Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 347

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Chapter 347: Depart for Rosendal

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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I had been quite busy ever since I informed my household that my party will be leaving for the Rosendal dungeon soon.

[6] ‘Soon’ and not right away as Fer had wanted because there were just too many things to take care of if I were to go on an extended trip.

First, there was the installation of the magic tool to strengthen the mansion’s security. [1] The magic tool creates a fairly simple Barrier that also acted as an alarm that alerts the household in case of intruders.

It cost me 850 gold including installation, but I deemed it a necessary expense.

After that, I wanted to inform Lambert-san about my impending trip but he had already left for the Royal Capital. According to his wife, Marie-san, he had already set out in great style with twice as many Adventurer escorts than usual.

“My husband said something about this being a great opportunity to expand our little store,” [3] said Marie-san with a smile.

Well, with the introduction from the Count, we could sell the Divine Medicine-Hair Power to other influential n.o.bles, so it was a great opportunity for a smart merchant.

Anyway, I leave the business side of things to Lambert-san. Please do your best, Lambert-san.

[4] “My party will be leaving for Rosendal soon. The inventory will be taken care of by Costi-kun, one of my young employees. Please contact him for supplies whenever you need them.”

[4] “The price is fixed, so that makes things simple,” said Marie-san. “I shall issue an IOU wooden tag each time we take something from Costi-kun and settle the payment when you return.”

[6] “Works for me,” I said, having forgotten about this part of doing business. That’s right, it’s best that my people don’t handle large amounts of money. It’s a security risk. Not that I’d think that anyone would try to embezzle. Not even the twins.

[6] Okay, maybe the twins.

[6] No, no, what I meant to say is, carrying too much money could bring trouble. Especially if they have an established routine. That’s how people get robbed.

Anyway, after Lambert’s the next stop was the Adventurer’s Guild.


The Guild Master greeted me happily as usual. However, when he heard that I would be leaving soon, he coughed and said casually, “Why don’t you relax a little more in the city?”

“Ahaha, I’d like to but my familiars really wanted to go challenge a dungeon. You see…”

We both turned to look at where the familiars had settled themselves in a corner. Fer was making that threatening ‘gunununu’ sound again.

“I hope you understand,” I said again.

“Haahh… I supposed…”

“We’ll probably be back in three months’ time at most,” I tried to rea.s.sure him.

Later, I met with Old Man Johan at the warehouse and asked him to dismantle the following monsters for me:

5 x Orcs

5 x Blue Bulls

5 x c.o.c.katrices

5 x b.l.o.o.d.y Horn Bulls

1 x Rockbirds

Since I will be away for about three months, I want to make sure my servants have enough meat to last them that long. While I did plan to return within the stated time, it’s still important for everyone to have enough food just in case. That was why I wanted to give them more meat since more is better than less but Aiya and Teresa stopped me by declaring that ‘It’s too much!’.


I’m really not sure what they meant by that. It’s not like the meat would spoil since I’ve let them rent the magic bag from me.

Anyway, to make sure my household has three months’ worth of meat, [1] I had made Old Man Johan work hard.

I should compensate him a little for troubling him. Perhaps some special meat from the Meat Dungeon as a souvenir?

Anyway, aside from meat, I also provided my people with seasoning, bread, eggs, and milk. I also bought local flour and sacks of vegetables for stock.

For extra guarantee, I gave everyone 3 months’ worth of advance remunerations too, as well as miscellaneous items such as cleaning supplies, stationeries, etc. Just in case they run out.

The City of Rosendal seems to be quite far away, [6] but I had been preparing a lot of food lately, so hopefully, it will be fine. [6] You know what, I should prepare more, I have kitchen helpers now so the work of making food would go more quickly.

Oh yes, I should also report to Demiurgos-sama and send him an early offering. [6] I really don’t want to forget while travelling on the road.

Let’s see. I should hand in two weeks’ worth of offerings.

This time, I prepared a set of three bottles of saké from the Yamaguchi Prefecture; one of the three was famously [9] gifted to the US President by our Prime Minister. Since it was for two weeks’ worth of offering, I also got a set of three bottles from Aichi Prefecture that was said to be quite popular overseas.

