Warrior’s Promise Chapter 2644 – Above The Law

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Chapter 2644: Above The Law

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Dosu Fruit was very attractive to everyone below the Supreme Being Realm.

Disciples representing the hundreds of branches of Ancient Cloud Star Alliance around Dosu Star had arrived.

But, as everyone knew, only three thousand Dosu Fruits would be available each time they ripened, so not all disciples above the Ninth Grade would come to Dosu Star.

Yet, even so, as time pa.s.sed, as the Dosu Fruits gradually ripened, hundreds upon thousands of people gathered around Dosu Star.

About thirty disciples of Palmy Branch, including Su Mo and Ling Chang, had gathered together in a group.

Of course, that was not all of them. Others were scattered in nearby places.

“Hmm?” Su Mo’s eyes spun and stared. He spotted Xiao Yushu.

He was with several disciples in another direction.

Su Mo could not tell whether those disciples were from the Palmy Branch or from other branches.

Su Mo paused for a while when he saw that. Then he asked the ones next to him, including Quan Ruhai and Qiu Yuanshan, “Hey, what punishment will the Ancient Cloud Star Alliance disciples face if they openly kill their fellow men?”

The people were taken aback, not understanding why Su Mo would ask something like that. Qiu Yuanshan replied first, “Brother Wu Shan, the Alliance strictly forbids that, but if it happens, it still depends on the status and positions of the killer and the victim.”

“What if you killed a regular disciple?” Su Mo asked.

“Me?” Qiu Yuanshan grinned and said proudly, “If I did that, I’d get a small punishment, nothing major, but if I killed an Elder’s disciple, I’d be heavily penalised.”

“Got it!” Su Mo nodded and turned away.

Qiu Yuanshan and the others were confused by his actions. Even Ling Chang grew suspicious.

Only Quan Ruhai had his eyebrows raised. He spotted Xiao Yushu from afar. He knew that Xiao Yushu had been secretly dealing with Su Mo.

“He wants to kill Xiao Yushu?” Quan Ruhai speculated. He supposed Wu Shan already knew about it and wanted to make a move.

As he thought, he saw Su Mo stride towards Xiao Yushu.

From a distance, Xiao Yushu had also spotted Su Mo. His face fell.

Very soon, Su Mo approached Xiao Yushu and stopped thousands of feet before the man.

“Xiao Yushu, how have you been?” Su Mo said with a grin, which sent s.h.i.+vers down Xiao Yushu’s spine.

“Wu Shan, what brings you here?” Xiao Yushu calmed down and asked, devoid of expression.

The people with Xiao Yushu also came to check on Su Mo. They were disciples of the Palmy Branch too. Some of them knew Su Mo and some did not.

“Tm here to kill you!” Su Mo snickered.

“Wu Shan, you’re crazy!” Xiao Yushu paled even more when he heard that. He retreated two steps to the back and roared from within, “Do you think you can do whatever you want and go above the law just because you’re Reverend Jin Wu’s student? Don’t forget, I used to be his apprentice too!”

Xiao Yushu’s roar vibrated in all directions and immediately caught everyone’s attention.

However, although Xiao Yushu’s roar was loud, he obviously lacked anger and was afraid. He might have attained Ninth Grade, Middle Rank, but he knew he could not compete with Su Mo.

“Well, pardon me, I really can get above the law!” Su Mo said coldly. Flas.h.i.+ng the Ultimate Sacred Sword in his hand, he charged forward.

Suddenly, a huge chaotic sword shadow wielding magnificent might came at Xiao Yushu at an unparalleled speed.

This blow was terrifying. It contained a powerful Devouring Power used to restrain Xiao Yushu’s speed. He could not avoid it. He could only resist.

“Not good!”

“Run for cover!”

“It’s so powerful!”

The disciples of the Palmy branch who were with Xiao Yushu were scared out of their wits when they saw Su Mo fire the shot. They scrambled for their lives.

‘As Su Mo’s target, under the effect of the Devouring Power, Xiao Yushu could not escape in time.

Facing such a terrible blow, he could only rely on his own strength to block it.

As the sword shadow approached him, Xiao Yushu suddenly roared. A huge s.h.i.+eld appeared in his hand.

The purplish-black s.h.i.+eld was as large as a door and surrounded by purple light.


There was a loud blast. The huge sword shadow slammed heavily on the s.h.i.+eld, igniting a horrific force, setting off huge waves, causing some people in the distance to retreat quickly.


Blood spewed out of Xiao Yushu’s mouth and was instantly annihilated by the shockwave.

Xiao Yushu’s body was. .h.i.t out of the field like a cannonball.

Xiao Yushu was strong, at least several times stronger than the ordinary Ninth Grade, Middle Rank fighter, but he could not compete with Su Mo.


Xiao Yushu was scared to death by a single deadly blow. He turned tail and and fled while he still could.

“Go and die!” Su Mo raised his sword as he got ready another attack.

But something else happened. A figure blocked his way.

It’s Quan Ruhai!

“Wu Shan, don’t be rash, killing one of our own is a sin!” Quan Ruhai exclaimed.

“You want to stop me?” Su Mo eyed him coldly.

“Tm stopping you from making a big mistake. If he has offended you in any way, you can let Reverend Jin Wu decide for you!” said Quan Ruhai solemnly.

But he was not thinking on Su Mo’s behalf. He did not want to see Su Mo show off again, and did not want to see Xiao Yushu killed.

“Y-You!” Su Mo was furious. Let Reverend Jin Wu decide? Wouldn’t that be nonsense? The old man was extremely forgiving. He definitely would not have Xiao Yushu killed.

He stole a glance at Xiao Yushu far away. His target had turned into a small black dot and was about to disappear from his sight.

He could not catch up even if he started immediately.

“Brother Quan, thank you for your advice!” Su Mo’s face sank as he returned to the group.

It seemed he had failed to kill Xiao Yushu. He would have to do it another time. But it would not be simple as now the man would be on alert.

