Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2039 – It Was So Hard To Be A Woman!

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Chapter 2039: It Was So Hard To Be A Woman!

Annie went upstairs and continued drawing.

Even though Irina’s injuries weren’t serious, her body was still in a weakened state. Therefore, the whole family canceled their planned excursion. They let down the hidden giant screen, and entered the family movie mode.

“Woah! This Nezha looked like me. I have wind fire wheels too!”

“However, her master is so fat, just like that pig.”

“Is that long white thing a snake?”

“That’s a dragon.”

“Is Nezha a girl?”

“He’s a boy.”

“Did he come out from an egg? Can Ugly Duckling turn into something like her?”

“It most likely won’t.”



After watching three movies in the morning, Mag kept the giant screen to let the little one rest her eyes while he went into the kitchen to cook lunch for them.

Mag saw that extendable and water-resistant roller pin on the shelf.

It was golden, but there weren’t any engravings on it, so it was a slight pity.

Mag grabbed that roller pin, and chanted softly, “Small, small, small…”

The 30-cm-long roller pin indeed swiftly became small, and was finally as small as a sewing needle.

“The Monkey King[1] did not lie to me indeed.” Mag looked at the tiny golden bludgeon in his palm, and resisted the urge to put it in his ear.

It was one thing whether it would stay in place, but it would definitely pierce through his eardrum.

“Big, big, big…” Mag continued to chant. The needle-sized roller pin slowly expanded, and quickly became three meters tall, touching the ceiling and reaching the floor.

This is interesting. I can use it as a crus.h.i.+ng weight if needed. Mag nodded. He turned it back to a normal roller pin, and placed it back on the shelf.

Up till now, he still hadn’t discovered the secret of this roller pin.

That mysterious name was perhaps the most mysterious aspect of it.


That liquor last night… Abraham sat on his bed to let his beautiful handmaidens wash up and dress him. He was still reminiscing about the liquor that he drank last night.

He was carried back home last night. He had pa.s.sed out from drinking.

According to his past experience, he should be feeling very miserable in the morning.

However, surprisingly, he slept all the way till noon, and felt extremely refreshed after waking up. He had a rare good night’s sleep.

“What’s the name of that tavern that I went to last night?” Abraham asked the butler, who was waiting at the side.

“My Lord, that tavern is called ‘Saipan Tavern.’ It’s on Romo Street,” the butler answered softly.

“Saipan Tavern?” Abraham was thoughtful.

The butler continued, “My Lord, I have prepared some porridge for you. Would you like to have it now?”

Abraham got up, and said to the butler, “Their side dishes should go well with the porridge too. Send someone to buy and bring some side dishes for me.”

“Yes,” the butler replied, and then turned to leave.

Abraham suddenly stopped him. “Oh yes, forget it if they are not open yet. We have to be civilized.”

“Yes,” the butler smilingly replied. “I’ll go personally.”


Mag just happened to finish cooking when he heard the sound of knocking on the door.

“Hmm?” Mag wore his mask, and walked to the door. He looked out of the peephole, and saw an old man standing outside.

This old man looked very familiar. He was that old butler that usually followed Abraham around.

“h.e.l.lo, can I help you?” Mag opened the door.

“I’m sorry to bother you, Boss. My master loves your side dishes, and sent me to buy some from you. I wonder if it’s convenient?” the old butler asked smilingly.

This chowhound really knows how to enjoy his food. Normal people can’t really execute the move of buying side dishes at a tavern. Mag raised his eyebrows slightly.

However, based on the fact that Abraham had stood up for Amy last night, Mag said, “The tavern only operates at night. We haven’t started to make the salad side dishes yet, but we still have some drunkard peanuts left. Please give me a minute, and I’ll go get them for you.”

“Alright, thank you very much then,” the butler quickly replied.

Shortly after, Mag packed one helping of drunkard peanuts in a wooden box, and gave it to the butler.

“May I ask how much it is, Boss?” The butler took out his money bag.

“Your master helped the tavern last night. These peanuts are the token of my appreciation.” Mag shook his head with a smile.

“There’s no need for that. Master has already scolded me for not paying you last night. If he knew that I was taking things for free out here, he would chase me out when I returned.” The old butler gave one silver coin to Mag. “Please keep this. Master loves your dishes. He will definitely return again.”

Mag tossed the silver coin into the air as he watched the butler leave in a horse-drawn carriage before going back into the tavern.

On the second floor of t.i.tan Tavern across the street, Eiffie peeped at Mag through a half-opened window. This man is really unfathomable. He can actually get to know Duke Abraham. What’s his ident.i.ty?

“Miss, what are you looking at?” A maid spoke up behind her.

Eiffie got a shock, and quickly shut the window. A blush appeared on her pretty face. She coughed dryly to alleviate her embarra.s.sment, and said, “The window was opened slightly. I closed it because I felt a little cold.”

“Oh.” The maid didn’t suspect anything. She put down a takeaway box in her hands, and took out the hot food within while saying, “Miss, I heard that the tavern opposite us had a roaring business last night. Moreover, the liquor that they sell is extremely expensive. A customer’s minimum spending is at least 1000 copper coins.”

“Mm-hmm,” Eiffie answered distractedly.

“Miss, why don’t we increase our liquor’s prices too? Our customers’ minimum spending is not even 100 copper coins?” the maid asked perplexedly.

Eiffie flicked a finger at the maid’s forehead with exasperation. “Silly girl. Our customers are not rich. They even thought that 10 copper coins for a gla.s.s of liquor was expensive. Increase the price? We’re going to lose this group of customers too if we do so.”

The maid felt pain. While covering her forehead with her hand, she aggrievedly said, “I-I was just saying.”

Eiffie rolled her eyes, and said, “He dares to take 2000 copper coins for a bottle of liquor because his liquor is indeed good. How are we going to follow suit?”

“Th-then, we can sell his liquor too.” The little maid pursed her lips.

“So, should I exchange you for the liquor with the boss of that tavern opposite?” Eiffie replied with an exasperated smile.

“I-I…” The little maid thought seriously for a moment. “If that boss wants me, I’m willing to sacrifice myself.”

“…” Eiffie.

“I’m saying… he definitely won’t accept me.” The little maid quickly shook her head, and then looked at Eiffie. “However, if it was Miss, I don’t think he could ever reject you. No one could reject Miss in this world.”

I’m sorry. There’s one right opposite. Eiffie sighed inwardly. Hadn’t she been rejected more than once?

There was only one reason.

He had a more beautiful one at home.

It was so hard to be a woman.

[1] Seems like a Sun Wukong reference. He had a famous staff that could change its length at command. By the way, Prince Nezha mentioned before is a character from the same story, though he is also an actual deity..

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