Zhanxian Chapter 536.1: After Thought

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Chapter 536.1: After Thought

“Some people are still looking for precious materials, and some people are already fighting.” Gongsun Ling, who has the mountain river geographical map in her hand, was the best person to inquire about the news and immediately replied.

This was normal, those old guys didn’t work together. After opening the door, it meant that everyone had to fight on their own.

Few people pay attention to the people on the entrance portal. Some people didn’t find it at all, and some people found it and felt that it was not worth working on them. The few little guys who have to rely on the formation to cover, plan to fish in troubled waters, what could they do if they stay at the door?

The four women have made progress again, and even Sun Qingxue, who has the worst cultivation base, has entered the middle Yuanying stage. Yang Chen originally thought that he and Li Cheng were the two with the lowest realm, but when he checked it carefully, he found that only himself was left in the early Yuanying stage now.

It was not known when Li Cheng quietly entered the middle Yuanying stage. The self-cultivation of the body becomes more and more unpredictable.

“Only you have the lowest cultivation base.” Li Cheng seemed to see through Yang Chen’s thoughts and said with a teasing smile “If you don’t step up, you will have to lose face in front of us.”

This was just a joke, but Yang Chen also had to pay attention to this problem. It’s not that he wants a face, it’s that because he refines and cuts the entrance of the immortal executioner stage, and all his physical and spiritual cultivation have fallen a lot.

In the dream, he couldn’t sense the specific conditions of his body. Yang Chen realized in reality that his body had reached a bottleneck, and he was in a state of urgent need to break through.

Among other things, the yellow turban warrior body refining technique suffered many heavy blows during the battle with Li Cheng, his skin and flesh were much stronger than before. Even the internal organs, which had been weak, were under tens of thousands of internal organs shocks. Unconsciously tempered by physical cultivation, entered into a situation to break through.

If he didn’t seize this opportunity, Yang Chen would be a great fool. After he hurriedly greeted Li Cheng and the four girls, Yang Chen quickly entered a state of retreat.

The main purpose of the retreat this time was the yellow turban warrior’s body refining technique. With the tempering of fighting Li Cheng, it was even more effective than Yang Chen’s boring cultivation of body training for decades.

In a rush, in less than half a year, the yellow turban warrior body refining technique rushed to the peak river turning strength. The flesh, bones and internal organs of his whole body have undergone a reborn change, which was at least twice as powerful as the original middle section.

No matter from the strength, or from the physical endurance, as well as the density of the bones, there was at least twice the increase.

This state of pure physical power was no longer imaginable by ordinary people. Even the real yellow turban warriors in the immortal world can’t reach them.

This physical strength was beyond many ordinary magic weapons. Even ordinary flying swords can’t harm him all, even the skin cannot be pierced. Even if Yang Chen didn’t use the dragon clan golden bell and he was just trying to reach the peak river turning strength. It was also enough to withstand at least the powerful attacks of the late dacheng stage.

As he reached the advanced level of physical cultivation, Yang Chen’s body seemed to be more fortunate. It turned out that the simple power conference had some influence on speed. After entering the peak river turning strength, the reaction speed of the muscles has almost doubled. He believes that if he fights against Li Cheng, Li Cheng would definitely feel that kind of terrifying attack speed.

This benefit alone made Yang Chen smile from ear to ear. If those yellow-turbaned warriors in the immortal world wanted to cultivate from the high section of the river turning strength to the peak without hundreds of years of hard work, it was absolutely impossible. The immortal body was as powerful as the immortal body, but in terms of transformation, the difficulty was turned upside down.

The improvement of the yellow turban warrior’s body refining technique has directly affected his spirit power cultivation. The physical changes would be very intuitively reflected in spirit power cultivation. Yang Chen’s stagnant state in the early Yuanying stage finally loosened. With Yang Chen’s single-handed efforts, he finally broke through the bottleneck and entered the next stage.

At the moment of breaking through to the middle Yuanying stage, Yang Chen suddenly realized something again. Li Cheng’s pure and powerful spirit power and spiritual awareness would be the direction for Yang Chen’s next cultivation.

In the past, he was only considering the improvement of his cultivation base, although he was also refining his spirit power and spiritual awareness, it was not the main direction. From Li Cheng’s body, Yang Chen saw the huge benefits after purification and condensing, and it was not too late to make timely adjustments.

You know, as the cultivation base gets higher and higher, if you want to refine your spirit power and spiritual awareness, you will spend at least ten times or even dozens of times more energy than when the cultivation base was lower the better it would be and the less time it would take.

