Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws Chapter 927 – A Sword Crown of The Past, An Alcoholic Today, Heading To Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm

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Chapter 927: A Sword Crown of The Past, An Alcoholic Today, Heading To Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At an inn in the Ancient Sparrow City, Chu Kuangren ordered a jug of wine with a waiter.

Due to his previous battle with the city guards, many people knew that Chu Kuangren was difficult to deal with and did not dare to provoke him.

As long as one was powerful in the Immortal World, he would be offered as a master wherever he went, even if he was a foreigner.

“Old beggar, you’re here to steal wine again. Get out of here!” A screeching voice sounded not far away.

‘An old man was chased out by the inn owner. A wine jar in his hand fell to the ground with a bang, spilling the wine all over the place.

The old man was drunk, lying on the ground with his face flushed and body smell of alcohol.

Most of the diners around were well dressed. They spat in disgust and took a few steps back in fear of getting stained by the old beggar.

Chu Kuangren glanced over with curiosity in his eyes.

“Waiter, let the old man in. Whatever he drinks is on me,” said Chu Kuangren.

The waiter was a little stunned to hear that.

‘The old man was quite surprised as well.

The waiter hesitated. “Master, this old man is scruffy. I’m afraid his existence will affect the other diners.”

“Here’s a hundred million spiritual marrows. I shall book the whole inn.”

Chu Kuangren said while throwing out a Yin and Yang Ring. A hundred million spiritual marrows were more than most cultivators could spend in their lifetime.

‘The waiter’s eyes lit up as he took the Yin and Yang Ring.

Not far away, a manager approached with a flattering smile. “Master, of course, you can book the entire inn. I’ll arrange it for you.”

“What an arrogant foreigner. How can you book the entire inn and ignore us?!”

A ccultivator could not help but shout.

“Indeed. Hey, foreigner, don’t be too arrogant.”

“Tm staying here today.”

Many cultivators agreed.


At that moment, a frightening murderous intent swept out in all directions like a raging wave, making the entire inn feel like an ice cellar in an instant.

Those clamoring turned speechless, like ducks strangled by their necks.

“I said I’m booking this inn! F*ck off!”

Chu Kuangren’s shout almost made the terrifying murderous intent become a reality.

Everyone shuddered.

After the murderous intent subsided, the diners in the inn dared not stay any longer and ran as fast as they could.

‘How many people has he killed to unleash such murderous intent?

‘He’s too frightening.’

‘Has he ma.s.sacred a civilization?!’

Everyone thought to themselves.

Compared to the frightened crowds, the old man who stole the wine seemed much calmer. However, he was surprised that Chu Kuangren would treat him to drinks.

He came and sat down in front of Chu Kuangren. “Thank you, Junior, but we don’t know each other. Why are you treating me to drinks?”

“Many people can only dream to drink with one of the Seven Crowns. I won’t miss the opportunity since I’m given a chance.”

Chu Kuangren said.

It was the information that he a.n.a.lyzed by utilizing the Omniscient Spirit.

Seven Crowns was a renowned name in Planquilon Immortal World, referring to the Immortals who stood at the pinnacle of seven types of Weapons Dao!

The old man in front of him was one of the Seven Crowns, the Sword Crown!

He was the Sword Crown, Li Juexin!

Upon hearing Chu Kuangren saying his former name, a glint flashed across Sword Crown’s eyes, and a terrifying sword aura started brewing in his body. Lil Fox turned pale with fright.

‘The Sword Crown restrained his aura when the waiter returned with a jar of wine. He looked dejected. “Stop mentioning the Sword Crown. I’ve been crippled of my cultivation long ago, and now I’m just an old man lingering between taverns.”

Lil Fox was secretly amazed.

‘He’s crippled but still has such a horrifying aura. How terrifying was his power before he was crippled? What an Immortal.’

Chu Kuangren did not speak as he knew about the Sword Crown.

The Omniscient Spirit’s a.n.a.lysis also included Sword Crown’s physical state. Although he was an Immortal, he was severely injured, and his Immortal Core was used to suppress his injury. Therefore, he could not use his strength.

Otherwise, his injury would worsen, and he would be dead.

In that case, he was regarded as crippled.

“Junior, are you a sword cultivator?”

Sword Crown suddenly asked.

He noticed the Descendant Self Sword hanging from Chu Kuangren’s waist.

Chu Kuangren nodded. “I suppose.”


“My techniques are not limited to Sword Dao.”

Chu Kuangren said.

“Ise. Considering that you’re treating me to drinks, I shall remind you that no matter what reasons the Bai clan has for looking for you, they definitely do not have good intentions. Be careful,” said the Sword Crown.

“Heh. Me too.”

Chu Kuangren grinned.

‘The Bai clan wanted to gain some benefits through him, while he wanted to enter Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm through the Bai clan.

“It seems like the Bai clan has set themselves on fire.”

“Let’s stop talking about it and drink.”

Chu Kuangren said.

Both of them had some drinks and chatted for a while.

The Sword Crown seemed to have found a shoulder to cry on, and he talked about how wonderful his life was in the past as he drank.

‘Crossing the ocean alone, killing thousands of dragons with a slash…’

‘Waving sleeves to accept all uncertainties, gathering qi into a sword to break through hundreds of cities…”

Not far away, the waiter and the manager sneered when they heard the Sword Crown’s statements.

‘Would you be as who you are now if you were so powerful?

‘D*mn drunkard who’s only good in bragging’

“Unfortunately, I’m a useless old man who can’t even kill an enemy with a sword now…”

At the end of the drinking session, the Sword Crown slumped on the table with a flushed face, and he started crying like a helpless child.

Chu Kuangren sighed to himself while watching the man beside him. Even a high and mighty Immortal held many secrets that people did not know.

‘Who would have thought that the drunk old man, who was crying bitterly in front of him, was once a glorious Sword Immortal who was unrivaled in an era?

“Here’s a billion spiritual marrows. Give him as much wine as he likes in the future until these spiritual marrows are all spent.”

Chu Kuangren threw a Yin and Yang Ring to the manager.

After that, he got up and left.

Before he left, he looked at the Sword Crown and mumbled, “Perhaps one day in the future, I may bring you back to the pinnacle.”

He did not make a promise immediately as he did not have the ability to do so yet now.

Moreover, he was only treating the Sword Crown to drinks on a whim. Perhaps there would not be a chance for them to meet each other again in the future after they parted.

As he watched Chu Kuangren leave, the Sword Crown murmured with drunken eyes, “Maybe he can inherit my Thousand Lotus Sword Intent.”

Chu Kuangren walked around the city after leaving the inn.

Then, he returned to the Bai clan.

