The Mech Touch Chapter 3562 – Cooling Flesh

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Chapter 3562 – Cooling Flesh

The battle against the t.i.tania had tentatively come to an end. As time pa.s.sed by, the giant astral beast that had woken up and attacked the expeditionary fleet showed no apparent signs of life.

Its flesh was cooling. Its gray blood was spilling out into the vacuum and froze into crystals. Its heavily-damaged exterior was no longer consolidating but instead became more damaged as its vulnerable structure became exposed to the harsh conditions of s.p.a.ce.

Every indication showed that the t.i.tania was finally dead.

Yet was this really the case? The Golden Skull Alliance got fooled once and did not want to get fooled again. To that end, the Larkinsons, Glory Seekers and Crossers did not command their mechs to continue fire, but still kept them at full readiness.

A few mechs rotated back to their respective mothers.h.i.+ps in order to quickly replenish their energy ammunition and energy cells. Aside from that, every other machine could go back to firing their weapons at the t.i.tania at any time.

Nothing happened for a while as the Larkinsons investigated the t.i.tania’s damaged and inactive body.

First, the Everchanger flew inside the hole that the other expert mechs had pa.s.sed through earlier. Though Venerable Joshua had exhausted much of his mental condition in order to unleash the most powerful battle formation attack to date, he was still able to perform fairly simple maneuvers.

The young expert pilot rubbed his eyes as exhaustion set upon his mind. It truly took a lot of energy in order to direct the Superior Mother’s immense death formation attack earlier.

“I shouldn’t do that again unless I’m sure I can end the battle with my actions.”


“Geee, thanks for saying the obvious, Everchanger.”


“All of that takes time. What is the point of waiting years or decades for us to get up to strength when we are already encountering enemies like the t.i.tania? While we managed to defeat this beast without suffering any losses, it didn’t look like it was in good shape to begin with. Who knows what would happen to us if we fought it when it was at its peak.”

The battle was a giant wakeup call for everyone in the expeditionary fleet. While their 2-year MTA protection period enabled them to venture into the new frontier without worrying about attack from human forces, the Red Ocean was still home to countless alien species!

Whether they were intelligent or not, every non-human ent.i.ty that was capable of traveling the stars were by no means weak! Some could even give the MTA and CFA’s warfleets a run for their money, so how could a second-cla.s.s organization like the Larkinson Clan stand a chance against these threats?

Many people in the fleet began to feel more depressed once they realized how much worse this battle could have proceeded. Even if the zones swept by the Big Two had been cleared of all major threats, plenty of alien stragglers managed to slip through the cracks.

It was always a gamble to see whether these unknown but undoubtedly hostile ent.i.ties were strong or weak. Unlike back in the galactic rim, the power level of these aliens swung wildly depending on their race and origin. A poor encounter could easily lead into a clash against an alien s.h.i.+p whose power was comparable to that of a CFA cruiser!

“We need to make a lot of changes after this battle.” Joshua predicted.

Firepower was the main shortcoming of the expeditionary fleet. There was nothing wrong with the Larkinson Clan’s ranged capabilities as long as it fought against typical human forces. The Larkinson Army had enough guns to wipe out entire mech regiments before they came close!

However, from a galactic perspective, all the Larkinson mech legions possessed was quant.i.ty. Even the artillery cannons of the Transcendent Punishers had proven to be too light and meager to deal substantial damage against ma.s.sive beasts or alien wars.h.i.+ps.

Though Joshua wasn’t a mech designer, even he could clearly tell what the Larkinsons needed to do in order to stand a better chance against superma.s.sive threats.

“We need bigger guns.”

Just the journey through the flesh tunnel gave him a deeper understanding how desperately the Larkinsons needed more firepower. There was no way the clan could continue to rely on its trump cards such as its battle formations to drill through all of this thick and resilient biomatter.

“We’re lucky that we only encountered a single astral beast.”

What if the t.i.tania wasn’t alone? What if the expeditionary fleet had to fight against a small family of astral beasts?

It took several battle formations to neutralize just a single giant astral beast. After that, the Eye of Ylvaine, the Swordmaidens and the Penitent Sisters would no longer be able to repeat their feats!

The prospect of having to fight against several of these giant beasts with mech-grade weapons made him feel pained.

In wars.h.i.+p terms, the armaments of a mech were the equivalent of secondary guns!