He was annoyed because he was not sure if Quan Ruhai had his best intentions at heart or if he had deliberately let Xiao Yushu go. The latter was very likely.

“Quan Ruhai, I hope you don’t challenge me!” Su Mo muttered in secret. If Quan Ruhai was up to something, he would kill him too. Never mind that he was Priest Tian Hua’s disciple.

Quan Ruhai snickered when Su Mo decided to quit, but he still appeared solemn nonetheless.

Then he came to Su Mo’s side again and explained to him the serious consequences of killing Xiao Yushu.

At this moment, in the s.p.a.ce outside Dosu Star, countless people were discussing Su Mo in low voices.

“He’s Wu Shan, isn’t he? He’s undoubtedly strong, no wonder he managed to kill Zang Renjie!”

“He’s crazy and lawless! He dared to attack his fellow man unscrupulously.”

“Theard Reverend Jin Wu expelled Xiao Yushu because of Su Mo too.”

Many of them were a.s.sessing Su Mo’s strength because Zang Renjie’s death had raised a lot of questions. Su Mo’s fame had spread everywhere, and now many had gotten to witness his skills themselves..

Warrior’s Promise Chapter 2643 – Dosu Star

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Chapter 2643: Dosu Star

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Qinghua Star, Qinghua Star Branch, Tian Jue Mansion.

An elder in a green robe with a youthful look was sitting on the main seat, and a skinny youth in a black s.h.i.+rt was standing in front of him.

“Teacher, Wu Shan has left Palmy Star for Dosu Star.” The skinny youth reported respectfully to Reverend Tian


When Reverend Tian Jue heard what the skinny youth had said, an immense killing intent flashed across his eyes. After pondering for a while, he pa.s.sed down the order, saying, “Ye Jin, kill him to avenge your Junior Brother.”

When the skinny youth by the name of Ye Jin heard what Reverend Tian Jue had said, he shook his head and responded, “Teacher, Wu Shan is traveling with Reverend Jin Wu’s disciple, Xuan Qing, and Reverend Tian Hua’s disciple, Quan Ruhai. We have to kill all three of them if we wish to kill Wu Shan. If we don’t do that, war will likely take place when Palmy Branch finds out about it. Teacher, please think over it carefully as this is a serious matter.”

When Reverend Tian Jue heard what Ye Jin had said, he started to ponder. Ye Jin was right. Since Wu Shan had become Reverend Jin Wu’s disciple, Reverend Jin Wu would be enraged if he were to send someone to kill Wu Shan. He would be asking for trouble.

If they killed Wu Shan, Xuan Qing, and Quan Ruhai, it would be a serious matter. Once Palmy Branch found out about it, they would go berserk.

“Teacher, Junior Brother Zang was killed during the sparring session but Wu Shan was not punished as he said that it was an accident. However, if we attack Wu Shan openly, the Headquarters will get to know about it and they will put the blame on us.” Ye Jin said respectfully. In fact, he had the desire to avenge his Junior Brother, but he had to think twice before taking any action. He did not want to be blinded by revenge and create more problems.

“How about this? Get a Rank 9 Advanced True G.o.d to head over to Dosu Star. Ask him to make it look as though he killed Wu Shan accidentally while they were fighting over the Dosu Fruit.” Reverend Tian Jue said. They had to send a Rank 9 Advanced True G.o.d and not a Supreme Being as the Supreme Beings were prohibited to enter Dosu Star

“Yes!” Ye Jin nodded. He was a Supreme Being and it was not convenient for him to do the job. However, there were many Rank 9 True G.o.ds in Qinghua Branch.

“Get someone powerful to do the job!” Reverend Tian Jue reminded Ye Jin.

“Teacher, don’t worry. Although Wu Shan is powerful, he does not have a high cultivation level.”

After pondering for a while, Ye Jin smiled and said, “Teacher, shall we get Ge Li to kill Wu Shan?”

“Ge Li?”

Reverend Tian Jue was surprised at the suggestion but soon, he broke out into a smile and said, “I believe that Ge Li will do a good job!”

Ge Li!

Ge Li was a peculiar man in Qinghua Star Branch. Although he was not as talented as Zang Renjie, he was a Rank 9 Advanced True G.o.d and his strength was manifold stronger than that of Zang Renjie.

However, Ge Li did not have a Teacher as no elder wanted to accept him as their disciple.

Ge Li was ruthless and he had no qualms about killing. He was an extremist. He had killed his fellow disciples before and that had brought alarm to many people.

However, Qinghua Branch had not put him to death and had merely punished him lightly as he was highly talented.

Ge Li was a pain in the neck and he was untameable.

However, no one in the entirety of Qinghua Branch could do a better job than Ge Li when it came to killing.

“I will see to it right away!” Ye Jin cupped his fist and left.

Su Mo, Ling Chang, and Quan Ruhai were flying in the starry sky and they were heading to Dosu Star.

Dosu Star was not too far away and it was located in the region of Ancient Cloud Star Alliance. There were more than 30 stars between Palmy Star and Dosu Star.

After flying for about 16 hours, the three of them saw Dosu Star from afar.

The size of the star was one-tenth that of Palmy Star, and it was covered by fog. One was unable to see the situation in it.

A huge array was surrounding Dosu Star like a huge bubble.

Many people were scattered in all directions outside Dosu Star and there were around 10,000 of them.

Su Mo saw some familiar faces. Those were the disciples who had attended Reverend Tian Hua’s birthday banquet, and they were from Palmy Branch and other branches. Feng Yifei and Qiu Yuanshan were among them.

Su Mo, Ling Chang, and Quan Ruhai stopped outside Dosu Star, around three kilometers away from the Air s.h.i.+eld Array

Dosu Star is unique!

Su Mo stared at Dosu Star and saw thick fog surging and a gale whizzing in it. There were thunderbolts and flames raging, and it looked like a deserted place.

Other than these, he was unable to see the situation in Dosu Star.