About ten days later, the day for him to depart to Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm came. The Bai clan Forefather led the team along with Chu Kuangren, Bai Yeyue, and a few of Bai clan’s Immortal Progeny sky-prides to the location of Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm.

Not only the Bai clan, but the city lord’s mansion also sent many experts and troops to escort the city lord mansion’s Immortal Progenies.

Chu Kuangren calculated that besides him, there were twenty Immortal Progenies from the city lord’s mansion and the Bai clan going to the Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm.

“There are also Holy Divine Fire Cult, Blue Cloud City, and other forces. This trip to Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm is like a gathering of Immortal Progenies.” Chu Kuangren chuckled and looked forward to it.

It seemed like he was going to gain a lot of Opportunities of Fortunes and resources..

Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws Chapter 925 – Bai Clan Forefather’s Arrival, A Strange Old

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Chapter 925: Bai Clan Forefather’s Arrival, A Strange Old


Translator: Endless Fantasy Translation | Editor. EndlessFantasy Translation

“He’s so powerful!”

“He’s definitely a Heavenly Daoist Celestial!”

The cultivators on the street outside the inn gasped in awe.

As the one who started it all, Chu Kuangren remained calm on his seat by the

window. He did not seem to be bothered by the number of people at all.

The general in silver armor grunted. Then, a rampant and powerful energy

erupted from his body, and he charged into the inn for Chu Kuangren.

His strength was at the level of a Heavenly Daoist Celestial as well. The spear in

his hand danced in the air as he swung it in a flurry, whipping up a strong gale

that could tear through the void.

“Die, foreigner!” shouted the man.

“You know, as a fellow foreigner, listening to you calling me a foreigner feels

funny,” Chu Kuangren said with a scoff.

Here in Planquilon Immortal World, in order to stay longer and not be

discriminated against by the natives, a lot of foreigners worked hard to blend

Some even despised their original ident.i.ty as foreigners.

They even tend to be harsher to fellow foreigners than the natives. It was as if

being harsh at fellow foreigners would allow them to forget their ident.i.ties.

There was only one word Chu Kuangren could say to them: ridiculous.

As he ignored the trusting spear coming closer to his face, his Emperor qi

erupted and ravaged the silver-armored general like the tidal wave.

Bone-cracking noise sounded upon impact. The silver-armored general took

the full blow and was sent flying backward, cras.h.i.+ng into another building

before everything went quiet.

“Boss, you’re awesome!” Lil Fox cheered excitedly.

Among the crowd, a pair of eyes, glimmering inexplicably, were watching Chu

Kuangren and Lil Fox behind him.

“He’s too strong. We can’t take him on. We must call higher ranking generals

here to deal with the matter!

“A Supreme Immortal Progeny?

The rest of the soldiers knew their strength. They knew that they were no

match to Chu Kuangren, so they decided to call for help.

Further away, a surge of powerful energy erupted all of a sudden, and two rays

of light flew over.

Judging from the energies, those two rays of light belonged to two late-stage

Heavenly Daoist Celestials

A late-stage Heavenly Daoist Celestial was one realm lower than an Immortal,

but they were the strongest in their own category.

Who dares cause trouble in Ancient Sparrow City?


Two late-stage Heavenly Daoists arrived at the inn, and their energies allowed

them to lock on to Chu Kuangren immediately. Their rampant auras enveloped

heaven and earth.

“It’s a little tedious dealing with you people one by one. Why don’t I make my

way to the city hall?” Cold killing intents filled Chu Kuangren’s eyes.

Right before Chu Kuangren could make a move, another ray of white light flew

over and stopped the two late-stage Heavenly Daoist Celestial.

The person from the ray of light was an elderly in white robes and white hair.

He looked rather scrawny, but the aura around him felt extraordinary.

The two generals were surprised by the arrival of the elderly. They looked as if

they were scared of the man. “Bai clan Forefather! Why are you here?

Bai clan Forefather smiled. “Generals, this young man here is an acquaintance

of the Bai clan. I can’t just sit back and watch the two of you attack him.”

oh, is the Bai clan trying to go against the city call blatantly?” one of the

generals asked with a less friendly tone.

Throughout the years, the Bai clan had grown stronger and started to possess

the strength to rival the city hall, which has been the city hall’s concern since


Although the generals knew it, they did not expect the Bai clan Forefather to

defy them in public by offering protection to the person hunted by the city hall.

“My good sirs, you’ve misunderstood my meaning. I am not going against the

city hall. I am actually here with the truth. One of the guards at the entrance

started this and tried to extort spiritual marrow from my friend here, hence

the misunderstanding. What he did was purely out of self-defense,” Bai clan

Forefather said.

“Hmph! I don’t care what happened or who started it, but he killed a general

and disrupted the order of Ancient Sparrow City. He must be punished for his


“That’s right, Bai clan Forefather. Walk away.”

Bai clan Forefather thought for a moment before he took a Yin and Yang Ring

out. “Here’s ten billion spiritual marrow. Take it as compensation for the

inconvenience and trouble that my friend caused. The Bai clan will pay on his

behalf. How does that sound?

The two generals’ eyes glimmered in greed when they saw the ring, seemingly

moved. They thought about it for a while and did not accept the offer


Then, as though they had received an order in their head, their eyes shone

brightly. One of them said, “Another ten billion.”

Bai clan Forefather clenched his teeth. “No problem!

He took out another ring with ten billion spiritual marrow, which totaled to

twenty billion spiritual marrow, and handed it over.

“Now, can I bring my friend away?

“Hmph! Bai clan, you better watch yourself,” one of the generals said before he

ordered a retreat.

“Why do you think the city lord let this guy off?

“Bai clan is growing stronger by the day, and the city lord wants an opportunity

to stop that. Maybe this foreigner is a chance for an opening. Besides, the Bai

clan won’t simply pay that much just to protect someone. This foreigner must

have some secrets with him.”

The two generals whispered to each other as they retreated.

Chu Kuangren watched from inside the inn and ruminated over what

happened. On the other hand, Lil Fox beside him was confused.

“Boss, what happened?

“Well know soon,” Chu Kuangren said with a smile.

After that, Bai clan Forefather brought a young man to Chu Kuangren.

However, Bai clan Forefather did not lay his first glance on Chu Kuangren.

Instead, it was on Lil Fox

Chu Kuangren was deeply amused. ‘As expected

“Nice to meet you, Daoist Brother. I’m Bai Yeyue from the Bai clan,” the young

man said.

Chu Kuangren took a quick glance at the young man. He was more of a teen

rather thana young man, but his cultivation level had reached a late-stage

Great Daoist Celestial Realm.

He seemed to be a peerless Immortal Progeny.

Nevertheless, Chu Kuangren did not take the young man seriously.

“Tm Chu Kuangren.”

