Versatile Mage Chapter 2613: Undead from the Bottom of the Sea

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Chapter 2613: Undead from the Bottom of the Sea

Edited by Aelryinth

“Councilman Zhuang, the sea level is falling,” a Battlemage circling up in the

sky reported.

“The tide is falling?”

The sea level has only risen for so many years. When has the tide ever fallen?”

The tide was indeed falling back slowly. The dark red seawater that had

destroyed Zhuang City had disappeared with it.

The land that had been drowned by the water was gradually exposed. It was

covered in sand and filth. Trash had piled up on the downhills and slopes.

Late at night, the falling tide had revealed a huge strip of land leading to the

east. The people were able to see the New Pudong once again.

The seawaters had continuously taken up more human territory. Who would

have thought the tide would fall rapidly one day, like it was not going to return

again? The people could no longer see any water in the areas that had once

been a part of the ocean.

It felt like the seawater had been drawn away. Not only did it give the drowned

areas back, it even gave them extra s.p.a.ce!

The sand, seaweed, rocks, and dead bodies that were still decomposing for a

hundred square kilometers of the seabed were now visible.

The Sh.o.r.eline Alliance soon a.s.sembled a few teams and sent them out to

explore the dried land and find out the reason behind the falling tide.

The Tribe of Sea G.o.ds had already won the battle against them by forcing them

to hide in the five Headquarters Cities. There was no reason for the sea rulers

to retreat!

“Is it a natural phenomenon, or a trick of the sea monsters?” an explorer of the

Sh.o.r.eline Alliance picked up a smelly rock and inspected it.

The seabed was covered in thick mud. Their b0ots would sink halfway into the

mud as they were walking on it.

The team of explorers was made up of elite members of the Sh.o.r.eline Alliance

The Sh.o.r.eline Alliance had been exploring the oceans and learning about sea

creatures and their evolutions. They had to understand the world under the sea

so they could figure out how to stop the sea monsters’ invasion.

After the sea level had fallen, they had quickly explored places they had not

dared to go to before, especially the cliffs and the trenches, as most high-level

sea monsters enjoyed staying in the darkness of the deep sea, and they were

more accustomed to the water pressure of the deep waters. The Sh.o.r.eline

Alliance could identify the species, number, and level of the sea monsters

through the scales, skin tissues, fangs, and body waste left by the sea


“Don’t you think that’s strange?” Dean Lee asked

Lee Xu was the Dean of the Pearl Inst.i.tute’s School of White Magic. He was also

the Vice Chairman of the Magic City’s Sh.o.r.eline Alliance. He had personally led

teams in exploring the dangerous zones so they could understand the reason

behind the unusual phenomena.

This time, he had to find out where the dark red seawater had come from!

A mysterious scholar had detected a new member of the Tribe of Sea G.o.ds

having appeared in the East China Sea. Therefore, they had to find out its

ability, its power, and how many sea monsters it was leading before their first

encounter with the creature.

“Is something wrong, Dean Lee?” Elder Yue Qing asked, sensing something off.

“‘Shouldn’t there be a lot of dead sea monsters around” Dean Lee quickly

looked around.

The whole place was covered in the filth of the seabed, but the dead bodies that

were floating on the surface several days ago had all vanished.

Dean Lee clearly remembered the dead bodies had sunk to the bottom of the

sea. It had only been a week. They would not decompose so quickly, yet the

only remains he could see had obviously been around for ages.

Where did the dead bodies of the arny of sea monsters go? Did the strange tide

carry them away?

Why would they bother to retrieve their corpses?

“Elder Yue, take a look at this!” a member of the team called out.

Dean Lee and Elder Yue immediately looked in the direction of the voice. They

saw a red tide approaching them fiercely from the horizon.

“Run, quick!” Dean Lee immediately told everyone to retreat when he realized

something was not right.

The dark red tide came on suddenly, like a terrifying storm. Its b.l.o.o.d.y Aura

soon reached the team.

Dean Lee realized the dark red tide was not made up of water, but a huge

number of ghastly sea monsters!

Their rotten flesh and poisonous pus were giving off a foul stench. They were

sprinting across the dried seabed, as if they were replacing the seawater.


“I’s the Sea Undead!”

The oceans covered ma.s.sive areas, thus the presence of death that the oceans

had acc.u.mulated was stronger. In the past, the scholars of the Sh.o.r.eline

Alliance had conjectured the existence of an Undead Kingdom at the bottom of

the sea. It was formed by the countless dead bodies of sea creatures that had

acc.u.mulated over a long time, resulting in insane numbers of undead.

To their surprise, the Sea Undead had charged at their city as soon as the sea

level had fallen, as if they had long planned it.

‘Dean Lee, aren’t these the sea monsters that died recently? ‘They have all

turned into Undead!”

“I..Im not sure,” Dean Lee’s expression fell sharply. He was starting to have a

bad feeling about this.

Dean Lee kept looking at the tide of Undead while he was retreating. His scalp

turned numb when he saw an aloof figure standing above the army of Undead!

She was looking down at them like the empress of darkness and death. Her

eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with hatred.

She was the new member of the Tribe of Sea G.o.ds!

She was capable of commanding this army of sea monsters which had died and

turned into undead!

More importantly, Dean Lee found the outline and the pale face of the creature

extremely familiar.

The dark red tide closed in on them.

Dean Lee and his men were still around ten kilometers away from the safe

zone. They obviously could not make it in time.

The Sea Undead crashed into the team. The members of the team could not

escape the fate of being annihilated by the Sea Undead.

Dean Lee also gave up.

He was surrounded by the Sea Undead, but for some reason, they were

ignoring him. They had simply swept on past him.

It felt like an invisible barrier was protecting Dean Lee from the Sea Undead.

However, Dean Lee knew he was not under any protection.

