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Chapter 2046: Amy, The King Of Jokes

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“It’s so delicious. The skin is thin and soft, and it is stuffed with meat filling. It felt so blissful with just one bite,” Amy praised.

To a broad-spectrum chowhound, the theory of eating light for breakfast was invalid.

Mag indulgently said to Amy, “I’ll make you another bowl later if you like it.”

“Mm-hmm. Father is the best,” Amy said happily before continuing to eat the wontons.

Mag picked up a spoon and started eating too.

The so-called wontons were Sichuan-style wontons in his understanding.

However, the wonton’s skin was round, while the Sichuanese wonton’s skin was square.

Its size was slightly bigger compared to the small wontons of some places, yet it was smaller than some big wontons at some other places. The perfect size was when you were able to pop one into your mouth every time.

Mag actually didn’t like the wontons in clear soup very much.

That scoop of red oil was equivalent to infusing a soul into it. It made him fall in love with the Sichuan spicy wontons in red oil.

Mag tasted the soup first.

The rich bone broth combined with the red oil that was painstakingly brewed. The roasted sesame floated on top of the soup. One could sense the layers of taste even with just one mouthful. It was exhilarating.

Then, he ate the wonton.

The handmade dough skin was soft and tender yet chewy. Upon biting it open, he discovered the pork meat filling had already nurtured the most delicious stuffing.

It was the size that fitted an adult’s mouth perfectly. At the same time, it provided the greatest sense of satisfaction.

This helping of Sichuan spicy wontons in red oil had indeed lived up to his expectations.

Even though Amy gave them a scare early in the morning, the breakfast still ended in a cordial atmosphere.

They had nothing to do in the morning, so Mag made a pot of fruit tea after cleaning up, and the whole family sat around the table.

Anna had already taken out her drawing supplies, and continued drawing.

Irina looked at Mag, and smilingly asked, “I heard that there was an increase in the number of customers yesterday?”

“It’s still some distance away from my first small target,” Mag said humbly.

“How many customers is that?”

“Maybe 1000 customers,” Mag replied with a smile.

“Ding, dong! Side mission released: the old father’s wish—help Saipan Tavern reach its 1000th customer. You will gain a mysterious reward after completing the mission!”

Right then, the system sounded in Amy’s mind.

“Can you even call that a mission? With Father’s culinary skills, he can achieve that in a few days himself,” Amy said perplexedly.

“_.” System.

You are indeed very confident about your father.

“Could the little mistress please try to complete the mission and actively take part in it? The final reward will be decided according to your partic.i.p.ation.”

“If the reward is still ‘The King of Jokes’ this time, I don’t want it,” Amy said disdainfully.

Mag waved his hand in front of Amy and smiled. “What are you thinking about in a daze, Amy?”

“Tm not thinking about anything. When I was sleeping last night, I received a—”

“Warning! Warning! Warning! Please abide by the rules, Little Mistress! The self-destruction program will be activated once the system is exposed!” The system’s urgent voice sounded.

Amy’s voice halted immediately.

“What did you receive?” Mag asked smilingly.

Amy blinked, and then changed her story. “I had a dream when I was sleeping. I dreamt of a very funny man. He said he was the king of jokes, and then he told me many jokes.”

“Oh? Little Amy had such a funny dream. What funny jokes did that king of jokes tell you?” Mag said with surprise.

“He said, ‘You can actually drink water that is freshly boiled, as long as you’re not afraid of being scalded.’

“Even a monster would not hurt its own children, so the experts suggest kneeling and calling the monster whenever you meet one out there to increase your chances of survival.

“The ghost knocking on the door at night means that the ghost is rather polite.”

Mag and Irina listened to her with great interest, laughing hard occasionally.

Even Annie, who was drawing, couldn’t help putting down her pens, and listened to Amy tell jokes.

[Happiness points from Mag +1]

[Happiness points from Annie +1]

[Happiness points from Irina +1]

{Happiness points from Irina +1]

{Happiness points from Irina +1]

Amy looked at the life experience points that kept popping up in her head, and got even more excited at telling the stories.

“Little Amy, did you hear all that in your dream?” Irina was laughing so hard that her jaws were aching.

“yup.” Amy nodded. She also wanted to be an honest child, but the system wouldn’t allow her to.

This baddie system.

“Seems like Amy had a funny dream last night.” Mag was still smiling. Although he wasn’t as easily amused as Irina, he was still very much entertained by Amy’s lame jokes.

It was even more interesting, especially when coupled with her cute language.

“Then, can I tell the jokes to the customers in the future? Perhaps that will attract more customers to the tavern?” Amy asked Mag.

“This…” Mag lamented. There were storytellers at the teahouses and taverns, but he had never seen a cute child tell jokes before.

However, looking at Amy’s expectant look and considering her previously excellent expression, Mag nodded with a smile. “Of course. If you want to, Little Amy, go ahead.”

“Hehe. Alrighty.” Amy nodded happily.

Irina rested at home for the whole morning. She went out again after lunch.

She said she needed to return to Chaos City to settle some Night Elves’ matters.

‘The Wind Forest was having some upheavals recently. It was the best opportunity for the Night Elves to retaliate.

The two children stayed at home, while Mag went out, pretending to do some shopping as usual.

This was Rodu, after all. Furthermore, the other shop owners had been paying attention to him and Saipan Tavern because he bought up half of Romo Street earlier.

When Mag returned from the market with a basket, he “b.u.mped” into Eiffie, who had been following him for three blocks.

“What a coincidence, Mr. Hades,” Eiffie said to Mag with a smile.

She wore a long burgundy red dress today. It emphasized her shapely figure perfectly.

“It must be a very special kind of providence.” Mag nodded with a smile. He flicked a glance at her slightly quivering calves.

The outdoor temperature should be around zero degree Celsius right now. The ice on the road hadn’t melted yet. In this world where skin-colored pantyhose didn’t exist, it was really hard on her to dress like this.

“Yes. I knew from the very first time that I met Mr. Hades that something special was going to happen between us.” Eiffie smiled seductively as she flicked her hair and pouted her red lips, showing her most charming angle to Mag.

“For example, b.u.mping into each other on my way home from the market?

“Erm…” Eiffie looked taken aback.

“It’s indeed rather special. Let’s go to the market together some time.” Mag chuckled.

“Sure, I’ll definitely go with you next time.” Eiffie nodded with an aggrieved gaze.

How could there be such an unromantic and insensitive man?

Usually, shouldn’t the man say: let’s sleep together whenever you are free?

If he was a more sophisticated man, he would say: I want to wake up together with you.

“Lcan see that your tavern is already doing quite well. I have spent quite some time and effort to gain my very first batch of customers. You’re really outstanding,” Eiffie said.

“Really? I am just getting started,” Mag said with a smile.

“_.” Eiffie..

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