Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2048 – Cats In The Alternate World Are Afraid Of Cucumbers Too

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Chapter 2048: Cats In The Alternate World Are Afraid Of Cuc.u.mbers Too

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Of course, selling grilled meat was a good business.

This had already been proven in Mamy Restaurant.

Furthermore, the combination of grilled meat with alcoholic drinks was irresistible.

However, be it the roast beef kebabs, roast mutton kebabs, or roasted pig’s eyes, they had all been introduced at Mamy Restaurant. If they were introduced at Saipan Tavern, they would be exposed.

Vanessa and Abraham had already come in search of one aroma. It was better for them to be more careful.

Mag gave Amy two pieces of grilled meat. Shaking his head, he said, “Because Saipan Tavern will become Mamy Restaurant if we sell grilled meat.”

“Oh.” Amy nodded. She popped a piece of meat into her mouth. After a while, she continued, “Then, can we increase the number of side dishes? The kinds that haven’t appeared in our restaurant before.”

“Of course, we can, but…” Mag paused, and lamented, “It’s not easy to create a delicious side dish to go with the drinks.”

“Ding-dong! Side mission released: Help Father create a delicious side dish to go with the drinks! Mission reward: unknown. Are you going to accept the mission, Little Mistress?”

Right then, the system’s voice popped up in Amy’s mind.

“Ding! Mission released: could the Host please create a new side dish to add on to the tavern’s menu! Mission reward: receive two side dishes’ recipes!”

At the same time, the system’s notification beeped in Mag’s mind.


Mag and Amy were both taken aback at the same time.

Annie looked at the two of them with befuddlement. She picked up a piece of grilled wild boar meat, dipped it in the sweet and spicy sauce, and wrapped it in a piece of fresh lettuce leaf before biting into it.

The sliced wild boar meat had already been marinated. The marbling allowed the meat to remain tender after grilling. The meat juice burst out in the mouth with just a gentle bite. The numbing spiciness and sweet spiciness created a beautiful melody by interweaving together. Together with the crunchy

lettuce, it was absolutely satisfying.

“Cooking with Father? It sounds so interesting. I accept it!” Amy replied inwardly.

“Creating a new side dish with Amy?” Mag agreed too after a brief moment of hesitation.

After all, such buy-one-get-two-free deals didn’t often happen with the system.

“Father, then can I create a side dish for the customers with you?” Amy looked at Mag, and expectantly said, “Although I can’t cook, I… can eat it.”

See, what a reasonable request.

“Sure, of course.” Mag nodded, a little surprised by Amy’s enthusiasm.

The little one had always been interested in eating, but she wasn’t interested in the cooking process.

However, she could also be interested in the failed products during his creation process.

Since he had accepted the mission, Mag began to ponder what kind of side dish to add to the tavern’s menu after lunch.

Salads were naturally the easiest. After the practice with pig ears salad, pig tongue salad, and sliced beef and ox tongue in chili sauce, he was now very adept at making a salad’s dressing.

Moreover, among the salads that were suitable to eat with drinks, such as century egg salad, cuc.u.mber salad, chicken feet salad… They were all excellent.

“The pig tongue salad and pig ears salad are both quite greasy. It would be nice to have a refres.h.i.+ng and crunchy cuc.u.mber salad.” Mag’s eyes lit up as he had an idea.

Century egg would easily remind others of the congee with pork and century egg in Mamy Restaurant. After all, the century egg didn’t exist in this world.

Meanwhile, although the chicken feet salad was nice, it was… troublesome to make.

Be it the control of heat, the technique to process the chicken feet, or the chicken feet’s marinate, they all needed to be tested again and again.

Chopping cuc.u.mbers was different.

Who didn’t know how to chop cuc.u.mbers?

Thinking of it, the cuc.u.mber was indeed a delicious and easy to use high-end ingredient.

Sitting across from Mag with her chin propped on her hands and swinging her short legs, Amy stared at Mag for a long time before she couldn’t help asking, “Father, what kind of dish should we make together?”

“We are going to make a smashed cuc.u.mber salad. Let’s go and try it out now.” Mag rubbed the little one’s head, and walked to the kitchen.

There were different flavors of smashed cuc.u.mber salad. Some liked the sweet and savory one, while the others liked the spicy one. As for Mag, his favorite was the sour and spicy one.

The refres.h.i.+ng sour and spicy smashed cuc.u.mber salad was not only great to eat with drinks, it was also excellent to eat with porridge.

‘There weren’t any cuc.u.mbers in the refrigerator, but Mag got a batch of them from the system, using the mission as an excuse.

The long and straight cuc.u.mbers were about the size that could be easily grabbed by the hand.

Hmm. They were indeed the perfect size for making smashed cuc.u.mber salad.

“Is this the cuc.u.mber?” Amy asked curiously.


“But why is the cuc.u.mber” green?”

“Errr…” Mag was at a loss for words at that moment. The little one asked something that he had no idea about.

Amy tiptoed and picked up a cuc.u.mber from the refrigerator. She brandished it around. “It looks like a bludgeon. I’ll go scare Ugly Duckling with it.”

Then, she went out with one cuc.u.mber, and placed it gently next to Ugly Duckling, which was snoozing away on the counter.

Amy stepped back, and called out, “Ugly Duckling.”

“Meow~” Ugly Duckling opened its eyes in a daze and answered before it saw the unknown long green object next to it.



Ugly Duckling sprang up and leaped up a few meters into the air. It hit its head on the ceiling, and then fell to the ground.

It scrambled to Annie, who was drawing at the side, and hid behind her. Then, it poked out its head to size up that cuc.u.mber on the counter warily.

[Negative emotions from Ugly Duckling +3]

[Negative emotions from Ugly Duckling +2]

[Negative emotions from Ugly Duckling +1…]

Amy laughed even harder.

Mag was also laughing. A new piece of knowledge had appeared: cats in the alternate world were afraid of cuc.u.mbers too.

“Ugly Duckling, you are so stupid. It’s just a cuc.u.mber.” Amy picked that cuc.u.mber and waved it around.

Ugly Duckling stared at it warily as it remained hiding behind Annie.

“Alright, I’ll stop teasing you.” Amy went into the kitchen with the cuc.u.mber, and asked Mag, “Father, how are we going to eat this cuc.u.mber?”

“Actually, we can eat this cuc.u.mber right away after was.h.i.+ng it.” Mag took the cuc.u.mber from Amy, ran it under the water, and broke it into two.

“Give this portion to Annie, and you can eat this portion.” Mag gave Amy the cuc.u.mber.

‘The system’s cuc.u.mber was green and crunchy. It even had a faint fragrance after Mag broke it apart. It looked just like a kind of fruit.

Moreover, the entire growing process was organic without using any pesticide, so they could eat it right away after rinsing it with water.

“Can we eat it right away?” Amy took a bite of the cuc.u.mber.


It was refres.h.i.+ng with a hint of sweetness. Amy’s eyes tured into crescents. After swallowing it, she took another bite, and happily said, “The cuc.u.mber is delicious.”

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