Since I had offered wine and rum before, this time, I chose to offer brandy for Demiurgos-sama’s tasting pleasure. I picked a basic brandy with a mild flavour that was said to be easy even for beginners to drink.

Naturally, I also included premium canned goods in the offering.

I am no longer responsible only for just myself or my party. With so many things to take care of, even though I did my best to hurry, it was three days before our party was ready to leave for the dungeon.

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Everyone at the house saw us off.

“I don’t think we should worry for Mukouda-san’s safety, but still, do be careful,” [7] said Tabasa cheerfully.

“Hehe, you too, Tabasa. You’re the most reliable here, so I’ll depend on you to look after the rest,” I said.

“I understand, Mukouda-san may count on me,”

Having the st.u.r.dy and reliable looking Tabasa say this to me really made me feel at ease.

“You’re going to the meat dungeon, right? Bring back lots of meat!”

“They say that meat from the meat dungeon is super delish!”

The twins called from one side, looking very excited.

“Delish meat? Lotte wants to try delish meat too!” cried Lotte as she hopped in place.

“Hahaha, I’ll bring back souvenirs for everyone~!” [5] I waved at them. “I’ll be leaving now~!”

“Take care!!”

“Right, time to depart for Rosendal!”

“Umu, about time.”

““Yeah!! Let’s goooo!!!””

““Dungeon~! Dungeon~!””

Thus, we departed for the Rosendal Dungeon, otherwise known as the ‘meat dungeon.

[Gumihou: I’m kind of interested to know what kind of monsters live in a ‘meat dungeon’]

[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change pa.s.sive sentence to dialogue

[5] Delete Repet.i.tive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken – Added Details to the exchange at the Adventurer’s Guild

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 345

If you are looking for Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 345 you are coming to the right place.
Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi is a Webnovel created by 妖精壱号, Yosei Ichigo, Eguchi Ren, 江口連.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

Chapter 345: BBQ with Freshly Harvested Vegetables

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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The ladies and I split up to prepare for the barbecue.

I had Aiya, Teresa and Celia-chan on vegetable cutting duties.

Lettuces, cuc.u.mbers and tomatoes were best eaten raw when fresh so they will be made into a mixed salad.

The eggplants would be grilled with their skin on to make grilled eggplants. The unhusked corn could be grilled as they are too.

The pumpkin was rather large with tough skin, so I should carve it up into fairly thin slices for grilling. After having levelled up, it was rather easy for me to deal with things like cutting up tough pumpkin skin.

After cutting the pumpkin into quarters, I took out the seed and carved off the skin before cutting the flesh into half cm thick wedges. The colour of the pumpkin was a rather dark orange and looked like it would be very sweet and tasty.

I really looked forward to tasting these vegetables.

[8] Once the vegetables had been dealt with, it was time to prepare the all essential barbecue meat.

“Right, make sure to slice the Blue Bull and Orc meat like this,” I demonstrated the slices once before letting the ladies get on with it.

As for me, I wanted to prepare a different kind of barbecue meat.

“Let’s make that with Rockbird!”

I have decided to make Jerk Chicken, a local Jamaican dish, with the remaining Rockbird meat. I heard of this dish back in my past life [8] but the shop that sells Jerk Chicken were a little pricey. Since everyone who had eaten it insisted that it was really tasty, I looked up the recipe on the Internet out of curiosity and decided to make it at home.

Naturally, I could only grill my Jerk Chicken on the stove, but even so, it was already amazingly tasty. I think it would be even more delicious when grilled over a charcoal fire.

[8] Thanks to the [Net Super] and pre-packaged seasoning, making recipes with a complex spice profile like Jerk Chicken was pretty simple.

First, I purchase all the necessary ingredients from [Net Super]. I bought the usual things for a marinade such as lemon, onions, garlic and finally scrolled through the pre-packaged seasonings for Jerk Chicken. There were two types of seasoning. One in a seasoning packet and another one in a seasoning jar.

I checked the reviews and it looked like the jar type has more positive recommendations so I bought that along with my standard Yakiniku sauce for the Blue Bull and Orc meat as well as charcoal for the barbecue stove.

“Right, let’s get to it,”

First, poke holes into bird meat that has been cut into palm-size pieces. Next, I squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl and poured it over the bird meat. This would help tenderize the meat.