As he thought, the Sea Undead cleared a path for the figure with a colorful

dress, pale face, hollow eyes, and long hair br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the presence of


“Ding..Ding Yumian!” Dean Lee could not believe his eyes when he saw the


Versatile Mage Chapter 2617: Multiple Soul Frames

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Chapter 2617: Multiple Soul Frames

Edited by Aelryinth

Wei Rong could no longer talk properly after he began sobbing. He sensibly backed away.

The teacher with white brows stared at Ding Yumian. He could not find any words, even after a long time.

He was simply staring at the spirit who was staring back at him. “Can you tell us what happened?” the teacher with white brows asked softly. “L.I can’t remember..” the spirit spoke in a soft and gentle whisper. It was Ding

Yumian’s voice. “Don’t let her recall the scene prior to her death. It will only add to her pain.

The harmless fragment of her soul might turn into an evil spirit too,” Professor

Luo reminded everyone.

The teacher with white brows let out a sigh and stepped away.

Ding Yumian was a kind student who would volunteer to help the school. The teacher with white brows often had patients and traumatized students whom he did not have time to attend to. Ding Yumian had worked as his a.s.sistant for time.

The teacher with white browS was not a talkative man. He had only discussed the treatments of the patients with Ding Yumian.

However, not only did he feel sorry for Ding Yumian after seeing what she had become, he was very angry, too!

How could Dean Lee do such a wicked thing behind their backs? Shouldn’t he take care of every student as a Dean of the school? How could he take away the

Woman’s right to live so cruelly?

Magic was human’s proudest discovery. Magic schools were treated like sacred places!

And yet, Dean Lee had forced a student to sacrifice herself in exchange for temporary peace, instead of using what he had learned for many years to fend off the sea monsters!

Mo Fan went forward and inspected the spirit

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The spirit instantly recognized Mo Fan. She smiled, turning the dark presence of death around her into a warm light. “It’s good to see you made it back alive!” The spirit seemed pleased. “Sorry for worrying you.” Mo Fan was ashamed. He did not expect so many people were caring about him while he was in the Dark Plane. “I told myself I could be like you and do something for the Pearl Inst.i.tute and the Magic City, but I ran away like a coward in the end. I’m so useless,” the spirit admitted. “Then I must have left you with a terrible impression. The truth is, I would consider the odds of my own survival first before I do something.

If l’m surely going to die, I wouldn’t bother with it. Many people are wrong about one thing

They think they can die a worthy death by sacrificing themselves to help the others, but how can you guarantee that you couldn’t make a bigger difference if you were alive instead? “You have only seen my good deeds, but you have no idea how many times I’ve watched others die just to stay alive. If I’m only trying to enjoy my life in peace, but the whole world wants me to die just so they could live in peace, you can bet that I would choose to let everyone die with me, too

There were good and bad in the world. When the bad were in charge, it was not necessarily evil to let the world destroy itself.

Ding Yumian was too kind!

If Mo Fan was in her place, he would make sure everyone was going to suffer if they were forcing him to die.

Ding Yumian’s eyes glittered, as if Mo Fan’s words had untied a knot in her heart that had troubled her for a long time. “Mo Fan, won’t you make her think her intention to get her revenge is right?

The other half of her soul that has turned into an Undead can already comer the Magic a.s.sociation,” Professor s.h.i.+ said urgently. “Mo Fan, you should be more positive,” Dean Xiao coughed out. Mo Fan’s words would seriously lead a lot of good students astray! “I’m not a teacher. I’m just telling her as a friend what she should have done when she was being threatened,” Mo Fan shrugged indifferently. He added, “I should have told her earlier.”

Mo Fan’s words stabbed everyone in the heart.

Yes, why didn’t we tell her earlier?

If anyone among them had realized what was happening and found out she was feeling hopeless because she had nowhere to go, none of this would have happened!

They could still admire her beautiful hair as she was walking happily through the school. They would not be talking to her while she was in the state of a wandering spirit who had nowhere to go.

What was the meaning of this war? Wasn’t it to let a kind and beautiful woman like her live peacefully in her beloved school? “Yumian, do you know your spirit has turned into an Undead?” Professor Luo asked her quietly. “I…I do, but I’m not willing to go with them,” the spirit said. “Them? thee others were puzzled. “It means she has multiple Soul Frames. The one that is left here is her Soul of

Kindness,” Professor Luo explained.

Soul Frames. Mo Fan had heard the term before when he was going after the

Red Demon, but in the case of the Red Demon, each its clones represented a

Soul Frame, but Ding Yumian alone had multiple Soul Frames! “Ding Yumian’s metal strength was unusually high. It was already on par with the mental state of a Forbidden Mage, so it is normal for her to develop multiple Soul Frames,” Professor Luo went on.

Her mental state was already comparable to a Forbidden Mage, when she was only a Super Mage?

Councilman Zhuang and Dean Lee were seriously r.e.t.a.r.ded! With more time and training, Ding Yumian could easily have taken out an army of sea monsters on her own, without having to sacrifice herself!

Every Disaster-bringer Mo Fan had learned of so far had unlimited potential if they used their talents wisely.

Unfortunately, not one of them was treated fairly. The Heresy Judgment Court accused them of being Heretics who would bring disasters to the people around them. Most people chose to believe in the Heresy Judgment Court. Were they afraid of the disasters they might bring, or were they afraid they would become too strong and grow out of their control?

If only they were given proper treatment and training…

Ding Yumian’s unique power could even have been the most effective weapon against the Tribe of Sea G.o.ds, since she could sever the connection between them and the sea monsters. That way, the sea monsters would never be able to threaten the Magic City! “Can you come with us to Dongfang Oriental Tower? Your other Soul Frames have sided with the Tribe of Sea G.o.ds and invaded the city,” Dean Xiao said. “Min, but I don’t think I can convince them. They are in great pain and are driven by anger. They..” Ding Yumian said. “It’s fine, just do your best,” Dean Xiao said.

If they could not find a resolution, the Magic City would have to face a new enemy.

She was the new empress of the Undead who had risen from the bottom of the sea. She would continue to grow stronger over time!

