Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2022 – This Secondary Attack Was Professionally Done

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Chapter 2022: This Secondary Attack Was Professionally Done

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Mag got today’s intel from the secret tree hole. He altered it a little and embellished it a little. He then changed his appearance with the face-altering mask, and sold this latest intel to the few information centers in Rodu. At the same time, he gave a free copy to all the storytellers in the teahouses.

By the afternoon, the news of Second Prince Josh committing the unforgivable crimes of selling his soul to the devil, starting a war, ma.s.sacring the courtiers and their families, and trying to kill the king and rebel and the king removing Josh’s prince t.i.tle and hunting Josh for his crimes had spread throughout Rodu.

This shocking news shook the court.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the news, it meant that the fight for the throne that had lasted over 10-odd years had finally ended.

If Josh chose to sell his soul to the devil, that meant that he was kicked out from the fight for the throne. First Prince Sean would become the only candidate to succeed the throne.


The first prince’s residence.

“Josh, that idiot. He finally kicked himself out of the race. I won it effortlessly.” Sean laughed heartily while looking at the intel that he had just received.

He was, without a doubt, the person who benefited the most from this incident.

At first, he was still sad over Blum’s death. After all, the man was Sean’s greatest supporter, and he just died suddenly.

However, judging from the results now, his death was so worth it. He brought Josh down to the abyss with him, and there was no way Josh could come up again.

“Your Highness, the palace hasn’t released information regarding that yet. I’m afraid we have to take this information with a pinch of salt,” a subordinate reminded him.

Sean smiled, and said, “This news has already become a fact now that it has spread. Josh is already dead from today on.”


“This…” Abraham couldn’t close his mouth for a long time after hearing the news that his butler reported to him.

“My Lord, should I prepare the carriage for you to go to the palace?” the butler asked softly.

Abraham pondered silently for a while before shaking his head, and said, “There’s no need to. His Majesty didn’t summon me, and he didn’t announce it to the world, either. I think it’s most likely to be just rumors. Pa.s.s down my orders. No one in the duke’s residence is allowed to discuss this. Otherwise, they will be fired and evicted.”

The butler left with Abraham’s orders, while Abraham began to pace around in the hall with a troubled expression.

“He shouldn’t have done it. No matter how we look at this fight for the throne, Josh still has a 50% chance of winning. Why did he do such stupid things before His Majesty has made his decision?

“Vanessa is going to cry her heart out if she finds out about this.

“Sigh… the youngsters nowadays are unfathomable.”


Douglas looked at the intel in his hand with surprise, and said, “Seems like we are not the only ones monitoring this event.”

“If Chaos City didn’t do it, then it was most likely done by Alex and Irina. This is a drastic measure.” Louis nodded too. He was rather impressed by it.

Both of them knew the wisdom of the person behind all this. Many people were desperate for the truth in current chaotic situations. They only needed to throw a seed into the world of intel, and the news would spread like wildfire without the need for them to do anything else.

“The fire is already raging. Then, let’s create a gale.” Douglas smiled coldly.

Soon, an open letter in the giant dragons’ name was sent to the Rodu’s palace, and its contents quickly spread throughout the Norland Continent.

In the letter, the giant dragons condemned Andre for protecting Josh, who was controlled by the devil, allowing him to start a war on the orcs and the elves, ma.s.sacre the courtiers and their families, and attempt to start a new racial war.

Moreover, the giant dragons issued an ultimatum to Andre. They wanted Andre to apprehend Josh as soon as possible, and give all of them an explanation.

If the rumors that were spreading during the day were limited in their influence, the giant dragons’ open letter was equivalent to a bomb. It ripped the fig leaf away.

The second prince had become the devil, and was ma.s.sacring people in Rodu. People panicked immediately.


“This secondary attack was professionally done.” Mag looked at the open letter that he had just received with surprise.

This impact was equivalent to announcing the end of Josh directly.

No matter how Josh could try to whitewash it later, there was no way Josh could become the king of the Roth Empire in this lifetime with a stain like this unless he could control everyone.

He could already imagine Andre’s and Josh’s fury when they received this news.

Irina looked at the letter in Mag’s hands with a smile, and said, “We simply start the ball rolling, and it just continues to roll by itself. Its effect is much better than what we have antic.i.p.ated.”

The devil made the Norland Continent feel threatened, yet the second prince of the Roth Empire, Josh, chose to sell his soul to the devil. The public opinion would force Andre to investigate this matter thoroughly and cut ties with Josh completely.

What was certain was that an anti-Josh alliance was about to be set up.

Andre had already completely lost the legitimacy and initiative to start a war. Furthermore, he might even have to consider how to prove that the Edward royal family didn’t all succ.u.mb to the devil and become its slave.

“This is quite good.” Mag kept the open letter, and smilingly said to Irina, “My mood is great today. Let’s have a good meal. Order whatever you want.”

Amy poked her little head out from behind the counter, and was the first to announce, “I want to eat salted egg yolk pastry, grilled meat, roasted pig’s eyes, grilled fish…”

“Then we will have a big barbecue. I’ll go prepare for it.” Mag walked to the kitchen smilingly. Letting the other party have a taste of his own medicine felt great.


“You lied to me! Things didn’t go as you said they would! I have nothing now!!!”

Beyond Rodu, a furious voice echoed throughout a dark, s.p.a.cious cave.

A faint light cast a vague shadow of the man in black robe on the wall. The shadow was moving gradually, and many tentacles extended from it.

“There is no problem with the plan’s execution, and the war has already started. You have even gained your current power with that resentment. It’s because some horrible fellows have disrupted our plans. You have to find them, and then kill them. I will help you, and everything in this world will belong to you, and everyone will bow to you.” A hoa.r.s.e and low voice sounded in the cave as the black shadow swayed gently.

“Kill them? Ha…” Josh laughed hopelessly. “They want to lure me out and kill me. How am I going to kill them? Even you were resealed by Alex too!

“I have nothing now, and it’s all because of you… I shouldn’t have trusted you. I shouldn’t have trusted you…”

“Whom else can you trust besides me… Relax, it’s just the beginning…” That shadow’s voice became gentler and gentler.

Suddenly, the shadow on the wall rushed onto Josh, changed into a black fog, and merged into his body.

The shadow on the wall was swaying, and the tentacles could be seen burrowing into Josh’s head before disappearing completely.

“Now, I am you, and you are me…”

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