“Wu Shan, the root of Dosu Tree is cultivated from the Path Fruit in the Primitive Continent. It is divine and abstruse. The Dosu Tree can only be found in Dosu Star, which explains the uniqueness of the Star.” Quan Ruhai explained with a smile. Although he appeared to be explaining it to Su Mo, he was, in fact, telling Su Mo and Ling Chang.

“Will there be any danger in this star?” Su Mo asked.

“Yes. There will be great dangers.”

Quan Ruhai nodded. With a grave look, he said, “You never know what to expect in Dosu Star. All sorts of things can be found there and it is full of danger. We have to be careful when getting the Dosu Fruits as we can be killed by the other disciples.”

Although the Ancient Cloud Star Alliance forbade killing, if one was killed in Dosu Star, he had to resign himself to his fate as no one would look into the matter.

However, if someone openly killed another disciple, they would be punished.

“The three of us should stick together and not act alone!” Ling Chang said. Although she and Su Mo were powerful, there were many people around. People were flooding to Dosu Star every second and if they did not join forces, it would be difficult for them to get the Dosu Fruits with so many people around.


Su Mo and Quan Ruhai nodded.

“The Dosu Tree possesses high spiritual intelligence. The array outside Dosu Star is meant to stop the outsiders from entering Dosu Star and to prevent the Dosu Tree from escaping…”

Quan Ruhai explained the situation in Dosu Star to Su Mo and Ling Chang.

With the explanation from Quan Ruhai, Su Mo and Ling Chang had a good grasp of the situation in Dosu Star


Suddenly, more than 10 people walked toward the three of them. They were from Palmy Branch, and Qiu Yuanshan was among them.

“Senior Brother Quan!”

“Greetings, Senior Brother Quan!”

“How are you, Senior Brother Quan!”

The group of them cupped their fist and treated Quan Ruhai with respect. They greeted Ling Chang and Su Mo

as well.

However, they did not pay much attention to Su Mo and Ling Chang as they were not close to them.

“Since all of us are from Palmy Branch, let’s work hand in hand with one another!” Quan Ruhai said. It would be easier for them to get hold of the Dosu Fruits if they had more help.


“I agree!”

“With Senior Brother Quan as our leader, we will have a higher chance of getting hold of the Dosu Fruits!”

Everyone agreed.

“Brother Wu Shan, I hope you will forgive me for behaving recklessly at Myriad Holy Mountain!”

Qiu Yuanshan cupped his fist and looked awkwardly at Su Mo as he stood before him.

Back then, Qiu Yuanshan had had clashes with Su Mo at Myriad Holy Mountain. Since Su Mo had become more powerful and he was Reverend Jin Wu’s disciple at that moment, Qiu Yuanshan had to apologize to Su Mo lest Su Mo got back at him in the future.

“I had forgotten about it!” Su Mo replied with a smile. He did not hold it against Qiu Yuanshan.

When Qiu Yuanshan heard Su Mo’s reply, he broke into a smile. He was glad that Su Mo had not taken it to heart.

The group of them started to chat as they waited. It would take a few more days for the Dosu Fruits to ripen.

There was no value in the Dosu Fruit if it was not ripe, it would be like any other Spiritual Fruit.

The number of people kept increasing as the disciples from the various branches in the surrounding stars continued to flood in.

Two days later, the number of people who had gathered around Dosu Star amounted to 50,000 people, and the lowest cultivation level among them was Rank 9 Lower True G.o.d Realm.

No one below Rank 9 was present as they would likely lose their lives in Dosu Star if they were to enter.

Thus, only those who were at Rank 9 were present.

That said, there were some Supreme Beings standing around but it was only a handful of them.

It was so as no Supreme Beings was allowed to enter Dosu Star. The Dosu Star was a test as well as an opportunity for the disciples who were below the Supreme Being Realm.

Anyway, the Supreme Beings were not interested in the Dosu Fruit as it did not benefit them as much.

However, the Supreme Beings would linger outside Dosu Star to rob the disciples of their Dosu Fruits.

Thus, everyone would be wary of the Supreme Beings as there was a high possibility that they were there to rob them..

Warrior’s Promise Chapter 2640 – Ninth Grade, Middle Rank, Sixth Order Initial Stage

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Chapter 2640: Ninth Grade, Middle Rank, Sixth Order Initial Stage

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“It mustn’t have been easy for you to become the master of Ultimate Supreme Being Palace then!” Su Mo spoke to Ling Chang as they sat opposite each other in the hall.

The two had been talking for over an hour as Su Mo listened to the tales about her past life.

Ling Chang seemed quite talkative today. It could have been the effect of Hong Qingxuan’s memories that made her feel that much closer to Su Mo.

This was also the first time she had told Su Mo about her experiences. The relations.h.i.+p between the two had taken a big step forward.

“Indeed, it wasn’t. But Zi Xiao helped me a lot then. I just don’t know how he became the way he is now!” Ling Chang sighed, as though caught in a memory.

“Things change. People can develop completely different mentalities when things are going well and when they face adversity!” Su Mo said. Before he had grown up, Zi Xiao had been extremely talented and had had a bright future. Naturally, he did not have any bad thoughts.

But when one’s own strength and status had reached a certain level and it was no longer easy to advance, their mood could change.


Ling Chang sighed again, paused, and spoke some more, “Su Mo, Teacher Qian Xunyue doesn’t have much time left!”

Ling Chang’s beautiful face looked burdened. She knew Qian Xunyue’s situation very well. She had been left with three hundred years’ time when they had last met. If this dragged on, she might not be able to save her.

At that moment, over two hundred years had pa.s.sed. Time was really running out.

“know!” Su Mo nodded and said solemnly, “I’ll break through to the Supreme Being Realm as quick as I can, then return to the Wasteland to look for Zi Xiao.”

Qian Xunyue was running out of time, and fast. The journey from the Cloud Ridge World back to the Wasteland would take up a large amount of time.

