The Wife Of The Wealthy Family Is Fierce And Cute. Chapter 547 – CEO Li Is Really Ruthless

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Chapter 547: CEO Li Is Really Ruthless

Translator: Atlas Studios | Editor: Atlas Studios

“He works hard

Chu Luo looked at the girl who looked like she had been poisoned too deeply

and asked with a dark expression, “Is he as hardworking as us students who

got into Imperial University? If using unscrupulous methods to get to where he

is today is called hard work, what do you take us Imperial University students

who study and memorize books day and night, have no holidays and no

entertainment, for?


“You’re also a student at Imperial University. As an Imperial University

student, instead of revering scientists and inventors who have contributed to

society and mankind, you’ re chasing after celebrities.. don’t object to you

chasing after celebrities, but who do you think you’re being a letdown by

chasing after such a celebrity in such a brainless manner?”

Chu Luo’s words were too sharp, but they were reasonable.

The moment she stopped, the surrounding students echoed.

After all, there were fewer people at Imperial University who chased after

celebrities, especially girls like those celebrities in a brainless manner.

In the end, the girl covered her face and ran away

Chu Luo continued walking forward with Roundy and w.a.n.g Mingtao.

w.a.n.g Mingtao was a little puzzled. “Sister Chu, why is that Ci Jing looking for


“How would I know?” Chu Luo was certain that Ci Jing didn’t know that she was

the one who went yesterday, so it was very likely that he merely wanted to

make use of her reputation to help him.

When w.a.n.g Mingtao heard her say that, he concluded confidently, “There

must be something wrong with that Cci Jing”

Then, he thought for a while. “But why would this person look for you? Could it

be that someone is using him to harm you?

Chu Luo looked at him in surprise. “Did you read the gossip carefully?

“No. I don’t like Ci Jing. I only took a few glances at his dirt and felt that it was

boring, so I went to play games… Why?

When w.a.n.g Mingtao asked this, Roundy said to him straightforwardly, “Peach,

you’re so stupid. Ci Jing is a Best Actor. He went to the audition the day before

yesterday and failed the audition. After that, he instigated his fans to denounce

that company’s boss. In the end, that boss exposed all his dirt.

When w.a.n.g Mingtao heard this, he took out his phone and quickly looked at it.

As he looked, he clicked his tongue. “Tsk tsk, there’s indeed something wrong

with this Ci Jing. However.. why do I feel that the company he auditioned for

yesterday is so familiar?

At this point, he suddenly looked at Chu Luo. “Sister Chu, isn’t that

Chu Luo glanced at him.

w.a.n.g Mingtao immediately suppressed his voice. “Isn’t that your company?


“So, Sister Chu, you’re the one who exposed his dirt so quickly.. Brother Li

must be involved too.”

Chu Luo smiled. “We only started. There are many people who want to stepon

him and his company.

w.a.n.g Mingtao understood and grinned. “Serves him right”

After saying that, he thought of something and frowned worriedly. “But he

actually found you, Sister Chu. Could it be that he already knows that it’s you?

I don’t know. We disguised ourselves that day.”

w.a.n.g Mingtao had seen Chu Luo’s makeup skills and knew that as long as she

didn’t want anyone to recognize her and Li Yan, she could turn the two of them

into two different faces.

“In that case, that person really wants to use your reputation to tide over this


At this point, w.a.n.g Mingtao was even angrier. “Dream on.”

Chu Luo was now very curious about who had asked him to look for her.

At this thought, she sent Li Yan a message.

Li Yan immediately called her back

His voice was low and cold. “Luoluo, don’t worry about this person. Ill send

someone to deal with him immediately.”

Chu Luo responded with an “Mm” and the two of them hung up.

In the afternoon, when Chu Luo went to cla.s.s, she heard someone discussing

Ci Jing

“Actually, in the past, I quite liked Ci Jing’s appearance. I didn’t expect him to

actually find his way to Chu Luo this time. This person must be looking for Chu

Luo to use her good reputation to clear his name. That’s quite despicable.”

“Yes, he’s a despicable man. For this, I even went online to write an anonymous

essay to scold him.”

“So that essay was written by you. I saw that many people liked it. Even our

teachers and professors at Imperial University liked it.”

“Previously, I didn’t know that there was such a person. Just because he came

to look for Chu Luo this afternoon, I specially checked all his information..

This kind of person climbed up the social ladder by stepping on others in the

early stages. I didn’t expect him to actually dare to have designs on Chu Luo.

If he wants to have designs on Chu Luo, he has to see if us Imperial University

students agree.”


When Chu Luo went to the Student Union office building after cla.s.s in the

afternoon, Yu Tong pulled her and asked, “Chu Luo, did that Ci Jing affect you?

“How will he affect me? He’s just an ignorant person.”

“That’s right. I really wonder why he thought of looking for you. Could it be

that his company gave him this idea?

As Yu Tong spoke, she immediately took her phone and said, “Your boyfriend

must know about this too. I really feel sorry for that company. Your boyfriend

might already be dealing with that company Tsk_ CEO Li is really ruthless.”

Chu Luo tilted her head and glanced at Yu Tong’s phone. She saw a few large

words on it: “XX Entertainment Corporation has been banned because of XX

and XX. They have now arrested all the heads of XX Corporation and they are

undergoing further investigations.”

Meanwhile, Ci Jing hadn’t expected that listening to his CEO’s suggestion and

going to Imperial University to seek Chu Luo’s help, would have resulted in

such a huge calamity. Hiding in an old residential building, he threw his ninth

cigarette b.u.t.t into the ground and snuffed it out with the tip of his toes. He

cursed softly, “F*ck, when have I ever been so down-and-out!