Versatile Mage Chapter 2611: 1: Prayer Lanterns

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Chapter 2611: 1: Prayer Lanterns

Edited by Aelryinth

The lake in front of the apartment complex was starting to freeze. A woman

with hair as soft as silk was seated on a bench in front of the lake.

She stared at the lake for a long time, deep in thought. Her delicate figure

blended perfectly into the cold night.

After some time, she looked at one of the units in the apartment that still had

its lights on.

She hesitated for a moment, then rose to her feet. She walked away from the

school, across the frozen gra.s.s.

The cold sea breeze lashed the woman like a whip. Even the mink coat she was

wearing could not keep her warm.

“She’s here, Councilman Zhuang,” Dean Lee reported.

Zhuang Yue was standing upright with an expressionless face. His lips curled

upward when he saw the beautiful young woman approaching him.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Zhuang Yue reached out his hand in a friendly


The woman did not respond. She only stared at Dean Lee with cold, attractive


“He’s Councilman Zhuang Yue, the person in charge of the operation,” Dean

Lee introduced him.

“I’m only doing this for the Pearl Inst.i.tute,” the woman replied.

“That’s fine. The Pearl Inst.i.tute represents the Magic City, which represents

the country, just like the soldiers who are fighting hard just to make sure their

families can live peacefully in the walls of the city,” Zhuang Yue replied.

“The Pearl inst.i.tute will remember you. All of us will remember you!”

Mo Fan went to the balcony with messy hair after he woke up. He was trying to

clear his head with the cold wind.

It was almost evening. They had drank until dawn, celebrating how much of a

failure their lives were, then they had slept through the day.

It had been some time since the Magic City had any sunlight. The evening

remained dull, as if the mist in the sky would not disappear for another several

dozen years.

Mo Fan could see the artificial lake from his balcony. The surface that had

frozen at night would melt in the day.

Lanterns were floating on the lake like tiny rafts.

“Is there a festival today?” Mo Fan was puzzled.

He did not put much attention on the lanterns, since he was starving. He

quickly took a shower and headed downstairs. He had not eaten at the canteen

downstairs for a long time.

The canteen was very dark.

Mo Fan was confused when he walked into the canteen. Were Lightning

Element resources scarce, too? Why were they not willing to turn on the lights?

The canteen was also decorated with little lanterns. The dim light they were

giving off made the canteen look like a mourning hall.

Mo Fan felt uneasy. He happened to see a familiar man walking toward him.

The man’s face was visible, as he was also holding a lanterm. He was grieving!

“Zhang Zhuo!” Mo Fan called out to the man.

Mo Fan still had a slight impression of the man. He was the Shadow Mage who

had found the survivors hiding inside a bunker at Bing Town when he was

fighting the sea monsters that had invaded the river.

Zhang Zhuo was shocked when he saw Mo Fan. He almost dropped the lantern

in his hand.

“Senior Mo Fan!” Zhang Zhuo yelled.

“Shhh!” Mo Fan signaled him to lower his voice.

He pulled Zhang Zhuo to the side. He looked at the lantern in his hand and

asked, “What are you doing? Who are you mourning for?”

“Didn’t you hear what happened? Didn’t you see the news? The media has been

reporting the incident for the whole day!” Zhang Zhuo exclaimed woefully.

“I was cultivating in seclusion. I just came out,” Mo Fan replied without

blinking an eye.

Then… you should pretend you didn’t hear anything. Otherwise, you will be

saddened by it,” Zhang Zhuo said slowly.

Mo Fan was utterly confused. He looked at the words written on the lantern.

It was a short blessing for someone who had died. Mo Fan was dumbfounded

when he saw the name on it.

Ding Yumian!

The deceased was Ding Yumian!

The lake, the school, and many places were full of lanterns that had been made

to mourn Ding Yumian!

She had left this world!

“When did it happen?” Mo Fan asked grimly.

“Early this morning. Senior, I’m so depressed. She was such a young and

beautiful girl. I stumbled into her a month ago in the library. She told me her

greatest wish was to visit the renowned inst.i.tutes across the world. She wanted

to see the cold and beautiful Alps Inst.i.tute, the n.o.ble and royal inst.i.tutes in

Europe, and the romantic and luxurious Aorus Sacred Inst.i.tute… but she no

longer has a chance to fulfill her wish,” Zhang Zhuo sobbed.

“What happened? Did the sea monsters kill her?” Mo Fan demanded.

“No, no, Councilman Zhuang Yue announced it this morning…” Zhang Zhuo

shook his head.

Ding Yumian’s death was made public through an official announcement

Even if Ding Yumian was a Super Mage, her death would not be announced bya

Councilman, nor was it going to shock the Magic City and the whole country.

Mo Fan had a strong feeling it was something that would infuriate and sadden


He took out his phone and browsed the news.

Zhang Zhuo did not dare say a word. He could feel Mo Fan’s breathing


“Did she make the decision herself?” Mo Fan asked after a prolonged silence.

“Yes, Dean Lee has her last words, which she wrote for the school. It was her

handwriting,” Zhang Zhuo answered.

Mo Fan took Zhang Zhuo’s phone and looked at the photo closely. It read: Even

though I can’t leave the Pearl Inst.i.tute, I love it very much. Ihope my soul can

return here.

Ding Yumian was a known Disaster-bringer.

She had been protected by the Pearl Inst.i.tute. She was not allowed to leave the

school because she might endanger other people.

Unfortunately, someone had found her. They had treated her Innate Talent as a

secret weapon to eliminate the sea monsters!

Mo Fan had the same idea briefly when he learned Ding Yumian’s Innate

Talent, but he did not expect it would really happen!

Ding Yumian’s mental strength was stronger than ordinary people’s. Her

negative emotions could influence the people around her.

The truth was, her emotions were able to influence every living creature with


She had found out that the sea monster’s minds were connected like a giant

net. That net covered most of the sea monsters who were invading their


Ding Yumian was able to influence the sea monsters with her emotions. Thus,

she had become a secret weapon.

