Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 1853 – This is… a perpetual motion machine?

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Chapter 1853: This is… a perpetual motion machine?

Translator: G.o.darandy Editor: Kurisu

Pavilion Master Chu-

Slow- Witted Song as the Heavenly Emperor?

Stop kidding. If that idiot were to become the Heavenly Emperor, the Heavenly

City would have collapsed immedia— o

At this thought, Pavilion Master Chu suddenly froze.

This was because the Ancient Heavenly City truly did meet its fall in the past.

If she were to properly calculate the time… When the Ancient Heavenly City had fallen, it was when Slow-Witted Song had suddenly stopped contacting her for a long, long period of time.


Slow- Witted Song couldn’t have actually become the Heavenly Emperor for a while, could he?

At this time, Elder Sister White Dragon said, “Slow-Witted Song was getting beaten to tears and hunted down during the end of the Ancient Heavenly City’s era, how could he possibly have been the Heavenly Emperor?”

In the later periods of the Ancient Heavenly City’s era, she had already left the place. Although she was still a part of the Heavenly City in name, she would be staying in her True Dragon Palace most of the time, and rarely returned to the

Heavenly City.

During that time, Slow-Witted Song had constantly been running around while being chased down. Moreover, he had even run to her place to ask for her help in beating away those who were chasing him.

Elder Sister White Dragon said, “With Slow-Witted Song’s strength at that time, he did not meet the qualifications to become the Heavenly Emperor.

The t.i.tle of Heavenly Emperor was very different from that of an emperor in the mortal world. Without sufficient strength, one would be unable to inherit the Heavenly City.


And back then, Slow-Witted Song’s strength would not even let him match the

Heavenly Emperor’s calf.

Scarlet Heaven Sword’s scabbard said, “Although I don’t understand what the relations.h.i.+p between you and Slow-Witted Song is… but as to whether

Slow-Witted Song has ever been the Heavenly Emperor, can’t you just ask him if you don’t know?” O

During the time Scarlet Heaven Sword had been with Song Shuhang, while they didn’t find out much about Slow-witted Song, they were at least able to confirm that he should still be alive.

As soon as it finished speaking, Pavilion Master Chu, who was currently possessing Lady Onion, fell silent.

Elder Sister White Dragon also fell silent. “.„” Scarlet Heaven Sword’s scabbard. O

Did I say something wrong? Did I accidentally bring up a taboo topic that shouldn’t be mentioned? O

Senior Turtle hurriedly interjected, “Let’s first study how to use this Time Box.

Song Shuhang seems to need it soon. Knowing that, we need to at least understand how to activate it and how to set its time acceleration ratio.” O “Regarding how to accelerate or decelerate the time inside it, I should be able to deal with it,” said Pavilion Master Chu. She then lightly jumped into the air before suspending herself in mid-air , floating in a strange posture above the

Time Box.

Her posture made it seem like only her head was flying, while her body was merely an appendage that hung under her head. In this posture, she was also flinging her green ponytail around, seemingly using it like one would a hand.O

Pavilion Master Chu had recently become accustomed to living with only a head. Because of that, she found herself unused to controlling the parts below the shoulders after possessing Lady Onion’s body. Thus, she subconsciously only controlled her head to fly up when she controlled Lady Onion’s body. This scene actually looked„. rather cute.

The world was indeed quite unfair; as long as you looked beautiful, even when you took on frightening poses like this, you would look cute to others. If a muscular man were to fly in this way, it would definitely be„_ even cuter.

Anyway, the possessed Lady Onion floated above the Time Box, and began to cast techniques.

The production method , temporal laws, and formation patterns on the Time

Box were all similar, if not the same, as the ones on the time treasure that

Slow Witted Song had used back then. With this being the case, Pavilion

Master Chu tried to activate the Time Box like how she would when activating the Time City.

As Pavilion Master Chu continued to form seals that entered the Time Box, the patterns on the box began to operate.

Su Clan’s Sixteen asked curiously, “Did it work?”

Pavilion Master Chu said, “Almost. The flow of these daoist seals is slightly different. I need to modify the activation method a bit.”

Afterward , she made another series of seals.

This time, the Time Box shone brightly, and the temporal laws on it began to operate, causing an aura of time to flow out of it. It seemed as if the time around the box had begun to reverse. “It’s done,” Pavilion Master Chu said. “Next, we’ll need to test out this Time

Boys acceleration or deceleration function. Which one of you would like to give it a try?” “Me, me, me!” Su Kongyun hurriedly raised his hand. “I just advanced, and I need a little time to get used to my new realm. I hope that I can try out the time deceleration function.”

A temporal secret realm was the stuff of legends even in the Spirit River’s Su

Clan. He, a direct disciple of the Su Clan, did not know whether there was such a secret realm in his clan.O

Entering a state of meditation for a month while a year pa.s.sed outside, or entering a state of meditation for a year while a month pa.s.sed outside—this kind of temporal secret realm was something he had long since dreamed of entering. O

If he were able to enter and practice for a while, he would be able to boast for several years after returning to the Su Clan.

Su Clan’s Sixteen thought for a while, and then said, “Since Kongyun wants to go in, then I will fork out the spirit stones needed for this experiment.”O

Pavilion Master Chu said, “Alright.„ After all, I don’t have many spirit stones on me right now.” “Elder sister, my dear elder sister- Thank you! If I have the chance in the future, I will pay you back twice the spirit stones you use today,” Su Kongyun said in excitement. After not seeing Sixteen for about half a year, he felt that she had significantly matured all of a sudden.

Pavilion Master Chu controlled Lady Onion’s body, and gently tapped the Time


The Time Box opened, revealing a s.p.a.ce about the size of a room inside.

When Su Kongyun looked at the box, he felt like he was looking at the ground from a plane and saw individual houses the size of small boxes.

Su Kongyun asked, “Senior Chu, how do I enter?” “Just go in!” Senior Turtle suddenly stretched out its front leg, patting Su

Kongyun’s back


Su Kongyun was sent flying out, and fell towards the small box. Senior Turtle’s control was impeccable. “How is he going to get in?” Sixteen felt slightly worried.

Was he going to shrink like how one would when sucked into a magical treasure? Or was he going to enter the small box directly through a spatial transfer like when one entered Song Shuhang’s Inner World?

The answer soon arrived.

It was like being sucked in a treasure, but there was no shrinking involved.

When Su Kongyun fell towards the small box, Pavilion Master Chu made a seal, and a suction force was generated in the box. Su Kongyun was sucked into the small box in strips. “Aaaah-” Su Kongyun screamed as he entered the world inside the box.

Then, the lid closed.

Su Clan’s Sixteen took out a small cosmos bag filled with spirit stones. “Where should I insert the spirit stones?”O

Pavilion Master Chu went silent for a moment, and then said, box has already been activated. It doesn’t seem to be asking for any spirit stones.”

Senior White’s clone speculated, “Could it be using the energy of the Southern

Autumn Temple?”

The living spirit of the Southern Autumn Temple quickly replied, “No, my energy is not being consumed.’O

Senior Turtle said, “Is it a legendary temporal perpetual motion machine?”

Theoretically speaking, if the laws of time could be trained to the level of reversing the time of the item, then the Time Box could continuously restore itself to a state of being filled with energy, achieving the effect of a perpetual motion machine.

Of course, this theory had many holes in it..

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