf take you away,” being used as an education material by Old Mrs. Wei for Wei Zhigian.

Wei Zhigian deeply felt that he and Han Zhuoli were brothers in suffering, ones who had a solid relations.h.i.+p..

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2828 – You’re Setting Up This Kind of Trap for Me?

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Chapter 2828: You’re Setting Up This Kind of Trap for Me?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor:Atlas Studios

“Today is my Man Man’s @Lu Man third month of pregnancy. On this day three months ago, before we even knew, we already became parents. For the past three months and the coming seven months, thanks for your hard work, wifey.”

‘When Lu Man saw what he posted, she shared it immediately. “It’s not hard for me. It’s hard for you who wakes up at midnight to make supper for me.”

‘There were many netizens who were scrolling through the internet in the morning.

Han Zhuoli had a lot of fans, and together with Lu Man’s fans, they made this news go to the trending search section.

Its ranking on the trending search would go up after one refreshed every one or two minutes.

After a short while, it became the most searched.

There were some netizens who had quick thinking; they connected the post that Lu Man posted before and this one immediately.

“No wonder Lu Man took a picture of Young Master Han cooking noodles for her at midnight previously. That time, Lu Man was already pregnant and wanted to eat at midnight.”

“She is so spoiled! Back then, when I was pregnant, my husband did not care about what I wanted to eat at midnight. It’s still fine if there’s any food at home or it could be bought coincidentally. If there’s none, I had to endure it.”

“Most importantly, Young Master Han does not just spoil her during pregnancy. From dating until marriage, then to pregnancy, he has always spoiled her this way.”

“Yes. I think even after Lu Man gives birth and there’s a child, Lu Man will still be the first in Young Master Han’s heart.”

“Haih, when I was pregnant, my grandma’s family and my husband only asked about the child in me. When I vomited, they fed me only for the health of the child. Although I love the child a lot and can give everything for him, honestly, when I was pregnant, hearing people talk only about the child in me

without asking about me was still sad.”

“Lam s0 jealous of the love between Young Master Han and Lu Man. It has nothing to do with riches. They really did it. I only have eyes for you.”

“Congratulations, my Man! When will you announce the baby’s gender?”

“So curious whether it’s a tiny prince or princess.”

Han Zhuoli did not rush to leave. Instead, he scrolled through the comments for a while.

Seeing this comment, he turned and asked Lu Man, “When you’re four months pregnant, we can go check, right?”

As a future father, Han Zhuoli had researched quite a few things about pregnancy.

It was all for the convenience of taking care of Lu Man.

So he also knew approximately in which month they could confirm the baby’s gender.

“Do you want to check earlier?” Lu Man asked him.

“Idon’t really mind. I just saw some netizens mentioning it, so I asked,” said Han Zhuoli. “Do you want to know earlier?”

Lu Man thought for a while and said, “It’s also good to know earlier. We can set up the baby’s room beforehand and buy clothes and toys. We can make a more accurate preparation.”

Lu Man’s eyes glowed as she asked him, “So do you want a daughter more or a son more?”

Han Zhuoli smiled and hugged Lu Man. “You’re setting up this kind of trap for me?”

Lu Man thought for a while and thought that this question was not difficult at all.

Han Zhuoli would definitely say that he was fine with both boys and girls.

But Lu Man knew that he really thought so. He would not mind whether it was a boy or a girl, he would like them equally..

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2816 – Why Do You Make It Sound So Nice?

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Chapter 2816: Why Do You Make It Sound So Nice?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Hearing He Zhengbai’s words, her expression changed. “He Zhengbai, you have no conscience!”

“Heh.” He Zhengbai did not care at all and gave her two light pats on her cheek.

Although they were very light, these actions were mocking.

“So are you going to agree to a divorce?” asked He Zhengbai.

Lu Qi lowered her eyes. There was no telling what she thought of.

‘When she looked at He Zhengbai again, she became very calm. “Okay, I agree. But I have a condition.”

“You still want to talk to me about conditions?” He Zhengbai was so angry that he laughed. He pointed at the photos on the phone. “With this, you still want to talk to me about conditions?”

Lu Qi gritted her teeth. “My pictures are in your hands, so I definitely won’t be reckless.”

He Zhengbai waited quietly for Lu Qi to continue.

Lu Qi said, “But I am still shooting a show. This was earned by me with a lot of effort.”

