Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion Chapter 748 – Why Was It a Little Saddening to Hear?

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Chapter 748: Why Was It a Little Saddening to Hear?

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How gentle could a teacher that nurtured three such disciples be?

Yet as Liu Shengtai was getting old, he had made an exception to accept Tan

Jinsheng as his disciple after many years of not doing so.

Although Tan Jinsheng was his disciple, Liu Shengtai was extremely doting on

him because of the large generation gap.

It was a treatment that Tan Jinsheng’s three seniors had never enjoyed before.

With these two teachers, Tan Jinsheng and Tan Jinyi had yet to officially step

into their respective professional circles, so they still retained some innocence.

Therefore, the two of them did not understand the meaning behind Liu

Shengta’s words.

Liu Shengtai had been in the industry for many years, so he was too familiar

with some of the unspeakable rules.

“Singing Voice” had invited Tan JInsheng as a challenger on the show.

Tan Jinsheng’s advancement in the show couldn’t be decided based on his

ability alone.

Most of the time, ona compet.i.tion program like “Singing Voice”, the champion

was already decided right from the very start.

Even the entire process of elimination and the contestants who advanced were

already predetermined.

Therefore, in every signing of the contract, it would be specified how many

episodes the singer would partic.i.p.ate in.

When the contract was due, the singer would naturally be eliminated from the


Therefore, when the singers partic.i.p.ated in the program, roughly know when

they would be eliminated.

That was why Liu Shengtai phrased his words so oddly.

However, Tan Jinsheng had never experienced this. He genuinely thought that

as long as he had the capabilities, it would be enough.

Although all of them knew what Liu Shengtai meant, they didn’t tell Tan


They didn’t stop Tan Jinsheng from partic.i.p.ating in the program because of


Tan Jinsheng would have to experience and know about these things sooner or


“Oh right, when are you going to meet the program team and sign the

contract?” Xu Mingzhen asked.

“I only told them I’ll consider it and haven’t replied to them yet,” “Tan Jinsheng

said. “Tll reply to the program team now and then talk about the contract.”

Fortunately, the program was recorded in B City, so it was quite convenient.

Tan Wenci stroked his chin and said, “T’ll try to establish a studio for you. Then,

we’ll have to hire a manager, a.s.sistant, and other staff responsible for various


“So soon?” Tan Jinsheng scratched his head. “Ive only just released a few


“You’ve already released a song, so you need to hurry up and prepare,” Tan

Wenci said, “In the future, you’ll need a professional to help you handle the

matters for partic.i.p.ating in all kinds of programs, and even advertising

invitations or commercial performances. There are also daily miscellaneous

matters that you will need an a.s.sistant to a.s.sist you in. You can’t just take care

of all the trivial matters yourself. You won’t be able to handle all of them. Do

you still want to write songs?”

Tan Jinsheng thought about it and agreed.

Tan Wenci was a professional when it came to setting up a company.

Moreover, this was only a studio. It was simpler thana company and was a

piece of cake for Tan Wenci.

Tan Jinsheng didn’t think too much about it and left everything in Tan Wenci’s


“You should learn from your father,” Xu Mingzhen said helplessly, “When the

studio is established, you have to leam to manage it yourself. You can’t just

leave everything to your Dad.”

Tan Jinsheng nodded and was very receptive. “Then I’ll start learning now. Dad,

rll work on the studio with you and learn fronm the process.”

“Okay,” Tan Wen agreed with gratification.

Now, he could still help Tan Jinheng take care of everything.

But in the future, who could help him when Tan Wenci wasn’t able to?

Tan Mo had already taken over Tanyue. She couldn’t let her take over her

brothers’ studio for their sakes, right?

It would be better for Tan Jinqi and the rest to take charge of their studios at

the very least.

“Oh right, shouldn’t Jinqi set up a studio as well?” Xu Mingzhen reminded, “I

noticed that those directors who have beconme famous all have their own

companies. Jinqi has just started, a company may be too excessive for now, but

he should still have a studio so that there can be someone to help him with

some trivial work.”

Tan Jinqi said, “I planned for this before. I was planning to use a part of the

money from the show as the start-up capital to set up my own studio.”

In that way, he wouldn’t use the money from his own family.

He was already so old, and he had his own job. It would be ridiculous to spend

his family’s money.

Fortunately, ‘Broken Continent’s’ results were good and he could earn a lot

from it.

It was more than enough for him to open a studio.

Tan Wenci was gladdened to see that Tan Jinqi had his plans.

