Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3207 – Overwhelming Strength

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Chapter 3207: Overwhelming Strength

“No ill intentions? Hmph, if we were to actually believe the lies of you outsiders, we’d be utter fools.”

“Foreign Primordial realm experts will be slain without mercy.”

Jin Hong was better off staying quiet. Now that he had spoken up, the killing intent from these Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race immediately reached a new level.

They truly could not trust outsiders anymore, as they had once been deceived horrendously, and they had paid a b.l.o.o.d.y price for that. They even faced the threat of extinction as a result.

Immediately, over a dozen Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race completely surrounded Jin Hong, enclosing him inside and giving him no s.p.a.ce to flee.

On top of that, some of these Primordial realm experts were even more powerful than Jin Hong.

With Jin Hong’s current strength, he had lost the upper hand just from facing the three Primordial realm experts of the second divine hall. Now that the people he was facing had grown to over a dozen all of a sudden, he obviously stood no chance at all.

The Primordial realm experts all wielded G.o.d artifacts, so they could unleash more strength than normal.

On the other hand, due to the limitations of the pa.s.sageway, Jin Hong did not possess even a single G.o.d artifact despite being the young master of the Dire Wolf clan, and supreme quality saint artifacts were completely useless to such an expert.

As a result, he was empty-handed.

Energy surged through the surroundings as the Primordial realm experts struck at the same time. As they swung their G.o.d artifacts, powerful energy erupted immediately, hurtling towards Jin Hong mercilessly.

Before the terrifying energy had even arrived, the pressure from the surroundings seized Jin Hong, leaving him immobilised. Even moving a finger became extremely difficult.

These high-ranking members of the Darkstar race clearly had no plans on keeping him alive. They struck to kill.

Jin Hong sighed powerlessly. Despite facing death, he did not become fl.u.s.tered at all. Instead, he was just about to use a secret technique.

But at this very moment, the s.p.a.ce that trembled from their battle suddenly seized and froze. Everyone in the region, including the Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race, became locked in place in the exact same posture.

All of the incoming G.o.d artifacts halted mid-air. The energy attacks from the Primordial realm experts also turned into cl.u.s.ters of colourful light, hovering in the air without budging.

At this moment, the world seemed to have plunged into silence, turning into a vivid painting, frozen for eternity.

Except their eyes were clearly filled with fury, powerlessness, and fear.

In the next moment, a young man in white silently appeared in this quiet, picturesque scene. He glanced past the Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race and Jin Hong with a sense of helplessness.

Jin Hong was also trapped. He swivelled his eyes and immediately recognised Jian Chen. He suddenly blanked out, filled with disbelief.

“If there are any problems, you are more than welcome to sit down and talk about it, so why must you start fighting as soon as you see each other?” Jian Chen asked. With that, the frozen s.p.a.ce immediately returned to normal, and everyone was freed again.

However, all of the attacks hurtling towards Jin Hong collapsed mid-air.

The invisible Laws of s.p.a.ce swept through this place, easily nullifying all of the attacks from the Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race.

“J-Jian Chen, how can it be you? How can you be here?” Jin Hong said. He was filled with extremely mixed emotions.

By now, it was no longer a secret that Jian Chen had disguised himself as the fifth hall master. As a result, as the young master of the Dire Wolf clan, Jin Hong had obviously found out a long time ago. The Yang Yutian who had given him a droplet of a Grand Exalt’s blood back then in the Darkstar World was actually Jian Chen of the Tian Yuan clan.

The Tian Yuan clan of the Cloud Plane was an existence of some renown throughout the entire Saints’ World.

Several dozen peak organisations had threatened the Tian Yuan clan in the past, only for them to shoot themselves in the foot in the end. The news of the speechless event had spread through the high-ranking organisations of the Saints’ World a long time ago.

“He has infiltrated our Darkstar race with ulterior motives. Our Darkstar race must kill him. Move aside!” The tenth hall master Feng Xue’s voice rang out. Her gaze was extremely sharp, filled with heavy killing intent.

“His name is Jin Hong. He’s the young master of the Dire Wolf clan, as well as the successor of a Grand Exalt. I know him better than you. He’s not a malicious person like you describe him to be,” Jian Chen said, wanting to protect Jin Hong.

Afterwards, he turned towards Jin Hong and immediately took out a G.o.d Tier fruit from his s.p.a.ce Ring. “This has healing properties, so you should eat it and recover. Don’t worry, as long as I’m around, no one here can harm you.”

Jin Hong subconsciously looked at the G.o.d Tier fruit. Immediately, his eyes widened. “T-this is a G.o.d Tier heavenly resource, and it’s already reached the peak of low grade. It’s almost a mid grade G.o.d Tier heavenly resource. Jian Chen, h-h-how did you bring this G.o.d Tier fruit in with you?”

“Hmm, no. This presence…” But very soon, Jin Hong’s eyes narrowed. A large number of memories surged through his head, and he immediately became surprised. “Is this the legendary Xuanhuang Qi?”

“Jian Chen, this is far too precious. It’s basically a waste of such a precious heavenly resource to heal such little wounds. You should take it back.” Jin Hong immediately recognised the value of the G.o.d Tier fruit before returning it to Jian Chen again.

“I have plenty more of these G.o.d Tier fruits on me. You don’t have to be so polite, brother Jin Hong,” said Jian Chen.

“Enough!” Feng Xue could not stand this anymore. She stared at Jian Chen extremely coldly and said, “Our race does not permit foreign Primordial realm experts setting foot in here. Since he’s come in, then there will only be death for him.”

“I’m also a foreign Primordial realm expert, yet aren’t I standing here just fine? Alright, we’ll drop the matter here. Just give up on this. If I’m protecting Jin Hong, none of you can kill him. You should all go back.” With that, Jian Chen disregarded the twisted expressions of the Primordial realm experts and left through the Laws of s.p.a.ce.

It was the same mountain as where Jian Chen refined his pills. They sat before one another as Jian Chen personally made a pot of Comprehension Tea to receive him.

Jian Chen found Jin Hong to be quite admirable. He was also someone that he found most pleasing to the eye, so he treated him as a friend.

“Jin Hong, you’ve been far too rash this time. It’s not like you don’t know about the Darkstar race’s hatred for foreign cultivators. It’s very easy for you to lose your life if you just barge in here like that,” Jian Chen said as he made tea.

“Since I was bold enough to enter the territory of the Darkstar race, I obviously possessed a certain amount of confidence. I might not have been their opponent, but stopping me from leaving won’t be easy either,” said Jin Hong.

“I’m aware you’ve inherited many secret techniques of a Grand Exalt, but the Darkstar Emperor has everything you possess as well. In the Darkstar World, you can underestimate the ten hall masters, but you must never underestimate the Darkstar Emperor. I’ve clashed with him in the past before. His strength is well beyond your imagination.” Jian Chen warned him seriously.

“Thank you for your warning. I will be careful,” Jin Hong was solemn. After a pause, he continued, “Actually, I’ve come to the Darkstar World this time under the will of many organisations from the Saints’ World. I’ve come to negotiate with the Darkstar race in hopes of reviving our previous trade. I do not possess any ulterior motives.”

“Jian Chen, just what is going on between you and the Darkstar race right now?”

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