He Zhengbai sneered. “Why do you make it sound so nice? Didn’t you just sleep with a lot of people diligently? After sleeping with so many people, you could only get the role of a small side character.”

Lu Qi’s face was red from anger.

But her face was already red from the swelling, so n.o.body could see.

If this was in the past, she would not even have wanted a role like that.

She would not even have wanted to be a supporting female.

The moment she debuted, she was the female lead. She was also not afraid to leave without giving importance to the project.

She was even in three films at the same time.

The directors were not happy?

‘The production crew had complaints?

They had to hold it in.

She was famous!

After shooting for a few days, she would need to fly to the event location to attend her advertising endors.e.m.e.nts.

She was busy.

She had a lot of glory.

No matter how dissatisfied the production crew was, they had to keep it in.

She did not care how the film was doing and did not worry that she would lose the role if she was not on the production set for two to three days.

n.o.body could fight with her!

That time, she was that glorious.

But now, she did not dare to leave the production crew for a low-tier role.

After thinking about the contrast, Lu Qi even felt pity for herself.

“Yes. Anyway, it’s not easy to finally get this role. Even if this character is a n.o.body, I don’t dare to just leave. You don’t need to mock me,” said Lu Qi coldly.

Her position was different from the past.

In the past, she would not have been able to accept this reality.

However, after Xia Qingyang entered jail, Lu Qiyuan ignored her, and the marriage with He Zhengbai died, she had to face this reality.

‘There were a few times late at night when Lu Qi was drunk at home alone and could not stop thinking about the glory of the past.

The more she missed the glory of the past, the more she could not face the abjection now.

Back then, she had everything she wanted; she was a winner in life.

Tons of people were jealous of her, saying they wanted her life.

‘They were jealous that she was born into a rich family and could enter the acting industry smoothly without any obstacles.

From career to love life, it was smooth and easy.

However, how did she fall into this state step by step?

Her mother was in jail and her father was like an enemy.

She even had to sleep with an unpopular director to get a low-tier role.

Her marriage was basically non-existent.

Her husband was threatening her for a divorce with the pictures of her and other men in bed.

She had no career.

And no love.

She did not have the family that had always made people jealous.

At this moment, Lu Qi wanted to cry her heart out.

“Lam just a small character, so I will be done very quickly,” said Lu Qi..

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2809 – She Dared to Use This Trick Behind His Back

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Chapter 2809: She Dared to Use This Trick Behind His Back

The camera would make someone at least 30 percent uglier.

In front of the camera, Lu Qi’s looks left a huge impression, not to mention seeing it in person.

The face that made her a celebrity was not just pretty.

When in a crowd, it was beautiful enough to make people gasp.

So when the director looked at Lu Qi’s face, he became more and more aggressive.

Lu Qi also used every method she could to please him. Even if she did not feel anything, she could act as though she felt so good because of the director.

This was the time to test her acting skills.

It was as though she could not control her voice. Lu Qi’s moans became louder and louder, about to burst out through the door of the hotel room.

However, it was not her first time, so Lu Qi was not afraid.

In fact, she wanted to let others know. That way, those who had money could also come and find her if they wished to.

It was as though the director was stimulated; when he heard Lu Qi’s voice, he wanted to make her moan louder and louder.

At that moment, Lu Qi did not know that He Zhengbai heard the noise from outside. His expression was as dark as the night.

He was too familiar with Lu Qi’s voice.

Back then, when Lu Qi was with him, she also moaned diligently, as if he was very strong.

That time, He Zhengbai was proud, thinking that he was so powerful and incomparable.

However, after he heard about Lu Qi and this director, he started to have doubts.

After all, this director was not young, and he had a huge stomach. He did not seem like he had good stamina or was strong.

Right now, through the door, he heard Lu Qi’s moans as though she was in heaven. She was even praising that director, saying that he was so good.

Then he heard the panting of the director; it was obvious that he was running out of stamina.

But Lu Qi could still moan so loud, exciting him.

He Zhengbai knew she was acting the moment he heard it.

He Zhengbai could not help but doubt whether Lu Qi was acting when she was doing it with him.

He Zhengbai’s expression looked awful.

He had always been using Lu Qi.

Even when Lu Qi was still the spoiled youngest daughter of the Lu family.

She had the t.i.tle of the spoiled youngest daughter of the Lu family, she was a popular actress, and she had good looks.

As she had so many good attributes, He Zhengbai really did like Lu Qi before.