He had spent one hundred and seventy years to get here. Once he became a Supreme Being, despite the increase in speed, going back would still take about seventy years at least. That would not leave much time for Qian Xunyue.

“Right, I’ll go with you when the time comes!” Ling Chang nodded.

“Sure!” Su Mo did not oppose.

Awhile later, perhaps because the banquet at Tian Hua Mansion had ended, Reverend Jin Wu returned to Jin Wu Manor and summoned for Su Mo.

They had undergone the ritual of apprentices.h.i.+p and Su Mo had officially become Reverend Jin Wu’s personally appointed disciple.

The position meant Su Mo got a place in Jin Wu Manor as his residence.

He also received other rewards from Reverend Jin Wu, which were mainly Spiritual Fruits and Spiritual Herbs.

‘When everything was done, Su Mo returned to his palace and got ready to train in seclusion.

Within the palace chamber.

Purple light flashed from Su Mo’s head, where a huge and extremely powerful five-colored totem appeared. This was Zang Renjie’s Primordial Spirit, the ‘Heavenly Five Elemental Emblem’.

Not bad!

After Su Mo devoured Zang Renjie, he fused himself with the man’s Primordial Spirit as well as the power of his Rule.

The Five Element Rule was quite strong, capable of controlling the power of the Five Elements.

Zang Renjie’s Five Element Rule had attained as high as Sixth Order Middle Stage, a tier above Su Mo’s Ice Rule.

After a while, Su Mo put away the Heavenly Five Elemental Emblem Primordial Spirit, then a gray elixir appeared in his hand. It was the Deva Elixir. He paused. He had learned of the elixir’s properties after asking Reverend Jin Wu.

This superior divine elixir was the most precious one of all. The user’s mind would be fused with the heavens and the earth, and both their training and their meditation on martial arts would be like a duck to water.

What a treasure indeed!

After examining the Deva Elixir, Su Mo solemnly placed it in front of him. Light flashed in his hands, and a black three-foot sword appeared. It was the Superior Artifact he received from Reverend Jin Wu after the match.

This sword was strong indeed. He could feel its aura was slightly stronger than the Ultimate Sacred Sword’s, but not by much.

After all, the Ultimate Sacred Sword was the top-level artifact in the Wasteland, almost as close to the Superior Artifacts.

Then, he put away the sword and checked on the spiritual fruits and herbs given to him by Reverend Jin Wu. These were not comparable with the ones from the Wasteland. They were not as great as the Deva Elixir, but they were extremely precious too.

A short while later, Su Mo kept all the spiritual fruits and herbs before consuming the Deva Elixir.

Once the elixir entered his body, a warm heat flow swept across Su Mo’s limbs, Spiritual Soul and Primordial Spirit.

His mood immediately became calmer than ever as his whole body and mind fell into a mysterious state, his perception spread out on its own.

This feeling was as though he had become the master of heaven and earth. He could see clearly the essence of everything, understand the rules of the universe, and control everything in the world.

Su Mo took out some Dawn Stones. After devouring them, he got busy refining Source Energy as he meditated on the power of the Rules.

There was silence in the chamber. Su Mo had completely fallen into deep cultivation.

While he was doing that, his fame re-emerged in Palmy City.

News of his triumph as one of the same ranking and his killing of Zang Renjie from Qinghua Star spread all over Palmy City after the banquet ended.

At this moment, everyone got wind that Wushan was not only strong in spirit, but was also powerful in all aspects. He was a true wicked genius.

Neither Xiao Yushu nor Qiu Yuanshan, nor anyone else in fact, could compete with Wu Shan.

Moreover, Su Mo’s prestigious name of ‘Wu Shan’ was not restricted to Palmy City, but the name had spread rapidly across the stars surrounding it.

Zang Renjie’s prestige resounded in more than a dozen branches nearby. After he was killed, this breaking news would also spread quickly as the disciples left the birthday banquet.

It did not take long for the countless warriors from the dozens of branches across the many stars to find out that there was a wicked genius in the Palmy Branch.

But ever since the banquet, Su Mo seemed to have faded from the public’s eye, as though he had gone missing, no longer coming out.

‘Time pa.s.sed. A year went by in the blink of an eye.

In the chamber, Su Mo’s eyes snapped open. The effects of the Deva Elixir had long subsided. He had also devoured a lot of Five Elements Dawn Stones.

After a year of training, he had moved onto a different level at Ninth Grade, Middle Rank.

And the power of his Devouring Rule had also increased from from the Fifth Order Great Completion to the Sixth Order Initial Stage. He had not touched the other Rules.

For him, the Devouring Rule was fundamental. The power of other Rules did not require studying, for he could always consume them later.

“Tm not far from the Supreme Being Realm!”

Su Mo took a deep breath. Once he got to the Supreme Being Realm, he planned to leave the Cloud Ridge World immediately and head to the Wasteland to find Zi Xiao.

Next, he shut his eyes again and continued his training. He still had resources to last for some time longer.

Warrior’s Promise Chapter 2639 – Provocation

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Chapter 2639: Provocation

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor:

Larbre Studio

“Junior Brother, although you are talented, don’t act rashly or you will fail badly!”

Senior Sister Lin Ya, who was in a long green dress, said as she looked at Su Mo and smiled. She was standing at the gate of Jin Wu Mansion, looking elegant and charming.

“Senior Sister, thank you for your reminder!” Su Mo nodded as he thanked Lin Ya. He felt that Lin Ya was a profound lady.

“Hmm!” Lin Ya nodded. She swirled her dress around and left.

“Su Mo, Senior Sister is not a simple person. Xiao Yushu is nothing compared to her!” Ling Chang said softly after Lin Ya had left.

“Oh, what is Senior Sister’s cultivation level?” Su Mo asked.

“She seems to be a Middle-rank Supreme Being!” Ling Chang replied. Ling Chang did not know Lin Ya well, but she knew that Lin Ya used to be well-known in Palmy Branch.

She was also popular among the neighboring branches.

However, it was strange that she had been keeping a low profile for the past few years. She had been living like a hermit and had nearly been forgotten by the people.