No longer as respectful and subservient as before, the a.s.sistant standing

beside him said in an accusing tone, If you hadn’t refused to listen to my

advice and insisted on privately mobilizing your fans to denounce Phoenix

Corporation, and even tried to defame Phoenix Corporation on Weibo, how

could we have become street rats?

Ci jing glanced at his a.s.sistant with a gloomy gaze and said in a low voice, “Ts

there a use in saying this now? Why didn’t you say it before?

The a.s.sistant gritted his teeth in anger. “Now you’re blaming me? Could I have

stopped you?

After saying that, he kicked the rubbish bin beside him over and sneered at

him. Your path to stardom is over now. I don’t want to be a street rat with you

anymore, so I won’t stay here with you any longer.

What do you mean?

Ci Jing was so angry that his eyes turned red. “Brother Hong asked you to take

good care of me. Do you want to leave now?

“Brother Hong? Ha! Brother Hong can’t even save himself now. Im not his

servant. Why should I keep taking care of you?”

“Brother Hong gave you money. You can leave if you want, but give me the

money.” Ci Jing had checked his account in the morning. All the a.s.sets under

his name had been frozen. He didn’t want to experience a day where he was so

penniless that he couldn’t even afford a piece of bread.

The a.s.sistant was so angry that he laughed. “Pfft, I think you’re crazy about

money. I have no money.”

After saying that, he flicked his sleeve and was about to leave.

Ci Jing wouldn’t let him leave. His eyes turned red and he shouted, “Don’t


The a.s.sistant simply ignored him and continued walking towards the door.

Ever since Ci Jing became the Best Actor, he had been used to being flattered by

everyone. How could he stand being treated in this manner by his usually

meek a.s.sistant?

He quickly glanced to the side and saw a red wine bottle on a table not far away.

He walked over, took the bottle, chased after his a.s.sistant, and smashed it on

the back of his head.


The a.s.sistant touched the back of his head in disbelief. When he felt the blo0od

on his hand, his eyes turned red.

“Ci Jing, Im going to kill you.

Ci ing started fighting with his a.s.sistant when the latter pounced on him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Clang! Clang! Clang!


F ck


Ten minutes later, the room finally regained its calm.

Ci Jing lay on the floor in exhaustion. The pungent smell of blood filled his

nose. He tilted his head to look at the a.s.sistant lying on the other side without

moving. He had already guessed what was wrong with the a.s.sistant, but his

face was calm.

He had nothing left now and didn’t care about killing anyone.

At the thought of this, a trace of revengeful pleasure flashed across his heart.

After more than half an hour, a surge of fear suddenly surged in Ci Jing’s heart.

This emotion became more and more intense. In the end, he actually had the

feeling that his a.s.sistant had suddenly come alive and was strangling his

throat to take his life.

Ci Jing subconsciously covered his neck with his hands and opened his mouth

to make a sound, but he realized that he couldn’t make a sound at all.

At this moment, he suddenly saw a black figure standing by his feet.

Ci Jing widened his mouth and finally screamed in fear, “Ah.

However, his scream quickly disappeared, and the black shadow entered his

body at the same time.

After two minutes, Ci Jing suddenly got up from the ground. He looked at the

corpse lying beside him and a ball of black aura pa.s.sed through his hand. The

corpse had actually turned into Ci Jing.

Then, he let out a cackling laugh. After laughing, he moved his neck and body

and licked his lips.

“Not a bad body. Since you’re already at your wits end, Ill live on your behalf…

Don’t worry, I’ll help you take revenge for whoever stepped on you. Ga ga ga.

Ci Jing paused for a while and said, “Tl start with the people chosen by the

Phoenix Corporation first. Consider it your reward for giving me this body. Ga

ga ga

After saying that, the appearance on his face started to change. After a while,

his appearance was no longer Ci Jing’s. He became even more feminine and it

was difficult to distinguish his gender. After walking onto the street, he tumed

many heads, but no one could recognize that he was Ci Jing.

The Wife Of The Wealthy Family Is Fierce And Cute. Chapter 549 – Why Is Senior Here?

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Chapter 549: Why Is Senior Here?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Seeing this, Li Yan suddenly jumped onto the school path and stopped.

Chu Luo also stopped.

As Li Yan had come from the office directly, he was still wearing his suit. He took off his suit and threw it to Chu Luo. “Luoluo, help me hold the suit.”

After saying that, he held a laser gun in one hand and a thin whip in the other. He jumped again and continued chasing at a faster speed than before.

Chu Luo hugged his suit and followed behind him.

Soon, Li Yan caught up to that person. He fired his laser gun and flicked his thin whip.



The laser hit the robot’s back and a piece of it melted.

The whip hit the robot’s leg, and the robot’s leg joint bent. Even the person on its back flew into the trees at the same time.

Li Yan went after the robot and started fighting with it.

Seeing that the person didn’t come out, Chu Luo strode towards the forest.

‘When she got there, she only had time to see a tree swaying in a wide arc. Chu Luo turned to Li Yan and said, “Yan, that person ran away. I’ll go after him.”

With that, she chased after him.

That person specifically chose to escape from the flower beds in the trees. As Chu Luo chased, she plucked the leaves from the tree and attached magic power to it. With a swoosh, she threw them at that person.


The person fleeing in front was. .h.i.t by a leaf. He groaned and staggered, looking like he was about to fall to the ground.

However, as he fell, he stabilized himself and fled towards another path.

Chu Luo continued to chase after him. There was a school path behind the trees which led to another forest.

Just as Chu Luo continued to chase after him, the sound of a bike ringing came from the side.


“Student, move aside.”

Nangong Yi’s worried voice sounded.

Chu Luo looked at Nangong Yi, who had suddenly appeared, and was a little displeased. She wondered why he had come at this time.