This point was the same as the cultivation of the yellow turban warrior’s body refining technique. The more he has gone through, the stronger the body, the more difficult it would be to change in the future. Spirit power and spiritual awareness were also the same, so it’s best to take advantage of now to realize the remedy.

Yang Chen originally planned to use the true essence spirit power cultivation method in his hand when he was. .h.i.tting the bottleneck, but now it seems that it was unnecessary.

During the battle with Li Cheng, Yang Chen also discovered that although his spirit power attack was strong, there were several types of spirit power that were not the true essence spirit power, and could not compete with Li Cheng’s spirit power. It was the non essence spirit powers that collapsed first when resisting.

Now that he realized this, Yang Chen didn’t keep it anymore. Once the retreat was over, Yang Chen called the four women in front of him.

The four girls have all cultivated a kind of true essence spirit power, which was in line with their own attributes. Gao Yue cultivated the tenth water true secret art, Shi Shanshan was the seventh metal true secret art, Sun Qingxue was the first wood true secret art and Gongsun Ling was the fifth earth true secret art.

In Yang Chen’s hands, he now had all the other techniques except the third fire true secret art, and his true essence spiritual solutions were still missing the second wood true essence. Speaking of it, except for Sun Qingxue’s second wood true essence, the other three women already have the conditions to cultivate the second true essence spirit power.

Gao Yue got the ninth water true secret art and ninth water true essence spiritual solution first, and Shi Shanshan got the eighth metal true secret art and eighth metal spiritual solution. But Gongsun Ling and Sun Qingxue didn’t have the second wood true essence and sixth earth true essence. 

Relatively speaking, the sixth earth true secret art was not a big problem, as Yang Chen had cultivated it, if he and Gongsun Ling entered through double cultivation, it was enough for Gongsun Ling to cultivate it. The last time, the fifth earth true secret art was cultivated in this way.

The only one who was somewhat lost was the youngest Sun Qingxue. She was the one with the lowest cultivation base now, and she was unable to cultivate the second wood true secret art because of the lack of second wood true essence. Everyone had them, but she didn’t and she seemed a little depressed.

Zhanxian Chapter 536.2: After Thought

If you are looking for Zhanxian Chapter 536.2: After Thought you are coming to the right place.
Zhanxian is a Webnovel created by Ren Yuan, 任怨.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

Chapter 536.2: After Thought

“Little Xue, it’s not that your husband is partial, but that I really didn’t find it.” Yang Chen could only comfort Sun Qingxue by himself. There was no other way, whether it was the memory of the past life or in the immortal executioner stage, there was no news of the second wood true essence.

“It’s okay, husband!” Sun Qingxue was not that kind of petty person, otherwise she would not be accepted by Shi Shanshan. As a cultivator, she naturally knows that some things cannot be compelled, so she just lost it for a while before she recovered.

Speaking of which, Yang Chen was also in a bad mood. He had always treated the four women in a relatively balanced manner, but this would make Sun Qingxue regret because he did not find the second wood true essence.

“I have already cultivated the first wood true secret art, and I can’t be so greedy.” Sun Qingxue leaned in Yang Chen’s arms and comforted Yang Chen in turn. She could also see that Yang Chen seemed to be a little bit worried because he could not find the second wood true secret art “husband, don’t care about it.”

Sun Qingxue could think about it. If it weren’t for Yang Chen, she could only rely on that great calamity of demonic art to abolish her cultivation base and cultivate again. It could only be those wood attribute techniques of the Blue Cloud Sect, it was absolutely impossible to come into contact with the first wood true secret art. Sun Qingxue already felt very satisfied with the first wood true secret art now.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely find the second wood true essence.” Yang Chen held Sun Qingxue’s arms tightly and gave her a promise “Even if i don’t think about you, I still need it to complete my Great Yin-Yang five elements secret art.”

“Great Yin-Yang five rlelements secret art, what is that?” Sun Qingxue was aroused by curiosity and asked involuntarily.

Not only Sun Qingxue, but Gao Yue, Shi Shanshan and Gongsun Ling were equally curious. Several pairs of wonderful eyes came over at the same time, waiting for Yang Chen to explain.

Li Cheng was not far away, of course he heard Yang Chen’s words. He suddenly realized something and he looked at Yang Chen with an incredible look “you want to complete the true essence spirit power cultivation, right?”

Li Cheng’s words made all the women want to understand the meaning of this Great Yin-Yang five elements secret art. They couldn’t help being surprised, all looked at Yang Chen in shock.