While the bird meat sit in lemon juice, I grated some garlic and onion and mixed them with the Jerk Chicken seasoning as well as a bit of honey before pouring the marinade over the bird meat. After kneading the marinade into the bird meat for a bit, I put the meat into a plastic bag and set the Jerk Chicken aside to let the flavour soak in.

[6] As for the beef and pork, a light seasoning of salt and pepper was good enough.

“Alright, let’s go out and meet everyone.”

After stuffing everything into my [Item Box] we all went to the field.

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“Alright everyone, here’s how it works.”

[8] I clapped my hands for everyone’s attention. Celia had gone to fetch the usual plates and utensils for community eating and set them on one of the two tables I had raised by the barbecue stove. The table further away from the stove held large bowls of salads and bottles of sauces, plates, cutlery and drinks.

On the other table were large bowls of raw meat and vegetables ready to be put on the grill.

[8] After getting the charcoal fire started, hurrah for Fire Magic, and adjusting it to the most ideal temperature, I gave Aiya and Teresa a short brief on how to grill the sliced meat, pumpkins and corn. As cooks, we naturally get to have the first taste. Lotte-chan gets a taste because she’s cute but the rest were banished to the ‘ready to eat’ table.

[8] When it looked like the ladies were able to tackle the grilling with minimal supervision, I got everyone’s attention.

[8] I was about to introduce the concept of barbecue buffet eating to everyone.

[8] “First, fetch your own bowl and fork here.” I waved my hand at the ‘ready to eat’ table. Celia-chan and Lotte-chan had been given the job of ferrying food and empty plates back and forth while their mothers grilled the food.

“Don’t stand around the stove and don’t touch the raw food on that table. You can eat the grilled meat once they reach this table. These are barbecue sauces you can put on the meat to enhance its taste.”

[8] Everyone nodded, their eyes sticking onto the plate of grilled meat I was holding in my hand. “Don’t take too much first because there’s plenty where that came from. Also, don’t just eat the meat, the grilled pumpkins and corn are very sweet and delicious.”

[8] Celia happened to come over with a plate of freshly grilled meat and pumpkin slices.

[8] “Oi, when are we eating?” Fer snapped.

[8] I cast him a slightly aggrieved look. Then glanced at my employees, “Naturally, Fer and the rest get to eat first, so please wait for the next round, okay?”

[8] “… okay,” everyone was hungry and reluctant. But they all remembered how Fer had ‘punished’ the twins so none of them was willing to challenge a Fenrir’s authority.

[8] I set up three plates of food piled with grilled meat with yakiniku sauce, a salad on the side covered in salad dressing and a small heap of grilled pumpkin.

“Right, here you go. Eat slowly because the seconds will come a little later but you get to eat first, okay?”

“Umu, sure,”

“”Yeah, yeah, now gimme!!””

“”Sui is okay with this~””

They immediately dug into their individual plates with cries of ‘delicious’ and ‘yummy’ popping up now and then. [5] [8] This time, Lotte-chan came over with a shallow bowl filled with something like black charcoals. “Um, I think mommy made a bad thing…” she said uncertainly.

[8] “Oh, not at all,” I said delightedly. “Here, you eat it this way.” I tore off the blackened husk to reveal the plump white kernels within. Considering how many people were waiting to eat, I broke the corn into three pieces and pa.s.sed one piece to Lotte. “Go on, try it.”

[8] Lotte-chan looked dubiously at the corn and took a tentative bite. Suddenly, her eyes shone, “It’s sweet!”

[8] I placed the other two pieces onto a plate before handing the deep plate of charcoal-like corn to the boys. “Help me peel open these, okay?”

[8] “Okay!” the boys jumped at the job. Their hands quickly became black and the plate was filled with plump white corn covered in fingerprint smudges. However, that did not deter the others from happily eating them. Lotte-chan’s testimonial could always be counted on.

[8] “Woah, grilled vegetables are delicious!” exclaimed Alban.

“It’s sweet and juicy,” said Tabasa sagely.

“It’s delicious!” was the general consensus.

Then, Celia-chan came over with two plates, one filled with Blue Bull and the other Orc meat.

“Oohh, meat!”

“Right, remember to use your own plate and forks,” I called out. “And don’t forget the sauces!”

“There’s just something about eating roasted meat out in the open,” said Toni happily.