She had ended her own life on an unknown island in the middle of the sea.

Her strong urge to kill herself had spread throughout the army of sea monsters

that was preparing its next attack.

The sea monsters had ended up killing themselves.

Since that morning, the vast sea had been covered by the tloating dead bodies

of the sea monsters and their foul stench!

Versatile Mage Chapter 2612: Members of the Tribe of Sea Gods

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Chapter 2612: Members of the Tribe of Sea G.o.ds

Edited by Aelryinth

A group of the Pearl Inst.i.tute’s students, dressed in black outfits, was standing

close to the dam.

Each of them held a lantern decorated with a white flower. The warm light was

s.h.i.+ning on the petals, making them transparent.

The reflection of the lanterns on the surface of the sea resembled blossoming

lotuses as they were dropped onto the waters

The strong waves easily swallowed some of the lanterns and their lights, but

many of them drifted into the distance like little rafts, disappearing into the


“Senior, Ill give you one!” Zhang Zhuo held out a lanterın to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan shook his head and turned down the offer. He did not want to

remember someone like this.

“Look, the sea monster’s dead bodies have sunk to the bottom of the sea. Our

lanterns should be able to reach that island!” a female student exclaimed


Not long ago, the surface of the sea was covered by the dead bodies of

countless sea monsters. They were all facing the sky with wide eyes, like they

were complaining to the Heavens indignantly.

However, as the lanterns drifted into the distance, the dead bodies sank to the

bottom of the sea. They would soon decompose into nutrients for the

microorganisms along the seabed.

“It seems like even the Heavens are hoping we can guide senior’s soul back,”

Zhang Zhuo said with a wry smile. He then turned to Mo Fan.

However, Mo Fan had already left. Zhang Zhuo quickly went after him, but he

only saw Mo Fan vanis.h.i.+ng with a few silver flickers of light.

“He must be depressed too, but it was senior sister’s decision..” Zhang Zhuo

mumbled to himself.

A lantern hung with a white flower drifted aimlessly on the sea.

The sea was perfectly calm, like a lake on the mountains that was reflecting the

blue sky and the white clouds.

If the lantern had not ended up here, it was impossible to tell which side was

the sea and the sky.

The lantern suddenly touched the back of someone’s hand.

The person was sitting on the water, but her legs were soaking. It looked like

she was sitting on a mirror of ice.

Her hands were extremely pale and still. She turned around slowly after the

lantern reached her, and stared at the floating light for a long time.

She picked up the lantern and put it on her palm, then opened the cover and

blew out the candle inside it. She then opened the white letter inside it.

The letter was rolled up. She slowly opened it and read the words, “Let the soul


“It seems like everyone is praying for my return.

“I shall grant them their wish.”

The woman started laughing. Her hollow voice echoed across the calm sea


She slowly rose from the sea. However, her lower body no longer had human

legs. An elegant dress made up of colorful corals was covering a long lower

body that resembled a fish.

Her long hair drifted in the wind. The calm sea suddenly became restless as

dark figures approached the surface. They were ghastly and hideous. They were

either covered in b.l.o.o.d.y spikes and had fangs like sharks, or their flesh was

rotten and covered in pus, with swollen poisonous glands and venomous tails

or stings.

The sea was quiet and still just a moment ago, but now a huge number of

demon creatures had gathered around the woman at their center!

A few workers were preparing the battlefields on the other side of the dam.

The first was the Wasteland Battlefield, which was stacked up with waste steel,

concrete, junked vehicles, aluminum alloy sc.r.a.p, and other things. It was one

of the main battlefields, where the humans had once fought the Sea Skeleton


Further to the south was another artificial land with an abandoned city, which

several expert Earth Mages had constructed using an Earth Pistil. It was a copy

of j.a.pan’s East Maritime Fortress.

There were a great number of tall brown buildings without windows and doors,

looking like a half-completed residential project. The people could easily see

the gray sky on the other side between the buildings.

Councilman Zhuang was in charge of the project, so the people had named it

Zhuang City. It was less than four kilometers from the Pearl Inst.i.tute. The

members of the Magic a.s.sociation could watch the place clearly from the

Dongfang Oriental Tower.

That evening, Zhuang City was suddenly surrounded by dark red seawater. The

st.u.r.dy buildings that were designed to withstand the attacks of

Commander-level creatures all collapsed and sank into the water.

The Mages guarding the city all died before night had even arrived. Their

miserable cries reached the Magic City.

The Councilmen and generals on the Dongfang Oriental Tower were shocked.

They had no idea what had just happened. The st.u.r.dy maritime fortress had

been taken out in such a short amount of time!

Most importantly, the fallen fortress had exposed the dam, the last line of

defense for the Magic City!

“Did anyone find out which horde of the sea monsters was responsible for the


“It might be a new species. We have no information on them.”

“d.a.m.n it, none of them managed to take a close look at the enemy? How


“Didn’t they say we would have a long time of peace after our recent victory?

Why are the sea monsters attacking so soon:? Was there a higher-level

existence, in addition to the powerful creature we took out?”

The trench demons were a kind of intelligent sea monster, and had the power

to control many hordes of the sea monsters. They proclaimed themselves as

prophets of the sea monsters. Even the imperious Rulers leading the sea

monsters had to obey their orders!

However, hadn’t they already killed the prophet?

It should have died with the Rulers and the rest of the sea monsters a week

ago, after the Disaster-bringer ended her own life. How did the tribe of the Sea

G.o.ds recover so quickly?

“Was the information the Sh.o.r.eline Alliance gave us inaccurate? They didn’t

even realize there’s another high-level Sea G.o.d!” Zhuang Yue snarled.

The Sh.o.r.eline Alliance referred to the intelligent sea monsters who could

command the sea monsters to attack their city recklessly as members of the

Tribe of Sea G.o.ds.

The Trench Demoms that served as the prophets of the sea monsters were one

of the Tribes.

