Willing To Accompany By The Gentleman’s Side Chapter 4

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Willing to Accompany by the Gentleman’s Side Chapter IV

Ill.u.s.tration by Nigaria

“Ok, I got it! I’ll tell you everything I know. But you have to promise me, you will stay calm.”

  ”I will stay calm, I promise.”

  Liu Shang: “Actually, I also don’t know much about what happened that year. Somehow, the back of the mountain suddenly caught fire one day. Luckily, its intensity wasn’t that big and it was quickly put out. But at that time, you went missing and couldn’t be found anywhere.”

  ”The villagers found you at the side of the altar on the hilltop. You were covered in injuries, and blood was flowing from head to toe. Aunt nearly fainted from fright, but she quickly carried you to the hospital. While Ling… he… when we arrived, he was nowhere to be found.”

  ”The next day, the mayor gathered everyone in the village to issue a command. That was, forbidding anyone from mentioning him to you. At first I did not understand why, until a month later when I was finally able to see you again. I found out then that you had actually lost almost all memories of Ling.”

  ”Wait a minute, did you say one month?!” asked Yi Xun.

  Liu Shang: “Yes ah, is there any problem?”

  How was it possible?!

  He was unconscious for a whole month?!

  ”Yi Xun,” Liu Shang looked at him and continued: “You said, Ling was very important. However, let me ask you this: for you, inside your heart, what kind of person was Ling?”

  ”A very important……. friend?” Yi Xun replied uncertainly.

  ”Friend?” Liu Shang mockingly repeated the word, “Yi Xun, don’t blame me for saying something unpleasant. At that time, your relationship with Ling in the village was very good. But after that event, you yourself said that you had forgotten about things and you really forgot everything at once. Really truly heartless ah!”

  After he was done saying these words, Liu Shang was regretful: “I’m sorry, perhaps today I’ve drank too much. But why don’t you think it over carefully, in the end, what did Ling mean to you?”

  ”Once you have figured things out, go and find Uncle Ding. At that time, he was the police officer in charge of the case concerning Ling. You can find out what happened at that time from him. But the final result certainly wasn’t something you are willing to know.”

  Yi Xun: “I got it. Thank you, Liu Shang.”

  ”What are you thanking me for. We are good brothers, the kind that lasts for a lifetime. Oh, that’s right, I still need to deliver wines for the mayor. I can’t keep chatting with you now. If there’s time, I’ll get in touch with you again.”


  After Liu Shang left, Yi Xun looked at the letter in his hand, a trace of loss flashing across his eyes.

  That’s right ah, for what reason did he want to know what happened that year?

  Was it because Ling was waiting for him?

  At that unknown “the closest place to G.o.d” place waiting for him?

  However, even if he found out.

  What was the point of him going there?

  Ten years had already pa.s.sed ah!

  This period of ten years, to say that it was long, it wasn’t that long. But to say that it was short, it also wasn’t that short either. But it was enough to make the originally bosom buddy become a stranger.

  However, in the end, who was Ling to him?

  ”Ah Xun, tomorrow I will wait for you here, you must not arrive late.”

  ”Don’t worry la, I definitely won’t. I promise.”

  That’s right.

  Ling was still waiting for him.

  Regardless of what Ling meant to him.

  Regardless of how much time had diluted the affections between them.


  At this very moment.

  He wanted to look for him.

  He wanted to find him!

  To fulfill that last agreement they had made.

  Once he found him, all the questions would be answered.

After figuring everything out, Yi Xun’s eyes turned firm. Taking big strides, he walked towards the west side of the small village.

Willing To Accompany By The Gentleman’s Side Chapter 2

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Willing to Accompany by the Gentleman’s Side Chapter II


Ill.u.s.tration by Nigaria This translation belongs to Blooming Translation, please read it there if you aren’t   


  Yi Xun’s sight went down until it finally reached the closing signature and was startled. The hand holding the paper shook slightly, an unbelievable light flashing through his eyes.


  The letter was unexpectedly signed by Ling!

  But, Ling.

  He pa.s.sed away ten years ago ah!

  ”Ah Xun, tomorrow I will wait for you here, you must not arrive late.”

  ”Don’t worry la, absolutely won’t. I promise.”

  From Yi Xun’s mind suddenly emerged this conversation.