Everyone knows that Yang Chen built his foundation with all-attribute spirit power, and everyone understands that all-attribute spiritual power condenses his golden core. However, the girls only thought that Yang Chen had cultivated five kinds of spirit power, although they had both cultivated one attribute spiritual power with Yang Chen during the double cultivation. But the women only thought that the attributes of the five elements were all, but they didn’t expect it. It turned out to be full of Yin-Yang five elements.

Concurrent cultivation of the five elements of Yin-Yang. Those are two completely different concepts, and similarly, there are two completely different levels of difficulty. This doesn’t even need any explanation, while cultivating the five spirit powers at the same time keeps the beginning and the ten spiritual powers, the difference could be imagined in terms of quant.i.ty alone.

Double the number, at least ten times the difficulty. They thought that Yang Chen turned out to be cultivating both Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, and his spirit power cultivation base was still similar to everyone’s. Just a little behind, the girls couldn’t help but have an urge to hit the wall.

Except for Gao Yue. Shi Shanshan, Sun Qingxue and Gongsun Ling were all recognized geniuses of cultivation by their respective sects, but they are also only majoring in a kind of spirit power of the five elements.

In this situation, they were only a little bit ahead of Yang Chen, especially Shi Shanshan. When she met Yang Chen, he had already begun to condense his golden core, at least a hundred years of cultivation base, but now, not only was Gongsun Ling overtaken, but also Yang Chen was overtaken.

Fortunately for Gongsun Ling, the characteristics of the mountain river geographical map were equivalent to countless masters helping Gongsun Ling in her cultivation. Shi Shanshan still doesn’t feel discouraged by being overtaken by Gongsun Ling. But Yang Chen cultivated a hundred years less than her and still cultivated ten spirit powers at the same time. At this speed, if Shi Shanshan was a genius who has been rare in a thousand years, then what was Yang Chen? A devil?

In the past, when Shi Shanshan was alone through Yang Chen to decline those young handsome men, It wasn’t known how many people were persuading Shi Shanshan not to be dragged down by a mediocre person like Yang Chen. Thinking about it now, how funny those people are. If Yang Chen was considered mediocre, then what are those people? Pigs?

Fortunately, now Yang Chen was Shi Shanshan’s husband, and before that, Yang Chen has used an absolute way to subdue Shi Shanshan, Shi Shanshan does not have much dissatisfaction, just thinking of this fact made her feel satisfied.

“I have this plan.” Yang Chen answered Li Cheng’s question with affirmative words, and also frankly said to Li Cheng “For the time being, there is still a lack of third fire true secret art and second wood true essence. If you can find these two, basically, you can complete the Yin-Yang five elements secret art.”

In response, Li Cheng directly extended his right hand, and then raised a big thumb. After holding it in front of Yang Chen for a while, he said to Yang Chen very contemptuousl “Pig brain!”

Yang Chen hadn’t reacted yet, but the four women had already raised their eyebrows. Although they were talking about their husband’s eldest brother, it did not prevent them from looking at Li Cheng coldly. Their husband was so amazing, and he was even said to be a pig’s brain. What does it mean?

“Does the elder brother think that the true essence and spirit power can’t be simultaneously cultivated?” Yang Chen admired Li Cheng’s cultivation level very much, and he didn’t know what method he used to refine his spiritual power to that point. Since Li Cheng said so, there must be a reason, Yang Chen decisively ignored Li Cheng’s words of scolding himself and humbly asked for advice.

“Can the true essence and spirit power be simultaneously cultivated? This is not a problem.” Unexpectedly, Li Cheng didn’t say much about this issue “Since you have cultivated it, there is no trouble, there will be no problem.”

“Then what did big brother mean…” Yang Chen didn’t understand, Li Cheng scolded himself as a pig brain. What does this mean?

“You don’t use your pig’s brain, because you have already collected so much true essence spiritual power.” Li Cheng again sternly scolded “Look around you carefully, and use your pig’s brain to think about it. In such a big place, why does the earth’s vein spirit power dry up?”

As soon as Li Cheng said this question, Yang Chen seemed to have caught something in time. Without saying anything, he flew up and began to observe carefully in the air. After the four women were unwilling, they all rushed to Yang Chen’s side in the air to observe.

Almost all the places sealed by the Heart Demon Sect were surrounded by various plants. Before, everyone focused on the treasures of the Heart Demon Sect, but ignored these ordinary plants. Now everyone has discovered that among these plants, there were very few big trees to which the first wood belonged. Almost all of them were vines and herbs of second wood.

Since the formation method of sealing the Heart Demon Sect has not failed, it means that the spiritual power of the earth veins was enough to use, how can the spiritual veins in it be exhausted?

Could it be that this invisible underground has a large array similar to collecting various spiritual liquids, used to collect the second wood spiritual solution?