Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 1855 – Precious 18-year-long relationship ended

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Chapter 1855 Precious 18-year-long relations.h.i.+p ended

When Song Shuhang sent the refined Third Stage tribulation lightning to the Inner World, he happened to hear the sound of Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword’s laughter. “Hahahaha! That’s it, drain him. I want to see him drained of all power so he’s too weak to even stand!”

What a terrifying line.

“You’ve finished refining the tribulation lightning?” Su Clan’s Sixteen asked when she noticed Song Shuhang’s arrival.

Song Shuhang nodded. He then snapped his fingers lightly, and the refined lightning was transferred to the main hall of the Southern Autumn Temple. After being refined in the pill furnace, the volume of the Third Stage tribulation lightning had decreased significantly. The strips of tribulation lightning that were originally the size of a pillar were now only about one-twentieth of that size, a size smaller than Song Shuhang had expected. Fortunately, they had sealed Su Kongyun’s entire tribulation lightning. Otherwise, Song Shuhang was really not sure if they would have had enough.

Song Shuhang asked curiously, “By the way, where’s Su Kongyun?”

Why wasn’t he with the others?

“He’s in the box.” Senior White’s clone pointed to the Time Box.

Scarlet Heaven Sword’s scabbard suddenly said, “Ah, that’s not good. Our minds were so set on using the Great Southern Emperor’s energy just now that we forgot about him… By how many times was the pa.s.sage of time slowed down inside the Time Box?”

Being able to use energy without a cost had been so exciting that they had completely forgotten that Su Kongyun was still inside the Time Box.

“…” Song Shuhang. Seniors, can’t you be a bit more careful?

Now, he could only hope that the flow of time inside the Time Box had not taken a ratio of ‘one day inside, 1,000 years outside’. He didn’t want to open the box and see a gray-haired Su Kongyun who was about to die of old age.

Su Clan’s Sixteen replied, “Don’t worry. I was calculating the time. Adding together the length of the accelerations of time that the Time Box was set at, it should have only been a month inside at most.” Scarlet Heaven Sword’s scabbard responded, “That’s good.”

Lady Onion, who was possessed by Pavilion Master Chu, added, “In addition, the Time Box has an upper limit on the time acceleration. Under this limit, the speed of time inside would not be too exaggerated, so there really is no need to worry.” After saying that, she made another hand seal, and opened the Time Box.

Similar to when he entered, as soon as the box was opened, Su Kongyun was squeezed into a long strip like toothpaste before getting shot out of the box and falling to the ground.

Su Kongyun had lost a considerable amount of weight, and his condition was clearly not great.

Su Kongyun said while trembling, “Finally… I’m finally out. I thought that I was going to die inside.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword’s scabbard asked curiously, “Is there any problem with his state?”

“No, I was paying attention to the changes in his spiritual energy all this time. There weren’t any problems with his state the entire time,” said Pavilion Master Chu.

“I didn’t encounter any problems.” Su Kongyun took a breath. “I’m just a little hungry.”

“…” Pavilion Master Chu.

The experience of ‘hunger’ had long since been forgotten by her. She hadn’t experienced hunger while closing up for a long, long time. It wasn’t only her, either. Scarlet Heaven Sword’s scabbard, Elder Sister White Dragon, the virtuous lamia, Fairy Creation, Senior

Turtle, and the other seniors were the same. Most big shots didn’t really remember what ‘hunger’ even felt like.

“Did you not bring any fasting pills?” Su Clan’s Sixteen stretched out her hand, and brought out another cosmos bag. After doing this, she took out a medicinal pill, mixed it with a medicinal liquid, and handed it to Su Kongyun.

After taking the medicinal pill, Su Kongyun’s state was gradually restored. He replied, “I did bring some, but it was very few. After all, I had sneaked out of the clan.”

Low-level cultivators generally didn’t and couldn’t carry much when they went out on adventures. As such, after having stayed inside the Time Box for about a month, Su Kongyun discovered that he had run out of fasting pills…

“Why didn’t you shout and ask us to give you fasting pills?” Su Clan’s Sixteen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at his response.

Su Kongyun said shyly, “I was afraid that once the Time Box was opened, its effects would disappear. I finally got an opportunity to enter a temporal secret realm, so I wanted to persevere until the end.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

You would seriously rather stay quiet and starve to death than say anything?

Su Kongyun said, “Of course, if I had really been going to starve to death, I would definitely have cried out. I would still have chosen life over the experience.”

“You have a bright future,” praised Scarlet Heaven Sword’s scabbard. It was a style that liked to push oneself to the limit.

At this moment, Senior Turtle asked, “By the way, can I eat the heavenly tribulation now?”

It couldn’t help but lean in front of the strip of solidified heavenly tribulation, trying to stick out its tongue to lick the tribulation.

The heavenly tribulation formed after incorporating the Big Dipper had a relatively more mellow and enticing fragrance… At the very least, it was a lot more so than what was described on the menu.

“Not yet, Senior Turtle. Wait a while longer.” Song Shuhang hurriedly stretched out his hand, placing it in front of Senior Turtle. Senior Turtle stuck out his tongue, and ended up accidentally licking Song Shuhang’s palm.

After a while…

“Ptui! What’s with your hand? Why is it so salty?” Senior Turtle said in dissatisfaction.

Scarlet Heaven Sword’s scabbard suddenly said, “Perhaps he didn’t wash his hands after using the toilet?”

“…” Senior Turtle. Song Shuhang said calmly, “Actually, it’s been a long time since I’ve gone to the toilet.”

Ever since he ascended to the Fifth Stage Realm… He had officially ended his precious 18-year-long relations.h.i.+p with going to the toilet.

In retrospect, it actually felt quite strange.

Before he knew it, he had stopped doing a lot of things that he had originally considered habitual.

“Then there is only one truth,” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said. “You haven’t washed your hands since the last time you used the toilet.” “…” Senior Turtle.

Although it knew that it was nonsense, it suddenly felt uncomfortable.

Pavilion Master Chu reminded them, “Guys, stop messing around. Before the connection between the Great Southern Emperor and the Time Box is severed, we should hurry to complete the cooking of the heavenly tribulation. 36 days, calculate the time ratio.”

No matter the reason why the Great Southern Emperor hadn’t cut off his connection with the Time Box, using the box now would let them save a lot of spirit stones.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, and urged his psychic energy.

Strip after strip of Third Stage tribulation lightning was sent above the box. Pavilion Master Chu made a daoist seal, activated the box, and had all the strips of lightning sucked into the box. “Now, we just wait for 36 days to pa.s.s inside the box, and we’re done.”

And so, everyone waited around the Time Box. As they waited, the Inner World a.s.sistant appeared and brought out the tea leaves that Song Shuhang had brought back from that mysterious senior in the Throne of Wealth Distribution. The Inner World a.s.sistant used fresh water from the living spring to make hot tea to entertain the seniors.

Song Shuhang sat side by side with Su Clan’s Sixteen, sipping from the bamboo cup he was holding in his hand.

At this moment, Pavilion Master Chu suddenly said, “Strange… The operating power of the Time Box seems to have dropped significantly.”

Maybe it’s because I overused it just now, and it isn’t able to handle too much stress?

“Could it be that the box is a little tired?” Su Clan’s Sixteen guessed. Like the Southern Autumn Temple, it had been covered in dust for millions of years. “Tired?” Song Shuhang pinched his chin. What do you do if a magical treasure gets tired?

Song’s Special Ma.s.sage Technique—the (Saber-Nurturing Technique). Would you like to know more about it?

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