“Is she that powerful?” Su Mo was surprised as he reckoned that Lin Ya was a Low-rank Supreme Being

“Come, let’s go to my palace!” Ling Chang called out to Su Mo and headed toward her palace.

Su Mo immediately followed behind her.

“Hmm…what if Reverend Jin Wu were to arrange for us to get married?” Su Mo teased Ling Chang as they went on the way.

When Ling Chang heard what Su Mo had said, she came to a halt. Her back was facing Su Mo, and she looked beautiful and graceful.

“If he does so, we will do what he says!”

Ling Chang replied softly and sounded a bit mischievous. She hastened her pace and entered the palace.

Su Mo smiled at her reply. Ling Chang was not against the idea or, he should say, she still had feelings for him.

Su Mo immediately followed after Ling Chang and entered the palace.

Tian Hua Mansion.

Reverend Tian Hua and Reverend Jin Wu were discussing martial arts with the elders as they were still drinking happily at the banquet.

Ina secret chamber that was surrounded by an array not far away from the beautiful palace, Quan Ruhai and Xiao Yushu stood opposite each other.

“Xiao Yushu, you are stupid. You’ve tried so hard to deal with Wu Shan but you don’t even know his strength!” Quan Ruhai reprimanded Xiao Yushu. He was angry as Wu Shan would not have become Reverend Jin Wu’s disciple if not for Xiao Yushu’s lack of knowledge.

After Wu Shan had become Reverend Jin Wu’s disciple, he and Xuan Qing would have had the opportunity to spend more time together. In the future, Reverend Jin Wu might have arranged for them to get married.

“What can I do since things have turned out this way?” Xiao Yushu shrugged. In fact, he was manifold angrier than Quan Ruhai.

This time around, not only had he failed to kill Wu Shan, even his cousin, Zang Renjie, had been killed.

“Wu Shan is not stupid. He must have killed Zang Renjie as he knew that Zang Renjie was out to kill him!”

‘With a glum look, Quan Ruhai said, “Let me warn you. Wu Shan will have guessed that you are behing it. You will be in great danger!”

Xiao Yushu’s face turned pale upon hearing what Quan Ruhai had said. Since he had offended Wu Shan, Wu Shan would not let him off.

“Brother Quan, please help me to deal with Wu Shan!” Xiao Yushu said as he cupped his fist at Quan Ruhai.

“Are you asking me to help you?” Quan Ruhai asked disdainfully, “Are you treating me as your weapon to do the dirty work?”

“Brother Quan, what do you think of Xuan Qing?”

Xiao Yushu curled his lips and smiled coldly. Before Quan Ruhai could reply, Xiao Yushu continued and said, “This woman is charming and she is a rare beauty. She is talented and possesses the Pure Yin Body. She has not lost the Origin Yin energy and is still a virgin. Are you willing to let go of such a

perfect cultivation partner?”

“What do you mean?” Quan Ruhai asked coldly. Xuan Qing was an amazing woman and he would not give up on her. He would do his best to win her over.

“What I mean is, the longer Wu Shan remains alive, the riskier it will be for you!”

Xiao Yushu looked grave and said, “Think about it. Wu Shan and Xuan Qing will have many opportunities to stick together and their feelings for each other will grow by the day. Who knows what they will do!”

‘When Quan Ruhai heard what Xiao Yushu had said, he was silent and looked unhappy.

Xiao Yushu curled his lips and said, “Brother Quan, you may come across such an amazing woman only once in your lifetime. It would be a pity if she became Wu Shan’s woman.”

At that point, Xiao Yushu looked at Quan Ruhai’s face and when he saw Quan Ruhai’s pale look, he continued and said, “Although the Pure Yin Body is not that powerful, it is good for a man. The higher cultivation level Xuan Qing possesses, the more benefits she will bring. If you partner with her in

cultivation, you can become a Supreme Being immediately. You can also choose to cultivate with her when you have reached the Advanced Supreme Being Realm. You can then become a Supreme. Even if Xuan Qing has lost her Pure Yin energy, it will still do you good if you continue to cultivate with her.”


Quan Ruhai shouted angrily as he was fuming with anger.

“Brother Quan, are you willing to give up such an amazing woman? Are you willing to let Wu Shan have her? Xuan Qing is your woman!” Xiao Yushu said loudly, ignoring what Quan Ruhai had said.


Quan Ruhai stretched out his hand and grabbed hold of Xiao Yushu by his throat and lifted him up.

“If you dare to say another word, I will kill you!” Quan Ruhai said coldly. The green veins in his forehead throbbed, making him look hideous.

“T shall leave now!” Xiao Yushu said as he nodded. He knew that Quan Ruhai meant what he had said, and he could kill Xiao Yushu effortlessly.

“Get lost!” Quan Ruhai flung his arm out and threw Xiao Yushu to the side.

Xiao Yushu smiled coldly. He opened the door of the secret chamber and walked out. He knew that he had met his objective.

‘The angrier Quan Ruhai became, the more apparent it was that he agreed with what Xiao Yushu had said. That showed that he truly cared for Xuan Qing.

Thus, Xiao Yushu was certain that Quan Ruhai would try to get rid of Wu Shan even if he stopped instigating him.

After Xiao Yushu had left, Quan Ruhai sat cross-legged in the secret chamber, mixed feelings showing on his face.

He knew that Xiao Yushu was trying to provoke him. The effects of the Pure Yin Body were not significant. At the very least, it would not be significant before Xuan Qing advanced in her cultivation level.

Compared to the Pure Yin Body, he cared more for Xuan Qing as a woman.

She was beautiful and highly talented, and that was what mattered to him.

In fact, Xiao Yushu had voiced his concerns.

“Xuan Qing, I am the only man for you!” Quan Ruhai muttered to himself as he clenched his fists. He was not close to Xuan Qing at that moment and he had to work on their relations.h.i.+p.

As for Wu Shan, he would think of a way to make him disappear from this world..

