Devil’s Son-in-Law Chapter 830: Advancement and Crisis

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Chapter 830: Advancement and Crisis

In the sky, the sun shone a blood-red light. Although it was not very dazzling, it gave people a strange feeling.

The red light shone out the b.l.o.o.d.y waves on the ground. Upon closer look, this was actually not an ocean wave, but ‘waves’ of monsters.

These monsters were blazing with light. They were not very big, and their attack power was not very strong, but their jumping ability was shocking and their number was extremely terrifying. Everywhere they pa.s.sed became scorched land with no sign of life.

There was a small town on the hilltop in the distance of the waves of monsters’ advancing route. There were only a dozen people in the small town. There were magicians wearing light armor and holding staff, warriors in heavy armor, and 2 huge metallic puppets about 10 meters high. 2 dark goblins were actually sitting on the puppets’ shoulders.

The combat power of each 1 here was far superior to those little monsters, but in the face of the terrifying monster wave, it only took a small ‘wave’ to turn these people into nothing. In the face of such a terrifying number of enemies, everyone’s tension and solemnity were apparent.

“Leader, why is there no news from Nalu?” A magician asked anxiously.

The leader was a burly man with a shrewd light in his eyes. He was obviously not a simple-minded person. “Don’t worry, our mission is to hold on for 3 hours. We are forced to give up Town Kata because the powerful monster horde. This small lonely mountain city is the last line of defense. Regardless of whether Nalu succeeds or not, we must defend it. Otherwise, all the hard work ahead will be in vain. Regus, how long does it take before the monsters get here?”

“5 minutes at the most,” said one short warrior.

“Everyone, stand by!” The burly man ordered, “This is our last hope. We must guard it!”

About 5 minutes later, the ground began to shake violently, and countless red monsters had rushed to the mountain foot, swarming toward the small town.

The magic crystal cannons in the small town began to emit strong rays of light, and the nearby monsters vanished into nothingness. However, the cleared area was filled by the monsters in the blink of an eye. Whether it was the magic of the magician or the arrows of warriors, it was only a negligible damage to this monster horde.

They were monsters that had climbed or jumped up the walls, and casualties had begun to appear in the crowd.

Seeing that the situation was critical, the 2 metallic puppets jumped off the city wall without hesitation, rushed into the oncoming monster horde, and trampled the little monsters into meat sauce. The cannon in their hands kept shooting blazing flames, harvesting the enemy’s lives. It attracted the attention of the monsters, and the front ‘wave’ began to change into a line of defense.

It was a pity that the 2 giant puppets didn’t have time to go too far. They were overwhelmed by the beast horde, leaving no traces.

Not only the leader, but everyone’s eyes were red. In this battlefield, no one regarded the 2 goblins as cowardly and incompetent trash, but real comrades and partners. The 2 goblins also interpreted this with their own actions.

Seeing more and more monsters approaching the city wall. The team members showed expressions of grief and indignation. We are going to die anyway. Let’s just fight to the death!

At the critical moment, a vast white color appeared on the side. It was a rus.h.i.+ng river that engulfed a large tract of little monsters like a roaring water dragon, and the spirit of those who thought they would die was suddenly lifted.

“Nalu made it!”

“He managed to blow up the embankment!”

Under the impact of the river water, the monster horde was split into half. The surviving teammates fought bravely and resisted until the mission time was up.

In a flash of time, everyone suddenly turned into rays of white light and disappeared.

At the same time, everyone in a certain ‘world’ heard a prompt sound.

“The Red Squad has completed the first part of the dungeon, ‘b.l.o.o.d.y Prologue’! 9 surviving team members; rated C-. All team members will be rewarded with a Level C white crystal treasure chest which can be used to draw equipment or materials. As the first team to complete this chapter, each player will receive an additional reward of 10 reputation points and a Level C purple crystal treasure chest.”

It turned out that it was the dungeon of the magic game, the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’. The whole process could be described as thrilling, but in the end, the mission was completed by will and wisdom.

This time, the first completion of ‘b.l.o.o.d.y Prologue’ got the ‘megaphone’ announcement of the whole server, which caused a lot of discussion among players.

“How could someone finish the first episode of ‘b.l.o.o.d.y Prologue’ so quickly!”

“Our team also tried the ‘b.l.o.o.d.y Prologue’, but we were completely destroyed in less than 10 minutes. The difficulty is simply ridiculous. I wonder how the Red Squad did it? Should we ask them?”