Secondary guns were only suitable for intercepting mechs, starfighters, missiles, drones and other ‘light’ targets. Wars.h.i.+ps came equipped with them in order to deal more efficiently against swarms and to avoid utilizing their main cannons against unworthy threats.

Though Joshua didn’t quite think about it, he vaguely understood that the Big Two’s prohibition against wars.h.i.+ps and wars.h.i.+p-grade weapons put early pioneers at a heavy disadvantage.

This was the price for getting first dibs on the Red Ocean. By moving earlier than other humans, the early arrivals also had to deal with lingering threats that could end their entire fleets in a single day.

All of this made Joshua more urgent to improve than ever. The fire in his heart burned hotter as all of his earlier complacency disappeared. He finally recognized that the Red Ocean was just as dangerous as the Nyxian Gap, if not more!


“How the h.e.l.l do you know how to use words like ‘inadequacies’?” Joshua asked. “Do mechs like you get born with a high school education or something? How does this even work?”

Soon enough, Joshua had to set aside his current thoughts and get back to the matter at hand.

The lights s.h.i.+ning from his mech illuminated the dark and fleshy cavern that comprised the astral beast’s interior.

Much of it had already been damaged or destroyed. Joshua could easily recognize which mechs went to work. The giant sliced and diced pieces of flesh must have been the handiwork of Venerable Dise while the large portions of charred and burned flesh must have been the handiwork of Patriarch Reginald.

The Everchanger stopped in place as Joshua closed his eyes and carefully attuned his will to his surroundings.

It was a lot harder for him to do this after he had led a battle formation earlier, but it was no problem for him to sense signs of life.

“Have you discovered anything, Mr. Joshua?” Patriarch Reginald Cross asked as his Bolvos Rage flew to a stop next to the Everchanger. “According to my instincts, the t.i.tania should be dead. At the very least, I believe it is no longer a threat.”

Joshua didn’t answer immediately. He tried his best to use his sensitivity to his advantage, but did not sense much of anything.

However, the longer he searched, the more he began to sense… echoes for a lack of a better word.

It was as if a ma.s.sive living presence used to be here but had left not too long ago, leaving some sort of imprint of its existence behind.

Was this death, or something else?

“I… can’t say anything with certainty.” Joshua respectfully answered the patriarch of an allied clan. “My guess is that the t.i.tania is truly dead, but… who knows how these astral beasts work.”

He spent ten minutes scouring through the internal cavity. Though he encountered more and more echoes, they all started to fade over time. It was as if the t.i.tania had already departed from this plane of existence.

The more Joshua observed the devastation around him, the more he became certain that the creature was dead.

Though he did not feel qualified at all to issue any judgments on the t.i.tania’s current state, the Larkinsons needed an answer. He transmitted his findings and made sure to convey his doubts as well.

In the end, the Golden Skull Alliance decided the t.i.tania was dead enough to begin plundering its spoils!

“Keep our mechs on standby but maintain a greater rotation. Our mech pilots deserve longer breaks, particularly the ones that have just formed battle formations. Begin probing the carca.s.s with bots but hold off on sending any manned exploration parties. Don’t forget about the ruined flesh torpedoes and other pieces of biomatter that are floating away from us. Tell the geeks over at the Dragon’s Den to examine as much data on the t.i.tania as possible. We need solid confirmation about the actual state of the astral beast before I will allow them to head inside the giant corpse.”

The Golden Skull Alliance switched from battle mode to examination mode. The mechs were no longer the main protagonists. That honor went to the biotech researchers that were predominantly based on the Dragon’s Den.

The half-biological research vessel had already flown a bit closer in order to improve the effectiveness of her bio-oriented sensors and scanners.

At the same time, many of the scientists inside were gleefully interpreting everything they saw. Many different theories circulated throughout the research labs and it was difficult to determine which ones were accurate.

At least the Larkinson Clan had enough skilled and knowledgeable personnel to examine the t.i.tania. Neither the Glory Seekers nor the Crossers possessed enough exobiologists to perform a comprehensive examination of a giant astral beast!

“What have you found out so far?” Ves asked Director Ranya’s projection.