“Personally, I like vegetables better, but meat is really good too. Especially with this sauce,” said Alban agreeably.

Under Tabasa’s strict supervision, the guards ate in an orderly manner. Two of them, however, had tears running down their faces.

“Ou, meat is delicious…”

“Aa… meat…. good…”

The dumb twins were eating Blue Bull meat and crying at the same time. However, neither of them touches the Orc meat at all. I guess they were still traumatized by That Day.

Well, I’m sure the trauma would go away eventually.

[9] “Mukouda-san, could you explain the ‘dressing’ for the raw vegetables again?” asked Alban eagerly. His plate was already piled high with lettuces, tomatoes and cuc.u.mber slices.

“Yes, this one is called Sesame Dressing. It’s fragrant and a little smoky. The white one is French Dressing, that one is creamier and sweeter. I personally prefer the Sesame Dressing.”

“In that case, I shall try the Sesame Dressing first,” he drizzled the Sesame Dressing onto the vegetables and took a bite. [9] “Woah, this is really good! Hey, Lotte, boys, come try this!”

[9] Then, he grabbed another bowl, filled it with vegetables topped with Sesame Dressing and made Teresa try it too while he look after the grilling meat under her supervision. The next thing I knew, more people had gathered around the barbecue stove to try their hand at grilling meats.

[9] For a moment, Teresa, Aiya and Celia looked a little lost at having been pushed away from their jobs but soon shrugged and made their way to the ready to eat table to help themselves to some of the food.

[8] To be fair, having more people did not make grilling go faster. In fact, some of the meat was a little underdone but still charred in odd places when they reached the table but I quickly swept these into my familiars’ bowl over some rice and covered the lot with plenty of sauce.

“Right,” I said, cheerfully to Fer, Sui and Dora-chan. “Here are your seconds.”

Luckily, my familiars were pretty okay with the food so long as there was meat and good sauce. [5]

Still, I had better go and check out what the boys were doing…

…there was nothing but meat on the grill. I had to shoo the twins away when I saw that the meat was actually three layers deep… “You should never overcrowd the grill!” I scolded.


“We want more meat quickly…”

Blam, blam!

Yeah, you guys definitely deserve the fist of fury for that.

“Please excuse the idiots,” said Tabasa.

[8] Meanwhile, Bartel was quickly gathering up the excess meats, leaving only one layer of meat on the grill. “I’m no smith, but us dwarves are pretty deft at handling things over a fire.”

[8] “Thank you for taking care of the barbecue, Bartel,” I said, after observing him for a bit. Wow, he was pretty good at flipping meat. “Here, have this as a reward!”

I took out a case of beer, already chilled and popped one open for him.

“Oho? Alcohol? Let me at ‘em!” Bartel chugged the beer and went aaahhhhh….before going for a second can.

“… right, I heard you’ve been going to town on your days off for a drink?”

“Or twenty,” said Bartel honestly. “Eh, life here is good but I can’t really drink as much as I want. I’d really like to drink until I can’t anymore.”

He looked a little dreamy at that.

“Well, since today is our break, drink as much as you like!” I pulled up [Net Super] and ordered two more cases of beer as well as cartons of orange juice and bottles of cola. “Let’s drink and enjoy ourselves!”

“Woohoo!” the other guards also swarmed over the cases of beer. Meanwhile, I brought the orange juice and cola to the table. “Here, let the children have these instead.”

Drinks were poured into and I raised my beer, “Cheers everyone! To our day off!”


“Puuhah! That’s refreshing!”

The sun was shining, everyone was happy around me. The smell of grilling meat and earth filled the air.

Speaking of meat, we still have that thing.

[8] “Hey, let’s change things up a bit,” I said as I made my way to the grill. After clearing off the last of the grilled meat, I loaded on more charcoal and gave it a bit of a boost with my Fire Magic before returning the net and started lining up eggplants on one side of the grill and Jerk Chicken on the other.

“Someone get me some ice, yeah?”

[8] Lotte-chan somehow managed to convince Fer to make a whole bucket of ice which she brought over on tottering legs.

“Oh my, Aiya, please fetch some water from the well. We need to peel the eggplants.”

“Peel the-” she stared at my grill. One side has sizzling meat while the other has blackened things on it. However, remembering the corn, she shrugged and obeyed the order.

