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Chapter 380: Unable to Speak

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“Brother Baldy, we’ve finished all the wine we brought. Why don’t we kill a few sheep and drink some sheep blood to quench our thirst?”

Under the scorching sun, the group of wolf demons stuck out their tongues and breathed heavily, looking listless.

One of the wolf demons looked at the flock of sheep chasing after them. It was drooling as it ran to the front and suggested to a bald wolf demon in the lead.

Wolves loved to eat sheep.

The bald wolf demon clearly wanted to as well, but when it recalled the boss’s cold gaze, it forced itself to endure the urge.

“No, there are still more than ten Mountain Kings left. If there are no more sheep, I’ll tie you up and offer you to those Kings.”

The wolf demon was helpless. It could only shake its tongue and return to its seat.

The cultivation of demons was not as orthodox as human cultivators.

Human cultivators could usually abstain from eating after reaching the Foundation Establishment realm. Under normal circ.u.mstances, they only needed to drink a little water to last for months or even years without eating additional food.

However, demon beasts were different. Their cultivation often followed their instincts.

When cultivating, one would not restrain their instincts and desires. That way, after their cultivation level increased, their instincts and desires would not slowly disappear. Instead, the influence on demon beasts would deepen.

Even after their cultivation level increased, they would still want to eat blood. The weather was a little hot, and they were all complaining endlessly.

The strength of these demon beasts was not weak. They had only walked for a few days. This was not the extreme weather of the Flame Mountain. It was impossible to have a substantial effect on them.

If this could make them die of heat and thirst, then the cultivators would not have to work so hard against the demons.

On the other hand, because the water in the cage had been s.n.a.t.c.hed away by them, the human girls hanging in the cage these few days were also very weak from the sun. They could only suck some of the dew from the bamboo cage every morning.

If not for this red cloth, they might have died from heat stroke.

At this moment, the few wolf demons in front suddenly sniffed as if they had smelled something.

Soon, all the wolf demons became energetic. It was a charming wine fragrance that came from not far away.

“There’s wine! That’s great!”

The noses of a group of wolf demons were extremely sensitive. They immediately captured this smell.

The leader of the group had a bald wolf demon on his forehead. It was also very thirsty.

At this moment, how could it resist the temptation of wine?

“Look after the King’s gift. Don’t worry, I’ll leave a few bowls of wine for you.”

After letting the subordinates continue to drive the convoy forward, it brought a group of wolf demons and ran out on all four feet, quickly rus.h.i.+ng forward.

Soon, they discovered a tavern in the wilderness.

On the door of the tavern, there was a gray signboard with the word “Liquor” written on it.

There was actually a tavern in the wilderness. If it was placed in other places in the Eastern Region, it would obviously be a scam.

Typically, cultivators without any ability would not dare to enter.

However, the Ten Directions Region was different. Everyone was a demon beast, so how could it be divided into barren mountains?

After the wine was brewed, as long as the seal was opened and the fragrance spread out, it would attract enough customers. After selling it all, it would start to brew another round.

This group of wolf demons was extremely lucky to have encountered them on the way.

“Which tavern is this? Hurry up and come out to welcome the guests! Serve all the good wine and meat to us!”

A group of burly wolf demons rushed into the tavern, slapped the table, and began to shout loudly.

They looked more like bandits than customers.

A moment later, a pangolin walked out from behind. It was also walking upright, but it was only half the height of a person.

Clearly, it was a Pangolin Demon.

“Guests, this is a small tavern that brews wine for the Pangolin King. Please wait a moment, I’ll go get some wine to entertain you.”

The first thing the Pangolin Demon said was the King that was involved in its tavern. Only this could prevent this group of wolf demons from causing trouble.

As for this tavern, it might not really be the property of the Pangolin King. They should only be handed over offerings regularly to receive the King’s protection.

In the Land of Infinite Demons, if one was not strong enough, they often had to hide and survive cautiously. Otherwise, they needed a strong backer to maintain their life.

This was especially true for those who did business. If individual demons dared to open their business, the final outcome would be robbery.

Only those who knew a few demons well in private could be considered reliable.

“Sorry for the wait, guests.”

“This is fruit wine brewed by a small demon harvesting the fruits and snakes in the mountain.”

“Although it doesn’t have the flavor profile of the wine in the Monkey Mountain, it still has the unique fragrance of a homemade wine. Everyone, try it.”