 Along with this bit of conversation, a piece of memory that was lying down in the dust slowly floated out in Yi Xun’s mind. 

  He remembered.

  That day was the last time that Ling and him had met with each other.

  At the same time, it was also their last promise.

  However, where was actually ‘here’?


  Why couldn’t he remember at all?!

  Yi Xun solemnly folded the letter and put it back in the envelope, then placed it on the upper layer of his drawer’s contents. Afterwards, he slowly moved to the side of the window.

  Cool wind blew in. His original dizzy head became slightly clearer.

  The elderly in the small town once said, they had resided here for many generations. Together with all the living creatures in the mountain, they received the care of the mountain G.o.d. 

  Yet, if someone had offended the mountain G.o.d’s prestige, that person would become the offering to appease the mountain G.o.d’s anger.

  Therefore, according to the townspeople’s belief, Ling’s death was the result of him offending the mountain G.o.d. Only then did he die.

  But how was that possible?

  Yi Xun could not recall much. Despite that, with the few memories he could recall, Ling absolutely was not that kind of person.

  Yi Xun looked at the wall where a picture was hung. It showed a young boy wearing summer clothing looking at the camera with a happy face. The young boy’s hands were in a position of holding someone in a hug, however, there was no one there.

  In their small town, it was rare for people to die alone. Yet the strange thing was, the day after Ling’s death, there was no discussion of this person at all. Towards the name of ‘Ling’, it seemed unfamiliar. Everything concerning Ling faded away as if this person had never existed.

    Except for him.

  ”Ling, is it really you?” Yi Xun asked, in a low voice.

  Was it you who wrote a letter for me?

  But, this translation belongs to BloomingTranslations, please read it there

  If you had really written it, 

  Then why didn’t you show up?

  Why didn’t you come and look for me?

  Could it be…

  This is just someone’s prank?

  After coming up with that conclusion, Yi Xun felt a little breathless.

  While distracted, he suddenly recalled what was written in the letter: Ling was waiting for him.

  Regardless of the mail being real or fake, there was no harm in going and taking a look.

  The most important thing was, first, to understand where exactly was ‘here’.

       “It looks like I have to find out clearly what exactly happened back then.”

I must confess I find this village a tad creepy… with the blood ritual in last chapter and now this ‘ it was rare for people to die alone‘… shiver  And lol what are the odds, they also have a mountain G.o.d, but definitely not as cute and adorable as Yun Rong!

And back to what Lime was commenting, as translators/editors we are very encouraged by positive comments ratings and reviews, but also discouraged by the negative ones. Of course you are free to comment and rate as you see, each opinion is a valuable one. But as always, I’d like to ask readers to give the novel (not just this one, any novel you read) an opportunity and not rate it negatively from the very beginning.

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Of course I have no oppinion if those who rated have read the whole novel, tho maybe a review of why they disliked it so much would be appreciated. I mean, to me, a 1-star review is stating sth is utter trash (well maybe that’s a bit too extreme?). I’ve only read the first 3 chapters and yeah it’s not a thrilling rush of adrenaline, it has its good and bad points, but to call it ‘trash’, I don’t think it deserves it.

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Willing To Accompany By The Gentleman’s Side Chapter 1

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Willing to Accompany by the Gentleman’s Side Chapter I Ill.u.s.tration by Nigaria

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“When the bell on the hilltop rings, the dead shall once again descend to earth.”

This was the sentence I heard most often from small until big.

  A pity, hundreds of years had pa.s.sed and no one had ever come across it. With the pa.s.sing of time, it had become a legend. You can read it in our wordpress blog or our wattpad by the same name

  The location of Yi Xun’s hometown was at a small town located two to three hundred li1 from the city. Calling it a small town, it actually was just slightly bigger than a village. Behind the small town was a mountain with bamboo forests on both sides. Whenever the night time came, wolves howling could occasionally be heard.

  Perhaps due to the remote location from the city,  his hometown somewhat still maintained a bit of a mysterious air. 

  On the day of the Ghost Festival, according to the town’s regulations, the entire small town’s residents had to give offerings to the ancestors in the form of clothing. They would then follow the town mayor, who would lead them to the altar on the hilltop.