[8] While waiting, I collected the blackened eggplants and placed them into a bowl. The freed up s.p.a.ce was lined with more marinated Jerk Chicken.

I handed Jerk Chicken Grilling Duty to Aiya and settled down to peel the eggplants. First, plunge the hot eggplant into the ice water and peel them. It was easy now that they have been shocked by the cold. After peeling the eggplants and removing the green tops, I cut them into strips and set them in a clean bowl. Then, I sprinkled bonito flakes and mentsuyu over the eggplants and started tossing them like a salad.

“Right, the grilled eggplant is ready!” It’s a little troublesome to make but really delicious.

“The Jerk Chicken is done too,” called Teresa as she helped Aiya take the chicken off the grill and ferried it over to the ready to eat table and placed it next to the grilled eggplant.

“Wow, this smell is really different,”

“It’s spicy and smoky and sweet at the same time.”

[8] Naturally, I had to serve my familiars first. Well, Fer gets three pieces of Jerk Chicken while Dora-chan and Sui gets one each. “I’ll give you more later, okay? It’s a little spicy so Sui can try it first. You can have more if you like it.”

“Umu, this flavour is different.”

“”Different, good!””


“Puhah! This one goes even better with a cold one!” someone yelled. Who else could it be but Bartel?

“Bartel, you’re drinking too much on your own!”

“Yeah, indeed!”

The two stupid twins protested, but Bartel was not bothered by them at all as he popped open another can of beer. “Those who attack first wins!”

The twins protested again but I a.s.sured them, “Drink, drink, there’s plenty where that came from.” I popped open two cans and handed them to the twins.

“Ohh, Mukouda-san, you’re the best!”

“As expected from Mukouda-san!”

The sun, the smell of grilling meat, a cold beer in my hand and laughter all around me.

This is the life.

[Gumihou: Okay, Gumi basically read the whole thing, processed it, and bashed it out along with the necessary details. Also, erm, Gumi may have added 700 words to the chapter…]

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[5] Delete Repet.i.tive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

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[8] Creative Licence Taken – Give details, give lots of details.

Because, like, please give more details than just ‘here, this is the sauce’ and expect everything to happen on its own. Details like: who’s grilling the food? How large is the table? Were the food grilled already?

Also, what’s with all the ‘oh yum, oh yum’ repeats that span over a thousand words? Note [5]!!

[9] Details on salad dressing and the eating of raw vegetables. Please don’t let the locals be too shocked about eating raw vegetables. Especially poor farmers.

Although, okay, during Elizabethan era, recipe books that featured salads usually involved boiled greens.

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 346

If you are looking for Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 346 you are coming to the right place.
Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi is a Webnovel created by 妖精壱号, Yosei Ichigo, Eguchi Ren, 江口連.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

Chapter 346: Let’s go to the Meat Dungeon

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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“Let’s just go to a dungeon!”

It was the day after our barbecue party. Fer finally lost his temper and barked his demand at me, as usual.

What was not so usual was having Dora-chan and dear Sui ganging up with Fer against me.

[6] “”Dungeon! Let’s go to a dungeon!!”

[6] “”Dungeon~~ Dungeon~~!””

How unfair, 3 vs 1 with three dungeon fanatics against a peace-loving person like me.

[8] Haahhh… I guess for them, it’s like going to a theme park of sorts?

Even though dungeons were usually places where Adventurers pit their lives against the odds for profit.


“Fine, we’ll go to a dungeon,” I sighed.

“Alright, let’s go to Brixt,”

“Absolutely not!”

“Why not? It’s a fun dungeon,” said Fer grumpily. “Also, I’d never been to a tower dungeon.”

“It’s… it’s far away…” I tried.

“So what? Bet I could get there in a week.”

“It’s too dange-” I stopped myself in time. Words like ‘dangerous’, ‘deadly’ and ‘horrific’ would only fan this bloodthirsty beast’s excitement. “…it’s tedious, there are too many floors.”

“Those Adventurer friends of yours gave you a teleport stone, didn’t they? A reusable one, so let’s go.”