A few jars of fruit wine were brought up. The fruit wine poured out from them was red in color and the fragrance was indeed as the wolf demons had smelled.

The wolf demons were already thirsty and could not endure the alcohol. They immediately gulped it down.

Unfortunately, there was nothing to eat, so they could not drink to their satisfaction.

At this moment, the wolf demons suddenly saw that there was someone sitting quietly at a table in the corner.

He wore a wet cloak that dripped from time to time on the cloth. Black scales covered the skin that was exposed to the arm.

Be it its appearance or aura, it looked like a fish demon.

On its table, there was a plate of beef and a plate of sour plums.

This person was none other than Jiang Li.

He had been following this wolf demon team for the past few days.

Along the way, he wanted to attack them several times, but in the end, he did not find a suitable opportunity.

After discovering this tavern, he was certain that this group of wolf demons would definitely come here to have fun and drink, so he entered first and waited for them here.

In the beginning, he really wanted to try if the wine brewed by the demon, the Pangolin Demon, had any special flavor.

However, after looking at the color of the wine and then at the tavern owner’s red teeth,

Jiang Li could no longer hold the wine bowl.

If he was not wrong, the Pangolin Demon’s brewing technique was to chew the materials together with its mouth and put them in the barrel to let them ferment on their own.

This method was too much for him.

As a result, the wine jars and wine bowls on his side were all intact.

He even specially took out a large piece of b.l.o.o.d.y beef and a plate of sour plums that could make one’s mouth water.

The group of wolf demons stared blankly.

“Owner, are you looking down on us brothers? Why does he have side dishes while we don’t?”

The bald wolf demon leader immediately grabbed the pangolin boss in dissatisfaction.

It bared its teeth fiercely. Saliva mixed with wine dripped down the corner of its mouth.

“Misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding. Those small dishes were brought by that guest himself. This store really doesn’t have them.”

“I still have some mountain fruits here. Lord Wolves, if you want to eat them, I’ll send them over immediately.”

After all, this was a pangolin tavern. It was already good that they were not given ants or earthworms as snacks.

With that said, the wolf demon released the pangolin boss. After all, this was the territory of the Pangolin King.

It was fine to scare them, but if they really attacked, they might not be able to leave this mountain.

However, there were no lakes or rivers nearby.

The pangolin could not be targeted, but a mere fish was nothing to fear.

This group of wolf demons immediately turned to look at Jiang Li.

They stood up together and surrounded Alliance Leader Jiang with unfriendly expressions.

Wolf demons were demons that lived in groups and hunted. After forming groups, their courage would rise exponentially.

Coupled with the fact that they had just drunk a little, their beast nature was exposed.

“Where did you come from?”

“Don’t you recognize us? We’re the subordinates of the Green Wolf King of the Black Bamboo Mountain. Why don’t you come up and show respect when you see us?”

There was no water nearby, and Jiang Li was alone. Coupled with the fact that the aura on his body was not strong, he was treated as an easy target to bully.

The group of guys bared their fangs and brandished their claws for the meat and fruits on the table.

Due to the fact that there were a few thick earth veins in this mountain range and the spiritual qi was relatively abundant, the demons who occupied this mountain were especially dense.

It was not easy to attack here, but it did not mean that Jiang Li did not have the methods to deal with them.

He was not angry and pushed the two plates in front of him.

“This is top-grade water buffalo meat. If you want to eat it, there’s no need to stand on ceremony.”

“There’s also a plate of ten-year-old sour plums. Eating one on a long journey will quench your thirst the most. If you don’t mind, please give it a try.”

The two plates on the table were prepared for them, so how could Jiang Li refuse?

“At least you’re sensible.”

Seeing that this fish demon was so sensible, they were very satisfied.

It picked up the two plates of side dishes and returned to its side.

The portion of the water buffalo meat was only about ten kilograms, and it was naturally s.n.a.t.c.hed away by the bald wolf demon in the lead. It ate it all in two bites and smacked its lips, still not satisfied.

The other wolf demons swallowed their saliva but were helpless. They could only look at the plate of sour plums.

Although it was their nature to eat meat, they had already cultivated their demon bodies after all. It was not a bad choice to eat wild fruits occasionally.