But when Tan Jinqi heard this, he felt that although he had not earned money

yet, it was indeed not good for him to use his family’s money to open a studio.

He scratched his head and said, “Dad, why don’t… I go on a few shows and

make enough money before opening a studio?

“Don’t start bas.h.i.+ng your head into a brick wall,” Tan Jinqi said impatiently, “I

was lucky and earned enough to start a studio. However, you didn’t earn much

by writing songs for ‘Broken Continent. Even if you were to guest on shows, the

program team would only pay you at a newbie rate.”

“Im not too sure about other shows, but I’ve heard of ‘Singing Voice’ before.

Because most singers were hoping to regain some popularity by going on the

show, they’re already in the pa.s.sive position. The show doesn’t pay high rates

and go according to the market rates and they are fuly justified for doing so.”

“There’s a long wait before you earn enough money,” said Tan Jinqi, “I have

confidence in you. You will become famous very quickly. But no matter how fast you are, it will take at least a year and a half. Don’t tell me that before that,

you intend to do all the trivial things on your own?”

Tan Mo added on, “That’s right. Big Brother is the eldest son. He’s already so

old. It would be ridiculous if he didn’t rely on himself”

Tan Zhan: “..”

It wasn’t that ridiculous, was it?

“But second brother, you’re different. You’re so much younger than Big

Brother. Other boys your age would have only just graduated and started

working. Some wouldn’t even have started working because they were

continuing their studies. They are also spending their family’s money.”

“Besides, didn’t our Dad earn so much money for us to spend? Otherwise, who

else could he leave it for? Tan Mo said.

Tan Weni: “..”

Although there was nothing wrong with what she said, why was it a little

saddening to hear this?

Tan Jinyi also joined in, “Yeah, second brother, you should set up the studio

first. At most, when you earn money, you can let us spend it. It’s the same. I

also believe that you will succeed in less than a year”

What a joke. He would succeed even if he was just an idiot with his three

seniors around.

However, Tan Jinyi was very considerate and did not say this out loud.

Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion Chapter 747 – Singing Voice’s Invitation

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Chapter 747: Singing Voice’s Invitation

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Xu Mingzhen said, “But after we started watching it, we continued watching because the plot is good. Your father and I aren’t young, we may not be able to fully speak for others, but if even we find the show interesting to watch, I’m sure the show would still attract appeal to viewers from our age group.”

“No matter what, we would be able to reach out to a larger audience pool if the show was cast on television. Even those who didn’t know about the show would be exposed to its existence too.” Tan Mo said as she nodded with a smile.

“You came back in time. Jinqi had just received the call from Mr. Xu not long before you arrived.” Xu Mingzhen said to Tan Mo. “I didn’t have the time to ask just now. What did Mr. Xu say? Which company does Kefeng Films intend to sell ‘Broken Continent’ to?”

Tan Jinqi said, “These four TV stations are similar in their ranking. It depends

on how they want to go about doing the broadcast. Do they want to buy the

exclusive broadcast rights or accept co-broadcast rights shared with other


“If they want to broadcast exclusively, the highest bidder will get the exclusive

rights. If they want to co-broadcast, those stations who are offering acceptable

prices and are willing to match the amount can broadcast the show together.”

“Mr. Xu intends to wait. It is conservative to say that even if the revenues from

early-bird viewers.h.i.+p aren’t much, it won’t affect the reputation and

achievements of ‘Broken Continent. But if the revenue is high enough, we can

still raise the price with these television stations,” “Tan Jinqi said.

“Mr. Xu is a professional. We can rest a.s.sured and leave everything else to

him.”Xu Mingzhen nodded.

In any case, Tanyue had invested in the show and would get a proportional

amount of the profits.

There was also a clause in the contract that Tan Jinqi signed. If the show

earned a lot, he would get a bigger share of the profits as well.

It was rare, but Tan Jinsheng wore an embarra.s.sed expression as he raised his

hand and piped up, “There’s one more thing”

All eyes were on him.

Tan Jinsheng said, “Star Guest had asked me to go on their show, ‘Singing

Voice’ as a challenger.”

‘Singing Voice’ was an extremely popular show on Star Guest station.

Although it was not as big of hype in its third season compared to the first, it’s

still number one amongst the singing variety shows.

Despite competing with other reality shows airing at the same time on Friday

nights, the ratings aren’t bad at all.

It surpa.s.sed all the other variety shows and ranked first.