Injust a short while, a bike drove over.

Chu Luo stood there without moving. Nangong Yi tumed the steering wheel, but he didn’t control it well and slammed the front wheel onto the steps beside him.


Nangong Yi reacted quickly. As soon as the bike hit the steps, he jumped down.

Chu Luo stood there and looked at him.

Nangong Yi looked at Chu Luo in surprise and asked, “Junior, didn’t you leave the school? Why are you still here?”

Chu Luo asked, “Why is Senior here?”

“Tcame out after I took my things.”

After saying that, he tured to look at the box that had been thrown to the ground. He walked over, picked it up, and opened it. Then, he said with a troubled expression, “Looks like I can’t explain to my father tonight.”

Chu Luo glanced at the piece of jade in the box and didn’t say anything. She continued chasing after that person.

“Junior.” Nangong Yi quickly stopped her. “What are you doing?”

“Chasing a thief.”

“What? A thief has entered Imperial University?”

Nangong Yi frowned and stopped feeling sorry for the piece of jade in his hand. He placed it beside the box and took out his phone. “Imperial University is so big. It’s too slow for you to catch up by yourself. I’ll call the school’s security office.”

Chu Luo didn’t stop him and walked over with Li Yan’s coat.

Seeing her leave, Nangong Yi called as he ran after her.

After he told the security guard what had happened, he asked Chu Luo, “Junior, what does that person look like? What special abilities does he have?”

“He can turn invisible.”

After Chu Luo said these three words, she said to him, “Don’t chase alongside me. When Yan comes, you just have to help me tell him which direction I went.”

Hearing her say that, Nangong Yi stopped. “Alright.”

Chu Luo glanced at him, jumped up, and quickly chased after that person.

In the end, she still lost that person.

Chu Luo stood on the sidewalk waiting for Li Yan.

Li Yan arrived quickly.

Chu Luo handed him his coat.

Li Yan put it on and pulled her into his arms. “Did you catch up to that person?”

“No.” Chu Luo shook her head and tilted her head to look at him. “But I left something on that person. You can directly send people to continue chasing.”

After saying that, she placed her hand in his large one and felt the warmth in it. She asked him, “Did you see Senior Nangong just now?”

“Yeah. He told me you came in this direction.”

The two of them walked to the side.

Li Yan looked at her expression and saw that she was obviously unhappy. He asked, “Are you angry with him?”

“Mm.” Chu Luo nodded. “If he hadn’t suddenly appeared, I would have caught that person.”

“Didn’t you already leave something on that person? Capturing him now is the same as capturing him later.”

“It’s different. That person could control the robot. If !’m not wrong, he must be the person who created the robot invisibility technology that Neeson mentioned before. I want to catch him quickly.”

Even if Chu Luo didn’t say anything, Li Yan knew why she wanted to capture him.

Li Yan looked at her angry expression and hugged her tightly. He lowered his head and kissed the top of her head. “Il send someone to catch him immediately.”


Not long after the two of them walked out, Chu Luo received a call from Nangong Yi.

Nangong Yi asked in concern, “Junior, have you caught that thief?”

Chu Luo replied, “No.”

Nangong Yi: “Did I hinder you from chasing that person just now?”

Chu Luo: “Yes.”

Nangong Yi: “…”

After a few seconds, Nangong Yi said apologetically, “Sorry, Junior. Tell me what I can do now, as long as it can appease you.”

‘When Chu Luo heard this, her eyes darted around and she said, “How about this? Help me buy an osmanthus cake at Yipinzhai Pastry Shop outside the school and a cup of milk tea, and I’ll forgive you.”

‘When Nangong Yi heard this, he was stunned for two seconds before saying with a smile, “Okay.”

The two of them hung up.

Chu Luo said, “Let’s go to the technology building to see how Haozi is dealing with those robots.”


The two of them went to the technology building.

At this moment, Sun Tianhao was standing on the steps outside the technology building, commanding his subordinates to deal with the robots that had been shot into sc.r.a.p metal.

‘When he saw Chu Luo and Li Yan approaching, he quickly strode over and asked, “Have you caught the culprit?”


Sun Tianhao was a little surprised. “Even with Qinggong, you guys failed to catch him? Did the other party ride a rocket?”

Chu Luo glanced at him and told him what had happened.

‘When Sun Tianhao heard this, he rubbed his chin and thought for a while. He said, “Nangong Yi really appeared at the wrong time. If I hadn’t investigated his family background and his various performances in school, I would have thought that he was in cahoots with Ink Feather’s men.”

These words made Li Yan narrowed his eyes. He planned to send someone to investigate the Nangong family again.

Chu Luo wrinkled her nose. “If he’s one of Ink Feather’s men, he concealed it too perfectly.”

Thinking about what she had asked Nangong Yi to do, Chu Luo thought: ‘You better not be one of Ink Feather’s men.’

At this moment, Sun Tianhao told the two of them about the situation on his side. “We dealt with a total of eight robots.”

At this point, he snorted. “Ink Feather’s people are really confident. Do they think they can enter this building every time because they could last time?”

“Ha! They didn’t fulfill their employer’s request.”

“Could it be that they want to steal the gaming capsule for research?”

“It’s possible.”

“E*ck! Do they really think the Sun family doesn’t exist? I must catch that person tonight!” Sun Tianhao rolled up his sleeves.

“Don’t be anxious. I left something on that person after he came in. I should be able to catch him soon.”

“Like what?”

“It’s a secret.”

Sun Tianhao gritted his teeth at Chu Luo’s semi-secretive words. At this moment, he suddenly thought of Li Yan standing him up this weekend. He glared at Li Yan and asked through gritted teeth, “Li, do you remember what we agreed to do this weekend?”