The sea monsters did indeed have their own civilization

Versatile Mage Chapter 2610: The Trio

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Chapter 2610: The Trio

Edited by Aelryinth

Zhuang Yue was about to lose his temper when a short-haired woman in a suit

came over and whispered into the Councilman’s ear.

Zhuang Yue’s expression sank. He rose to his feet, glancing at Mo Fan before

leaving the hall.

It seemed something had happened that required the presence of the Maritime

Defense Minister.

Mo Fan simply ignored it now that the annoying man had left, and continued

to enjoy his food. The meat of the creatures in the Dark Plane had been bad and


Xinxia gave her blessing to the newlyweds. Mo Fan did not hear the details, but

Mui Nuxin seemed overjoyed. She kept thanking Xinxia repeatedly and


The dinner was coming to an end. The guests gradually took their leaves.

Mo Fan was not in a rush to go back after he was done eating. He tooka stroll

along the Huangpu River.

The dazzling lights were reflected on the rapid currents. In the past, the

riverside was full of tourists. People would be taking photos of the magnificent

buildings and leaning against the rail to admire the river. There had also been

small cruise s.h.i.+ps with fancy lights sailing the river.

However, the area was now deserted. It was now a luxury to admire the view

when mankind was in danger.

Mo Fan, Mu Ningxue, and Xinxia were the only people walking on the

promenade by the river.

The cold and stern knight Waris maintaineda distance of around a hundred

meters from them, looking around constantly.

Mo Fan was a few steps ahead while Mu Ningxue was pus.h.i.+ng Xinxia’s

wheelchair. They were walking at a slow pace.

It had been like this since they were younger. Mo Fan always rushed ahead as

he was eager to show his new discoveries to them. It was a peaceful and scenic

place with a river and an old tree. The leaves were falling slowly onto the water

before they were carried away by the current.

Mu Ningxue would keep up with Mo Fan at her own pace while havinga private

talk with Xinxia. She was not particularly interested in Mo Fan’s discovery, but

she was not necessarily disappointed, either.

Meanwhile, Xinxia was very curious about nature. The b.u.t.terflies and fallen

flowers would occasionally fall on her clothes. She would not sweep them away

like most people would.

It felt like they had gone back in time, to when they were still in Bo City. There

were endless paths to walk, views to enjoy, and stories to tell.

Unfortunately, everything was constantly changing. They could no longer go

back to certain places and times. Mo Fan could accept the changes in other

things, but he could not accept all the changes in people.

As the world continued to fall into a bottomless pit and eternal darkness, it was

Mo Fan’s greatest relief to see Mu Ningxue and Xinxia just a few steps behind


He would never lose the motivation to keep going forward, even when huge

waves and the Apocalypse were in his way.

Nothing was permanent in this world.

In the end, Mo Fan still could not fulfill the wish that was constantly in his


Not only did he fail to fulfill it, he did not expect that he would even go back to

his deserted apartment alone!

Mo Fan heard voices behind the door when he reached home.

His heart began to race. It seemed like he did not have to sleep alone in the cold


Mo Fan opened the door and saw the two men sitting on the couch with beer

bottles scattered across the floor. The two drunken men were drinking like two

warriors having a duel.

The two looked at Mo Fan with wide eyes when they saw him coming back


“How useless!” Zhao Manyan mocked him.

Mu Bai burst out laughing, too. He pointed at Mo Fan and scoffed, “That’s what

you get for mocking me all the time. I thought you were impressive, but you

still came back here alone! Here, I have left you a seat.

Mu Bai must have drank a lot. He was surprisingly bold and unrestrained.

Mo Fan felt so embarra.s.sed. He had the urge to kill the two idiots right on the


Mo Fan had left the wedding with two beautiful women. He was planning to

take a romantic stroll so the three of them could enjoy the rest of the night

together in the same bed.

Unfortunately, the two women were too smart to give Mo Fan a chance to

fulfill his shameless ambitions. They managed to get away and destroy Mo

Fan’s dream!

“You are really hopeless. You should seek some advice from me. I might not be

good at other things, but I have plenty of experience having a wonderful time

with two women at once. How could you bring the two of them out for a walk

together? You were only going to alert them..” Zhao Manyan started giving

him a lecture.

“p.i.s.s off, if you are so good, why are you drinking with Mu Bai here?” Mo Fan


He was so angry! Why did he have to be caught red-handed by these two p.r.i.c.ks

after his plan failed?

Most importantly, why were these two**** treating his place like theirs?

He had used it to keep his mistresses, but the two**** had made his

nice-smeling apartment foul!

Mu Bai pointed at Zhao Manyan’s bottle and said, “Are you keeping the beer to

keep some pet fish? What did you say at the wedding? If you don’t make me

drunk until I’m on the floor, you will call me your grandfather. I’m very much

awake still!

“What are you so proud of? I’m just feeling sorry for Mo Fan. I’m waiting for

him to finish a bottle first,” Zhao Manyan immediately redirected Mu Baï’s

attention to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was in a bad mood. He grabbed a bottle and emptied it in one go.

Mo Fan’s face reddened after he drank the bottle of beer. The same question

kept appearing in his mind, Where did my plan even go wrong?

Could it be that he was being too impatient, just like Zhao Manyan had said?

Life never goes according to plan!

“old Zhao, where is your true love?” Mo Fan suddenly recalled the exciting

relations.h.i.+p Zhao Manyan once had.

Mu Bai immediately slammed his fist on the table and burst out laughing

“It turned out Zhao Manyan was the one being conned. The woman already

knew who he was. She was planning to take both the brothers. The Aorus

Sacred Inst.i.tute allows women to have two husbands!” Mu Bai informed Mo


“It was a mutual relations.h.i.+p. What do you mean I was being charmed? How

could a man like you who has never touched a woman’s hand understand?

Zhao Manyan rebuked Mi Bai instantly.

“Mu Bai, you’re still single? It’s been a year!” Mo Fan was surprised.