“The t.i.tania should indeed be dead.” She answered with greater certainty than before. “We have tentatively managed to decipher the meaning and purpose of the strange organs our expert mechs have destroyed. Based on many different clues, we think that a number of them regulated important functions such as energy production, energy transfer and blood circulation. As long as the subject is no longer able to conduct these functions, I can hardly imagine the beast can properly function anymore. Energy is vital to any life form, and a creature of this size requires vastly more of it than we can ever expend in a decade.”

The bigger the organism, the greater their power consumption. This was an easy concept to understand to Ves. It pretty much worked the same way for mechs, stars.h.i.+ps, cities and so on. The lack of heat and energy was a pretty obvious signal that the t.i.tania wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon.

“Let’s take it slow.” Ves decided. “While there is a risk that other aliens might drop into this star system, I don’t want to act too carelessly around the carca.s.s. Please continue to examine it from a distance until your drones have found out what they can. Be sure to prioritize any rare and valuable exotics the beast might possess. There has to be phasewater somewhere inside. We recently purchased a lot of sensors that can sniff this material out. Make good use of them as nothing is more important than getting our hands on our first batch of phasewater.”

As Ves gazed at the distant corpse that had gone completely cold, he was already looking forward to stepping inside the beast himself.

He was not content with staying aboard the Spirit of Bentheim. Ves had never encountered a single life form that was this big and ma.s.sive in his life. Just the thought of stepping inside its huge body made his blood race!

“Meow?” Lucky gazed suspiciously at Ves.

“Hehehehe.” Ves deviously chuckled as he grabbed his cat. “If nothing goes wrong, we’re about to go on a little excursion!”


The Mech Touch Chapter 3557 – Meager Firepower

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Chapter 3557 – Meager Firepower

The researchers over at the Dragon’s Den played a crucial role in helping everyone understand what they currently faced.

Before, they thought that the t.i.tania was a derelict bios.h.i.+p and that its flesh torpedoes were akin to conventional projectiles.

Now, they understood that both of them were actually complete living organisms that could think and act for themselves!

The t.i.tania clearly proved its living qualities by adapting to the current situation. Not only was it squeezing out more out more ‘offspring’ from its body in an attempt to overwhelm the expeditionary fleet, its contracting exterior was constantly being hardened in order to resist more and more damage!

The current state of the battle did not look that good at the moment. Even if a biocreature as enormous as the t.i.tania had almost perished after fighting against an unknown adversary, it still possessed so many resources that it could probably keep up its offensive actions for a long time!

Currently, the mech forces deployed by the Golden Skull Alliance found itself at a considerable disadvantage in this battle.

There was no helping it. The Larkinsons, the Glory Seekers and the Crossers had all formed their respective combat units with human opponents in mind. While they were all aware that they might have to fight against alien forces if they continued to roam in the Red Ocean, they did not expect that day to come so soon!

The fact of the matter was that the expeditionary fleet had been caught with its pants down. Almost half of its combat a.s.sets consisted of melee mechs, which were considered essential in fighting against other mech forces but were seriously inadequate in this situation!

No one thought about dispatching melee mechs to the t.i.tania in order to tear her enormous body apart up close. From what they could observe, the astral beast possessed a high degree of control over its own biological structure.

Any mech that dared to attack its flesh would probably get swallowed whole by many tons of flexible and responsive biomatter!

Even if that wouldn’t happen, there was little point in dispatching them anyway. The damage they could do to the surface of the t.i.tania was as trivial as a bunch of ants trying to chew their way through a human body.

The best way they could perform their role was to drill past the surface and deal damage to the t.i.tania’s internal organs. If the melee mechs could quickly work their way deeper and reach the areas where the ranged mechs couldn’t damage, perhaps there was a way for them to cut off the t.i.tania’s energy supply.

Yet who would possibly take the risk to order such a dubious action? The most likely consequence of sending melee mechs on this suicide mission was that the enormous astral beast’s bulk would crush any of the annoying mechs that attempted to dig into its body!

Just like how human bodies possessed immune systems that destroy foreign germs, General Verle and many other humans were afraid the t.i.tania would have a similar answer against intruding mechs!

Fortunately, the melee mechs did not have to sit out this battle entirely. The alliance partners had stockpiled a sufficient amount of basic energy rifles in case they confronted superma.s.sive threats such as the t.i.tania.

The Larkinson Clan still retained a lot of old rifles that its Bright Warriors used to wield before switching over to their new luminar crystal weapons.