  From the distance, an enormous rock could be seen sticking out on the hilltop. The rock’s surface was not smooth, with b.u.mps and holes on it and full of cracks. However, with a closer look, one would discover that the cracks formed a strange circle on the rock, very much resembling an ancient array method.   

  The mayor led the people of the small town to circle the rock and poured blood into the inner groove of the rock. The blood flowed visibly through the cracks towards the middle of the rock, where together it formed a circle, and a red beam of light shot straight up to the skies. 

  Gradually, the light beam became transparent, and only when it had totally disappeared did the people withdraw. Soon after, another group of people surrounded the rock again.

  Ten beautiful young ladies clad in white danced slowly around the rock, in the middle of which unexpectedly appeared a flame.

  Under the dark blue sky, the dancing girls looked like pure fairies, dancing between heaven and earth, humming a song that was unknown. 

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  At nighttime, Yi Xun’s whole body felt exhausted when he finally returned home, collapsing on his bed. The full moon of the 15th was hanging above the ceiling on top of his head.

     Around 4 or 5 in the morning, the mobile phone on the bedside started vibrating. He had just started recovering from his daze. 

  Yi Xun picked up the phone, taking a quick look at the screen, then reached out to press the answer b.u.t.ton: “Mom, what’s the matter?”

  ”Son, how’s your body? Do you feel unwell anywhere?” The sound of Mother Yi’s questions filled with concern came through the phone in succession.

  It was somewhat noisy at the other end of the call, she should be in a public place. 

  ”Not too bad, just feeling a bit tired.” Yi Xun said weakly.

  Done speaking, he couldn’t avoid letting out a violent cough.

  ”cough, cough, cough!”

  Mother Yi, listening from the other side, could not help feeling her heart tighten: “Son, why don’t I talk to the mayor so you don’t have to partic.i.p.ate next year. Otherwise, year after year like this…..”

  ”Cough, cough, cough….. Cannot.” Yi Xun interrupted her. 

  His expression was dull, his tone when speaking was also flat, not oscillating in the least: “Mom, everyone must partic.i.p.ate in this festival. If you speak to the town mayor, wouldn’t it be against the rules?”

  Mother Yi distressedly said: “But your body…..”

  ”Mom, I’m fine. I am aware of the situation. You and dad just go and play happily, okay?”

  ”Ok”. Mother Yi heard her son saying this much and could only drop the subject. She continued: “That’s right, son, there is a sealed letter on your desk. If you have time, go and take a look.”

  A letter?

  Yi Xun reluctantly got up, ma.s.saging his temples, and went to sit on the desk. He saw  at once a light blue envelope on top of his desk.

  ”Son, you take a good rest. In a moment, you’ll still need to go to the fireworks display. When you are done, the day would be concluded, I will then give you another call.”


  Yi Xun placed the mobile phone on the table and picked up the envelope.

  The envelope was very pretty. In addition, there still was a whiff of camellia fragrance.

  Yi Xun opened the envelope, inside there was a short sentence:

       “Ah2 Xun, I’m here waiting for you.”

1: A li ( 里) is a traditional Chinese unit of distance equivalent to 500 m or 1640 feet. 2. A prefix before a name to indicate close relationship (similar to the use of Xiao), frequently used with loved ones and children.

And here comes the first chapter of our second novel ^^ (reminder to everyone that we are not the authors of the novels posted in this blog, we merely translate them from their Chinese raws to English).

I couldn’t find a picture online that totally satisfied me for this chapter, so I decided to give it a go and try to do the ill.u.s.tration myself ? not bad at all, considering that I’m quite the amateur at this, right? So I’ve taken up this challenge to myself, I’ll try to ill.u.s.trate the chapters for this novel since it is a short one… quite daring since I haven’t read ahead… I’ll probably curse my past self in a few weeks when I’m busier and don’t know what to draw for the chapters orz. Hope you enjoyed the chater ?

Willing To Accompany By The Gentleman’s Side Chapter 6

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Wu Shen (吾神) 

( I found the pic but why can’t I find any information on this Wu Shen?!?! )

     Please read at BloomingTranslation, anywhere else are stolen translations posted without permission

      This legend had been handed down in their village for a hundred years, possibly even longer. Yet Yi Xun never believed it until today.

  If the legend was true, then everything could be explained clearly.