“Brother Chu, you must be confused about why we would help you. Actually, we

are trying to ask for a favor, and we hope that you can help us, the Bai clan,

with the Moonlight Fox in your company.”

Bai Yeyue cut to the chase and stated his intention.

“What if I say no?

“Brother Chu, we helped you. I’d suggest you appreciate our effort,” Bai Yeyue

said coldly.

“Did I ask for help?”

If it were not for the Bai clan’s interference, he would have slaughtered his way

to the city hall and put his sword at the city lord’s neck by now.

Rather than helping him, the Bai clan indirectly helped the city hall instead.

“You The look on Bai Yeyue’s face turned cold.

That was when the Bai clan Forefather reached out to him and stopped him.

Then, he smiled at Chu Kuangren, “Brother Chu, why don’t you listen to what

our request is. Maybe it will benefit you as well.

“Oh? T’m all ears then,” Chu Kuangren said, his interest piqued.

This is not a place for discussion. Why don’t you come to our place? Bai clan

Forefather said with a smile.

“of course,” Chu Kuangren said. He was not afraid of any tricks that the Bai

clan could pull.

Given his current strength, unless facing a real Immortal, he could do and go

whatever and wherever he wanted.

Back in the inn, the drunken old man with a jug of alcohol watched as Chu

Kuangren left with the Bai clan. A hiccup later, he mumbled, “A Supreme

Immortal Progeny with a lot of potentials. However, too bad the Bai clan had

their eyes on him.”

Following that, he mocked himself with a scoff, “What does it have to do with

me? I’m just a cripple.”

Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws Chapter 923 – Foreigner, Native, Old Sparrow City

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Chapter 923: Foreigner, Native, Old Sparrow City

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor. EndlessFantasy Translation

The vastness of the Immortal World was awe-inspiring

While Chu Kuangren and Lil Fox were admiring the scenery, several beams of

light flew over from afar and surrounded Chu Kuangren.

“Kid, handover your Yin and Yang Ring”

Chu Kuangren frowned. What was that?

A robbery?

Right after they entered the Immortal World?

“Who are you people? Lil Fox looked at the bunch cautiously.

“Hehe, you don’t need to know who we are. You two are the foreigners here, so

hand over your Yin and Yang Ring. If T’m feeling it, I might bring you into our

Divine Fire Holy Cult.”

The middle-aged man in a red Daoist robe with fiery sewing on it laughed at

the two of them as if he had gotten control over them.

Chu Kuangren had activated the Omniscient Spirit the moment the group

arrived and already a.n.a.lyzed almost everything about the group of men.

As such, he had a general idea of where they came from.

What intrigued him was the usage of the word foreigner. “It seems like there

are natives in this Immortal World.”

The Immortal World shattered into pieces with countless souls in them.

Despite that, those living souls in the fragmented worlds somehow managed to

continue developing

Those people who survived became the natives of the Immortal World.

To them, Chu Kuangren was a foreigner.

Lil Ai, the Omniscient Spirit, said, “On top of that, according to a.n.a.lysis, this

particular Immortal World seems to be nurturing a kind of willpower similar to

the Heavenly Dao.”

“The Immortal World’s willpower?” Chu Kuangren’s interest piqued.

“Stop standing there like a piece of plank. It seems like you’re not going to

cooperate and hand over the ring. In that case, I guess we will have to do it the

hard way.”

The middle-aged man scoffed and then took a step forward. A ball of crimson

flame that scorched even the air around it appeared on his hand and hurled it

towards Chu Kuangren.

On the other hand, Chu Kuangren simply raised his hand. That crimson fireball

was negated by a powerful blast, disintegrating into countless sparks that

scattered in the air.

Oh, this power. You are an Immortal Progeny.”

The middle-aged man’s eyes glimmered. Following that, he said, “Kid, since

you’re an Immortal Progeny, join Divine Fire Holy Cult. Serve and Ill spare

your life. What’d you say?

“If you’ll make me the cult leader, I might consider it.”

“You have a death wis.h.!.+

A cold glare appeared in the middle-aged man’s eyes.

A spear manifested in the man’s hand, and it was thrust towards Chu

Kuangren. The thrust was so powerful that it whirled up a gale as it moved

through s.p.a.ce.

Back in the outside world, the thrust from the spear could tear even the void.

However, the s.p.a.ce structure in the Immortal World was a lot more stable, so

the spear only caused a gale without tearing the void.

Chu Kuangren took note of what he saw.

At the same time, he reached out and grabbed the head of the spear.

What!? The look on the middle -aged man changed.

His powerful thrust was caught barehanded. What kind of powers could this

foreigner possibly possess?

Chu Kuangren exerted his strength and pulled the spear closer before doinga

reverse slap on the man’s head.

With a bang, the man’s head burst open like a watermelon.

The others were struck by fear when the scene happened.

“Sh t! We picked on the wrong guy! Let’s go!”

D mn it. He’s not just any Immortal Progeny.”


The others wanted to flee.

One of them used a kind of technique and attained the most speed. His figure

flashed and flew away like a comet.

Upon seeing the scene, Chu Kuangren hurled the spear out.

The spear flew across the air with supersonic speed, causing a loud bang to


The one who fled the fastest died first because the spear perforated his chest.

The man then fell off the sky like a falling comet.

Nevertheless, the spear’s momentum did not stop after perforating the man. It

flew forward until it hit the peak of a mountain and plunged deep inside.

As for the others, Chu Kuangren activated his miniverse and trapped all of

them, pinning them in mid-air.

“W-What are you trying to do? asked one of the cultivators with a trembling


“Nothing much. I just want to ask you some questions,” Chu Kuangren said.

Suddenly, ripples started to appear in the void.

The Immortal door behind Chu Kuangren disappeared.

Watching the scene, Chu Kuangren thought, “The door outside won’t change,

but in here, it seems like the entrance can appear and disappear anywhere.”

However, he put his thoughts aside.

“My lord, what do you want to know? We will tell you everything that we

know!” said one of the cultivators.

Chu Kuangren asked them about the Immortal World’s situation.

Soon enough, he found out that this Fragmented Immortal World was named

Planquilon Immortal World by the natives and was home to many factions and


On top of that, Planquilon Immortal World remained drifting throughout the

universe and would only appear at a certain interval. Whenever the entrance

appeared, it would attract a lot of cultivators who wanted to seek Opportunities

of Fortune in this world.

To the natives, those cultivators were foreigners.

The foreigners usually came to loot and plunder resources of the Immortal

World, so the natives were never courteous toward them.

Hence, the foreigners would never have a good time in Planquilon Immortal


Those who managed to carve a new path in this world relied on the local

factions and forces. As for the lone wolves, they were severely bullied and

suppressed. Sometimes, they had it worse than outside the Immortal World.