Li Yan glanced at him coldly and said, “You can’t beat me.”

“Hey!” Sun Tianhao’s compet.i.tive spirit was instantly aroused. He rolled up his sleeves and said, “We haven’t even competed. How do you know that I can’t beat you… No, just based on what you said, if we don’t compete tonight, don’t even think about leaving.”

“Haozi, you…” Chu Luo wanted to say that he shouldn’t embarra.s.s himself.

Sun Tianhao turned to look at her and corrected her loudly, “Call me Brother.”

Chu Luo retracted her words and prepared to stand at the side to watch the show.

“yan, since he’s been thinking about this, why don’t you compete with him?”

Li Yan responded with an “Mm” and took off his coat to hand to Chu Luo.

‘When Sun Tianhao saw Li Yan’s action, he immediately took off his weapon and threw it to a subordinate standing at the side. He said to Li Yan arrogantly, “Tl remove all my weapons now. This way, you can’t blame me if you lose.”

The Wife Of The Wealthy Family Is Fierce And Cute. Chapter 550 – I Need Some Quiet Now

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Chapter 550: I Need Some Quiet Now

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor:

Atlas Studios

Li Yan looked at him coldly.

Sun Tianhao was stunned to see disdain in his eyes.

‘The warring factor in his heart started to stir.

The two of them walked to the open s.p.a.ce outside the technology building and started fighting without a word.

Chu Luo took out Li Yan’s phone from his pocket and glanced at the time.

Five minutes later, Chu Luo walked over and squatted in front of Sun Tianhao. She asked gloatingly, “Haozi, what do you have to say now?”

Sun Tianhao turned over and said weakly, “I need some quiet now.”

“Then take your time. Yan and I are going back.”

Chu Luo stood up to give Li Yan’s coat to him. After he put it on, the two of them turned to leave.

“Hey! You guys are really leaving?”

Sun Tianhao jumped up from the ground and sucked in a cold breath. He endured the pain on his body and said in dissatisfaction, “Chu Luo, I was beaten up by Li Yan. Can’t you care about me?”

Chu Luo and Li Yan stopped.

Chu Luo turned around and said straightforwardly, “You asked for it. Serves you right.”

Seeing Sun Tianhao’s aggrieved expression, Chu Luo asked him, “Do you want to leave with us?”

“Of course. Ouch… Tsk…”

‘When Sun Tianhao moved, he realized that his bones seemed to have been dislocated. He limped over and gritted his teeth as he looked at Li Yan. Unable to figure out why, he said, “Li Yan, why are you so skilled? I’ve fought in the Guards since I was young, but I actually couldn’t beat you. This doesn’t

make sense.”

Li Yan glanced at him with disdain in his eyes. This made Sun Tianhao want to pounce on him and bite him.

Before he exploded, Chu Luo helped Li Yan say, “Yan has been learning ancient martial arts from an expert since he was young. You definitely can’t beat him.”

‘What Chu Luo didn’t say was that Li Yan now had the skills from his previous life. In this world, not many people were his match.

When Sun Tianhao heard this, he was a little surprised. “You actually learned ancient martial arts. Why didn’t I know?”

‘The Sun family had investigated Li Yan before, but this wasn’t written in the investigation report.

Chu Luo glanced at Li Yan and said, “If the Li family doesn’t know, you definitely won’t know.”

Sun Tianhao fell silent.

It wasn’t until the three of them walked to his jeep that Sun Tianhao said to Li Yan reluctantly, “Since you’re so powerful, when are you going to our military school to conduct a lesson for us?”

Chu Luo looked at him with bright eyes.

Sun Tianhao grinned at her self-righteously.

Chu Luo said, “I’m amazed by your shamelessness.”

“Hey, hey, hey… What are you talking about? How am I shameless?”

“Shameless in all aspects.”

At this moment, Li Yan was already in the driver’s seat. Chu Luo pulled open the front pa.s.senger seat and got in.

Sun Tianhao had no choice but to open the car door at the back. After getting into the car, he finally couldn’t stand the pain anymore and lay down. As he supported his waist, he wailed.

Chu Luo couldn’t help but turn to look at him a few times.

In the end, she couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “Can’t you care about your image?”

Sun Tianhao straightened his neck and asked angrily, “What kind of image do I have in front of you two?”

Chu Luo actually felt that what he said made sense, so she retracted her gaze and took out her phone to pull up the Imperial University defense network that she and the Wu father-and-daughter had built together. She checked where Nangong Yi had gone.

After a while, seeing that no one was paying attention to him, Sun Tianhao sat up and leaned against the back of Chu Luo’s chair. “Sister, I suffered internal injuries from Li Yan’s beating. Shouldn’t you give me a bottle of recuperation medicine? Otherwise, I definitely won’t be able to get up.”

Chu Luo casually took out a bottle of medicine from her Heaven-and-Earth pouch and threw it to him.

Sun Tianhao quickly caught it and didn’t forget to complain, “Did you even look properly? If you accidentally pulled out a bottle of poison or something, I’ll be finished.”

‘As Chu Luo looked at the surveillance videos, she said without looking up, “You won’t be poisoned to death. As long as I’m here, it won’t be easy for you to die.”

“_.” Sun Tianhao: “Why does that sound wrong?”

“Then shut up and take your medicine.”

Sun Tianhao resisted the urge to raise his hand and rub her head. He sat back down, took a pill, and ate it. Then, he put the bottle in his pocket like it was a treasure.

Nangong Yi had indeed come out from the Student Union office and taken the fastest route to the school gate.

Along the way, Chu Luo could still see him being careful with the piece of jade in the box. He even drove a little slowly.

At this point, Chu Luo wanted to ask him how much that piece of jade was later. She would compensate him.

