Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2033 – I Wonder If I May Have The Honor Of Pouring Your Wine?

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Chapter 2033: I Wonder If I May Have The Honor Of Pouring Your Wine?

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The unrest during this period in the Roth Empire court had caused those in the Ministry of Defense, as well as the Ministry of Law, to be very busy.

A few of the prisons in Rodu were filled as almost all the crimes in Rodu had been dug out to catch the arsonists or the murders of the generals’ families. In the end, almost all the criminals of other age-long crimes had been dug out.

Yesterday, when the king announced that Josh was the culprit of the case, the heavy burden on the shoulders of the Ministry of Law was finally put down.

Today, a few of the courtiers from the Ministry of Law had decided to come out for drinks. They heard from the Ministry of Defense that there was a newly opened tavern on Romo Street, and the wine there was too good to be true. Therefore, they came over to try.

The moment they stepped in, the fragrance did hit them.

However, upon seeing the simple renovation, most of them frowned. But they still sat down on account of the alcohol.

Aulden was one of the higher-ups in the Ministry of Law. He was the one who organized this drinking session, and most of those who came along were his confidants. After days of suppression, he invited everyone over for a drink and to relax.

To him, this tavern was rather bad. The price of the wine was high, but there were only three pathetic types of side dishes. Even things like peanuts, pig’s ears, and tongue were served on the table.

However, this tavern was decided on by Lord Joseph, who was Aulden’s superior, and joined in this drinking session at the last minute. Therefore, Aulden could not reject him.

However, the service of this tavern was terrible. There was not a single service staff available to pour their wine. In other taverns, the moment they entered, the owner would personally go up to them and pour their wine. Therefore, he targeted the little girl sitting behind the counter.

Although the la.s.s was a little small, she was rather cute. Getting her to pour their wine would still be rather pleasurable.

Therefore, Aulden pointed at Amy, and commanded, “Little brat, come over here and pour us some wine.”

Aulden’s voice was not soft, and his command made many heads turn.

Many of them had noticed the owner’s cute little daughter. She appeared to be only three or four years old. How dare someone come up with such an unreasonable request, getting her to pour wine?

However, when they turned to look and saw Aulden and the gang, they quickly looked away.

Many officials were wary of the Ministry of Law since nothing good would come out of being noticed by them.

Joseph frowned upon hearing that as well. He glanced at Amy, who was sitting behind the counter, and said, “It’s alright. A child so young wouldn’t know how to pour wine.”

“Sir, there is no need to sympathize with her. It’s just a bottle of wine. Since they can’t afford service staff, someone got to pour the wine for us, right?” Aulden waved his hand with a laugh. He looked at Amy, who was still sitting behind the counter, and said coldly, “Little brat, didn’t you hear what I say?”

“Little brat? Are you referring to me?” Amy looked at Aulden in bewilderment as she propped her chin on her hands.

“Is there anyone smaller than you?” Aulden glared at Amy.

“Here.” Amy lifted Ugly Duckling, which was on the chair next to her. “You must be calling him, then.”

“Aoo.” Ugly Duckling, who was dressed up as a panda, yawned and continued sleeping on the counter.

Everyone smiled upon seeing that.

“You… Are you kidding me?!” Aulden’s face turned black. No one had ever dared to tease him in front of so many people.

Amy shook her head seriously, and waved her hands as she said, “You don’t look fun to kid.”

Aulden slammed the table, and stood up as he howled, “Impudent! Do you know who I am?”

“Sir, since you’re an official, isn’t it inappropriate to bring up such a request to a child?” Mag walked out from the kitchen with a cleaver in his hand as he stood beside Amy.

Irina happened not to be in the tavern. Otherwise, the foldable chair would probably have smacked this high-ranking little fatty to the ground.

The other customers in the tavern also looked at Aulden with displeasure. How could such a big-sized official treat such a cute little girl so unreasonably? That was simply detestable.

Aulden laughed. He looked at Mag, and said, “You darn peasant! I am an official in the Ministry of Law. Getting her to pour my wine is her honor. Aren’t you afraid that I will close down your little tavern and throw the two of you into prison?”

“Exactly, you’ve only opened a pathetic little tavern, and you think you’re somebody?”

“Aren’t you going to apologize to Lord Aulden? Otherwise, it would only take a word to seal this tavern of yours.”

The other officials at the table chimed in. They had not seen such an arrogant person in a really long time.

Upon hearing that, the other customers quickly turned away, afraid to be implicated.

Joseph was rather unhappy hearing that. He hesitated, but did not speak.

Mag pressed his lips together. He swung the cleaver in his hand, and decided that he would not want this tavern anymore.

“Prison your head!” Just then, a shout came from the corner. A big silhouette rushed over from the corner, and he pressed a plate of half-eaten pig ears salad into Aulden’s face with a smack.


The plate fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

The tavern was dead silent immediately.

Everyone looked at the stupefied Aulden with his face smeared with red oil and pig’s ears in shock.

This was a big boss in the Ministry of Law. Such a distinguished status and ident.i.ty.

“Sir.” The other law officials were also stunned. They did not expect someone in this small tavern to do such a thing to Aulden.

“This fatty is getting into trouble.” Everyone looked at the plump, rich businessman, and could not help but worry for him.

Although he had done something that everyone wanted to do, he also had gotten himself into trouble.

“F*ck…” Aulden came back to his senses and was furious.

“Your… Your Highness!” Joseph, who was at the side, stood up immediately. He was stunned when he saw Abraham, who was dressed like a rich businessman.

“Your Highness?” Aulden was stumped. He removed the pig’s ear that was covering his eyes, and saw what the large man actually looked like. His legs went jelly, and he kneeled down immediately on the broken pieces of the plate.

Duke Abraham!

One of the most distinguished persons in the Roth Empire, and also the beloved and most trusted brother of the king.

Although he almost had no real power, everyone knew very clearly that Duke Abraham was ranked way higher than the other dukes in His Majesty’s heart. In the past, Duke Abraham contributed greatly in helping the king ascend the throne.

Although he was a high-ranking official, it was nothing at all in front of this duke.

“Your Highness!” The other officials at the table quickly stood up, and bowed respectfully to Abraham.

This duke had not interfered with politics for many years, so they had not managed to recognize him immediately.

“Lords of the Ministry of Law, I wonder if I may have the honor of pouring your wine?” Abraham asked with a seeming smile as he received the handkerchief handed over by his butler to wipe the red oil on his hand.

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