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Chapter 381: Demon City Inn

After understanding the current situation of these humans, Jiang Li waved his hand and transformed it into a thorn whip with sharp spikes. He personally ran into the coffin s.p.a.ce and used the whip technique to accelerate the speed at which these wolf demons were parasitized.

Half a day later, Jiang Li let them out.

The few leaders of this wolf demon team were wrapped in thick bandages for some reason.

However, the group still continued to advance towards their target, Five Banishment City, as if nothing had happened.

After another few days of travel, a huge city stronghold appeared ahead.

Then, a strong beastly smell spread out from the village.

Demon beasts still retained many of their beast habits.

They generally did not like to be clean. There were also some demon beasts that were carnivorous and had the instinct to mark their territory with excrement.

With such a huge stronghold filled with so many demons, it was strange that the smell was not strong.

However, here, there were gradually more traces of human life.

It was not that humans could live well in this city.

It was because for some reason, although the five great demons in Five Banishment City were demons, they called themselves the Five Banishment Daoists.

Moreover, it seemed that they yearned for the extravagant life of humans.

When demon beasts disguised as humans, no matter how much they pretended, they still did not look genuine. Therefore, under the management and requirements of the five of them, the humans inside carried the fear of being killed at any time and acted as the prosperous front of this city stronghold.

The humans who worked hard to live calmly formed a sharp contrast with the demon beasts that could be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys.

Looking at the city stronghold from afar, Jiang Li could sense that the five powerful auras that shot into the sky in the city were all stronger than the ordinary Mountain King.

This Five Banishment City was the largest gathering place of the demons in a 500-kilometer radius.

It was also the place with the most livestock and humans. Many demons wanted to eat humans, but there were five powerful demons presiding inside, and it was sufficient to intimidate the surrounding thieves.

“Baldy, let’s enter the city.”

After Jiang Li checked that the disguise on his body was not obvious, he summoned the wolf demon and walked towards the Five Banishment City.

The structure of this Five Banishment City was slightly different from ordinary cities.

The fortress structure was mostly for convenience and practical use. The doors were divided into east, west, south, and north.

However, this Five Banishment City was different. There was only one door in this stronghold, and it was built side by side.

This kind of structure was neither practical nor beautiful. Presumably, it had some other special uses.

There were demon soldiers guarding each of the five city gates. With a slight glance, one could tell that the strength of these demon soldiers was not bad and were completely capable of suppressing some small conflicts.

What Jiang Li and the others entered was the second city gate on the right. The ones guarding the gate were two humanoid donkey demons.

As for the demon soldiers guarding the other four doors, their characteristics were very easy to recognize. They were ox, dog, sheep, and pig.

One could imagine that the five great demons who called themselves the Five Banishment Daoists in this city should be an ox, dog, sheep, pig, and donkey respectively.

This phenomenon caused Jiang Li to sigh with admiration.

It was normal for demons to fight each other. Between the same race, two tigers could not share one mountain.

Even if they were from the same mother, it was very difficult to form an alliance.

However, it was very strange that these five completely different demons could work together in this Five Banishment City.

Jiang Li wanted to know more secrets, but it was a pity that this group of wolf demons usually did not pay attention to the gossip. Their Black Bamboo Mountain was also more than ten demon territories away, so they knew even less.

“The subordinate of the Black Bamboo Mountain’s Green Wolf King is here to send a congratulatory gift to the Five Banishment Lords.”

As they approached the city gate, the bald wolf leader took the initiative to step forward and negotiate. A wolf demon of this level naturally recovered a little flesh injuries very quickly.

The bandages from before had already been removed.

After saying this, the donkey demon only glanced indifferently. Then, it stretched out its hooves that had already transformed into a palm structure and waved at them.

It was obvious that he wanted the city fees.

Even if it was a guest who had come from afar to deliver a congratulatory gift, if they wanted to enter the city, they still had to pay the entrance fee.

The greed of the demons was vividly displayed at this moment. Even their regular invitations were a way to acc.u.mulate wealth.

However, since he was here to give a gift, he naturally could not embarra.s.s his master.

The bald wolf took out a large bag of spirit stones with a pained expression and handed it to the donkey demon guarding the door.

Speaking of which, this bag of spirit stones should also be Jiang Li’s property.

Jiang Li looked at the five city gates. They were all charged by different small demons and did not seem to interfere with each other.

Presumably, these five demons each held the city entrance fees.

After following everyone into the city, Five Banishment City was covered in lanterns and bright colors. Red cloths were hung everywhere. Clearly, the city was preparing for a joyous event.

