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Chapter 2023: What Design Is This?

The night fell, and Romo Street was as forlorn as ever.

Some customers who were nostalgic would come over to take a look. However, looking at the deserted street and the few opened restaurants and taverns, there wasn’t much urge to go in and spend in their hearts.

This scene had continued for over a year, and the remaining shops’ owners were also beginning to consider the issue of closing down. They couldn’t survive on pa.s.sion alone.

A few Ministry of Defense’s officials followed Lucien on Romo Street, and one of them said, “Lord Lucien, there aren’t many taverns left on Romo Street apart from t.i.tan Tavern, but t.i.tan Tavern is too boisterous. Why don’t we go somewhere else?”

Some of the officials lamented, “Yes. It’s only been a year, and it’s already so deserted. Romo Street was once the top choice for entertainment.”

“Let me bring you guys to a good place. We really can’t find another place like it other than on Romo Street,” Lucien said with a smile.

The officials were surprised to hear that. Lord Lucien had invited his colleagues from the Ministry of Defense out for a drink today. Due to the big incidents that had happened recently, and how they had nothing on hand to do, they all felt stifled, so they all readily agreed to join Lucien.

“Come to speak of it, it was Bobby who brought me here,” Lucien said to Bobby, who was standing at the edge.

“So it was Lord Bobby who recommended this place. Then, it must have great drinks.” The officials were thoughtful and mindful at the same time.

Everyone in the Ministry of Defense knew that Hector and Bobby were great friends, and they often drank together.

Besides, Lucien and Hector were close friends too. Now that Hector had left, Lucien and Bobby got close to each other. In fact, with Bobby’s rank and status, he shouldn’t be among the main Ministry of Defense’s officials to be invited for a drink, but Lucien still brought him along. Hence, this gave people something to ponder.

“I happened to into this newly opened tavern two days ago, and the drinks were not bad, so I dare to bring my lords here to try them out,” Bobby humbly replied. His rank was the lowest among them, and Lucien probably brought him along to give him a leg up in his career. He naturally had to put on his best performance.

Soon, their group arrived at the door of Saipan Tavern.

All the courtiers were surprised that there was a new tavern here, but since it was Lucien who brought them here, they naturally wouldn’t make any comments. They followed him into the tavern.

This was a new establishment, but the decor and furniture were all very simple. It wasn’t opulent at all, and was vastly different from the taverns they used to frequent.

However, due to the recent incidents, they really didn’t have the mood to enjoy themselves at the taverns. They only wanted to find a quiet place to drink and chat so that they could ease their dejection.

“Oh, we have customers again.” Amy poked her little head out from the counter, and looked at the group of people that just came in curiously.

“Woah, what an adorable little girl.” Everyone’s eyes lit up as they looked at the exquisite little girl, and they couldn’t help smiling.

“How do you do?” Amy smilingly said. She was well-behaved and adorable.

“Mm-hmm. How do you do, young lady?” Lucien smilingly replied. He had a great impression of this tavern. He enjoyed himself thoroughly last night too.

He had a rare good night’s sleep when he went home last night, and woke up fresh this morning. He would have thought that it was a great day if not for the news of Blum’s murder.

Mag heard the voices, and came out from the kitchen. His lips curled up imperceptibly when he saw Bobby. It was as if the latter was the tavern’s promoter. He brought people here to drink frequently, and the groups got bigger and bigger.

“What would you gentlemen like to drink?” Mag asked calmly. He wasn’t intimidated by their officials’ attire and aura at all.

Lucien took a quick look at their group of eight, and pondered briefly before saying, “We’ll have three bottles of Maotai, a bottle of whiskey, and two helpings of the dishes to go with the drinks. Oh, yes, two extra helpings of drunkard peanuts, please.”

“Alright, please give me a minute.” Mag nodded and went into the kitchen.

A courtier chuckled, and said, “This boss is really interesting. Wherever we go for drinks or meals, those bosses would try their best to suck up to us, but he isn’t fl.u.s.tered at all.”

A courtier also doubtfully said, “Yes. This boss looks very young. Can he really brew great drinks?”

“Perhaps that is his character. However, this boss does indeed brew great alcoholic drinks,” Bobby explained with a smile.

All of them chose seats that were further in, and started chatting. They soon began to talk about Blum’s

They saw that the tavern was empty, with just a little girl playing at the bar counter, and the boss busying himself in the kitchen, so they began to discuss it tactfully.

Blum was an important general in the military, but he didn’t hold any position in the Ministry of Defense, so the Ministry of Defense’s officials weren’t familiar with him. Hence, his death wasn’t as impactful to them as the deaths of several Ministry of Defense’s officials and the ma.s.sacre of their families.

However, this brought out other information, which terrified them in hindsight.

If it was really Second Prince Josh who killed Blum, then the murderer who ma.s.sacred their colleagues’ families was very likely to be Josh too.

Those courtiers were already sent to prison because of Josh, and their families were ma.s.sacred before they could be proven innocent. Therefore, many of them committed suicide in prison because they couldn’t withstand it.

As a highly ranked courtier and due to the sensitivity of this matter, Lucien quickly changed topic after saying a few words about it.

“Your drinks and dishes. Please enjoy.” Mag quickly served them their drinks and dishes before retreating cleverly.

“What design is this? It’s so unique.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they saw the three roly-poly Maotai bottles and the thin and narrow crystal whiskey bottle.

Given their ident.i.ties and status, they naturally had drunk good liquor before, but no taverns had spent so much effort on their liquor bottles before.

“This is Maotai, the most scrumptious liquor I have ever tasted.” Bobby picked up a bottle of Maotai, and twisted the cap open familiarly.

A rich liquor aroma wafted out instantly.

“This smell!”

All the courtiers’ eyes lit up. Some of them who were alcohol lovers even took a deep sniff of it.

“I know it’s a great liquor just by smelling its aroma. I didn’t expect such great liquor to exist in a newly opened tavern on this Romo Street,” a courtier praised.

Bobby took a few, and poured a gla.s.s for each of the courtiers.

“I’m not drinking Maotai, either. I want to try the taste of this whiskey.” Lucien declined Bobby’s drink, and instead picked up the bottle of whiskey on the table.

It was rare to see crystal bottles of such design. Mag could even get a good price just by selling this crystal bottle alone, but he was using it to hold the liquor. The 2000-copper-coins-a-bottle liquor was already worth its price tag just with this bottle alone.

“Let me open it for you.” Mag approached just at the appropriate time. He took the whiskey from Lucien, and removed the seal before using the opener to remove the cork.

“Please enjoy.” Mag put down the whiskey..

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