Warrior’s Promise Chapter 2641 – It Would Suffice If He Is Respectful

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Chapter 2641: It Would Suffice If He Is Respectful

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At Ling Chang’s palace in Jin Wu Mansion.

Ling Chang sat on the main seat with a burly youth in a purple s.h.i.+rt sitting on her right. The youth was none other than Quan Ruhai.

“Junior Sister Xuan Qing, although you have reached Rank 9, you have to hasten your cultivation if you wish to get into the Headquarters at the next Selection!” Quan Ruhai said.

“Thank you for your reminder, Senior Brother Quan. I will make sure that I reach the Supreme Being Realm before the Selection!” Ling Chang replied courteously. Recently, Quan Ruhai had been visiting her.

Ling Chang was aware of his feelings, and she had received him a number of times as it would have been rude for her to ask him not to visit her.

However, by chatting with him, Ling Chang had found out some important information from him, for example, the Headquarters Selection.

“Yes. The Headquarters Selection will be taking place in another 30 years or so. Junior Sister Xuan Qing, you must buck up!”

Quan Ruhai nodded and said, “It is the dream of every disciple in all the branches of Ancient Cloud Star Alliance to join the Headquarters. All the Chief Elders used to be disciples of the Headquarters.”

“Senior Brother Quan, you must work hard to reach the Supreme Being Realm as well!” Ling Chang responded politely.

“Hoho! Of course! Given my talent, I will be able to reach the Supreme Being Realm in 10 years!” Quan Ruhai smiled confidently.

His cultivation level had remained at Rank 9 Advanced True G.o.d Realm for eight years. After a few more years, he would have no problem reaching the Supreme Being Realm.

“Hope Senior Brother Quan will pa.s.s the Selection and get into the Alliance Headquarters.” Ling Chang said.

“Same for you!”

Quan Ruhai smiled and said, “Junior Sister Xuan Qing, the Dosu Fruit will ripen in another two years. Shall we head over together to get it?”

“Dosu Fruit?” Ling Chang was baffled when she heard the name of the fruit.

“Junior Sister Xuan Qing, Dosu Fruit is a precious Divine Fruit. It takes 200 years for it to blossom and 200 years to bear fruit. It is a great fruit to help one enhance their cultivation level.” Quan Ruhai explained.

“Where is the Fruit?” Ling Chang asked.

“It is in one of the neighboring small stars, and all the disciples from Ancient Cloud Star Alliance are allowed to have it.” Quan Ruhai said.

“Sure! Please let me know when the time comes!” Ling Chang nodded. Since the Divine Fruit could help her to enhance her cultivation level, she would not miss out on such a great opportunity.

“Thank you, Teacher!” Su Mo thanked Reverend Jin Wu.

“Wu Shan, you are highly talented, and no one in Palmy Branch can surpa.s.s you. I will not hold back any resources from you. You must work hard on your cultivation to reach the Supreme Being Realm. After you have done so, you can then take part in the Ancient Cloud Star Alliance Headquarters

Selection.” Reverend Jin Wu said.

“When will the Headquarters Selection be held?” Su Mo asked. In actual fact, he had no intention of joining the Headquarters yet as Young Master Liu Yun and Di Yihun might have been in the Headquarters.

Su Mo was not in the position to contend with Di Yihun yet and he wished to keep it from Di Yihun that he was in Cloud Ridge World.

“There are still more than 30 years until the Selection, and 30 outstanding disciples will be selected from the thousands of branches.” Reverend Jin Wu said.

“Only 30 disciples?” Su Mo was shocked when he heard it. There were hundreds of millions of disciples who were at the Supreme Being Realm among the thousands of branches in the Ancient Cloud Star Alliance.

However, the Alliance Headquarters would only select 30 disciples. That showed the compet.i.tiveness of the Headquarters Selection.

“The Headquarters has been strict in selecting the disciples. The reason there are only 3,000 disciples in the Headquarters is due to the fact that they only select the more gifted geniuses!” Reverend Jin Wu explained. Other than the handful of Sovereigns, there were only 3,000 disciples in the Ancient Cloud

Star Alliance Headquarters. Thus, the disciples in the Headquarters commanded a special status.

Reverend Jin Wu used to be a disciple in the Headquarters. When his cultivation level had reached a certain level, he had been a.s.signed to take charge of the branch.

If anyone had the desire to return to the Headquarters, they first had to reach the Kismet Realm and become a Sovereign.

“Teacher, don’t worry. I will do my best to reach the Supreme Being Realm soon and take part in the Headquarters Selection!”

Reverend Jin Wu’s Teacher was Buddha Sunyata, a Sovereign at the Headquarters.

“Good. You may leave!” Reverend Jin Wu nodded and waved his hand.

Su Mo obeyed and left immediately.

After Su Mo had left, Reverend Jin Wu sat at the side hall, looking thoughtful.

“This guy has great fortune but he has a lot of secrets as well!” Reverend Jin Wu muttered. He could tell that Su Mo had kept a lot of secrets that were related to his might.

For example, his Chaotic Energy, his Sword Art that was beyond his cultivation level, his powerful Rules of Strength, and many more.

However, Reverend Jin Wu had no intention to probe into that as every genius had his own Good fortune.

As long as Wu Shan was righteous and respectful to him, that would suffice..

Warrior’s Promise Chapter 2642 – Dosu Fruit

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Chapter 2642:Dosu Fruit

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Su Mo returned to his palace and waited for the resources to arrive.

Sure enough, Reverend Jin Wu had not lied to him. It did not take long before a middle-aged elder in a yellow robe came to his door.

“Wu Shan, these are resources from Elder Jin Wu!” The Elder in yellow grinned as he pa.s.sed a storage ring to Su Mo.

The Elder in yellow did not show neglect at all. He might have been a strong fighter of the Supreme Realm, but he remained polite in front of Elder Jin Wu’s newly accepted disciple.