“I’m good at being alone. Look at you two! One hooks up with every woman he

sees, the other has a lot of paramours, but you are both drinking with me here.

What difference does it make?” Mu Bai shot back.

Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan were left speechless.

Mu Bai was not wrong, either!

Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan clanked their bottles awkwardly and emptied them.

Zhao Manyan coughed and asked Mu Bai, “T’m going to ask you seriously. Isn’t

e woman you met during the battle at the Yangtze River pretty níce? Why are

you keeping your distance from her?”

“You never know what’s going to happen in a precarious time like this. I don’t

want to grieve over someone’s death, so I think it’s better to be alone,” Mu Bai


Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan raised their thumbs at Mu Bai. The three of them

continued to enjoy their drinks.

Versatile Mage Chapter 2614: The Apocalypse

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Chapter 2614: The Apocalypse

The tide of Undead immediately broke through the weakest spot of the dam in

the south. The slain sea monsters that had attacked a week ago had been

turned into fearless Undead.

The Undead were scarier than the living sea monsters, as they could blatantly

abuse their power without needing the unstoppable waves.

The Undead had taken the humans by surprise. They did not have enough Light

Mages at the dam.

The Undead soon invaded the safe zone through a new hole in the dam around

two hundred meters wide. A dark Aura poured into the industrial area.

The south of the city was an industrial district. The factories were crucial to the

city’s operation. They were processing Magic Ores and turning them into

sources of power and water to keep the city functioning.

However, the Undead destroyed the factories in an instant, rapidly closing in on the busy districts of the city.

The soldiers had no chance of stopping them.

Most sea monsters would back away from fierce resistance and loolk for other

openings, giving the humans time to adjust and control the situation, but the

Undead were fearless.

They were only focused on their target. They would not stop even if there were only empty!

They were more terrifying than a huge wave of sea monsters. They were charging forward recklessly, bearing an overwhelming presence of death. After destroying the factories, the Undead all headed in the same direction: the Dongfang Oriental Tower! The army and Magic Alliance failed to stop the Undead’s advance. Countless buildings and Mages were swallowed by the tide, which was moving inexorably toward the Dongfang Oriental Tower, close to the headquarters of the Sh.o.r.eline Alliance and the Hunter Union. Many people on the veranda close to the beach were spooked.

The buildings on the other side of Huangpu River were swarming with Undead.

They were climbing the buildings and covered the outer layer of the buildings with their hideous bodies.

The sky was dark, and the sun was absent. The busiest district of the Magic

City had suddenly fallen into a deep abyss of destruction. The High Seaters and Top Seaters were no longer in charge. The buildings were taken over by the

Undead. They were greedily eying the streets, houses, parks, and plazas. The shallow river there was not going to stop them!

A blue light burst out of the top of Dongfang Oriental Tower. Several other buildings quickly followed up and emitted the same light from their tops.

The lights combined in the sky, forming a sacred altar hovering above the buildings.

Liquid light poured out of the altar like silver curtains and swiftly encapsulated the Lujiazui District, trapping the Undead that were trying to cross the river.

The silver liquid was half-transparent, and the people could still see the

Undead through it. They were climbing the silver curtains, trying to find a hole in them.

More Undead were approaching. They had completely taken the other side of the river. The silver curtains and the sacred altar had merely kept them on the

other sh.o.r.e. The Magic Barrier established by the silver curtains temporarily prevented the

Undead from crossing the river to the residential areas, but the Undead were only several meters away from the people!

None of them believed the Magic Barrier was enough to stop the Undead.

Once the Undead reached the residential areas, they would cause a bloodbath in the Headquarters City!

Half of the Dongfang Oriental Tower was covered by the Undead. The streets, alleys, plazas, and parks were already covered by the Undead.

They had used their bodies to flood the city. If the buildings had not been not protected by magic, the whole district would be destroyed in an instant.

“Kill them all!l” Councilman Zhuang Yue snarled from a platform above Dongfang Oriental Tower.

“We have activated the Formations on every building, but these Undead do not

have any sense of self-preservation. Their only goal is to destroy and kill.

There’s no way our men can take them all out!”

“My men are dying at an insane rate, too. What’s going on? Why are they

attacking this place?

“The Tribe of Sea G.o.ds surely knows this tower is a symbol for human Mages.

If it’s destroyed, it’s like taking down the enemy’s flag. They are demonstrating

their power to us. They are trying to crush our will to fight!”

Several students on the balcony were struck as dumb as wooden chickens. They

could see the skysc.r.a.pers clearly from their angle.

In the past, the skysc.r.a.pers and Dongfang Oriental Tower had stood firmly,

pointed at the unreachable sky. Everyone would feel proud looking at them, as

they symbolized humanity’s power and status.

But today, the skysc.r.a.pers had been taken over by other species. The Undead

were not large, but their front limbs were strong and deadly. Their eyes were

sticking out of their sockets while their heads were like the skulls of dead fish,

and their bodies were covered in venomous spikes. The people who had faint

hearts would often collapse after seeing the hideous creatures.

The sea monsters were no longer held on the other side of the dam. The

creatures were visible from their balconies. They were witnessing the

terrifying sight through their own windows!

They were told that the Apocalypse was coming. It was now happening right in

front of them!

“Are we all going to die?” A young man with curly hair was holding a book. He

had been reviewing for an exam.

The eyes on his handsome face were hollow.

He had been going to officially become a Mage tomorrow, but he was now

unsure if tomorrow would even arrive! Even if he became a Mage, could he really do anything to stop what was

happening in front of him?

He felt like a huge black wave was coming at his raft. The wave could easily

crush him and the raft. Was there any meaning to becoming a Mage?

“How long can the altar last? I heard it’s a Forbidden Curse Magic Formation,”

another skinny young man asked hollowly.

Meanwhile, tiny cracks surfaced on the silver curtains as if they were

responding to the skinny man’s question. They were proving that the magic

barrier was not unbreakable. The tide of Undead could break through the

curtains at any second!