“What’s the point of asking them. They will definitely not tell you. Although the completion conditions of the dungeon are fixed, the map changes immediately. Even if the Red Squad enters the dungeon again, under different terrain, they may not be able to complete it again. “

“I wonder what good equipment are there in the Level C purple crystal treasure chest.”

“It’s useless for you to be jealous, but the red team has only completed the first chapter, so the rewards are limited. Last time, the Poison Dragon Squad that killed the one-eyed monsters’ boss even got the Level C black crystal treasure chest!”

“Let’s work hard on training and leveling, then get the better equipment!”


These were just a microcosm of the game. Before they knew it, the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’ had completely integrated into the lives of the demons, becoming an almost inseparable part.

Correspondingly, not only the players got the entertainment and training, but the Great Grand Master ‘Aguile’, the creator, also gained ma.s.sive faith power.

Even though the faith power was gratifying, Chen Rui’s mind was now focused on 1 place, the City of Stars in the Blue Lake Mountain Range.

It had been more than 2 months since the end of the alchemy compet.i.tion. During this period, Chen Rui spent 90% of his time in the City of Stars. In the last week, he had been staying behind closed door and was dedicated to the alchemy castle’s upgrading works.

After various adjustments and preparations, the City of Stars finally managed to advance to level 3.

In the cla.s.sification of the ancient alchemy civilization, the level 1 and 2 civilizations belong to the ‘castle’ while after entering the level 3 civilization, it could already be called ‘city’. Level 4 and above were called ‘capital’.

This was a qualitative upgrade with the construction of 2 new facilities, the enhanced creature warehouse and the cultivation tank.

The enhanced creature warehouse could enhance the qualities of the city’s alchemy beings and increase the production rate of leader-level alchemy beings.

The cultivation tank had more powerful functions which were divided into 3 parts: energy cultivation, material cultivation and creature cultivation.

Energy cultivation could convert organisms into the life energy needed by the alchemy civilization. In Doruda’s journal, there was an enemy who slaughtered the entire city and threw all the corpses into the energy cultivation tank to convert energy. Chen Rui had an almost inexhaustible supply of aura fruit, and aura fruit could be converted into the highest level of energy cubes, so there was no need for this gruesome conversion. The energy cubes produced by the energy cultivation tank, which were also aura fruit, were much higher in quality and quant.i.ty than ordinary converters.

Material cultivation was the use of energy and existing materials to produce or convert the special materials needed by the alchemy civilization. This was exactly what Chen Rui needed urgently. For instance, the Dragon Power Essence necessary for the creation of giant crystal beasts. Dragon Power Essence was the essence of dragon soul that did not dissipate after death with dragon breath and a small amount of soul power. It was very rare. Even if Chen Rui had the supply from the old father-in-law Auglas, the amount obtained by the exchange was extremely limited. Now that there was a material cultivation tank, other materials could be used to create an imitation type Dragon Power Essence. Although the effect was not as good as the real Dragon Power Essence, it was enough to make a giant crystal beast. As for the giant crystal beast produced by the original Dragon Power Essence, its strength could be enhanced through the enhanced creature warehouse to be closer to the leader level.

The creature cultivation tank could carry out high-grade biological research and experimentation. This object was not only aimed at alchemy beings, but also 1 of the necessary facilities for the manufacture of the t.i.tans.

After the advancement, the central life crystal Crystal Phoenix’ had a great leap in control and calculation ability. After testing, Crystal Phoenix could very intelligently deal with some problems in the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’ in a timely manner. The benefits brought by the city upgrade were far more than these. Crystal Phoenix automatically obtained the permission data of the level 3 life crystal including the blueprints of some city-level alchemy weapon. The original castle-level weapons could be upgraded. It happened that the original weapons were too late to be repaired because they were damaged, so they were currently being re-manufactured.

Alchemy creatures that could be controlled by a level 3 city were tripled compared to a level 2 castle. 60,000 gremlin servants, 30,000 crystal beasts, 15,000 lamp spirits, 3,000 a.s.semble puppets, and 300 giant crystal beasts. Without considering the ultra-combat power, once this lineup was fully produced, it was enough to build an empire or let the Fallen Angel Empire dominate the Demon Realm. Unless the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire and the Dark Shadow Empire joined forces, the combat power of the empire alone was definitely not his opponent.

