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Chapter 2027: It’s So Embarra.s.sing…

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What happened in Rodu swept through the whole Norland Continent like a hurricane.

As one of the successors of the Roth Empire’s king, Josh was actually controlled by the devil. He planned and started the war on the orcs and the elves, ordered the ma.s.sacre of dozens of orc tribes, cruelly ma.s.sacred dozens of the Ministry of Defense’s courtiers’ family members, and killed Blum.

A commotion broke out all over the Norland Continent. All the races questioned the Roth Empire following the giant dragons. They demanded Andre to hand out Josh and investigate this matter to give an explanation to all the races.

Meanwhile, this matter also caused huge repercussions within the Roth Empire. Mutinies broke out in many military camps after the news of Blum being murdered and him shouting out Josh’s name before he died spread in the military, which was forced to shoulder the blame initially. A few Roth Empire’s generals, with Marshal Dominic in the lead, requested Andre to investigate this matter thoroughly and give all the courtiers in the Ministry of Defense and Blum an explanation.

The Roth Empire was turned upside down overnight.

Andre sat in the Royal Study alone, and looked at the report submitted by Dominic in front of him. Other than him, there were three other generals’ signatures on it. Andre’s expression was grave, and veins were twitching on his forehead. He was obviously on the verge of a violent rage.

After being alone quietly for a long time, he finally said to the door, “Let them come in.”

The royal study’s door opened, and 10-odd of the Roth Empire’s most powerful courtiers streamed in, and stood on both sides with complex expressions.

If launching a war on the orcs and the elves was still within the Roth Empire’s range of control, then Second Prince Josh allying himself with the devil could shake the core of the Roth Empire.

Andre’s gaze swept over all the courtiers present, and he gravely said, “Josh was manipulated by the devil, and has committed such unforgivable crimes. From today onwards, his t.i.tle of prince will be revoked, and all departments will pursue him with all their might to give the civilians and courtiers who died innocently an explanation.”

Many courtiers heaved a breath of relief secretly after hearing that.

All the courtiers bowed, and said, “Your Majesty is wise.”

Andre’s current statement meant he had already given up on Josh completely, and the fight for the throne that had lasted for years was finally over too. Sean would become the Roth Empire’s future king.

The courtiers in Sean’s faction had a glint of joy and excitement in their eyes. Sean won easily, despite being evenly matched with his rival initially, due to Josh’s stupid behavior.

However, the courtiers in Josh’s faction didn’t look too good now.

This matter had shaken the entire Norland Continent, and even His Majesty had to make a stand, so they naturally wouldn’t poke their heads out at a time like this. Furthermore, they were thinking about how to make a clean cut with Josh. In times like this, no ordinary people could withstand any connection to the devil.

Andre paused for a while before saying, “I will announce to the world that Sean will become the crown prince. The Roth Empire is irreconcilable with the devil, and will join all the races to resist against the devil’s invasion. We will eliminate everything that is related to the devil!”


This news from the Roth Empire’s palace quickly spread all over the Norland Continent. It reached everyone who was concerned about this matter.

“He’s indeed a sly old fox. He’s much faster and decisive than I expected.” Mag received the news earlier the next morning too. He pa.s.sed the secret missive to Irina, who was drinking soybean milk.

“It’s within our expectations. He has already lost his s.p.a.ce to choose. It’d already have been the abyss if he’d chosen to take a step back. Compared to losing a son who has already lost control of his actions, this decision isn’t hard to make.” Irina only took a quick look before she continued to drink the soybean milk.

“That’s true.” Mag nodded, but he was still rather satisfied with this outcome. At least the show that they had put on the other night had met his expectations perfectly.

There was already no place for Josh to hide in this vast world.

For a person who aspired to be the next king of the Roth Empire and a show-off, this was worse than killing him.

After eating breakfast, Mag brought Irina and two children out shopping again as usual. Their daily activities were just so leisurely and comfortable when they didn’t have to open for business.

Of course, he sometimes would still feel a little guilty whenever he thought about Mamy Restaurant’s customers waiting for him to return at the restaurant’s door.

Amy put on her little bunny hat, looked up at Mag, and expectantly asked, “Father, where are we going to play today?”

Mag looked at Amy, and said, “Let’s go to the book square in the west of the city today. I heard it’s the biggest book square on the Norland Continent, with countless big and small bookshops. We can find any books if we look hard enough.”

Amy’s eyes lit up, and she said, “Great. Then I can buy some pretty picture I saw some children reading some interesting picture yesterday.”

Annie’s eyes brightened when she heard about the picture, and she began to look at Mag with an expectant gaze.

“The books over there are all for children.” Irina didn’t agree with Mag’s review, but she didn’t object to Mag’s suggestion, either.

Mag hailed a horse-drawn carriage. He gave the coachman instructions, and they headed straight for the books square in the west of the city.

The west city books square was, in fact, just a square that was formed by many bookshops. Almost half of the bookshops in Rodu were situated here, and almost all the magazine press set up their headquarters here.

There were big bookshops that were thousands of square meters big and small bookshops that were just a few square meters big, with all kinds of ancient books stacked up high.

Going through alleys and turning corners, perhaps you could just find the materials you sought high and low for in an inconspicuous corner.

The horse-drawn carriage stopped in front of the biggest bookshops. Mag paid the coachman, and they alighted from the carriage.

Amy leaped off the horse-drawn carriage. When she saw a giant painting of a chef in front of the bookshop’s entrance, she was amazed, and said, “Wow. Isn’t that Father?”

Irina and Annie looked surprised too.

It was a magazine cover that was over two meters tall. It was from Perfect Food, and was the publicity picture of the new issue.

On that cover, apart from the words “Perfect Food,” there was an uncolored sketch of a chef. Be it the clothing or looks, it did look like Mag.

Of course, most importantly, there was a line of words next to the figure: “Number one chef on the Norland Continent: Mag!”

“It’s so embarra.s.sing…” Mag shook his head.

“Hoho. You should have received the news long ago, right?” Irina looked at Mag with a smile, as if she had already seen through his tricks.

“I heard that the magazine would be released today, but I didn’t know it would be released like this..” Mag shrugged. If he had known, he wouldn’t have minded sending the editorial department a good-looking full-length picture of him so that he could attract more female fans!

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