‘When the car arrived at the school gate, Nangong Yi was waiting in the most obvious place.

Li Yan stopped the car beside him. After the window on Chu Luo’s side rolled down, Nangong Yi handed her the pastry and milk tea in his hand and said with a smile, “Junior, the pastry and milk tea you wanted. See if you like them.”

Chu Luo took the pastry and milk tea from his hand and said, “Thank you.”

‘Then, she asked, “How much does that jade of yours cost? I’ll compensate you.”

The smile on Nangong Yi’s face deepened. He waved at her. “How can I let you compensate me when I broke it myself… I’ll go back first.”

After saying that, he turned and walked towards a car parked not far away.

Chu Luo looked at his back and was about to retract her gaze when Sun Tianhao’s voice came from behind. “Junior, your president is so nice. He looks perfect. If such a person does something evil, no one will notice.”

Chu Luo thought so too.

However, she wasn’t worried. If Nangong Yi was really a bad person, she wouldn’t be polite to him.

She asked Sun Tianhao, “How are you going back?”

Sun Tianhao took out his phone and pressed a b.u.t.ton. He said to the other party, “Send someone to drive me back.”

Chu Luo and Li Yan alighted and went to the car waiting for them.

After returning to the villa, Chu Luo took her laptop and sat on the sofa in the living room to continue checking the defense network they had built.

After a while, she said to Li Yan, “The person who escaped is indeed hiding at Imperial University. He didn’t touch the defense network at the edge of Imperial University.”

Li Yan was sitting beside her. When he heard this, he tilted his head to look at the screen.

Chu Luo continued typing on the keyboard. After a while, a red dot appeared. She said in surprise, “That person actually went to the Chinese Department.”

‘As she spoke, she continued to operate the computer. The red dot was still moving and had already reached the lake.

The lake was very close to several colleges.

‘When Li Yan saw this, he quickly took out his phone and dialed a number. As he looked at the laptop screen in front of Chu Luo, he gave several orders.

Chu Luo said, “No wonder he didn’t touch the defense network elsewhere. So he wanted to go through the lake.”

At this point, she snorted.

“There’s a region on that lake that connects to the expressway outside. There’s a high-pressure network on the side. There might be people with special abilities or robots that he left behind to receive him.”

“My men are already waiting on the expressway.”

“Mm.” Chu Luo thought for a while and handed him two talismans from her Heaven-and-Earth pouch. “Get someone to send these two talismans over immediately. I want to see if his robot is more powerful or my talismans are more powerful.”

Li Yan took the talisman and walked out to hand it to a subordinate.

Chu Luo continued to look at the screen.

Li Yan walked back and said to her, “Go wash up first. My men will handle the rest.”

Chu Luo nodded, closed her laptop, and walked upstairs with him to the bedroom.

After the two of them washed up and lay in bed, Li Yan took the laptop and opened it.

That red dot happened to reach the opposite sh.o.r.e and had already stopped. It was obvious that the person had met the men Li Yan had sent over.

Chu Luo raised her hand and drew a circle in front of her. An image of that person appeared in front of her.

She said to Li Yan, “I cast some magic on him.”

Indeed, a few robots flying above the lake were protecting that person.

He was also carried by a robot.

The two sides didn’t say anything and started fighting.

Li Yan’s men were long prepared. Most of the robots were quickly dealt with.

Then, they caught that person.

Chu Luo couldn’t sit still anymore. “Yan, why don’t we interrogate this person ourselves?”

‘The thought of this person being able to develop the invisibility function of a robot excited Chu Luo.

She really wanted to learn this technique.

Seeing her expression, Li Yan guessed what she was thinking and didn’t object. “Go change your clothes first. I’ll get someone to bring that person back.”

Chu Luo nodded and got out of bed to get her clothes.

After Li Yan made a call, he also put on his clothes.

‘The two of them didn’t wait long before that person was brought over.

At this moment, his hands were tied behind his back and his mouth was stuffed with something. His eyes were wide open, and it was obvious that he was indignant and furious.

Chu Luo walked up to that person and sized him up for a while.

This person looked like an elf who had walked out of a European myth.

He looked back at Chu Luo warily.

Chu Luo suddenly smiled at him and said, “I know that once your organization’s people are caught, others won’t be able to get anything out of you. Once they are caught, they will commit suicide.”

‘There was a message in that person’s eyes: Since you’re aware, don’t even think about getting anything out of me.

The smile on Chu Luo’s face deepened. “In that case, not only am I interested in the robot invisibility technology you know, but I’m also interested in the poison on you..”

The Wife Of The Wealthy Family Is Fierce And Cute. Chapter 546 – Chu Luo, Someone Is Looking for You Outside the School

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Chapter 546: Chu Luo, Someone Is Looking for You Outside the School

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

ai Yu even arched an eyebrow at him provocatively, but it looked like he was nleas.h.i.+ng his charm on him.

uo Mingxuan frowned,

hu Luo glanced at the two of them and said to the staff filming, “Take them to o their makeup and change their clothes.”

staff member quickly led the two of them away.

uo Mingxuan even asked, “Your company plans to use two men to endorse our products?”

es.” Chu Luo nodded and asked him, “What suggestions do you have? Or do ou think you can’t handle it?”

o Mingxuan’s expression instantly turned serious. He said confidently, on’t mind even eight or ten, let alone two male endorsers.”

hu Luo smiled. “In that case, if you feel any discomfort, you must reconcile in rivate. I don’t want anything to happen to you during the shoot.” ctually, she wasn’t worried about other things. She was just worried that Bai ujing would seduce this man unconsciously.

u Mingxuan had no idea what Chu Luo was thinking. He had a nagging eeling that he was being looked down upon, so he immediately declared, “I won’t let my personal emotions affect the entire production team’s filming rogress.” Wery good.”

