Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 1867 – I feel like the seniors really like the concept of seven days

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Chapter 1867 I feel like the seniors really like the concept of seven days

In order to keep up with the times, the Almighty Merchant had been preparing to launch a seven-day return service for all his customers.

However, he had yet to plan everything out and perfect the related magical techniques. In short, he had not formally introduced this service to his customers just yet.

The Almighty Merchant pinched his forehead lightly. This service would allow goods that he had sold to be returned within seven days. He could use the goods as the coordinates to carry out the pickup service at any time. The three Eastern Spring Pavilion Fragments that were taken away by the Heavenly Emperor also had this seven-day return service function!

The Almighty Merchant said to Song Shuhang, “Give me some time… If I’m still unable to retrieve those three fragments, I will find new fragments for you.”

Fairy Almighty Seller said, “Master, saying that you’re going to retrieve those fragments from the Heavenly Emperor honestly sounds strange. After all, the Eastern Spring Pavilion itself originally belonged to the Heavenly Emperor. She just got what belonged to her back.”

Just as Fairy Almighty Seller finished saying that, she saw that her master was looking at her with a look of compa.s.sion and pity. “It is truly moving that you have not lost money all this time. If there are real G.o.ds in this world, then the G.o.d of trade must have always been watching over you.”

“…” Fairy Almighty Seller.

The Almighty Merchant continued, “Let’s say that A conquered an area, and built a palace there. Later, their land was conquered by B, and that palace was torn apart. One portion of that palace became B’s trophy, and the rest was taken away by A’s people. After a while, the fragments of that palace were bought by various people. At that time, A suddenly jumps out, saying that the palace belonged to them, and asks everyone to hand over the palace fragments to them. Should those people give the fragments to A? Then what of the price they paid to get those fragments?” Fairy Almighty Seller mused, “Hmm, if A’s fists are strong enough, there’s nothing we can


“Well, the thing is that, right now, my fists are stronger,” the Almighty Merchant said solemnly. If it weren’t for the sheet wrapped around him, perhaps he would look like a very high-profile expert.

The Almighty Merchant said, “Anyhow, I’ll be going now. I’ll give you a reply within seven days.”

After that, he called out to Fairy Almighty Seller, “Let’s go.”

Song Shuhang pinched his chin, and thought to himself, Seven days? I feel that the seniors really like the concept of seven days. He remembered that when Senior White Two had got Little Sun to tell him about the fat ball, there had also been the mention of a seven-day period of time in which the fat ball might sneak into the main world. It felt like such an interesting coincidence to Shuhang.

“Coming.” Fairy Almighty Seller stuffed one last piece of Braised Heavenly Tribulation into her mouth, and waved at Song Shuhang. “Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, see you next time.”

The Almighty Merchant muttered, “Don’t say that. It’s better never to see him again. There’s never a normal transaction when you get involved with this guy.”

After recovering the Eastern Spring Pavilion Fragments and completing the transaction with Song Shuhang, he had decided that he was really going to blacklist him, and never remove him from the list again.

This guy is a huge pitfall, an abyss! I thought that I was not going to fall into a pit this time, but look where I’m now.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Although the Almighty Merchant had been muttering in a soft voice, he could hear his words clearly.

But I really am also innocent here.

The Almighty Merchant stretched out his hand, opened a spatial gate, and entered the gate with Fairy Almighty Seller. Before he left, he told the fairy maiden, “In the future, we must not conduct any trade after drinking. Even if you feel like you’re sober, don’t trade with anyone. This time, I’ve really made a big loss.”

He felt that if he was in his normal state, and had not been affected by the immortal brew, he would have definitely not fallen into this pit so easily. At the very least, the Heavenly Emperor would not have been able to fool him.

However, he could not deny that the wine tasted amazing

I wonder where Tyrannical Song got that wine from… There shouldn’t be a lot of immortal brew at that level across the universe, right?

Should I buy some from him in the future?

Suddenly, the Almighty Merchant let out a heavy sigh.

Take a step back! I can’t let there be a next time.

I can’t provoke you, and I can’t hide from you? Fine! If worse comes to worst, I’ll just take a big detour around whatever place Profound Sage Tyrannical Song is.

“???” Fairy Almighty Seller.

Master seems to be having a lot of internal conflicts today… Could he be experiencing menopause? Or, is he experiencing a ‘great aunt’?

The ‘great aunt[1]’ was actually a commodity, and it was quite a popular one in the universe.

People were always sentimental, and they came to miss what they had lost. Therefore, there were some powerful fairy maidens who would feel reminiscent of old times, and wanted to experience what it was like to menstruate once more.

Fairy Almighty Seller asked cautiously, “Master, would you like two pills for your dysmenorrhea?”

“…” The Almighty Merchant.

I’m really going to try looking for a customer tomorrow and see how much I can sell Almighty Seller for.

Back on Heavenly Field Island.

“The Heavenly Emperor is really such a troublesome person.” Song Shuhang sighed.

He didn’t expect the Heavenly Emperor to appear at their gathering out of nowhere. “Should we mark Soft Feather so that we can distinguish her from the Heavenly Emperor in the future?”

Senior Yellow Mountain calmly said, “You’ll have to ask Fellow Daoist Spirit b.u.t.terfly for his approval first.”

Fairy Lychee remarked, “The success rate for that should be pretty low.”

Song Shuhang responded, “Ah, that’s right. Where’s Senior Spirit b.u.t.terfly?” “After drinking a lot, he took Fellow Daoist Eternal Fire with him to the beach to play the piano,” Sage Monarch Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue said. “Scholarly people like them are always very pretentious. They play the piano, recite poetry, and listen to the sound of the waves cras.h.i.+ng.”

Fairy Lychee said, “I heard that they wanted to use the wine to accompany them in singing.”

Su Clan’s Sixteen said, “Right, I saw Senior Creation quietly following them a while ago. He looked very happy when he heard them say that they were going to have a singing session.”

As soon as Su Clan’s Sixteen finished saying that, everyone suddenly turned quiet.

Venerable Yellow Mountain said, “I wanted to go fis.h.i.+ng at sea, but it looks like I’ll have to cancel that thought.”

Song Shuhang thought about it, and said, “Fairy Creation, why don’t you go and help Senior Creation?”

Behind him, he heard the sound of chewing.

When he turned around, he found Fairy Creation and the virtuous lamia sitting side by side. The two fairies held small plates in their hands, and were eating merrily.

Song Shuhang’s eyes met Fairy Creation’s, and then she shook her head repeatedly.

Afterward, he set his sights on the beach again.

Senior Spirit b.u.t.terfly, Senior Eternal Fire, I tried my best, but unfortunately, I couldn’t help you…

At this time, the black-skinned Soft Feather came out of Song Shuhang’s shadow, and said to him, “Senior Song, my main body and Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword have successfully researched the inner demon clone. You can let them out now.”

“It worked? So even a sword can cultivate an inner demon clone!” Song Shuhang waved his hand, and transferred Soft Feather and Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword out of the Inner World.

[1] Slang for menstruation.

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