The melee mechs all returned to their mothers.h.i.+ps and quickly returned to s.p.a.ce with rifles in their hands.

This was the advantage of fielding humanoid mechs. Even if they weren’t built with ranged combat in mind, they could still manipulate an ordinary rifle with decent effectiveness!

Ironically enough, the rather lackl.u.s.ter Bright Warriors possessed a considerably greater advantage in this aspect than other mech models such as the Ferocious Piranha.

With ranged combat capabilities already built into its base platform, its targeting systems and other relevant systems easily synced up to the familiar rifles without any friction or technical complications.

“The last time I fired a rifle was years ago.”

“It doesn’t matter. Those squishy torpedoes aren’t evading our fire at all. Just fire straight ahead. If your aim is so bad that you can’t even hit these obvious targets, then fire at the t.i.tania instead. That beast is much bigger but it hasn’t moved at all. There are no excuses if your shots go wide!”

The weight of fire from the expeditionary fleet increased as a result of arming all of the melee mechs with ranged weapons.

However, the effectiveness of the additional fire was marginal. The marksmans.h.i.+p skill of the mech pilots were wildly inconsistent and they were unable to concentrate their fire on specific weak points. This led to a lot of dispersed shots that haphazardly hit different surfaces without achieving much.

It was better than nothing, though. As time went by, the melee mech pilots slowly became accustomed to handling ranged weapons and sharpened their aim, not that it was difficult to do so. The continued lack of lateral movements from their targets meant that they were hitting the equivalent of stationary targets.

“It’s just like target practice, except there are real stakes in play this time!”

The difference they made was noticeable. The organic torpedo creatures were being blasted apart at a faster rate than before. None of them had ever come close enough to threaten the expeditionary fleet.

However, that did not make the humans happy. They were successful in intercepting the t.i.tania’s flesh torpedoes, but the astral beast simply sent out additional waves!

The big creature possessed so much organic matter that it could keep this up for hours. At this point, the human mech forces couldn’t divert a lot of firepower in order to damage and accelerate the collapse of the t.i.tania.

The torpedoes would just get closer if they stopped intercepting the incoming biomissiles as hard!

General Verle and every leader realized that they had landed in a battle of attrition against their alien opponent. Many of their ranged weapons could not sustain their rate of fire forever. Heat buildup, energy depletion, increased wear and tear and other factors would slowly cause these weapons to fall silent in an extended battle.

Which side would be able to outlast the other?

This question weighed in the minds of many mech pilots.

Even the mechs that were much more effective in ranged combat than others were finding out that their advantages didn’t mean much against an immense creature that could easily absorb a lot more damage.

The Amaranto performed particularly dazzling in this battle. Even if the masterwork machine was a slender rifleman mech instead of a thicker and beefier artillery mech, much of her design was geared towards maximizing her firepower and precision.

Venerable Stark had set her powerful machine in a prepared defensive emplacement on the hull of the Gorgoneion.

There, the Amaranto calmly fired one resonance-empowered energy beam after another.

Considering that inflicting as much destructive energy as possible was more important at the moment, Stark chose to fire positron beams against the t.i.tania.

Every few seconds, the Amaranto’s impressive luminar crystal rifle burst out bright and radiant positron beams that almostly instantly struck the same weakened section of the t.i.tania.

Large pieces of flesh burned to a crip if they hadn’t been vaporized already. The heat and energy damage also affected the flesh surrounding the immediate impact area, thereby softening up this weak point for the subsequent strike!

After several minutes of intensive fire, the Amaranto had already managed to burn 120 meters into the enormous body structure of the rousing astral beast.

Sadly, the t.i.tania still had many more layers in the way that could prevent the weapons fire from going any further. What Venerable Stark was doing was the equivalent of drilling a tunnel through a mountain with only a single hand pick at her disposal!

Was the Amaranto’s luminar crystal rifle weak? No! Many mechs had personally suffered at the hands of this potent weapon.

Yet even if Venerable Stark was able to bend its energy beams, there was no point in doing so. The t.i.tania was well-protected from all sides and did not easily allow any attackers from damaging its crucial internal organs.

Not too far away, the Everchanger was not doing much better. Venerable Joshua thought that his debut battle would proceed a lot more gloriously than… this. While this was a serious battle, the expert pilot could not help but think that his efforts didn’t yield much results.