  ”Uncle Ding.” Yi Xun discovered that his voice was a little hoa.r.s.e after he spoke, he then continued: “Do you believe the legend?”

  ”Legend? What legend? ……… oh, you mean that ah. We have always believed it.”


  Obviously they had never experienced it, then for what reason did they believe?

  Uncle Ding seemed to know what was weighing on his mind and sincerely said: “Xiao Xun ah, this stuff of legend won’t just be there out of nothing2. Since it has been pa.s.sed down in our small village for so many years, there must be a reason behind it.”

  ”Xiao Xun, if you want to understand more things related to the legend, you can go to the library. Every year, a person is specially a.s.signed to record pertinent matters concerning the Ghost Festival for future generations to see. There would be the introduction to the legend inside. If you want to go, I can give Ding Yi a call. Today she happened to be on duty at the library. I can let her arrange it for you.”

  ”Thank you Uncle Ding.”

  ”Go, perhaps after looking through it, you could recall what couldn’t be mentioned before.”

  Yi Xun arrived in front of the library to see a 17-18 years old girl standing at the door.

  ”Ding Yi.”

  Ding Yi lifted her head when hearing her name, and her complexion turned slightly reddish when she saw Yi Xun. In a low voice she said: “Yi Xun, you have arrived. Papa gave me a call and told me that you are looking for the book with information on the Ghost Festival, right? I’ll take you there.”

  ”Troubling you, Ding Yi.”

  ”No……. No problem.”

  Ding Yi led him forward and stopped in front of a transparent case at the library’s central s.p.a.ce. She reached out and pressed on the surface then the case sides opened up. A black book slowly came out to the front of the two people.

  Ancient ——— That was Yi Xun’s first impression of the book.

  Yi Xun carefully picked up the book and placed it on the desk at the side then began to search for the things he was looking for.

  ”How magical, it’s all thanks to Wu Shen1.”

  ”Today is Wu Shen’s birthday, Lang w.a.n.g together with us will celebrate together. It’s a day worth remembering.”

  ”Ah, at the time when we were in difficulty, Wu Shen appeared. He brought about hope and we finally  could see the coming dawn of a new era.”

  Wu Shen appeared?!

  ”Really unexpected, Wu Shen was obviously just in the body of a child, yet he has a powerful magic power.”

  Yi Xun: “Ding Yi, this book seems to lack a page. There is no record on the Ghost Festival ten years ago.”

  ”Impossible!” Ding Yi suddenly shouted in reflex. She promptly came towards Yi Xun’s side. Afterwards, astonishment was shown across her whole face.

  ”How is it possible!”

  ”Inform the mayor, ok.” Yi Xun seriously said: “Tearing the ancient book that has been handed down through generations is not a trivial matter. The mayor must be notified as soon as possible.”

  Ding Yi: “I understand, I will immediately make the call.”

  She left hurriedly when she was done speaking, leaving Yi Xun behind by himself. He stared at the missing page in front of him and fell in contemplation.

  The matter of damaging the ancient book had never been done before. It could be said that someone just tore the page within these few days. 

  But the person who tore the book, why would he tear the record of the events that happened during the Ghost Festival 10 years ago?

  Was it a coincidence?

       No, it was absolutely no coincidence!

2: 无中生有- to create something from nothing (idiom)

Willing To Accompany By The Gentleman’s Side Chapter 3

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A good friend helped me translate a part of this chapter….. ^^ Thanks!

Oh my!!! After our *cough* very long ..uh..um..ah.. rambling? We suddenly received a few 5* rating for this novel (。 >艸

Willing to Accompany by the Gentleman’s Side Chapter III

Earthen wine jar (got too lazy to draw anything and honestly I’m horrible at drawing people)

Thinking up to here, Yi Xun turned around to go outside. However, when he had just crossed the door, he happened to meet Liu Shang, who was carrying an earthen jar of wine and heading towards this place.

  ”Yi Xun, are you going out? I was just looking for you.” Done speaking, he let out a loud and clear belch.

  Yi Xun turned towards him, only to meet with Liu Shang’s red face. Furthermore, there was a ray of drunkenness in his eyes, and his whole body reeked of alcohol. Yi Xun moved a few steps back, trying as much as possible to not let Liu Shang’s alcohol smell come close to his body.

