Demon’s Diary Chapter 912: Fierce Battle

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Chapter 912: Fierce Battle

The young woman just glanced around coldly, chanted lightly and flicked the red cloth in her hand.

Wherever the red cloth pa.s.sed, rays of red lights emerged in the air. The red lights were still increasing as the young woman chanted.

The young woman’s figure also became blurred, and she split into 9 figures in the red lights.

There seemed to be 9 young women in palace costumes dancing in the intertwining red lights. Every move seemed at ease and elegant like they were playing a fabulous dance music.

This illusive scene made Liu Ming, who was more than a hundred meters away, couldn’t help but feel ecstatic and intoxicated.

But the next moment, he bit the tip of his tongue, and he woke up under the pain. He muttered to himself with a pale face,

“What a powerful illusion!”

This young woman in a palace costume was hundreds of meters away from him, and he still got affected. What’s more, his mental power couldn’t be compared by the ordinary cultivators.

At this moment, a scalp-tingling humming sound came from the distance!

The overwhelming black demonic insects surged into the red lights.

However, when the demonic insects charged in, they slowed down and began to tremble.

The young woman waved the red cloth, then more than a dozen demonic insects were turned into wisps of demonic qi again.

It was just that the number of these demonic insects was too many. Although many had been dissipated, the remaining still surged forward.

The moment these demonic insects touched the young woman, her body collapsed into white light spots.

However, the next moment, the nearby s.p.a.ce fluctuated as another white figure emerged and danced with the red cloth.

In just 10 minutes, the overwhelming demonic insects were destroyed by half, but the young women in palace costume still remained 9. As the demonic insects got lesser, their steps became lighter.

At the same time, there were more and more red lights in the sky. The expanded range was about to touch the 7 demons too.

Before the few demons reacted, a white figure appeared behind 1 of the demons with a flash.

The demon quickly turned around in shock and launched a palm with black air.

A m.u.f.fled boom.

The white figure was. .h.i.t by an unstoppable force, and she turned into white light spots.

However, before the demon turned around, a young woman in white palace costume appeared behind him again. At the same time, the red cloth had covered the demon’s head. The young woman clutched his back with 1 hand and his shoulder with another hand, then she turned and threw him out.


The demon was slammed to the ground.

Although the demon didn’t seem to be injured, there was a faint red light lingering on his head, which made him feel a little dizzy.

With this delay, 1/7 of the demonic insects turned into black air and dissipated.

On the other side, another white figure flashed behind another demon, and she also wrapped the demon’s head with the red cloth and launched a quick palm in his stomach.

The black demonic qi on the demon collapsed, then he was thrown away as well.

From the young woman made a move and threw out 2 demons, it was only a few seconds.

The strange movement and terrifying strength displayed by this woman made Liu Ming’s heart shudder.

“How long are you planning to watch? You don’t want the treasures in this ruin anymore?” A voice suddenly sounded in Liu Ming’s ear. It was the leader in a gray robe.

Liu Ming thought swiftly, and he finally turned into a black shadow and charged forward.

The speed of the black shadow was extremely fast, causing wind to blow from the sides of his body. He turned into a black line and split into 2 black shadows on the way, then the 2 shadows split into 4 shadows in a flash. They rushed toward the battle at hastened speed.

“Hey, doppelganger technique? There’s even a human hidden here!”

Among the 9 young women, a crisp and sweet voice suddenly came out, but the tone was calm as if there was no trace of emotion.

In just a moment, 2 more demons were thrown out by the young woman with the red cloth.

At this moment, there were only 3 demons who were still controlling the black demon insects, including the leader in a gray robe. The demonic insects in the black lights were only 1/3 from its initial number.

The leader in a gray robe was launching symbols frantically, but he frowned slightly.

At this moment, the 4 black phantasms that Liu Ming transformed into finally appeared in front of the criss-crossing red lights, and he rushed in without stopping.

The 4 phantasms flickered and surrounded a young woman in palace costume from 4 directions.

For some unknown reason, the red lights seemed to have no effect on the phantasms, allowing these phantasms to go right in.

The young woman in palace costume looked surprised. She moved her arms and whipped the red cloth in her hands at the 4 phantasms.

The 4 phantasms ignored the red light and advanced instead. They accurately dodged the red light and appeared beside the young woman in palace costume, then they extended their hands to grab.

The young woman in palace costume suddenly spun in the air and bounced back in a strange angle.

“Poof poof!”

Several rays of red lights flashed through the 2 phantasms, and the 2 phantasms dissipated into black light spots.

At this time, another black phantasm appeared behind the woman like a ghost and launched a palm at her back.

The woman in palace costume twisted her waist, dodged the black shadow attack, and waved her hand, but her hand just pa.s.sed through a black mist.

At this time, the last black phantasm condensed on her side and punched out a mist dragon. Liu Ming only revealed himself now.

It was too late for the girl to try to dodge any more, so she could only launch her slender hand to block it.


After the black mist dragon appeared, her pet.i.te body was immediately swept up by a black wind, and she staggered back several steps. A burst of dust was stirred up.

“Poof poof!“

The remaining young women dissipated into light spots in the air.

Although Liu Ming’s punch did not cause any damage to the woman, he had canceled her illusion.

The young woman in palace costume wanted to get up, but she spouted blood instead. It seemed that breaking her illusion had caused a huge recoil to her.

Liu Ming glanced around with a complicated expression.

At the same time, the remaining 3 demons, including the leader, were delighted. They changed their gestures and turned the remaining demonic insects into demonic chains that wrapped the young woman in palace costume.


Taking advantage when the young woman was recoiled by the illusion, the black demonic chains wrapped her like snakes.

The leader in a gray robe didn’t seem to be at ease. He threw out a black talisman that turned into a black cage and covered the young woman.

The demons who were thrown out by the young woman in palace costume also woke up from the illusion at this moment. They once again surrounded the young woman in the middle.

The young woman’s eyes were flickering with red lights. Her body that was entangled by the demonic chains looked even more charming.

“Looking at your technique, you must be from the Savage Wild Continent dominated by Beastkin Clan! Now that you are bound by the demonic, even if you have unstoppable power, you won’t escape so easily. You should…” The man in a gray robe said with a smile, but halfway through he spoke, dense white runes suddenly appeared on the young woman. At the same time, a terrifying beastkin aura rose into the sky!

After a few “clicks“!

Above the black prison, long and narrow cracks suddenly appeared, and they spread rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Several demons were startled by this. They hurriedly channeled demonic qi into the cage, repairing the cracks.

The black cage was still trembling slightly, and it made a low buzzing sound.

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