Sure, his hero expert mech’s damage output was pretty close to that of the Amaranto, but they were still pinp.r.i.c.ks as far as the t.i.tania was concerned!

“We need to do more! We can’t keep sitting back like this!” Joshua gritted his teeth.

Coincidentally, Venerable Joshua wasn’t the only expert pilot who was debuting in this battle with a new mech.

The Glory Seekers finally solved their inability to field an expert mech by launching a brand new machine that allowed Gloriana’s brother to channel his full might once again.

Venerable Brutus enjoyed the feel of his new expert mech. The Star Dancer Mark II was designed by a Hexer Master but also received contributions from Ves and Gloriana.

This not only made the mech alive, but also fit Brutus to a much better degree!

The Miracle Couple had recently fabricated the expert rifleman mech in the month after the expeditionary fleet departed from Vulit.

Though Gloriana found it regretful that she failed to create a masterwork mech for her brother, Brutus had nothing to complain about. The wonder of piloting a new expert mech and a living one at that was already sufficient in his book.

Still, as much as Venerable Brutus and the Glory Seekers celebrated the completion of the Star Dancer Mark II, the expert mech was clearly fighting the wrong opponent at this time!

“The t.i.tania is a poor dance partner and my aiming skills are largely irrelevant in this battle.” Brutus frowned.

The Star Dancer Mark II was not a sniper like the Amaranto. It was a mid-range duelist that could dogfight and outmaneuver its opponents while steadily whittling them down with sustained energy fire.

All of that meant nothing as the Star Dancer Mark II’s repeated fire from its unique luminar crystal rifle simply sank into the t.i.tania without much result.

None of this was truly working. The Crossers weren’t doing any better either as their clan still hadn’t made up for the loss of its last expert ranged mech specialist during the Battle of Reckoning.

As Ves and many people tried to figure out how they could break this unfavorable status quo, General Verle finally grasped a viable solution.

“Battle formations!”

“Pardon?” Ves asked as he turned to Verle’s projection.

“Think about it, sir. We have fielded well over 8000 mechs between us and our alliance partners. However, quant.i.ty doesn’t account for much as most of their rifles are geared towards fighting other mechs.”

“So you’re thinking about going for quality instead?”

“Somewhere along these lines.” General Verle replied. What makes us different from other forces is that we have battle formations that can potentially allow us to launch attacks that are ma.s.sively more powerful than any single mech can unleash. Think about how many mechs and s.h.i.+ps have met their end at the hands of our battle networks.”

Ves’ eyes lit up. He should have thought about this solution sooner. He developed multiple different battle networks for the Larkinson Army’s more cohesive mech legions.

Although he never developed them with the intention to circ.u.mvent the prohibition against wars.h.i.+p-grade armaments, they effectively functioned like one! There was no other way they could unleash so much death and destruction in a short span of time!

Wars.h.i.+ps were best fought with other wars.h.i.+ps. That was the general consensus among humans in both the old galaxy and the new galaxy.

Though the Larkinsons didn’t possess any of these great and powerful vessels, it could simulate the damage output of one under the right circ.u.mstances!

“Which battle formations should we employ against this beast?” Ves wondered as he rubbed his smooth-shaven chin…

The Mech Touch Chapter 3559 – Star Dancer Mark II

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Chapter 3559 – Star Dancer Mark II

“She’s so adorable.”

Venerable Brutus Wodin gazed lovingly at the squirming and bubbling baby cradled in his arms.

Though Gloriana did not casually allow others to hold her infant daughter, she held unreserved trust for her brother.

“Guuu… buuabawaaaaa…”

The protective aura that Brutus had tried to dampen as much as possible couldn’t help but flare out a bit. Nevertheless, the adorable girl did not feel bothered by his presence at all. In fact, she basked in it given how she began to make encouraging sounds.

Brutus gently stroked and played with the baby’s tiny hands. Her soft skin was so delicate and seemed to glow in the bright light of the hangar bay of the Indigo Tremor.

Gloriana did not pay a visit to the Glory Seekers in order to let Brutus play with his new niece. She came for a more important purpose.

Currently, she was completing her inspection of the new Star Dancer Mark II. Venerable Brutus already performed numerous trials with his new expert rifleman mech. The data gathered on its performance when moving its limbs, engaging its flight systems and performing target practice all indicated whether the powerful new machine performed as it should.