“Heh. Survival of the fittest, huh? A rule fit for any kind of world at any time,”

Chu Kuangren said with a chuckle.

After getting the information, Chu Kuangren mobilized his thoughts and

turned the cultivators from Divine Fire Holy Cult into several clouds of b.l.o.o.d.y

mist without breakinga sweat.

“Let’s go,” Chu Kuangren said to Lil Fox.

“Boss, where are we going next?

“There’s a city ahead. Let’s go and have a look first.”

In the Planquilon Immortal World, other than the ancient orthodoxies, there

were also a hundred and eight cultivator fortresses, and every one of them was

as powerful as a top-notch cultivation orthodoxy.

If all hundred and eight cultivator fortresses teamed up, even the ancient

orthodoxies would have to take them seriously.

Ancient Sparrow City was one of the hundred and eight cultivator fortresses.

“I heard the entrance to Planquilon Immortal World appeared again, and a

bunch of foreigners came in.”

Tsk. Just let them be. It’s not the first time anyway. Other than those

top-notch Immortal Progenies, how many foreigners can make it into

Planquilon Immortal World? They are even worse than us.”

“I know, right? There are a few foreigners in the guards, and they are given the

most tiring work”

The guards outside Ancient Sparrow City were chatting on duty.

The disdain in their eyes was apparent when they talked about the foreigners.

That was when two figures approached the entrance. One of them was a cute

girl with a pair of pink fox ears. However, she was not the reason why the

guards were alarmed.

This aura It’s a foreigner!”

Tsk! It’s so obvious. I bet he’s new here in Planquilon.”

Every cultivator would more or less carry with them the scent of the planet or

the civilization that they came from.

As a foreigner to Planquilon Immortal World, Chu Kuangren’s aura had an

obvious difference compared to the natives.

It would take hundreds or more than a thousand years for a foreigner to lose

his or her original scent, and only then they could blend in the Planquilon

Immortal World.

Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws Chapter 922 – Immortal Ascension Path’s Dragon and Phoenix Blessing, Entering The Immortal World

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Chapter 922: Immortal Ascension Path’s Dragon and Phoenix Blessing, Entering The Immortal World

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As Hong Xue set foot inside the Immortal Ascension Path, the dragon and phoenix apparitions swirled around him.

The other cultivators were in awe, and so were the few cultivators behind him. They looked at him with faces filled with admiration.

“As expected of Brother Hong. You are really amazing!”

“Yeah, you are awesome!”

“They say the Immortal Ascension Path welcomed Immortals, but Brother Hong’s arrival has prompted the auspicious apparitions of dragons and phoenixes. This means that you will become an Immortal in the future! Congratulations, Brother Hong!”

The Immortal Progenies praised and flattered him.

Hong Xue laughed and said, “You guys are too kind.”

He continued down the path with the dragon and phoenix apparitions swirling above him. He looked as dignified as an Immortal who had just become one.

“Tsk. What’s there to be proud of? Boss, come one. Let’s show them what a genius can do.” Lil Fox clicked her tongue and tugged Chu Kuangren’s sleeve, signaling him to enter the Immortal Ascension Path.

Chu Kuangren said, “Be patient.”

The auspicious dragon and phoenix phenomenon and the Immortal Progeny t.i.tle were all nothing but fancy stuff that he had long seen pa.s.sed.

His own strength was the only insurance he could trust.

Lil Fox stuck her tongue out.

Meanwhile, Jian Sanjue and the others began to get excited.

“What do you think will happen when Brother Chu enters the Immortal Ascension Path? How would it react? How many dragons and phoenixes will appear?” Jian Sanjue asked.

“I don’t know, but one thing is for sure. It will definitely be more than Hong Xue’s.”

“I agree. Brother Chu’s talent and strength are much better than Hong Xue’s. I believe there will be at least a dozen dragons and phoenix apparitions.”

The discussion slowly gained heat. Even all Planet Jin’s First Seat had for Chu Kuangren was admiration and awe.

Aside from Planet Jin’s First Seat, who knew the power Chu Kuangren possessed, everyone also looked at Chu Kuangren excitedly.

After all, based on what Chu Kuangren had displayed, he was certainly at the level of a Supreme Immortal Progeny. He was destined to garner attention.

“I’ve been here for many months, and the strongest Supreme Immortal Progeny I’ve seen has drawn out around forty dragons and phoenixes.”

“I wonder how many will Chu Kuangren draw out?”

“I’ve been here longer than you to be lucky enough to see a King Immortal Progeny drew out a hundred dragons and phoenixes! The scene was so stunning.”

“Do you think Chu Kuangren is at the level of a King Immortal Progeny?”

“Who knows? Can’t say for sure…”

Countless cultivators were engaged in a heated discussion, but none caught Chu Kuangren’s attention. He could not be bothered at all.

As such, he came to the entrance of the Immortal Ascension Path with Lil Fox and looked at the towering white pillars curiously.

The pillars were not real.

They were more like apparitions of some kind of Daoist pattern. No wonder all those cultivators were willing to stay here for months just to gain insights on the pillars.

“Let’s go, Boss.”

“Mmhm.” Chu Kuangren nodded.

Then, he set foot into the Immortal Ascension Path.

The moment he took his first step, the entire path trembled, and the pillars started to glow brightly.

“What’s going on!?”

“What the heck? He hasn’t even come in!”

Everyone else looked at Chu Kuangren with the utmost astonishment.

It was just his first step, and the entire path trembled.

If he entered the path fully, what else would happen?

The trembling path did not stop Chu Kuangren from going in. He walked forward slowly and entered the Immortal Ascension Path.

At that moment, all nine hundred and ninety-nine white pillars around the Immortal Ascension Path glowed in white all at once. The blinding light felt like a big bang lighting up the entire universe, and countless great ones throughout the universe sensed the commotion at the Immortal Ascension Path.

“What happened at the Immortal Ascension Path?”

“This commotion… It has never been recorded in history before. Does it mean a new King Immortal Progeny or even an Immortal has appeared?”

“Not even the Immortal Progenies, True Dragon, and G.o.dly Phoenix could cause such a commotion. No, not even a real Immortal could cause this. What is happening at the Immortal Ascension Path?”

Countless great ones in the universe looked curiously at the direction of the Immortal Ascension Path.

Meanwhile, inside the Immortal Ascension Path, the entire path started to tremble the moment Chu Kuangren walked in. As the dragons and phoenixes on all the nine hundred and ninety-nine white pillars came alive, the roars and caws from the mythical beasts shook heaven and earth.

Apparitions of dragons and phoenixes rose to the sky, circling above him. Their auspicious glow lit up the sky.