  He asked: “How much liquor have you drunk? The smell of alcohol is very strong.”

  ”Hicc! Not many, just five or six jars.” Liu Shang chuckled foolishly, “but my father’s wine is actually better than my wine, I admire him.”

  Hearing this, Yi Xun gave a sympathetic look at him. For many generations, the Lu family made a living by brewing wine. Liu Shang’s father was a person who loved wine very much, to the point of being foolishly protective over his wines. If he knew that Liu Shang had taken his treasured brews, it’s possible that he would be punished under the family law and was expelled from the family.

Yi Xun : “Right, why were you looking for me?”

  Liu Shang mysteriously pulled him to one side and handed an envelope to Yi Xun, talking in a small voice : “This is from Uncle Ding, he asked me to give it to you. Quickly open it to see what’s written inside. Could it be that Uncle Ding’s daughter wrote you a love letter? Maybe she was too shy to personally deliver it to you so she entrusted Uncle Ding to pa.s.s it to you.”

Uncle Ding?

  Yi Xun was suspicious, yet his hands obediently moved to open the envelope. Opening the letter, he recognized a familiar handwriting.

  ”I am waiting for you at the place closest to G.o.d.” Not knowing when, Liu Shang had moved closer and read the sentence written on the letter out loud. He scratched his head and with a puzzled look he asked, “What kind of trick is written here.”

  ”Here” must be pointing to the place closest to G.o.d.


  Yi Xun suddenly lifted his head, looking at the nearby mountain peak.

  Could it be that it was referring to the mountain G.o.d?!

  It seemed that it was indeed pointing to the mountain G.o.d. Then the place closest to G.o.d must be behind the mountain.

But the back of the mountain is very vast, in the end, where could it be?

  Uncle Ding, does he know something?

  ”Yi Xun, Yi Xun, Yi Xun! ” Screamed Liu Shang.

  ”Why are you screaming, I’m not deaf.” Yi Xun complained and ma.s.saged his temples.

  Liu Shang sighed, “You can hear me now? I have been calling you many times, what were you thinking about, looking so lost in thought? Could it be you were thinking about Ling?”

  After these words came out, Liu Shang felt extremely regretful and wanted to give himself a slap. “Yi Xun, you listen to me…….”


  Why did Liu Shang suddenly mention Ling?

  Could it be that Liu Shang knew him?

  ”Liu Shang …. Liu Shang, since you know him, doesn’t that mean that all the people in the village still remember, remember things related to Ling?! They did not forget him!”

“Yi Xun…….”

  ”Liu Shang, tell me if it’s right or not!”

  ”……. That’s right.”

  Liu Shang’s words sounded like a clap of thunder in Yi Xun’s heart and mind. For a moment he did not know whether to cry or laugh, looking possessed.

  ”In that case… , why have you all kept me in the dark for ten years ?! Why!”

  Yi Xun realized he shouldn’t be angry at Liu Shang, but he couldn’t stop himself.

  To think they had hidden it from him for a whole decade, he was kept completely in the dark like a fool, not being aware of anything.

  If Liu Shang hadn’t blurted it today, were they planning to continue to conceal it from me?

  ”Yi Xun, calm down a little! You must not let your mood get too excited!”

  ”Calm down? How can I calm down?!”

  Yi Xun leaned against the wall and bent down, gasping big mouthful of air.

  ”Yi Xun….. you, are you okay?”

  n.o.body knew how much time had pa.s.sed before Yi Xun opened his mouth: “I’m okay. You can tell me, why was I kept in the dark? How much have you concealed from me?”


  ”Liu Shang, you know,” Yi Xun looked at his hesitant appearance and said: “He was very important to me.”

“Very important.”

After this chapter I don’t know either what comes after since Lime hasn’t translated it yet… after reading it for the first time some time ago I was like, with many wild theories in my head about what happened in the past and why had Ling disappeared, some of them really wild xD then Lime gave me some spoilers since we needed to decide which tags we should add but she was unsure… but she has terrible memory so I actually only know half of what actually is going on… dare to guess?