…why is it that this Fenrir has such good memory when it comes to dungeons? [5]

While it’s true that I received a reusable teleport stone for the 30th floor of Brixt’s Tower Dungeon, I still don’t want to go to a difficult dungeon! [5] Especially one that was rumoured to be even more difficult than Doran or Avering! [5]

However, refusing outright was too difficult even for me, therefore I have to go for a compromise.

“What don’t we try the Rosendal dungeon first? You know, the meat dungeon?” [5] I suggested. “I heard that you can even get meat that can’t be found anywhere else.”

“Muu, the meat dungeon?” Fer has a contemplative look on his face.

“”Boo, that’s a boring dungeon.””

“”Meat? Sui can try new meat from dungeon?””

“Not only that, the city next to it developed a great restaurant business with a great variety of delicious food!” I encouraged.


“”I heard that it’s only 12 levels…but I guess that’s fine if we could get good stuff from it.””

“”Sui wants to try special dungeon meats~!””



Anyway, it turned out that Rosendal was quite far from Carelina. It would take a long time by carriage but I do have Fer with me so the journey would not be quite as long.


That afternoon, I gathered my staff around and made my announcement.

“I’ll be going to Rosendal, so please take care of the mansion for me,” I said.

The commoner families looked a little uneasy so I added, “I’ll pay everyone three months of salary in advance, so there’s no need to worry about my absence. Alright?”

Everyone looked relieved. I hope they won’t spend everything in one go.

“Speaking of which, I have a special job for Costi-kun,”

“Y-yes? Mukouda-san?”

“You can read and write, right?”

“Yes, I attended the free school at church and can do arithmetic too!” he said enthusiastically.

“Right, so I want to you take charge of managing the inventory for our soap, shampoo and other wholesale items.”


“Well, it’s going to be difficult but I’m asking you to do it because I’m sure you’re the right person for it!”

“I’ll do my best!”

“Very good, for your enthusiasm, here’s a stationery set. This is a pencil, an eraser if you make mistakes and this is a notebook where you can make notes.”

Celia-chan and the rest of the children were looking at Costi-kun enviously so an idea popped into my head.

“Tabasa, you can read, write and do calculations too, right?”

“To a certain extent… is there something you wish me to do, Mukouda-san?”

“How about teaching the children how to read and write? And arithmetic of course.”

“Eeh? Me? Teach?”

“Yes. Tabasa, you are very good at taking care of people. So, I’m sure you will make a fine teacher.”

“Me? A teacher?”

“Naturally, as a teacher, you will receive separate remunerations for a job that’s outside your job descriptions. Learning how to read and write will be good for the children’s future.”

“The children’s future…” suddenly, Tabasa looked very resolute. “I have no idea if I will do a good job, but I will do my best to teach them well!”

[5] “E-excuse me, I have a request…”

It was Peter. He was usually very quiet but today he spoke up.

“I-I would like to learn how to read too. I can’t read the mission objectives at the Adventurer’s Guild and sometimes I get into trouble for not properly fulfilling the mission…”

“I heard about incidents like this,” said Tabasa. “That’s why I was determined to learn how to read. You could get someone to read the missions for you but sometimes they play tricks and you end up fulfilling the wrong objectives and failing the mission completely.”

“That sounds terrible,” I said.

“Yes, it’s difficult to tell from a person’s face whether they are sincere or not,” said Luke.

“Yeah, if you point out that they calculated wrongly they would say ‘Oh, my bad, I made a mistake, sorry~’ as though that makes it better,” continued Irvine.

“Exactly, and that’s why you two should help Costi-kun out whenever he needs a.s.sistance with his inventory work. In fact, the two of you should study with everyone!”


“Whyyy!” [5]

“You two are good at counting money but can barely read or write. Your writing is like chicken scratch. So take the opportunity to study and don’t you dare complain!”

The two looked like cowed tiger cubs before their fierce sister.

“U-Uhmm…” this time, it was Toni who raised his voice. “Can I also join in the lessons?”

“Hm? Toni?”

“Um, if that’s the case, the rest of us…” Alban put up his hand shyly.

“The rest of you too?”

“Well, we could write our names but that’s about it,” said Aiya. “I can count money though, but can’t read or write.”

“Same here,” murmured Teresa.

“But, aren’t the church-sponsored schools free?”