Versatile Mage Chapter 2615: The Buried Army of Sea Monsters

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Chapter 2615: The Buried Army of Sea Monsters

Edited by Aelryinth

The young men heard some footsteps on the stairs.

A man in his sleepwear walked over to the balcony with a toothbrush in his

mouth anda brus.h.i.+ng mug in his hand.

The others were looking at the apocalyptic sight. He followed their gazes.

le took the toothbrush out of his mouth and poured the cold

ater in the mug

into his mouth.

Gargle gargle…spit!

“Bro, why are you spitting from your balcony? Don’t you know that’s


“That’s right, do you think you no longer have to behave yourself because we

are all going to die?”

Mo Fan casually put the toothbrush and the mug down and replied, “I have

never behaved myself.”

Mo Fan looked at the altar and estimated its durability.

It was indeed a Forbidden Curse Magic Formation, but Mo Fan did not believe

it would last for more than a day.

The Undead numbers were too overwhelming. Even if the people were

stronger, it would take some time to eliminate all the Undead. It would take the

military and Magic a.s.sociation at least half a month to kill them all, without

taking into consideration the casualties.

If the altar was the last line of defense for the Magic City, the army of Undead

would break through the defense after twenty-four hours and ma.s.sacre the


However, it seemed like the Undead were targeting Dongfang Oriental Tower.

They were doing everything to climb to its top, like there was something they

were after on it.

The tower had plenty of Mages. Their destructive spells could kill hundreds of

the Undead in an instant, but the attacks were nothing compared to the

numbers of Undead.

“Aren’t you Mo Fan!?” The curly-haired young man recognized Mo Fan.

“I am,” Mo Fan confirmed.

“You live here, too?” The young man could not recall seeing Mo Fan here



“Aren’t you strong’ Can you take care of them” the young man asked


“Hold your hand straight,” Mo Fan told him.

The young man was puzzled, but he followed the instruction.

“Raise your pinkie and cover any part of Lujiazhui District. The area that your

pinkie covers is the most I can kill,” Mo Fan informed him.

The other young men came over and reached out their hands with the


Their pinkies could only cover a tiny area of the district. It was nothing

compared to the ma.s.sive army of Undead!

“You are so strong, yet you can only kill that much?” The curly-haired young

man looked at his pinkie in disbelief. “Doesn’t that mean we are all going to


“More or less,” Mo Fan nodded.

“Bro, do something, you are a Mage! We don’t want to die.”

“T’m more curious about where these Undead came from and why they are

attacking the tower. Are they really trying to crush our will to fight? If so, they could just target the city,” Mo Fan rubbed his chin and thought aloud.

Military force was not the key to resolving the situation. If the Tribe of Sea

G.o.ds could regroup s0 easily after losing so many sea monsters, it was

meaningless to put up any fight. It was wiser to abandon the city and move

into the mountains.

“Mo Fan!” an aged voice called out.

Mo Fan turned around and saw Dean Xiao standing behind him.

Silver sparkles were flickering around him, while his clothes and beard were

still. They showed that Dean Xiao was an impressive s.p.a.ce Mage.

“Dean Xiao, the Undead can only rise with a strong presence of death. Even

though countless dead bodies acc.u.mulated at the bottom of the sea, the

presence of death should have gradually faded away with the waves. I don’t

understand how these sea monsters that Ding Yumian kiled could turn into

Undead so quickly,” Mo Fan said. “We have gathered some people, but I hope you can come with us too,” Dean

Xiao answered.

Dean Xiao had come to him in person. Mo Fan felt obligated to go with him.

Time was of the essence. Mo Fan was surprised that Dean Xiao did not even

bother holding an emergency meeting. He simply gathered several people and

explained the situation while they were heading east.

Wei Rong, the head of the Fire School, was in the group with them. The others

included a teacher with white brows, Professor s.h.i.+, and a professor of the

Undead Element.

Mo Fan knew all of them, except for the professor of the Undead Element.

The teacher with white brows was a Healer. He was known as Prince Charming

at the infirmary. He was the idol of many female students and teachers in the school. He was reserved and only focused on doing his job, but no one knew

how strong he was.

If Dean Xiao had invited him here, it meant he was also a strong Mage with a

secret ident.i.ty at the school.

Mo Fan had met Professor s.h.i.+ in the early days of his studies. He had stumbled

into the man on the train to the Magic City when he first moved from Bo City.

Mo Fan had also learned the information related to the Totem Beast with

mysterious feathers from the professor.

These people were obviously authorities of virtue and prestige from the Pearl

Inst.i.tute. Mo Fan was flattered to be invited along by Dean Xiao, since he had

only graduated from the school not many years ago.

Professor s.h.i.+ stroked his beard and asked, “Mo Fan, I heard you have been to

the Dark Plane. What did you learn there?”

“Should I write a review of my adventure there?” Mo Fan replied with a wry

smile. You two can discuss it later,” Dean Xiao interrupted their conversation and

said with a stern face, “Take a look at this!”

The photo was printed on paper. Everyone put on a straight face after looking

at it.

“Is that her?” Dean Xiao asked Wei Rong.

Wei Rong looked at the teacher with white brows, who looked at Professor s.h.i.+

and the professor of the Undead Element.

“That is Ding Yumian,” Mo Fan declared confidently.

Someone had managed to capture a photo of Ding Yumian being escorted by

the Undead like an empress. Not only was her face extremely pale, even her

skin was completely white.

However, her lower body was no longer human. Her legs were replaced by

colorful scales that resembled a mermaid wrapped in a colorful dress,. Her

unique posture while she was standing bore some similarities to the Sea

Monster Prophets! “Professor Luo, do you think Ding Yumian’s corpse was being controlled by an

evil spirit or..” Dean Xiao asked the professor of the Undead Element.