Cue Ying and Bai Yujing quickly put on their makeup.

Cue Ying’s disposition was also quite good, and she was suitable for the image f Phoenix Cosmetics

#n the other hand, Bai Yujing was a stunner.

As expected of the modern version of Bai Yutang who appeals to both s.e.xes. “his disposition, this appearance, totally my type!”

suddenly look forward to seeing him shoot an advertis.e.m.e.nt for Phoenix Cosmetics with Xue Ying and Luo Mingxuan!” If only something could happen between them.”

as she listened to the low discussions of the a.s.sistants standing in the comer, Chu Luo suspected that the “they” they were talking about was referring to the wo of them.

Cue Ying and Bai Yugan finished one set of filming quickly.

Che two of them changed and walked over.

This time, before Xue Ying could speak, Bai Yujing asked first, “How is it? I fit our cosmetics’ image very well, right?

Chu Luo nodded, “Not bad.”

Moreover, an advertis.e.m.e.nt idea suddenly appeared in her mind. She planned

o turn this idea into fact, so she said to the three of them, “You guys go back and attend to your current work. You can enter the filming team the day after omorrow at the latest. Is that okay?

As Luo Mingxuan had come to endorse this advertis.e.m.e.nt in the first place, he aid, “No problem.

Kue Ying also nodded. There weren’t many scenes for her to film next. She could rush out all the scenes this afternoon and tomorrow.

in the end, they all looked at Bai Yujing

Recalling that he had many scenes left to film, Xue Ying asked, “Bai Yujing. I don’t think you have enough time.”

“How is that not enough?” Bai Yujing snapped his fingers handsomely. “I’m the Harling of the cameras. It’s just dozens of scenes. They can be done in a day.”

Luo Mingxuan and Xue Ying looked at him with bright eyes.

Chu Luo didn’t know much about filming, Hearing his words, she nodded in satisfaction.

“Alright, you can go and talk to the in-charge about the contract.” When Chu Luo and Li Yan got into the car again and left, more than an hour had pa.s.sed.

Chu Luo recalled the fan denouncement launched by Ci Jing and asked Li Yan, “Where did those fans who wanted to denounce the company go?

Li Yan told her, “They were invited out by the security guards of the film studio.”

Chu Luo smiled and took out her phone to surf the Internet.

She only swiped it for two seconds before turning to look at Li Yan.

“You got someone to influence public opinion?”

During this one hour plus, rumors about Ci Jing had spread like wildfire. Blazing Glory Entertainment Corporation had only added fuel to the fire. Then, companies who wanted to step on Ci Jing and his company joined in the fun. At this moment, the Internet was filled with excitement.

In just a short period of time, the post about criticizing the movie king was pushed to sixth place on the trending topic.

Of course, the first five were still dominated by the news of the gaming capsule, and Chu Luo and Li Yan’s wedding.

Chu Luo watched for a while before logging out of the webpage. She took out her laptop and started designing the advertis.e.m.e.nt she had thought of.

By the time the car returned to Imperial Sky Park, Chu Luo had already written but her idea and sent it to Phoenix Headquarters.

Then, she went to Imperial University’s computer science and technology building and met up with the Wu father and daughter to build a defense


The weekend pa.s.sed quickly.

On Monday, everyone was surprised to discover that the atmosphere at Imperial University wasn’t so serious anymore. The security guards and guards on patrol had also decreased drastically.

Everyone returned to learning, learning, and learning

In the last cla.s.s in the morning, w.a.n.g Mingtao suddenly found his way to the cla.s.sroom where Chu Luo was. He used a book to block his head and asked Chu Luo with a mysterious and happy expression, “Sister Chu, guess who came to look for my father yesterday?” Chu Luo glanced at him, who was deceiving himself, and the book that was even more eye-catching. She didn’t answer and asked, “Did you skip cla.s.s to ask me this question?”

w.a.n.g Mingtao choked and said sheepishly, “The last lesson was very simple. I learned it a long time ago. What’s wrong with skipping occasionally?”

“The more he spoke, the more he felt that he made sense. “Besides, if you don’t skip cla.s.s in university, your university life won’t be considered complete.” Chu Luo looked at him with bright eyes.

w.a.n.g Mingtao grinned at her and changed the topic. “Butler Beitang actually came to our house yesterday to discuss the fresh flower supply for your wedding with my father.”

“Did Uncle w.a.n.g refuse payment?”

“Of course. You and Brother Li are getting married. Our family is more than happy to provide you with fresh flowers. How can we accept money?”

“What did the butler say?” “Butler Beitang said that if we don’t accept the money, he will look for another gardener.”

Chu Luo nodded in satisfaction. This meant that the w.a.n.g family would definitely accept the money, but she also knew that they would just accept a nominal amount

“Do you have as many flowers as we need?” Chu Luo was more concerned about this.

“Yes. Butler Beitang seems to know how many flowers my family has. He wants all the flowers in our family.”

Chu Luo nodded and said, “Uncle w.a.n.g will be busy again.”

“What’s there to be busy about? Butler Beitang sent many people to help my father this time. Besides, when my parents live with the workers at your house, all he needs to do is give orders.”

As w.a.n.g Mingtao spoke, he laughed foolishly. His voice was subconsciously magnified

At this moment, the professor standing on the podium finally pointed at w.a.n.g Mingtao and called out, “The boy sitting beside Chu Luo, get up and answer this question.” The smile on w.a.n.g Mingtao’s face froze.

Chu Luo pretended not to know him and said, “Student, Professor Tan wants you to get up and answer the question.”

w.a.n.g Mingtao gave Chu Luo a look pleading with her to save him.

Chu Luo simply tilted her face to the side.

