Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2043 – Exclamation From the Life Experience Ssystem +1

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Chapter 2043: Exclamation From the Life Experience Ssystem +1

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“Prepare reakfast?

Amy sat up and thought seriously for a while. After that, frustrated, she said, “But I don’t know how to cook.” “Little Mistress, do not worry, as a Life Experience System, I will provide you with all-rounded a.s.sistance and guidance to ensure that you can prepare a delicious set of breakfast,” the system said confidently. “Alright. I will get up first.” Amy climbed up softly so that she would not startle

Annie, who was sleeping beside her. She dug out a little ap.r.o.n from her wardrobe, and tiptoed out of the room.

Amy appeared in the kitchen with her little ap.r.o.n. She looked at the pots and pans on the stove and the other knives and kitchenware hanging on the wall, and was a little stunned.

The System was a little stunned as well.

Is this really. a fantasy world?

Why is there kitchenware from so many technological worlds? And. electricity?

This makes no sense!

The system tlipped its system manual for verification.

This was indeed a fantasy world. It was a fantasy world with giant dragons flying in the sky, trolls pounding on the ground, and succubí showing their charms.

However, what was a rice cooker?

Could it be some demon or beast that had transformed into one?

The System felt that its fragile worldview had met with a huge impact.

Maybe.. there was a mistake during the time of my descent, and technology had been developed in this world?The System tried to convince itself. “Breakfast, what should I make?” Amy asked.

A four-year-old child would need patient guidance.

The System tried to speak as amiably as it could. “Little Mistress, what would you normally have for breakfast?” “Youtiao with soybean milk, or a helping of Yangzhou fried rice, the congee with pork and century egg is pretty good too. The tofu pudding is a little too troublesome, but the stir-fried chicken is good, and sometimes we would adda salted egg yolk pastry.”e “Hold on.. this food.. what are they doing in this world?!”

The System’s worldview collapsed once again.

It was even.. a little confused.

From what it found from its database, this food should be from a lowly star called Earth, which was where the place named Yangzhou was. “So, what should we make” Amy pointed her two index fingers together gently as she fell into a dilemma. “It’s too dangerous to make the youtiao, and the procedures for the salted egg yolk pastry and tofu pudding are too complicated. They are not what you could master easily. Therefore, the only choice right now is the Yangzhou fried rice or the congee with pork and congee with pork and century egg. I suggest that you make the congee with pork and century egg. It’s simpler,” the System suggested.

Amy shook her head, and said, “No, Father said that we should always take on challenges. I choose to make the rainbow fried rice!” “”System.

Right now, it wanted to drag that legendary father out a hundred times! “Alright. The ingredients you need right now are prawns, eggs, ham, s.h.i.+take mushroom.” “No, it’s these.” Amy opened the refrigerator, and s.h.i.+fted a little stool over to step on it. She pulled out the different ingredients needed for the Yangzhou fried rice from the freezer compartment.

There were prawns the size of Amy’s arms, top-grade egg, top-grade ham that had been marinated for years, fresh and rare tree mushroom.. “Why are there so many rare ingredients! The System was stunned.

According to the Life Experience System’s ideology of taking things one step at a time, the first step to making a delicacy should start with planting and harvesting ingredients.

For example, rearing a piglet in preparation for the marinated ham, hatching an egg froma chicken, going to the mountains to pluck fresh tree mushrooms, and going down to the sea to catch fresh prawns.

In the end.

Everything was there in the refrigerator?

On top of that, they were all good-quality ingredients.

Amy placed everything on the kitchen counter, and asked expectantly, “So, what do I do next? What should I do?

Although her father did teach her cooking before, she really could not master

Therefore, she gave up.

However, making breakfast for her parents was rather interesting. “Choose a cleaver that feels good to hold and chop all the ingredients into cube-size.” The System started its tutorial.

Amy took the cleaver her father used often from the knife rack. She climbed onto her small stool, grabbed a piece of ham, and hacked it.



The steel kitchen counter was chopped into two pieces and fell apart. “Huh Amy opened her mouth slightly with the cleaver in her hand.

System: (4+!!


What kindof monster is that!

Chopping the vegetables became chopping the kitchen counter

This kitchen counter doesn’t seem too st.u.r.dy..” Amy said blankly.

Can you blame it for not being st.u.r.dy?!

The kitchen counter would probably flip itself upon hearing that.

Youre the one who used too much force! “In that case.. What should I do now? I broke Father’s kitchen counter. If he ees it, he will be very angry.” Amy said in a fl.u.s.ter after coming back to her senses. “Don’t worry, Little Mistress, it’s just a kitchen counter. I believe your father would not blame you. After all, you’re so cute.. “If Father gets angry, does that mean I can also gain life experience points? “What??

The System was stunned. However, it still replied, “Theoretically speaking, it is true” “No, no. I can’t make Father angry or upset. He’s been working hard every day to support me and Mother.” Amy shook her head, and placed the cleaver aside.

She picked up the ingredients that had fallen on the floor, and propped the chopped kitchen counter back up.e “It’s already broken. You’ll need a weaponsmith to forge it back together. This is obviously not what you can do,” the System persuaded.

Of course, propping upa steel kitchen counter weighing hundreds of kilograms with her bare hands was not like what a four-year-old little girl could do.

In any case, from what it seemed, this host was not simple.

However, it was just an ordinary Life Experience System! “Fire can melt steel, and ice can solidify it again,” Amy said as she looked at the broken kitchen counter. “Theoretically, it is true. However, it would need a blacksmith to first melt the steel in his workshop and then.”

A flame appeared in Amy’s palm, and it traveled along the crack. The two sides of the thick steel started to change in color and melt.

After that, Amy reached her left hand out, and chilly air started expanding out.

Two thick layers of ice appeared on the top and bottom of the kitchen counter, trapping the melted steel between them.

Three minutes later, the ice fell off and disappeared.

The kitchen counter had been joined back together. The surface was smooth, and other than a black line left behind, it was completely the same as it was before.

The System.

Although the extreme cold could break the internal structure of steel and cause the joint area to become brittle, this was already considered an extremely difficult thing for a four-year-old to do. “Exclamation from the Life Experience System +1!”

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