“Ding Yumian’s Fourth Element is the Undead Element,” Professor Luo replied


“Why is she doing this? The whole country has mourned for her and thanked

her for her sacrifice.. Why did she become an Undead and send the sea

monsters that were buried with her to attack us?”

Versatile Mage Chapter 2616: Lingering Soul

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Chapter 2616: Lingering Soul

Edited by Aelryinth

“Should we approach her right away? I feel she’s no longer the Ding Yumian we know,” the teacher with white brows spoke up.

“Her evil tendencies are too strong, If ‘m not mistaken, she must have killed Dean Lee and the others,” Dean Xiao judged.

“Dean Xiao, I still don’t understand. Not many people knew about Ding Yumian’s power. How did she become Councilman Zhuang’s weapon against the sea monsters?” Wei Rong asked him.

“Dean Lee must have told Councilman Zhuang about Ding Yumian’s power,” Dean Xiao sighed. He added, “Dean Fu had been keeping Ding Yumian’s information confidential, despite the pressure he was under. After he died during the battle at Huangpu River, the school struggled to decide on how to deal

with Ding Yumian.”

Disaster-bringers like Qin Yu’er and Ding Yumian were constantly on the Heresy Judgment Court’s radar.

Dean Fu used to be Ding Yumian’s protector. He had made sure she could stay in the Pearl Inst.i.tute without being hara.s.sed.

After Dean Fu died, Dean Lee took over his role, including the arrangements for special students like Ding Yumian.

“This is a forged doc.u.ment. The other schools never gave their permission, but Dean Lee somehow prepared an official doc.u.ment that said Ding Yumian has been expelled!” Dean Xiao took out a copy of a doc.u.ment.

“It looks just like a real one,” the teacher with white brows observed.

“Exactly. Dean Lee is in charge of the recruitment and expulsion of students with special circ.u.mstances. Even if we voted against his decision, he could still forge this doc.u.ment,” Dean Xiao agreed.

“Does that mean Ding Yumian was given the doc.u.ment before she became a weapon? Wouldn’t that make her homeless?” Mo Fan blurted out in surprise.

Ding Yumian had always treated the Pearl Inst.i.tute as her home. It was the protection she needed from the biased world.

Novel Full

To their surprise, someone had taken it away from her!

“It’s not hard to guess that Dean Lee forced Ding Yumian into a corner and suggested a plausible way to save the city on behalf of the school. He was pressuring her to sacrifice herself for the greater good.”

“Isn’t that the same as how the people in the past sacrificed innocent women to the Sea of G.o.d?!”

“It made a lot of sense. The primary condition to become an Undead was hatred. If Ding Yumian willingly sacrificed herself, she would not have any resentment. Even if the place she died at had a strong aura of death, she wouldn’t become an Undead,” the professor of the Undead Element agreed.

“Dean Xiao, what are we supposed to do now?”

“We must find out the truth. We should visit the place where Ding Yumian killed herself,” Dean Xiao declared.

Dean Xiao seemed to have a solid plan on how to deal with the situation.

“What about the tower…” Wei Rong turned around and looked at the sea of Undead that had swarmed into the Lujiazhui District.

“There’s nothing we can do!” Dean Xiao said decisively.

‘The sea had fallen a great distance away. The group could walk across the area that used to be underwater. Even the sand of the shallow areas was exposed, and they could even see the slopes that used to lead to the water.

The bottom of the slope had dried up too. Professor s.h.i.+ was intrigued by the sight of it.

“Did Ding Yumian do this, too?” Professor s.h.i.+ looked into the distance.

He could see the water had retreated several dozen kilometers away. The white waves continued to retreat like an army that had given up on invading human territory.

“Tm not sure. Professor Luo, can you find the place where Ding Yumian turned into an Undead?” Dean Xiao was not concerned about unrelated matters.

“It’s not far from here,” Professor Luo’s eyes glittered.

They soon arrived at an area where the sea breeze was absent. The water was perfectly calm, as if it had frozen.

They found an island of coral reefs. The part that was exposed above the surface was only ordinary rocks, but the part under the water formed huge colorful coral reefs. It was like a colorful tree hanging upside down in the water, dyeing the surrounding waters with colors.

“This is it,” Professor Luo stated.

The group went onto the island and immediately sensed a strong presence of death circling the place like a wind. It did not fit the tranquil scenery on the island.

“Spirit Communication!”

Professor Luo suddenly raised a hand as his eyes glowed brightly, allowing him to see the tiniest details around him.

A faint blue light appeared on Professor Luo’s palm. It gradually spread out and revealed a wandering spirit.

The spirit was glowing weakly. It was a wandering soul that had yet to evolve. It was like a timid creature that did not dare to leave its habitat, nor did it dare approach the group of human Mages.

“Dean Xiao, it’s a fragment of her soul,” Professor Luo said softly, as if he was afraid of startling the spirit.

The others quickly withdrew their Auras after seeing Professor Luo’s reaction, making themselves look friendly.

The spirit was like a little girl whose mind had not matured. She was observing them timidly, like she was going to run away at any second.

“You guys were close to her when she was still alive. She will remember you if you talk to her, but make sure you don’t scare her,” Professor Luo said.

“How should we address her?”

“Just call her name.”

‘Wei Rong was the first to approach the spirit. The tough and bulky bloke had suddenly become a gentle and compa.s.sionate man.

He recalled the time when Ding Yumian was first enrolled at the school. He also mentioned the interesting things that had happened at the Fire School. Wei Rong was Ding Yumian’s mentor, and he had taught her most of the spells and abilities of the Fire Element.

Wei Rong was fondly recalling the memories at first to convince the spirit he was friendly, but he teared up halfway.

Wei Rong had watched Ding Yumian grow up as her mentor. She was quiet and shy at first, but she gradually became optimistic and was willing to join more group activities. She eventually became a Super Mage the school was very proud of.

How did she end up like this all of a sudden?

She was now a lingering soul, the soul that had remained in the world after she died.

She could have shone as brightly as a blossoming flower at the Pearl Inst.i.tute!