Deterrence by force was a must, but war was only a last resort. Besides, the materials were still extremely scarce, and the energy cultivation tank was not high-level. It would take a lot of time to fully gather the auxiliary materials and create the materials required for the army.

If he upgraded to level 4, the speed would be greatly improved. Of course, Chen Rui has no such extravagant hopes now. Fortunately, this time was much more abundant than the time left for him in the Warlock Fortress battle, and there was still more than half of the 2-year deadline of the armistice agreement. Whether it was the construction of the City of Stars or personal training, the time was completely sufficient.

After arranging the rest of the work, Chen Rui left the central control palace. It was already night outside. When he walked out of the City of Stars, he unexpectedly saw Kia with an anxious face.

Chen Rui was taken aback by the little succubus maid’s first sentence, “Something happened to Zola!”

Zola closed the Rainbow Valley for closed door training to understand the mystery of the kingdom after Chen Rui went to the human world. However, just 2 days ago, the Rainbow Valley s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage that was connected to the residence suddenly trembled, revealing countless terrifying element breath. If Paglio and Dodo, who happened to be in the residence, had not joined forces to suppress it in time, the entire residence would have been razed to the ground.

The elements gradually weakened after a while. Just when everyone thought it was all right, the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage of the Rainbow Valley suddenly collapsed and the entrance disappeared.

At that time, Paglio and others felt that the element breath leaked from the Rainbow Valley was not only berserk, but also abnormally disordered. It was obviously out of control. With the collapse of the pa.s.sage, it was almost certain that there was a problem with Zola’s closed door training.

The trouble was that now the pa.s.sage of the Rainbow Valley had collapsed, and even the pa.s.sage on the capital side was the same. After a long search, everyone could not find the entrance, so they had to wait for Chen Rui to come out of the City of Stars.

Kingdom of Element was a powerful kingdom in the memory of the fairy dragon bloodline. It could build a kingdom with elements as ‘believers’. Elements were omnipresent. The power of this kingdom was far superior to its peers, but it was also the most difficult. One must have an extremely profound understanding. There were only a handful of successful people among the fairy dragons.

Zola chose not a single element, but the strongest [6 Elements Kingdom], and the difficulty was naturally the greatest. Every time an element was added, the difficulty and danger of training would increase exponentially.

The element source power was the most quintessential origin power of the Elemental King. Zola could use the source power to greatly enhance the perception and reduce the danger of the Kingdom of Elements. Unfortunately, since Chen Rui returned from the human world, Zola’s closed door training was still not over, so the wind source power and the light source power at hand had never been handed over to her. Unexpectedly, something had happened now!

Chen Rui knew that Zola’s closed door training was not to directly break through the kingdom level, but to further feel and comprehend the concept of the kingdom which would increase the probability of breakthrough in the future. However, [6 Elements Kingdom] was far more dangerous than the general kingdom, so Chen Rui didn’t know what danger Zola would encounter. However, judging from the collapse of the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage, it was by no means a small problem.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help feeling anxious. He greeted Kia, opened the [Star Gate], and returned to the residence in Dark Moon City immediately.

Chen Rui returned to the yard and found that the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage entrance originally set up in the flower garden had completely disappeared, and no trace could be found at all. After asking Paglio and others about the situation at that time, he made a decisive decision and rode the Incubus Beast toward the north at full speed.

Since the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage of the house had disappeared now, the only access to the Rainbow Valley was the desolate valley on the outskirts of the capital where Chen Rui entered when he first met Zola.

To reach the outskirts of the capital, he had to go north to the Red Spirit Estate, which was not something that could be accomplished in a day or two. For short distances, Chen Rui’s flying skills were far better than those of the little black horse, but it was no applicable for long distances.

The little dark horse who had been taking devil fruit and aura fruit for many years had already reached the peak stage Great Demon King level, and was only one step away from the Demon Emperor. Its physique and strength were even beyond the ordinary Demon Emperor level, but it had not awakened the territory talent in its bloodline, so it was not really a Demon Emperor-level demon beast. (Unfortunately, even if the little dark horse was successfully promoted to Demon Emperor, it was only the mascot with the lowest strength in the house)

The little black horse sensed the master’s anxiety, so it activated its strongest form and began to run at full speed without bothering if it would shock the world. The horse’s hooves were blazing with fire like red lightning that split the night.

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