However, as these attributes disappeared one by one, what was left was He Zhengbai’s hatred for Lu Qi.

Especially when Lu Qi tried to plot against Lu Qiyuan with him.

Who would believe a woman who wanted to plot against her own father?

He Zhengbai did not dare to come near Lu Qi.

This woman was dumb and cold-hearted.

He had no love for Lu Qi anymore and was even thinking of ways to divorce her without getting her to spill the beans about him.

However, they were still married right now. Lu Qi was still his wife.

Upon hearing the noises of her cheating, even if He Zhengbai did not care about Lu Qi, his dignity as a man was still insulted.

She was still his wife, but she dared to use this trick behind his back.

He Zhengbai did not feel that the fact that he messed around outside with other people could be the reason that Lu Qi could mess around behind his back.

He could go out and have some fun, but Lu Qi was his wife, so Lu Qi could not betray him!

Moreover, Lu Qi did not have anything and depended on him..

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2837 – Older Young Master Han’s Dignity

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Chapter 2837: Older Young Master Han’s Dignity

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

They were a family anyway.

Everyone knew that the three brothers’ relations.h.i.+p with each other was so good that they did not have any grievances at all.

In another company, brothers might have grudges against each other. If one was to deal with the other’s matter, he would be suspected of having ulterior motives.

However, this was non-existent among the Han brothers.

Ever since the two brothers stopped being single, they’d been more than happy to give their work to each other.

This was a perfect example of brotherhood.

For instance, back when Han Zhuoling had just returned to the country, he was still a workaholic.

Han Zhuoli was already together with Lu Man.

To spend more time with Lu Man, he heartlessly pushed a lot of his own workload to Han Zhuoling.

Without feeling any stress, he pressured his own older brother who was a workaholic.

He was not worried at all that if Han Zhuoling did too much work for the Han Corporation, his position would be threatened.

During that time, his life as the CEO had been amazing.

Every day, he worked from nine to five, going in and out of work on time.

He was beaming with radiance every day.

But ever since the older Young Master Han got together with s.h.i.+ Xiaoya, he had also tried to s.h.i.+rk his responsibilities.

He did not want to be a workaholic anymore and returned all the work to Han Zhuoli, causing Han Zhuoli to suffer with him.

Only these two brothers from the Han Family had a relations.h.i.+p where they wanted to give the whole company to each other.

As for Han Zhuofeng, he gave his whole heart to becoming a director and was not interested in inheriting the company.

“Give it to your CEO.” Han Zhuoling was unwilling to do Han Zhuoli’s work. “I am also busy here!”

He also knew that these people just did not want to listen to Han Zhuoli talk about pregnancy.

However, he had just gotten married and also wanted to hurry home to be lovey-dovey with s.h.i.+ Xiaoya.

Manager Luo would not go to Han Zhuoli even if he were to die, so he found the courage to say, “Then how about you bring it to the CEO?”

Han Zhuoling was speechless. “…”

This Manager Luo was so pressured by Han Zhuoli that he was bold enough to ask Han Zhuoling to run errands!

It seemed like the older Young Master Han’s dignity could not compare to Han Zhuoli’s boasting of pregnancy?

“Heh.” Han Zhuoling let out a grim chuckle. He raised his left hand and placed it on the bottom half of his face.

His long fingers curved naturally and covered his chin and lips. His second finger was right on his nose.

Only his fierce eyes were shown.

Manager Luo felt strange and did not understand what Han Zhuoling was doing all of a sudden.

This pose was too sudden.

Then he saw the s.h.i.+ny ring on Han Zhuoling’s ring finger.

Manager Luo obviously saw the wedding ring on Han Zhuoling’s left ring finger.

This was not unfamiliar to employees of the Han Corporation.

After all, Han Zhuoling had already been married for a month. Usually, when they saw Han Zhuoling, they would notice the wedding ring on his finger.

But Han Zhuoling’s wedding ring was very low-key.

It was an ordinary men’s ring, and on top of the ring was a tiny diamond, which was not very eye-catching, It suited Han Zhuoling’s humble personality.

Everyone already knew that Han Zhuoling was married, so Han Zhuoling did not say anything.

That ring was so low-key that people would not pay attention to Han Zhuoling’s hand.

Now, he let his guard down and he was shone on by the diamond ring on Han Zhuoling’s finger.

Manager Luo raised his hand to cover his eyes subconsciously.

Then he remembered that it was Han Zhuoling who was in front of him!