On top of that, the dragon and phoenix apparitions of other Immortal Progenies started to flock over to Chu Kuangren as if they were being summoned.


One hundred!

A thousand!

Nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine dragons and Nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine phoenixes!

At the end, all the dragons and phoenixes around the Immortal Ascension Path came alive.

All of a sudden, the entire sky above the Immortal Ascension Path was filled with dragons and phoenixes. The majestic scene complemented the figure in a white robe, making him look like the Supreme Immortal King.

The Immortal Ascension Path, the path that welcomed Immortals, reacted like it was welcoming the king of the Immortal World.

Everyone else was so in awe that their jaws dropped.

They were all stupefied by the scene.

Even Jian Sanjue and the others, who had witnessed Chu Kuangren’s powers back at Violet Gold Galaxy, could not help but be stunned by the scene.

It was far beyond the level of an Immortal Progeny.

“Who… exactly is he?”

“Oh my goodness! He will definitely become an Immortal!”

“Nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine dragons and phoenixes welcomed his arrival. According to ancient legends, this phenomenon will only happen when welcoming the Immortal King! Who exactly is he?!”

Among all the stupefied cultivators was Hong Xue.

He, too, shared the same look with others.

A moment ago, he was thinking about surpa.s.sing the man before his eyes.

Now, it felt like a joke.

He entered the path and was welcomed by several dragons and phoenixes, whereas Chu Kuangren’s entrance trembled the entire path and all dragons and phoenixes came.

He was no match for Chu Kuangren.

None. There was no room for comparison.

He had lost thoroughly, and he was defeated before it even started.

Hong Xue could not help but feel despair. At that moment, the urge to surpa.s.s Chu Kuangren died off.

His Daoist core was at the brink of collapsing.

The only one at the scene who remained calm was Chu Kuangren himself. His white robes were as white as snow, and the look on his face was as calm as the sea.

The trembling of the Immortal Ascension Path and the astonishment on everyone’s face did not seem to bother him at all. With countless apparitions of dragons and phoenixes above him, he took firm steps towards the end of the path.

“Boss, Boss! Wait for me!”

Lil Fox only regained her composure after Chu Kuangren went ahead, and she quickly gave chase to Chu Kuangren.

After seeing what happened, she was determined to follow Chu Kuangren more than ever.

She knew that Chu Kuangren was the real big boss here.

By following him, she would not have to worry about her future anymore.

Now, even if Chu Kuangren wanted to shun Lil Fox away with a broom, she might not leave.

Lil Fox chased after Chu Kuangren and held his sleeve. As she glanced at the majestic scene of endless dragons and phoenixes above the sky, it boosted her confidence and pride so much that she stuck her chest up and strutted forward proudly.

A while later, Chu Kuangren arrived at the end of the path, where a towering door was before him. He took a glance at it before going in.

After that, he found himself standing in the sky.

Below his feet were connecting mountain ridges, rivers and countless rare beasts traversing the land.

“Is this the Immortal World?” Chu Kuangren mumbled.

He could feel the abundance of spiritual power in the air and the faint but ubiquitous ripples of Dao.

He mobilized his Emperor thought, and the map of the terrain across a hundred million kilometers appeared in his mind.

Beasts, mountain ridges, spirit mine, Daoist herbs…

All kinds of scenes and treasures appeared one after another.

“So this is the Immortal World? Awesome!”

Lil Fox walked out from behind him.

She could not help but be astonished by the grand view of the Immortal World.

Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws Chapter 926 – Bai Clan Forefather’s Abacus, Refining Immortal Crystal

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Chapter 926: Bai Clan Forefather’s Abacus, Refining Immortal Crystal

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the Bai clan, it was exceptionally lively in the Bai clan today.

The news that the Bai clan Forefather came forward to protect a person had long spread, and some elders in the Bai clan were quite unhappy about the matter.

After all, the Bai clan was at odds with the city lord’s mansion, yet they still had to protect a foreigner. Were they not adding fuel to the fire?

They could not say anything because the Bai clan Forefather did it.

However, Chu Kuangren was different.

They did not have a good impression of a foreigner like him.

“His face has been covered with a spiritual veil ever since he arrived in Bai clan. He doesn’t seem like a good person at first glance,” muttered a young man.

A few people beside him could not agree more and were preconceived. Chu Kuangren was an eyesore to them.

Nevertheless, Chu Kuangren was not bothered by their remarks.

“Brother Chu, I came to you mainly because of the Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm,” said Bai clan Forefather.

“Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm…”

Chu Kuangren’s eyes lit up.

He had heard about the Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm when collecting information.

It was the residence of Master Daoist Heavenly Blaze, an ancient elite that had reached the level of an Immortal.

Unfortunately, Master Daoist Heavenly Blaze perished, and his manor that disappeared was not discovered until recently.

Bai clan was one of the discoverers besides the other forces, such as the city lord’s mansion, Holy Divine Fire Cult, Blue Cloud City, and many more.

Those forces were in the midst of preparing to send some people to explore Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm’s manor.

“As Master Daoist Heavenly Blaze’s residence, the Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm is equipped with many restrictions. I hope you can explore the manor with Moonlight Fox for me, my lord. Of course, the treasures obtained will be divided among us — thirty percent for you and seventy for the Bai clan. What

do you think? uttered the Bai clan Forefather with a smile.

“I get thirty, and you get seventy? That’s too much for you to take advantage of.”

“Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm has been sealed off by several of our forces, and it is difficult for a foreigner to enter. Brother Chu, it’s a great blessing for you to enter the manor and explore as a Bai clan’s representative, let alone getting a share of the treasures. You should be happy to get this chance.”

“Lhave to contribute my strength, while you guys only have to contribute a quota. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy. I don’t think it’s worth it for me.”

“How about we divide the treasures equally?”

Bai clan Forefather said.

Chu Kuangren smiled calmly. “No, maintain as you said. We will keep the seventy-thirty split, but I’ll get seven and you’ll get three.”

“Brother Chu, you’re taking it too far. Don’t forget who rescued you just now. Moreover, you won’t be able to enter Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm without the Bai clan. Forget about the seventy-thirty split.”

Beside him, Bai Yeyue said as his face turned grim.

“In that case, there’s nothing much to talk about.”

“Alright. As you wish, Brother Chu, you’ll get seven, and we’ll get three.”

Bai clan Forefather said after taking a deep breath.

Aweird look flashed in Chu Kuangren’s eyes.

‘Oh, he agrees?

“It’s a deal then.”

“There are still a few days before the agreeable day to explore the manor. Brother Chu, you can stay at the Bai clan for the next few days.”

Bai clan Forefather then appointed someone to take Chu Kuangren to his room for a rest.