“Thank you for bringing them here!” Su Mo accepted the storage ring and thanked the man. Then he examined the resources inside.

‘What he found surprised him. This was not a regular storage ring, but a small spatial ring. The area inside was about ten miles wide.

Plenty of Dawn Stones lay across the land, with billions upon billions of Five Element Dawn Stones piled up like mountains. They were all Higher-grade Dawn Stones, with quality comparable to the Top-grade Dawn Stones of the Wasteland.

“T-This many?” Su Mo looked at the Elder in bewilderment. He had not expected the other party to deliver so many Dawn Stones.

The sheer amount should be enough for him to train until he became an Advanced Supreme Being.

“This is Reverend Jin Wu’s orders. It seems he sees a lot in you!” the Elder in yellow said. In truth, when he had been told to give Su Mo so many Dawn Stones, he had been quite astonished too.

Even the average Elder could not possibly have gotten so many resources from the branch in one go.

It was evident how much Reverend Jin Wu valued Su Mo.

“Thank you for going to the trouble!” Su Mo inhaled deeply as he gave the man his utmost salute, despite feeling at odds himself. Perhaps Reverend Jin Wu valued him more than he had expected.

“Lbid you farewell!” The Elder in yellow did not stay to chat as he soon went on his way.

Having received an ample supply of resources, Su Mo entered his hidden chamber and continued to train in seclusion.

His training progressed quite quickly but, even if he kept devouring, he could not possibly break through overnight. The Source Energy would hit a bottleneck when it reached a certain extent.

Therefore, he still had to consolidate his foundation and train steadily.

“Wu Shan, the Dosu Fruit isn’t so simple,” Quan Ruhai spoke first. He grinned and said, “It doesn’t form naturally. Many years ago, some members from several of our branches cultivated it together. It had two main properties.”

“Which two?” Su Mo got interested.

“Firstly, it’s called Dosu Fruit because its related to the arts. Each Dosu Fruit contains a Rule. After consuming one, the user can control this Rule,” Quan Ruhai said slowly.

“Oh, what strange fruits these are!” Su Mo was surprised to heard that this kind of fruit had the ability to fuse Rules much like his Devouring Power. What luck!

“However, the Rule contained in the Dosu Fruit will only be at First Order Great Completion. Not long after consuming one, the user would get to study the Rule and attain First Order Completion. Of course, if you get a Dosu Fruit that matches your own Rule, it could speed up the advancement of your Rule


Quan Ruhai told them what he knew. Then, he continued, “The Rules are only secondary. The main thing is, the Dosu Fruit is capable of breaking through bottlenecks, bringing us to the next realm of our training.”

“Tse!” Su Mo nodded in acknowledgement, becoming more and more interested in this Dosu Fruit.

He thought it would be a waste of time coming out here. It seemed there was actually much more to gain.

“Junior, the Dosu Fruit can’t be taken indefinitely. One person can only consume one every hundred years. It’s effective to take more than that,” said Ling Chang, She had learned about the Dosu Fruit’s condition from Quan Ruhai.

“Wu Shan, don’t think just because your combat power is strong that you can get as many Dosu Fruits as you want!” Quan Ruhai grinned when he noticed the flash in Wu Shan’s eyes. “Your training is only at Ninth Grade, Middle Rank after all. But there are many who want to get their hands on the Dosu

Fruits. Millions of them. Most are at Ninth Grade, High Rank, maybe even some who are disciples at the Supreme Being rank.”

“Oh, how many Dosu Fruits are there?” Su Mo asked.

“There’s only one Dosu Tree. It blooms and bears fruit every two hundred years and produces only three thousand fruits once they ripen, which corresponds to three thousand pathways,” said Quan Ruhai.

“Three thousand!” Su Mo muttered. That was not a lot. The Ancient Cloud Star Alliance had tens of thousands of branches. Even if only a dozen people from every branch came looking for the fruit, there would be hundreds of thousands of people.

It would indeed be very difficult to get the Dosu Fruits. One not only needed skill, but also luck.

“It would be perfect if each of us could get one Dosu Fruit!” Quan Ruhai chuckled. He might have been highly capable, even regarded as one of the best martial artists below the Supreme Realm, but he could not guarantee he could get one of those Dosu fruits.

‘When he finished, he faced Ling Chang and smiled, “Junior Xuanging, Ill try my best to help you so you can get one Dosu Fruit.”

“Thank you, Senior Quan!” Ling Chang said politely..

Warrior’s Promise Chapter 2645 – A Terrifying Person

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Chapter 2645: A Terrifying Person

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Time pa.s.sed quickly as everybody waited for the Dosu Fruits to ripen. The day was getting closer and closer.

‘There were various phenomena in Dosu Star, for example, golden light was s.h.i.+ning brightly, the Ghost Qi was surging, the chilling wind was swirling around, and the splas.h.i.+ng sounds of strong waves were heard.

“The Dosu Fruits will ripen in less than four hours!” Quan Ruhai said grimly.

“We are ready for it.”

“There are so many top powers this time around!”

“Lhope I can get hold of one of the Dosu Fruits.”

Everyone looked solemn and they were full of antic.i.p.ation.

“There are 3,000 Dosu Fruits and 3,000 Rules. Does that mean that all the Rules will be there?” Su Mo asked.

“That’s right!”

“All the 3,000 Rules will be there.”

“None of them will be missing.”

Qiu Yuanshan and the rest of the disciples replied. They had accepted Su Mo and regarded him as one of their own.

“Will the Life and Death Rule… or the Rules of Life be found there?” Su Mo asked. That was an important question. If he could get hold of the Dosu Fruit that contained the Life and Death Rule or the Rules of Life, he would not have to rush back to the Cosmic World.

After one had consumed the Dosu Fruit, he could advance one level to the Great Completion Realm. However, given Su Mo’s perceptivity, he would be able to reach a high level in a few decades.

“Yes, they are there.” Quan Ruhai nodded.

“Whatever Rules you can think of, you can find them there.”