When the cla.s.s finally ended, w.a.n.g Mingtao followed behind Chu Luo like a lovable husky. Roundy, who had been standing outside the cla.s.sroom, teased him, “Peach, how can you be so stupid?”

w.a.n.g Mingtao glared at him in dissatisfaction.

Roundy: “Am I wrong?”

“I’m a freshman. How can I possibly know about third-year knowledge? Moreover, it’s a physics problem.” “Then why did you still dare to make a din in the cla.s.sroom? Weren’t you looking for a beating?

w.a.n.g Mingtao didn’t want to talk to Roundy.

However, Roundy deliberately retorted in front of him, making w.a.n.g Mingtao aggrieved and unable to refute

Chu Luo watched the show without sympathy and had no intention of helping him.

The two of them had just walked to a place not far from the restaurant when a woman suddenly ran over and stopped Chu Luo.

“Chu Luo, someone is looking for you outside the school.” Before Chu Luo could speak, w.a.n.g Mingtao frowned and asked, “Who’s looking for Sister Chu?”

The girl glanced at w.a.n.g Mingtao and didn’t answer. She stared at Chu Luo and said, “You know that person too. I’m just helping to deliver a message. I hope you can go out and meet him.”

Chu Luo saw the pa.s.sion in the girl’s eyes when she mentioned that person. She had seen such a game in the eyes of those fans who chased after celebrities and immediately guessed who it was. “You’re talking about Ci Jing?

“Ci Jingl” w.a.n.g Mingtao’s voice instantly rose a few degrees. “That Ci Jing with all the scandals! Why is he looking for Sister Chu? At this point, he seemed to have thought of something and was filled with vigilance.

“Student, you’re not a fan of Ci Jing, are you? I’m telling you, you better tell Ci Jing. My Sister Chu isn’t in the mood to step on him at this time. It’s also impossible for him to use Sister Chu to get up.”

“It’s not like that.” The girl was a little anxious.

Especially at this moment, w.a.n.g Mingtao’s voice immediately attracted a lot of attention. The girl looked even more anxious.

She bit her lips and looked at Chu Luo. She said righteously, “a Jing isn’t the kind of person you think he is. He works so hard. Chu Luo, you’re so famous and so good. As long as you stand up for him, he will be able to escape his current adverse situation.”

The Wife Of The Wealthy Family Is Fierce And Cute. Chapter 548 – I’m Going to Kidnap You

If you are looking for The Wife Of The Wealthy Family Is Fierce And Cute. Chapter 548 – I’m Going to Kidnap You you are coming to the right place.
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Chapter 548: I’m Going to Kidnap You

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After school, Chu Luo first went to the Student Union before going to the

Archeology Department with Nangong Yi.

The professors and teachers had been working for the past two days. When

they went over today, they saw that they had already repaired half of the

ancient items.

Chu Luo looked at the small words carved on a repaired jade bottle with a

magnifying gla.s.s. Nangong Yi stood beside her and asked, “Junior, do you

recognize these words?”

“I basically know after guessing

The professors and teachers sitting at the side laughed when they heard Chu

Luo say that.

Teacher Zhang smiled and asked, “Little Chu, you actually have such a skill.

Then tell me what’s carved on it?

“It’s the time when this jade bottle went out of the kiln. It was made in the XX

Year of Huitong and alsoa tribute to the royal family”

Professor Chen, who was sitting beside her and also looking at an ancient

porcelain vase, craned his neck to take a look. He laughed and nodded.

“Little Chu is right. I’ve read a lot of ancient books and ancient books during

the past two days. These words are similar to XX. It’s possible that they evolved

from XX. The words written on them are similar to Little Chu’s guesses.”

After Nangong Yi heard this, he couldn’t help but give Chu Luo a thumbs up.

“Junior, you’re really amazing.”


Chu Luo continued to study the words on it, and Nangong Yi followed the

professors to learn the repair technique.

At ten o’clock, everyone packed their things and prepared to get off work.

Professor Chen asked Chu Luo, “Little Chu, is your boyfriend here to pick you


“Yes, he’s on his way.”

Li Yan had an international meeting tonight and it ended at half-past nine.

Even if there wasn’t a traffic jam, it would take more than 40 minutes for the

car to drive over, so by the time Chu Luo packed her things and walked out of

the school gate, it would be about time.

Professor Chen nodded in relief.

After everyone had packed their things, they walked out of the Archeology

Department gate. The professors and teachers returned to their residence. Chu

Luo and Nangong Yi rode their bikes towards the gate.

on the way, Nangong Yi and Chu Luo talked about the Student Union.

“There are more large-scale compet.i.tions in the first half of the year. When the

time comes, the Student Union will have to cooperate with the school to choose

outstanding students to partic.i.p.ate. In certain compet.i.tions, you will have to

personally lead the team to the venue.”

At this point, Nangong Yi couldn’t help but laugh. “In any case, you know

everything. If other people can’t handle certain compet.i.tions, you can

personally partic.i.p.ate. When the time comes, you’ll be representing Imperial

University, so you don’t have to stand on ceremony with the people from other

schools. After all, the compet.i.tion arena is like a battlefield.”

Chu Luo had never thought of being polite to the other party during a


She loved receiving all kinds of certificates and awards.

Why should I stand on ceremony with others?

“Haha, that’s true.”

Nangong Yi didn’t continue talking about this matter and changed the topic.

“Other than these, there are the large-scale activities organized by the school.

You can choose not to partic.i.p.ate, but you have to know all the procedures. If

anything serious happens, you have to personally handle it.”


Nangong Yi then told Chu Luo about their previous activities. The two of them

quickly rode halfway.