After Chu Kuangren left, Bai Yeyue asked puzzledly, “Forefather, a seventy-thirty split is ridiculous. Why did you agree with him?”

“Hmph. A seventy-thirty split? In his dream.”

‘The benevolent-looking Bai clan Forefather suddenly turned vicious. “He’s powerful, and I can temporarily have him under my service. After the exploration of Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm is done, no matter if it’s the treasures in the manor or Moonlight Fox, the Bai clan wants all of them!”


Bai Yeyue sneered upon hearing Bai clan Forefather’s statement.

‘The Bai clan placed Chu Kuangren at a messuage.

He placed some restrictions on where he lived to prevent others, except Lil Fox, from roaming freely.

“Boss, the Bai clan doesn’t seem to have good intentions.”

Lil Fox reminded him.

“Heh. If you’ve noticed, do you think I can’t? But I’m interested in the Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm. Besides, they have bad intentions. Am I supposed to let them take advantage of me? We still don’t know whether it’s a sheep among wolves or a tiger among sheep.”

Chu Kuangren chuckled playfully.

Lil Fox could not help but think of the magnificent scenery of the dragons and phoenixes blessing on the Immortal Ascension Path. Then, she secretly mourned for the Bai clan for three seconds.

Those guys did not know what a terrifying person they were scheming on!

“Alright. I have to refine the Immortal Crystal, and you shall safeguard me,” said Chu Kuangren.

He took out a milky white, baby fist-sized rhombus-shaped crystal, which was an Immortal Crystal he got from Hong Xue.

“Safeguard?!” Lil Fox became so excited. She immediately stood up, patted her chest, and a.s.sured him. “Don’t worry, Boss. As long as I’m here, no one can get near you.”

“Thank you.”

With that, Chu Kuangren began to refine the Immortal Crystal in his hand.

Lil Fox did not dare to disturb him as she guarded the surroundings.

She was a little excited.


Generally, a cultivator would find someone he greatly trusted to protect him.

“Does it mean that Chu Kuangren has regarded me as someone he can trust, seeing that he needs my protection? Wait, no. A fox he can trust?”

Lil Fox was delighted thinking about it.

Her face turned a little red as she looked at Chu Kuangren, who was handsome and without a spiritual veil.

“No, no. Don’t overthink it. Boss trusts me so much. I must be cautious and prevent others from approaching.”

Lil Fox said while shaking her head.

At that moment, Chu Kuangren could still sense the outside world even though he was refining the Immortal Crystal. He had three souls, so he separated one of them to pay attention to the changes in the outside world, which was equivalent to safeguarding himself.

Therefore, it made no difference with or without Lil Fox.

He would not rely on others for his safety, not to mention a fox he had not known for long.

“What’s Lil Fox thinking?” Chu Kuangren shook his head when he noticed Lil Fox’s expression change.

It did not take long for Chu Kuangren to refine the Immortal Crystal in his hand. He could feel that his source energy had grown slightly even though it was not noticeable.

“The role of Immortal Crystal is more in strengthening the existing source energy, but it’s unrealistic to rely on a few Immortal Crystals to explore new sources. Immortal Techniques and Immortal Physiques are still the key points of my future cultivation…” mumbled Chu Kuangren.

After that, he got up to go for a walk.

“Oh? Boss, have you finished refining the Immortal Crystal?”


“T-That is so fast!”

Lil Fox was stunned. She glanced at the sky outside and realized it was dawn. Chu Kuangren had only taken a night to refine it all

‘Is Immortal Crystal so easy to refine?”

Lil Fox was a little confused.

In the end, she could only conclude that Chu Kuangren was different from ordinary people.

“As expected from the Boss. He’s extraordinary in all aspects!”

Lil Fox lamented.

Then, she tagged along behind Chu Kuangren.

“Brother Chu, are you going out?”

Chu Kuangren b.u.mped into Bai Yeyue after walking a few steps. His eyes flickered upon seeing the direction Chu Kuangren was going in.

“Don’t worry. I won’t leave until the matter of Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm is settled,” Chu Kuangren said while walking past him, leaving the Bai clan with Lil Fox.

“Hmph, get someone to follow him.” Bai Yeyue snorted.

Soon, a few people were following Chu Kuangren.

“Chu Kuangren, Supreme Immortal Progeny? Hmph. You may be a Supreme Immortal Progeny, but you’re still a foreigner. You’ll fall once Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm’s matter is over.”

‘There was a grim look in Bai Yeyue’s eyes. He was a top Immortal Progeny but was miles apart compared to Chu Kuangren in terms of strength.

The disparity in talent made him jealous..

Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws Chapter 924 – Entry Fee, Malicious Intent Towards the Outside, Call the City Lord

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Chapter 924: Entry Fee, Malicious Intent Towards the Outside, Call the City Lord

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Foreigner, if you want to enter the city, you will have to pay spiritual marrow as entry fee!”

“Oh? How much?” Chu Kuangren asked.

“A million catty of spiritual marrow.”

“A million, eh?” Chu Kuangren thought about it for a moment. It was not a ridiculous amount, so he simply tossed a Yin and Yang Ring to the guard. “Here.”

“This amount is just for one pax. There’s another one here,” the guard said as he pointed at Lil Fox.

Chu Kuangren turned to her. “Do you have any spiritual marrow?”

Lil Fox widened her eyes and put on a pitiful look. “Boss, my Yin and Yang Ring was taken by those from the Beasthunter Planet. I don’t have any with me.”

“Fine.” Chu Kuangren tossed another Yin and Yang Ring out.

The guard’s eyes glimmered with greed when he saw Chu Kuangren’s generosity. He clenched onto the two rings in his hand and said, “Tsk tsk. Quite some spiritual marrow you got there.”

“Can we go in now?”

“Can we go in now?”

“You’re through, but remember, as foreigners, you must behave. Don’t cause

any trouble,” warned one of the guards.

Chu Kuangren did not answer them.

It seemed like Planquilon Immortal World had nothing but malicious

intentions for the foreigners.

“Hold up.”

Just as the two of them were about to head in, a voice came. Then, a man in

black armor came up to them.


“General, sir”

The guards saluted reverently.

The general took the rings from the guard and said, “if you want to go in, you

two have to pay another hundred million of spiritual marrows.”

Chu Kuangren frowned. “Why?”

“Because she’s a yokai,” the general said as he pointed at Lil Fox.

“Does it make a difference?”

“I don’t like those ears and fluffs. If you want to go in, pay up or get the h.e.l.l

away from my sight.

“I saw you paying two million spiritual marrow like some small change, so I

believe another hundred million for you isn’t something difficult,” the general


Further away, a young man riding a lion slowly entered the city before their

eyes and was not stopped.