“Brother Wu Shan, you seem interested in comprehending the Life and Death Rule!”

The few of them commented with a smile. That aroused Su Mo’s interest. It was indeed a great option.

“Junior Brother, we must do our best to look for the Dosu Fruit that contains the Life and Death Rule or the Rules of Life.” Ling Chang commented with a grave look. She could read Su Mo’s mind.

“Yes.” Su Mo nodded. However, it was not easy for them to get hold of the Dosu Fruit that contained the Life and Death Rule or the Rules of Life. The probability was low.

There were more than 1,000,000 people in the area, but there were only 3,000 Dosu Fruits. It would be difficult for them to get their hands on one Dosu Fruit, let alone the Dosu Fruit that contained the Life and Death Rule or the Rules of Life.

Another thought flashed across Su Mo’s mind. There were 10,000 branches in Ancient Cloud Star Alliance with a few million disciples. Su Mo believed that some of the disciples might possess the Life-and-Death Primordial Spirit or would have comprehended the Life and Death Rule.

Thus, if he failed to get his hands on the Dosu Fruit, he would look for someone who had knowledge of the Life and Death Rule or who possessed the Life-and-Death Primordial Spirit.

However, he had to take some time to search them out.

At the moment, more than 100,000 disciples from Ancient Cloud Star Alliance had gathered around Dosu Star, waiting for the Dosu Fruits to ripen.

‘The area started to quieten down as the day was approaching.


Suddenly, a sharp air-rending sound broke out from the far-off sky at great speed.

Many disciples turned their heads and saw a red light. The light was imposing and it sent a cold chill up one’s spine.


Ina flash, the red light stopped by the side of Dosu Star and turned into a youth in a red robe.

The youth’s cheeks were sunken and he looked indifferent. He caught everybody’s attention as he was not only in a red robe but even his hair and eyebrows were red.

‘The more amazing part was his eyes. His eyes were red and petrifying. Wherever he looked, he would cause the people to s.h.i.+ver. They felt as though they had been targeted by a ferocious beast.

“It’s Ge Li!”

“Lam surprised to see him!”

“This is scary!”

Those people who were near the youth turned pale when they realized that the youth was Ge Li. They moved away hastily to keep a distance away from him.

To them, Ge Li was a vicious demon.

“T’ve heard that Ge Li has killed a Supreme Being from Sky Ridge Star Alliance a few years ago. I wonder if this is true.”

“It’s true. He possesses great strength. Out of all the disciples from the 10,000 branches, less than 30 disciples below the Supreme Being Realm possess greater strength than him.”

“He doesn’t have great talent, but he definitely possesses great combat strength.”

Many people looked at Ge Li and started to talk amongst themselves about him. Ge Li was notorious and no one dared to trifle with him.

If anyone were to step on his toes, Ge Li would have no qualms about killing that person.

Although the people were talking about him, Ge Li paid no attention to them. After he had looked around, he stood outside the Air s.h.i.+eld Array and waited patiently.

What a strange killing intent!

Su Mo looked at Ge Li in amazement. Although Ge Li was not out to kill at that moment, he exuded immense killing intent.

It was not too much of an exaggeration to mention that Ge Li had the ability to kill an ordinary Rank 2 True G.o.d with his gaze. The terrifying killing intent was powerful enough to destroy a person’s Primordial Spirit.

“Brother Wu Shan, his name is Ge Li. No one dares to trifle with him.” Qiu Yuanshan told Su Mo.

“What is special about him?” Su Mo asked curiously.

“He is a disciple of Qinghua Branch and he cultivates the Rules of Killing. As he matures and cultivates these particular Rules, he becomes a vicious person as he becomes more powerful!”

A fat youth beside Qiu Yuanshan, who was a Rank 9 Middle True G.o.d, told Su Mo softly. Having said that, he continued and said, “Countless people have been killed by him, and you can say that he kills wherever he goes. The most horrifying thing is that he has killed his own family members and clan of

more than 10,000 people! No one was spared!”

“Huh! He is indeed ruthless.” Su Mo was speechless when he heard what the fat youth had said. It was cruel of him to kill his own clan.

Regardless of the feud one had with their clan members, they were still family. He should not have killed them.

Ge Li seemed to have heard what the fat youth had said and he turned his head around and looked at him.

His pair of red eyes were sharp and frightening.


The fat youth s.h.i.+vered and moved back two steps, his face turning pale.

He was scared out of his wits and he dared not say another word. He was afraid to look at Ge Li and quickly moved close to Quan Ruhai.

However, Ge Li merely glanced at the fat youth and ignored him.

“Stop talking lest you get yourself killed!” Quan Ruhai told the fat youth softly. He believed that Ge Li would have dealt with the fat youth if not for the fact that they were in a big group.

“yes!” The fat youth immediately nodded. He regretted making those comments as Ge Li had no qualms about killing anyone.

This guy is not simple! Su Mo stopped looking at Ge Li and muttered. Ge Li was not a simple person. Su Mo reckoned that only a handful of people who were at the same rank as Ge Li had the ability to take him on.

Su Mo would not provoke Ge Li for no reason since Ge Li had not created trouble for them.

Everyone continued to wait. Four hours later, the strange phenomena in Dosu Star started to disappear.

Other than the thick fog that had prevented the people from looking into the situation in Dosu Star, everything resumed to normal.

“The Dosu Fruits have ripened!” Quan Ruhai shouted. In a flash, he dashed toward Dosu Star.

He went through the Air s.h.i.+eld Array and entered Dosu Star in no time.

Many disciples from Ancient Cloud Star Alliance acted at the same time. They dashed toward Dosu Star from all directions.

All the disciples who possessed the seals were allowed to enter the Air s.h.i.+eld Array without obstruction if they were below the Supreme Being Realm.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

More than 100,000 disciples from Ancient Cloud Star Alliance were in Dosu Star in the blink of an eye.

Su Mo and Ling Chang followed Qiu Yuanshan and the rest of the disciples into Dosu Star as well..