And lol although I stressed at the end that what I was asking was not for stars… it still made us very happy. This kind of thing warm our hearts, really, we can feel your love through this kind of actions. Every view and visitor, every single follower, every like and comment, we feel your support and it really encourages us, so thanks a lot to all of you ^^

Willing To Accompany By The Gentleman’s Side Chapter 5

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Willing to Accompany by the Gentleman’s Side Chapter V



      Uncle Ding, full name Ding Sen,  was the village’s police officer a few years ago. One day, he got seriously hurt when he was in the middle of pursuing a gangster so he resigned afterwards. Currently, he just stayed idly at home and grew flowers and took his pet birds on walks. His days were spent very leisurely.

  Yi Xun stopped in front of a house with a front yard that was spread full of flowers. He hesitated for a while, then stepped forward and knocked on the door: “Uncle Ding, are you home?”

  ”Who is it ah?” From behind the door, a serious man’s voice sounded. 

  ”It’s me, Yi Xun.”

  ”Yi Xun ah.” Uncle Ding opened the door and invited Yi Xun to go inside: “This youngster, how did you find the time to come here?”

  ”As a matter of fact, I came specially for you, Uncle Ding.”

  ”You still have a heart.” Uncle Ding and Yi Xun sat facing each other. Filling a cup with tea he continued: “Have a taste, I just brewed this scented tea.”

  Yi Xun expressed his thanks, took the cup and had a sip. Then he praised: “Good tea. Uncle Ding, your ability is really awesome!”

  ”Ha ha ha! Just like Liu Shang, that fellow, you can speak sweetly. How have you been these few years living in the city? Must be tired, right?”

  ”A bit, after all, the world outside is not as fancy as one would imagine, not the kind that I like.”

  ”Then you have to strive harder. If you don’t want to be changed by the world, you have to reach to a great height, one that others can’t easily reach. Otherwise, you would be transformed by the world and turned into that annoying kind of person you despised. In the end, people are powerless to change the world.” Done speaking, Uncle Ding’s mood was somewhat low.

  ”Thank you for Uncle Ding’s advice. I understand.”

  ”But you also don’t be too worried, anyway we and other people are not the same. We still have the protection and care of the mountain G.o.d.” Uncle Ding suddenly spoke up: “One doesn’t visit a temple without a cause1, so say, why did you come to see me?”

   Yi Xun touched his nose: “I heard people say, Uncle Ding, you were the one who was in charge of Ling’s case. I want to know what actually happened that year. I wish that Uncle Ding can tell me.”

     In that year, why did a huge fire suddenly start behind the mountain?

   Why were Ling and him, the two of them, behind the mountain?

  Why did Ling……. die?

  Uncle Ding’s hands that were lifting the tea cup paused. Only after a long while did he speak: “Was it Liu Shang, that brat, who told you?”

  ”En……. It looks like I can’t conceal anything from you, Uncle Ding.”


  Uncle Ding heavily placed the teacup onto the table, and in a loud noise he said: “I already knew, that brat is unable to do anything right3!”

  ”Uncle Ding, calm down, take a deep breath.”

  Uncle Ding couldn’t take out his anger on Liu Shang. After a while, he calmed down, looked at Yi Xun and said: “At that time, it was concealed from you for your own good. But now that you have grown up, if you really want to know, I can tell you about it.”

  ”At that time, although I was the one in charge of the case, there wasn’t much that I understood from the case either. Liu Shang, he must have told you, right? We found you at the altar on the mountain.”

   ”But, Xiao Xun ah, compared to us, perhaps you should be the one with the clearest understanding on the cause of Ling’s death. From the beginning until the end of the ghost festival 10 years ago, you were always together with him.”

  ”Wait a minute, Uncle Ding, you said that Ling died at the ghost festival ten years ago?!” Yi Xun asked.

  ”Correct, is there any problem?”

  Logic told him that it was obviously impossible. However inside his subconscious mind, still floated their village century old legend. 

        “When bell on the hilltop rings, the dead may once again come to earth.”

1: 无事不登三宝殿– lit. one doesn’t visit a temple without a cause, idiom meaning to visit sb with an ulterior motive (esp. to ask for sth), having a hidden agenda. 2: The sound of an object placed heavily on another object. 3: 成事不足败事有余 – lit. unable to accomplish anything but liable to spoil everything, meaning that one is unable to do anything righ, but can always cause damage .