There was a joyous occasion in Five Banishment Daoists recently. It was said that someone from the Five Banishment Daoists was about to get married.

Only then did they send out a large number of invitations to the famous demons nearby.

These five demons had a preference for such things. They controlled a city stronghold and could be said to be grooms at night. However, it was indeed a rare thing to hold a wedding with such fanfare.

It was unknown which one of them was going to marry a demon.

If the other party was also a greater demon, did that mean that this Five Banishment City would become the Six Banishment City in the future?

Regarding this, the surrounding Mountain Kings were all rather worried. If their strength increased again, they might attack their neighbors one day.

The Black Bamboo Mountain Green Wolf was a little far from them. Originally, they did not have much of a relations.h.i.+p.

However, it was said that the Five Banishment Daoists held an orthodox inheritance in their hands. Their strength was much greater than ordinary demons through cultivation.

They were also five people of the same faction, but the surrounding mountains were in a state of disunity. Therefore, the influence of Five Banishment City in the nearby area had always been considerable.

In order to prevent offending these five, after receiving the invitation, they could only let their subordinates choose 30 human girls from the mountaintop to send over.

Of these five, this was the best. However, ordinary human women with weak bodies would probably not last more than two hours if they became toys in their hands.

He first got these wolf demons to bring the girls to a place to stay.

Jiang Li carried the appearance of a fish demon and walked around the city.

There were indeed many humans in Five Banishment City.

They carried out their work numbly, not daring to casually communicate or look up.

They had seen many things in the environment of the Demon City. They could see these strange creatures every day, but this did not reduce their fear of demons.

From time to time, a few people would be dragged away and eaten on the streets. In such an environment, how could they live in peace?

When they saw each demon, their eyes revealed fear, afraid that they would be seen and dragged away.

When Jiang Li walked on the streets and looked at them, they would often lower their heads and avoid him, not daring to look him in the eye.

Their civilization’s inheritance was still slightly better than the Black Bamboo Mountain. All kinds of shops that could be seen in the human world could be seen on their side.

If not for the various demons on the streets and the numb, despairing expressions on the human faces, Jiang Li would probably really think that he had returned to the human world.

Along the way, Jiang Li was mainly checking the array formations in this city. This was his habit every time he went to a new place.

Only by making full preparations could he leave a way out.

Right when Jiang Li turned a corner, his gaze was suddenly attracted by a signboard.

Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn!

The fifth Parallel Mind had already received most of the soul inheritance of the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard.

However, because the soul battle at that time was too tragic, many memories were severely missing.

He only knew that the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard had previously set up a stronghold near Five Banishment City and tried to open a store in it.

However, he could not confirm the exact location.

However, he did not expect Yan Hong to be so fast. In just a short period of time, he had opened the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn.

This was also an important reason why the Nine Nether Wood sent Yan Hong and the others back to this place.

He took a fancy to the process of collecting souls in the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn.

He was the Nine Nether Wood, the ancestor of the Yin Wood in the world. Although his need for souls was not as great as Jiang Li, ghosts could also increase his combat strength to a certain extent.

The ghosts in the Nine Nether Wood’s soul were the best proof.

Therefore, the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard had actually not planned to use Yan Hong and the others to threaten Jiang Li from the beginning.

It was purely because he wanted Yan Hong’s help in running a business.

In such a short period of time, they had opened a branch of the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn in the dangerous Ten Directions Region. Yan Hong’s ability had improved greatly.

Jiang Li looked at the familiar signboard and sighed for a moment before entering the store.

The layout inside was still the standard layout of the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn. However, the person standing behind the counter had become a vine demon.

No, on a closer look, it was a demon disguised as a vine wrapped around a human cultivator.

This should be a disguise specially made by the Nine Nether Wood to allow them to survive in the Land of Infinite Demons.

Such a simple binding looked relatively ordinary.

It was fine to deceive low-level demons, but not true figures.

Jiang Li took a closer look. He had some impression of this person in the vines.

This was a Golden Core cultivator from the Hundred Tempering Mountain. After he subdued him back then, he became the earliest batch of Hidden Rock cultivators.

He provided Jiang Li with considerable help in controlling the Hidden Rock Army. He was also part of the group of people that Jiang Li trusted the most and had always helped him do all kinds of dirty work.

However, later on, the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard seized control of him and sent him to this d.a.m.ned place.

With the lost Hidden Rock cultivator here, Yan Hong would probably not be far away.

“Bring me to your shopkeeper.”

Jiang Li walked to the counter and got straight to the point..

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