“Why is that guy allowed to go in? He’s riding a Yokai as well,” Chu Kuangren

said with his finger pointing ahead.

“Shut up, and stop talking nonsense. Are you paying or not?” the general


The guards grinned mischievously at the scene.

“You guys are trying to extort us. Being a Yokai is just an excuse.” Lil Fox was


“Cut the c.r.a.p! Pay up!”

“You The little fox was so furious that she gnashed her teeth.

However, Chu Kuangren patted her head and said, “I don’t mean to cause any

trouble, but it seems like someone is pus.h.i.+ng it.”

The moment he said those words, his formless mind power gushed out.

The general was just a common Daoist Celestial, so there was no way he could

defend himself against Chu Kuangren’s mind power. He was crushed into a pile

of mushy meat and bones on the ground with all signs of life voided.

The scene terrified the other guards, turning their faces pale.

“H-How dare you cause trouble in Ancient Sparrow City: Foreigners, are you

having a death wish?!” screamed one of the guards.

“I wonder who started it first? Chu Kuangren took the two rings from the dead

general and then brought Lil Fox in.

The other guards were so stunned that they did not dare stop Chu Kuangren.

Their powers were incomparable to Chu Kuangren.

G-Go infom the city hall!l” said one of the guards.

After getting into the city, Chu Kuangren noticed many pairs of judgmental

eyes on him and Lil Fox.

“Oh, look. The foreigner energy is strong with this one. He must be new in the

Planquilon Immortal World.”

Tsk tsk, look that Lil Fox beside him. She’s cute. Judging from the energy,

she’s also a Daoist Celestial”

“Daoist Celestial? My my, that’s really something”

Many talked about the two of them brazenly, but none did anything to them.

They might not like foreigners, but they did not want to attract problems to

themselves either.

Not to mention, Lil Fox was also a Daoist Celestial.

The people of this Immortal World are really unwelcoming,” Lil Fox said with

a frown. She unconsciously walked closer to Chu Kuangren, trying to secure a

sense of safety from his presence.

“It’s normal. Resources everywhere are finite, including the Immortal World,

let alone a fragmented one. Well, aren’t we here for the Opportunities of

Fortunes and resources as well?

To them, we are here to s.n.a.t.c.h the Opportunities of Fortunes and resources

from them. It would be strange if they were welcoming,” Chu Kuangren said.

The two of them then arrived at an inn.

After ordering two flasks of alcohol, they sat by the window seat. Chu

Kuangren mobilized his Emperor Thought and spread it out across the whole

of Ancient Sparrow City, scouring for all kinds of information.

Ancient Sparrow City, the city hall, the three main clans, immortal orthodoxy,

Divine Fire Holy Cult, Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm, and more-all the

information gushed into his head.

All the information he gathered would determine the next step he took.

“Foreigners, who allowed you to drink here?”

Suddenly, a young man led a group of men to Chu Kuangren’s table. The

hostility in his eyes was intense.

“Don’t bother me. I’m gathering information.” Chu Kuangren did not want to be


As he raised his hand, the enormous mind power erupted and seized the group

of men immediately. Then, they were tossed out of the inn.

“D*mn it. This foreigner is arrogant!”

“What the h.e.l.l!”

“Such a powerful mind power.”

The group of men wanted to go back in to argue, but a loud march disrupted

their intention. Hundreds to a thousand of soldiers, fully armed, appeared en

ma.s.se and charged into the inn.

“What’s going on

“What are they doing”

The leader of the troops was a man in silver armor. He looked into the inn and

shouted, “Listen, foreigner! You are surrounded! Come out with your hands up

and surrender!

The cultivators in the inn were terrified.

The city guards came here to arrest this foreigner?

“Sh t! Let’s run! We don’t want to get caught in the crossfire!”

No one dared to stay after realizing what was happening

The lively and noisy inn quickly turned into a quiet place. Other than Chu

Kuangren and Lil Fox, only a drunken old man with a jug of alcohol curled up

in the corner stayed back.

“Boss, I think they are here for us,” Lil Fox said as she looked at the soldiers


You don’t say.”

Chu Kuangren had killed a general at the city gate. It would be strange If the

city lord did not take any action immediately.

“What are we going to do now?”

“Remain calm amidst the ever-changing situation.” Through his Emperor

Thought, Chu Kuangren found out that the strongest person in Ancient

Sparrow City was just a Pseudo Immortal.

Given his current strength, he could take on the Pseudo Immortal.

“Foreigner, you have one last chance to turn yourself in. If you refuse to

cooperate, you shall suffer the consequences,” the general in silver armor


oh? Foreigner? You’re calling me a foreigner, but you’re from outside the

Immortal World as wel,” Chu Kuangren said after taking a glance at the


He senseda similar presence from the general- the presence of a foreigner.

Albeit weak and faint, it could not escape his sharp senses.

It seemed like the general had been in this Immortal World for a while, or it

would impossible to lose that foreigner presence.

“You’re asking for it!

The general’s face darkened as if Chu Kuangren’s words made him angry. “Go!

Go in and seize them!”

His command sent the soldiers inside, charging towards Chu Kuangren. Their

energies erupted, and every single one of them possessed the cultivation level

of an Emperor.

However, the next moment, the soldiers ran into an irresistible force, which

blasted them into pieces and causeda bloodbath in the inn.

“You guys are too weak. If you want to kill me, tell your city lord to come over

himself. He might stand a chance.

Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws Chapter 921 – Force Buy and Sale, Scram, Leave the Yin and Yang Ring

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Chapter 921: Force Buy and Sale, Scram, Leave the Yin and Yang Ring

“How about this? I am willing to pay up to three billion spiritual marrow. What’d you say?” Yun Qianliu made a huge offer.

Three billion spiritual marrow was more than enough to buy the best quality Grand Daoist Weapon, or maybe even a Heavenly Daoist Weapon.

Aside from its Moonlight Fox ident.i.ty, Lil Fox’s cultivation level was only a Minor Daoist Celestial.

“I said I’m not selling the fox.”

Chu Kuangren was not even bothered by thirty billion, let alone three billion.

“Five billion!” Yun Qianliu increased the offer with furrowed brows.

Nevertheless, Chu Kuang was not moved.

“One piece of Immortal Crystal!” Hong Xue finally voiced his offer.

His offer surprised everyone else.

“An Immortal Crystal?”

“Oh my goodness. The offer is ridiculous.”

An Immortal Crystal, as its name suggested, was a crystal that contained extremely pure spiritual power. A piece of Immortal Crystal would be more or less equal to tens of billions of spiritual marrow.

More importantly, it was called the Immortal Crystal because the crystal could be used to gain insights and strengthen one’s source energy!

