Crazy Leveling System Chapter 759

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Chapter 759

Yi Tianyun knew that the Mermaid Clan was desperately trying to get away from the Scarlet Monster Clan, but apparently, it was all to save this Middle-Grade Divine Tool from falling into their hands. Because of how rare Middle-Grade Tool in Mortal World was, it really stood out. Nevertheless, Yi Tianyun was surprised that the Mermaid Clan had something like this!

Water Jade Pearl: Middle-Grade Divine Tool Treasure. Grant user the ability to control the ice and water; 5x Cultivation Speed; can turn into a water s.h.i.+eld that could withstand one attack regardless of its power.

As expected of a Middle-Grade Divine Tool, The effect was very powerful! Especially the effect to improve the Cultivation Rate for the wielder! However, Yi Tianyun didn’t really want it as he already had a Divine Tool with the same effect.

But it was really unexpected for the Mermaid Clan to have something as powerful as this Divine Tool! There was no way the Scarlet Monster Clan would let them escape while they had something like this! But Yi Tianyun was still wondered why the Mermaid Clan had something this powerful with them?

He searched his memory again. There must be something from the Sealing Heaven Divine King’s Memory that he received earlier. Heaven Creating Divine King wasn’t the only one from Mortal World that tried to resist the demon’s influence. The Mermaid Queen also partic.i.p.ated in the war with Water Jade Pearl on her chest. With Water Jade Pearl, she wreaked havoc on enemy’s base with her powerful water-based attack!

Yi Tianyun certainly didn’t expect that the Mermaid Queen turned out to be a hero, but the story about the Mermaid Clan must have been eaten away by the pa.s.sage of time like everything else. Yi Tianyun also saw many other clans that helped Heaven Creating Divine King from Mortal World that Yi Tianyun hasn’t seen before. But it was obvious that they had to help Heaven Creating Divine King as their home was in danger as long as that demon roamed free!

Yi Tianyun also found out that the Water Jade Pearl was also created by Heaven Creating Divine King himself in the memory, but all the materials needed to make it came from the Mermaid Clan themselves. Therefore, Heaven Creating Divine King couldn’t keep it for himself!

But Yi Tianyun couldn’t help but think that the Water Jade Pearl was wasted on the current Mermaid Clan as the Middle-Grade Divine Tools wouldn’t be effective on their hands since it took at least a Saint King Stage cultivator to draw all of its latent power. But the current Mortal World would had a hard time giving birth to a new Saint King cultivator as the rules make it hard to cultivate beyond Void Spirit Stage.

There was no other way but to go to Heaven World or Ghost World to quickly become a stronger cultivator!

“It seems that I underestimated the Mortal World! I have to think back for a moment and study the memory thoroughly later.” Yi TIanyun said to himself excitedly. At the same time, Lan Qingling walked towards the Water Jade Pearl and took it before walking back towards Yi Tianyun to grab his hands.

“Big Brother Yi! This is Water Jade Pearl! Be sure to take it with you as you try to escape. I will go back inside and try to help them defeat the Scarlet Monster Clan!” Lan Qingling said determinedly.

Yi TIanyun immediately frowned as he didn’t think Lan Qingling would go this far. It was clear that the princess trusted him too much despite just knowing him recently!

“Don’t you think that it’s risky to entrust a treasure like this to a stranger? If you go back, won’t it just make your parent frustrated with you?” Yi Tianyun said confusedly.

“That might be the case, but I already tried to escape on my own in the past. I don’t think I want to do it again this time!” Lan Qingling said with determination in her eyes.

“But what about the Water Jade Pearl?” Yi Tianyun asked.

“The Mermaid Clan will not end with us, as we are scattered all over the ocean! Big Brother Yi, if you can find any other mermaid clan, I hope you would give it to them.” Lan Qingling said with a smile on her face. “Let’s end our chat here for now! Go now, Big Brother Yi! You may be strong, but the Scarlet Monster’s Chasing monster may be too much for you right now!” Lan Qingling said solemnly.

“I know that you would be able to reach safety on your own without anyone slowing you down. Thus, I will rely on you to keep our treasure safe! So, goodbye, for now, Big Brother Yi!” Lan Qingling said as she turned and left Yi Tianyun in a hurry.

On the other hand, Yi Tianyun was shaking his head as he thought of Lan Qingling’s action. “Stupid girl! The mermaid clan seems too fearless that they didn’t even care about their lives!” Yi Tianyun said with a sigh. From Sealing Heaven Divine King’s memory, it seemed the Mermaid Queen made a name for herself on the battlefield back in the days. She skilled so many Demon minions that she rivaled even the Divine King themselves! After knowing that fact from the memory, how could Yi Tianyun just sit idly as Mermaid Clan risked their lives!

At the same time, the queen has already arrived at the door out of the Sea Whale and set on crus.h.i.+ng this Chasing Monster that was hounding them. But she heard some voice that she didn’t want to hear again. “My Queen, where are you going?” the figure said from outside the door.

“To kill that monster!” The queen said with a grim expression on her face. She knew that it was one of the Scarlet Monster Clan, and he seemed ready to attack too. They have a scaly body like a fish but lacked the characteristics of a human! This was obviously a trait from the Evil Spirit Race!

It wasn’t only one, but several other Scarlet Monster Clan’s members appeared before the queen with a weapon in their hand, ready to attack anytime!

If anyone saw what was happening, they would lose hope as the Huge Sea Whale that they counted on as protection couldn’t do anything at the moment as it was pinned down by a large net that rendered it useless on the sea bed!

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