In general, the Star Dancer Mark II was a well-designed and well-built machine. Gloriana had poured her love for her brother into its design and creation, so the mech did not show that much discrepancies or unexpected faults.

That wasn’t enough for Gloriana, though. She wanted the best for her blood relative and closest sibling in the Wodin Family. She could not forgive herself if her negligence caused her brother suffered an accident in a future battle!

“Are you finished, sister?”

Gloriana nodded as she stepped away from the workstation. “I didn’t need to make a lot of adjustments to your new expert mech, but I wanted to be as precise as possible. I’ve already written up instructions that your maintenance crew needs to follow. The Star Dancer Mark II is not designed to require frequent maintenance, but it is always helpful if it is being attended to on a daily basis. This is a mech that will maintain its strength and maybe even grow stronger if it is treated as a valued treasure.”

“Don’t worry, sister. Marshal Ariadne a.s.signed the best mech technicians of the Glory Seekers to care for this expert mech. It’s the only one we have after all. still can’t believe that I obtained an expert mech that is much more powerful than my previous Star Dancer.”

Venerable Brutus would always remember his former machine that had served him well for a time, but by all measures his current expert mech was leagues better.

Its design budget was much more generous. This allowed for the inclusion of two fairly powerful and special resonating exotics that were compatible with Venerable Brutus.

A Hexer Master Mech Designer who specialized in evasive mobility had seriously put a lot of effort into the design project. Her work elevated the mobility of the Star Dancer Mark II near the top of its category.

The luminar crystal weapon was another custom work from his brother-in-law. The beautiful crystal rifle was fairly slim but packed a surprising amount of punch for its dimensions. Though it used up energy at a more rapid rate, Brutus found this to be a worthwhile tradeoff if it meant that his mech could more easily overcome the defenses of enemy expert mechs.

That was the primary purpose of his Star Dancer Mark II, after all. It was not a machine that was meant to defeat a lot of regular mechs, though Brutus always had the option to do so if there weren’t any better targets in range.

Brutus looked up at his new machine that he hoped would serve him well for many years.

The expert mech’s exterior was covered by a gleaming blue-and-black coating that added a lot of cla.s.s and mystique to the machine and paired well with its crystalline rifle. Its overall contours were fairly slim and resembled that of light mech though its ma.s.s and dimensions conformed to that of a medium mech.

Even the signature looks of the mech designers were added with loving detail. Ves had added an elegant third eye made out of high-quality luminar crystal to the Star Dancer Mark II’s forehead. Gloriana had surrounded it with her usual hexagon though in a blue rendition to fit with the color tones of the expert mech.

The Master who led the project also added her own touch to the machine by marking a portion of the flight system with red-and-blue stripes. They were meant to symbolize the power of the expert mech’s flight capabilities.

Of course, the appearance of a mech had little to do with its actual performance. Brutus had already piloted the mech a few times and what he experienced initially blew him away.

He was not unaccustomed to piloting living mechs. During the time he was left without an expert mech, he had piloted the Valkyrie mechs in the hands of the Glory Seekers plenty of times.

The mechs brought him closer to the Superior Mother and also responded lovingly to his presence.

Yet the experience of piloting a truly tailored living mech like the Star Dancer Mark II was leagues better!

The expert mech was not only a lot more responsive to him, but it was also easier to develop a mutual understanding with it. The two were figuratively and literally made for each other and that allowed the both of them to bring the best out of each other when they got serious!

The Star Dancer Mark II was not perfect though, much to Gloriana’s regret. Its high maneuvers and its powerful rifle all consumed a lot of energy. This was a problem because the rifleman expert mech did not contain a lot of s.p.a.ce for energy storage.

This was not a problem in short-duration fights, but Venerable Brutus would have to make tough choices if a battle stretched out longer.

Still, these faults did not detract from the Star Dancer Mark II’s excellent dueling and battle potential.

The mech could outfight many other expert ranged mechs at medium range. It was blisteringly fast and as long as Venerable Brutus utilized excellent judgment, he could probably evade most incoming attacks!

However, the Star Dancer Mark II performed even better against expert melee mechs. As long as the powerful enemy machines were not as fast, they would never be able to catch up to Brutus’ swift new expert mech unless there were special circ.u.mstances.

All in all, Brutus could already imagine having a much easier time defeating the Charlemagne and many other enemies that he fought against in the past with this new machine!