“It’s free now,” said Tony. “When I first heard about it I quickly registered Costi to the school so that he could have a better start in life. However, most decent schools are usually reserved for n.o.bilities or wealthy merchants…”

“Free schools don’t cost money but they do cost a lot of time. The hours devoted to learning reading, writing and arithmetic could take up hours. We wanted Celia to learn too but when Aiya fell sick…”

“On our side, only the village chief and his son could read and write,” said Alban.

“Our place is too remote even for a church and farming is a very labour intensive work, so we can’t spare anyone to go and study…”

“Because we can’t read or write, whenever the village head tells us something or shows us doc.u.ments on contracts, we have no idea whether he’s telling the truth or not.”

Hm? Sounds like there’s a story behind this.

However, that’s all in the past.

“Is that so? Well, anyone who wants to learn, regardless of their age should strive to improve themselves. Tabasa, I’m afraid your workload may have increased due to the number of people, but I’d like you to accept this challenge.”

“Of course, I’m happy to help,” said Tabasa. “I’d received a lot of guidance from them too.”

The adults looked ecstatic at the opportunity to learn how to read and write.

“As for the one who’s pretending that this has nothing to do with anything, Bartel, you’ll be helping out too! I know that you must be educated, especially at that age!” [7] Tabasa snapped suddenly.

“Wh-why should I? I never taught anyone before!” Bartel countered quickly.

“It’s the same for me. I have never taught anyone before, but it’s our duty now!”

“Impossible [5]!”

While the quarrel was happening, I calmly opened up [Net Super] and bought something from it. They were still quarrelling when I crack the top open and poured some of its contents into a gla.s.s. [5]


“Have this first, Bartel,” I said, handing the gla.s.s filled with tea-coloured liquid to him.

“Is this liquor? Why would you suddenly- never mind, bottoms up! [5]” Bartel threw the liquid back in a second and his eyes snapped open.

“Wh-what’s this-”

Fuhahaha, it’s my secret weapon against dwarves.

Reasonably priced j.a.panese whiskey [11] in a square gla.s.s bottle. It also played a role in successfully convincing a dwarf to make my wonderful BBQ stove.

“How about receiving this as remuneration instead of money?”

Bartel’s eyes suddenly changed.

“You’ll pay me with this delicious liquor? I’ll do it! Whatever it is I’ll do it!”

Yes, that’s one dwarf in my pocket.

“Hey, um, is that liquor really that good?”

Luke and Irvine had inched over [6] to stare at the bottle of whiskey in my hand.

“Would you like to try it?”

At the eager nods, I poured a bit of whiskey into two cups and handed them to the twins.


[6] Ah, imitating Bartel may not be the best-

“W-woah! Wha- my throat’s burning!!!”

“Ughh, th-this is too strong-”

Looks like the twins can’t take it.

“Heh, this liquor has plenty of alcohol which makes it good. It also has a unique aroma and flavour. This is easily the best I ever had!”

“Only dwarves could drink this thing,” [7] Luke recoiled.

“That’s right, that’s right!” [7] Irvine nodded fiercely on the side.

“Hah, I’m fine being the only one to drink this. I get to have this wonderful liquor all to myself!”

“Alright,” I said, interrupting the argument before it could degenerate into blows. “Bartel’s remuneration shall be a bottle of this.”

“Umu, I’m fine being paid in liquor.”

“How about two bottles per month?”

“That’s a bit low, try again,”

“Three then,”

“Mukouda-san, that is still a bit low.”

“No, I won’t go higher than that. Three bottles a month. It’s in keeping with everyone else’s reward.”

Bartel was understandably a little disappointed, but he was soon cheered up by the prospect of getting to drink that delicious whiskey again and his frown turned upside down.

“Ah, one other thing, Mukouda-san. If we are all occupied with studying, what should we do about security [5]?”

“Aa, that’s alright. I will be making arrangements for that, so don’t worry,” I said.


[4] “To be honest, I have been thinking about using magic tools to strengthen the security around the place. The Guild Master was kind enough to give me some information about defensive magical tools. I will have some installed before leaving for our journey.”

“I see, that’s good to hear,” said Tabasa.

“Well then, now that everything has been settled. I shall have to make some preparation for my Rosendal trip. I’ll depend on everyone to maintain this place!”


On that note, I prepared the same set of stationery as Costi-kun for everyone before the meeting finally dispersed.

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