Halfway through the journey, Nangong Yi’s phone suddenly rang

He stopped to answer the call and only responded with an “Mm”. Then, he put

away his phone and said to Chu Luo, “Junior, I left the things I brought from

home at the Student Union. I have to go to the Student Union to take them

back. You can leave first.”

Chu Luo nodded and said, “Goodbye, Senior.”

She rode off.

However, not long after she rode out, she saw a jeep drive in from the opposite


The car stopped a few meters away from her. Then, the car door opened and

Sun Tianhao walked over angrily with his back facing the light.

Those who didn’t know better would think that Chu Luo’s enemy had arrived.


Chu Luo stopped the bike and looked at him. “Why are you here at this time?

To pick you up, of course,” Sun Tianhao said arrogantly. “Tm going to hold you


Chu Luo looked at him as if he was crazy.

Sun Tianhao asked in a tense voice, “Do you still remember the promise this


Chu Luo thought for a while and suddenly remembered that Li Yan had said

that he wanted to spar with Sun Tianhao. She shrugged and said, “Yan is so

busy. He must have forgotten about this trivial matter.”

“Hmph! I knew he would forget. He’s simply a petty person whose words can’t

be believed.”

Chu Luo looked at him with bright eyes. “Did you come tonight to accost Yan

on purpose?

“How is that possible? I’m not that bored.”

Then why are you here?

Sun Tianhao’s tone suddenly became serious. “We found out that someone will

attack the gaming capsule’s data again tonight.”

Chu Luo was a little surprised. “They stole all the data from those devices last

time. Why are they here today? Are they planning to take the gaming capsule


After saying this, the two of them suddenly fell silent.

After a few seconds, Chu Luo looked around and realized that the nearest

parking lot was two to three kilometers away. She said, “Go over first. r’ll be

right there.”

“Why don’t you take my car over?

“I can catch up to you ona bike.”

Sun Tianhao didn’t believe her. However, after thinking for a while, he nodded.

“You don’t exercise in the cla.s.sroom all day long. It’s good to ride a bike. Let’s

You can ride in front. I’ll illuminate the back for you.”

Chu Luo glanced at him, got into her bike, and rode towards the technology


Sun Tianhao looked at her back and deliberately said, “Sister, ride faster. If you

can’t ride anymore, put the bike in the trunk of the bike.”

Chu Luo couldn’t be bothered to answer him. She stopped and sent Li Yan a

message before riding the bike at a speed exceeding the speed limit.

When the bike and Jeep arrived near the technology building one after another,

Sun Tianhao, who alighted, was stunned by Chu Luo’s speed.

“You must have cheated. How can anyone ride a bike so fast?”

Chu Luo couldn’t be bothered to discuss this with him. She asked, “Where are

your men?

Sun Tianhao pointed at the technology building in front. “They’re already


Chu Luo nodded and quickly used her five senses to sense the surroundings.

She didn’t discover any energy fluctuation.

“There isn’t anyone with special abilities nearby.”

Sun Tianhao heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s good.”

Chu Luo didn’t think so. “It’s possible that it’s Ink Feather’s men who came

tonight. The things that those people make aren’t easy to deal with.”

Chu Luo thought of the invisible robots that Neeson had made and quickly

searched through her Heaven-and-Earth pouch.

Sun Tianhao looked at her. “Sister, what are you looking for?”

“Something that can make invisible robots appear.”

Chu Luo found two things that looked like miniature flashlights. She handed

one to Sun Tianhao and took the other.

This can make invisible robots appear?” Sun Tianhao studied it for a long time

and was about to turn on the switch.

“Don’t move.” Chu Luo stopped him. “We’ll wait outside the door later. I’ll get

you to turn on the switch before you turn it on.”


After the two of them finished speaking, Chu Luo gave hima talisman and

turned invisible before going to the entrance of the technology building

Each of them stood to the side.

Sun Tianhao wanted to ask Chu Luo how she knew when the invisible robots

would come.

A fluorescent light flashed on the floor of the door and disappeared.

The two of them waited for almost half an hour before Chu Luo suddenly said,

Turn on the switch.”

Sun Tianhao reflexively pressed the switch on the instrument in his hand.

At the same time, Chu Luo also turned on the switch.

When the two infrared rays shot out at the same time, there was a swis.h.i.+ng

sound. As if a supernatural incident had happened, a robot sh.e.l.l appeared in

the open s.p.a.ce between them.

Chu Luo took out an infrared laser gun from her pouch and fired.

She said to Sun Tianhao, “Shoot down. Shoot randomly.”

Sun Tianhao reacted quickly and rapidly shot the area below.

The moment he swept out a robot sh.e.l.l, Chu Luo fired fiercely with an infrared

laser gun.

In less than two minutes, the two of them had killed a few invisible robots.

After turning these robots into a pile of sc.r.a.p metal with their guns, Chu Luo

made her and Sun Tianhao appear. At the same time, she threw the detector

and laser gun in her hand to him. “Take your men and continue looking for the

robots. I’ll go after the person controlling the robots.”

After saying that, she jumped and used her Qinggong to head in a certain


When she jumped out, another strong figure followed.

Sun Tianhao happened to see it and recognized who it was. His eyes nearly

popped out.

That kid surnamed Li actually knew Qinggong!!

Chu Luo soon discovered Li Yan following her.

The two of them didn’t say anything and chased in that direction.

After chasing for about two kilometers, she finally saw a man being carried by

a robot and running.

The robot was as fast as a gust of wind.

Li Yan said to Chu Luo, “Luoluo, give me the laser gun.”

Chu Luo quickly tookout a laser gun from her pouch and threw it to him.

Li Yan took it and quickly fired a few shots at the robot as he used his Qinggong

to jump over the tree.

However, the robot was too fast and was dodging left and right. The laser gun’s

laser beam couldn’t reach it at all…