The variety shows broadcasted on Friday night were the trump card variety

shows from the various television stations.

Donghua Station’s “Can’t Catch Up With Me,” and Star Glory Station’s “sleeping

on The streets,” were all extremely popular variety shows, especially when

they have the most popular artiste starring as guests on them. Many of them

had taken the initiative to contact the program team and had to queue up for a

chance to go on the show.

Both variety shows had persisted for many years. Back then, “sleeping on The

Streets” was launched as the competing variety show against ‘Can’t Catch Up



The two variety shows could be said to be old rivals. They were launched in the

same year, and they were both scheduled to go online on the same day during

the summer vacation. They were even broadcast on Friday at the same 9 pm

time slot.

Even after they had released six seasons, the audience was still enthusiastic.

Although ‘Singing Voice’ could not be considered to be in the same period as

them and was aired after the other two shows were halfway through its

broadcast, it was able to rank amongst the top three variety shows.

The popularity of ‘Singing Voice’ could be seen from how it is always rotating

between the other two t.i.tles in the top three places for the variety shows


However, ‘Singing Voice’ didn’t only hire popular singers. on the contrary, it

would star singers who were not as famous but had good singing skills as its


Those who did not have good singing skills would be ridiculed by the netizens

for overestimating their abilities even if they were on the show. While many

singers who were no longer popular would regain some fame because of the


The Tan family was really surprised that the program team had invited Tan

Jinsheng to sing on its show. However, upon deeper thought, it was indeed


Tan Jinsheng was not famous People were starting to learn of him through the

OSTS for Broken Continent. Now was the time his popularity is starting to rise.

People could remember his name, but not his face.

Many people might be a little confused and unable to remember who “Tan

Jinsheng’ was.

Some would also be confused and question how did the song ‘Mountain and

River’ sound like

But once they hear the melody of the song, they would think: So it was this


Then, when the melody and the t.i.tle of the song matched, the singer would

also be easily a.s.sociated with it.

In this aspect, Tan Jinsheng fitted perfectly into the criteria of the guests

invited on ‘singing Voice.

A song with a certain level of popularity that would be easily recognized by

many viewers, but sung by a singer that was not well-known by the public.

There was a high chance of gaining fame in one fell swoop by appearing on

Snging Voice’.

Not only did it help bo0ost the singer’s fame, but it also further proved the

power and influence of ‘Singing Voice’. As long as the singer had the ability, the

show could make an unknown singer tamous.

Who would take the biggest advantage?

Undoubtedly, it would be the program team.

However, there were benefits for Tan Jinsheng to star on the show.

“It’s a good thing” Tan Jingi nodded and said, “What do you think?”

Tan Jinsheng scratched his head and said, “Since Big Brother thinks it’s good, I

have no issues. I was still hesitant and consulted Teacher. He also thinks it’s

not bad, and I can give it a try. It’s fine even if I don’t succeed in the challenge.

As long as I sing well and prove my skills, everyone will definitely remember


“But..”Tan Jinsheng said bewilderedly, “I feel that the teachers words are a

little strange. Since I can sing well and have the skills to make everyone

remember me, why would I fail in the challenge?”

Other than Tan Jinsheng, everyone else was silent.

Tan Jinsheng and Tan Jinyi were similar. Up until now, they were very wel

protected by their teachers.

Perhaps because their teachers were getting on with age and were extremely

doting on the youngest student.

He Haoyan had always had a good temper. When he was younger, he had raised

Dong Yanzhen as if he was raising a child.

As he got older, his temper was even better than when he had raised Dong

Yanzhen after he gained a young disciple. He was so doting that he would give

Tan Jinyi everything he wanted.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t contact the n.o.bel laureate, Ji Qinghe, just because Tan

Jinyi wanted to talk to her.

Liu Shengtai had a bad temper when he was young.

Liu fingshen, Ji Jiayi, and Lu Xiangchen, these three disciples were all

characters with great personalities.

At the mention of Ji Jiayi, Tan Mo suddenly remembered something.

She didn’t pay much attention to singers but she knew Lu Xiangchen simply

because he was too famous.

She was even more unfamiliar with rock singers.

When she heard Ji Jiayi’s name earlier, she wondered why it sounded familiar.

She had never paid attention to rock singers either.

But now, she suddenly remembered why. He has the same name as Ji Jiayi from

Hua University’s Mathematics Department.

No wonder she thought it sounded familiar.

Liu Shengtai’s three disciples had character and would never perform soddy

jobs the moment it involves professional matters..