Albeit ineffective, it was a great temptation to those cultivators who were not Immortals and had yet to gain insights into their sources. Even the strongest Heavenly Daoist Celestial would be moved by the offer.

“I’ll be frank with you, Daoist Brother. This Moonlight Fox is a rare beast, and I want to buy her.” Hong Xue went straight to the point.

Chu Kuangren said, “When the Moonlight Fox grows up, it’ll be worth more than a few million pieces of Immortal Crystal.”

“I can only offer one piece of Immortal Crystal right now,” Hong Xue said.

“Brother Hong, I think you should stop wasting your breath with him. No matter what, he has to sell the Moonlight Fox today,” Yun Qianliu said with a scoff.

Jian Sanjue’s and the others’ faces turned grim upon hearing his words.

“Daoist Brothers, why argue over a fox? It’s like children squabbling,” Jian Sanjue said with a deep voice.

“What do you know? This is a Moonlight Fox!” Yun Qianliu said with a grin.

Some civilizations might even start a civil war because of that beast.

Moreover, they were heading into the Fragmented Immortal World. If they had the Moonlight Fox with them, it would be of huge help to them.

“It seems like you guys are going to force me to sell it. All I can say is…” Chu Kuangren chuckled before he showed an icy cold glare. “Scram!”

The look on Yun Qianliu, Hong Xue, and the others turned gloomy when Chu Kuangren shunned them away, especially Yun Qianliu. He argued coldly, “We can do it the easy way or the hard way, but it seems like you’ve chosen the hard way!”

He reached out to the Moonlight Fox behind Chu Kuangren, attempting to s.n.a.t.c.h it away.

At that moment, Emperor qi of a peak-stage Minor Daoist Celestial surged out from Lil Fox.

“A mere Minor Daoist Celestial and you dare be presumptuous in front of me?”

Yun Qianliu scoffed and simply threw a punch at Lil Fox.

A loud bang sounded, and a figure was sent flying backward. It was Yun Qianliu! He held onto his shaking arm with a look of fear on his face.

“That raw physical strength… You’re a cultivator specialized in physical cultivation?”

Chu Kuangren pulled his fist back and was too lazy to answer the question.

Hong Xue, on the other hand, reacted with a serious look on his face. “I see you are strong and indeed a worthy opponent!”

Then, the energy on him started to surge, and a terrifying aura of a Daoist Celestial started to emerge.

His cultivation level was at the peak-stage Great Daoist Celestial Realm!

He was one step shy from entering the Heavenly Daoist Celestial Realm. Compared to Planet Jin’s First Seat, Planet Zi’s First Seat was a lot stronger. For a moment there, Chu Kuangren even sensed the ripple of the source energy from the man.

That meant Hong Xue had gained insights into the source.

An Immortal Progeny like him already possessed powers qualified to be conferred a t.i.tle of a Supreme.

“Eight Desolate Tranquil Ocean Fist!”

Hong Xue shouted. As he raised his fists, an enormous amount of Emperor qi gushed out and shook the stars around.

The punch he threw felt like it could desolate the widest land and calm the roughest ocean.

On top of that, it even contained a strand of source energy.

It was enough to rival even a Heavenly Daoist Celestial.

However, Chu Kuangren reacted calmly to the punch.

Following a loud bang, a huge amount of Emperor qi and Hong Xue’s source energy instantly dissipated, and Hong Xue was sent about a hundred kilometers backward.


“He is definitely a Supreme Immortal Progeny!”

The crowd was left in awe, and gasps rang out in succession.

The look on Hong Xue was grimmer than ever.

He used seventy percent of his strength in that punch, and yet Chu Kuangren fended him off so easily.

Chu Kuangren’s strength was beyond his comprehension and his own strength.

“Brother Hong, let’s take him together!” Yun Qianliu said loudly.

“No!” Hong Xue already knew the difference in strength between them, so he tried to stop Yun Qianliu. However, it was too late.

Yun Qianliu had activated some kind of Immortal Technique that allowed him to move toward Chu Kaungren like a bolt of lightning. He threw a fist at Chu Kuangren’s head.

“You got ahead of yourself! This will be death!”

A hint of cold killing intent appeared in Chu Kuangren’s eyes.

He, too, threw a punch. Rampant raw physical strength that surpa.s.sed his previous punch erupted and hit Yun Qianliu.


The body burst into a cloud of b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

Yun Qianliu, an Immortal Progeny, was killed before he knew it.

The crowd gasped in fear.

Chu Kuangren had not used his full strength until now.

“A peak-stage Supreme Immortal Progeny!”

“I didn’t expect this at all.”

The crowd was left in awe and astonishment.

Hong Xue lost the mood to continue the confrontation. He inhaled deeply before saying, “Sorry for offending you. Please excuse me.”

“Did I give you permission to leave?” Chu Kuangren’s icy cold voice sounded.

He looked at the few of them and said, “You started this first, and you people want to leave when you realize the difference in our strengths? Who do you think I am?”

“What do you want?” Hong Xue took a deep breath and asked.

“What do I want? You should at least look the part if you want to apologize. Leave your Yin and Yang Ring, every one of you,” Chu Kuangren said.


“Dream on!”

The other Immortal Progenies behind Hong Xue got agitated.

Their Yin and Yang Rings contained the wealth and life-saving items given to them by their respective orthodoxies and civilizations for this trip to the Fragmented Immortal World.

They were not things that they could simply give away.

“Sure. If that’s the case, leave me your life,” Chu Kuangren said.

The energy on him started to surge, and his great poise shook everyone.

“Daoist Brother, live and let live. There’s no reason for you to burn all the bridges here. Why the extreme methods?” Hong Xue said with a deep breath.

“Ring, or life. Hurry up and choose.”

“You…” Hong Xue was deeply agitated, but he knew he was no match for Chu Kuangren. As such, he took the ring off and tossed it over.

The other Immortal Progenies saw it and did the same.

No matter how valuable their possession was, they had to be alive to make use of it.

After leaving the Yin and Yang Ring, a few of them left in a hurry. They went into Ascending Immortal Dao and wanted to enter the Fragmented Immortal World.

Deep down, each of them swore to find an opportunity in the Fragmented Immortal World and surpa.s.s Chu Kuangren so that they could take revenge on him in the future.

The moment Hong Xue entered the Immortal Ascension Path, the four white pillars started to react. The dragon and phoenix carvings on the pillars came alive in the form of apparations and started to swirl above him.

It was an auspicious phenomenon of the blessing of dragon and phoenix. It was also a sign stating Hong Xue’s strong talents.

The crowd was in awe.

Hong Xue found consolation in the phenomenon. “Losing a battle doesn’t mean the end. Chu Kuangren, just you wait.. I will surpa.s.s you one day!”