They each grabbed a sour plum and placed it into their mouths. If they did not eat it, they would not know. As soon as they placed it into their mouths, it was indeed as Jiang Li had said, it was sour and refres.h.i.+ng. Their mouths watered, and the exhaustion they felt all along the way seemed to have been completely eliminated at this moment.

“Good fruit! Hey, fish demon, do you have more?”

This fruit was naturally a good fruit. It contained the spiritual root seed, so how could it not be a good fruit?

“I naturally have more sour fruits here. However, this sour plum can only be eaten once in a day. If I eat a second one immediately, it will become bitter and astringent.”

The group of wolf demons did not believe it and wanted to eat.

However, just as Jiang Li had said, the delicious sour plums really became bitter and astringent at this moment. As soon as the fruits entered the mouth, they hurriedly spat them out.

This was also a trait of the spiritual root seed. It prevented creatures from eating the second spiritual seed and causing unnecessary waste.

After eating the bitter taste, the few wolf demons immediately wanted to flare up and find trouble with Jiang Li.

However, when they raised their eyes again, Jiang Li was nowhere to be seen.

After a while, the team behind caught up.

The remaining wolf demons also ate sour plums to quench their thirst.

Even the human girls in the cages had obtained a few bowls of clear water and some rations to alleviate their hunger.

After resting for half a day, the wolf demon convoy continued forward.

However, as time pa.s.sed, other than the few wolf demons in the lead, the eyes of the other subordinate wolf demons changed.

They looked at each other and completed the secret plan without making a sound.

After leaving another large demon territory and arriving in an uninhabited region, the bald wolf demon was just about to turn around and say something when a sharp blade pierced through its waist from behind.

The intense pain made the bald wolf demon turn around in shock, only to discover that the other wolf demon leaders had suffered the same treatment at the same time.

Before they could understand the situation, they waved their claws and sent the wolf demon who had ambushed them flying. They were about to ask why they had betrayed them.

In the next moment, all the wolf demons in the team rushed forward.

The wolf demons were good at teamwork. Some of them bit their limbs, while others bit their necks. Wherever they could bite, they were bitten by wolves.

They pulled their leader to the ground.

“What are you doing! What are you doing! Are you trying to rebel!”

The strongest bald wolf demon was still struggling violently despite being pressed down by a total of 30 wolf demons. From time to time, wolf demons would be flung away.

After all, their levels were inferior. Even if they worked together, they could not suppress it for long.

But that was enough.

Just as the bald wolf demon flung away most of its mouth, a foot stepped on its back, causing it to be stunned.

It felt that its internal organs had all moved, and more than ten bones in its body had been broken. For a time, it lost the ability to resist.

Then, it was lifted up and thrown into a coffin.

It was as if this coffin contained an endless abyss. After entering, no one could come out without the approval of their master.

Then, the other wolf demons equivalent to Nascent Soul cultivators were also thrown into the coffin.

Creatures of this level had the ability to discover and resist the spiritual root seed of the Nine Nether clone.

Therefore, in the tavern earlier, Jiang Li did not alert the enemy and only secretly controlled their subordinates. Only at this moment did he act together from the inside.

He took them all down in the shortest time.

“What’s your name?”

Jiang Li removed the red cloth on a bamboo cage and fed the girl inside some water and food before asking in the most common language.

However, the other party still had a cold expression as she looked at Jiang Li blankly.

Was she too afraid? Or did she not understand Jiang Li’s words?

Jiang Li switched to several different languages, but the girl in the cage still did not react.

He turned to communicate with the other girls. After repeated attempts, he discovered that these girls did not seem to be afraid to answer because they were afraid. Instead, they seemed to simply not understand.

In the end, Jiang Li simply released a few ghosts and entered their minds to investigate.

He discovered that the language and words these girls grasped were extremely poor.

They did not seem to have their own names and could only recognize a few simple orders.

For example, standing up, sitting down, coming here, kneeling down, etc.

This group of girls should be the ones from the human village reared by the Green Wolves of the Black Bamboo Mountain.

The inhabitants of this mountain were not very powerful, and the humans inside were only living in a village.

Having been oppressed by the wolf demons all year round, the humans inside could not live well, let alone educate their children.

In the end, they were already more than ten years old and did not even know how to speak.. Their usual interactions were only with the wolf demon’s orders, which was why this situation ended up like this.

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