When Gloriana returned to her brother’s side, she took back her baby within her arms.

“Did you miss me, Aurelia?”



Clixie sidled up to Brutus and rubbed her side against his legs. The expert pilot smiled and bent down in order to cradle the cat instead.

Gloriana was in absolute bliss at the moment. She reveled in the company of her baby, her latest expert mech and her dear brother. The only way her day could go any better if Ves and her remaining direct relatives in the Wodin Dynasty were here as well.

“The true power of the Star Dancer Mark II does not solely lie in its basic performance parameters.” She explained. “Its key resonating exotics can completely turn around a losing fight in the right circ.u.mstances. We selected and incorporated them in order to make your expert mech stand out as machine that can rescue itself and others.”

Brutus nodded. “I know. I do love the abilities that come with my expert mech. They compliment me well and I can easily find uses for both of them. The only ability that I truly lack is to amplify my attacks to the power of that of the Amaranto, but I don’t expect you to achieve that in an expert rifleman mech of its configuration. My mech might not be able to match the Amaranto’s firepower, but its mobility and dueling capabilities are leagues ahead.”

The two were quintessentially different rifleman mechs. Though they shared the same mech type, they performed substantially differently which meant that their pilots had to fight in vastly different ways.

Though Venerable Brutus figured he could perform decently well if he switched over to piloting a ranged mech with a sniper configuration like the Amaranto, it would be a waste of his talents. His long-ranged marksmans.h.i.+p was not as good and he wouldn’t be able to make proper use of his advanced evasive skills.

“What are your experiences with the two main resonating abilities of the Star Dancer Mark II?” Gloriana asked.

“They both worked well, though I only tried them out a few times. They’re powerful and extremely useful, but they impose such a strain on my mind that I can’t activate them repeatedly. For now, I can only comfortably trigger each ability once. Any more than that and I will not be able to maintain as much resonance as before.”

That did not sound good to Gloriana. “I hope this problem will alleviate over time. Now that you’ve obtained an expert mech, you should be able to exercise and progress your resonance strength again. Try your best to grow quickly. This is the only way for you to utilize the resonance abilities multiple times.”

When Brutus looked back at his expert mech, he imagined how he could turn around a battle if he activated those new and amazing abilities.

One of them was the Maestro Mode. This resonating ability was a fairly simple amplification of his expert mech’s mobility. The Star Dancer Mark II’s flight system and boosters could become up to 3OO percent more effective for a short amount of time.

While Brutus was aware that there were other expert mechs that could obtain even greater amplifications, he was already happy with what he got. It was always harder to pull this off in a ranged mech as opposed to a melee mech.

The other ability was far more special. It might not define the Star Dancer Mark II like the Maestro Mode, but it uniquely fit his conviction and his inclinations. This rare ability would definitely allow him to differentiate himself from Venerable Stark and define his own ident.i.ty in the expeditionary fleet!

“The key to using your offensive ability is confidence.” Gloriana noted. “I don’t know how it works exactly, but from what I have learned and inferred, its effect can only work if you believe wholeheartedly if you are doing the right thing. If not, this ability can easily backfire on you and mistakenly harm our own side.”

As an expert pilot, Brutus never lacked any confidence.

That did not mean he wanted to be careless, though.

“I’ve successfully pulled it off in the first try, so it definitely works. I haven’t tried it out in an actual battle, so I might not be able to maintain the right mindset. I already plan to activate this ability as many times as I can during my practice sessions. With repeated use, using it will become second nature.”

“That’s good to hear.” She smiled. “I hope we won’t encounter anything dangerous in the near future. You still haven’t spent enough time piloting your new expert mech for my liking.”

Unfortunately, events did not play out that way. As Gloriana and many of the other mech designers of the Larkinson Clan provided support to the Larkinson mech pilots from the design lab, she looked with great concern as her brother was about to lead a battle formation against a ma.s.sive astral beast!

“Please be safe, brother. Don’t get too close.”

As a living Hexer mech, the Star Dancer Mark II possessed an intimate connection to the Superior Mother. This turned it into one of the best machines to channel the Supreme’s power!

However, there was one other expert mech that was able to form an even better connection to the Superior Mother.

The Everchanger was not meant to be a Hexer mech, but at this moment it was hard to believe in this fact!