Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2035 – Big Sister Amy Will Protect You In The Future

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Chapter 2035: Big Sister Amy Will Protect You In The Future

After a few days of recuperation, Merante had almost recovered from his injuries.

Moreover, Merante could even get to eat the scrumptious food that Mag delivered every single day. The initially thin Merante plumped up obviously. His face became rosy, and looked healthier than before he had been injured.

However, because of that, he looked less like a member of the Ghost Clan, and more like an ordinary old man.

“Come on in.” Mag naturally wouldn’t reject their request to come in for a drink. Since Merante had recovered from his injuries, he would return to his search for Josh. He was a giant living radar.

Mag closed the door, and smilingly asked, “What would you like to drink?”

“Boss Mag, we will have the liquor that you gave me previously. My grandpa has been scolding me for wasting good liquor for the past few days,” Noah replied miserably. He had been lectured by his grandpa for that small bottle of liquor in the past few days.

“Is it Maotai? Take a seat first. I’ll go make you some side dishes to go with your drinks.” Mag nodded, and went into the kitchen.

Shortly after, Mag came out with three side dishes and a bottle of Maotai.

Noah was playing with strings with Amy.

“You are so stupid. You can’t even do this.

“Oh heavens. It’s not like this. You have to go through here first. You are so stupid.

“It’s not this string, it’s that one. So stupid.

Amy, who wasn’t good at playing strings, met Noah, who was very bad at playing strings, and finally discovered the fun of this game.

Seems like… I’m really stupid? Noah stared at the bunched up yarns in his hands with wide eyes, and thought hard.

Merante crossed his legs as he watched Amy and Noah smilingly. He looked just like an ordinary old man, and not like a big boss from the Ghost Clan.

Mag pulled out the cork, poured Merante a gla.s.s, and asked, “How’s your injury, old master?”

“I have completely recovered. I can do anything now,” Merante answered, but his gaze was completely attracted to the liquor in the gla.s.s in front of him.

This liquor was extremely fragrant. He had never smelled such an enticing liquor’s aroma even when he had lived for 700 years.

Therefore, he kept thinking about it after he drank the last few drops of liquor in the bottle that day. He already couldn’t wait when he smelled that liquor’s aroma which drifted in from the street in the house. He came to ask for a gla.s.s of liquor after the tavern closed.

“Come, have one.” Mag could see that Merante was focused on the liquor, so he wasn’t in a hurry to discuss the matter.

Merante picked up his gla.s.s, and solemnly said to Mag, “Thank you for saving us and for your hospitality.”

“You’re welcome.” Mag clinked his gla.s.s with Merante’s before taking a sip.

Merante downed his gla.s.s in a single gulp.

This liquor was sweet and soft when it hit the throat. Its rich aroma spread in the oral cavity like a dense fog, trapping one within it.

“This is good…” Merante only opened his eyes after a long time, letting out a long sign.

He had never had such great liquor in his life before. He felt a little high after downing one gla.s.s of it. A warmth emerged from the bottom of his heart, making him feel warm throughout.

Mag poured another gla.s.sful for him, and smilingly said, “If you like it, old master, just drink as much as you like. We have plenty of it.”

“Then, I won’t stand on ceremony with you.” Merante picked up his gla.s.s, and downed it in one gulp again. He hadn’t drunk a sip of alcohol for the past few days while he was nursing his wounds. He couldn’t wait to drink alcohol again.

“C-can I have some too?” Noah said softly as he reached out for the bottle.

Merante looked up, and said to him, “A child can’t drink alcohol. You’re just responsible for pouring it for us. Go get yourself some water.”

“I’m already an adult,” Noah reb.u.t.ted.

Merante pursed his lips, and said, “That’s according to human standards. In the Ghost Clan, you are just a baby. You’re not even as old as Little Boss.”

“I…” Noah was actually lost for words at that moment.

The eyes of Amy, who was holding a gla.s.s of freshly squeezed juice, lit up, and she smilingly said to Noah, “Really? Then, can I call you Little Brother Noah in the future?”

“No, you can’t.”

“Little Brother Noah.”

“I said no, you can’t.”

“You have to be good, Little Brother Noah.” Amy reached out to pat Noah’s head before taking out a candy, and pa.s.sed it to Noah.

“I don’t want it.” Noah rejected it with exasperation.

“This is a preserved plum candy. It’s sour and sweet. It’s super delicious. You definitely have to try it,” Amy said with a serious expression.

“Really?” Noah threw a glance at the tiny candy in Amy’s palm and gulped.

“Come, sniff it.” Amy tore open the wrapper, and got close to Noah. The preserved plum’s faint sourish aroma could be detected.

Noah gulped. It was indeed the preserved plum’s sourish and sweet taste.

“For you.” Amy placed the candy on Noah’s hand.

After a brief hesitation, Noah still tossed that preserved plum candy into his mouth.

The sourish sweet taste made his face scrunch up for a second, but after he got used to it, the taste was mesmerizing.

Smiling, Amy said to him, “After eating my candy, you will be my little brother in the future.”

“Hmm???” Noah was full of question marks.

“Father said that you can’t beat me, so resign to your fate.”

Amy was still smiling brightly, but in Noah’s eyes, that smile became the smile of a little devil.

She was indeed the offspring of formidable parents. Although Amy was only four years old, she was Alex and Irina’s daughter!

A product of such a terrifying union had to be an existence with extraordinary talents. Otherwise and Urien wouldn’t have fought to have her as their disciple.

As for whether she was indeed more powerful than Noah, the latter had already heard about how she had won the champions.h.i.+p at the Magic Caster Tournament by defeating an 8th-tier magic caster after coming to Rodu.

Hence, it’s all this little preserved plum candy’s fault that I became your little brother?

Noah was a little sad, and he looked at the sky.

“It’s fine, little brother. Big Sister Amy will protect you in the future,” Amy spoke in a mature tone to her new little brother.

Noah had no doubt about that.

This was a monster that had defeated an 8th-tier magic caster at four years old. Perhaps she would become a great magic caster before she turned 10.

Moreover, she was a super-second-generation who was well-versed in both long-range offensive and close combat magic, and had a father who was the mightiest powerhouse in this world and a mother who was the most beautiful in this world.

In fact, even the princess of the Roth Empire paled when compared to her.

Of course, he would kneel down even quicker if he knew that the archbishop of the Holy See was currently searching for her everywhere to get her to be their holy maiden.

Since they were drinking, Mag didn’t discuss any serious matters with Merante, as the latter would forget everything when he woke up tomorrow morning. Mag might as well save his effort.

After drinking half a bottle of Maotai, Merante was knocked out and lying on the table.

Mag put down his Maotai, which still had half of a small cup left, and said to Noah, “Come and have breakfast tomorrow morning. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

“Alrighty.” Noah, who didn’t drink a single sip, carried Merante on his back and left.

Looking at Mag, who just returned after closing the door, Amy expectantly asked, “Father, did I perform well today?”

“Mm-hmm. Little Amy has done an excellent job. You’ll be rewarded with a big chicken drumstick tomorrow.” Mag nodded. The little one’s acting skills were so natural that n.o.body could link her to that cute and fierce little boss who placed her hands behind her back when she collected money from the customers.

A smile bloomed on Amy’s face, and she nodded her head.. “Little Amy likes big chicken drumsticks!”

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